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Kaiser Checked in Three
Attempts to Break
Through Enemy's In
trenchhients. tf!
TARIS, Jan. 28.
" The repulse of German attneks upon
, tho. strong English position! nest of La
Iiassae and In the region from the Lys to
the Dlse, was reported In -"official ills
jjJ'Uatches today. Theso attacks Indicate
v that the Germans' are attempting to re
sum ft the offensive from the Beacons t,
3 south to Arras.
The British held strong positions at
Olvenchy and Culnch)-, commanding two
broads lending eastward to La Bassee.
i Large bodies of German Infantrymen ad
B vanced along these roads for nearly a
mile from La Basse. Then, spreading In
' loose formation, they charged oyer soggy
Jn-'ioIds In on attempt to surround the two
t-r towns.
The attacks were simultaneous. Near
Glyonchy a forco of Germans reached tho
Ai wire entanglements protecting the British
, trenches and, succeeded In tearing away
t4 ft gap with their grapplers. Tho cold
gj steel of an English bayonet charge caused
their front ranks to recoil from tho at-
,-tack. The British followed up this ad
i vantage with a. counter-attack that drove
.. the Germans back upon La Basses. Brit
s' Uh artillery fire raked tho lines of the
t. Germans advancing upon Culnchy and
they retired with .heavy losses leaving
many dead upon the field.
"1 The loft wing of the Germans took ono
" trench near Olvenchy, official advices ro
Ki cdrted. after five senarate charges, but
was forced to evacuate when tho main.
ooay leu duck.
si' A violent Infantry attack by daylight
"t east of Ypros was repulsed by the
French, 300 German dead being picked
up from the battlefield. West of Craonne
'the Germans made two desperate charges,
. capturing a row of trenches.. Official dls-
patches say the French afterward retook
most of the lost ground.
jtf South of Nleuport an advance by the
-'Belgians near-Pervyse forced the Germans
, to withdraw from gun positions previous-
lit -oviy held and stopped the shelling of Fur-
cr ties. The German gunners found tho
'-range of the town on Sunday and had
-''' done considerable damage by dropping
, sheila from a great distance.
ff inauguration week, and went to Harrls-
burg today only on the solicitation of the
li Slate leaders, who said his pretence there
lj tonight was Imperative In view of the
P nnmlrinilnns ta bo offered In the fiennto.
'" Crow Is chairman of the Executive Norn
111 Inations Committee of the Senate.
V' It Is suggested hero that Crow may be
i responsible for tho herculean efforts no.v
j' being made to have Wall street magnates
, buy In some of Thompson's coal lands
and provide the money which would open
"the bank.
j I Thompson Is up against a steel wall In
' Pittsburgh, and mi interesting fact In this
J" connection Js that, the Oliver coking nnd
'!' banking Interests' in Pittsburgh have
Joined other Pittsburgh financiers In re-
1 fusing to buy from Thompson, or. If to
II buy at all, to corner him and drive a bnr-
J I gain which would squeeze the Thompson
' l coal syndicate. 4
, ICABniSBUnO, Jan. 2S.-Senntor Crow,
. who returned to his desk In tho State
jjl Senate last night, announced today that
11' he would remain In politics. He appeared
," in good spirits and confident,
j His attitude led his associates to be
" lleve that Senator Penrose had already
Jji Started to help him rehabllate his mi-
t. chine In Fayette County by uslnir his In-
,, .... . . -
jj fluence with Philadelphia bankers to go
' to the relief of Joslah v. Thompson.
Several months ago a syndicate of
Philadelphia bankers assisted Thompson
1 by floating a 3,0u0,000 loan for him after
he had refused to permit the Pittsburgh
' bankers, whom he blames for his failure,
to lend him the money. It Is generally
j believed that Senator Penrose assisted
I him In this.
1 Penrose wants Crow to succeed George
i' t. uiiver, it is believed, and Crow's an
I nouncement today that he would con-
1 tlnue to be active in politics was taken to
mean that he still had tho backing of the
I senior Senator.
UNIONTOWX, Pa., Jan. IS. The First
National Bank may open for business
I within 10 days or two weeks, according
1 10 a prominent nnancier or union town,
j who said today that conditions were
I' brighter than nt any time since the cloa
'' inc of the Institution.
j He said that dally conferences were be
ing held with financiers and that within
a day or two plans would be announced
, oj the reopening of the bank. This is
faken to mean that the plan to form a
pool to, relieve, J. V, Thompson and keep
his coal lands Intact is progressing and
(hat cash will be poured Into the bank.
