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"y -w9
' H&U&aqftiqginrqz&'n
Amateur Athletic Union
Makes Special Ruling in
His Case and Local Fol
lowers Are Satisfied.
Ted Meredith, Olymplo 800 metres cham
pion, will be nllowed to run for the
University of Pennsylvania In tho relay
raoo against Dartmouth at the Boston
A. A. cnmos on February 0, thus closing
an Incident which has held tho attention
ot athletlo legislators ot Boston, New
Tork and Philadelphia tor a month. This
decision was roachod by a mall vote ot
the National Registration Committee,
which savors strongly of special legisla
tion and In no way altera the original
decision of President LIU and other ofll
elals that a strict Interpretation of tho
rules renders Meredith Ineligible to repre
sent any other organization than the
Meadowbrook A. C until June I,
The oharge In front of the A. A. O.
is due to a confession of error on the
part ot the Middle Atlantic Association
Registration Commlttoo, which wrongly
advised Meredith that If ho registered
from the Meadowbrook A. O. he still
would, be eligible to run for Pennsylvania
in events open to colleges only.
Alter tne caie had been argued on It" merits
Ad President kill's ruling barring .Meredith
had been upheld by Chairman llublen, of
itie National Peglstratlon Commutes and
uatlce Bartow a. Weeks, chairman ot tho
Legislation Committee, It was reopened at a
conference held In this city at the Instigation
ot George F. Pawling, president ot tho Middle
Atlantic Association. At this conference
Pawling explalnod to UU, Rubten and Weeks
that Meredith had been misinformed as to his
rights when ha applied last August for per
mission to represont tho Moadowbrooka In the
championship meeting at Baltimore. The Dis
trict Committeo erred becauso It had In
terpreted erroneously a lotter which OustaMis
T. Kir by published on this question In De
cember, 1011, when ho -was presldont of the
A. A. IT.
tA been upheld by Chairman llublen, of
March Games Will Give Good lino on
Strength of Bed and Bine.
The track authorities ot the Unlvorslty
of Pennsylvania havo decided to enter
every avallablo man In the Indoor games
to bo conducted by tho Intercolloglato A
A. A."" A. at Madison Square) Garden,
MnrcSN 6. Tho samo decision hnB been
announced from Cornell, and slnco tho
Ithacans and tho Quakers promise to be
tho principal rivals In tho outdoor cham
pionships In May, tho way they slzo up
In tho March games will be watchod with
much Interest throughout the college
NEW TOIUC, Jan. 27. Promise of expansion
along athletlo lines was shown at the nnnual
alumni meeting of Fordhnm University, held
last evening at tho Hotel Knickerbocker.
Tho prospects for tho new Maroon gymnasium,
the crew and baseball were discussed, and
support voted each.
Arthur A. McAlecnon, who Is auperrlslna;
tho Fordham track meet next Saturday, aa
sures the Maroon managers of a surplus of
nearly a thousand dollars, which will be
turned over to tho etudent body. Coach Jack
Mulcnhy received many suggestions and pro
mites for the support of the Fordham crew,
which he Mill disclose later.
BOSTON, Jin. ST. E. X. Hall, chairman
of the American Intercollegiate Football Jlules
Committee, yesterday Issued a. rail for n. meet.
lng of the committee to be held In New York
olty Friday evening, February 6, to con
sider any euggestlons as to alterations In the
playing rules for tho season ot 1019,
LJSWISmmG, Pa.. Jan. 27. In the best
J- game of the season Bucknell defeated La-
r- "TTayetU, 83 to 32, In a game that required an
"-.& extra, five mlmitos to decldo the winner. At
;t half-time Lafayette led, 14 to 12,
?- '
'v ?TJUCJAatSTOWN. llta., Jan. 27. The
Williams relay team which will race Brown
t the 11, A. A. games In Boston on February
6 has been chosen as a result of team trials
lielrl hfirtt VWiIaHrv Hantaln TtmAl r-l-uK
Air. and Hayes are sure to represont tho college
Sr but there Will havtt to hn nnnlh,, trlt ,n.
3'Hubbell and Vancott to run oft their tie.
. , AHBOn, Mich., Jan. 27, Head Coaoh
-riMoiosn. lost or tne jucnlgan football
team arrived In Ann Arbor' yesterday. Ho
naa called a mass-meeting of candidates for
tonight, at which the winter training will be
laid out ana plans for spring work considered.
-JfSf-'ll"tSSr,nnSr to Nw ? and vl-
y lBlt,''v, ifenwruusiy on wasn-
""" 1 miMiny. xao x'D
In afldUlon has a two mflo handicap on the
regular list ot events. The distance ot tne
rnarainon win pa au i miles, much shorter
than the oU race, and In the event of a bllz
xara It will be still further shortened. There
are ten Jrtzes altogether, the nret being a
tola medal and round trip transportation to
the FacajnaPacIno Marathon, which will be
hela At tin Francisco on September Si next-
So? those, who wish something between the
two mile and marathon distances, the Bronx
Church Houst has arranged an open flvo-mllo
road run 'or Washington's Birthday. Thero
will bo prizes for tho first eight men. five
COYloe prizes; fait time and team prizes and
a. special team prize for the nrst team out.
Ids of. the New York district.
X .special 000 yard Invitation handicap wm
be tne feature ot the games of the Fifth Com.
?. xmrieentn ivesiment, on Lincoln's
Qoav. Atnour thosa nlreodir nitm fnm ,hi.
uiiusuBi msiauca an loq Aiereqiin, xom Hal-
ln. Dave Caldwell, Win dough and Hugh,
. Now that Ted Meredith ha bean rctnrtated
In jrood standing to run for Pennsylvanlv
there will be added interest In the games of
Fordham University. Pennsylvania lias en.
lered a team for the college relay and It la
presumed the Olymplo champion will be a
member ot the team.
