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Lemon and Orange They Were Christened Because Papa
Didn't Want Boys, But These Pennsylvanians
Have Made a Ring Record.
Featherweieriif. fir.- wH
All Terms to Bantam W
CUSSed F rrrif B
lemon Kegg brother of one Ofnnga
Kegg, la ix pugilist nnd not what his
name Bounds like. And, from all ac
counts. Lemon Kegg, who nghts under
the romantic ring nnme of Roger O'Mnl
loy, Is one of the best featherweights In
these United States. At present he's the
champion, of the Northwest.
Lemon who was born In Johnstown.
Pu,r 22 years ngo, realized at an early
ago that the ttamo of Lemon Kegs was
something of a. handicap. He realized
It even more when ho broke Into the
ring- Kama In 1910, Just about the time
when the word "lemon" wag used to de
scribe Joke fighters, Joke ball players and
other kinds of false alarms In the athletic
"They calt me 'Lemon' and I nm
'Lemon,' " mused Lemon Kegg. "Thero'B
HO denying that. But 1 don't think I am a
'lemon' aa a fighter. But when some
pedplo yell 'lemon' nt mo and I don't
get sore about It, those who don't know
that my name Is 'Lemon' will think they
mean that I'm a lemon fighter."
. Then It was that (Lomon Kegg looked over a
lot of fancy names that one could tnKe upon
one's Belt for prize tin purposes, end Anally
clioso the name Ttoser O'Malley.
. As Tloger , O'Mally 'b'" Johnsontown. Fa.,
roy hus cut a wide swnth In the pugilistic
world In the lait four Joars. Ilia record !
ueh that It entitles him to a Imttlo with
Jptinny Kllbane, champion of the featherweight
division, and Kllbanfl's manager has promised
him nn early bout if ho keeps on flooring the
othor osplrantB to the featherweight title aa
he has In the past.
O'Malley who la being managed by Johnny
Creelcy, of Toledo, O., has mingled In 47 fights.
He baa a punch like a mule's kick. Twenty
five of his fights hae been won over the knock-
Job Heffernan, West Philadel
phia, Clashes With Jack
Fink, at Norristown.
IC'O. Jack Fnrrell, of the 17th Ward,
will find 'Willie Lucas, of Falrmount, quite
a clever exponent of the hlt-and-gct-away
art In the, final fray at the Fair
mount A. C. tonight. Joo Heffernan, the
West Philadelphia welterweight, will en
counter Jack Fink, of Camden, In the
Etar bout at the Palaco Club, Norristown,
tonight. ,
The Falrmount program follows:
First bout Kid Robinson n. Jimmy Balrd.
Second bout Willie Bennett. Southwark, b.
Jack Kantrow, Soulhwark.
Third tout Stanley Kayrls, Tenth Ward, s.
Lew Gamble, KenBlngton.
Fourth bout Frank Kelly, 11th Ward, vs.
Eddie Kelly. Richmond.
Fifth bout Johnny McAvoy, North Penn, u.
Bammy Miller, Hrowerytown.
Semlwlnd-up Joo Murphy. 17th Ward, vs.
Harry Sul!lan. Southwark.
Wind-up K. O. Jack Fnrrell. 17th Ward,
vh. Willie Lucas. Falrmount.
The nalace card follows:
First bout Willie Masman, Ralph, vs.
Jimmy Curran, Rosemont, six rounds.
Second bout Jimmy Kerr. Bryn Mawr, s.
Al Qulnn, Darby, six rounds.
Semlwlnd-up Ty Cobb, Philadelphia, vs.
Dominic Polerlne, Norristown, eight rounds.
Wind-up Joe Hefternan. West Philadelphia,
vs. Jack Fink, Camden, ten rounds.
Another boxer from the wild and woolly
has arrived In Philadelphia. He Is Gus
Anderson, of Sioux Falls, S. D. Ander
son did most of his boxing in California.
Gub. wants to meet the best of the local
Little Frankle Conway, the local feath
erweight, haB returned to this city after
an absence of about a year. Ho boxed
throughout the Western and Southwestern
sections of the country, and also dis
played hla form at Juarez, Mexico, where,
he says, the game Is not what It Is
cracked up to be. Conway arrived here
from Pittsburgh, where he stopped off
for a. fight with Young Goldle.
Conway is under the management of
Johnny Loftus. After a. well-deserved
rest Frankle will be ready to square off
at the leading "22" pounders In this
Sailor Will Meet Johnny Howard Next
Week Moore and Yelle Draw.
Sailor Charley Grande, the Vallejo (Cal.)
fighter, made his Eastern debut by deal
ing out a terrific trouncing to Noah Brus
o, of Boston, In the second preliminary
at the Olympla A. A. Grande made a de
cided hit with his aggressive exhibition
and Matchmaker Jack Hanlon rebooked
the Native Son to meet Johnny Howard,
of Bayonne, N, J., the star bout next
Monday night.
The wtndup, between Willie Moore, 137V4
pounds, and Freddy Telle, 132 pounds,
did not come; up to expectations. The
boys went through six rounds of unap
preciated fighting' to a draw,
Eddie. O'Keefe. 12IH pounds, outboxed
Louisiana. 121 pounds, In an Interesting
fray. Jimmy Fax, of California, and
weighing- 121 pounds, made a hit with
the spectators, although he was whipped
by Mickey Donley, J25 pounds, Johnny
rtosner, 101 pounds, shaded Young Mc
Govern. Ill pounds. In a hard fight.
