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'Tone of Comment on diode
jfdfc Prbt'eSt Mlldfr MildeT
, as Hope Grows That
Amicable Settlement
May Be Reached.
U. S. Envoy to" Meet Emperor
on Battlefield in tihat Sug
gested That Battleships Con
voy Artef iCa'rt Vessels
Through fiatfger Zone.
TUB ItXOpE, Feb, lk-Ivnlser TVIlhelm
la Irritated nt the' grtfwtli of an antl
American fueling In his capital; he lifts let
It be known that ho disapproves some of
the angry comments ofLthe Berlin press,
nnd Berlin newspapers today exhibited
more restralnttln Ueallngjwlth tho Ameri
can note.
Thlslnformat'6n wfts teontalned In dis
patches ffolr? Berlin tqdny. It carried
semiofficial confirmation of the report
that the Emperor had Invited United
States Ambassador Gerard to' ills" head
quarters near the eastern" battle frort; to
discus' ft situation admittedly serious.
The American Anibassador, tho advices
aid, has accepted' tho Kaiser's Invita
tion. He will leave for East Prussia, ac
companied by Chancellor yon Bothmann
Ilollweg, and will endeavor Ao acquaint
tho Kaiser with the; exact attitude taken
by America toward Gerihnny'3 warnings
'to' neutral Vessels (that onann1 after Feb
ruary 1 they wilt (sail English waters at
their own pcrtli
The Kclser, at the'samo time, desires to
have tho position of Germany explained
clearly. At tho conference with the
American Ambassador tbe position to be
taken by Germany In the reply to tho
American note will be outlined carefully
to Ambassador" Gerard, nrid any views
expressed by tho latter 'will, meet with
great consideration when" tho German re
ply is drafted.
While nothing has been made public
regarding the conferorlce between the
Ambassador and iirerr" Von Jagarn, It Is
learned tha't the Foreign Office is now
p'rtparlhg1 an answer td the American
note, and the Idea Is entertained In cer
tain quarters that Germany may suggest
that tho United States send an American
worship" to convoy American merchant
men through tho dangcrzone, thus guar
anteeing tho neutrality otthe vessels.
Tribesmen's Invasion of Servia
Causes Alarm at Athens.
Germants Agents Accused.
HOME. Feb. 15. Reports of an Al
banian Invasion of Servia created con
siderable excitement In AtHens today, ac
cording to dispatches from the Greek
In the absence of olTlclal Information
Athons Inclines to the view that irre
sponsible bands of Albanians may have
mado reported sortie into Servian ter
ritory. Should the Government become
convinced that Turkey was behind the
Invasion, the breaking erf of dlpldmatlo
relations between Turkey and Greece Is
believed certain to follow.
Tho' Italian Foreign Office today was
enUeavdring to obtain confirmation of the
reports that Albania actually has begun
A" dispatch from Vienna says that Ser
vian troops are being sent against the
Albanian Invaders who Invaded Servia
IrJ the department of Prlsrend. DIs
patches frort NIsh say that German
agents supplied the Albanians with arms
and Influenced them to take tho Held
against the Serbs.
Also Capture Delatyn Heights in New
Galicinn Offensive
VIENNA, Feb. 15.
All the bridges' over tho Sereth River,
in Bukowlno, have been blown up by the
Itosslans to hinder tho advance of the
Austro-German forces in that province,
according1 to advices received from Buda
pest fdday. They state that the advance
of the troops south of Sereth vaa so rapid
that they captured Radautz beforo the
Russians could evacuate.
Tho Austro-German forces are now en
gaged In a new offensive in southeastern
GaircTa. Striking At the Pantyra ond
Jablqnlca Pass, they have advanced about
S miles to the vicinity of Nadwoma,
where they are now engaged with their
The Russian forces in this region had
been weakened by the withdrawal of
forces needed to help their troops In
Bukowlna, and the Austro-German bo!
dlers met virtually no 6ppoa(tion until
they reached Delatyn, southeast of Nad
iworrta. There they captured the heights
held by the Russians, taking many pris
oners and Ave gunB.
Vessels Arriving Today
Str Romford (Br.),
Santiago, ore, J. A.
Str, Lexington, Doaton. paueniem and nr-
te, juercnums ana Aiinerr jTanaporuuan
etr.Jijdtan. Jackonrlle. etc., -puaentferi ana
nuretmnfliM, Slerehants and Winer' Traajpor-
laiion Mnopr
Steamships to Arrive
Name from Balled.