P. S. A. It. ma in Bad Way
NJ3W TOOT". Jan, STHow a number ot
timely contributions came to the rescue ot
the Public Schools' Athletlo League recently
when Its financial condition was so critical
that the work of the organization threatened
to suspend temporarily, was told by General 1
George W. TVUigato, the league president and
van ux iiv xouuLUErs, ax ine iweirtn annual
meeting In his office yesterday. The usual
subscriptions had been so greatly reduced ow
ing to the conditions brought about by the
Sarcpean war teat by Sepcemticr the league
had only flSO la th bank and owed 12000. it
mi then that i00O was received from
Thomas V. Bran, 600 each from John D.
Itockefeller and Andrew Carnegie and other
smaller subscriptions. Debts were Immedi
ately paio. tne wont was continued and at
the end of the year there was a balance or
1733.33 on hand, nearly double what It had
been In January, 1814.
Since then the league fcja had fiOOO be
eueatlwd to It by Augustus C. 'Brown, who
died on January 3, and It Is hoped to use this
(lit a the basis of an endowment fund.
Defeat Princeton Bcroaflh Players
NBW TOKK. Jan. 2T.-3juesh Clvb turned
the tables on the Princeton Club yesterday In
the second half of their aeries on the Squash
f'hib courts, and defeated the Princeton grad.
utH by the same score thoIattr had trl.
umpbed by a week ago, 1 to 3. Tabs leaves
the rlM a tie.
Play Princeton at Hockey Today
NBW YORK, Jan. Sft-Hoskey followers are
awaiting wttb- Interest the outcome of the
yate-Prweelon came at the St. Nicholas Illnk
tutlght. It will be the tlrst game of the
cvHrtes between the old rivals. It Tale
wins tha ca&lefit it will hsVA an ve)tAtit
chance to carry off lntercbliegUto honors.
Coach Uetzger Reappointed
liOROAN'roW N W V. Jan S7-Sol
M'.'Wf. who ulully Loacfced iho Hctt
irbiM. feUwU too last fait, jwUrJ
B3ji4 .jactlnj i-y.r contract.
uneentn iterlment
jf Brooklyn hl taken, on tho annual Seagate
atarataen, formerly conducted by the Thir
teenth lliraent en Llfirnln. Tlfr,l,,inu -..,
central Assumes tLEAD,
Landa Tlrst Placo In Scholastic Knee.
Ward Tops Scorers.
Central High School ,,,, 3.
Northeast lllgh Bchool , ... 2f
IWejit Philadelphia lllgh Cohool... 1
Southern High School 1
Central High School it'
West Philadelphia High School... 2
Southern High School 1
Northeast High School 1
I P.P.
1 .780
i ..m
2 .3.1.1
1.. p.p.
1 ,7fi"
1 .H7
2 .V. 1.1
: .Mo
"With three games won nnd one defeat
Cetitral High School la lending tho
Scholastic I.cnguo race. Tho victory
scored by tho Crimson and Gold yester
day nftcrnoon over tho Northeast High
School's flvo dropped tho Hcd mid Hlnck
to second pinto. West I'hllly nml South
ern nro tied for tho third position.
Captain Wnrd, of Ccntrnl High, re
tained his lend In Individual scoring by
gnrnorlng soven points. Ho now linn n
total of 42 points. Ward's runnlng-mato
at forwnrd, Fowlor, Is still second with
88 points, whllo Wallace, tho Northeast
centre, beat out Clooland, ot West
rhllndeiphla High, tor tho third position
with 80 tallies.
Central High's second team has a safe
lead In tho scrub fives' races. Tho Crim
son nnd Gold second slnnir mn Imu
won threo out of tour games, following
nt Mio luuisiopB or mo varsity.
i?;!i inh!l,",a,'.lpnl,a nlh 8!nool will g.t
f iL M l? " , i o track pastime February 1 with
ithWn,4A" !'ft catholic men. Central
in h. miVSSS.1 .,,uh. an,d ih? 1,cn" frMl "fo
on tho Mirrors' track schedule.
tJSJ k?&nnvU"luJ!a Association of rounty
yl?st"rdovJ.a,,m;!t'n'!, t tho, Bingham House,
yesterday afternoon, with Walter ltttrkmnn
Aui"rff ?,"'' R J- RellomrMge. seer" tnry j.
Pa 5rf.e Ln,f,s"rc.t!ry ,of lha en'"" flinty
clav iS l'iin; outl n"' tno rrngriim of the
thn,Hl?WilJ.cJl1 ndof"iie1 the ralslnp "f
ii 1S appropriation from J1000 to J2M0.
cultural exhibits and speed trials than In the
Sn'theVS1" ?Ur",nf fia rarllcSlnrmphnsI,
2J!-I!2n"rttof legislation that will financially
mi2?,1 ih.. """'V, 'nlrs "f the Htato to In -nugurato
hetter work, stating tlvat a State
will benefit agriculturally from such aid.
ItAtlTFOrtD, Conn., Jan. 27 Tho nxoeutlve
cm"""? of the Connecticut Fal? ASSetati J'
Park trnekr?r'J,yn,t?vW'ft-h,1ra,wh0 Cnarter Oak
i.i.Jcf rr.,m tho "rand Clrcu t. Tho date
SSfJS" hy. tho stewards was ns mual the
heen" in' Jb?r 2y. Charter Oak Park In,
been In tho Grand Circuit for 40 years. The
?he1Oena.nc.tr0ctl!l,.Wb"nk Up tla da,cs ?