Pirates Buy Johnston
PJTXBtfUliail, Fa.. Fob. 23. The
Pittsburgh National League club today
closed Its deal for Wheeler It, (Doo)
Johnston, of the Cleveland American
League team, and the first baseman Is
now the property of tha Pirates, Presi
dent Barney Dreyfus received a telegram
Irani Johnston, who Is at his home
la Chattanooga, accepting Pittsburgh's
term and expressing; his willingness to
play here. Johnston will Join tho Pi
rates at Dawson. Springs on March 7,
rtXLBTO-V, Pa., Feb 83.-Jack Brejsio, of
Colrln, end Rao Cartln, of IriHon, fought
& jo-round draw hers Ust night.
WTTSBUBOIL Feb. 35. -Buck Crouaa won
ttma Qgrg Chip last nlaht In six round.
tVouMi showed great cleverness and aatlly
eMjt Chip's rush
TAMAQIM, Pa- Feb- S3.-Tomny Carey, of
rkit4lpoi, shaded Jlnj Bonner, of liaileton.
i-t m JO-rsaixt bout here yesterday afternoon.
. AKRON, O., Feb. 38 Johnny arlttitba, local
luhtwjUfct, wan slvep a nawsMper decUlon
'tr Joe Bhusrue. of New York. hgtt im
tSmM la a 12-ruuad bout, 10 which thro was
8t ecea4 ot 4itUlo. ,
bVWfAUO, N T, Feb. aaJIqimy Butty.
81 J1!!' ,at Harry Stone, of New
Trfc thrtt m-nnma bout bare Uat nlsbt.
fiaeky fas deitated tiloiie'a atabls mat.
E4ift Jrf46.
l&mMN. ? -Jerry Dianr. the Bn.
p?ih,Jtretete, ttMpea-Jack Djoy, of New
trtam. tm tt ttth round here laat nisrh
JMl'MW, Teas-, fab. Sfl Jo Azse4e, of
i tra, Tl ,M,i "!" JVr tTiatu
43, aC994iFK. U. U tfUEtU
P.osa4 fc$tt
:m&m -mss
JSmm, .Fi. W.JMJt TMtBd, of
,J 4
JSff Sana m ii
MiWM hw et
tlr fcb yeetftiity aft.
oftj, s. Xt n ft iint fur
&? s ,-r sriss'-s res-!? ,f,jn, .Jes
put route. In almost every one of his fights
he has scored at least one knockdown. O'Malley
netrr hits beon knocked out and only threw
times in Ida career has ho lot on decisions.
, O'Malley la the type of fighter that the fana
like to see In action. He goes after hla man
nt the tati of the gong and he never lets up
He Is a two-handed fighter, and he carries a
tcrrliic wallop in either mitt.
I.pmon Kegg, alias Roger O'Malley, has a
brother named Orargo Kegg. He nlno la a
featherweight a mighty good one. But lie's
not quite so good na Ills broil er Lemon. This
fellow Orange Kegs fights under hie real name.
of Orange Rene, ticaus nn Orange Kegg Is
not so bad an Lemon Kegg.
Here is the record of Lemon Kegg, allis
Roger O'Malley, since he began righting in
10W i
Won by knockout ,,,,.,... 23
Won by decision (1
Won by foul 1
Drew ...... , :i
No decision ,, n
!-ot on decision .1
Total fight 47
'Why were you boya named after frullsJ"
was Mked of Lemon Kegg, alias Roger
"Darned If I know." answered Lemon Kegg,
"Only possible reacon I can figure out la that
father or mother wanted girls at the tin e
we came, and because we were boys they
named me Lemon and named my brother
Orange, which Is the next thing to a lemon.
Frnnkle Mack, of Providence, nnd Td
Lewis, Engllshmnn. will meet In u 20
round bout next Saturday nt Havnnn.
Both Mack nnd Lewis displayed their
mcttlo In this city.
Chapplo Gorman hng announced that ho
wants to match Eddlo Moy nnd Snm
Robldcau to decide which la the best
lightweight In Pennsylvania.
"Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat"
(With Apologies.)
Oilmorc was a hustler, otye without
ailmore once decided to start another
Soon tho startled magnates cut in with
'their wail
And they hollered when their stars began
to cry for kale
"Say Jim, say Jim, say Jim, you're rock
ing the boat;
The good old-fashioned days are gone for
ever; The magnate's on the blow,
He hasn't got a show,
Where all the player thinks about is how
to grab the dough;
Say Jim, say Jim, say Jim, you're rocking
the boat;
H'c'ue got to pump the water out to float;
So kindly lav off ralsinell
While ive still have a club to sell.
Say Jim, say Jim, say Jim, you're rock
ing the boat."
There Is also the dread possibllty that
we may be forced to play a round or so
ffolf under a blistering Southern sun. A
tough existence? Nothing short of It.
The Red vs. the White
Is the Indian a better all-around, on an
average, than the pale face? Jim Thorpe
is certainly the best all-around athlete In
baseball. And Chief Bender Isn't far away
from second choice. Charles Albert, the
Chippewa pitcher. Is a fine ball player, a
fine trap shooter and a good golfer, In
dulging In three varieties of sport to while
away a drifting year. Mathewson was n
football player, and is still quite a pitcher
and something of a golfer. Wagner and a
few others go In for basketball plus the
national frolic But are there two pale
faces In the game who aro as good at as
many sports as Thorpe and Bender, who
are out In front of the Meld?
