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VOII-NO. 330
imnjADEUPlllAt TUESDAY, ffEBBUAUlTlG. 1015.
Cortiiaiir, 1013, it ins rcsUo t.toan Couri.it.
; LOAN OF $12,000,000
Subcommittee on Finance
Oonsiders Increasing
Amount, to Extend Spurs
,on the Northwest and
Frankford Lines.
delations of Business Organ
izations to Attend Session
!,:jn Thursday in Force to Sec
That Councils Keep Pledge
When Bills Are Reported.
- A limited supply. 01 irarnii duuum
fsre now on hand at the Ledoer
'Central) Droad and Chestnut streets,
i-irid at the business office of the
mlJ.HIi. rt. TfiM buttons will be
given out one to each applicant as
'onu a the supply lasts.
I Members of Councils' Subcommlt.lc on
lnanco met In City Halt this afternoon
no discuss tho advisability of Increasing
the transit loan of W.ow.ooo
asked by Director Taylor to
JS.0O0.CO0 or perhaps J12.C0O,
OCK). The additional money,
It is Bald, will bo used for
the construction of .11 spur
Jn, the subway and elevated system to tho
fNortliwcst and on tho elevated road to
The. subcommittee met In executive ses
sion shortly after noon and none of tho
'members' was willing to discuss what had
f'taken place. Chairman Soger and John
jlR Connelly, chairman of tho Flnanco
'-Committee, of which the subcommittee
Ms a part, even denied that tho committee
Chad met. Several Councllmcn, they said,
bad happenod to meet In City Hall for
van Informnl talk.
Councilman Peter E. Costello, of
Frankford, Is said to' have urged the
ftommlttco to Insist that work be begun
Ren both the northeast and the northwest
jftpurg at tho same time that the work
t'li begun on the Broad street subway.
Should the loan be Increased to $3,000,000
sthls would be tho exact amount recom
mended by Senator Varo In his formal
E. itatement last Thursday, issued JUst be
fore the meeting of tho Senatorial Com
mittee on 'Municipal Affairs.
Delegations from business associations
hind trade bodies all over Philadelphia
ifarid'all advocates of the Taylor plan to-
S'da.v are preparing to attend the session of
(Councils on Thursday to demonstrate
their Interest In the. transit -development
Kor tnis city, and to see that favorable
etctlen Is takon on the loan election by
. ioc ursi.caji jor a popular demonstra
tion went forth today from the Trans
torta.tlon Committee of the United Bust
no'a Men's Association to all the allied
r.irsoclatlons. In .the association, falling
Continued on rose Tito
Advances Follows Higher Liverpool
Gables and Heavy Export Sales.
wuuauu, 1'eD. jii. May wneat at tho
lepfcnlng of the Board of Trade was
'M or 2 cents above yesterday's close,
within 15 minutes went to J1.C3U.
JTha advance followed higher Liverpool
es, heavy export sales yesterday.
cean charters today and an advance In
cash market. July opened at JLS3U.
n advance of Vk and went to $t.CCH.
Tomorrow begins that period of
which gave rise many years
Ca "Joke," The year has only 48 weeks
reality, you understand, because six
them are lentt (Shades of Joe Miller
a.) And the weather lias very little
t do- with things today for that reason!
Its the last chance. "Eat, drink and be
pawy, for tomorrow we diet." But Just
:ausa you are - not Inclined to allow
i weather to make much of an imprea-
?n today Is no reason at all for bellev-
you. will be able to Ignore it during
Six weeks to come. Weather is a
Pretty hard thing to get away from, and
b u no indication that we are due for
less of t than heretofore Jupe,
'. and the rest of these climatic sods
JYe a calendar all their own, and refuse
.to. recognize anv other. Yes. tomorrow
W begin six weeks of Lent
CftQw will you be good?
For PAViieZnft7t emit mVnihi
Kprtty cloudy tonight and Wednesday:
iler tonight: gentle variable winds
itlU tfest nd north,
"'or details, see page 2,
Observations at Philadelphia
mUr ..
a A. M.
. .'.'.'.'.'.Hrthwafc,"i8' mlla
8iWiuiliA' uli ii" KJ,;;: ' clou,2K
8fflL? ..-.::.: 7.:..:" eVBnT
wHH.ni ieroperture ,,..,, ;..... 44
Almanac of .the Day
riua tnmnn-nw
BiSA n. m
,a lets
LamoB to He LlahtrA
Mu and etUtr Tebitle... ..... BiMp.m.
