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. vfi
m Wmb?
jer? on a I
lyi enterlnln nt tunnor on l-riday nignt prior
Pi, lll AM'""" - - ....
Wry. "' New York' Tho BUosU will Include
Tails'" Smith, of New York; Miss Hope
8(l, Miss HcIcn Tower, Miss Alexandra, illfis
(Uftnlde Jii'uiui"""' """ uui.u uura, Ainaa
iiS.lle UOian. Hiaa uuyuiim tiiBiUL. iUIFUl
Mrfrot ScUll, nownru cmirHis, oi uoHion; tjnm-
VI CneWt iiiiu"i -uuiiitiii, uunuiHi x)iuuie,
Irthllf ullpln, Aiwraw uruy, ueorgo urooKe,
TiJsllrte Cheston, Alexander Ynrnnll nnd Mr.
Beaufort, of Washington.
... Yfn..,. rtn.ntain h 1W t,t...
fDf find At". XltlJO v.c.lictlioi Ul 1UI tVfllUUV
6,Mt, havo Issued Invitations for n small danco
; (..'given In honor of Miss Dorothy Do'ltnvon
rion and Miss Frctlorlca llremcr on Tucs
fa evening-, February 0.
uilsa Elizabeth Lattn, debutante daughter of
'ifr and Mrs. ThomaB L. Latta, has returned
'from a week's ntny In Atlantic City. Miss Latta
trfl lavo on February 3 for Washington, whoro
fjj,, will attend several dinners and recaptions
ftoring a week's vlelt thorc.
Ir. and Mrs. Caleb F. Fox, of Berthcllyn,
nmnti, nnnounco tho ongnKomcnt of their
'j1Ujhter, Miss Margaret Crozer Fox, nnd Hyd-'M-
e, Martin. Miss Fox mado her debut four
itMOns ago nnd has been a very popular moin
lu of tho younger sot.
Mrs. John Tanner, of 1312 Fine street, will en-
UrUIn at cards Wednesday, Februaiy 3.
ifr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson havo Issued
Imitations for n dinner on Tuesday, Fob
' ru&ry M Pr'or no a' Masque Mr. nnd
' Itrs. Thompson will ateo glvo a dinner of 30
covers on Friday boforo tho Assembly In honor
. el their daughter, Miss Joan Nowbold Thomp
son. The guests will bo from tho debutante set.
Miss. Miriam Megargeo and JUra Lorna Mo
rtKee. daughters of Mrs. Irwin N. Mognrgec,
I'of tho Essex, will glvo a small Informal danco
fon Friday night In honor of Mrs. John P. Dal
ton, of Nowport, who is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Georgo E. Shaw, at their homo In
I Orerbrook. Mrs. Dalton will remain In thin
! city during tho absenco of her husband. Lieu
tenant Dalton, U. S. N.
Mrs. Francis W. Itawlo Is spending the winter
) tn the suburbs of Baltimore, whoro she hna
i leased Charles E. McLean's home.
Mr. and Mre. Charles Koons Blsphnm havo
.been Bpcndlng tho past week In Atlantic City.
I Mr. and Mia. Henry Llneawcavcr, of Morion,
ire spending two weeks at Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Huber, who aro spending
I their honeymoon in Bermuda, aro expected homo
t next week. Mrs. Hnber beforo her marriage,
I two weeks ago, was Miss Mary Hayes, of Over-
Mrs. Benjamin Jnnney Ituddcrow, of 280 South
S ZM street, will bo nt homo Informnllv Wedncs-
, dsr after 3 o'clock until Lent. No cards havo
bees sent.
I JI!a Ethel Elklns, of 7800 Creshelm rond, has
t her guest Miss Virginia Grlfflth, of Owons
boro, Ky. Hiss Qrllllth has been spondlng the
month of January here nnd will return to her
home tho oarly part of February.
J, Owing to the Icy condition of the streets, Dr.
r Wilfrid B. Fcttcrman, of 7047 Gcrmnntown ave
f nue, met with an accident while driving his
tr through the park on Sunday night. His
friends will be glad to hear, however, that there
fbve been no serious results.
Mrs. Samuel Hawley 2d, of 3122 West Penn
street entertained at bridge yesterday. Among
a ILlne guests wero Mrs. Boulton Earnshaw, Mrs.