Lincolnshire . Manila . .......Dec 18
Joouburs Ardroaaan .Jan. 6
Bkjoidburc Coptnh&cen ....Jan. 11
Olar Kyrrt .....SUvanger . .....Jan. 2S
Nike Cardlir Jan. 23
Haye! t Shield Jan, St
Jtifir Oran Jan.24
Andfeail ..Kra Jan ii
BrlBsiUi Shield. Jan. Ss
..Aliler Jan. 20
. .Jlolttrdam Fab. ft
.Fab. B
ManrtHusar Port
. Maneheiter .
Balboa ... ...
. Shield .. ...
London . .
Port Antonio.
trD. a
Feb. T
.Feb 0
.K. 10
Fab. II
Feb U
Ariiuntan ....
Hlliln4 Monarch
VlfglnU ...... .,
JVt l"oln ,
I'utl '.DUmk ... .
eamshipa to Leave
"''-'" .'??"7""""'r-' ' 'Tr ""!i r'i" i it
MitfAfi f 0 flfrrttAtNU
Mainmast of Old battleship Erected
on Granite Bne
U'ASrilMOTbN, Feb. 16. - flevohteen
yeKrs' affef tils' 0, 8. 8, Mnlho sftlik In
Havana- harbor the Ifnlled States today
deaiNUcrf nt Arllfigtbn Cemetery the
Maine memorial, President Wilson rind
Carlos Manuel De Cespcdes, Cuban Minis
'tfcf to the tnllcd States, presented
wfdntrl, which were- pincwl on the me
morliil by a- detachment or marines' from
tiie u. B. s. Maynowr.
The most striking feature of the memo
rial Ii1 tKc mainmast of the old battleship-
its' It stboW oifThe Vcsnel, This now
stands erect from n granllo base, which
Is constructed lh tho form of a mauso
leum and has tho contour arid effect of
si ttlrrel of n bftltlcshlp.
In1 memory of th men who went down
on tho Ma'ne, a launch, mtnneu uv a tie
tachmeht of the District of Columbia
militia, sttewed flower on tho wntors of
trtt PritbTrtae, members or congress de
livered speclftt memorial nddrcssea nnd
patriotic organizations held services nt
Anniversary of Sinking of Battleship
"Will Bo Observed.
"Reinem-bcT the Maine."
Today is tho 17th anniversary of the
destruction of the battleship Mnlnc In
Havana 'nnrbor. Appropriate colobra-
tlonS will be held In different purls of
tho cltv nnd a number of fraternal nnd
patriotic organizations, Including the i
Vctcrnns of the Spanish-American War,
will take part In tho observance.
The Maine Had been lying nt Havana
for three weeks. At 9:40 o'clock on the
night of February 15 there was n roar
and tho Interior of tho vessel wns split i
asunder by a terrific explosion. This
was followed by a slighter shock, and ,
the vessel was transformed Into a s'nat- ,
tered wreck. i
Most of tha crew, Including three ofH- .
cers, wont to their deaths, bolng Instantly
killed or drowned when tho hulk sank.
Tho cluster of electric lights nt tho
icei oi wiiiinm I'enu on t.ny nun iuwui
will be extinguished tonight between 0 10
nnd 9!H) as a tribute to the snllors wlio
went down with the bnttleshlp.
AS rin additional ninrk of respect to
tho memory of tho men of the Maine, the
bronz tnblct on tho wall of tho north
corridor, fourth floor of City Hnll. has
been wredthed with flowers. Tho tablet
was presented to the city by the Federal
dovcrnmctif, and IS made of metal re
covered from tho sunken battleship.
Tablets Unveiled in Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH, Feb. 15. Thro, stono
tablets' In memory df tho victim j. the
battleship Maine explosion were unveiled
Here today as part of the memorial cere
monies. Ona of tho tablets was erected
in memory of Lieutenant F. W. Jenkins,
of Pittsburgh; tho second wns dedicated1
to tho memory of the crow, while a
third was dedicated to the soldiers and
sailors' who participated In tho SpnnlBli
Arriericart war.
"Piracy and Murder" to Be
Met With Active Reprisals,
Threatens Admiralty Head.
LONDON, Feb. 15. "Germany will not
be allowed to adopt a system of open
piracy -and murder without actlvo re
prisal." This emphatio declaration wns mado In
the Hbuie of Commons today by Winston
Churchill, First Lord of the British Ad
miralty. It was England's answer to the
German Admiralty's proclamation mak
ing the waters- around the British coasts
a war zone and warning ships of neutral
nations to keop away.
