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Unfortunate Remarks
The woman who Intends to linve any
urt of Bucesa In this world must be
tactful. If she Isn't naturally tactful,
then the sooner she learns bo to be, the
better for herpelf. For tnctfulncss n
vn'6 brings with It a measure of popular
ity. Conversely, the lack of tact uhvuyo
means more than n small desieo of un
popularityand who among us can rf
ford to bo unpopular with our fellow
1 havo In mind one gill of my ncciua ni
nnco who always says the wrong thliR.
No matter where she Is or how she Is
or what the circumstances me. she In
variably pats her foot In It. And t she
Is thorougnly wcllineniiliit,'. That in the
lamentable part of the whole affair. She
wouldn't hurt the feelings of the pro
verbial mouse If she could help It-but
she can't help Itl l'or she wus bom with
lack of tact. And no one shows her the
error of her wuys.
In the small circle In which she lives
and motes and has' her being 3he Is only
tolerated not leally liked, yiio wundeiH
"I'm sure I'm as good-nutured as pos
sible!" she will exclaim In a burst of con
lldcnce, to so.i.o friend. "Hut all the
same, the other girts don't miciii to like
mo nt all! Only last neck I hnd Mnry
Brown t.tuylng with mo and 1 gao her a
splendid time. Uut Mary didn't exactly
gush when she said goud-hy to me I
don't believe she lenlly did enjoy her
self!" And she Is perfectly light. Kor how
could Mary Urowu enjoy herself when
most of the time she was the unwilling
victim of tactless remarks nnd tactless
"I'm so glad to see you. .Mary. Uut,
dear me, how dtcadfully haggard you're
looking!" the tactless oiin exclaimed
when her guest arrived. "What on earth
have you been doing to youieelf? You
look years older than when I last saw
youl What a change! I don't believe
If I'll met you on the stieet I'd havo
recognized you!"
And poor Mary Urown feels as If the
yearn of u Methuselah were icstlng on
her still youthful shoulders.
"I feel pcifcctly well only a little tirpd
after the Journey," alio murmurs nwk
warkly. "You poor soul, you are looking dread
ful!" the tactless friend continues. "You
have lines under your eyes and your face
lias such a drawn, white look. You used
to have such ajnetty color, Mary! What
a shame that you should have lobt it!
But then your work Is j conln!ng. Isn't
it? I should hate It myself, If I wore
you! Teaching children must be per
fectly awful, I think."
"But I don't think It awful, I enjoy It,"
says tho unfortunate visitor, plucking up
rufficicnt spirit for the Indication of hei
chosen profession.
Harp and Shamrock Motif for Decorations Green May
onnaise a Quaint Culinary Conceit Among Novel
Recipes for Paddy's Day Parties.
"St. Patrick's Day S.iliul," "Kmoiald
Isle Gelatine" and a number of other
Teclpoa are contained in u menu for St.
Patrick's Day. Greens mid potatoes
figure prominently on the bills. The
three meals, follow lug an ingenious ar
rangement of foods, will go about llko
Baked Apples with llreeii Sauce and
Stenmcd Cornmcal with Haislns
Poached Eggs on Toast
garnished with Cress
Bacon Curls
Creamed Potatoes with Parsley
"Erln-go-Bragh" Bouillon
Thin Bllced Breast of Veal and Cress
Irish Potato Croquettes with Shamrock
Shamrock. Sandwiches
Emerald Isle Gelatine with Whipped
Cream and Pistachio Nuts
Cocoa or Tea
Little Neck Clams
Emerald Islo Soup
Belfast Broiled Steak
and Mushrooms
Limerick StulTed Murphys
String Beans
St. Patrick's Salad
Pistachio Ice Cream garnished with
crystallized Mint Leaves
White Shamrock Cake v
Black Coffee
Sweetmeats and Nuts In Green
Use green for nil decorations. Place In
centre of table a bunch of smllux or a
llttlo harp (Inexpensive), which might
even be gotten up of gilt paper over raid
board, shaped Into harp form, nnd deco
rated with smlldx. Hnvo twisted strips
of green crepe paper In graceful festoons
draped from centre of chandelier or dome
to all four points of tabic, where Is placed
a green-shaded candle at each terminus.