SS C -T""e8hal b'SST
vidi; S'T'i .Th0. ontrlM nnnouncSl
yesterday will stand for January 2S,
Drawings for English Soccer Series
u?J?,v' rl" .t.hB "nd round of the Kng
JSS.iffT Cap "s t0 b' 1:''e1 on Saturday
o?,iVito.l-'ne'"'.mo n.no. Bamcs being nrrrangeif.
quite tho feature being Chelsea vs. the Ar
senal on the ground of tho former, which will
attract all ..London soccer fani, and tax tho
holding capacity to tho utmost.
Tho drnw follows:
Nowcastlo United vs. Swansea, Sheffield Wed
nesday vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers, Fulham
', Southampton. Brlghtton and Hoo n.
Birmingham, nradfnnl City is. Mlddlesbor
ough, Uverton vs. Bristol city, Hull city vs
Isorthampton, Oldham Athletic s, no, kdale
Bolton Wanderers vs. Mllwall, Manchester
City vs. Aston Villa. Sheffield United s
Liverpool, Bury vs. Bradford, Chelsei n Ar
senal, Bumley vs. Southend United, Queens
Park Hangers vs. LeeSs City, Norwich City
vs. Tottenham Hotspur.
Williams Now Crescent President
NEW YOniC. Jan. 27.-ndgar Julian WII
V.S)8..""1 ?loc,e4. President ot tho Crescent
Athletlo Club of Brooklyn last night, to suc
ceed VIIllam K. Cloverfy.
Last night I dreamed that 1 tvas pitch
ing Against the Tiger team;
And tico were on and tico tcere out
In this aoul-grippino dream;
And token I looked around again
I almost hit the mat.
For a guv named Tyrus Raymond Cobb
Was strolling up to bat.
And then X thought "I'll walk this baoti,
And to clamp on the lid";
And then I looked again and saw
What I had, went and did;
For all I had to handle now
TVas Crawford in his prime;
Hut Just before I choked to death'
I loohe up just in time.
Reader TVe havo never heard what
JIr. Hauglrton'fl salary Is as head coach
for tho Harvard eleven. A guess would
be In tho neighborhood ot $10,000 a year.
Tho Brainiest Club
Dear Blr Tho old Boston American
Ball Club under Jimmy Collins was
the brainiest club that ever played.
Every man on that club played each
play aa it came up, using; his own Judg
ment, with no sltmala and no Insldo
play, bo Cormlo Slack has told ma half
a dozen timed. No other club In tho
gnmo ever used Its own natural re
resources to better effect.
J. T. McQILLICUDDY, Worcester,
The Succulent Statistic
Sir Wo have all heard a good deal
of lato about the birr amount of money
paid out to ball players and the big
amount taken In at the gate. Could
you give us any Idea of about how
much this Is? An estimate will do If
you don't happen to have the figures.
W. L. II.
Any reply to this would be more In
the nature of a guess than an estimate.
However, as the saying Is
Tho average payroll In the major
leagues today is about 180,000 for each
club, There are 16 clubs under O, B.'s
standard, bringing up the total salary
list up to $1,280,000. Each club In the
O. B, circuit carries about 25 men, to
taling something like 400 hall players,
who therefore average $3200 each a
Against this we have annual receipts,
which is an even more extended guess.
Last season in the two big leagues
there were 2S03 games played 1X0 In
the National and 12J8 in the American.
Granting that the average dally at
tendance was about 3000, the total paid
attendance would be In the neighbor
hood of 7,600,000 for the year. At an
average charge of B0 cents per fan, this
would leave the total gate receipts'
around $3,2(0,000 Out of this. In ad-
4itltt to the salaries ot tl,JS0,00 th
i I " ' ,...... t . - i .
TLL 6JB Obs A Bid I 11 I Job! JON'T "VbO ij I
I sonpnue vjitm MY-weid A-HEM, hglio I I Notice? ,v4yTMiM41 I
I .SFRitfS HVT' MG'Lt Rve ,Tnr- J V. V
I overt it I iojovj BGCAUScl V ' "i;
,im,;; 7,,aone ffuST Litre WMrWA.. C V$WA ia!3' -S0"0' trJ
Wmj -1- ' . Wajm J-LZ w S lj2y
m " " DOM'T You JUST ) IlM SOOLsD
,1 pon't deuevE I I i-oue Thk wm- it w , ,1H.
- V NOTICED l V-g"-? J) US2J
fcS4 X) MW L-C m X
Mr V uutjiivuod .yvyyi -i i tvT J ll
Forest Hills scored a victory In the first
actual warfare waged In this city to remove
tho national tennis championship from New
Port to Umg Island, when tho Philadelphia
Indoor Tennli Club, nt Its nnnual meeting
last night, oted almost unanimously In favor
of tho transfer, there being only ouo dis
senting ballot In a totnl of 25,
Paul W, aibbnns was ro-elccted delegnto to
thn annual meeting of tho United States Na
tional Lawn Tei.nln Association, In New York,
on Fobruary fl, with Instruction! to cost the
club's oto In faor of awarding tho All-comers
to the Wet-t Sldo Tennis Club.
All tho present offlccni of the organisation
wcro ro-elerted, ns follows: President, U,
Tyson Hutehlns, secretary, Hosmer W. Hanna;
treasurer. Tatil W. Gibbons; board of directors,
Samuel Sooilllo. Jr , Ijindy H. Brown, C. M,
Harlan, T. II. Mnrtln and Dr. I'. II. Hawk.
PINBHURST. N. C. Jan. 27. J. D. 15.
Jones, tho Ithodn Island champion; Irving
Wright, of Boston. C. M Bull, Jr., of Now
York; J. C. Hlnchollffo, Jr., of Paterson, and
T)r. B r. Drake, of New Bochollo, or N. A.