Vessels Arriving Today
!i, tr. Dominion (Br.). Liverpool, 3fl csbln and
1 So steerage pauensers and merehanllae,
, dotked Washington avenue. American Mim
Kir. Storfnnd (Nor,). New York, ballast. L.
' lYsilersaard 4 Co.
j, jSir Ijhyloli (Dutch), Bany, Ballast, Joseph
Htr Mushlnstonlan, ironolulu. auzar, Amerl
, fan.UuwalUn Steamahln Comnsnv.
Btr, Tunlaana (Br.), Cardiff, merchandlae,
1 1 Jluntoii Une. ...
i Htr -ftAlta fKAF.1 lnrt Antnnln fmU TTnlta.l
yruir Tompany.
Collier Vulcan. Norfolk, ballait.
Matorahlo California (Din.), Copenhaitn.
UerchanUe, Bcandlnavlan-Amerlcan Una.
Vessels Sailing: Today -
Str. Kronprlna-Olav (Nor,), NlUen. Havana,
xlunaon Slcamihln Line,
Btr JemtUnd ISwed ). Btasneborr. Charles-
jug pwwicn.nurwKr i.inr
Urkiola Uendl
Do Teran,
j 1 Cbarlaalon, H. C. Galley. Davla A Co.
I -rmr Mrcian, 1-1
Pc. Ttnatnn &frrhanta ln
4 tnra fr&niportatWn. Company.
Steamships to Arrive
Name. From.
JIooKolIln ,.., OUacow
Bominlon Liverpool
.....Jan. 3
r:,jn. U
. ....Bonitiay Nov.lA
Thamiito , ... ,..,lloltrdam .,,.,Dec 18
J!rl ,. ,...,,....Tyna ,.,..fc V5
rfaaen ,,,,,,,. CfirlelUnta ,...Dc.J
Auehenera2 Crua Graada ...Jan. 3
Tunjaiaon Cardiff ..'...,.. .Jen. a
Jfamibom ,..Ardoaan.,...,Jan. d
Kkaaoal hydney. C. D...Jtn,
slanciiuter Mariner ..Mancheetar ....Jan. 0
Korrboltsu ,,.,.. Narvik ...... ..Jan. H
M)4la'K Copenhagen ....Jan.il
Elsreatlne Huelv ..,.,,. .Jan. 11
WI10 ...Kayal Jan. is
Stllieetad Rantlaxo Jan. 18
TV4hintonUn ........ Ilalboa ,,...,.. Jan. IT
l,uclllna Can! in Jan. IT
Mat in4W tendon . . . . , . Jan. if
Bll Port Antonio Jan. M
I'Utiirla. Shield! Jan. 10
Htke Cardiff Jan. M
IUjicumUt Miller ....Mancheater ....Jan.il
Ilaret Shlelda Jan. 23
Steamship to Leave
Hum. r. Date.
KaoseUaa fllaasow. Jan. 20
ptsnlajoa I-Irqfl)3i Jan. 10
i?am For. " " riattt.
Mjana4k Ketttrdam . .r.Jan.K
iMwtitava r7
SJj.iieiwr Ma rtiiVr ' . . Matiatuater'
J&" m I
. JiC 0 I
'1 imTiirin - " - - " - '-
On the Ssor front the Belgian
troops advanced In the region Of Per
vyse yesterday,
The Germans launched at daybreak
against our trenches to tho east of
Tprca a strong nttack with a bat
talion, whloh was halted. Three hun
dred dead, among whom was the com
mander of tho leading company, were
left on the krotind. This attack should
have been supported by the companies
of tho tecond line (of Germans), but
because of the accurate (Ire of our
artillery these forces were unable to
leave their shelter.
Near La Basscc, nt Olvenchy and
Culnchy, the enemy launched against
the British lines five attacks. After
having mndc Blight progress the Ger
mans were repulsed, loavlng on the
ground a. number of dead nnd 60
prisoners, of whom two wore officers.
That attack was accompanied by an
attempted diversion at several points
on our front between the Bethunn
road and La Basseo and Atic-Notllette.
Ono part of the enemy'B forces.
Which had attempted to leave tho
trenches, was Instantly hnltod by a flro
of our Infantry and of our artillery.
On tho re?t of the front (between the
Lys and the Olse thcro was an artil
lery dueL.