Place small pots of shamrock at each
guest's place.
Use Irish flags for room decorations.
Var favors or souvenirs, placed at each
guest's place, use little Irish flags and
Putty' bats filled with white and green
To make sauce, take one tablespoonful
corn starch, one pint cold water, pinch of
Alt and three tablespoon futs sugar; color
with green vegetable coloring. One can
use a. little spinach (cooked and pressed
through sieve), place coloring In corn
starch mixture and place In pan around
the apples. Stir sauce several times while
BPPleU are baking.
Serve when cold with cream and sugar.
Garnish with green. When parsley has
served Its purpose as a garnish It can
he placed In a dry J-ir and covered air
tight If set In cool place it will keep a
week, and can be used as needed.
Pea. flour can be bought for 10 cents a
rU can, which makes one gallon soup,
will servo a family of four for four
meu's, counting one bouillon cup to each.
t the nominal coat of Hi cents. Mix
With not water sj) much as needed and
ii"li to teste Serve tn bouillon cupa
Wtlb SPOOM of whipped cream on top ot
MH-tt t JJnely "u 5-uwey
UiHll t?c" i-Nf CiJOQUBTTES.
i Y&t-feotlaif. wealy potatoes.
jffiffiimM$&$ fcg
dear," she says. "You know we are hav
Tho tactless one looks Incredulous, and
maki-B some even moto pitying remark,
width Is none th0 'ess galling for tho fact
that It Is mi'iiht cry kindly.
"Come right upstairs and rest, Mary
lug u llttle'party in your honor tonight,
and Jim Smith Is to be here. So you
must look your very best."
The visitor here shows signs of cm
.vtriniutment, for the young man referred
to holds a prominent place In her esteem.
It Is tho Pawning of a love affair. Uut
me Is somewhnt shy on the subject, nnd
not for u nilils would she let the other
hluk that the aforementioned Jim Smith
holds any extrnordltmiy Interest for her.
And no, v omnii-llhe, c!ie affects an 111
difleience she Is very far from feeling.
"Is ho i rally taking me ,n to dinner?"
she quciics ciiRiially "No, I don't know
lilm piirtlrtilnm mo. I."
And so her tnrt.css friend, not being
well-read In the human heart nor well
vcieed Iti Its outwnul manifestations,
thinks that she will best please Mary
by sending Ikt In to dinner with a part
ncr other thnn the one selected.
"Mnry doesn't. seem to care about Jlln
Smith." sho tcllecls tranuiiltly.
And when tho change has been if-fei-ti'd,
she feels thoroughly satlslled
wllh her sharo tlieri-ln llttlo knowing
that by so doing Bln has destroyed the
mucli-looUcd-fot ward-to pleasuie in two
bashrul henits.
After dinner sho rushes up to her denr
friend Mnry. "Aren't ou glnd 1 chose
another dinner partner for you?" sho ex
claims virtuously. "Uut oh, Mury, I nm
F.o sorry Mint you cho c to wear a black
gown tonight! on are so much prettier
In pink or something bright. Olrls who
tiro as pnlo as you me should avoid
The remark springs from n genuine In
terest in the unfortunate Mary, but noira
tlio less does It cniry n Ming Willi it.
for Stuiy feels t lint she Is looking plain
mill dowdy, and her spirits sink to zero
nt one rush,
"What a charming girl SIlss Urown
Is," lemni'ks u genial old man. "It Is
a pleasure for nie to talk with her. She
Is a wonderful convcisntlonnllst for una
so young."
"Uut she Isn't so very young!" ex
claims the tactic" one finite audibly.
"Why, -she Is ipille '.'S. Yes, Isn't she
it dear'.' I'm iimfully fond of her! She
used to be i cry pietly, when she was
oimgr-. Uut teuclihir wouid age any
one, wouldn't It?"