HI BPhaT-lAo 1 T7n.... in T.. I1.. m 1. i.
v..ia t, U1U1YII, XlllOU Xllltl 1UU1, illica
llelen Bell; Mrs. Herbert Tlmanus, Miss Mlr
lun Partridge, Mlas Nellie Taylor, Miss Serena
iHawley, Mrs. Ellsworth Hulls, Mrs. Warner
Eamehaw, Miss nfllo Elliott, Mrs. James
Pequlgnot nnd Miss Emily Taylor.
I illsa Beatrice Flood, of Wnyno avenue and
PHortter street, entertained at dinner last night.
The gueBts Included her entire bridal party.
Wiss Mildred Caverly. Miss Helen Gormloy, Miss
I JOSSDhlnft IfArnn. ATlRq Vlnrlnn TlllttArtirnrtli
Vlrl.. T -r. -. .. ...
j nun ueagury, buss iiiimor Annene I'looa,
ueorge Scattergood, John Gay, Clarence Hog-
en, James Butterworth. Harry Williamson,
Charles Thomas Evans, Stuart Jellette, Thomas
cromley Flood and De Haven Butterworth.
& Th Review Club of Oak Lane will give a
Ifance on Friday evening, February 12, nt tho
ftHotel Walton, the proceeds of which aro for the
Stoilldlng fund of tho new clubhouse, soon to
SU erected. Tho committee In charge Include
man. William B. Groben, Mrs. W. B. Dougherty
a Mrs. Charles Anbury. Tho patronesses ore
Mrs. C. W AnViur XfM Tr Tl Anh.in. TVTia
IB- H. Austin, Mrs.'B. M. Abbott, Mrs. H. A.
"Mtier, Mrs. F. P, Bushnell, Mrs. A. L. Oar
"rt, Mrs. John L. Craig, Mrs. O. S. Crowell,
Ml. A. P. De Sanno, Mrs. H. M. Deemer, Mrs.
K a Dougherty, Mrs. John A. Dexter, Mrs.
& S Feurer, Mrs, M, Freeman, Mrs. F. N,
Oarrigues, Mrs. William E. Groben, Mrs. H. K.
OaskUl. Mrs. Joaenh ORhrlpl. Mrs. J. A TTnrnA.
Jj. T, C. Knauff, Mrs. Harrison Landls, Mrs.
9- M. La Tourette, Mrs. B. N. LIpplncott. Mrs.
B, Ll0Vd. Jr Mm. H. Olnrjn Mlllnr Mt
fi. B. Marshall. Mrs. W. Harry Miller, Mrs.
ha B. Miller, Mrs. F. W. Munn, Mrs. S, L.
?oMt, Mrs. Owen Osborne, Jr Mrs. W. A.
jnnc. Mrs. N. H, Hand, Mm, J. a Richmond,
W. S, Sheard, Mrs, W. H. Shelly, Mrs. W.
.? Blegert, Mrs. William A. Smith, Mrs. W.
flMtle Smith, Mrs. Oeorge W. SUwcr nnd Mrs.
X, Wallace.
uMtul Crd Party and Danco for St. Francis do
Sales Church to Bo Held Tonight.
The annual card party and dance of St.
ThClS d Rffllta Ptlllpnh nt urhliV. 4I.A Tl.i.
' Crane Is reotor(wlll take place In tha
4vu-Btratford tonight. A great deal of
fjYUlt tnOUlrtlt mil nPAMNltun hna Vu.n nluAn
!. ---.. H.. ytvyw-vtvu !. t.v. atfvtt
y nuke the affair the success that It always
' Bn, and there wU be places for any
desiring to Dlay cards, as there will be
ghrs, ..j00, and brage Uany beautuul
Wltej have been donated, hflnliln lha itnnr
e. which are usually quite valuable, and
.ng to tha lunlcv nnea niilMni. will fnllntv
cards, and the commutes In charge feel
that the affair wilt be a huge success.
Y dinner have been arranged prior to
m Br Wl
Miss Anna Baker, daughter of Mr and Mrs.