Jlacklnnoy, nt Provldenca, who did not finish
their match, are the survivors of yesterday's
opening rounds in tho men'a singles event of
tho annual midwinter tennis championship,
Zulu Kid Wins Bout
NITW TOrtK, Jan. 27. Zulu KM won by a
shade from Iconic Mantell In a slow bcut,
full of clinches and accompanied by hlssei
nnd boos, at tho 'Broadway Sporting Club,
Biooklvn, last night.
owners had to pay the traveling ex
penses nnd' hotel bills for 400 men for
threo of tho six plnylng months, tho
amount of tlmo spent by each club on
tho road.
At nn average charge of $4 a day for
400 men for 30 days, the total would bo
$144,000 for hotels alone. With three
Jumps a year half way across tho con
tinent" nnd various switches back and
forth, tho railroad nnd Pullman fare3
will verge upon another $100,000. Added
to this nro expenses for training trips,
ground rent or upkeep, and another
vast emear of coin Is tacked on.
Club Profits
As to what profit ball clubs nmass
each season wo havo practlcaly no Idea.
Last fall Giants' and Braves were nbout
tho only two clubs to gather in any
kale. Tho Mackmen claim a deficit of
$20,000 up to tho, rim of the world's
series, where they slipped out of debt.
It has been claimed that Black nnd
Shlbo havo only made 3 per cent,
on their investment of some $000,000,
despite tho fact that In tho last flvo
years they have won four pennants and
threo world's championships.
We have taken our share of shots at
certain magnates, but we know for n
fact that they ijave, as a wholo, made
no big fortunes out of baseball. The
Giants havo made money, because they
had 6,000,000 fans to draw on and Mc
Graw has won five pennants in ten
years and has always been up there
giving the top crest a battle. Charley
Murphy made a killing In Chicago be
causo Chicago happens to be a great
city for the gamo and because Prank
Chance and cast gave Murphy four
pennant winners nnd two world cham
pions. But beyond these two entries
nnd that of the Chicago White Box, the
financial clean -up has been more of a
myth than an actual development.
We'll take a. gamble that Charley
Somers alone has lost $200,000 in base
ball in the last ten years.
Baseball Epitaphs
7ere lies the only Tyrus Cobb,
Yho fills the hearts of fans with
Jlis specialty when on the fob
"Was swinging on the butcher boys.
And here lies doughty Lee Magee,
Who is an altruist, you see;
lie's either that or else a liar
Ills real name's Leo floerschenmeyer,
There are now a million people play
ing lawn tennjs in this country. When
a game reaches that proportion it is a
trifle too widespread to have any cham
pionship bottled up In one spot or even
one section. And the time isn't very far
away when the unbottllng will take
placo jvith a. reuonant pop.
Is No Match for Champion Welsh in
Big Battle.
NEW YOnif, Jan. 27, Wllllo Beeeher met
a champion of tho world In Madison Square
(flrden last night, and poor William, thanks
i" jtcuuio wclali, got tlv
trouncinir of the
Bi-anan, to say nothlnr
of Wlllla's life. It
jw rounds,
Beochcr proved to John tho
lanriJCr a nOttnfnMtnn Ihnt lia nftn nTrn n whin.
P.1,",1!. I""1 Plenty of It. Only In ono round did
"Illle shine, the fourth. In that round ho
muddled ,iir. Welsh's actlvo mind a bit when
i10 connected with a wicked left hand swing
to Welsh's head. Welsh had to hunt tho back
trail till tho moon enmo out again.
MnnriRer Put Mnrnn hM
conforenco with
W. V. linker, president of the Phillies, in this
city yesterdny regarding the closing of tho
denls with Jfoston and Now York. Severn!
players from theeo teams nro booked to como
to tho i'htllles In exchange for Sherwood
Magee nnd llonus lbcrt, but neither deal has
been complctod.
Eddie Grant dropped Into Now Tork for n
chat with eeerctary John II. roster ot the
plants yestorday. Tho utility fielder Is on
I'Ja way to California on a sight-seeing tour.
He will report from thero to his chief at
Marlln, Tex.
Humors from Chicago predict a deal be
tween the nrowns nnd White flor. It Is said
that Managers Mcl'oy and Ilowland havo de
cided upon tho terms of the transaction, which
awaits official sanction by Hedges nnd
omltkey. According to gossip, four of the
white Sfox veterans will bo traded for one of
tho three sterling lefthanders carried by the
lironns Hamilton, Ijvercnz or Wcllmnn and
Outfielder Ilert Shotton.
Hugh Jennings has Just turned back two
Tiger kittens. Uetalll, a pitcher from Ottawa,
ha been cent to Scranton. Carleton, nn out
fleldor from Kalamazoo, was consigned to
In all probability Otto ICnabe will take his
Terrapins to Southern Pines this spring. He
had planned a trip to Cuba, but tho St. Louis
I'edernls beat him to it.
Umplro Tom Chlvlngton, of the American
Association has put up to tho club owners a
piopnsltlnn to return to tho single umplro
syttcm. This Is In keeping with tho economi
cal policies to be observed this year through
out organized baseball.
There will bo something doing on practically
pvery day In tho lino of competition on tha
Indoor golf links on tho fourth floor of tho
Olmbel Store, beginning with tho 1st of
Fobruary. 'All the tournaments wilt bo de
cided at medal play,
PALJI TOUCH, Fla., Jan. 27. A. F. Souther,
land, St. Androw's, won tho consolation final
K '" 1?wyfar's olf tourney, defeating V.
11. Smith. Oakland. 2 up. fiouthcrland scored
a ill under adverse conditions, leading by 1
up at the turn and winning tho match by
holing a 40-foot nppronch.
Nnw TORK, Jan, 2T. The annual golf
championship of New Jersey will bo held on
May it 28 and 21) over tho course of the
j3"x -aumy v-ountry triuD, at orange. N. J.