Later on. when Jim Smith became en
gaged to Slim- Ftrown. the lacthss friend
was (tille surprised that the happy cou
ple didn't come to see her oftcner. "It is
extraordinary!" she would exclaim In .i
melancholy tone to her small clrchi of
Uut, remembering hr tactless rcmaiks
at the unfortunate dinner-party, the
friends d'dn't think It extraordinary at
nil. Only they didn't have the lourago
to tell her so!
And so tho well-meaning but tactless
woman goes on her way, making trou-
I ilo and causing heart-burnings all t lie
time and possessed of very few real
1 1 lends. For no mntter how kindly slit
Is ut heart, until she mends her ways
she never will ho popular.
mash them thoiouglily thiough sieve,
bent up well with two tnhlespoonfuls of
milk or cream, add salt mid chopped
parsley and a half onion minced very
lino. Hind nilxtuip when cold with an
egg well beaten, reserving a little egg lo
dip croquettes In. Slako potato mixture
into balls dip In egg diluted with a Utile,
milk, fry in deep laid, drain and serve ,
hot. garulhheil with shamrock on top of
each croquette.
Take thin slices of bread, cut In heart
shape, spread with butter, lay one leaf
of salad, minced hnid-bollcd eggs, celery
and nuts mixed witli mayonnaise and a
few drops of lemon juice on buttered
bread; press another heart-shaped pleco
on top and tie with green ribbons.
Sllnt may be the flavor or any other
desired. Use a llttlo giceu vegetable
color. Some grecn-tlntcd prepared geln
tlnes are on the market. Ornament with
whipped cream and pistachio nuts. This
dessert can also be mado the previous
day and a III be all ready for the whipped
cream Wednesday.
Any good white cake recipe may be
used for this. Ice with white Icing and
decorate with pistachio mius.
Put ono pint of milk over the tiro In
dcmole bolltr and add to It ono ounce
pistachio nuts chopped fine. Add u half
teaspoon ot almond .paste and mix well;
then boil 20 minutes. Pick over one pint
of fiesh green spinach, tcnaer parts left
In enough bulling salt water to cover
them. When tei.der drain and chop fine
and press to a pulp. Add spinach to
sdup, mlK thoroughly; add one teaspoon
of butter. Moisten one tablespoon of
arrowroot with cold watci. Add a little
hot liquid to it and then stir Into the
soup and cjok until the consistency of
thick cream. Just before serving arid a
half teasprtm of pepper, salt and a dush
of white ptpper.
Select three or four even-sized potatoes,
wash carefully and dry ; place In oven and
bake about forty-live minutes, or until
a silver fork will pierce them easily. Re
move from oven, cut In half lengthwise,
carefully take potato out of skins, mash
through uiese and season with little salt,
butter and milk. Beat well with wire fork,
return to potato cases. On top dot with
little butter, grated cheese and parsley;
bruwn lightly In pven.
Take a small portion of veal and cut
Into cubes, equal amount of celery, cut up;
mix wtll with green mayonnaise. Place
spoonful of mixture on salad, garnish all
around with pimento-stuffed olives cut Into
ringlets. Top It off with sprig of cress or
Green mayonnaise is made by taking
yellow of raw eg? and yolk of hard-boiled
one, mixed together smoothly with a little
mustaid and pinch of salt. Then drop
ol.ve oil to mixture, first very slowly,
working all the time, then Gradually
faster, alternating with a little vinegar
mui vf rutier wnslsteno Then add
rrcen vegetable, color i us to give. It a nice
tight green aalor. Top it off with sprig of
cress or $mWy.
Although lliiiiliiinu SylM'Htcr had a
great deal of Imagination for un English
man nnd although "he had listened lo
Slnignlet talk about college doings by
the hour on boaul the boat that brought
her baclt fioni England to her senior year
nt Dover College and drought him to n
week's lslt to the State, and although
his extensile loamlngs had taught him
piepaiedness for anything, still his llr.it
half hour of Dover Collegi- fairly took hlu
breath away, lie nirlvcd. after collet
had been In .session for tU'diiys, at about
I o'clock In the afternoon, and. Iiaxlng se
cured a room at the neat llttlo Dover ho
tel, he started out In I ha dliectlon of tin
nmpus in search of Margaret with Im
patience of spirit and Joy of hc.-iit.