Charles L. Bakpr, of 322 South -44tli street, enter
tained tho members of her ".00" club yesterday
Those present wqre Miss Helen Gage, Mrs. Her
bert aroM, Mrs. Henry Adams, Miss Mildred
Stnuh, Miss Helen Council, Miss Florence Kcl
fer. Miss Helen Buehlor, Miss Rebecca Haaif,
Miss Anna Armstrong and Miss Menneto
Mrs. Edward Newton Hang, of 4837 Cedar nve
nue, will entertain at luncheon, followed by
brldgo, next Monday.
The members of the Newman Catholic Club
will havo as their guest this evening Michael
J. Slnttery, at their club rooms, 303 North 82d
(treat. Mr. Slattery wilt lecture on tho condi
tions existing In Mexico nt tho present time. A
cordial Invitation Is extended to the members
ond their friends. Charles F. Gerhard has ar
ranged n serlt of lectures on hcnlth, science
nnd travel, to bo delivered on tho "literary
nights" In tho club auditorium.
Mr. and Mrs. Hnrrlson N. Diesel, of 5033
Springfield avenue, will entertain a number of
guests from out of town over tho next week
Mrs. John C. Connors, of 2313 South Molo
Btroet, entertained last night nt dinner. In
honor of James McLoughlln, of Pittsburgh,
whoso engagement to Mlsi Gencvlvc Urannon,
of 2027 Tioga rtrcct, has been nnnounced.
Miss May McCormlck ontortnlncd nt cards
nt her home, 2423 South 11th street, Inst eve
ning. A buffet supper wns served. Ilor guests
wero Miss Cnthorlno Sheehnn, Mlrs Cathcrlno
Wolfe, Miss Frances Wolfe, Miss Helm Shce
han, Miss Catherlno Flynn, Miss Mary Flynn,
Miss Ireno Kcenan, Miss Marguerite Keenan
and Miss Madeline Kecnan.
Miss Helen Leblnng, of 3t!(l North Broad street,
entertained tho members of tho Unlriuo Club
last night Buffot supper was served during
tho ovonlng. Thoso present wero Miss Supo
wltz. Miss Geno Cohen, MIks Helen Mnrgollcs,
Miss Elizabeth Deutnch, Miss Itae Barron, Mlsi
Geno Barrop, Miss Helen Abraham, Miss Carol
Burnstcln, Mtes Melba Buxbaum, Miss Clara
Cohen nnd Miss Fnnnle Cohen.
Dr. nnd Mrs. John Schembs, 1141 Erie nvenue,
will glvo n dlnnor, followed by cards, tonight.
Pink roses combined with ferns will bo used
In tho decorations. Tho guests will bo Dr. nnd
Mrs. Chnrlea A. Lorenco, of Wenonah, N. J.;
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hoy, Mr. and Mrs.
John Gluck, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Mc
Laughlin, Dr. G. Franklin Bonnick, Miss Bruche
McGarvey, Dr. John J. Schembs, Jr., Miss Nellie
McGarvoy, E. Walter Schembs, MIbs Rose Mc
Garvey, Eugeno Burns, MIas H. Adolo Schembs,
R. J. Wilson, Miss Ccleno Schembs.
Play to be Given by Paint and Powder Club
Tonight nnd Tomorrow
The youngor set of Oak Lano will 'blossom
forth In the musical comedy "Hotch Potch" to
be given tonight by the Paint nnd Powder
Club nuxlllnry to tho Jenklntown Choral, in
tho Jenklntown Auditorium on York rond. Tho
club has beon roliearsing under the direction
of Mrs. M. Y. Smith and Fred W. Sutor for tho
last two months. Tho play will be produced
again tomorrow night.
Tho cast Includos tho following: Bonapart, tho
obliging porter, Georgo Hallowcll; magazine
cleilt, George Flounders; Lord Gilbert Dutton
head, a weary Englishman, Walter Scott Daly;
Mr. Forest Vnn Bnlln, n grouchy bachelor,
Harvey Patterson: Mtes Araminta Arabella
Pepper, a tender-hearted femnlc, Miss Myrtle
McKee; Tom Wlnton, a trlflo bent, Walter
Mills; Amos Corntassel, a foxy farmer, John A,
Harder; Mrs, Clnrendon, n charming widow,
Mlis Esther Wnss; Edythc, Mrs. Clarendon's
niece. Miss Margaret Waters.