The Tides l
4tr ... so .
"r ...::::::.:::;:: iu3tKS
irsr tomorrow irioatnu
W :SOp.ra.
wr lawutiQ , WTiIS
ii- fcw MtM.
WtgH .nTCfc
waw, AStW Al(ll.
v .,
? v.m.
"'WF . ..
4lr fejjj,
Saloons Closed Lnsl Night According
to City Councils' Orders.
CES MOINES. Iowa, Feb. IG.Dc
Moines is dry today, for tho first tlmo'ln
Its history. As a result of city councils'
decision not to lasue licenses, tho saloons
closed last, night.'
No H-juor was served at thb pollccmon's
nnhuhl ball, which lasted through tho
nlglit. Tho orchestra entertained tho
dnneera several' times with tho strains of
"How Dry"! Am." '
Accumulated Too Mnny Study Condi
tions and Is Barred.
Roger dorvln, who rowed No. .. on
Pennsylvania's famous crew last year, hns
been lost to the Quaker eight because he
annexed too many conditions In '.ho mid
year examinations a week ago. Word
to that effect reached the rowing room
this afternoon, nnd caused gloom among
the other oafamrn nild tho coach, Gar
vin wns one or tho veterans of tho crow,
rind his place will be hard to till. He
was also a slar broad jumper, nnd, In
fact, started his athletic career with the
tracic team.
Coach Nlckalls announced this afternoon
that tho crews would -go on tho river
next Monday, February 22. Mr. Nlcknlls
snld that ho wished to take as many
mon as possible on the water, and If tho
other boat clubs along the river are ac
commodating enough this number will bo
at least 60. Tho coach wnnts to have
six or seven crewB on the water. If this
number Is tnken, some of the men will
hnve to work In bnrges.
The crow men have proven very good
canvassers In their efforts to rase $1000
with which to purchase rowing machines.
Already they have raised 230 Just among
tho students.
Two-year-old's Screams Attract At
tention of Passersby.
Two-year-old Lexer Lenchevfsky, of C03
Newmnrket street, was so badly burned
whllo playing with matches at his homo
today that he died a few minutes later
at the Roosevelt Hospital.
The child's screams attracted the at
tention of Miss Annie Schuster, HO Green
street, and Tollceman Lnlrd, of tho 3d
street and Fulrmount avenue station,
who had, him taken to the hospital In a
passing automobile,
Farmer Shoots Himself After Worry
" Ing' Over Financial' Affairs.
Frank Krumblne, 40 years old, "n Heidel
berg township farmer .and tobacco
grower, this afternoon committed suicide
In Ills tobacco ,shed by shooting himself
In the head. His body was found by ills
Krumblne was known, to have worried
much over his financial affairs, but It is
not known oxrictly what was his trouble.
Krumblno's suicide Is the fourth to bo re
corded In Lebanon County in less thnn
two weeks.
Increase of 25 Cents on the Bar
rel Means Relative Jump in
Price of Loaves.
The price of flour went up 25 cents
today. Tills means $7.75 a barrel for
flour and 8-cent bread before the end
of the week as there Is nothing In sight
to halt tho advance In the grain.
ot all flours were effected by the big
Jump. Some rose only 20 cents on a
barrel, but that was a low figure.
Throughout the day In tho wheat mar
kets, as the price of May Wneat fluctu
ated. It became more and more sure that
there would be a stiff advance announced
at the close pf the market day in the
price of flour. The prediction held good,
and when May wheat closed at J1.63U.
there was nothing else to record but a
"Wheat opened .this morning at $1,M!4
and closed at 11.6254. The top notch was
reached early In the afternoon, when
May wheat skied to 11. WS, where It stayed
but a short while, falling a point and
a' half, The close then. showed a net
gain over yesterday of 3'.i points. This
advance, It was said both among wheat
merchants' and the mill men, Justifies the
latter in advancing the price of flour.
