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Today s Sermon
if That Tfinnetb Kouls- Is Wise" was
th tt nnJ personal Work the theme.
"Christ taM: 'reitow m and t will
make, you a Asher ot men " said Mr.
Biinilar. ""tha medical school teaches
3fea to- be- a doctor, tha law school
teaches rw to- be an attorney and the
chumh s'nould teach rjooplo to savo souls.
It Tau do not then sou are not Ushers ot
nietl,, of you ore trying to make Christ
out a War.
"Any church that, does, not believe In
the divinity of Jesus, Christ, heaven or
hell Isn't authorized by God and l a
churcfo lunt authorized it degenerates
Into a third rate amusement bureau.
"Tho majority of the Christian peoplo
never speak about Christ to othors. 1
want to urge everybody to eni;an In per
sonal wort. TCncli fat' you write down flvo
name o members of your own- family;
tttvi ttsk how many or them' belon to
the church Some of you may llnd ono
or two of that number aro church mam
berth. "Why are so many people outside tho
chureh.r The church la at fault. Uoch. ot
Jnou should be a fisher of men.
"That is whv we have Christian Sclencei
tho holy rollers' and so forth. The prciich
ess are chasing fails Instead of boiiIs. I
like to see people afraid I'll talk religion.
That's, my business. That's your buol-
ness. The trouble Is tho last thing1 people
, give to- Christ is their tongues.
"Its your business to bo a Christian.
If you arc. a lawyer, you are a l.iwyor
to pay expenses and your business- Is to
" be a. Christian. If you nre a doctor, you
are a doctor to pay expense and your
business Is to be a Christian. You woik
for a living to pay expenses, but your
business Is to be a Christian.
"Ite&ard life as an opportunity to do
Ecod and bring somebody from sin. Your
business is to find tho lost. It's not th
Church's business to educate people. It's
their business to save people.
"Thousand of college graduates are
going- as fast as- they can strnlght to
halt. If I had a million dollars I would
give J&3D.SD9 to tho church and one dollar
to education. Not that I belittle educa
tion, but I believe that it's not intellect.
but reunion that win save men.
"The church Is wrong today when It
preaches 60 weeks, In the year to tho
church members, and two weeks to those
outside. It should be two weeks to the
. church, and 5Q weeks to the outsiders.
And one porson can set a church on fire
for God.
"I tell you the church of tho future
must have personal work and prayer. Th
trouble with some churches Is that they
think the preacher Is a sort of cceleslns
tlcal locomotive, who will snort and puff
nnd pull the whole bunch through to
'The poorest stick In the world to do
personal work Is tho young preacher just
out of tho seminary. Why? Because
they minimize and even laugh at per
sonal work in the seminary. Two-thirds
of the theological teachers never had any
experience In soul saving. We aie preach
ing peoplo to death. At the prayer
meeting the preacher gets up and gives
his scripture lesson and maybe one elder
or deaconess or somebody makes a
prayer, but the only reason we know It's
a prayer meeting Is becausa It comes on
Wednesday night.
"If all the Methodist preachers would
each save a soul In a month there would
be 460,000 souls saved a year. If all the
Baptist preachers would each savo a
noul a month there would be 431,000 souls
eaved In a. year. If air tho other evan
r dlcal preachers would save a soul a
month there would be 1,125,000 souls saved
In a year. Over 7000 Protestant churches
last year made report of no accession on
confession of faith. Christ said to preach
the gospel o nil the world and that
means every creature In the world.
"Christ had a aulck eye in working
to save souls. He passed Matthew at
tho seat of eustoms. If ho hu! list
ened to his disciples probably Peter
would have advised him to imiv thn
publican at his work for he was too
busy. John would have said that tho
old robber was thinking of nothing
but making money and James would
have advised that Christ wait for a
more favorable opportunity. But
Christ said to Matthew: 'Follow me
end I will make you a fisher or men,
and Matthew jumped up and left tho
money err his table and followed Christ,
end through him. how many thousands
were saved.
"All along life's Journey you will find
men and women without Jesus Christ.
Church members must be careful of their
behavior. If the Lord calls and you
don't hear and have good hearing it's
your fault. If the Lord provides wood
and coal and you are too lazy to got
it and you freeze It's your fault. If
He didn't provide It and you froze It
would be Ills fault. If you're starving
nnd the Lord provides food nnd you are
too lazy to eat it'syour fault If you
starve. If sin separates you from God
nnd Ho hides His face and won't servo
you it's your fault.
"I knew a man who used to yell amen
at the prayer meetlnirs and paid his
washerwoman 50 cent for doing the
washing. One day he Invited her to din
ner and then the miserable old scala
wag docked her 25 cents for the dinner
when It came time to pay for the wash
ing; And then during a meeting the old
nktnflmt scoundrel had the nervB to so
up to the woman and ask her to be a
" You go to the devil. was Just what
olio replied.
"You cannot serve God ami mammon.