Tho chorus, under the direction of Frederick
W. Sutor, includes tho following; Mlas Edith
Rand, Miss Maybello Buck, Mies Elslo Daniels,
Miss Eleanor Jones, Miss Dorothy Ruddnch,
Miss Helen Palmer, Miss Dorothy Mills, Miss
Emily Smith, William Buck, John Botts, Wat
son Chcstorman, Charles Jones, Joseph L.
Jones, 3d, Inglals Gaylcy, Howard Mclveo, Lylo
Holmes, Carl Glanz and John Robinson.
Katharine Herman Kremer will entertain
at the largest affair of tho day for one of the
most popular debutantes, Miss Marie Louise
Wanamaker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodman
Wnnamaker. It wilt be a dance In the Rltz
Carlton, at which thero will be 250 guests.
Supper will be served nt midnight nt Bmall
tables. A dinner of 00 covers will be given by
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords, of Olen
Mrs, Robert Martin Williams will assist In
receiving. Sho will be gowned In pink satin,
having a white eatln overdress, arranged with
crystal trimming. Mrs. Kremer will wear a
gown of black chiffon velvet trimmed with Jet,
and Miss Kremer has selected a frock of soft
white aatln with crystal trimming.
Beside the dance In the evening there will be
several luncheons and theatre parties In the
afternoon tor tho debutantes.
Miss Mary B. Clayton, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Paul Clayton, will be guest of honor at
luncheon at the Bellevue-Stratford, to be
followed by a theatre party, to be glyen by
Mrs. William J, Serrlll, of Haverford Tha
guests will Include Miss Edith Bailey, Miss
Mary Stuart Wurts, Miss Jane B. Harding, Miss
Edith R. Elllaon, Miss Marjorlt Taylor, Mlns
Gwendolln Newhall, Mlas Hansel! French
Karle and Miss Emilia P. Kennedy,
Mr. George Wood, of 1313 Spruce street, will
entertain at luncheon and a theatre party, In
honor of Miss Hilda Tunis, daughter of Mr,
and Mrs. Thomas R. Tunis. Tha guests will
Include Miss Charlotte Harding Brown, Miss
Kate Furness Jayne. Mlas Marlon B. Savage.
Miss Charlotte Rush, Miss Isabel Wurts Pag
and Mlas Elisabeth O. Williams.
I AFFAllSjra
1 1 1 Ss?r"HlBHfiESHSiSBii rlffiiPlHrMiW 1 1 1
1 1 P?iiS$i SixM III '
ilipHnaflr, -- Wm I
rnKmamm mi
Mrs. Hope, wliosc marriage took place oterdny, at tho Cathrdral was Miss Elizabeth O'llricn,
dauelitcr of r. Maud Airs. Thomas O'Riicn.
AVERY pretty wedding will take pl.ico this
.evening, nt half pnHt seven o'clock, ut tho
Roosevelt, 2027 Chestnut street, when Miss Edna
L. Macmunn, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo II. Mncmunn, of 131S Wagner avenue,
Lognn, will become tho bildo of Harry K. Fritz,
of Tioga. The ceremony will bo performed by
the Rev. Dr. Forrest E. Dngcr, of St. Paul's
Reformed Episcopal Church, under a canopy of
palms, jmlliix and pink toscs.
Tho bride, who will bo given In marrlago by
her fathur, will be gowned In white crepo me
teor and silver lnct', with a long court train
extending fiom tho shoulders. Tho tullo veil
and cap of Princess lace will bo fastened with
orango blossoms, and sho will carry a shower
bouquet of lilies of tho valley and gardenias.
MIbb Helen M. Heinltsh will be mnld of honor.
Sho will bo gowned In pnlo groen chiffon and
Bllver laco over white eatln, a sliver laco and
green velvet hat, and will enrry an ntm bou
quet of white sweet pens, whlto lilacs and Jap
nneso hyacinths.
The bridesmaids will bo Miss Ethel Mncmunn,
of Oak Lane, nnd Miss Edytho Hull, of Now
York, both cousins of tho bride. Their dresses
will be pink nnd green chiffon, trimmed with
whlto Iac- and tiny pink rosebuds. Their bou
quets will bo pink roses, pink sweet pens nnd
Phil: snapdragons.
