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lEverywhcre Reports of Pros-
I perity Carry Out Diagnosis
of Advisers, He Tells
rtASHtNGTOtti Jnn- 81 Normal con
lltlons In the business niul tlnanclnt
iorld are rapidly returning. There Is no
'i..alon now weal of tho Mississippi
oiWh the shock caused by tho European
f . i....lt Kna libiin nlionrliAil nti1 .tin
tottf.hcrnldcd boom In trade nml com
merce Is nt hand.
lrrMldent Wilson to callers ttilny. They
' vtre based, ho said, on tnllts with busi
' s( men, mnnufaoturers, transportation
I ...ria. editors ami othcrn In direct touch
I 'lth the situation. Tho President cx.
trcBieu ins uumpiviu ucuui in mo cor
rectness of tho diagnosis.
f,jt was evident that tho Chief Executive
j not allogetrer In sympathy with tho
(jrtpalgn started by his Secretaries of
B i,t0r and commerce for tho study of the
jon-employment problem. He declared
rlhjt study of tho employment figures
jtonld bo of much Kreator use In nrrivlng
frits general Idea of the question.
I The President said ho had received In
' formation on tho hlRhcst authority that
fl factories of CIiIcaro and other In
1 (uitrlsl centres were humming with nc
h mv Tie said tho munlclmil Imli-lnn'
toiise in New York was not crowded and
llmt Ellis Island, nlthoUKh It had been
thtOTtn open ns a refuge for tho liomo
Itss, never had been filled,
tt was apparent tho President believed
fMsilmlsts or persons Booking to make
L .in I ..nltnl ml. nt ! n nl t .... . I.... ....
responsible for the unemployment reports.
it nn example, ho said a statistical re
port on one trade In New York claimed
Jioro employes had been forced out of
work than actually ever had been en-
Ppged In It. Tho President did not
f. identify the trade.
t i
Bristol, B. I., Has Period of Un
precedented Prosperity.
, BRISTOL. It. I.i Jan. 2fi. This town
t, itirted the week with a genuine wave of
k prosperity. The National India Rubber
t Company has 220) hands at work In flll
I Ing an unprecedented number of orders,
f1 tnd hundreds of hands from neighboring
f, towns have come hero to work. They
5 iniend to mako 33,000 pairs of rubbers a
f ivt.
f The boat-bulldlng plants also are
' trmita with work. At Horreshoft's boat
i irorka a large schooner yacht and a score
of. small ooats are Keeping several Hun
dred hands busy.
The Ckanston worsted mill started on
erertlmo yesterday. The Consumers' Rub
ier Company has S00 hands on rush or
ders for arctics and tennis shoes.
Big Orders for Oil Tanks
SWAnriV. Pn.. .Tnn. 2G Thi PMrnlnllm
! Iron Works Company, of Sharon, has
tarted building io w.ww-Dnrrel tanks, io
HCW-barrel tanks and a number of
rinaller ones nt Providence, It. I. Tho
'company also has received contracts for
two K.OOO-barrel tanks at Panama and 20
C.CCO-barrel tanks in Oklahoma.
; Orders for Wire Products Increase
riTTSBUnaH, Pa.. Jan. 20. Makers
iere report mill orders on wire products
ue thowlng Improvement In volume. Ton
' ma heretofore ordered for future deliv
j err are wanted at once. A marked lm
I provement In sheets Is noticeable. Spcclfl-
atfons last week were moderately heavy,
t Operations In tin-plate mills are about nt
r tho maximum.
Servian Locomotive Order Reported
NEW VrT!K .Tor, VKTt l n..H
f. that the Servian Government has placed
n order for ssven locomotives with tho
AfflErTfAn T .nnnmfti I Vrt Pntiinei me
. 1H
GhTHolds Up Attempt to Send Her
to Institution.
L. A young woman who has been in
Marge of tho Court Aid Society since
November, hns managed to hold up an
ilttempt to have her sent to the Spring
,uty Institution for tho Feeble-Minded,
Ijln spite of the opinion of Dr. John Wana
tnilcer, 3d, police surgeon, nnd another
;Pl!lcIan, that she Is of feeble mind.
i. The. girl is Itose Perlsteln, 22 years old,
Ol Third nnrl Pnnlnr ntraAta TTak ...