Two smiling, luitlcss young women, chid
in outing stilts, approached him peifcct.y
"We are official guides," they sicincd to
sny In chorus. "Wo will show yon thn
campus, tho lake, the ramble, the college
buildings, Hie chapel, and Indicate all tin
points of Interest nil for a dollar. Wo
ore raising tho money for the college ath
letic association."
liurduian fumbled Hi his pocket for a
dollar and consented to bo guided.
"I want most of all tn be shown to
tlicllie doimltoiy," ho said with an
accent that seemed lo delight his guides.
He could feel that they were casting ap
proving glances over his head. "It Is
jolly good of you urn I am awfully
obliged, but if you will pilot nm tn the
dormitory, Mint is about all that 1 will
have time for."
The guides smiled and led him through
tho campus entrance, walking faster und
taster as they proceeded, ono Inking up
the thread of the conversation wlicie the
other left off. Bordniaii laughed and
talked pleasantly with them, and when
thev pnsbed a group of a girls, rlad In
sweaters and bloomer!, "A group of un
dergraduates." as tho guides explained,
"returning from basketball piaetlce"
his natural Instinct, In view of the un
usual costumes worn by tho party, was
to turn his guzo from them.
He felt some ono looking at him. Ho
looked back Just as tho group had
passed and there he saw In the person
of one of tho be-hlocmcrcd young ath
letes tho object of his heart's dcBlrc,
Slargorot. For a moment ho paused.
Perhaps he had better leave his guides
and follow her, und then, as he thought
of It, It seemed better to wait till she
had time to dress In mora conventional
garb before lie Joined her.
"I say," he said. Dually, "don't you
think you havo given me a dollar's
worth? I have had u lipping time, really,
but I want to go and call on a friend
at tho dormitory."
When Bordman finally mado his way to
the dormitory und had tho front door
opened by a diminutive buttoned page ho
found himself In tho midst of a bevy of
talking, laughing young women who
looked up In surprise as lit; passed them
Into a small reception room, whither the
page directed him. Soon Margaret camo
downstairs and greeted Bordman with
Indifference, unlike the sympathetic ex
pression he had taken away as a memory
of her but 10 days ago.
"I didn't know you had any other
friends at Dover," she said, with a ris
ing inflection, intended to Indicate In
difference, and It took a good 10 minutes
of Bordman's persuasion to explain that
he had been "guided" quite ngalnst his
will, and that later, when Margaret
passed him on the campus, the reason he
didn't desert them to follow her was bo
cause he felt that perhaps, dressed as
she was, she wouldn't have cared to
stop to talk to him.
"Awfully fetching costume, though," ho
added, hastily, feeling that perhaps she
would think he disapproved.
Then Margaret took another good 10
minutes explaining the nature of basket
ball minutes that Bordman was aching
to use for the purpose for which ho had
come to Doerv He had to return early
tho next morning to New York, hi order
to catch his steamship back to England,
and it was part of his plans to take
back with him, If he could, the knowl
edge that Margaret would be his wife.
However, he listened to Margaret's ex
planation. She paused a minute for
breath and Bordman drew his chair
nearer to her.
"Be careful," she warned, "this Is not
the steamer deck, you know; a half a
dozen girls In the hall are watching us."
"Can't we close the doors? I want to
talk to you seriously."
"They don't shut," said Margaret.
"They aren't doors they are Just
"Oh." sighed Bordman, "well. I can
talk to you "
Just then an excited young woman ran
Into the room. "Excuse ne, Margaret,
for butting In. but wo have been waiting
for you for 1$ minutes. There U a com.
! mlttce meeting nnd wo need you for tlio
' quorum," and with that .Margaret with
'a word of apology left llonliiimi with the
words of his anticipated pioposal on his
tongue's end.
Boidinnn waited lialf an hour and tlu-n
i Slargaret returned to say that it was din-
I ncr hour and that as It was ngnluit the
rules of the dormitory to lie late to uln-
ner she would lime to leave him. He
suggested that she come with him lo Ills
hotel for dinner, but when M.irgnict ex-
, plained that this could be done only with
' the Intrusion of a woman iiu-tiiictor as
I chaperon, Bordniaii did not urge her.