The little flower girl will be Mli Kntherlno
Koltz. Sho will carry a dainty basket of pink
sweet pens.
Llttlo Nelson K. Fltc, a nophew of the bilde,
will bo ring benrer.
Mr. Fritz will hnve Chester Paul Ray, Jr., aB
best man, nnd the ushers will bo Horace D.
Moller and George II. Macmunn, Jr.
A largo reception will follow tho ceremony.
Among the out-of-town guests will bo Mr. nnd
Mrs. R. L. Hnll nnd MIm Edytho Hall, of New
York; Mr, and Mrs. Dnnlcl Schllck, of Bloom
field, N. J.; Mr. nnd Mrs. R. n. Rnmsey, of
Baltimore; Mr. nnd Mrs. R. W. Loeds, of
Columbus, O. ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Hornco Dubhs, of
Now Hope, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Pnul Albrccht, of
Rumson, N J.; Mrs. Allco Miller, of Elkton,
Mil.; Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hagy. of Chicago,
nnd Mr. and Mrs. George P. Carr, of Hnildon
Heights, N. J.
After an extended trip to New York nnd Ber
muda, Mr. and MrB. Fritz will make their home
In Logan.
Prominent among tonight's weddings will be
that of MIbs Elsie Goodman, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Benno Goodman, of 2303 North 21st
street, nnd Isadora Meyers, of 1805 Diamond
street, which will take place nt 6:30 o'clock at
the Rlttenhouse, 22d and Chestnut streets. Tho
ceremony will bo performed by the Rev. Dr
Joseph Krnuakopf, of tho Kcneseth Israel Con
gregation. Mr. Goodman wilt give his daughter
In marriage. She will wear a beautiful gown
of BOft white satin with opalescent trimming.
Her veil of tulle will be arranged with the cap
effect nnd held In plnce with a crown of orange
blossoms. She will carry a shower bouquet of
lilies of the valley.
Mrs. Morris N. Cohen, a recent bride, who will
attend her sister as matron of honor, will wear
her wedding gown of whlto satin veiled with
net embroidered with pearls. Klllarney rosea
and white lilacs will form her bouquet. Frank
Meyers will be his brother's best man. The
ceremony will be followed by a dinner and
dance. The bridgeroom and bride on their re
turn from an extended tour through the South
will live at 1312 Blenor street, Logan, where they
will be at home after March 1.
A very pretty rainbow wedding took place
this morning at 9 o'clock, In the Church of the
Annunciation, 10th and Dickinson streets, when
Miss Marie Cecelia Wllllard, daughter of Fr4
W, Wllllard of 1301 Morris street, became the
bride of Andrew W. Hill, of 1311 South Broad
street. Rev. Dr. Hayes performed the cere
mony, and also said the Nuptial Mass. The
bride, who was given lu manlage by her father,
wore a lovely gown of Ivory white satin, made
en train, and trimmed with chantllly lace and
pearls. Her tulle veil was attached to a lace
cap, and was caught at the wrUts with pearl
tiiniiniiirf. A spray of orango blowsoms held the
front of thn veil In pluce, and slip cnrileil a
UiowcT bouquet of gardenias, orchids and lilies
of tho vnllev. Her only ornament was a string
of pcnrlB, the gift of the groom.
She was attended by her sister. Miss Ireno
J T. Wllllard, us mnld of honor, who wore a coft
I gown of Helen pink tnffetn, 1111 old fashioned
J polto bonnet of tho samo color, nnd sho carried
I mi arm borquet of old loses nud lllncs. The
btlilosinnlds were Miss Frances Hill, Miss Retta
Donovan, nnd MImi Mary Donovan. AH the
bridesmaids wore quaint bonnets to match thoir
gowns, and cai rlcd hweet pens.
Mr. I rill had for his best mnn his brother,
Francis Hill, and tho ushers were Josoph Wlll
Inrd. ChnrlcH Becker, Leo McCormlck, and John
J. Love. After n bicikfnfit served at tho home
of tho bride for tho bridal party nnd lmmedlato
families, tho couple loft for an extended trip
through the Southern States. They will bo at
homo after Mnrch 1 nt HS27 Ashland nvenuo.