A lot of you church members try to
prpvo Ood a liar right there. You go to
the theatre on Tuesday night, go to
prayer meeting Wednesday night, go to
ft dance- Thurrday night and a card
party Friday night, and then on Sunday
morning go to church and occupy a
pace IT Inches sotiare,
"X believe that the Lord allows me as
much liberty as a. regenerated conscience
permits, I might- do something that would
liqt hurt me. but I do not believe In do
tog It If It might lead somebody else to
do wrong1 or make It harder for him to
do right. At Ephesus Paul would not
mt meat because a man told him that
It had been used as a sacrifice to an Idol
and to eat It would make It harder for
hlm to do right, Paul said; 'If meat
makes my brother to offend I will eat
no meat,' If my playing; cards makes It
Jwkfdr for some one else to do right I'll
buhl every dirty card In the house. If
yW are a Christian you will do it, too.
If you are not you won't do It,
"It's my experience that the church
member who won't do personal work has
some sin in his or her life. The devil
will let you pass the collection plate or
anything else, but not personal work.
And every excuse you offer for not do
Uiif personal work 1 of the devil. The
Lord WD! not give you any excuses.
'A woman said to me: Itr. Sunday,
you hurt my feelings. Then don't spread
year feelings all over or It'll be my buil
nem to tramp on them. Keep them but
ton J up under your dress!
"Who i wise? You say the million
aire i wise, the Mayor, the Judge, (ha
aoiftmor. the educator, the superinten
tUit of schools, the principal of the Ihlgh.
sehcbL the people who don't worry' and
lire tbftlr Uvea for pleasure, the Inventor.
c wuai uoes me uora sayr ine L-ora
yj. lis who. wlnneth .souls Is wise,'
4 ys to other. "You fool.' If you
3 hrutian you are wise, if you
tryinir to do right you are wise. If
you feiieve there is a Ood you are wise.
If ym Jon t you are a fool
You wttt. a' pats away. Look how the
,$, mm tt ptbsr day have paaad
away. Mr. Sunday mentioned Instances
or men In Tnrlous walks of lifo who are
dead and forgotten.) 'But he that wln
neth, soulsi in wise. Ue. shalli shine as, the
stars forever and ever.'
"Suppose I had an Invention to make
gold out ot ashes. I would have no trou
ble to float a stock company to back mo
becausn the stockholders would make
fabulous fortunes. But I have somothlng
greater. What Is Itf Jesus Christ nnd
salvation. Thon why don't you go to
people and talk about It?
"I bolievo that lack of efficient per
sonal work Is 0110 of tho curses of tho
church today. The peoplo of tho church
aro like squlrrols In n cage. Lot of no
tlvlty but accomplishing nothing. It don't
require a Christian Ufa to roll oyster sou
or run n bazaar.
"It don't require much window to get a
man's monoy4 Out in Chlcnito tho gt-rlch-qulck
schemes rob thn peoplo ot fJi
000,009 a year. If I had the money that
has gono out of Philadelphia for these
BChomes I'd be nolo to pay thn exponas
oC a dozen l-avival meetings llku thin.
"Everybody can't nlng, overybody cnti't
preach, but overybody can talk to some
body about Christ They tell mo thoro
are l.CW.OOO persons In Philadelphia. You
can gat 20,(MO In tills tabernacle, You say
what big crowds aro coming to tho meet
ings So they aro, but what about tho
other l.BtO.OOO. Many people won t como
and hear me, but you can touch them
with personnl worlc
"Tho devil never gots gout, ihcumutlsm
or appendicitis. Ho's always on tlio Job.
" 'I'laying cards don't hurt mo,' you
say. Clod pity you; It sends thousands of
souls to hell, and for decency's sake can't
jou give If up?
"You can't live half tho time with ono
man and tho other half with another, and
trot square with both of 'am.
"Cod's itlsgUHtad with you, nnd no Is
tho devil; and when tho devil and tlio
Lord both pass you up, you're up
against It.
"You'd Just as well be millionaires In
graco 11s to bo hoboes counting the Ilea
over God's division.
"Don't spread your feelings all over
tho tabernnclD if you don't want mo to
Btop on 'cm.
"Wo can't nil preach and we can't nil
sing. If I'd start to sing you'd nil go
out through the windows and if Ilody
would start to preach, jou'd follow suit.
I can't sing but two tune, like Gen
eral Grant, of whom It was said he fang
all his songs to two tunes. Ono of them
was 'Yankee Poodle' and tho other ono
Last Night's Sermon
Mark, v, 23-31: "Tho 3cono of this story
Is in Capernaum. Our Lord lias but re
cently returned from tho country of tho
Gadnrenos, on. the other side ot tho Sea
of Galilee. On tho way over He had
stilled the tempest, nnd while thoro Ho
had healed tho wild man who was filled
with a legion of domons, and tho pooplo
thero had besought Hlm to leave tho
country as quick as Ho could, for In
saving a man 2000 hogs had been lost,
and they didn't want any more work dono
for them at that price.
"I can seo some of thoso old hog-ralsers
wringing their hands and declaring that
the wholo country Is going to bo rulnod,
unless the Man who hnd sent their swine
galloping headlong Into tho sea can be
persuaded to depart fiom their coast, and
not cast out any more devils 'n their plg
worshlplng land. What did It matter
If homes were unhappy; If women nnd
children were having to live- In want,
fear and wretchedness? AVhat did it
matter if men were being robbed of their
manhood by the demons that possessed
them, and made Hko wild beust, so sav
age that they would break their chains,
and ragged and wounded and bloody
would becomo n terror to all who camo
near them In place of tho dead?