Continued from I'ase One
fnre and of humanity. Germany Is will
ing to accept the declaration of London
as the law of the sea, but when England
falls to live up to It and starts a cam
paign to starvi out our noncombatants by
Shutting off o'jr shipments of food, we
are forced to retaliate In such ways as we
may deem most expedient."
The United States Government was
warned that If it would protect Its ships
from attack by German submarines, such
Immunity from attack could bo gained
only by bringing pressure to bear upon
Great Britain to permit foodstuffs on
neutral vessels to be shipped to Germany
without Belzure. It was made plain that
If Great Britain did not modify its posi
tion Germany will Inforce its war zone
orderafter February 18 with all the power
It can muster.
Ambassador von Bernstorff Intimated
strongly that Germany would disregard
the demand mode In the recent American
note that German war vessels visit and
search merchant vessels before making
attnojp, unless there was a sudden and
denrilfu change In Britain's attitude
The Wllhelmlna cargo case, the German
Ambassador said, was highly Important
as an issue at this stage and he renewed
the suggestion made previously to the
State Department that the United States
fftke a firm stand In urging Britain to re
lease the cargo nnd permit It to go
through to Germany.
After von Bernstorff's visit. State De
partment officials said their course was
still undecided. They Indicated, however,
their desire to do all possible to protect
American commerce and lives.
To this end It was believed the depart
ment would use Its good offices with Eng
land to Induce relaxation of her plan to
starve Germany.
HOME, Feb. lS.-Italy has made virtu
ally the same representations to Germany
as did the United States concerning neu
tral shipping In the sen. war zone cre
ated by recent German proclamation.
While no note was sent to Berlin, nor
did Italy take any formal step. It made
friendly observations through the Italian
Ambassador In Berlin.
Italy merely asked that its position na
a neutral Power be maintained, according
to the rules of internatlon law, taking its
a basis the right of Its shlpa to proceed
Without molestation further than the as
certaining of the nationality of those on
board and the quality of the cargoes.
Unless Germany should be able to make
ah effective blockado.
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III ll I MM I ' TSSlili'. .''"" M""''iWWm!wS5i.,?I3gA ?
r i ii r mmmmmmtimumait -m 1 1 -'- tt- T iBi i i i
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t...;,.!,, 1.1'illSl'e'SSll.lW'.'-"1 -
Photo h ci V. Duck.
Monumont to lost battleship and her men was dedicated today in
Arlington Cemetery, at Washington. A new turret has been con
structed at the base of the old fighting mast.
Berlin Press Bids America Force Britain to Respect
U. S. Flag and the Problem Will Be Solved.
General Tone Friendly.
BERLIN, Feb. IB. Tho Berlin newspa
pers continuo their comment on the Amer
ican note of warning regarding tho Ger
man declaration of a war zone. The tone
or tho editorials, while generally of a de
termined nature, is friendly. Conspicuous
exceptions to tho rue, however, are fur
nished by the Post and the Tagoszeltung,
the former of which employs rather sharp
"When something does not suit the
Yankees," says the Post, "they are ac
customed to adopt as threatening and as
frightful a sabre rattling tone as possible.
They reckon that tho person thus treated
will let himself be frightened and give In.
It this does not come to pass, however,
if tho person thus treated and threatened
with tho strongest expressions pays no
attention and shows that he is not scared
nnd will not let himself be driven Into a
state of funk, tho swaggering Ynnkees
calm themselves soon and quiet down."
The Post complains that the United
States did not protest against the Brit
ish declaration of the North Sea as war
territory, '"that is to say, they are In
benevolent ogrecment with England, but
make a threatening protest against us.
If the North American Government would
show Germany the same neutrality as Is
shown England tho entire present note,
with It threatening tone, would be su
perfluous." NAVAL EXPERT'S VIEW.
Count Ernest Reventlow, naval ex
pert, In an article to the Tages Zcltung,
says tho full text of the note gives
further ground for his criticisms of Sat
urday, lie declares that the request
of tho United States that ships be
searched before further action Is taken
against them shows "that the people in
Washington do not or will not compre
hend the meaning of the German meas
ure "
"We have ao often demonstrated,"
Count Reventlow continues, "the Impos
sibility of search that we can merely
refer to our earlier remarks. 'Washington
must know this, and therefore the de
mand of the note far a search and the
establishing of the Identity of neutral
merchantmen amounts de facto to non
recognltlori of the German declaration
rcflpjctlng war territory."