.Petitioned Judge Stanko to commit her
fw ,wc insiuuuon. Tne gin denied that
Mi nilnd was affected nt the hearing of
IJJJ Petition, and, according to Judgo
Jtlake, showed herself to be "exceedingly
Mlht." Tlin rnut. nMI ms n nnnl
ittu Friday.
ft, IiHiIiIAN RTTSR'fcT.T.'H nrvar-na
gCoitumer Sues Husband onActress
to Recover S1 1 fid,
.5ITTSBUnaH, Jan. 26.-43ult has been
Ti ' "1B common 1'ieas uourt
'So n "f" P' Moore' husband of Lillian
M due for dresses and other finery fur
rv!i Ira- Moore by Owen Mitchens. a
7jorit costumer,
tyj"?"1 April 8- a513- and June 25. 1914.
Jr-Li""-5 ta sald t have bought fS651
tn of garmenta from Mitchens.
I OllETa i "ffSS,. V JjyBilnr ave.
"rJ?.J?"tn. 63 B. LlDDlncott t.. and Ell.n
tiTT",?- 1?37 Walnut it.
iwii?.'vJ?LESV.1T0T 12' Garden at.,
&tyBH?S',S? ''a9tb "d Blliab,th
rU5ik 1?.at J731 SPrinr darde-n at.
' fcSi..'i,,lnSoro?1"' "0 Catharine at, and
CSSSa,J? Bnollnaka, 6H 8. Front i
. ii!,T?.fevftsi? N. Darlon at., and MarcaU
' jffihiirir?213 " Darwn at., ane
!! n2i "V t;3f , Darlon at.
t Mu J- McNally, 10O7 SfcKean
i airniit n v "' wl A0ABBn ai
at, nnd
MWu&'.krv.'j'1 :,'
: ?' Wanczif inm dI.J i J '
iii-"'u;.uvai . -t3"1 . urunnr at., and
r Blobo.ia. into n-n
V hi rMi"k-'iDC!"'fn "' Wrunnsr at.
:",..-VUl. 2iW Amber at.. and ln..,.
E. Awb.r at.
Say Navorovakl 1710 8. I atH and
iSK'nt. 1B24 Wood at.
Wrtck C. Sturm. 2I5S N. 1h . .r.,1
:CHM. Flnl.y. 133T N. Slh t
nlav 1T xr Dit.
-liaflr Suchavlpvi onrtn M.UMMI.
Sbb i' B',lc"a. SO0O Nercrcomb at.
r?tt.VlanfraDl. 61S Clvmer at. and Tiu.lla
' ..fif&in- SSSSw5r 8-4 at., and rml
i ffi2niJ,?roul.J523 Bult .. n Mary
' Mj5B.?Vlnny. Jr. ' JIH8 K. 10th at,,
TH.nnU 0 liumo. lais n. loth .t
?fc4rt. (S?ionlo'.11!!1 pJal at.
tjtoS iV& ,W1?.'5- I"nlnf.r at.,
I.V:.""'!" Ucrlciuk. 4T50 CimhiMn l
JfiS nil1,1?- .W?...8- Iennilnir at-, and
F'.Mt iaa'a ,?8 ?", t.. and Paraa
AMnir ?.J ,!Amrlcan at.
-..l .Hudalt. WIlkea-Bwra. Pa., and
oir ili, B0A-tlui. "n.wicn at.
' Pi'T . IludalE Wlliiu.liiir.
I rljf ja 4-..tovenaky, 90S N. Orlanna at
'ttk-v Ii:u; t- a,,t at., and Bll
ilS?T.HOdela. Ha H
Hollywood at.
KBaS,',Io'airrA Nw York etty, and
I " "'"' "' - -- . 1. .
fej rf r i fill ! S HfrWr1 S x" 7'
Job Needed for Man Beleased
If there Is a Philadelphia Henry Ford
who has enough confidence In mankind
to hire an cx-convlct, he has nn oppor
tunity to glvo a first-class bookkeeper
and clerk, who has served a prison term
for forgery, a chance to go straight. Un
der the guidance of tho Itev. E. J. Lo
Hose, pastor of tho Messiah Reformed
Church, this young man of 31, with a wife
and two young children dependent on
him, has seen tho error of his way and
profiting by his past experiences has de
cided to become a man.
Whiskey was tho cause of tho man's
first big mistake, nearly six years ago,
when he forged a check. Two weeks ago,
about Ave months after being discharged
from prison, he was given a blank check
by a saloon keeper. Under tho Influence
of liquor, according to the confession ho
made to Mr. Laltose, ho went to another
saloon, and, filling out the check for less
than 310, had It cashed by signing a fic
titious name
It was on this charge of obtaining
money under false pretense he faced nn
other prison term In Judge Sulzberger's
court yesterday morning.