In the spring a livelier iris comes upon
the gaunt White Hope;
In the spring a fuller crimson spreads
across the Orandolddope.
Pat Moran Indifferent About
Services of Twirler Banks
on Cuban Shortstop.
The last of the Phllly players waylteard
from today. Eyery man of tht squad la
now signed with the exception of Pitcher
Cy 'Marshall. The contract mailed on
February 1 to Marshall was returned un
signed, and Pat Moran, who arrived here
this morning, will not, offer him another.
Not only will Marshall's demands for
an Increase In salary be Ignored, but his
original contract will not be mailed to
him again. If he Joins the Phillies In Bt.
Petersburg he will make the Journey at
his own expense and then arrange to sign
after he gets there,
Manager Moran today expressed the
hope that Selgle, the young Cuban short
stop recommended by Ed Wolf, would
make good. "I have never seen Belglo
play,'' said Pat, "but If the reports are
true that I hear he must be a good ball
player, I understand that he Is as fast
as lightning, and If he hit ,365 In the Cuban
League he ought to do well with us. Of
course, there Is a marked difference In
the pitching between that league and
the National, but they have some
good pitching at that have not yet
signed Selgle, but if be shows me In Bt
Petersburg that be ia a capable man we
wll) bring him back here for a. thorough
A letter from Scout Neal today an
nounced that the Phillies would be quar
tered at ths Hotel Scool. Prom their
hostelry tha Phillies will have only a
15-mlnute walk to the ball park and will
bo the same distance from ths centre of
the city. Neal also stated in "hla letter
that tha second squad of Phillies would
play tha Birmingham club at Orlando on
March 19 and Jl. On these dates the reg
ular squad will be playing the Havana
Beds in 8t. Petersburg. There Is, accord'
ing to Neal, the largest crowd of tour
ists in the winter resort that has ever
been known. This Is good news for the
There is still doubt If foe Phillies will
plsy ths Cutis mors than twb games, al
though Neat is trying to arrange mora
date. It appears that while the Phillies
wre, waiting; for the National Commis
sion's percntMion to play ths tames with
ths Cuba, tho Louisville club, unknown
to Breanahan. arranged with the Tamps,
jioojjlt, who have tarn dales in charge, to
tike tlM dlM winch wr to b &U4
by tb Ftosbs Nal fcppss to aJJujt
tn otstwr within iha oXt we:
PretSdMit W W Bakes arrived today
fr t Bnii)0.
ii 'Mf'iYBE He WAS
gy; fFT--Y 3.5 rLtH,s -asss, "&$
7&-i$V5E- ft?" THEsaw wrbckw- , TascaV y9 i
; -u--Lu,
"rtU TrtHM WMV '"TSHHAP4 MS HM Ydii DBA HaNMOMC " FOOTJTEPaf!!" " IT'S ObHtft" "TfrnuSr sweETm)
2H .?.y .I?? , BUCU MVJROERbO, B0YWIHVDIDIBOBR ru i u , WMCRB VC?, liuj
COM'T YoU C0M6 IM COLT) BI.OOD'." .SPEAK A -- ,. . 'YotCDecMT Y
Why Golf Pro's Go InHanc
'T practiced when you told me for near
ly 20 minutes and still can't play a mashla
like you do."
"Umpires to get spring training also."
Does this Include ducking, a fusillade of
pop bottles and listening to' a series of
tirades In which their ancestors aro being
"Booth Tarklngton. whose new novel
'The Turmoil' "begins a book review,
Booth Tarklngton7 We thought Jim Gll
mcre wrote that book.
The Wards may figure that to raise the
dough for tho player's price they must
raise the price for the public's dough.
"Why don't you," writes Larry Anhalt.
"say something about 'Polygamy?' "
We'd publicly proclaim it a great play,
Larry, if we were quite sure that Colonel
Harvey O'HIgglns wouldn't take offense.
"If Jack Johnson loses," says an ex
change, "he will Immediately go Into
strict training and demand a return bat
tle." Which he will get on the day ho
Is C3 years old,
"Wlllard has an advantage In height,"
reports on expert. "He Is six feet six
Inches tall." Which Is rather a disad
vantage. He Is that much further away
from Johnson's one vulnerable spot his
Jncfc Spratt liked to stay in the flat;
His wife was a tango wight;
And so between them both you see
They went out to dance each night.
Texas Leaguers
There is more to obtaining a right lead
than there Is to raw speed.
"Pitching 'em where their bats ain't" Is
another angle of tho game.
Like Home-Run Baker, we're not crazy
about traveling four months with a ball
club. But neither are we Jubilant at the
thought of 12 months on a farm.
Churchmen Athletes Are Easy for
Crimson nnd Gold Stars.
The Central High School track team
easily defeated the Episcopal Academy
athletes In the former's gymnasium this
afternoon by a score of 51 to 21.
The shot put event was won by Bi
ley, of Central High School. His dis
tance waa 37 feet 11 Inches. B. Smalley,
Central High's star sprinter, was given
a surprise In the 220-yard dash when
Blddlc, ' of Episcopal, beat him out In
5 2-5 seconds, Tho former, however,
captured the 20-yard dash, nosing out
Diddle. Tho time was 2 4-5 seconds.
The summaries follow;
Shot put Won by IUloy, Central Ilish
School; eecond, Pringle, Episcopal; third,
Stoeckle, Central High School. Distance, !17
feet 11 Inches.