The customary rate of advance, as be'
tween wheat and flour, la 4 cents In the
price of flour to every cent in that of
wheat. Hence, the exact Increase, if the
mill men decide to follow custom, would
be 13' cents a barrel, but It Is explained
that the mill. men Jiave been holding the
price 'of flour dqwn for more than a
month against the tUa In, the price of
wheat,, and that now, that they have
become convinced that wheat Is going
to stay up. they will probably send flour
up the full 23 cents and hold It at tlmt
price to cover their losses during the four
weeks Just passed,
Wheat at the closing price of today
means 7-cent loaves or such small loaves
that the actual value of the loaf de
livered across the grocers' and bakers'
counter will be equal to that. At the
close of yesterday's market It was said
on tho floor market of the Bourse that
the future offered no prospects of a bet
terment of the present situation, unless
a change In the war situation opens
Jtussla's wheat Q the market.
Measure Will Now Go to People at
Special Election,
TRENTON. N. 3.. Feb. IJ.-Tb Senate
today pased by a vote qf IT to 4 the reso
lution giving vote to women Ia New
Jersey. The. measure pa.cd the House
Thi t tk-M4 iai it ha $asf4
tho frfll.uts cNutsutjYly. as the
flgt Mumuitw rftirB, u wti ot
trj vetcra ui uv suit t m ji Us-
.K .liKS
i". 4,
r V" WM
.tvif.i- j... i MmMttiv' t. "-;
On tho anniversary of his birth in Germany in 184G, Mayor Blank
enbure received an unexpected present in the shape of a bouquet
from Master Frederick S. Tallman, of 1421 Wolf street, who also
had a birthday today. He is 8 years old.
Committee. Refus.es to Report
on AmendmentUntil Public
Hearing on Question Is Held.
tmoit jk sxArr connKsronoiNT.
HAnniSBUIlG, Feb. 10. The woman
suffrage amendment to tho Stato Con
stitution was' held up for several weeks
by tho Senato Committee on Judiciary
General after a bitter fight this morning,
Tho committee decided to hold at least
one, and probably more, public hearings
on the amendment before It Is reported
Senators Patton, of Philadelphia, and
Hoke, of Franklin, were tho only mem
bers of the committee who favored re
porting the measure out of committee Im
mediately. Nine of the 15 members of
tho committee were present at the meet
ing. Senator Clark, of Erie, chairman of the
committee, andothers opposed reporting
tho amendment out at once with a favor
able recommendation. They Insisted that,
such an Important change In the funda
mental law of the State should not bo
considered hastily''. Senators Patton and
Hoke, who fought for tho Immediate re
porting of the measure, asserted that the
suffrage question has- been thoroughly
discussed throughout the State for sev
eral ears. and that there Is no necessity
for tho committee to go into the ques
tion. They also reminded the members
of the committee that woman suffrage
Is a plank in the platform of each of the
important paroles.
Under the leadership of Senator Clark
the opposition "remained firm. The Erie
Senators and others declared that the
amendment' had been Jammed through
the House without giving the members
of that body an opportunity to discuss It.
and Eald that they would not permit It to
go through the Senate without careful
Tho Senate, they said, will not stand
for such rushing tactics, and Senator
Clark declared that the committee wilt
Insist upon giving the opponent ot the
amendment a chance to present their
arguments against it.
3enator Patton moved that the resolu
tion be reported ta tho Benato at once
with a favorable recommendation. ' The
motion was lost by a vote of 7 to S. No
hearing will be arranged until about
Starch 15.
Brine Action for Damages Against
Special Policemen David McBeth and
Martin J. Lyford, of the th and Pine
Streets station, are suing Samuel Marino;
a tailor, S30 Dickinson street, fqr'110,000
each for slander and defamation of char
acter. Judge Audenrled, of Court of
Common Pleas Jso, 4. granted a writ of
capias and released Marina under ball.
Marino, who was arrested In a raid on
a house last August, preferred charges
against the two policemen, alleging that
they testified falsely against him and
also refused to allow him the use of a
telephone to summon his friends. As a re
sult of his charges McBeth and Lyfod
have been summoned before the police
board of Inquiry, where their case la now
At a hearing Thursday Nicholas Penelo,
who said he bad an Interest In the house
which was raided by the policemen, ao.
cused McBeth of accepting "hush money,"
In addition to the charges made by Marino
against the two.
The action of the policemen In bringing
personal suits Is unprecedented, the cus
tom among policemen 1a canes of this
nature bflpg ta content themselves with,
vindication before the police board.
$aS,0P Grant to Temple UalrersHy
HAKHlSHIt'BG, S-Ht. 14 Th HflUl
tfel artwoMs pssscd a out Mftkwy ;
IS&.oae dailctii.- sppripnt3 to trtjtofr "Be i "fcer, iill, for tA.
l'&veruy, t HulaaiiiiMA, ' 1" tJle fesak,
Daughter of Point Breeze Line
. Superintendent Was Desti
tute" in the West.