To the we-t of Craonne the enemy
made two successive attacks of ex
treme violence. The first was re
pulsed, tho second- penetrated our
trenches; but with an energetic counter-attack
our troops rognlned almost
all the lost ground. Tho battle, con
tinues around that part of tho trenph
still held bv the Germans.
In Champagne, while the enemy's
artillery Is showing less activity thnn
on preceding days, our battorles havo
fired effectively upon tho German po
sitions. In the Argonne, In the region of St.
Hubert, we broke up with our nrtlllery
flro on attempted attodk.
In Alsaco the enemy has actively
omploycd his bomb-throwers agnlnst
our positions at Hartmannsweller
-ICopf. No new fighting has taken place
thcro. He has bombarded Thann,
Lanbash and enthelm.
In the western theatro of war, tho
enemy, as Is customary, placed Mid
dlekerko and Westendo under flro yes
terday. A large number of the Inhabi
tants were killed or Injured by the nr
tlllery fire. Including tho burgomaster
of Mlddlckerke.
Our losses yestorday were qulto
small, although we were attacking
the positions of the English on both
Mdes of La Basseo Canal. "While our
attackB north of the canal, between
Olvenchy nnd tho canal, did not lead
to the capture of any English posi
tions, owing to a Btrong flanking
movement, an attack by our troops
from Baden, south of tho canal, met
with complete success. In this region
English positions extending over a
width of 110O yards were taken by i
atorm. Two strong points of support '
vere also captured, Three officers and
110 men were taken prisoner.
The English vnlnly attempted to re
capture tho positions, but were beaten
hack with heavy losses. Our losses
were comparatively small.
Battles which resulted successfully
for us occurred on the heights of Cra
onne, southeast of Laon. All French
attacks In the southern part of tho
Argonne were repelled. Wo captured
60 prisoners.
In tho eastern theatro of war tho
Russians unsuccessfully attacked tho
positions of our cavalry northeast of
Gumblnncn. Fierce artillery duels oc
curred on the remainder of the front
In eastern Trussla. Wo were success
ful In less Important engagements
northeast of Wloclawck. Nothing of
Importance has happed west of tho
Vistula and cast of tho Plllca in
On January 2t, In the region between
the Vistula and tho Mlawa Hallway,
there was no Important modification
to report, but there havo been engage
ments between small numbers of units
and rille firing. On the left bank of
the Vistula a relative lull provalls.
North of the Borjimow Farm the
Gcrnans wo.-e successful on January
23 in capturing from us ono of our
advanced trenches of secondary Im
portance. On the 2ith, near the same
region, the Germans attempted an of
fensive, and were successful In moving
forward, one by one, and capturing
another of their own trenches which
thoy had previously abandoned. But
ns a result of our efficient fire they
were obliged to evacuate that trench,
which we selied.
On January 21 our artillery checked
seriously the movements of their
troups along the front. At one point
we captured, by means of our heavy
artillery Are, a trench of the enemy,
together with machine guns.
In tho region of the village of Kour
jeschlne, about Ave miles north of
Itawa, our artillery destroyed an ar
mored automobile, which was advanc
ing to bombard our positions.
In Gallcla we note a certain anima
tion and activity among the Austrian
among all the Carpathian passes, be
ginning with that of Dukla.
In Poland and Gallcla no Important
engagements have occurred with the
exception of on the Nlda, where there
was a violent artillery fight.
Tho Russian attacks with the pur
pose of recapturing the positions taken
by us In the upper Ung Valley and
near Vezerszalles were repulsed with
heavy losiies.
In the battles during the last two
days In the Carpathians we have taken
1000 prisoners.
Continued from race One
you and our naval comrades will accept
our congratulations on the victory of the
Rrttlah fleet in the North Sea. Convey to
Vice Admiral Beatty and Commandor
Tyrwhltt and their officers and men our
admiration and good wishes,"
A dispatch from Amsterdam says the
German cruisers In the action were ac
companied by 20 tprpedo craft. The In
formation comes from the master ot the
Dutch trawler Erica, who declares he
witnessed part of the fight and saw one
British ship slightly damaged.
Another Amsterdam correspondent tele
graphs that the Berlin Lokal Anzelger,
drawing particular attention to the Ger
man official statement that the British
warships In the North Sea battle were
compelled to retire from the action, ex
presses Itself as follows:
"If the British, notwithstanding their
greater strength, broke off the action
this is proof that our gunners had them
in hand, German seamen again did their
duty, and it has been proved that a Brit
ish squadron of great superiority Is by no
means able to overcome German vessels,
and in this case quite apart from the ract
that our ships were taken by surprise.'-
LONDON, Jan. 2d. It was omclally an
nounced at the Admiralty that the Brit
ish armored merchant vessel Viknor had
been lost off Ireland with all hands, The
vessel, it was stated, either struck a mine
or foundered.