20-yard dash Won by R Smalley, Central
Hlsh School; second. Diddle, Episcopal Acad
emy; third, CJadd, Central JIUh School. Time,
2 4-3 seconds,
Hilt-mllo run Won by llcllale. Central High
School; second. Harper, Episcopal Academy:
third, Blaney, Central High School, Time, 2
mtnuea, 10 1-0 seconds.
220-yard dash Won by Diddle. Episcopal
Academy, second, K. Smalley, Central High
School; third. Van Meter, Episcopal Academy,
Time, 23 2-5 seconds.
High Jump Tie between Robertson and
Hampton, both of Central High School;
third, Earp, Episcopal Academy, Height, 9
ft. S ins.
One, mile run Won by Welnert, Central
High School; second, McKenile, Central High
School; third, Smtth Central High School,
Time, 4m, OS 4-Ss.
Btandlnp broad Jump Won by Stoeckle,
Central High School; second, Illley, Central
High School: third, Robertson, Central High
School. Distance, 0 ft. 8K Ins.
440-yard dash- Won by Yan Meter, Epis
copal Academy; second. Henry. Central
Ugn; intra, ires. lenirBi fiign. rime, ocj,
Layfleld's Injury Is Fatal
BALTIMORE, Md., Feb. 23,-Bob Lay-
Held, the Johns Hopkins quarterback who
has made such a heroic fight for his life
since his vertebrae were fractured In the
game with Lehigh at South Bethlehem,
Fa., October 31, Is still alive, but there
Is no hope for his recovery, according to
a dispatch received hers from Wilming
ton, Del., this afternoon.
Joekey Allen "Comes Back"
BALTIMORE, Md., Peb. 23Ths calt
of ths turf has proved too strong for
Willie Allen, who several years ago an
nounced his retirement. Allen, who Is
ona pf the best steeplechase jockeys in
tHe country, has come back and will ride
for Colonel Rsl Parr, ths local turfman.
SWABTHMOHS Ri. F S3 -White, t
star loi-woj-a ei owtj'iaffigfsv t&Utge ' feasxet-
fcsH tju MBTtrsd a dtep jb syr him risnt
durtss s sabiwMMm is k owi kj t
iM sitw with alUmt& m! I-et, b this
ft-rjMoe M y tttBi0 br pr Bay Urn
si ia tfolnult t oi PaoslTii. feyt "N
uccW t rtmam sy
phils, mm wmm,
Lobert, Magee and Dooin
Gone, Pat Moran Must
Build Fast to Make
Showing Even Equal to
1914 Failure.
As far as the prophetic eye can reach
the path ahead of the Phillies this sea
Bon appears to be Btrewn with a vege
tntlon that cannot be mistaken for roses.
In fact, the 1915 season for the local Na
tional Leaguers has a gloomy aspect, far
more so than last season.
The reason for the muiky outlook Is
the loss of the Hana Lobert, Sherwood
Magee and Charley Dooln. Opinion dif
fers on the Dooln question. Many think
a wle move was made when the peppery,
red-haired leader was deposed; many
others think that, with a free rein, Dooln
would have been In tho running with his
club next year. At any rate, Dooln was
and Is one of the best catchers In the
game, and his loss will be felt In that
department, despite tho fact that Kllllfer,
Hums nnd Adams form an excellent re
ceiving trio.
As to the disposition of Lobert and
Magee, there are few fnns and friends
of the Phillies who do not feel that the
localB have been stung. The Phillies got,
no doubt, all that these players were
worth so fur ns the monetary consider
ations aro concerned. But It Is harder
for a club to buy good players now than
It Is to make $3000 or J6000. The trade
whereby the heavy-hitting Magee was
transferred to the champion Braves far a
sum of money and Inflelder Dugey was
particularly displeasing to local bugs.
They had hoped, at least, that Whltted
and Tyler would come here. But neither
was willing. Stnlllngs thereforo sent a
man to Moran whom he would probably
have released, anyway,
Hans Lobert was traded to the Giants
for Catcher JJack Adams, Milton Stock
and Al Demaree. At best Adams will
be a third-string catcher. Stock may
make a utility position, but it Is hardly
probable that he will land a regular
berth on the Phillies Infield so long as
the other on the roster remain healthy,
happy and signed. Demaree will be of
some assistance to the Phillies' hurling
staff, but he will not offset the loss of
Lobert, who was not only a consistent
hitter, but n splendid lead-oft man and
the fastest base runner In the world.
Nlehoff, who comes from Cincinnati In
tho Dooln deal, should bo able to play a
capable game at second base. If he does,
Byrne will be shifted to third, auto
matically annullng any benefit that
might have accrued by the acquisition
of Stock.
The pitching department will be about
the same as It was last season. Alexan
der will lead the parade as a matter of
course. Then there are Baumgartner and
Blxey, tha two southpaws. The other
members of the staff aro Mayer, Tlncup,
Mattlson, Jacobs and Marshall. The out
field will be considerably weaker than It
was last season. In the first place Beats
Becker does not approach Magee in all
round value". Then Qavvy Cravath will
scarcely do so well this year aa he did
Eddta Plank, Formerly of Athletics,
a Benedict.
aKTTTSIlUna. Pa., Feb. 3.On the eve of
his departure for the training camp of ths St
Louis Federals at Havana. Eddie Plank, vet
eran pitcher, formerly with the Athletics, an
nounced hla marriage to Miss Anna C. Mvers.
of New Oxford, on January SO. Mrs. Flank
Joined her husband at New Oxford and will
accompany him to his training camp,
FlTTSBtmaH, Pa.. Feb. 23. The Pitts
burgh National League Baseball Club an
nounced late yesterday that it bad purchased
W a (Doc) Johnson, first baseman, from the
Cleveland American League team.