! Alter illmiei lie i cached .Margaret nu
, tlio telephone. "When may I see you?"
he asked. "1 hnc to I cava heio tomor
inw moiiilng at li and it may lie mouths
before I can mako nnothcr trip to the
.Margaret considered. "I luiiea play le
henrsal for tho 'senior frolic' tonight nt
T::; Mint will Inst till 9. Tim lights are
out In the leeeptliui Imll at 0:3). I can
i-ee you for a "naif hour then."
Ilordmuii m rived at five minutes lirforo
the appoint (1 hour, nnd Mnrgairt nrilveil
10 minutes late, hoi nnd excited from
her lehcarsnl. First of all, sho had to
explain what n senior frolic was and
then she hud to tell Luidiuau tliu de
tails of tlio plnv. Hiio had Just linlshcd
tiic lust detail of the last act and IJoid
mnn had mustered up coinage to Inter
rupt her hofine alio began on nny other
"Vou know how fond I mil of you," ho
began "I limp told mil "
.lust tlioii theio was nil enisplltting
sound of a gong tluoimhout the building.
Margaret ran fiom the room, with Bord
man following after. Then as tho bell
Rounded ngnln 'ne heard from all direc
tions scurrying feet and muflled sounds
ot fomlulno voices, nnd he lost Margaret
In the confusion. Then rauio the deluge
girls In bnthinhes, girls with flowing
locks, hair brushes In hand collarlcss,
shoeless, nnd still mote gills pouting In
hiiiried ranks from ov cry side. Ilordinau
could iiolthcr smell nor see thn smoke,
hut he had for ti moment clear vision
of what 'ills duly wns. He would step
forward and with mllitnrv dignity lead
tho scatteiod tluong of girls to wifety.
Then, nt tho risk of his own life, IT need
he, ho would return to the flaming building-it
would bo In flames by that tlmo.
he thought and seareh tho building tu
sec that no one lind been left.
Even whllo Bordman was making these
plans they had marcned past him In
orderly rank. "Where Is tho lire?" he
asked. "Did It start urstalrs?"
"This is tho weekly fire drill," answered
the girl sweetly.
Bordman withdrew to tho reception
room to think It over. He heard tho girls
returning to the building and then heard
them lllo upstairs. The clock struck t-:"0
and tho lights, all but for a low light In
tho hall, wont Middenly out. Then In a
minute a llguro crept into tho reception
room In tho darkness shoeless, so as not
tn be hcaid. It was Margaret, and she
crept up to his sido with all tho old con
fidence she hud shown on thn steamer.
"That tire drill Interrupted us," she said.
"We never know when It Is going off.
So I thought I would como back, even U
It Is breaking rules. I will tell yon all
about tho lire drills. If you can wait "
"Don't you daro Btart It again," Bord
man suld frantically. "I have been try
ing for 30 hours to ask you to marry me.
I have to leave heie tomorrow early and
I can't go till I know my fato."
"Do you really mean that you want to
be engaged to mo?" gasped Margaret. "I
thought you must have decided not to.
But you English men are so deliberate.
Yes, of course I will say 'yes.' "
(Copyright, 1913.)
Their Father Warned to Keep Them
Clean or Suffer Penalty.
Five little children whoso hair was
disheveled and their faces smeared with
dirt, appeared today as witnesses against
their father In the Criminal Court, Cam
den. The father was arrested on com
plaint of health officers, who charged
him with sending his children to school
while in an untidy condition.
Richard Marsden, of 917 Pine strret,
Camden, told Judge Boyle that the law
couldn't dictate to him as to how he
should dress his children. He waa re
minded by the court that unfess tie
obeyed the law he would bo lined 50 for
each chUd.
Each of the five children testified that
they were willing to keep clean. Marsden
was released after he agreed to change
his views.