A girl, who gave her namo to the police
as Bessie Lugnr, just. before she' died In
Chicago, .according to Chicago dispatches,
Is the daughter of Joseph C. Lugar,
superintendent of tho Philadelphia and
Southwestern Street Hallway Company,
called tho "Point Breeze line."
Sir. Lugar said today ho saw his
daughter last In October. Since Christ
mas ho hnrt not heard from her. Accord
ing to the Chicago police sho tried In
vain to reach friends In this city by tele
phone, during tho week before she died,
saying that "everything would be "all
right" If they could find her. Her fail
ure to hove the 'phone charges "re
versed" wns responsible for the fact that
sho died alone nnd that her friends did.
not know of her death. ,
Miss LugaV.who wns 23 years old, was
formerly Mrs- Charles B. P.ced. Her hus
band was" a student at the University of
Pennsylvania until 1008. They were dl
vorced In 1909, and she resumed her
maiden name. Miss Lugar remained at
home off and on for three .years after the
divorce. During this time she formed the
acquaintances she tried to reach by tele
phone from Chicago hefore she died. The
number she called here was Poplar 1573.
which Is C. H. Beck's Cafe, 1009 Oxford
street, until six weeks ago a cabaret
At Beck's place It was said some one
In Chicago had been trying to call the
cafo by telephone,..but when Bessie Lu
gar's name was mentioned It was denied
that she was known there. Her father
knew little of her movements wlfen Bhe
was'away .from home, he said today. He
never had heard of Beck's, This after
noon he began to make arrangements
for bringing his daughter's body home.
Mr. Lugar first learned of his daugh
ter's death this morning. It had been so
long.. since he had heard from her. he
said, that he had not even an Idea where
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Simian Thespian Now Rehearsing a
"Singlo" Turn.
A "movie" actor became afflicted with
stage fright In tho Btudtos of the Lubln
Company, at 19th street and Allegheny
avenue today, and ran away and hid.
When' h? "was found he bjt Thomas
Keenan, 2?H North 4th street, on the
flhgeryind chattered at a great rate until
some on'e 'stuffed a'flotirsack in his mouth,
,JThe -aetjpr' is.;, Jocko Bingo, a large
monkey. Something about the eye of that
conttnuqus camera got on his nerves to
day .while ha was posing for an act, and
,ho jumped out the, door. Actors and
stresses pursued him, and as he
couldn't find a juqsle In the building, he
dashed into the next best thing a ward
robe, and bid under some palm leaf fans.
When Keeuan'a hanjt reached In to pull
Jocko out the monkey sank his teeth tn
the hand. Keenan had the wound cauter
ized at the Samaritan Hospital.
jocko Bingo-1 rchearsios his part In
solitary confinement.
Accused of Stealing Theatre Tickets
Magistrate Qlenn today held George
Miller. 80, of am Paeiao avenue, under
1100 bail for a further hearing February M
Ion th charge of sUaling a quantity of
tiitaire (hjkcm mms wna his emsloyef,
FraajflM Njnt. Prewleter of the Aww,
fifeamtre, KwdlJuii .vm a4 Ontario
mimt&t. UtUar w& mint av rk..,Lr.n
Slavs Lost 1000 in
Fight North of Vis
tula, Which Halts
Thorn Move.
Austria Announces Occupation
of Nadworna Slavs VJctora
in West Carpathians, They
Say Petrograd Admits Re
verse in Bukowina.
Recapture of Trenches on Ypres-St.
Eloi Lino by British Reported by
Paris Wnr Offlcc, Hilt Germans De
clare Enomys Assaults Were Re
pulsed. Plock nnd Ulelsk, north of the Vis
tula nnd about 65 miles northwest of
'Warsaw and 50 west of the fortress of
Novo Gcorgtewsk, has been captured
by tho Germans, according to today's
oHlclnl1 report from Berlin. Success In
this region will, have an adverso ef
fect on tho Hussion drlvo upon Thorn.
Tho Germans Jiavo apparently hurled
back their opponents 30 miles from
Llpno, where Potrograd claimed a vic
tory about a week ngo.