Count Reventlow repeats the German
order, the declaration of which, he de
clares. Is a considerate warning, and
addst "Whether it Is regarded or pro
tested against Is of secondary Importance,
"If its consequences are depicted as
'Inexcusable,' we might believe that the
United States Government misjudges Its
ground. The same can be said of the
remarkable phrase In the note that the
United States Government will see Itself
Impelled to hold the German Imperial
Government responsible for such action
of Its naval authorities. One cannot es
cape tho conclusion that President Wilson
and Secretary Bryan, In their communi
cations with the Mexican pretenders and
rebel loaders, have accustomed them
selves to h tone that Is not suitable for
communications with the German Em
pire." The Vosslsche Zeltung says that while
the searching of ships for contraband
previously has been the acknowledged
procedure, the entry of the submarine
denotes a new factor In naval warfare.
"Shall Germany, la tho face of such
treacherous measures, throw down her
arms because an American ship might
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possibly be wrongly torpedoed? The
American note derriands nothing else. It
is not necessary to say a word to show
that such a courja by Germany would
bring Irreparable military disadvantages
nnd n rcgrctiable dragging out of the
duration of the war. We desire
to protect neutrnl commerce In the future
ns In the past, but we do not wish thnt
neutrals carry on trade with England in
certain articles."
Tho protection of! neutrals, tho Vos
slsche Zeitung continues, will be possible
only If the neutrals toJco care that their
flag Is respected by Great Britain
The Frankfcrter ZeCtung says:
"The note assumes n too formal nnd
Juristic standpoint regarding; Gorman
Justification In eventually destroying nec
trai shlp.t. as to which American politics
follows the line of argument otthi Eng
lish manner of reasoning, which un
fortunately has becomo Becond nature.
The American Government gives too lit
tle weight to tho dlfflcdtt conflict in which
Germany finds Itself, -whereas no vital
Interest of the United States Is threat
ened. Tho way out of the difficulty Is
opened by tho announced American pro
test ngalnst British misuse of flags. As
for the rest, Germany must maintain
Its stand."
London Paper Declares U. S.
Must Challenge Kaiser's
War Zone Declaration.
LONDON, Feb. 15.
That Germany has threatened the
United States with murder If the latter
country disregards Germany's warning
relative to the transformation of British
waters into a war zone, was the declara
tion made today by the Wostmlnster Oa
ictte. In commenting upon the relations
between the United States and Gcrmnnv,
the Gazette says:
"Wo are fortunately ablo to take a very
cool estimate of the blockade threat. The
present war zone declaration is n threat
that has disturbed neutral countries as
no other Incident of tho war has done.
Germany professes that it is surprised
and asks why the tone of the American
note to her Is less friendly than tho
American note to us. Tho answer is
quite plain. Germany threatens the
United States with murder and sudden
death U, In the absence of an effective
blockade, she exercises the undoubted
right of sending merchant vessels to the
coasts of Englnnd. No such Intimation
has ever been sent by one friendly Power
to another, and If It passes unchal
lenged a neutral country loses the last
shred of security on the high Beas. If
the future Is to be guarded from the worst
setback threatened In centuries among
civilized nations protest against tho prin
ciple which Germany Is seeking to affirm
must be made good here now."
"Four days from now the German Em
pire will run up the 'Jolly Roger' as the
flag under which It has elected to fight "
says the Pall Mall Gazette. '
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Kaiser .to Bid Teuton Sub
marines Godspeed as
They Sally Forth to Ini
tiate Vfon Tirpitz Starva
tion Policy.
British Naval Activity Feverish
to Defend Coast Prom Hos
tile Forays Scheduled to
Be Launched Feb. . 0. Zep
pelin Attacks Also Expected.
Knlscr Wllhclm will bid godspeed to
German submarines ns they take to sea on
their mission of "starving out" England.
The Kaiser will go to Cuxhaven, the Ger
man naval base, on Thursday, February
li when Vein Tlrpltx'g new policy of raid
ing Urltlsh merchant trafllc Is formally
launched, and will urge his under-sea
terrors to wlpo English merchantmen
from tho seas.
Dispatches from Berlin brought this
news today nnd added thnt the announce
ment had crented wild enthusiasm there.
The Berlin press spoke of the "christening
of Germany's newest and most powerful
l subninilncs by tho Emperor," and ex
pressed the hope that every man of their
' crews would feel himself to be embnrlcing
upon a most righteous crusade In defense
of tho Fatherland.