Among the prominent guests wero Congress
man Wllllnm S. Vnre, and Mrs. Vnre, Senator
Edwin H. Vnre, nnd Mrs. Vnre, Mr. and Mrs.
Franklin S Moorhouse, Mr. nnd Mra. Georgo
H. Kelly, Jlr. and Mrs. James Wllllard and
John P. Smith.
Belircns Opera Club Will Present tho "Magic
Flute" Tonight.
The Behrons Opera Club will present "The
Mnglo Fluto" tonight In the Acndemy of Music.
The opera Is 011s of Mozart's, nnd tho club, in
order to do full Justice to tho work has been
well trained by Ludwlg Schmld-Fnbrl. "Die
Puppenfee," a ballot by Josef Bayer, composer
of CO dances, and coached by C. Ellwood Car
penter, will precedo the opera. Thero will bo
three "toe" solo dnnces. The stage directing has
been In the hands of Edwnid S. Grant.
Tho tololsts will Include Miss May Farley, so
prnno, who will sing tho part of Pamlnn, nnd
Miss Viola Biodbeck will sing the cadenzas
written for the Qucon of Night. Paul J. Breedy,
of ne.ullng, will make his first appearance hore
and will sing the tenor role of Pnmlno. Donald
Redding will mnke his debut, singing the bnrl
tone pnrt of Pnpageno. The other members of
the cast are Miss Juno Ruthorford as I'apagena
nnd Rudolph Sternberg, basso, na Sarastro.
There will he a chorus of 100, which will be
chiefly composed of members of the Junger
Mnennorchor and Harmonlo clubs.
lLk. s ' &"
f if ' 4 X
3X1 J v t ' - i.
'jQ'Yf'Vh, .
: r vyaM f, xj.:. i
l'bolo bjr Folia I tujlo
Misa Jones will take part in the perfarmiuco
of "Hotch. Potch." which will he kIvgu ia
Jeukiutown, tonight.
Digest of
(1) Recreation "Jim Turns Back tho
(2) Outing "Out Willi tho Gloucester
S) Century "England, it Nnllon of Mys
tery." (4) Saturday Evening Post "Tho Crown
Prlnco in Indln."
(5) Everybody's "Tho Magic of Wllllnm
() Collier's "Pickups."
Sports may bo arbitrarily divided Into
thrco classes; do luxo sports served up nt
country clubs In silver IovIiir cups; Btrenu
ous sports, when you pack your camping kit
nnd mnko a business of it, nnd ordlnnry
I sports, when you spontaneously rlso up nnd
go skating or canoeing, because you feel llko
It. Most of us havo to depend on this last
clnss of ordinary sports, nnd tho troubto with
winter Is that It Interferes with so many
of them,
Tho prejudice ngnlnst winter Is rapidly
wearing away, however, through a growing
realization that winter Is a splendid tlmo for
packing your kit and going in for strenuous
sport. In splto of tho popularity of summer
vacations thero Is n constantly Incrcnslng
number who find or tnke tlmo somehow for
a couplo of weeks In the mountains while
tho ground Is covered with ice nnd snow
nnd winter sports are on. Thrco men, sedate
enough business and professional men they
wore, turned boys again for bucIi a trip Into
tho Adlrondncks, and ono of them, Phil
Reilly, describes the trip with n good deal of
sparklo in "Jim Turns Hack tho Clock" (1):
Throughout tho Adlrondncks there Is In
tonso Interest In nil Boris of winter sports,
ana we hnd choson tho week of tho mid
winter carnival, with Its storming of tho Ice
pnln.ee, fancy skating, hockey games, Bitting
ana nil the. other winter sports. At Lnko
Ueorge everything centres upon the Ico It
solf skating and skating games, ice boating
nnd norso racing on the Ice, even tho tobog
gan slide ctcnds out upon tho Ice. It wns
"il ,.nko- G,corKO that Dunham first felt tho
thrill of holding 1111 Iceboat tiller nnd of
bobbins his first lnko trout through tho Ice.
Tending sot lines on .skates nlso gavo us
much nmusement because tho lco wns llko
glass nnd wo cut circles to keep warm until
tho llttlo red flag told us another whlteflsh,
wind or bluellsh wan attracted by the live
bait. At Lnko George, too, I first succumbed
to tho peculiar fnsclnntlon of tho ski jump.