CHICAGO. Feb, 23. Manager Hendricks, of
the Indianapolis American Association Club.
today put In his bids for two members of the
Chicago Nationals, and President Thomas
promised he could, have them If Manager
Brssnaban would consent. Neither Hendricks
nor Thomas would name the men, Ilreinshnn
Is In Toledo and is expected here In a day or
BltnEVEPOBT, La.. Feb, 23.-W. T. Craw
ford, lce president of the Southern Ba&ebsll
Association, who became president as a result
of the sudden death of Judge W. M Kava
naugh at Little Hock Sunday stated yesterday
he would not serve. Captain Crawford will
pall a meetlnjr of league officers soon to rhmua
a permanent head,
LITTLB BOCK. Ark , Feb. 23. Funeral
service for tha late Judge William M. Kava
nsugh. president of tha Southern Baseball
Association, will be held rro-n the family rtsd
dince here tomorrow afternoon.
Renter Makes Great Record
NEW YORK, Feb. 23 -Although Iw stt a
new record for the City Hall to Coney Island
course, Dick Itemer, of the Irlsii-Atnerlean A.
C. was on minute short of winning the an
nual open handicap nent held under the au
spices of tha Wslkerw' Club yesterday. Itemer
passed ISO athletea during the race and was
lined In I hour 2d minutes, H seconds.
Elmer Smith "Wins Race
WQODBUItY. N J . Feb- 8.-."-'B " !
country run yesterday by pupil of ion High
School, the iuniora defeated the other classes
..! I v Bhoer SaUth son first tUcy "tlm.
Valley Aula Show Opens:
SOOTU B8rmilBM. Fa. Ft 33,-Tn
first scnast BUtomsbM lse of Oj Labtffc
nil epssitl i ils s i t& piiv i las. sight
ja ti riemtjin no a socj-4 ft aM4U
Two local schools have started early
preparations for tho 1915 football season.
Mnnagcr McDonald, of Temple Univer
sity, Is dickering with several major col
leges for games, while Doctor Ker, coach
of Southern High School, has arranged
for early gridiron practice,
Tho downtown school has never been
represented by a good eleven. It Is Doc
tor Ker's Intentions to start football
prnctlco earlier than usual, with tho hope
of developing n winning cloven. He
made n call for boys who expected to bo
candidates next season, and about 40 boy3
Captain Amelia, of Gcorgo (School's base
oaii team, has a aquao of 2U battery candidates
working: out dally In the gimnaslum. Aa soon
52,."!0 "eather permits Amelia mil mako a
can for other aspirants and will start open
air practice.
Episcopal Academy's tennis season mill start
April 28, wllh tho Northeast High School team.
Captain Casej, Kraft, Itebinann, Sanderson and
Tnorlngton aro oterans on tho churchmen's
Tho track team of St. Luke's School has been
Havana Results
First race. fiOO. 3-j ear-olds and up. selling. 3
furlongs Meda Lawrence, Oil, Llndsey, 0 to
1, " to 1, een. won; Mill Connor. 10S, Bauer,
II to 0, 1 to 2. out. second; Idlewelss. Ill,
Hlnphy, 18 to H, II to S, 3 to B, third. Time.
1.03 4-8. Kloctrlclan, General Warren, Maltlk
and Flatbush also ran.
Second race, purse $30O, for 3-j ear-olds and
up, selling, flo furlongs Vnca, 1011, Ural. ." to
-'. oen, 1 to 2, won; Calethumplon, 108, Koer
ner, 4 to 1, 8 to 3, 4 to fi. second; Slciuta,
102, Hlnphy, 15 to 1, U to 1, .1 to 1. third.
Time, 1:0B. May Ipps. Uulger, Black Chief,
Barn Dance and J. H. Harr also ran.
Third race, purse $400, for 3-year-olds and
up, selling i furlongs Catharine Turner, 302,
Coleman, O to 1, 2 to 1, een, won; Morigyle,
113. Connor, 20 to 1, 8 to 1, 4 to 1, second;
Saturnus. 101, Dryer, 3 to 2, 7 to 0, 7 to 10,
third. Time, 1.03 4-3. Virginia. Hlte, Moun
tain Fearl. Lady May, Columbia Lady. Still
Dy, Undo Flti, Doctor Cann, Spltnro and
Kettledrum alto ran.
Havana Entries
First race. 0 furlongs, nurso $300. for 3-year-olds
and up, selling Blanche Lewis, 100;
Yorkshire Boy. 104. Idlewelss. 107: Colonel
Brown. 1U1): Mr Hack, 100; Wolfs Path. 100;
Calethumplan. 109; Dr. Dougherty, 112; Flea
Will, 112, Detente. 112: Volthorpo. 117.
1 Second raio, 5V4 furlongs, nurse $400. for 3-year-olds
and up. selling 'Galaxy, n; nustlo
Maid. 100: Chi Ira. 100: 'Bordello. 101: Lura,
lot: Snehn. 103: Northern Light. 105: Chilton
Trance. 101: Czar Michael, 100; Skeets. 100.
Bully. 109; Chilla. 112; Perth nock. 114.
Third race mile, pureo 4C0. for 3-year-olds
ond up. selling "Banio Jim. 103: Supreme.