The guilty man gave himself up to the
police. A few days after committing the
second offense ho camo to Mr. La liose,
whole church he had been attending, and
"I am guilty, I am not going to run
away. I am going to tako my medicine
like a man, and when I como out again,
I'm going to go straight."
Impressed by the man's sincerity, Mr.
I.altosc took a personal interest in the
case. Without a lawyer or a friend In
tho court room, the confessed forger
camo up for sentence yesterday. Mr. La
Rose, however, apeared to defend tho
man, and as a result of his presentation
of the facts. Judge Sulzberger placed tho
man on probation for a year, under Mr.
La Rose's guardianship.
Any one willing to give the man a new
start in life can do so by communicating
with Mr. La Rose at his home, 2133 South
mil strct.
Two new steamships are to be construct
ed for the Philadelphia-Pacific trade of
tho American-Hawaiian Steamship Com
pany. The contract for tho vessels has
been awarded to the Maryland Steel Com
pany, of Sparrows Point, Md. They will
be similar in typo to the Iowan and
Ohloan, which now trade here.
Trouble in the General
Passenger Agent's Office
Until a couple of years ago, the filing department of
the GeneralPaiienger Agent's office of a big eastern
railroad was la a mix-up seren days a week.
Four filing clerks worked early and late. They
used old-style flat boxes for filing. They kept an
In" and "Out" book to register correspondence,
and they also had an index book.
The file table was piled high with unfiled letters
letters that were being registered and Indexed.
Officers hung onto important letters, knowing that
if they did not, they would nerer get them back.
A library Bureau salesman succeeded In Interesting
these people in the Automatic Index" method of
filing. They adopted it. Two weeks later the filing
room staff was reduced 50 two of the clerks had
been assigned to other duties. In six months the
new system had paid for itself. Setter still 1 They
could find any letter they wanted !
That's only one example of what library Bureau
methods will do.
Library Bureau
Haoufacturlas distributors el
Card and filing systems, Unit cabinets In wood and steel
910 Chestnut St, Philadelphia
Paroled Prisoner Overcome After
Being Shot.
A suspect with the courago of a Jesse
James and with grit enough to havo
made a hero of him in honest wnrfaro
was captured In Kensington this morn
ing after a running pistol fight with
thrco pollecmcn. A bullet against the
head from a police pistol was tho only
thing that cowed him, ond ho was taken
to tho Front and Westmoreland streets
police station with three men sitting on
his chest.
The man is Alexander Calms, alias
"Simp," alias Thomas Kennedy, and has
a long record. Ho turned a wrong corner
at C and Ontario streets and came in
sight of Policeman Casson In uniform.
George Hervcy and James Sheeran, In
plain clothes, were nearby. He was
caught In a doorway, and whllo being
searched got his pistol under Casson's
chin nnd backed him across tho street.
Then he ran, tiring behind, nnd Casson
followed, pegging away at tho fleeing
thief. One of the policemen's bullets hit
Cairns on tho head. He fell, but scram
bled up and continued his flight, still
firing. Casson gained on him Just as
Harvey nnd Sheeran came around the
corner In answer to tho fusillade. Cairns
tired blank Into Sheernn's face and blind
ed him, but tho policeman used his foot,
and Cairns fell sprawling with three po
licemen on top of him.
At the police station Cairns snld, "I
meant to get the cop nnd then shoot
myself." In court ho was recognized by
a policeman ns a "time man" from the
Eastern Penitentiary under parole. Ho
had been sent up for eight years. Magis
trate Campbell held him in J2E00 ball for
a further hearing.
Bogues' Gallery Photograph Silences
Protestations of Innocence.
George Kelley, arrested for picking
pockets, was mute today when Magistrate
Belcher asked him to Identify a Rogue's
Gallery likeness of himself. Tho prisoner
was held In 500 bait for court.
Kelley was arrested by Policeman Stct
ter, who caught him with his hand In tho
pocket of a stranger. The victim was
out of work and had nothing to lose but
a pipe, but Kelley was taken to a cell.
He threatened trouble then for arresting
nn "Innocent man," but his record of 17
arrests In other cities won read to him
today along with a photo "mugged" by
the police In another city.
Nominal Bent of $1 for Beading Ter
minal Slto Unsatisfactory.