Tho Kalier will leave tho enstern bottle
front on Wednesday for Cuxhaven. Tho
sudden change in Ills plans may necessi
tate a change In the arrangement for his
conference with Ambassador Gerard. It
la possible the Kaiser wllf not see tha
Amcilcan Ambassador until ho has
wished tho German submarines godspeed
as they leave on their new campaign on
England. Elaborate plans arc beltic made
for the Emperor's reception at Cuxhaven,
according to Berlin dispatches.
LONDON. Feb. 15,-Groat Britain Is
preparing for a period of great naval
ictivlty. It was announced today that
.ho publication of the British naval list
has been indefinitely suspended. This is
the first time In the history of England
that such action has been taken. It will
prevent German spies from gaining pos
session of facts ns to this country's naval
While their location Is kept secret, II
Is known that tho British submarines
havo been detached from" their main
bases and have been stationed at various
points, where they enn appose the Ger
man underwater craft In the attacks
scheduled to start on February IS.
Austrians Rain Bombs Upon
King Nicholas' Winter
Home Royalty in Peril.
CETTINJE, Feb. 15.
Austrian nvlntors made an unsuccessful
attack upon King Nicholas' winter palace
nt Rlekn. according to dispatches received
iierc. Bombs were dropped within a few
rods of the palace, but did little damage
Tho King, the Queen and the Princesses
Vera and Xenla. saw a thrilling fight be
tween tho pnlnco guards nnd the aviators,
who were finally driven oft.
The sky wnrrlors flew in ovorXako Scu
tari nnd began raining bombs, trying to
hit tho roof of the royal residence. One
mlssllo crashed through the glass roof of
a conservatory a short distance from the
palace Itself, but the others were thrown
Princess Vera rushed out on the lawn,
nttrnctefl by the noise of the explosion.
Tho King nnd Queen and other members
of the royal family followed, desplto the
warning from the guards that they should
enter the cellar of tho residence.
Quick-firers dlroctcd a fusillade towaru
tho aviators, who continued to circle tho
palace grounds. Several spent bullets fell
within a few ynrds of the royal party and
tho Princesses. After dropping all their
bombs the aviators fled.
White Star Liner Runs Supposed Sub
marine Gauntlet.
LONDON, Feb. 15. The "White Star
liner Arabic arrived at Liverpool yester
day. She flew the British red ensign
throughout, not having rccourje to a neu
tial flag even when passing through what
may be called the German submarine
Passengers of the Arabic say that on
Friday night the lifeboats were loosened
and made ready for instant launching,
with ii lantern placed In each boat. The
life preservers In each room were got out
nnd thoroughly Inspected. Tho Bhlp was
without other important Incident, save
that the lookouts were doubled.
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Alarm Due to Fireworks Balloon Sent
Up by Amorlcnn Jokers.
OODErfSntJIlGl if; T., Feb. 15.
That the 'aeroplane Invasion" of Can
ada, which last night cnused the Govern
ment officials at Ottawa great alarm was
nothing more than a Jllrc, perpetrated by
a- party of men nt Jlorrlstown, N, T., be
came known here today.
Three large fireworks balloons were
sent up from Morrlstown. which Is 11
miles from here. A strong -wind carried
tho balloons across tho St. Lawrence
Itlver over Brockvlllo and on toward
Ottawa. . . ,. ,
Dispatches rrom tho Dominion capital
last night salt! that when word of tho
"Invasion" was received alt lights In tho
city were ordered extinguished and sharp
shooters were posted nt points or vantage
on Parliament Hill.
Reply to Shipping Protest, Al
ready in Washington, Re
ported as Strong Attack on
American Contention of Bus
iness Depression.
LONDON, Feb. IB. On account of the
premature publication of the summary of
tho original Amortcan note, tho contents
or Great Britain's second reply, which Is
now In tho hands of the Washington
Government, are being guarded until the
time of making- the note public, which
probably will bo very soon.
It Is possible, however, to BDeculntc as
to what Sir Edward Grey says, because
there are certain outstanding features of
the whole contraband situation which arc
known to every one that, from tho Brit
ish point of view, must Inovltably be util
ized In making tho British arguments.