100: 'Patty Began. 106; 'Sepulveda. 109: Jaw
bone. 101); 'Colonel Holloway. 100: Napier. 114.
Fourth race. t furlongs, special, army of
ficers. Fifth race, 6 furlongs, purse $100. for 3-year-olds
and up, selling Yellow Flower, 101;
"AJax, 107: 'Nash, 107; 'Motsant. 108; 'In
ferno Queen, 103; 'Biinlce, 108; 'Quick Start,
108; 'Cutnyhunk, 110; Gerard. 115; Runaway,
113: Transport, 11&
Sixth race. U furlongs, purse $500, for 3-
par-olds and up, selling 'Pierrot, 88: A. N.
Akin. 3: Bamboo, uS; Honey Bee, 100; 'Ray
o' Light. 10O: 'Colle, l6l; 'Joe Finn. 101; Briar
Path, 103; 'Louise Paul, 100; 'Progressive, 108.
Weather, clear; tiack. good.
Apprentice allowances claimed,
Juarez Entries
FirBt race, selling. 2-year-olds, 4 furlongs
Meal Ticket. ; Dmlly It.. 03: Brooks, 88;
Little. Bigger, 1)8; 'Megaphone, TO: 'Illumin
ator, 102; Anita It., 101: Jtmmle .Hunt, 10S;
Lola. 10(i; Schulenhurr, 107: Sangallo, 100,
Second race, selling, 4-year-olds and up. 8
furlongs 'Captain Druse, 107; 'Cloud Chief,
107: dtlo Brazos, 107; Dungara, 108; Amaze
ment, 109: Capt. Llndtley, 112: Kid Nelson,
112: Balall, 112; Sharper Knight, 112; Con
naught, 112; Tony Koch, 112; Henry Walhank,
112; Delaney, 112; Praetorian, 112; Rubicon II,
Third race, selling, 3-year-olds, 8W furlongs
John fipohn, tOO: Old Bob. 100; Mabel Dul
weber. 103: I.enore. 103; B. A, Jones, 105;
irmanr, ii juucu vayuouiu, ivoi iwaven-
hall, 108; Msko Good, 108; Yestersun, 110;
Langhorne, 113,
Fourth race. 8-year-olds and up, handicap,
mile FlJrin. W); Beulah ., W); Be, 07; Trans.
act. M: Nanr.lo McDee, 100; Kiccutor, 100;
Mud Still, 102: Gen. Marchmont, 103; Rash,
,11,1 1 Col. Marchmont, 113.
Fifth race, selling, 4-year-olds and up, W,
furlongs Imperator. 103; Thistle Belle, 108;
Oaaple, 108; Theodorlta, 108; Manganese. 110;
Orimar Lad, 112: Pride of Llsmore. 110.
Sixth race, selling, for 3-yeer-olds and up,
mile Twilight, S3; Chevron. 03; 'Paw, 05;
Choctaw, 102; Andrew O'Day. 104; Waver
ing, 103; Curlicue. 100; Mercurlum, 100,
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Weather, clear; track, fast.
B. Squad Gets Away 6 to 3 in Spirited
Pennsylvania's baseball men resumed
practice this afternoon after a day's va
cation. Coach Koy Thomas, after ths
preliminaries, picked two teams and put
them throuKh a stiff S-lnnlns; game. It
was a nip and tuck affair, because the
veterans had been evenly distributed be
tween the two teams. Not until the 6th
Inning could Team B get a lead, and
then 3 runs turned the tide In Us favor.
Coach Thomas again used two pitchers
for each side. Fred Vreeland, the port
Bide fUnsrer, did good work for Team A
while he waa In the box Wallace, who
pitched the last half of the sjame for
Team 8. held his opponents down In
splendid shape. JubI now Vreeland and
Wallace are doing the best pitching.
The teams lined up as follows:
Hopkins, U. Ward, 2b.
Murdock. cf Preston, rf.
Uatchatt, rf. Moore, ss.
Dise. 2b. Irwin. If.
Mysklns. 3b. Hlnkson, cf.
Kane, lb. Monroe, lb.
Andrews, S3. Bchimcf, 3b.
Wray, o. Johnson, c
Vreeland, p. Wlsner, p,
Valleat. p. Wallace, p.
The score by innings:
Ttara A O0300000 0-3
Team B OO3QO30O1-8
No-Hope for tayfleld
WIiaflKOTON. Del.. Feb. a.-Bob laysld
quirtuitatk: pa thj Joaoj ItaiiUa ijlcvan, v.La
sutiM4 a.taJhMOtrtd wtfsra to a, fiwtUH
Sin.e with I.iltltftl at Ij.vulh Rtthll)litu I'ii
on Ot to'-.jr 31, I djiiic HI efcjrftr,.,. Pacts
jtttg inna-iu-ssl last jliht 1 csvilfl ojit iv
selected by Coach Clark. He has picked Grang,
Admits, Jlorroll and Lewis for the relay team,
Mcl'hllllni), Southern High School's star
KUard, is working out with tho pitching candi
dates for the Itcd and lll&ck nine. Mac showed
a lot of stuff last year and ho will probably
gain a berth this year.
WILMINGTON. Del.. Feb. 23.-The doldey
College basketball team Is preparing for two
hard battles this week. On Friday night the
team will line up amilnst Lewes f!kh School
and on Saturday nlnht It will meet tho strong
Company H team of Mllford.