Camden will demand adequate payment
for Its river-front properties tonight at
a conference between tho Camden Build
ing Commission, tho Camden City Har
bor Commission and the representatives
of tho Atlantic City Railroad. Tho con
ference Is called by the railroad to get
consent from tho Building Commission
to construct a J12.000 temporary terminal
at Kalghn's Point to replace the structure
recently destroyed by Are and obtain per
mlrslon from tho Harbor Commission to
uso tho street end.
Since 1S52 tho railroad has paid a nom
inal rental of ft a year for the Kalghn's
Point site. Opposition has developed to
a continuance of tho lease on any such
terms. Harbor Commissioner Charles
Boyer in particular has fought tho Idea
of renewing the lease of the rallroao.
unless adequate rental for tho site Is
Tho plans of tho railroad company con
template a 1,000,000 terminal adequate to
handle the great throng"of pleasure seek
ers who pass through this city and Cam
den every summer on their way to At
lantic City and other New Jersey coast
resorts. Should tho railroad be forced
to pay a largo rental for tho site, efforts
probably will be made to exact rental
from other railroad sites along the Cam
den river front, notably that of tho Penn
sylvania Railroad at Vine street, for
which no rental Is paid, It Is said.
Bishop Phillip M. Rhlnelander, of the
Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Pennsyl
vania, Is of the opinion that tho meeting
of the American Neutrality League to bo
held In the Academy of Jluslc on Thurs
day evening has been planned with the
view of helping Germany and Austria
and expressing hostility to the Allies.
In an open letter which has Just been
received by Francis S. Clark, secretary
of tho League, tho Bishop declines to
An Electric Heating Pad
gives you all the comfort and
relief of the old hot-water
bag and more without
any of its inconvenience.
The Electric Pad never cools
off just when relief seems
near; it cannot leak, burst or
grow too hot; it is soft, flex
ible and light in weight, and
is equipped with a three-heat
switch for convenience in
regulating temperature.
The Special Price
By reason of a large purchase of
these guaranteed Electric Heat
ing Pads regularly priced at
$6150 we are able to offer them at
this special price during January
only. Consumes less current than
an ordinary incandescent lamp.
You can purchase your Heating
Pad at the Electric Shop, Tenth
and Chestnut Streets, at our dis
trict offices, or at any of the fol
lowing locations;
IT. X). Arnold A Co., 114 N. 11th Street
Carlllr A Douffhtr, BU N, Uroad SI.
Central Electric A Lock Co., 13 X, 13th
J. A. Cunimlng Jt Co., 4S40 Frank'd At,
Eiuarene Currier, 8310 Gerniautovrn Atc.
Herman Eckstein; 1743 Bansom St.
Albert Gentcl, Inc., 1B03 Columbia Are,
and 41S0 UcrniuatcnYn Avenue,
Edmond A Lee Co 1T10 Sanaoet Street
lu J. Marsb, lfMl Market Street
Modern Elcctrla Sbop, 1403 ltuacomb St.
Ellaa Nuabanni A nro., 1B20 Sanaom St.
J, A. Ouderklrk, 13 If, Bth Street
Pros;reaa BIcc. Com. Co., 33 IV. Tth St.
The Quaker Ubt Supplr Co., 738 Arch
II. 12. Secbrlat, 13q N. 12th Street
Seen A Faber Cy 3008 N. Front Street
Edward A. Witsnnd A Co., 6S3S Oer-
uiautavrn Avenue,
Wright A Wrlsht, 1030 W, Suaqutlianna
servo as one ot tho vice-presidents of tho
Ult!IOIIL....itll UliK'bb ...... .v . bti. t 1
has been misinformed relative to the
sentiments of those taking part.
He calls attention to tho fact that as
an American citizen pledged to uphold
American Ideals ho "Is altogether against
Germnny and Austria on tho ground that
thoy are threatening tho political and
personal liberties which aro an Inherent
part of our government."
Annual Shopworn Sale
In the New Boot Shop
The time and the place to get
the best shoe values ever seen,
from one year's end to the other.
$9.00 shoes for $7.50
$7.00 sfibes for $6.00
$6.50 shoes for $5.00
VS 1420 Chestnut St
"Where only the belt U good enough
Upon request, purchases made during this sale will
cZfie SfectattJ (SJiojb ofOriginattonA
uns giiaify Sasmon
Gwerfedin Stmertca
Including the Entire Remaining Stock of This Shop,
Augmented by a Purchase Extraordinaire of the Entire
Stock of the Foremost French Fourreur in This Country
At One-Hall to
Academy of Music the Scene
of Splendid Function That
Fairly Eclipses brilliant
It was "some party" nt the Academy of
Music last night.