I can resist anything except temptation, nnd
In this ndventuro I certainly got nil that was
coming to mo. Some howl boforo they aro
hurt, others refuse to groan afterward; I did
both, nnd will forgive anybody for doing tho
samo. How so many becomo proficient In
this most dnrlng of winter sports without
breaking their necks Is more than I can ox
plnln. "If nn octopus could fly ho would look
llko you," was Jim's description of my
Riding to hounds, properly performed. Is
Just ns scriouB nnd absorbing a matter ns
railroad wrecking or bank presldentlng. For
tho time being your mount and tho hounds
and tho fox are tho only considerations in
tho world. In "Out With the Gloucester
Hunt" (2), Nelson Rohlns gives a spirited
description of this senso of absolute concen
tration and absorption. Ho refers to tho
annual New Year's hunt In Gloucester, Vo.:
Whon they hunt In Gloucester, they hunt.
And when they say hunt, they don't mean
shotgun and dog, or n cold blind In tho
marshes. ; they mean a pack of hounds, a
fox, nnd ovcrybody riding. And, further
more they don't menu a bunch of fancy
horso flesh, trappings nnd red coats. They
mean everything from n wind-broken, spav
ined mulo to a thoroughbred whoso grand
father cnrrled tho colors to tho front In tho
Brooklyn handicap.
I started for tho hunt In ample tlmo to
nrrlvo at tho point from which tho hunt
would stnrt at 7 o'clock. Every dog in tho
world seemed to havo congregated at tho
meeting place. Suddenly, Just as I
hnd glvon up all hopo of tho hounds ever
striking, ono of them gavo tongue not 20
yards away. Immediately a dozen voices
took un the cry. and In hnlf a moment tho
whole pack of 60-odd houndB wero In full cry
and making miiBlc such ns grand opera novor
Thoro Is no sight In thn world so full of
color, excltcmont or real sport ns thnt of n
hunting field undor such conditions. First,
two fields ahead, wns tho fox, tall straight
out behind him nnd running for his vory life.
Noxt, running by sight by this tlmo, wns tho
pack, about IB or 20 dogs hunched at tho
head and tho remainder trailing close be
hind, nnd every ono giving tongue. Then
enmo tho riders, racing ns If their lives de
ponded on It and forgetting that thoro ever
was such a thing aB a brokon bono or a doc
tor or a fence.
After tho first fenco I forgot, too. Tho
chase absorbed mo nnd I thrilled llko a violin
string. Everything elso In llfo wns forgotten,
nnd my ono nmbitlon wns to bo In at tho
death. Wo enmo to whero a hedgo of cedars
barred tho path, and thero was but ono con
venient opening, and thero a rail fenco
barred tho wny four foot high. Eight riders
went at that opening, which was only a rail's
length wide. Thrco wont down, but I was
ono of tho five to land safely on tho other
side. It was on tho other side of this bar
rier that tho hounds killed. Two others wero
standing in a tumbling sea of dogs, and ono
of them came out of tho ruck bearing n limp,
grny bundle. Plcasanton furnlBhod tho knife,
and tho brush was soverod.
Cricket On the Hearth
While Gormany and England struggle
against each other, it Is Interesting to read
a German opinion of English sportsmanship,
nnd Its rotation to the national llfo, written
by a German residing In England, 10 years
ago (8):
The majority of your workers road little
but tho sporting press nnd car for little but
betting nnd sport. I noticed as a strnngo
thing" that you regarded It na porfectly nat
ural for a team of cricketers from South
Africa to come to England during your war
ulli Mm Tlnnra ana nlnv rriCKAt wniln f:ncr.
land was fighting for her life In South Africa.
If those young men hud tho leisure to play
cricket thoy surely naa tno leisure 10 ngnt.