This matter was settled yesterday at tho an
nual meeting of tho New Jersey State Oolf
Association In this city.
Ths Essex Fells Golf Clnb Intends to en
large Its courso from nine to eighteen holes,
and work will be begun ns soon aa tho
weather Is suitable. The following officers
have been elected by tho club: President,
A. Crcssy Morrison; vice president, Henry V.
C-ondlot; secretary. II. J. McCord; treasurer,
,?.' vvi.50hr!!Sllcr:J. en'ST"0- It. C. nianlte,
Tt. 8. dTspard and It. P. Seymour.
At the .annual meeting of the Olen nidge
CountryClub trie following dlrectora were
chosen to servo for three years: Charles I,.
Cnnsklll. Henry o. Crulkshank, Harry D.
Smith and Gilbert TV. Taylor. r
rrWEITirrtST. N. &TJnn. 27. Mrs. T. Tl.
Boyd, of St. luls, and Mrs. J. T. Newton
wero tho winners ot first nnd second prizes
In a selected ecoro rolf handicap here ves
terrtay, held under tho auspices of the Silver
OnAND JirNCTION', Tenn., Jan. 27. Three
setters, 1a neslta, liabblebrook nob and
Lewis C. Morris and the pointer John Proctor
were selected last night to, run today In
the deciding series of the national champion.
5j!pneld trials. La TIeelta la owned by F.
M. Stephenson, of Chicago! Dabblebrook Bob
by tjowls Mec-raw. Pittsburgh, and Lewis C.
Morris by H. J. Howe, of Birmingham, Ala!
John Proctor Is tho entrv nt X T.. rvt-ti. e
TtAlfAn n.w ' "
HOTJSTON. Tex.. Jan. 27.,
-Harvey iMxon, of
OrongO. Mo.. was hlrh amateur sn
nd high over
all on the second day of the fourteenth annual
Bunny Houtn target handicap, breaking 100
out of 200 targets. Harrv Murrells, of Hous
on, was high professional, with JS7.
Prelnd Is President
The, Interdenominational Baseball Iajue
held Its regular business meeting at league
headquarters. Church of Our nedeemer. ICth
and Oxford streets. '
The following officers were elected for the
season .of 1P15: Charles J. Prelnd. president:
U. It Ltvermore. vice president: Ralph Hoov
er, recording secretary; V. W. Morgan, nnan
clal secretary; II. Kerr, treasurer. The fol
lowing teams and representatives were pres
ent: J. A. Henry, ll. o. Kerr, Qreen Street
Methodist Episcopal; Charles ICnauer and H
J. Morgan, ltedeemer; II. McCllntock, Seventh
Street Methodist Kplscopal; B. lluiy. Second
Dutch; C. 'Miller,
Elks Form BaBebaU League
NEW TOnK. Jan. 27.-The Interstate Base
ball League of Elka hss been organized with
12 teams and may admit four others. The
teams entered represent New Tork. Bronx,
gueens. Brooklyn. Jersey City, Bayonne
Newark, Elizabeth, Peterson, I'lalnfltkl
INearny and Btaten Island. L. O. Wilder, of
Bronx Lodge was elected president, Chris
Mitchell, of New York Lodge, secretary, ana
John A. eloane, ot Bayonne Ledge, treasurer.
A silver trophy vill be awarded the team
winning the championship during the 1U13
Ping Bodle Sold
CinCAaO, Jan. 27. "Ping" Bodle, out.
fielder of the Chicago White Sox team since
Iflll. yesterday was old to.the San Franelsco
club of the, Paelfle Coast League, Thla deal
returna Bodle to hl home city. '
Temple Prep Wants dames
The, preparatory tauxetball team of the Teni'
ri v-uitariiij worn stuuee who second or f
hlrd class team lo or out of the city or high J
school frcjhmeu teama. Thli aggregation I,
lUstrMtlm I
r wrt.t. I
very xast oue. -.reims a&uriag- h
AddrtM Jcaesii fossl. SS3 Wilder
, IL K. Mulford Company, the Drug League
lenders, downed Eckman Manufacturing Com
pany team in tho flrBt and second, games, but
jvero lmdly beaten In tho third, tho latter hit
ting the pins In great form, Mooncy and
HhleblB stnrred Individually, tho former totnl
Ing K3 pins In his third gamo and tho latter
n 211 scoro In his Ilrst game. Traband, of
Jluiford, toppled over a 2JO scoro In his first
gamo; Houston also rolled well, having a SW
scoro In his second gamo. S. K. & P. Com
pany kept up their winning streak with two
victories from Lilly Company; tho latter took
tho last gamo by seven pins P. W. B. Com
rmny landed the odd gamo of Its series with
Wampolo Company.
Mather & Co, and Aetna battled for suprem
acy In the Inasmuch League last night on
Terminal alleys, with tho honors going to
Aetna, who outrollcd tho leaders In two Ramos
out of threo licfore n largo gallery of rooters,
who cheered lustily for their favorite teama.
Tho teams aro now tie for tho loadershlp.
Itoosters and North American each won two
out of threo from Peoplo'a nnd Flro Associa
tion, while Reliance, the tallenders, kept up
their recent good work by taking three Btralght
gnmes from Piatt, Yungman A Co. Coming,
of Aetna, rolled tlio highest Indlvldunl neoro
of tho plght, 225 pins, In his second gamo.
IMcClellatPalso totaled an even "00 scoro In
his second attempt.
Ledger Five After Scalps
The Hvicniko Lcdoer basketball team would
llko to nrrange games with fourth and fifth
class teams having hnlis and paying a fair
guarantee. Address, Prank Hnffcy, Compos
ing Room, Oth nnd Chestnut streets.