Vienna reports n great victory In the
new offensive launched In Southern
Gnllcin. Thirteen thousand Slavs, it
Is estimated, were slain In tho battle
of Delatyn, which resulted in the cap
ture of Nadwornaand tho rout of 80,000
Russians, as well" as Interception .of an
other, Muscovlto column moving- from
Fighting In tho Carpathians, where
tho hundrcd-mllo line Is broken into
half a dozen actions, apparently gives
tho Russians honors toward the west at
Dukla, Wyszkow and Beskld Passes,
and advantage to tho Austro'-Germans
In Bukowina. Potrograd records dis
lodging the enemy from Kozlowka and
other heights, but admits the Austrian
advance In Bukowina, where Slav pos
session of Cernowltz dolly becomes
nloro precarious.
Tho Russian General Staffa major
co'nccrn Is now prevention of a German
sweep from-East Prussia, both east
ward Into Itiisala proper, apd south
ward through Poland. Th'e Slav armies,
rorced back through Tiomo territory1,
tiro concentrating along; thft. southern
froritler of East Prussia from the Nle
men IUvor, swinging around through'
Mlawn to the Sorpcz district, bordering'
on West Prussia. Tho entlro move
ment Is essentially protective
Tho recapture by the British of
trenches near St. Elol, south of 1'pres,
Is claimed by the French official com
munique, while Berlin officially reports
that tho British assaults on that part
of the line were repulsed.
Turkey and Greece are virtually at
tho breaking point, nccordlhg to a con
sensus of, dispatches. Twenty thou
sand picked Greek troops have been
rushed to Salonika.
Success North of Vistula Affects
Slav's Thorn Drive.
BERLIN, Feb. 16.
The capture, of Ptook and Blelsk, two
towns of northern Poland, on the right
bank of the Vistula, by German troops
Is nnnounccd In nn official report from
the German Oeneral Staff Issued here. this
afternoon. It states that these two
towns were taken after a short fight
which resulted In the capture of about
1000 prisoners.
The report also claims success on the
East Prussian frontier. The 'announce
ment of the capture of Flock has been
hniled here as the most cheerful news
that has been received since the news
that the Russians had been driven from
Hast Prussia.
Plock Is more than 60 miles northwest
of Npvo Qeorgiewsk, the great fortress
which protects Warsaw. Blelsk Is a few
mllea north-northeast of riock
German successes In this region ap
parently Indicate that the Russian drive
toward Thorn has been checked, nnd that
the Csar's troops are being rapidly forced
back in northern Poland,
Mayor Blankenburg Is celebrating -his
birthday anniversary tqday. Ills celebra.
tlon is consisting chiefly of spending the
usual working hours at his desk in City
Hall. He was born In Germany, February
10. WIS.
Seventy-two years young," said the
Mayor today. He had no -comment on the
fact that his birthday Is sandwiched
closely between the uataj days of Lincoln,
February M. and Washington. February K,
One of the smallest and most wet
come visitors was the Mayor's friend,
8-year-old Frederick G. Tallman, n
Wolf street, who presented the Mayor
with 73 carnations. The Mayor's small
admirer U celebrating Jilt own birthday
today, kait year he and tho Mayor tx
changed photrgraphs on their natal day,
Frederick is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
James C. Tallman. and I a pupil n the
Baldwin School, lth and Porter streets.
The Mayor , received from Governor
Brumbaugh the following. telegram:
"Cordial felicitations on your anniversary-
M you have many Joyous re
turns." ' mi .in
Alleged Auto Thief Caught
Detectives A. Sullivan and Gleason. of
the City Hall staff, will go to Baltimore
tonight to arrest a, man who got all the
way' to Northeast. Md., with an Auto
mobile which the- police asy was. stolen
from James A. Peytnney. of fit. North
Broad street. ' The prisoner, who say he
U Htewart Hle, was taken into eqetody
by a sherMt, but denied, that fee had
U4a the car The sheriff rooga&Mt
ihft mawhinc front s, dwtcripUam wMeh
w mat out on a ytftko Oyer when the S
ljuW U Ute a no wsaHMMruriL-
Central High School ....., 7
Northeast High School ..;. ....... 1 6
Southern High School. ...-., 7, -
West Philadelphia High School. . . 'e
Central High School, 2d..,.. ..... ' 6,
Northeast High School, 2d 8 ';
Southern High School, 2d. : ; . ..... 7
West Phila. High, 2d. ; . 1 '. ''' 7 ,
Chestnut Hill Academy ,8"
Swarthmorc Preps ". iV. . .7 7 :
Jenkintown High School ........ 113
Swarthmorc High School ..... . . . ' 4
Lansdowne High School Girls.-. . . 7
Temple University Girls. .......". 3
De Lancey School ?. 27;
Woodbury High School .'.VI ". .7
Haverford School, 2d '..'.. 19
Philadelphia Trade School 8
"Some Legislators Sent to
Represent People, Repre
sent Old Grog Shop," He
Declares Urges Support
of Governor.
p. m. Mr. Sunday delivered his
sermon, "The Fir Tree;.''