The Viknor was formerly the Viking,
and was commandeered by the Admlrallty
December 11 She was In charge of Coro
psander Ernest O. Ballantyna. The num.
het- of her crew cannot be ascertained.
The Admiralty in (ts nlsmmt pj
"She haa been, missing -o. soma day
. J
r riiffifiiL.
I '' : ' I lliMlMsBMsssMMMlM, ''''''''''il'ftlliilllFniliTlilTlllMillMIflliiiili Tr,n'Tnr " n 1 Mfea
' In lsllllsllllsslllMslsll.sBs.llBMsMB
llssslsBBBBlk, IiIHHsIsbbbbbbbbbbbbbsbbbbbbbbbbbsbssIbIsbbbbbcIbbbbsbbsissbIbbIbsssIssbb
F'W,l,'''"P7,'";MW","M',r 'JssaMsiaasisiWssM i-s.nl ii wsaSMssilaSjaj
i""oi r w' 1 T v'V 'fr m O TNsjfc HA B
DANZIG mr&Btmfm f
f X '11m
If autism azmaMxc J
1 w r "
WOJUfl m&AtZCW H "um
V. , rCZEN37$CH0Ya W?ac
"p" r .iv"' wisNicz m
The development of new campaigns in northwestern and south
western Poland, renewal of hard fighting in the Mazurian Lakes
region of East Prussia, the Inability of the Germans to advance
toward Warsaw and the Russian operations in Galicia and Bukowina
lend fresh interest to a map of the eastern theatre of war. In the
most northerly region thc Russian line extends from Pirkallen,
through the region of Gumbinnen and through the lakes and swamps
that defend Koenigsbcrg and Dantzig to the Polish frontier east of
Mlawa. To these forces the Russians are attempting to unite a
powerful army, which is advancing on Thorn and has reached the
town of Kikol. Thereafter the Russian line follows the right bank of
tile Vistula to its junction with the Bzura, Southward the Russians
hold the right banks of the Bzura and the Rawka, and their front
continues, practically unbroken, through central and southern Poland
to the River Pilica. Kielce and Opoczno are now reported to be in
Russian hands. The battlefront enters Galicia north of Tarnow, about
60 miles east of Cracow. The Russians hold the line of the Rivers
Dunajcc and Biala and occupy the Dukla and other important passes
of the Carpathians. An Austrian offensive is said to be developing
about 30 miles east of the Dunajec.
and must now be accepted as lost, with
all her officers and men. The causo of
her loss Is uncertain, but, as some bodies
and wrockago havo been washed ashore
on tho north coast of Ireland, it is pre
sumed that, durlnr the recent bad
weather, she either foundered, or, being
carried out of her course, struck a mine
in seas where the Gormans are known
to havo laid them."
Czar's Forces Continue to Hammer
Shattered Foes.
PETItOGnAD, Jan. 2fi.-Tho staff of the
Russian nrmy of the Caucasus issues the
following official report from Tlflls:
"Our offensive In the Transtschorokh
region continues, despite tho obstinate de
fense of the Turks. In the direction of
Oltl Isolated engagements are reported,
resulting from attempts of small Turkish
detachments to maintain their position.
On the remainder of the front the usual
cannonade is proceeding."
In tho Transtschorokh region every
Turkish village has been turned into a
miniature fort. Ciunu arc mounted before
ttone huts and these little strongholds
fortified in every way possible.
In order to Increase their depleted ranks
the Turks have enrolled prisoners held in
the Jails In Treblzond and Erzerum.
weather conditions havo halted operations
In the Caucasus, the Turkish War Office
announced today, adding:
"Both sides are at a standstill. The
enemy, repulsed over part of tho front, Is
now fortifying the new positions he has
Russians Forced to Evacuate South
Poland Strategic Folnt.
A news agency dispatch from Berlin
says a message from Cracow reports that
an Austro-Qerman force has captured
Kielce, Poland.
JfWR nf tha nntnrA ef Tflaln. t, v.A
Germans was sent from Petrosrad on
January w. aince that time, according
to advices from both Petrograd and Ber-
llfl thu TlllBBlnna rjrrn!rt hovo tnlran ti.