But no; with you sport comes beforo the
performance of your duty to your country. I
read ono night on the bills of your evening
press during tho Hoer war "Brilliant Victory
for England," and when I bought the paper I
found that It was, after nil, only an English
eleven that hnd won a cricket match In
Of German sportsmanship, as set forth by
a leading exemplar, their Crown Prince,
Frederick William, thero Is an Interesting
glimpse In an account by D. R. Freeman of
the young Prlnco's hunting trip to India
somo years ago, when ho was widely enter
tained by British officials (4);
For sheer sang-froid, nothing that I saw
of the Crown .Prince quite equated his bo.
havtor on tho morning of one of tha cheetah
hunts arranged for him by the Maharajah
of I . It was just before breakfast when
one of those remarkable half doglike, half
catlike hunting leopards, slipping away from
Its keeper, climbed stealthily Into a big ban
yan tree, under which tho Prince's tent was
pitched, and In a sheer tit of playfulness
precipitated Itself Into the midst of a group
of officers to whom Frederick William was
holding forth on the Joys of student dueling.
The fact that, judging from the sounds,
there had been high revel at headquarters up
to the wee sma' hours may have had some
thing to do with the nerves of most of tha
hlgher-upa of the party being a pit out of
hand that morning. At any rata, without
waiting long enough, to see that the beast
tho Magazines
was a tnmo one, and muzzled nt that, ail but
ona of tho party bolted n.i precipitately as
though scattered by a bomb. The Pxince-lt
hJ .,Th0. ?t0 fcl with a nonchalant
shift, of his favorite slope-shouldered stance!
coolly proceeded to explain to a rather non
plused cheetnh, in lieu of other Ustonera, the
Intricacies of small-sword practice, punc
tuating his speech with expository passe
with his clgaretto In tho empty air.
De Lnxe Sports'
If competing for a loving cup at a country
club Is do luxo sport, then sitting back In
a Wicker chair on board ones own houseboat,
playing with one's pet cat, may bo termed th
three-strir variety. This is tho way William
Gillette, tho actor, takes his fun aboard his
famous houseboat Aunt Polly, and tho cat Is
a very Important part of tho progrnm. as
described by P. C. Macfarlano (6):
Besldo Yosakl, tho accomplished Japanese
gcntlomnn who valots Mr. Gillette, cooks for
him, chauffeurs his motorboat and personally
conducts his typewriter, thero Is no other
being that has the run of the Btnr'a dresslna
room, sayo only this cat. At home, on the
Aunt Polly, there is always ono particular
puss who is In tho closest Intlmncy with the
?ctor:.. JUB.t now iho reigning mvorlto is a
beautiful tlger-strlpod animal named Ange
lina. Her nccompllshmcnts nro numerous.
She nlwnys cats nt table with her master.
Her position la with bind legs upon the arm
of his chair, forepawa upon the linen at tho
left of his pinto. Ilor table manners nro be
yond reproach. Mr. Gillette tins seen to that.
Ho cnrofully tics a llttlo cat napkin about
her throat. Beforo Angelina, in small cat
dishes, nro tier favorite foods. Sho watts
quietly to bo served until Yosakl has heaped
tho plate of her master. Presently Mr. all
lotto serves to Angelina her own particular
delicacies. Angelina dispatches theso with
feline singleness of purpose, nnd, having,
licked her Limoges clean, lenns an arched
neck toward her dinner companion. This Is
tho signal for tho untying of her napkin,
after which Angellnn turns, and with 11 flirt
of her tnll nt the tnble, Icups upon Mr. Gil
lette's shoulder, from there, with another flirt
of tho tall, sho leaps over the back of hlB
chair to n high-cushioned seat upon a win
dow. Such Is tho unvarying "business" of
Angelina's exit from each meal.
Apropos of Increasing discontent with the
baseball situation In this country, Qranttand
Rice spins nn amusing fable (G) :
Onco upon nn occasion a monster meeting
of magnates nnd ball players was assembled.
This meeting wns not cnllod to protect tho
Interests of tho club owners, nor of players,
but for tho general benefit of nn army of
10,000,000 fans the taxpayers at tho turn
stiles. Tho object of tho meeting was to see
that the main deslrc3 of theso 10,000,000 salr
ary providers should be met as far as pos
sible. Moral: The year 298G 13 a long way off.
Glacier National Park
of the
fturpau of Commercial JSconomlcs
With Motion Pictures nnd Hand-Tinted Sll3
at the
Wednesday, January 27, 2 P. M.
for tho benefit
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On what he aw at the front In the European War Zone
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