"What did It matter If people were
sometimes killed, and homes were some
times burned down and much property
destroyed by these wild men? What did
It matter If taxes wore mado higher by
1110 ravages caused by them? Hogs had
been raised In untold numbers. Their
madness had never dono tho hog busi
ness any harm and the swine trade was
a great thing among tho Gadarenes.
Didn't It give employment to a lot of
men who looked after them and fed
them, and took bettor care of them than
they did of their own wives and chil
dren? 'Destroy this blessed hog business
and down goes everything,' thoy said.
So they wiped their weeping eyes on
their hogskin coat sleeves, throw up
their hands imploringly, like- a brewer
Just before election, and besought Jesus
to turn His back on them as quick as
possible, for every minute Ho tarried
moro nnd moro hogs were rushed Into
tho sea.
"Isn't that just like the whisky busi
ness at this time? Oh, it is a blessed busi
ness! Don't It give employment to a
multitude of folks? Don't lawyers and
sheriffs and jail keepers and contractors
wbo supply penitentiaries get a rich liv
ing from tho stream, of dollars It turns
their way? Don't it bring men to town
to trade? Don't It promote sociability
and good feeling among th people?
Don't they shako hands more in tho
saloons than they do In tho churchM?
Don't the license fees pave the stret
and make a lot of public Improvements'?
Don't It do this, and doesn't it do that?
You might have heard a good deal of
that samo kind of talk about the untold
benefits of the hog business that day In
Gadara, as delegation after delegation
came up to Jesus and besought Him to
depart out of their coasts.
'It makes a lot of difference in this
world as to whether we look at things
from a hog standpoint or from a man
hood or a womanhood and childhood
basis. The man who thinks more of his
plga than he doea of liia wife and babies
is the devil's Idea of what a husband and
father should be You Ci5 bring hell
and heaven together when you can bring
whisky and Jesus Christ together. Hold
ing a dollar within an inch of a man's
nose will make hlm stone blind to every
thing that Is good.
"So when the Gadarenes declared In
such unmistakable terms that they pre
ferred their hogs than decent men, Jesus
took them at their word, as He always
does, and returned with Ills disciples
across, the sea, telling the man for whom
He had done so much to go back to his
home and tell what great things bad been
done for blm. It would make mighty
good reading If we could only know how
much that man's testimony hurt the hoe
business. Early the next rooming, aa
Jesus was taking His morning walk with
His disciples, Jalrus came to Him with
great trouble In his heart and said: 'My
little daughter lletli at the point ot death,
I pray Thee come and lay Thy hand on
her, that she may be healed, and sh shall
live.' And Jesus, followed by a great
crowd ot people, started at once to pa
wun mm. tor mere is no pzise on rccoru
of Ills turning a deaf ear to any father
or mother who went to Him in trouble on
account ot a child, and this ought to give
parents confidence In going to Him now
for thwr children, for He U just the same
today aa Ha was that morning when He
started so promptly tor the home ot
"How many little children In Gadara
were at the point of death when Jesus
was there, and wbo might have besn
saved from death had not their hog-rais-Ins
father besought Him to depart out
of their coasts, but those who would rath
er lcep boss than ChrUt cannot txpeet
in ASA their nhlMren Mined from thA-lAn-h
'The man who Is engaged In tho business
or damning other peoples onlldron has
nobody to blamo but hlmsolf If his own
are lost, for a curse that Is wilfully turned
looso on others Is suro to return on hlm
who sent It.
"As Jesus nnd tho great crowd led by
Jalrus Is passing nlong tho street sud
denly tho Mnster stops and snys; "Who
touched me?' and Hko children at school
when some wrong Is discovered, every
body says, 'Not II Not I, and Peter, in his
usual brusque and Impulsive way, says.
'Why, Master, with all this crowd so
closa around You, how can You ask.
'Who touched Mc?' ' And the next mo
ment a timid woman comes forward nnd
falls trembling nt Ills feet and dnclnns
with sobB of Joy before tliom nil how
she had reached out and touched tho
horn of his garment and was healed of a
trouble that had been eating away her
lifo for years,
"Perhapi Jalrus may havo chafed
somewhat nt the delay canned by tho
woman who thought to get a blcsslim
without anybody knowing It, nnd perhnp-
lie may have said to hlmsolf "Wo shall
bo loo laic, and my dnughter will die
Why couldn't she have waited a llttlo
longer? If she had waited 12 years an
other hour wouldn't have mndo much
difference.' lint nobody over loses any
thing by waiting on Jesus. If He under
takes your enso Ho will always seo 't
through. Don't lio anxious about Ills
part of tho work for you, Ho may see"m
to llngor sometimes, an Ha did In thn
onso of Lazarus, but Ho never gets thoro
too lato.