Salcslnnum. which surprised Iteclf on Satur
day by defeating the strone Wilmington Con
ference Academy team bv a score of 32 to IT,
will play Dover High School in this city Frl
d.iv. Tho fast Hiverton fUo will be the opponents
of the IJrownson Library team Friday evening.
Winners at the weekly ' spoon shoot of the
J'orklvn Athletic Club on Saturday were T, C.
Marshall, 23. Class A; S. it. Denncll. 0. Class
11, M. Hutchinson, S. Class C; J. Stern, 10,
Olaes D.
Wilmington automobile dealers havo formed
n permanent orcanlzatllon. with J. H. Nixon,
president: Knoeh Moore, vico president: H, N.
J'arthinr.ton, secretary and treasurer, and thero
offlceis with It. It. Banks and J. Frank White,
directors. v
Members of tho Delaware Horse Show Asso
ciation ere preparing for the mntlnes races in
May i
A county baseball league which will Include
clubs from some of the adjacent Man laud
towns, as well as Delaware, may be organized.
Dick Marcy Again at Post New
Fresh Trackman.
Six crows went on the river from tho
University of Pennsylvania boathouse
this afternoon for tho third day's prac
tice of the seaaoru. They were tho varsity,
eight, junior and third varsity crews, a
freshmnn eight nnd two mixed eights,
made up of the overflow.
Lllck Marcy, tho regular varsity stroke,
who was absent from the practice yes
terday, was back today and took his
place In the varsity boat.'
Pennsylvania's freshman track team
was boosted today by tho appearance
of Elmer Peoples, who holds the strength
test record for this claBS.Peoples played
guard on the freshman eleven last fall,
but Is a good hammer thrower nlso, and
will concentrate on that event for this
Detroit Releases Outfielder
DETnOlT. Feb. 23. - Fred Nicholson,
outfielder, waB released to the San An
tonio team, of tho Texas League, today
by the Detroit American League club.
Nicholson's release cuts the Tiger squad
to 29 players. Jacobson, obtained from
Chattanooga, is the only recruit out
fielder still on the list and he is expected
to mako good. For tho first time In
years Detroit has only one first baBeman
George Burns and he Is not worrying
about getting nosed out.
News comes from Havana that the
authorities have "forced" Jack Johnson
to a fight with Sam McVey In the Cuban
city and that as a result the Johnson
Wlllardbatt!e is postponed. Slarvellous
days these, -when Governments compel
prlie fights under threat of deportation I
Of course, the thousands of fan- who
have Journeyed or are Journeying to Jua
rez are disappointed at the latest turn In
events. They fully expected the battle
would be staged precisely as scheduled.
There Is never any hitch In pugilistic con
tests. Promoters never fall to give the
rlngslders Just what they promise.
Up to the Golfers
Are the professional golfers changing
with the times or ore the times changing
with the pro golferaT In the past a win
ter period waa more or less a dreaded
season. Now, however, all that the aver
age professional has to do Is to go South,
where he can play to his heart's, content
There waa a time when the rigid golfing
law would havo been violated If tha pror
fesslonal left the shadow of his work
bench. Not so now, Judging from tho
number of men now on tour.
"Why didn't John McOraw pick up this
shortstop (Selgel) If he is such a won
der? McOraw has been In Havana some
time?!" TJiIs question was propounded; by
a local baseball bug. We refuse to answer
yet, apropos of nothing In particular; the
ponies have been running In Havana, If
we have been advised correctly,
Ben Tlncup, who Uvea In Oklahoma,
wrote to Bill 8,hettBllna asking that be
be allowed to go to 6t. Petersburg with
the boat party, by way cf Philadelphia,
and New York, which Is about the same
thins as roakinr a Journey from hero to;
Pittsburgh by way of AJsaGe.LornUne.
Wh? McDermott Failed
The announcement that Hay nd Vsr
don. will Mt visit this country to play
golf ustwraH leads on to Mmugnu of
HcDinQtt tiit ysunjs M!na a
tii oc4er of t-.o- -ifU, ubua Var-
Tho proposed Johnnv tritl,-.. .1
llams fight, which has been hahMI
for moro than a month, will b Jt
Ul l" ynpia A, A., this city. IrteS
moter Harry D. Edwards sucmmJP
treltlnc finmmv ttn-i . Jifl.
bantam champion, to conetnt toTOI
match. Hj
This fact developed this MtttJm
..... ., .VB.m,i irom Jlrnm, s
Kllbano's adviser, to the Sports figf
Dunn'n mossnire wmt
"Sports Editor The Evrwiw ,'
1 don't wnnt to give Williams tnr di
x pS? Jeff '?J.ftrnr .SIS!
nskeT Now It" I .Vve.7'.K 85 MS
"(Sitmed! " .if.,S",22:.
.Tni-fc lTnHlnn TJ',1n,nJ-t .." V""
yesterday afternoon that If tha oi53
Clllh r-nt thn n,nnh..l1,.J .. . "'fiW
would bo staged Wednesday .S1
March 17. Hanlon on 1,1 .h.. !,t!
arrangements for tho fight had bttiiSf
with tho exception of tho referee. Si
According to word from Dunn In oSS
land, ho had agreed to the wdgtairV
pounds ringside, nnd to the purse Mat
with a privilege of 35 per cent, of thK&
Billy Itocap to( referee Instead oWl!r
club's offlclRl, Frank O'Brien. HtaS
said that Dunn would have to arrtlnf
O'Brlon or thero would bo no match,v
However, now thnt Kllhfin' .rf
has .consented to evory'Jhlng, the'nuMa
of getting Harris to sign up for Wllila-J
Is nil that 1s necessary to bind the mV3
Hnnlon loft for N'nw Yn-lr l,i. a.v
noon. Tho purpose of his trip tWwfe)i
talinnrmPrl. la in trM T-Tnrrto et--s..J. hah
-- a-- - ., nifciituuic;
Ministers to Supervise ..Ring FigM
According to Bill. jt
nnvrcn. ri.. vb. m pm....,.Mf
Vaughan's bill legalizing 15-round prus-'
iignis in Wilmington was amended m Uj
TTrtiinA nnmmltton nn MnnlMna! n.