To 'Lil Ahtha
Th' Mexicans 'll git yuh ef
Watch out I
Perhaps a similar warning: ought to
bo Issued to Carranza, Villa, et al,
Atlia may turn on 'em.
TJnsent Telegrams
To Bat Nolson Is your press agent
111? "Wo haven't heard a cheep about
you for many hours.
A Query
Did tho Feds havo tho Federal Court
In mind when they picked out a name
for their leaguo? This should bo looked
Tou'vo Botta, If wo must resort to
such tactics, admit that Joe Loomls up
as a big contender at tho Fordham
games In New York Saturday night.
Our Visitors
Pat Moran is a wonderful man
And so is President Baker,
They come to stay for a half a day
In the town of Penn, the Quaker,
To study tha ills of the aching Phils
They pay our toum a visit;
Isn't it sad and quite too bad
They don't reside here is itt
When you figure that Moran comes
all tho way from New England and
Prexy Baker from New Tork, you can
realtzo that they havo the Interests, as
it were, of tho club at heart. Of course,
It's nono of our business, but we'd like
to suggest they could save time and
expenses by meeting In New Tork.
They Sometimes Do
The comebacks flash a bit and then
They drop back out of sight again.
They all forget the final bell;
Who notoT You've guessed it; Abe
Perhaps the shiftiest fighter who
ever got Into tho squared circle, Ho
wants another tight, preferably with
the man who took away his laurels,
Kllbane. Or, maybe, he Just wanted to
see his name in print again.
Favors Ettite Game Body
Harry Slmms, 993 Spruce street, pres
ident of the South Philadelphia Gun
Club and Game Protective Association,
Is one of the nrst to champion the idea
of a. State-wide organization. Presi
dent Slmms read tho suggestion in the
columns of the Evenino Ledger and
was quick to act. He is of the con
firmed opinion that a Pennsylvania
game organization would solv'o the
question. At this time there is a crying
need for an organization with one ob-
,..-. i -,i,
JeC ll View.
With various bodies
'TOea tnnrosnout tne Btats-s they
are now there in very llttlo cn&scf to
Heading to Be Guests in Big Gamo at
Lewis Winch, Charles Crawford, John Lin
ton and Allen 13. Burke, Kensington business
men, secured tne Jasper Jtnsiern League
basketball franchise at a special meeting held
at the Bingham House, last night, nnu will
play out tho schedule at Nonpareil Hall. Lew
Winch, who played many years for the Jasper
club, and who Is now one ot the owners, villi
manage the team, Iurlng tho meeting tho
salo of tho Alpha Club's franchise to the
Cnmden Basketball Company, Inc., was rati
lied, The new owners are Clarence A. Turn
er, Or. Charles 'B. Holm, Samuel Herrman
and Charles V, Lmpty. The club opens its
now headquarters In tno Cnmden Armory to
night, with the Heading Bears as the at
traction, A foul goal by C. Strobel won a hard game
for St. Michael's over Advent by 20 to ?4.
Zlppel, for 'Advent, dropped In 18 from the
chalk mark. In tho other game. Transfigura
tion gave St, James on awful drubbing and
won on they pleased, 80 to 0, In a pair of
Lutheran League games last night.
Tho Jenklntown High School flo defeated
(he Ablngton High School quintet 82 to 24, In
tho lalter's rymnaslum yesterday afternoon,
Flowers played a clever game at forward for
the victors, whllo Itoaclio's caging of free
shots was the only thing that kept lila team
In the running. Jenklntown High second team
beat Ablngton High second, IT to 14.
Covenant had a soft proposition In 6t. Mat
thew's, and defeated them J 5 to 4, The Saints
did not get a Held goal. In the other game
Bark Congregational forfeited to Incarnation,
as they only had four players.
The semifinal games of the St. Francis
Xnvler T, A II. Society elimination pool
tournament were played on Monday evening nt
their club rooms llanlel MeCllnlcy dtfented
Harrv Kelly In tbe most etclting game ever
witnessed In the club, both players making
remarkable shots. Kelly got oft to nn early
lead by playing n safe gamo. but lot a grent
ehanco when he routed on nn open shot, nnd
Mcfllnley came forward with a rush and soon
overcome hie big load.
Tho gamo between Prank Kelly and Frank
Foley was not an Interesting, owing to tho
reckless shooting of Foley, but Kelly deserves
credit for the gamo ho plaved. ...
Tho flnnl game will bo played on Mondaj;
evening next, between Daniel McCllnlcy and
Prank Kelly for 100 points.
rortuno chalked tho cuo of George Nell
hamer, when ho defeated Wllllnrn II. Do
T-angh, of tho Oormnntown room, 100 to 44 In
the opening gnmo of tho rtoomkeepors Pocket
Iillllnid League, last night, nt tho ctub'B bil
liard parlor. Kclthamer did not gnt n very
nusplclous start, but camo back strong nnd
Piled up a big lead on the Oermantowner, who
received the rhnrt end of moHt of the breakB.
On two occasions ho pulled nice combination
shots, only to lose out by tho narrowest mar
gin and leave Nelthamcr with a split bunch.
St. Joe Keady for Alumni
Tho annual baskottmll game between the St.
Jojeph's Collego varsity nnd alumni basketball
teams tonight will bo the fenturo number ot
tho program of tho Mtrt of n. series of smokers
theld by tho class of 1(114 In tho Institution's
auditorium. An nltalr of this sort will bo hold
annually by tho graduating class of the pre
ceding June.
Tho new St. Joseph's gymnasium will be for
mally opened with tho vnrnlty-nlumnl contest
tonight. Among tho players who will repre
sent the latter five ore Scnnlon, captain of the
1P12-13 teim: Considlno, Ponnls, Yates, captain
of tho 1013-14, team: Loeklo and TInycs.