"And now that tho sceno Is before 111
In Its proper sotting, lot us neo what
losson there Is for us In tho story of
tho timid woman. 1 bellovo It may bo
takon for granted that her caso Is a typi
cal one. Just such things aro always
going on, and I bnllevo that Jesus halti'd
tho throng about Him that morning for
tho purpoHo of giving encouragement to
His disciples and to show them that thov
could nlwnyn count on results when they
did their best In Hln names, oven when
nono could bo noon. It Is necoisary
that tho disciples of Christ should learn
to Uvo by faith, for it will not do to
Judge from appearances as to what God
Is doing. A lifelong Impression was made
upon tho illnclples that morning, by tho
halting of the crowd thero In tho street,
to show them that a great work had been
done when thoy hnd not been expecting
anything nt all. Peter, James and John
and tho others wore probably thinking ot
what wns going to happen when they
reached tho house ot Jnlrun, but they had
no thought of anything being dono before
they got there. Wo look for great things
when wo have tho rovlval meeting nexi
winter, but we nre not looking for any
thing before thon. Something may hnp-
j pen on Sunday, the pteacher thinks,
when the church is filled with neonle. but
nothing Is expected In tho llttlo prayer
meeting, where only a few old stundbys
are gathered.
"By Jesus stopping that crowd In tho
street we have tlio right to expect some
thing now, whether wo over learn what It
Is this sldo of heaven or not. Somothlng
Is going to happen now. You can de
pend on It, as suro as God is God.
Whatover good bced la sown Ho will seo
to It that It grows, for tho parablo of tlio
sower Is always true,
"Tho prcucher never knows what tho
full result of his message has been, and
It Ik a good thing that he cannot, for If
he did lie would sometimes bo so puffed
up with pride that his wlfo wouldn't Uvo
with hlm, and at other times he would be
so dlscouragod that ho would stop preach
ing and go Into tho lifo Insurance busi
ness, Thero 'Is a story of 0110 of tlio old
saints, who in answer to much prayer
that ho might do a great deal of good
without knowing It, was told that when
his shadow was behind him It should
havo power to heal all upon whom It
fell, but when In front of him It had no
vlrtuo at all, and so ho went on his way,
healing many, but not knowing anything
about It.
"It Is much that way with every one
who Is honestly trying to do tho work
of Christ. It Is only now and then that
he Is permitted to know what has ocen
done, nnd yet wherever ho has lifted his
hand in the Master's name somothlng has
happened. Somebody has received 11
blessing through which thoy will never
bo the Homo again. A man once touched
a button In Now York that fired gunn
and rang bells all around the world, and
yet ho never heard a sound, and how
much th'it Is llko the work of tho Chrls
tlon' Ho makes an honest effort to ac
complish something for the Lord, but ho
doesn't know that anything at all ha
been done. We reason that to do great
things we must bo great and have great
opportunities, but It Isn't so. In one of
tlio recent magazines thoro Is a, picture
of the smallest woman in tho world a
llttlo midget only about 20 Inches tall.
Sho Is standing on a chair, touching a
button In tho wall to turn on tho electric
light. . If sho were to touch tho right
button at the right time, don't you see
that sho might start machinery clear
across the country, just ns well us the
president could do it? All power comes
from God, we are told, and no man,
no matter how great ho may be, Judged
by our standards, can do anything ot
himself. His power to do must come
from God, and we must get in tho
habit of looking nt things In this way.
"And so I believo the Lord halted the
throng that morning to help His disciples
to taka a long step In faith, that they
in turn might pass the lesson on down
to us. That wherever Ho Is, and wher
ever His faithful sorvant Is, something
that Cod Is satisfied with is being done,
and that away down in tho eternities
heaven will ring again and again with
the music of our rejoicing over Infinite
surprises. Away beyond the time when
tsomu of the brightest stars have grown
dim, we shall meet souls In the eternal
world who felt the touch of Christ un
mistakably as the timid woman, through
effort of ours when we dldn t dream
when we luid dono a tbln;.
I that an arrow Into th air,
it fell i'l BJCIh, I knew not where;
For so swift It Uew, the light
Could not follow it in its tilght.
I breathed a song Into the air.
It fell to arth. I knew not where.
For vthjo lioa I flit no keen and strong
Tbat ha (an follow the flight ot sons
Idng, long afterward. In an oak
I found the arrow, etlll unbroke,
And tha org- from beglunlnv to end
I found s-faia ia tho. heart ot a friend,
"And this is but a repetition of what la
always going on. Not one soldier In 1000
who tired his musket on the battlefield
ever knew whether bis bullet had ever
hit anybody, and yet fearful execution
had been done. The battle Is always
wont by men who do not know what they
have accomplished. Even our failures
are sometimes the very thing God ueeds
to bring about certain results. George,
Washington when a boy had his heart
set on being a midshipman lit the British
navy, and the arrangement was all made
for him to go, but hb( mother weakened
at the last moment and would not give
her consent. Had that )$-ye.tr-old boy
bad his way. perhaps the Revolutionary
war might never have been fought. No
matter bow thins go, wo should believe
that 'God Is in Ills Heaven, and all is
well with the world." A preacher was
onee preaching a written uwiion when
right at the beginning of the most im
portant pari of It. as he thought, some
of bis pages were blown out of the
window and lost, and he bad to step
right there In great mortlttcatlon. Years
afterward he met a man who had been
converted as the result of that very
meeting, through tho awakening that
came fiom the )at though given before
tho sermon took wings through the win
dow. It ought to help our faith a, great
deal to find out that God. nan oven use a
written sermon. If bo can do that 1
don't see why any kind of a preacher
should qver ImVo the, bluest
"In every congregation thero Is, some
body llko tho timid woman. Somebody
who has been going to other doctors for
jours, without gqttlj-g any help, but
rather growing worso, and, now they have
como to tlio conclusion that they will as
a last resort try Josus. It was a despcr-
ato resolve tho woman made, but hers
was n. denperato case, and so waa mlna
nnd yours. It was tho only thing she.