- .....u, .v.iviy
tlons this morning to cover only JO-rmilS,
oouib. il win u reporiea iavoratM
rt.A,rtiftra nnnn.lnr, It linvlnn nw.x?lJ1
permit the matter to be threshed omTW
the floor. -
1,11. vuut,uii, oaiu iiu uciiuvcu luejUlfff!
would appoint three ministers to ioH
(.kUiiin vt hAhiti trtrtfr t auabI' 4
hntite e$
The bill stipulates the ring coiuW I
minpton, and It has a strong backl
on me pan ot uusmess men.
IMack Has Dots on Baker
J. Frank. tn Baker, tho Athletlca third fcw
man will rtlav tanll with thnt tm fAfittu i
next two years or ho will not t'lay at iaj
nccoruinK 10 a axaifrncni ibbucq ,hu tiii&i er i
hnrl nn ronsor. to bcllovo that Baker lui
chansed hie mind about quitting th jttn
DUt t:ai- ne issuea ine siaiemcni -in orw
to quiet the r-iany rumors which are bMtr
UUI'HOIIUU ill Uliictvilt, pans ui niv lwuui
Breaks World's Weight ReconjM
NEW YORK. Feb. 21.-0. W. Chaawiek,
llltlns the lou-pound dumbbell from hlVf.
to arm lengxn ai ine nnnuai ainieii? gwsi.
of the Greek-Amerlcnn A. C. in the Tlst Best,
munt Armorv last nleht. lie rilat&Mtot
-wclfdit .10 times, 10 times more thin thidlij
mark ot O. Teambrlas. of the Greek-Amtrtcu ;
A. C, .who was second. '$;
Several Injured in Fox Chase;fi
WEST CHESTEn, Pa.. Feb. I3.-TMtrirt ;
fox chase was the liveliest experienced tr at ,
Mather and Pickering Hunts for several iwii
and several riders were thrown front Imkj
mounts. Mrs. John R. Valentine, of em.1
Mawr. was rendered unconscious for urtnl!
hours, and Victor Mather receive! J"!
linger, while John Daldnln as conliietW
bnileed from being thrown. Several foiei i ww!
started, but the dogs were called off ceinH
flcynard waa captuied. -i
if A
Alarqucttcs Earn Trophy
The Morquotte Club, of this cltr, ma ftfl
spcclil trophv for out-of-town clubs. corocftWll
in ine nvo-mue open-io-au nwa iuu v. .-.,
nMn- rlirV, ITnti.A Jiv Vnrlf HtV. TUtOLl
day afternoon. The' Quaker athlete stwjf
SOI ooints. Marquette's athletes flnlsM4 BL
JS. as. no. in ana oom posiuoiw, ,"-,,ii
nestal and Rellly were the first "?ji
nnlsh tor tne uuaKers.
Sport Writers Entertained jf
More than 25 sporting writers were toys
guests or iioDDy morrow at ""i mu.a v,4
lormance ac ine xrocaueru iucai,. ."-z.i
attly after the show the party, w; toe iwgl
of Manager Claude Mohr at a iunclieon t lMi
Hotel Hanover,
- ........ tri?
aon and Kay came to this eiae. '"ft
In private, but given wide pybUcltM
u IUY:lJMflBlliB K" jcimnw, . Jll
undolne. Tho t rltlclsm which was twill
nn Min.mintl' tiAnri fnr his OWD. Cnl
clsm of the Britishers cauted tdSWS
much mental suffering that he aimw
n irli.n ..n nir If. tiAB nAV,f hEB
Belf on the links slpce the onfcrtj
happening and never will, ah u ",s
snows mac mere is psycuoiusj
nothing more.
Tommy Leach, cast-off of the CulCfl
been signed by Charley Herzoff wBH
natl. like Opportunity, knocks at H1
uaseouu piayera aoor ui cot v"a
Jnrlr RkcIInv .Should Wot
Jack Skelly, one-time pugllht St
boxing writer, rises to remark "(Ksf
WcduUrari and JTerry Edwards W
aany io oner wnat no "ij
stupendous sum for the Kllban-WU
match. He cites as irrounda tor arfi
that neither tho National A. a vJ
OlvmD a A. A. could draw a u""-
larcn enttk tn nnvr the ealDCnseS.
Mr. Skellya benefit we Illtwl J
rise to the remark which, in t"
la that there have been "",
What has been can be again. AsjM
is the method by which tne
gardlng these facts, why shou M
worry? He hasn't been mksq ; .
What the Phillies Mi
A sports writer eels forth !
to begin on this year than la1
bera, probabix yes, ana tnea r
be, no. But then yet agas
Bherwood aiagee'8 bat a y
Honus Robert was some $&,
bases and a third eacker wun ;
rep, Ths fans ars waiww w
r m
Fairmouaf A. C.ST? ,v, ,.
4iVsi 1 .it -

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