Hnrmony In Soccer Banks
According to a wlro received Trom Newark,
N. J . last night, thero la not tho .slightest
trouble between tho Nntlonn! Lcnguo nnd th
United Stntes Footlnll Association, which wns
reported to bo the cnfo some days ago In thla
cltv In fact, none of the National Leaguo
mngnatcs would admit that nnythlng had boon
talked about in regards to dropping their nf
lllintlnn with tho United States Football As
sociation, which Is tho governing body in this
Women Fencers Meet March 19
At a meeting of tho Executive Committeo
of the Pennsylvania division of tho American
Fencing Leaguo last night. In its headquarters
In the Keith Hulldlng, It wns decided thnt tho
nnnual Pennsylvania women's Junior cham
pionship fencing meet will bo held in tho
gymnasium of tho Temple University, March
10. this year.
agreo on all questions. Tho resultant
discord is obvious. With a consolida
tion of all tho State bands an organ
ization of great importance would bo
possible When you take Into consid
eration tho number of sportsmen who
aro Interested In gamo It is not a far
strotch of tho Imagination to seo what
a rosy condition tho future hns In Btoro
under this amalgamated plan. Think
it over, and then let us havo TOUR
Public Course, Good Thing
It. W. Lesley, president of the Phila
delphia Golf Association, Is well pleased
with the favorable comment which has
followed tho announcement that this
city Is to enjoy a public golf courso.
Thero Is no better argument for pub
lic greens than tho statemont of Mr.
Lesley, who goes on record as follows:
"This public golf course proposition
marks an advance In tho use and de
velopment of our park system, and tho
new links whon completed will afford
what hosf hitherto been missing in
Philadelphia an opportunity for every
ono who desires to play golf under tho
most favorable circumstances without
expense. The location of the now
course, accessible as It will be by a
short walk from tho terminals of two
street railways giving a flvo cent rldo
from tho centro of the city, will put
tho course within reach of every ono.
"It is expected that this development
will have tho same results as the estab
lishment of similar courses in Chicago,
Boston, New York and other largo
cities has had namely, the develop
ment of a class of young players of the
highest character and the giving to
many men and women of tho oppor
tunity to enjoy free of expense the
pleasures of tho game of golf."
A Kansas City sporting writer said
Jess Wlllard looked good, as far as ho
went the" other night In a four-round
exhibition with Al Norton. We aro
wondering what he meant.
Good News I
We wero dellghled today, to know
that Ted Meredith, Penn's popular
runner, would bo permitted to race for
his university at the Boston games
next month. Wo felt right along tho
A. A, U, would bo .fair with him. Now
that the lesson has been much im
pressed, let's not have a repetition of
the trouble. A word to the wise you
' WhaddyetninkoithisP
If S. J. Perry's bill, which is to be
Introduced In the House at Harrls'burg
next week, is passed, Pennsylvania will
have a full-fledged boxing commis
sion. Wo bellevo such a, proposition
would be acceptable fo most every
sportsman, though thero aro no black
marks on tho books against us with
out such a body.
If the State Officers pj
Boxing Bill, Philadelnh!
Men Will Bow to ,i
Law's Letter Graceful!
Local light promoters do not .
i..o u. proviuing n Stale Boxinr rv. I
....,,, uv),uvo lna gflM. , a
clean hero that thero Is 0 ncZi'$
one, -Some others bellovo n S R
would prove valuable In mar, ?'
What McQulgan Think. '.,
John .T. Tnt.i. -,. . Aii
ana matchmaker ntu. J.?' t!wam
tho oldest boxlns club In thl, !-! M
that a Boxing Commission &?
protection for the lighter, h?,..
knowledge he ha8 never heart off 'i
boxer complaining nbout the ?,.. 4
ot a promoter hero. "Mloiafl
"I believe that Philadelphia Is m H
famouslv fmm ,i: 'K! " cettlcr K?
Oloaulgan. "and there l no need ik 004
u comm as on. I do not ohi TV- ""Menr- (
fmrn.'tVhrsa1 g"& JM
u. lo-round niralr. Then I2.JJ W0UH U
lound numbers on tho program1? ft ?".&
tm opportunity of vvltnn.wsih'!,Iuli
aliow ' hi ono flight than & TZ"
event of Ill-round tieht. lney woul " the
However, 1 agree that in..... .SMI
Would bo
a novelty for Philadelphia As, 91
'.would clamor for buck "tSS
mat iney would c amor fn- ;.,.' ' "" '
now. 1 nm .,-,,!,!. ik ."""' "Mil 1
than a month of li-rounderi . th mV
tho boxing game will bo a'd'L0 i?.",e
tho old six-round stunt.
. "1 have scon lu-roumt I
stLnt. - jU
.. 'I1 A'av? B00n lu-round bouts tlm. .,.. .JS
honest opinion Ii
??'"".? i uozen-rSund M .
uul mv nnnnit nn nine. . --- uua,'
us mo iiair-iiozcri-rowid boBuT i S
".. h fighters R0 ancrMK
rro'm taVThrff&g
round boxers cenrrnllu kam.A Pul.uli)-I
th1'!.' . ! , "A ,"' nX K
.,1 .?m..i''n.I? pur present slx.reiois J1
urn. wuuin certainly like to liave It i i!
a boxlntf commlssUn Is put across Sth iS
round bouts, ot courso, then IhTwiffiife
promolers will havo to gi?0 the rinV K.1
they want, and thoy surely know whJt il
want when thoy want it." ' r
niitECTon ponnrn's nmiuiwa 'I
Ocorgo D. Portor, Dliector of Publki sifetpl
reprinted hero: " "" "' ""'T "
'Tho ptiglllitlo sport In this city Is rosal!?
olonit more smooth fy, in fact, on a blulrtasi
than nnv ntlmr fii.h, .h , ,v. :' .r B,
remarked Mr. Porter. "" "'X
.innnJ,,.h,,1,?-c',?.-d0"n't " 3
mid tho fnna havo not made any computet.1
to tho Department of publlo Safety iCi
imvu ucen in onico, nbout three lean. iJi
nnnil'i'i'V 'lo nnt .e0 " nn organlatlm! 2
control the gumo Is necessary, ,a
punishment, nnd. at far ns 1 know, at ilZ'
alon met with tho approval of all person lik
urcsted In tho trort As long as tlie nut
cnntlinieB to run along smoothly 1 do not id
why boxing should bo placed under tbe imh
vision of a commission.