100,000 New Voters In Chicago
CHICAGO. March, 16. Clear, crisp
weather today greeted the new voters
who. went to Chicago polling places to
register for the coming election. Esti
mates on the number ot new voters whose
names would be placed on the books dur
ing the day ran as high as 100,000. It waa
Admitted, by politicians of all parties that
the women voters would outnumuer the
In the Club World
Interesting I)oitiR8
The Twentieth Century Club, ot Lans
downo. will have a social afternoon to
day. The evening will ho devoted to
curieni events, and Wnrvvlck James
Pike will speak on "Poland." On Thurs
day the Delaware County Association of
Women's Clubs will hold Us quarterly
mooting nt tho clubhouse. At the aftcr
' noon session. In charge of Mrs. Francis
' .Maxwell, tho speakers will bo E. SI. Itapp,
superintendent of the public schools ot
Hoiks County, and J. I.! Elsenberg, super
intendent of the Chester schools. Tho
subject to be discussed is "The Con
solidation of Ituial Schools."
I An nfteriioun of science will be held at
I tho Woman's Club of Cynwyd tomorrow.
I Current events, modern Inventions and
sclentlllc farming will bo discussed by
Mrs. F. Curtis llublcy.
' Tills afternoon nt t o'clock a lecture
j will bo given by Wilfrid Wnrd, ot Doik
llig, i:ng. at Houston Hull. Sir. Waid
Is .i distinguished speaker, and the lecture
! is open to the public.
This evening at 8:30 a meeting in tho
hitcicsts ot sufftngo will bo held at 27 IS
Geiinantown nvoiiuo beforo the women ot
I'nmp No. !'-'. P. . "f A. The ad
dicsses will bo dolivoied by Miss Lldu
Stokes Adams and .Mrs. Emily H. Woben-
j smith. A meeting will be held nt .S3U3
' iinriiie street In tlio afternoon at .",:n0,
and Mrs. Ikibc Rhoadcs, of Lansdownc,
will speak.
Tho regular meeting of the New Century
Club, or Chester, will be held this after
noon. The members will hear a talk on
"Cnmbrhlgo University and Her Literary
Mon," which will be given by Francis II.
Green. Mrs. George II. llorvey Is In
ohargo of tho meeting.
A lecture on "The Recent Developments
of Japanese Policy In tho Orient" will
be delivered at the Now Century Club
on Filday morning by Miss Clara L. Ilow
niait nt 11 o'clock.
Friday will bo the "drop-In" tea at tho
College Club, 1300 Spruce street, for co-eds
of tho University of Pennsylvania.
SIlss Emma F. Hamilton will tell about
famous American women palntors at u
meeting of tho Woman's Club, of Ard
more, on Friday afternoon.
"Playgrounds and Preventive Work"
will be the subject for discussion at the
Civic Club by tho committee on theso
subjects this afternoon.
Her Horoscope
'Tis true, ono halt ot woman's llfo Is hope
And one half resignation. Between
there Ilea
Anguish of broken dreams doubts, dire
And then is born the strength with till
to cope.
Unconsciously sublime, life's shadowed
Sho braves; the knowledge In her
patient eyes
Ot nil that lovo bestows, and love denies.
As writ in every woman's horoscope!
Sho lives, her heart-beats given to others'
Her hands, to lift for others on tho way
The burdens which their weariness for
sook. Sho dies, an uncrowned doer of great
Remembered? Yes, as Is for one brief day
The rose one leaves in same forgotten
Mss Cunningham
1603 Walnut Slreel
Spring Showing
of Imported Models
Tailored Suits
Afternoon Frocks
Evening Gowns
Each a distinctive and exclusive
creation, for which this shop is
March the Seventeenth to
Twentieth Inclusive
More Spring Millinery
It Is perfectly truo that I nm crazy
nbout hats. I never do seem to have
enough of them! And tho moro I get tho
more I want.
"Really, Dorothy," said mamma today,
"you havo quite enough hats to start '.
well-stocked milliner's shop with!"
"But hats arc the most Important part
of ono's otitnt," I said. "And when I see
' particularly pretty ono I Just long to
get It."