..w - rt t(a;M til?
offensive and forced the Germans from
Kielce and Opoczno back toward the
Plllca niver.
New Movement Northward Develops
in Przasnysz Zone.
A new Russian movement of consid
erable size and Importance is In progress
north of Warsaw, In the vicinity of Prza
snysz. Development of this movement
ha been shrouded in secrecy, and It is
not yet known here whether It portends
a new plan of campaign against East
Prussia on an extended line, now that
the terrain is more passable on account
of the freezing of the ground, or is sim
ply designed to reinforce the column op
erating against Soldau from Mlawa.
It la felt, further, (bat on attempt may
be in progress to strike at the rear of
the German forces which crossed the Vis
tula last week and ara a menace to th
HussUm Golumn advancing against west
British Trenches Captured by Charge
of Baden Troops.
BERLIN, Jan. 26.
Capture of 1100 yards of trenches held
by British troops south of the Canal of
La Bassee was announced In an official
reportifrom great headquarters given out
hero this afternoon. It says that Baden
troops took these positions by storm, nleo
capturing two Btrong points of support
The British losses In this conflict were
heavy, the statement adds, although
thoso ot the Germans were comparatively
Southeast of Laon the Germans havo
taken several strong French positions on
the heights west of Craonne. Two In
fantry chnrges drove tho French from
their trenches. French attacks In the
Argonne were repulsed, tho Germans tak
ing about 50 prisoners.
Tho German claim of victory at La
Bassee Is a direct contradiction of Paris
claims. Both Paris and Berlin agree,
howovor, thnt La Bassee Is still held by
tho Germans, setting nt rest rumors that
the city was recaptured by tho British
last week.
COPENHAGEN, Jan. 26. The connect
ing link In the railway from Petrograd
through Finland to Sweden has been
completed by the construction of the line
In Sweden from Tornea, on the border, to
Karungl. The extension of the Russian
part of the route to the Swedish frontier
was brought to completion two months
PETROGRAD, Jan. 26,-An imperial
decree wnn Issued today for the opening
of the council of state on January 30 and
the Duma on February 9,
V 32.00
This offer is only good for
this week, as our supply is lim
ited, The Fern is a "Boston
Type" that will thrjve almost
anywhere. An unusual oppor
tunity to procure a beautiful
decoration for the house.
818 Market St., Phila,
Trousers! TTifWnftG1
Lady atUndant Furchu IT I A VPTT'a
Ctrc ffoni tb factory. VtU l i
Memorial Minutes Adopted
at Meeting in Common
Pleas Court Preceding Fu
neral of Jurist.
Members of tho bench and bar Joined"
today in paying tribute to tho memory
of tho late Judge John L. Klnsey, whose
funeral was hold at 2 o'clock from his
homo, 1622 Spruce street-
At a memorial meeting hold In Room B
of Court of Common Pleas No. 1, before
tho funeral. Judgo KInaey's long and use
ful servlco to the public was pralsod by
Justice John P. Elkln, of tho Suprome
Court; President Judgo Sulzberger, of tho
Court of Common Pleas No, 2; ex-Attorney
Gcncrnl Hampton L. Carson, Judgo
John M. Patterson, of Court No. lj As
sistant District Attornoy Joseph P.
Rogers, Congressman-elect John R, K.
Scott and Attorney W. C. "Wilson.
The meeting was called to order by
ox-Judge IJeltlcr and minutes were read
expressing the esteem In which Judgu
Klnsey was held by members of tho bar
of Philadelphia. Ills solidary attainments
wcro extolled nnd attention called to I)la
lung sirvicc, continuing irom 1878, when
he was a member ot tho 13th Sectional
Qcliool Board, until ho was taken criti
cally III.
The minutes conclude:
"As the real manhood, that lay In tho
heart and which blossomed In number
less acts of unforgotten beauty for those
for whom he had nffectlon; love of great
tilings, of high Ideals, of thoso subjects
that arouso In our natures tho feeling of
the sublime. Crowded on his library
shelves wcro works of the great masters
of nil literature, and ho hnd those social
finalities nnd a strangely delightful In
dividuality that brought all thoso who
know him Into loving fellowship.
"The death of Judgo Klnsey Is a do
plorablc loss, not only to the bench and
bar, but to tho citizens of Philadelphia,
whoso fntthful official servant ho had
been for so many years."