From Colonel M. nichard Muckle, oldest
living member of the Maennerchor So
ciety, to the platoon of policemen who,
when the festivities wcro nearlng tho
closing time, were Invited to sit down at
a table groaning with goodies such as
they had nevor dreamed of before, every
one voted that the Mth annual German
American chnrlty ball was the most en
joyable one ever held. Even Harry O.
Bauer, a member of tho exeoullvo com
mittee, who haa U relatives In the war,
managed to forget his anxiety for the
tlmo being and have "one of the best
times In his whole life."
That's what everybody seemed to be
doing. Three thousand two hundred
German-Americans, or thoso who would
like to have been, was tho number pres
ent, according to doorkeeper statistics,
and when dustav Blank's orchestra
struck up the Juno waltx tho whole 3200
evinced a desire to get on tho floor and
show whnt they could do with it.
Many had to compromlso by dancing
In the corridors nnd foyer, and others
by having llttlo talk-fests In the boxes or
watching the Inspiring sceno from tho
balconies, About COO managed to dance
each number, and though toes wcro often
trod upon and quarters were much too
closo at times for anything but the most
restricted dancing, yet tho good fellow
ship of tho crowd was marked enough to
bo commented on.
The Chester County Presbytery opened
Its regular January meeting In the Bryn
Mawr Presbyterian Church at 10:30 o'clock
this morning. The Itev. E. Morris Fer
guson acted ns moderator and tho Itev.
William T. Kruso ns clerk.
The records for 1914 from 25 churches
In the district wero presented for ex
amination. Tho active business of the
Presbytery will be taken up this afternoon.
IT f I
Iff J
If 1
Js 1
ft gft"
onwit Teller.
In the Art of Peltry no name atanda higher than that of
Bechoft'a, The one in Poria. 12 Place Vendomo, the other in New
York, create faihioria for the belles dnmea of the vrorld, The fura
concerned in thia sale are of a highly distinctive and unusual type,
having the cachet of the original Paris models. The occasion
coming at this time makes it possible to offer this choice collection
together with the Bonwit Teller furs
Two - Thirds Less Than
Fur Department, Second Floor
id Pretty engush giru
-'"' ' ' ' i
Pupils of XrfIs Fuller Arrive oa "Way
to San. PrancIAce
flUleen pretty English glrla, none elder
than 18 year of age, arrived hert today
on the American liner Dominion at Wash
ington avenue wharf. They are alt ptiplta
of Lola Fuller's art school, In Paris, and
are on the way to San Francisco. 5
They will appear at the Exposition an4
show their talent In the way of painting, t,
artistic needlework, muslo and dancing.
They nppeared to be glad to be In the
United States, away from the scene of
strife, and don't care how long they
stay. Tho girls were In charge of Ur.
Agnes H. von Hell.
Knthryn Woles, from Poloakltp, Bel
glum, was a passenger. Members of her
family were scattered through the coun
try ns a result of tho attack on Belgium.
The girl Is on the way to tho home of
her sister, Mario Woles, of Cumber-
land, Md.
The Dominion carried 33 cabin
sengera and 81 steerage.
$50, $45, $40 Over
coats, now $28; $35, $30,
$28 Overcoats, now $17;
$20, $18, $15 Overcoats,
now $10 and $12!
That's the story !
But, it's far from express
inp; the true inwardness of
this Most Important Event .
in the Overcoat Season!
Nearly all the Coats at !
$28, and many of the Coats
at $17 are of rich, rare, ex-
elusive imported fabrics!
Their mills are now in the
hands of their respective
Governments turning out
cloth for soldiers' Uniforms!
Your size may today be '
the finest bargain in the
store, a $50 coat for $28 j or
a $35 coat for $17; or a $20
coat for $12; an $18 coat
for $10!
You'll be proud of your,
luck for many a day, if you
get here before that coat is
Cash only! Alterations at cost.
16th & Chestnut Sts. ;
be billed March 1.
Sale o,
Regular Mm
aatocri.". wamrulL vira N. 20th aL
laaM II
fit fiiiiV;0v,A?1ii a li,ck" ' an4 Mr
suMii,itri.Cn"Uit. . ..
rtartSrl Tm. e"!, "X CTtwiio
---I n.v s )U0 Bi,
L J?rV.Yfla3L 1 in Wrarn ) , I u i ! 1 1 " " ' Illll

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