"Well, then," said mamma, In her kind,
Indulgent way, "slnco your birthday Is
tomorrow you can havo another hat, "and
we'll go out together this very afternoon
nnd cIiooeo It. You con hnvo tho benefit
of mv ndvlco on tho subject."
Naturally I wns perfectly delighted. 1
had had my eye on a very smart cerise
confection for some time.
So, nt - o'clock precisely, mamma and I
set off for a shopping bout. Wo headed
straight for the store where I had beheld
the cerlso chapcau In all Its glory.
"Why. that Is perfectly hideous!" ex
claimed niammn the moment sho caught
sight ot It. "You don't really want to
buy Mint, do you, Dorothy? It Is vulgar
in tlio extreme!
However, I Insisted that we go In and
that I try It on. Certainly It wns very
smart, but nt the same tlmo not exactly
For the following suggestions pent in by
readers of tlio Cu.mmi Lkikikr rrlzcs ot ?t
uttil So cmts tiro awarded.
All BiiKKOMlons ahoulil be ndilrcsaeil lo nilen
AU.ilr, IMItor of Women's Pane, Hvemmi
I,uiir.H, Independence, b'qiiarc, Philadelphia.
A prlre nf SI Inn been nwnrded to I'. M.
I'., filth nnd City I.lne ave,, Overbruok, 1'a.,
fur tlie following suggestion:
When making blouses. If you sew tho
hooks and eyes on n picco of tape Instead
ot on the iilousc Itself, you will save
trouble when you go lo launder tho
blouse. You can remove tho tape with
tho hooks nnd eyes on It, and they will
nover rust on your material. Flattened
hooks will also bo avoided. Besides this,
If you biittonholo-stltch your hooks and
eyes on, they will be more secure.
A prlie of 50 cpiiIh Iiim hern awarded lo
Acnes M. Illlyeu, 70S South SHt street. Went
1'lillnclelplila, for the following Kugeratliin:
An economical way to keep whito
woodwork clean nnd nl(,o to preservo Ita
original lustre Is to wlpo It with suds
mado from brnn. Bi an may be bought at
any feed store for a trifling sum. nnd
should bo boiled until It Is very soft, and
then strained. A largo quantity can bo
mndo at once, as it will keep indefinitely
If you bottlo it.
l.'V,lo'o.,,orvB,,,'0l.,!,':.,l"." l,fe" nriled to
V. K., SMS North 12th BtPort, Philadelphia,
for tlio following iiiggesllon:
A reliable euro for a very had cold,
or one which Is Just coming on. Is the fol
lowing: Mix a lenspoonful ot ground gin
ger In n glnss of water and take this
before retiring. As Mils lias a tendency tn
heat up tho patient, It wouhl bo better to
tnko this us you got Into bed.
A prlzr f ftO miU bus been awarded to
Mrs. ,1. C. Mghtfoot, ,Ir 1.151 .South Mil
strret, l'liihidrlphtn, for tlio following sug
gestion !
To hnvo an odorless garbage pall I have
thogaibage drained and seeuiclv wrapped
hi newspapers, which not only keeps tho
pull odorless, but provents freezing during
tho winter.
The Week-end Guest
Kvery guest chamber should havo Its
bedside set of tiny pitcher and drinking
glabs, perfectly covered, and candlestick
and match box.
Gas Saving Hint
Grease sweet potatoes beforo they nro
put Into the oven to bake; they will bake
In half tho tlmo and tho skins will be
Snrrntr stnrJ Qiimimov
JWrisfin I
Night Gowns nainsook or cambric, high or
low neck, 85c, l.oo, 1.25, 1.35, 1.50
and up.
Corset Covers 50C, 60c, 75c, 1.00, 1.1 5,
1.25, 1.35, 1.50 and up.
Chemise envelope or straight, 1.00, 1.1 5,
1.25, 1.35, 1.50 and up.
Drawers nainsook or cambric 5oc, 75c,
l.oo, 1.25, 1.35 and up.
Combinations in alstyles, 1 .00, 1.25, 1.35,
1.50, 1.75 and up.
Long Shirts (full cut) 1,00, 1,25 and up.