could do. Had sho only had one more
dollnr to try one moro doctor that pro
cession townrd the sorrowing homo ot
Jalrus wouldn't have halted In tho street
ot Capernaum that morning. Sho couldn't
do anything else, nnd bIio couldn't bo any
worso ort If sho failed, and so she made
the enture. Venturing on Christ Is the
best day's woik anybody can over do.
She ventured, though, with great timidity.
1 can seo Johub beginning to walk a llttlo
slower as that poor weak woman comes
limping toward him, tor he always suits
his pace to the strength of those who
seek Him. She had no ono to help hor
make a plan, nnd so she bad to do tho
best sho could, nnd mnko her own plan.
It wasn't much of a nlnn. but It was thn
best she could make, and " worked.
"That kind of a plan will always work.
The plnn that nuts Jentis rln-ht In llin ren.
tre always works, no mutter how poor a
plan It may be In other rcspocti, Jcsua
never turns away from nny poor soul who
socks Him, Just because thoy may not
know anything about theology. It Is nat
theology. It Is not theology that saves,
but Christ Tho scribes and Pharisees
who crucified the Lord were tho boat
theologians In tho country. On that lino
they could not only split hairs with any
body, but thoy could quarter them, and
thon whittle each quarter to a point. No
body han ever boon kept out ot heaven
because they didn't know much about the.
"The poor womnn nnld, 'If I can touch
but the fringe of HIa garment.' She
didn't know It, but nhe was away over In
Alaska In her theology on that. Sho was
putting a piece of cloth In tho place of
Christ, and every theologian will toll you,
thoro Is nothing In a piece of cloth. It Is
Christ that naves. But she had made har
plan tho best sho could, theology or no
theology, and It worked. Sho had never
been ablo to go to school a day In any
academy whoro theology was taught, and
It wus a. good thing sho hadn't, or sho
might not have got within a mile of Christ.
Sho didn't know anything hotter than Just
to try to get as close to Jesus ns oho
could In the only way sho could think of.
Tho reason why she wanted to touch His
garment was bocauso He was In It, and
brother, ou touch tho thing that Christ
la in and you will be certain to get a
blessing from It. Join tho church; attend
the rovlval meeting; read your Bible, for
Christ Is In all those, and Ho will know
whether you really want to touch Him
or not. Her plan was n very poor ono.
tho scribes and Pharisees and oven somo
of the disciples would havo said, but it
"Many n poor soul has said: 'If I can
bo baptized by Immersion I shall bo
saved.' And they tried It and It worked.
Somothlng wna done, and thoy were
saved, just ns thoy belloted they would
be. Another has said: 'I will Join this
church or that, and I bellovo that it I
do I will be fcaved,' and they tried it, and
It worked, just as thoy believed It
would, and they didn't havo to go under
the water at all. Thoy made their own
llttlo plan and God looked Into their
hearts, and saw they wero walking in
all the light they had, and he lot it go
at that. Another said: 'If I can only
get out of bed and Eet down on my
knees and pray I bellovo I will bo saved,
and he tried it and it worked. And
another said: 'It I can only tako the
communion I shall bo saved,' and he
tried It and it worked, and somo of thoso
who mado their own plans the best
they could and tried them and found
salvation by doing it, wero our fathers
and our mothers, and they aro in
Heaven now, because Jesus knew what
they meant as He looked Into their
poor, hungry hearts and Ho blessed them
becauso they did tho boat they knew,
and he will do It with you, my brother,
and with you, my sister, If you will only
tako tho step you believo In your souls
jou ought to take, and will take it
"Yes, all tho little plans of which I
havo been telling you, and a great many
morcd, worked, and yet every theologian
knows they wero- nil wrong; and you
say so yourself when you take them all
to pieces and look into them llko a
botanist looks at a flower; but thank
God, He can and does save people,! and
He does It In a hurry. In spite of wrong
theology. Theology may stand up and
tell you until It la black In tho face that
all the water In tho world can't save a
sinner by his being baptized In it; for
water has nothing to do with It; it Is
the blood of Christ that Baves, and yet
everybody who has got into the kingdom
In that way knows that theology Is talk
ing through Its hat. for they tried It and
it worked. Theology will tell you that
joining tho church won't lift you toward
heaven an inch and I say It, toy, f
there Is no faith In. CbiUt behind it
and yet peopto Join, the church because
they know they must do Kometlung or
be lost, and so they blunder toward Gol
tho best thoy know how, and In their
doing it they get a touch (roiu CbUst thdt
saves them through and through.
"It Is a thousand times better to, blun
der toward God In tho worst kind of a
way than it is to do nothing at all.