"feevcral persons have asked mo to Intro?
i'uco a commission A state temmlBiIonli
out of my Jurlsillctlon and will have too
proposed in tho Legislature. But as far u
n city commission la concerned, I am niMti
with tho way the promoters are abldlnrijir
tho Department of Publle Safely nillnrjAi
Personally, I like boxlns myseir, and be
ever I have tho orportunlty i ntter.a a rte':
I have never heard of any boxer or tromole
tu go back on his contract. As long ti tm j
continues the sport will bo clean." m'
o x :rrrT:.. - I
u. u. jTBi-iy, 01 jrniiaoeipnia, sponsor
for Measure.
IIAnnisnimG, Jan. 27. A bill to pmnS
10-round loxlng bouts in rennsjlvanli. onJa
tha suporvlsbih of a State Boxing CommInlcS,
will be lntrbduccd In tho House next wE
Iteprescntatpo Samuel J. Terry, ot rhlWA'
Phla, will present tho mcasuro. '
.X!e commission vvould bo known si-ib)
Athletic Commission of 1'enruylvanll I?
bill gives it excluslvo Jurisdiction, maninoctt
and control over all boxing and spuria
mntches or exhibitions, Under Its provUltrJ
the State would get 5 per cent, of tbe irfflJ
goto receipts. M
Penalties for "faking" aro Included In tin
bill. For tho first ofTense a fighter woall
prohibited from participating la fortttf
matches In tho State for six rnonthi. sTIu
second nTfennn ivotit,! tnfnllv rll.nuallfr hCs 3
Pennsylvania. ..."SW
Tho hill provides for a salary of ftOOOir
jear for each commissioner, and 41500 lots
secretary. It does not spoclfy the number el
commissioners. Tho bill carries an aporejiTOj
tlnn of ?15,000, a
Former Featherweight Thinks H
Might "Como Back." f
"They nover come back," I the ell
adnge, but Abo Attell, the former feather;
weight champion. Is following In tin foot;
steps of a number ot other ex-utleholiuri
by asking for just ono more bout IW
Ablo la really in earnest about ttwt
Into Bhapo for another rlns match bg
putting tho mitts on the shelf. l
"I have tho Heart to get uown w j
hard training for but one man, i"
Aii.11 !.! It tl, Knvao T lllVA Ifl 1HIQ4
will give mo a ehanco to how ajiteg
him I will be prerectly willing w q "j
tjuiiiv tut duu1" 4j(a
'Johnny Kllbane Is the man I wtat
box. Ho should give me an opportunity.
to meet him again. I beat Johnny la
10-round bout In Kansas City U'ore.H
won tho title from me. I want Mlbine!
treat me the way I treated him. l Iu
him another chance. . .. ,.fl
Attell la doing stunts nt the AIMWh
today. Tomorrow, and for the tlnwwz
of the week, ho is billed at too .""'
Young McQovern, the Port Bltta"
tnmwrlBht, defeated aarty jv" "(ja,'tait:
bout at the ralrmount Atb''J5rSS 4
niirht Tn ih tlrst and second ro" t,2,
llnvam rained blows over Hi wrtrs" X !
..(HI... .... ...w -..-. ., ....,,
nava nrniir,L'Pi uv 11,0 ,v.k, . -- ,
. ...- , - a- ,.r v. ,
servance. Kventua y tnesj ' Hitfltll
the attention of Police Sergeant Hjuw. e,.
,-. r.. ----:. -i, - .u. tactics 11
ordered the bout etopped unti "- sS
agree not to use tbe ongeroui pun- B2J
The serolwtnd-up terminated sbropur"
The semlwtnd-up terminateo "r.'"tVj ti
second session, after Jack F a"' "jioSrl,
noored with a right to the law W ygU&m
Br de. rarreu reiuieu .h,;BBoStt
jumping to hU feet, and hl "WSJ", M
in and sent him dewn and out wna
w,l 2hr2oi?s ftS wnitojft 2S
"in the other bouts Jim Willi ". .j,
Battling Jack Brookes In the WI "53
k Ilrookei
oln earne
Johnny .mipin eareev, -y ef uuw
Tommy fihaip. wnua vopor
land, aefiatrS Charley Rear
tt niuia fw""' - . JflT-
.jwsz.tp&ss sfft. SfiKTkjam
ait night before a large Allm'
LTlndSd for" the i.roalnder of "J JSaT
V.,t.w. inflrhtinir won the ii'..reC,SSS
S tatterW? ? ?&S?hir2
wwiwWssii'a.-.grig jajy
tJ.A n.fr.n liallsv deeming. !"".
111. ' ul,llortlohla. too wca w,
against Jakev Ma. "&al?
lfteyar, of Allentoyn, .AJJMOTr!
w tae, Jourtn ; . ,r"b"-, "kU A"S
w "".' ."' zr,,l .uruihlln.
dvlpbla, la the opculng nuinoer
ii,n(Dwn. Deat &uw h-
Arcli St
1 KUU - -i . 1
JiJi.&eU w
flMMHI i I

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