(flare ruffles, lace or embroidered)
1.75, 2.00, 2,25, 2.50 and up.
Short Underskirts 50c, 75c, 1.00, 1.25
and up.
Aprons, in dainty styles for maids, 35c, 50c,
75c, too and up.
Silk Petticoats full cut, white or color
2,75, 3.75 and up.
Crepe de Chine Underwear
Good Quality
Night Gowns 4.50
Chemise , , . ; . 3.00
Camisoles.,,. 1.85, 2.00, 2.50 and up.
Bloomers ....2.50
j-,ei s go somewhere else " t . ,. 1
so mamma breathed n pleased V?
WO Pot ntt fr... n.l1 . '' li
lints aro gloriously pretty juit. )
do llko tho now shades. Thero Is ,7
wide rnngo nnd variety In them, ft
large hats nro very tmarl. t .j .T
.. ., . .... u.. ,.., , ,,,v., li, -r mnfa
that they will be more popular Ui.
tho smart woman can wear elthnu
or lnrgo nnd still bo quit,, n J"
The new stylo of hat with n. ii. .
fon brim holding pressed flowers ta '
layers ot chiffon Is very daM- T
afrn.li! It wniihl tint iA.t . ' '?
..iu ran (. y
weather very well, however. And'jll
resisted tho temptation. J
The now shade of seagull Krarln'
tAfntlv Mfiimitfi l,rt,,,,u I .. i;
' -"..Hi. i ncrseir j
smart llttlo shape In that color, trim
with grny quills and a gay little mltS
Cttbuehoti in Belgian colors, which th
a bright noto to the whole.
Tho hat I finally selected Is chm
lng. It Is ti large, flat shape, rto
by tho Lit store. Tho crown U j
leghorn, with a wreath of pond BjJ
around It, and the brim of paleit igm
chlrfon, tho edgo being of leghorn t
with black underneath. I like the tr,..1
Tinront brim very much, nnd altcietht
am dallghtcd with the hat It It ruuJ
a veiy nlco birthday present, as iSi
mnmmn when I thanked her for It. i
So many girls aro giving chaflnjlii'
patties nowadays that you will flnlioth
self quite out of fashion If you don't on"
one. A girl who wouldn't ordinarily tot
how to cook would almost be wlllinsti
learn If she had a chafing dish to pin.
tlco on. Many a wise mother, reillilcj
this takes advnntage of the propltloti
occasion of a birthday or annlvtrnr;
and presents her daughter with a ssnf
silver dish.
These, by tho way. are not In the im
expensive, because tho fuel costs so Uttla
Tho alcohol dishes are very nice tut
safe, especially If you use the sollllltij
alcohol in place or tho liquid. The !
trio dishes are higher In price, bat II
your houso has electric connections It fl
pay you tu tho long run. The clufti
dishes nro made of shiny nickel or e
per. Nothing Is moro attractive io lit,
eye to the masculine cyo in pa rtlculir-j
than a pietty girl presiding over the chM
lng dish, chatting and stirring. '
Many usctul utensils can be had tor'
with tho dialing dish. Long-hmCd'
spoons, forks and ladles, made of ortnp
wood, and tipped with nickel or copper
to match tho dish, may be bougfit lot
very little. A lnrgo tray to hold the. diet,
cooklns apparatus, and tho food u 2,
completes tho set, and all the good Urns
, t
. s-SMsrusiw -g
Jnrloitirtanfr v
- -
i filllJiJllH '!
jjl Centemeri m
I! Gloves w- V
In tho new nnd popular B,. r
jHII Bhadcs. Sizes Bj to 7!S. tjl' ,4
fang! Tho creations of our own tag, f
sss;; designers. The product ot fjBj H
. , ., ,uMi fnciorv at Greii" ra
Sfcjj oble, France Wtt'i c'
l;l "m Ml F
h i.ne. .,$?..uu m
jggf rionne em; ;.,
ij J rl a
pi 1223 Chestnut Street 1 a
3?;: -JMh i r
li!!Nll!!!:,';!!:,!: ' "':: -Vi
mwMHmwBB$ I?
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