There Is also available Grey's preliminary
reply, already published
The most recent note undoubtedly will
prove as unyielding ns tho last one, nnd
It Is commonly held here that the Amer
ican State Department will have n diffi
cult case to answer, the British believing
that their country has tho upper hand In
this controversy for tho tlmo being. '
In the original protest the cardinal
point was the Interruption of American
commerce to neutral countries. It In
volved tho old problem of "ultimate
destination," and has been recognized ns
one of the most sorious points of dif
ference between the two governments. It
Is stated hero that the presumption that
goods are reaching Germany can bo sup
ported by multitudinous figures showing
Increase In American commerce with,
neutral countries, which figures this
Government has been Industriously col
lecting. In Washington's contention, Great
Britnin's policy was partly responsible
for American business depression. The
British Government holds that it can cito
American Department of Commerce
figures showing good business conditions
last year. This American contention has
always been considered here the greatest
weakness of the American note, nnd the
chances are that Sir Edward Grey at
tacks It severely.
Million Men Ready for New Offensive,
Refugees Report.
PARIS, Feb. 15.
The massing of an army of fully
1,000,000 men along the. Rhino for a new
German offensive In Alsace-Lorraine Is
reported by refugees expelled from that
Every village Is reported to have been
put In Ehape to sustain a siege.
All tho Inhabitants whose German sym
pathies are doubtful, refugees Bay, arc
being oxpollcd from tho region, nnd every
person Bhowlng Inqulsltlvcness Is taken
Into custody and rent into Germany.
the New
"EN'S HATS, whether
ever in the direction of Smart
ness. Youthful in effect, with
more snap in block, in finish,
in a dozen points o style and
detail. m f
These displays of ours are
the first authentic showing of
the styles that will be worn
this Spring by men every
where who have a feeling for
Mode in the accessories of
At your service-
John B. Stetson Qompanyi
122-i Chestnut Street
Aiiuiiuu inn lumuui-i
uw,,m" wwie io Ketaml
Ground Gained in Lor.
rame Region Kaiser's!
Kemtorcements Arrive'
Too Late.
Allies Assume Offensive AlorJ
La Bassee Canal InfantryJ
Charge Gains on Enemy'sl
Trenches Soissons Dam
aged by Bombardment.
, t . PARIS, Feb. 15.
Defeat of tho Germans In a threes.
battle around Norroy anw.nal
Lorraine, and success of Allies' Infantry H
La Bnaseo wcro claimed In dlsosttk.. J!
"-"wi nure luuiiy,
Tlio aermana Imvo been driven fa '
llin hn rrlitn onr. n. . Vl1 'HUTU
fOAA Ifa.l I. a 4 " .
three days of rlous ng,1in ReTnfo&'l
ments. brought tin bv th ?;?'n.f?rc'
able tho Germans to retain their hoM. t
the positions thev cant,.ri?i a "
arrived too late. They spent their . 1
.i nn ,U,n.SUCC0Bflful n"mpt to take n! 1
other hill captured by the Frneh ..? I
apturcd by the French tarir
allied forces west of La Bassea
unauinea nn cnorcoHn ..,:: j
movement along both banks of the cam! '
leading toward Bethune. A French VtS 4
mont charged the German position and '
captured more than 230 yards of trenche. f
An official statement from the w.,
........,... u, who, nnaing them i
.. V. -. "j urn uermans In '
the Vosgcs. executed a brilliant bayonet a
llliiii:ii mi mi n. .tnvarn n r fn i. . '.
cut their way through tho Ocrman line
nnd escaped. The others were taken
Violent bombardment continues In Bel.
glum and nt eoveral points to the south,
notably nt Soissons, tho War Offlra an
nounced this afternoon. Gorman eheltj
have set fire to soveral buildings In Sola. &
soni that had escaped previous bombard.
ments. Near the sea coast the French 9
gunners have been successful In Bllenclnt (a
uermun muriurp.
German Troops in Hungary
AMSTERDAM. Feb. 15. A Vandiaf
news agency dlspntch reports that Ger
man troops arc being sent into Run
nnd to Temcsvar In the southern part ot M
Hungary. They arc evidently Intended to m
take part In a campaign against Servia. , M
ir Goods
Hair Dressing
We are experts In fashion's latest
modes nnd will adapt them so as
to give you a pleasing- stylo to suit
your individual requirements.
Permanent Waving
Henna Dyeing
Medicated Shampoos
to suit Individual nccd3 in con
nection with tho very latest ap.
pllances for tho convenience of
Anthony Boch
129 S. Thirteenth St.
Bell Phone Filbert tt-36.
Stetson Hats
boft or Stiff, go fur
ther this season than
Cut Gbff gmiffsffKtyz
'y0V ' i ' t vwm

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