Theology will also tell you that there
1 nothing In a mourner' bench, and
that you may piay to your dying day;
for prayers alone cannot save; and that
you may tako the communion without
getting any help, or whatever elso yoi
will, and yet uover ret rid of your sins,
becauso these things are U nothing In
themselves, and it is true, every word
of It, Just as theology says, but poor sin
ful soubj havo tried them, some one, and
some another, and thex worked with
them, and they were saved became they
just stepped out and blundered toward
God the best they could, as the poor
timid woman did. Thank God that Jesus
wasn't a halr-SDlitter. that He wasn't
hjde-bound. and dead set on having
everything done (n an iron-clad nt
legal way. as was the case With the men
with broad phllacterlea who nailed Hint
Best Coal
EgR ST, Store $7.23, Chestnut $?.go
L-jrue Rounci Pea Coal. $5.50
ZMTOt't Ce4l Vard in isiIadetpAta
Tventqn Av. & Westrn,Qrt.Un( St.
Hotel York Krl?' JIot A1! "-"M w'
Mil ll-MIIUMM I 1 1 ..
Cbtiut St. Hioc. UeM 31
do ther wa.y,
"If He, sees. Us. conlg to, Him heart
foremost Ho ttor't care h,qw VWh we
slip and slide with our feet. Ha will
reach right o,u.t and i.ako hod of us, with
HIa ll(o-KiYlng hand and, make us strong
and well. He always lots tho virtue go
out of Him to hca tho folks who are
willing to do tho right thing, no matter
hpw much they may tremble artd limp.
In trying to do It.
"There nro n,ny number of people who
honestly and earnestly yes, longingly-
wan, 10 uo Christians for years, just as
this poor woman nover wanted to be
sick nt all, but sho couldn't help It, on
account of her -olng so much to tho
wrong doctors; but at last when every
body clno failed her, sho took Jier case
to Jesus the best sho knew. So I say,
there are people who want to be Chris.
tlnns Juit ns much as fho wanted to bo
sound and well. Thoy havo felt that
thoy were losing ll'o; that It waa going
from them drop by drop; and they
trlod and tried, first In ono way and
then In another going from doctor to
doctor until at last lit their helpless
ness they put out a hand, very timidly
and linlUiiflly, for ey had been dis
appointed so much; but UiIh tlmo they
sttetched out their hnnd toward Jesus,
and Ho saw it coming, ind ho knew
what it meant, and let vlrtuo gu out of
Him and saved them.
"Thank Ood, Ho did that with mo, nnd
Ha will do it with you. Thin may be
your last chance, Just as It was tho last
chance for lh,at poor woman, no, make
your plan, and mako It very quickly.
Do anything rather than not do any
thing at all. Only bo In earnest In your
seeking, nnd If you are otily right In
your henrt It won't mako any differ
ence If you are 10 miles out of tho way
In your theology. Jesus will understand
you, even If the doctors of divinity don't,
nnd you will havo His blessing.
"Somo of you who profess to bo Christian-
aro Just ns bad oft as was that
poor woman. You havo been moro dead
than alive in tho church, Just as sho
was. You havo had no strength to do
nnythlng for anybody else. Thero has
boon no Joy in your religion, and no
smiHhlt,o. You havo been so near dead
all the tlmo that you haven't been any
account at anything. You havo nover
counted ono In tho prayer meeting. You
havo dono nothing in tho Sunday school.
Your voice has nover been heard in
prayer. Everybody who knows you says:
Well, if that woman has religion I want
somothlng else' Or, 'If that man Is on
his way to heaven, I believo I'll tako to
tho woods.' You havo been so dissatis
fied with yournelf that you havo prayed
and you havo fasted, and you havo read
the Bible, and you have made the chil
dren stay In tho houso and kcop still on
Sunday, nnd you havo gono to church
through wet and dry; but you never got
any benefit from anything, and now
you aro so discouraged you don't know
what to do.
"Xou don't want to give up, and you
don't seo how you can go on. What
Shall you do? You have nobody to
advlso you; thero is no ono to help you
mako a plan. No ono to show you the
way. Don't you seo thero is only ono,
thing you can do? Do as tho woman did.
Dctermlno to get to Jesus somehow. Put
out your hand and resolvo to touch Him
with it. If it withers, nnd falls dead at
your sldo. Earnestness Is a great thing
with God. Mako the best plan you can
for getting to Christ and then act on
It without delay:
Just aa I am, without ono plea,
But that Thy blood was shed for me.
O Lamb of God, I come, I come, I come.
If I could but touch his garment I would
becomo whole.
Evnngellst's TactlcB Arouse Ire of
the Rev. Dr. Jefferson.
NEW YORK, Jan. 27.-"Blll" Sundny.
tbo, "llve-wlro evangelist," was charac
terized as a clown and a, buffoon by tha
Rev. Dr. Charles E. Jefferson, pastor of
tho Broadway Tabornacle, who Is leading
a movement In opposition to having the
preacher conduct a revival here. Despite
the fact that Sunday will not be received
with open arms by certain local clergy
men, more than -100 preachers havo al
ready Joined In an Invitation for him to
como to New York.