3 p. m. JIHsa S'aie met her Bi
ble class on the platform of tho
7 p. m. Jfr. Sunday delivers his
sermon, "Is It Well With Thcct"
Approximate total attend
ance I.G6S.000 .
Conversions to date 25,25.
Sermons preached S3
Remaining to be preached. 40
Strong Indorsement was given Governor
Brumbaugh's local option ambitions by
'nllly" Sunday In - tlie, tabernacle this
aftornoon. .Alvthe same time .he. made a
severe attack on legislators who are not
standing behind tho Governor in his at
tempt to keep his platform pledge and
glvothe people the opportunity to vote on
the saloon question.
"You let the Legislature of Pennsyl
vania stand behind Governor Brumbaugh
and help him to give tho people a chance
to vote on the saloon question and you'll
see It knocked to smithereens," "Billy"
shouted, "Those who do not help him
aren't fit to make the laws. They are
sent there' to represent the people, but
Instead a' lot of them represent the old
grog shop. Then some of them say the
people don't know what they want and
aren't fit to vote on the question. Those
legislators arc a fine bunch to hold them
selves up as all wise and so far above
the people In brains that they are the
only ones fit to decide the question.
They're a smart bunch, they are!"
Sunday was preaching this afternoon
on "The Fir Tree," nnd he again scored
the hypocrites in the churches and the
Indifferent and Indolent clergymen. At
the close of his sermon US men and
women were escorted through the saw
dust aisles to the glory rows.
"Billy" once more declared that the
religion of Jesus Christ would clean all
the sin out of Philadelphia If It were
given a chance.
"Give the. religion of Jesus Christ a
chance nnd Jhere'11 be a 'for rent' sign
on every saloon, on every gambling Joint
and on every brothel," he declared. "Give
the religion of Christ a chance and
there'll be no more staggering drunkards
coming h'ome; there'll be no more young
girls selling their virtue on the streets
and In. the red-light district.
"Ifll yank the beer nnd champagne
out of your cellar," he declared, "It'll
Continued on Fage rite
Lad Says He Wa3 Kept a Virtual
Prisoner in Lyndhurst Home.
A man who carried letters addressed
to -Baron Dr. Albert Von Mattheslus, ot
Lyndhurst,- N. J., was arrested at Hh
and Chestnut streetB today on charges
preferred by 17-year-old Harry Friedman.
He was arraigned before Magistrate Ren
shaW In Central Station and held without
Friedman said he had been kept vlr.
tually a prisoner in the Lyndhurst home
of Doctor Mattheslus,
The man declined to say whether ho
was a baron. Harry Friedman, the. boy's
father, said .his son ran away to New
York a month ago. The hoy said he
met the prisoner In the New York Post
office, In his pocket was found a photo-.
graph of a monk with "Friar A. Von
Mattheslus" written'beneath It The pris
oner said he was a neurologist of note
Jn New York.
Engine "WUI Exceed Present Sjee4
and Drawing Power Possibilities.
HARRISBURO. Feb, li-Engtne No.
133T, of the new L$c8 -type, is today com
pleting a trip over the 'Middle Division of
tho Pennsylvania Railroad that will s
tabUsh a new world's record for number
of cars hauled by one locomotive.
During a." test run made from AUoona
to Harrisburg yesterday the locomotive
hauled a train of W large steel care,
loaded, with coal and a caboose. The total
load H estimated at H.KA ions.
Today tbe looowuiUe Uix for AHoona
An tflft r tarn trip bu)iftB uo empty steel
ear-, -wbUih r niiwli fetavler thin the
cms, of a oW wt tjp. Tfe wtui
is oe:ng u,ae tor ?! us, well an J,w
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. 13
Many Skilled Workers
Among Those Who Find:
Themselves D es t i t u te
Amid Conditions With
out Precedent Here.