The honorary pallbearers at tho funeral
were Congressman Gcorgo S. Graham,
John Wannmnker, Thomas E. Murphy,
Wllllnm C. "Wilson, Judge F. A. Bregy,
Judge John M. Pntterson, Cornelius Hag
garty, Jr., ex-Governor Edwin S. Stuart,
Assistant District Attorney Joseph P.
Rogers, George V. Kcndrlck, Jr., Simon
Gratz, Congressman-elect John R. It
Scott, Judge Robert Ralston, Harry E.
Hllllnr, "William Flndlay Brown nnd
James Gay Gordon, Jr., Assistant City
German Chnrges Denied, Papers De
clare of Bryan Note.
LONDON, Jan. 26.-The Evening Star's
comment on Secretary Bryan's letter to
Senator Stone, answering charges that
the United States has favored tho Allies,
Is typical of the opinion expressed by
London papers today.
"Bryan's answer," says tho Star, "has
additional force because of tho fact that
Mr. Bryan has never been cither tho
friend or tho enemy of England. He has
been so deeply concerned In domestic
politics in the United States Chat ho
hasn't had time to acquire a bias
"Tho Jotter Is all tho more crushing,"
continues the Star, "because it contains
a categorical denial of the charges.
"Mr. Bryan's letter makes It clear that
Germany cannot hldo her fleet In the Kiel
Canal and then equalize tho situation by
wire-pulling agitation in the United
Berlin Also Eeports Halting Foe in
South Poland.
BERLIN, Jan. 26.
An official report Issued hero today says
that In tho eastern theatre of war the
Russians have been Unnblo to resume
their advance toward tho fortress of
Thorn, nnd In Southern Poland the Czar's
armies have been halted In their advnnce
from Kielce.
Elsewhere in Poland, except to tho
north, where n Russian cavalry nttack
was repulsed, violent artillery duelling Is
In progress, adds the statement.
Navy Also Mobilized and
All Munitions Ready for
Entry Into War New
Guns Tested.
ROME. Jan. (By mall to New York
to rscapo censorship). Italy') military and
naval preparations for war.nro complete.
They have cost a billion of dollars, enor
mous difficulties have been overcome but
Italy Is at last prepared. This Is Italy's
military strength:
First and second lino troops, 1,200,000;
roserves, 2,100,000.
The first nnd second line troops aro men
between tho nges of 20 and 29; tho re
Berovs ore mon between 30 and 39,
The navy Is already mobilized, under
command of the Duke of Abruzzl. Two
more dreadnoughts will bo commissioned
In Fcbrunry. They will Increase the fight
ing power of the Italian Navy tremen
dously. Italy has 1.000,000,00 francs In Its war
chests, 1,000,000 tons of wheat stored away
for futuie use and Its policy of watchful,
armed neutrality has now entered Its de
cisive phase. Every Italian In touch with
official affairs Is confident that If this
country cntors the war on tho sldo of tho
Allies It will bo able to strike a tremen
dous blow at Germany nnd Austria.
CENTEMEJH nothing butglonitt
since 1870. Ftrty-five ytari of
constant improvimint.
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Although contestants outside th m.
must get pald-ln-advanco subicrblfi
only, this Is really no handicap to th.
because such subscriptions entitle th.
to mote credits than do thoso "or We?
payment Is not made In advance. M&
of tho city contestants, realising thiM?.r
cess y of getting every point powlh,"
to their credit, nro doing all In ,i.l
power to obtain pald-ln-advanoe sub.lrti
tlons, even when tho term Is for less T
six months. "When the term of th, ii?
scrlptlon Is more than six months it mT
bo paid for In advance. tnittrt
Contostnnta In nnd out of the city .
finding tho work of getting subscription!
not nearly as difficult as they had .!
tlclpatod. By this time, most of th.
have familiarized themselves with 52
excellent features of both newspaper hi
which both tho Evening Im, &
Public Ledobii appeal to everv m.JL
of the family. It Is'not harTby Jft
anywheero. eat"reS t0 BCt eubcn?
Few of tho contestants are depending
on their friends to help them get iiIX
the lucky CO. Nearly all are now ft
fledged snlesmcn or saleswomen and hav.
gone outslda their circle of friends Rot.
were diffident nt flrat, but this uZl
soon wore off nnd now many report that
they nro able to get subscriptions eaS,
SsBtnnSrS Umn Ul0Jr Can f
Entry In the contest may bo made br
sending In your name to tho 5!
editor on the blank In the ndverti.em nt
or by simply writing him that you wilh
to becomo a contestant.
Onr Paetorr
Grenoble. France If

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