George C. Shane, secretary of the Phil
adelphia Evangelical Association, has ad
vised tho local ministers it will be neces
sary for them to raise J30.0O0 to defray
"necessary expenses" betoro Sunday will
accept their Invitation,
In referring to Sunday, Doctor Jeffer
son said:
"Sunday Is a clown and a bulfoon. His
remarks are irreverent and sometimes al
most blasphemous. You would Imagine
that every person of refinement would
hiss him out of town; that men and
women of civilization would not tolerate
such a man preaching the Gospel. They
Bay bo Is 'alive' so yon see persons will
tolerate this clown and buffoon simply
becauso he Is 'alive.' "
j - .
1 , ,i
- :-
j ,., . -t. , ' . 4U. fgi
The Emley, Banks & Biddle Company, one of whose delivery cars is heva
shown, hag Jong been a user of Autocars, made by the Antooav Company, of
Avdmore, Pa, Motor delivery means the quick and convenient transportation
of valuable paokageg to distant suburbs instead of by special messengers or
express service as was formerly the custom, Anyone interested in the eoo
nonuQal improvement; and extension of their delivery service will profit by a
visit to the Autocar Sales & Service Company, 23d and Market Ste., Phila
delphia, or the works of the Autocar Company, at Ardmore, Pa,, where
every opportunity is afforded to inspect the quality of material and skilled
workmanship used in producing the Autocar, These cars are used in every
line of business by over 2000 concerns.
Contt-wd from rW OR
crowd to draw back that tho near-panlo
was stopped. . , ,
When "Billy" nnd Mrs. Sunday arrived
at tho private cntranc a on 19th street, sot
aside for tho clergy, committee members
nnd newspaper mep, (.he pollco had dim
culty Ir. beating a pa'h through the ex-1
cited crowd In older that the cyange 1st
nnd his who could gain admission to tho
bUdlng. '
In his sermon last night on "Tho Timid
Voman," Sunday hammered all the so
called "hlgh-btow" Ideas and declared
that "something Is going to happen hero
that wll make all hell howl."
Ho preached before a capacity audlenca
of about 20.000 persons, many of Whom
represented varloiiB stores, Industrial
plants and offices Racing back and forth
ncioss the platform, "Hlllv" challenged all
persons who deny tho divinity ot Christ
to come forward and (ght
"Vou couldn't insult my wife without
a scrap." ho shouted. "And I'll never
allow any person to Insult my good friend
Jesus Christ. Tho trouble Is there arc a
lot of ailing church members who nro try
ing out a lot of new doctors They aro
giving old Poc Unltnrlanlsm, old Doc
Chrlstlnln Science, old Poc Thcosophy, old
Doo Spiritualism, old I'oc UnlversnUim,
nlrl Doe New Thought, old Doc Husscll-
Ism and n lot of other lams n chanco to J
experiment on thorn. We don't need to
rxpeilment. This od aospol of Jesus,
Christ has stood tho test for thousands of
years. Bcforo I'll accept any of theso
now-fangtod religions they must make
such n record ns that of our Lord Jesus
At the close of his sermon, -121 per
sons "lilt the trail" and, by taking tho
evangelist's hand, pledged themselves to
lead Christian lives. With tho 131 con
verts nt tho afternoon meeting the total
number of "trnll-hlttcrs" for tho dav was
65 1.
"Round Up" nt VYiMom Fcnn High
School to Be a Notable Event.
Mayor Blankonburg will deliver tho
chief address to parents and friends of
tho Girl Scouts of America In their an
nual "Round Up" at the William Ponn
High School, 13th and Wallaco street, to
night, All pla.ns havo boon mado for the cele
bration, which promises to be tho most
successful In tho history of the organiza
tion. Eight hundred Girl Scouts nro ex
pected. The Boy Scout brass baud of
Troop 43 will open tho mooting with a
musical program, and grootlngs will bo
delivered by Anna Colin, of Troop N.
A drill by five troops of girls will fol
low an exhibition of knot-tying, signaling
and bandaging and other branches of
scoutcraft. Molly Balls, of Tioop A, will
tell what tho Girl Scouts havo done for
tho girl. The fenturo of tho progtam.
a sorlos of tableaux, w'H show- the mani
fold activities of tho girls at the meet
ing, taking the oa,th, domestic duties,
doing a "good turn" and "making a
friend of the other girl."
Variety will bo offered In recitations
and piano, vocal and mandolin sojos.
Tho meeting will closo wUh an addrcs.i
by Frank Goldfleld, scoutmaster executive.
Measure Provides Incorporation In
District of Columbia.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.Tho Scnato
Judiciary Committee today favorably re
ported tho Shields bill incorporating: tho
Boy Scouts of America in tbo District
of Columbia.
Among tho incorporators are David
Starr Jordan, of California; Ernest
Thompson Seaton, of Connecticut; Milton
A. MoBae, of Michigan; Jeremiah W.
Jonks, Chas. C. Nelll and Mortimer L.
Schiff, New York; Chas. C. Jackson,
Boston; Wm. B. Murray, Plalnfield, N.
J and Gcorgo B. Porter, Philadelphia.
Evangelist's Wite at Prayer Meeting
Discusses "Personal Worfc."