The number of' worthy, deserving per
sons now looking for work In Pliiladolyffil
phla is appalling. Hundreds, and hun-'
dreds of men nnd women who have spent
years of their lives becoming skilled Jn
various trades nnd professions And them'--'
selves today- without work, without
money, without food, and, in many cases,;'--'-
even without shelter. ?'
Every day It Is possible to pick up the'1 ,s
papers .and read of a suicide directly
caused by this unprecedented condition,.
which has been termed "psychological'
oy mose wno nave tneir three meals a'f
day,, their bed to seep In and their fumt? ,
lies well provided for. but which to thn.fc7?!
oth?r half,, tho powerless ylctlms, who arer f 1
no more responsible for present coIldf-,'
tyons than' the matT'ln ' tie" Vrio6rtt has
ceased to be a mere depression: it is. an
actual, desperate fact, as real as death
Old men and women, who had every
right to believe that the hard (lnies of
their lives were Jn the past, are. begging'
iur employment, iney aro willing 10 Oo
anything, Btrenuous physical labor, even,'
In order to keep body and soul together.
But when the labor mart Is glutted with
strong, healthy .youth, equally cIltliioroUA
for a vhanco to win some sort ot an
existence, what chance have they?
Only today In the "situation wanted"
columns of the Evening L&oaisn a woman
of 71, In an "ad" that would make the
most hard-hearted cynic feel chokeybes
for an opportunity to do scrubbing and
cleaning. Not only must she face the
question of taking care of herself, but
mere is a feeble-minded son to look after,
She's willing to get down on her knees
and Bcrub from 7 In the morning Until
7 at night She Isn't thinking of her
poor old back, of her rheumatic hands
She's hungry and the son Is hungry and
the Are Is oilt, and soon will there be no
roof over their heads, She wants work.
Not far from this "nd" a youngster, a
boy of 14. asks .for a Job, Again, for any-,
thing. For three months the family nf
nine have been living on the pitiful earn ,
Ings of his sister. The father has been -
out of employment this winter. Things,
have reached a crisis. Fifty-seven years
Continued on rage Two
Passengers in Panic When Flames
Threaten Ship.
NEW YORK, Feb. 18,-Three hundred,
passengers aboard the Lloyd-SabaUdo
steamship Re d'ltalla, bound for Naples,
wero thrown Into a panic this afternoon
when fire started In the forward hold of
the vessel as Bhe was preparing to leave
her dock at Jersey City.
Fire tugs were rushed Into action an
the entire fire department of Jersey City
summoned. The Are was got Under con'
trol after an hour's flght. The vessel's
cargo of cotton was damaged, principally
by water, and several passengers wer
slightly hurt In the rush to get ashore.
North American Editor Operated On
E. A. Van Valkenburg, editor of the
North American, who underwent an
operation for appendicitis at tho Univer
sity Hospital, continues to improve.
Surgeons In charge of the csso report tht
progress has been normal from the be
ginning and it Is expected, that the
patient will be able to leave the hoepUaJ
ip a anon, ume. - -
Thaw Trial to Begin Marph 1
NEW YOBIf, Feb. ii-An order em
paneling sou special talesmen for tqe trial
of Harry 1C Thaw and live others m
charges growing out of Thaw's ecap
from Matteawan -waa. bumed by Supreme
Court Justice Weeks today- Thaw's trial
will begin March 1,
The Kensingtonian Says:
Jack Gardner was seen In the Bv. M
ten the other evening, buying some h-i'
hold articles. Are you thinking of settKf
uunu, yavti
LOST Stolo or hurt, la Owtatti jriu.
e-30 r. nL Hundsj, ten U. riTaii sr,;
hatred Scotch Umtr;. Ma
itr;. ane 'sesnle."
rowara via no quvaiK
Howcra a. urmpam.
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(ah KaL marked
Tswrtr, FtMw, Uth
l H w. rleturo o
Williama. 423 Walnut llMrard
JJU-I w CtiMtoui Mrt
bag. WBUlllllBS HIMit nlA .OIr. t-J.i, ,lj
JW Maf'-Wt ft, Liinai rff
t? i'.1f,.i'S TKLJI ZFl '
lAJit-fakb uJ. rjnT HMm J w
kl Bsltiiaew fy., Tf, I. tetata liiJ-S-ii
r 1nfi4
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ismiki i ..,-

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