An address on "Versonal Work" was
given by Mrs. William A. Sunday, wife
of "Bly" Sunday, at tho district prayer
meeting bold todny In tho Trinity Luth
eran Church, Gormantown.
Sho dealt with tha burdens that como
upon Christians, and urged them to find
delight In them through learning to en- '
Joy the privilege that comes through sorv- J
lug others and helping them to lead the I
Christian Ufa
She was introduced by the Rev. Dr. j
Luther Deyoe, pastor of 'the church, nnd I
nt tho conclusion of the meeting she vis
ited Doctor Deyoe's home at 5300 Gor
mantown nvenuo. It was In the cellar I
of this house that tho first Blblo to bo
published In America I; said to have been
printed In the latter part of the 10th
century. "Ma." Sunday went to tho cel
lar to see the room In which tho book
was brought out.
fc 1$. ",WtfWm4P-'f-SP,vwtr" ?,-
Bey. Mr. Hussey, pf Bftjtm9te
Speaka in Qermnnlown. '
Death Is a triumph, pf lfa over one of
ltn specified for-nti, according to It n..
Alfred It. Hussey, of Baltimore m.
Hussoy, In n sermon nt tho Germa'ntow!
Unltnrlnn Church last night, said:
"Tho Unitarian comes at h(s f"nh 1
Immortality by n method ot Invent!-.,
lion very different from that cmployJ
by his orthodox neighbor Unltorlsni.i
doea not meet tho beliefs of orthodoVy S
a spirit of negation or sweeping di.i
Our nttltudQ at all times Is that of j"u"';
I carpo not to destroy, but i0 fulni, '
"Above nil, the Unitarian believes il,.
universe to bo divine. The GoTsnlH,' M
God-llfc, God-iovo Is In us Vi & 1
vn live nnd mnvn nmi h..,. ..J '. f""l 1
God-life, God-lovQ
wo live and move
Humanity Is one with Him, now ntid Jf'
over more. For tho soul knows na tim.
or space, bplrit Is eternal. The AS!
laws will continue to onernfo -1,. 17."
Humanity Is one with Mltn. ... .'ln'
Individualities will survlvo millions J
nrq from tmtv. Atintn n.,.1 . .
year? from now. Ahovo nnd
opportunities, of grow ne
arer vision nnd X?
world wo see strctchcq
worm t larger oppo
............. ..e -I........
1,1-xuiu, oi. ticuitl vision nnd XSMmr
rennliea of ntlnlnmont 'r
"Wn believe, thon, in the rrogre,. -mankind,
onw'ard nnd upward fora.
To humanity is given a life filled 'IK
deaths, but greater than them nil dci
is not an cvu, .t n plosslng. It , J',:
an enemy but n friend. Death la nniJ
the trlumnh of lifo over nn J' ." nlT
flnrl fnrtna TV, An Id !.. - . . PeCI-
other room In our Heavenll Fatt
ninny mansions. Death Is it,,. i,
natural pf huma,n ex-xuloncos. W.
magnify Its horrors, we exaggerate it.
external fentt'ros. The groat chaBM 12
but a detail n nno eternal proce,,, on!
..... ,. . ...w . ,, i so lmo ,
muu 11- a uhib punigrapn. -Death's nth.;
tinmn la ntiwnr.l '!'":-
namo Is onward.'
Delegation Hero to Invite Ewngellst
to That City. '
A delegation of clergymen and promi
nent church leaders of Cincinnati arrived
In Philadelphia today for tho pvppj,
of extending an Invitation to "Billy" gun.
day to conduct n campaign In that city,
Tho visitors Immediately went o, the
Siinday liomo, 151( Spring Garden street,
and wero in conference with tho even-,
gellst for somo time. They will attend
tho taberno.cto services, this afternoon.
Illinois Correspondent Sends letter
to Evangelist for President.
"Billy" Sunday received a letter for
Piosldent Wilson today. It was sent to
him by I... D. Porter, of Mount Vernon
111., and with It was a request that the
evangelist "personally deliver tho mes
uago to the President."
In Closing, the writer said:
"Thank God for such men as you and
Prosldent Wilson."
The Salvation of the
This Is the Subject of the
Sermon by
of Lancaster
This Evening at 8 o'clock in the
Chelten Ave, and Greene St.
Organ Itceltnl, 7)15-8
Soloists: Henri Morrlkon
Bortrand Austin, 'CelU?!,
Mr. Boeman was formorly a min
ister of a lama Baptist church In
Hull, England, and was associated
with Rev. P.. J. Campbell in the
"Now Theology movoraoni.
Tt has often been said that Unita
rian Christianity Is cold and Intel
lectual; that it does not roach tha
sinner; that it has no gospol for the
massos. This is not so. For tha one
thing; that this fotm of Christianity
does abovo all olse. Is to help ia the
formation of character (J p
strengthen tho spirit within tho, hu-i
man soul. Come and lparn tor y?ur
sef whether or not this Is true.
Thursday Evening Mr. Reemati's
Subject Will D.e
UEtU KLE.VAN, Violinist
FW Literature Yi?W
1815 Nprth Logan Square
"-. " "tr" "-7r-" - -a

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