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Sanctions Secretary Lansing's
Action in Extending Recom
mendation to Latin-American
V A8HINQTON, Oft. 11. President
"Wilson approved today Secretary Lan
sing a action Saturday In extendi? to
the Latln-Amerlean envoys tho recom
mendation that Carrania bo recognlied
In Mexico and bo Riven the assistnnre of
alt countries In bringing nbout order
Although the Vllllsta Junta nnd repre
sentatives shows no sign of Kettlng restlj
to depart. It was learned thnt the Ad
ministration would expel all rebellious
agencies nnd agents The President will
Jiot permit foes of Cnrransn to use Oils
country as a base for continuing hostile
Tho President nnd Secretnr of State
I,a,ining were undecided todny n-gardlnK
th- etaci form Immedlato recognition of
Oarranza shall take They will cither
formally notify Kllseo Arrnndondo, Cnr
raura lunta chief, or appoint a new
stiff at the American Kmuassj It Is not
believed Nelson 0'ShaiiRhnes. former
secretary, will bo returned.
mong thoso mentioned for the Ambas
s dorshlp nre Paul Fuller, Consuls Sllll
in.iu and Shanklin nnd former Governor
liti I.lnd, of Minnesota. Tho latter is
f orcd especially because lie hns always
m unchlv recommended Oarranzn
Continue)! from t'HRe One
tie men of Mniinunk nnd the men of
fritilhuark, nnd of Frankfort, nnd of
fpruce street, and of f'outh -itli sttoct.
and of Chestnut lllll and Hoxborough.
a hcinently maintained In response to
tit plntform.
V real cause had to be simple and
s'ralg'it in Its demand, in its slogan.
And the Franklin party. In coming out
ilriuiiy for "the Taylor plnn and Its
j.rompt realization" as "far nnd nway
the most Important" of all "the specific
issues Involved In the coming election"
for tho piovidiug of "real rapid trnnslt
facilities for our population of l.'SO.Ow).
npiead oter 129 square miles of nrea"
had put It up to the people to vote for
this simple and conclso vital issue. Wtul
to tho arteries of tho city's life, tho life
blood of democratic city life, tho busi
ness of getting about quickly from one
point to another of thoso 129 square miles
They said again, as they suld last
spring- In mass-meeting after mass
meotlng In every big- hall In every big
centre of Philadelphia they snld again
today that tho lssuo was as simple as
For a straight 5-eeut fnrc from nny
Tliere to everywhere, for uimernnl
transfer nnd for the iiliolltlon of the
8-cent transfer iriinyNnntcIilnfr nut of
the pocketH of working people,
Thoy said that It was not that the
Franklin party leaders had dono a clever
thing by making transit their great big
Issue, but that those leaders had had
the senso to see that they stood at a
point where to Ignore trnnslt or belittle
It would sweep them off tho political
stage In contempt and disgrace, or whero
to put It at the top of their program
would make victory certain.
If not certain, then at tho worst, they
.eafd, the city would feol that a. body
of political factors had at last been
evolved from business men, from skilled
artisans, from unskilled workers, from
women of leisure, who glvo their time to
enterprises of social building; from girls
who work In restaurants and factories
and shops, which would, with the exten
sion of the franchise not only to tho un
enfranchised, but to the self-dlsfran-(Jilsed,
spurred to action by a new com
mon cause, ride down the mercenary
cohorts of the gang to eventual annihila
tion. "Later In the campaign we shall explain
fully the present dangerous position of
this great utility (transit), and the su
preme Importance to the people of electing
a Mayor and Councils who will safeguard
it and see that their rights are not be-
Official Forecast
For eastern Pennsylvania: Fair tonight,
wanner In north and west portions; Tues
day, fair and warmer; moderate east to
southeast winds.
A pronounced area of high pressure
overlies the eastern portion of the coun
try this morning, the crest being over
eastern Maryland. Clear skies and un
seasonably low temperatures prevail In
the region under Its Influence, with frosts
In eastern New York, northeastern Penn
sylvania and New England, and light to
heavy frosts as far south as South Caro
lina and Georgia. A. trough of low press
ure extends from the upper Lake region
to New Mexico, with the centre of the
disturbance over eastern Kansas.
U. S. Weather Bureau Bulletin
Observations takm st 8 a. m. Eatcrn time.
s lastltaln- Veloc-
in. n't fall. Wind. Ity. Weather
Abilene, Tex , CS (4 H 24 Cloudy
I Atlantic, Citr . . 4H N Clear
f lilamarclc. N, D. S as K H Cloudy
f Boston, Mui , , 4i Ml v, .. clear
Buffalo, N. r .. 60 ,. JjlV Si P.CIoudy
rtilcaco. III .... M C2 h st Cloudy
clcteUnd, O. .. 4tl 41! .. SB in Clear
t Denver Col.. 40 4i( SB JS Cloudy
files Moines, la. M SS . . S 10 Cloudy
Detroit. Mich. HO 48 8V .. Clear
Duluth, Minn . 44 42 MR 12 Cloudy
i lialveaton. Tex.. 72 brt 8 Jt Clear
T Karrleburg. I'a.. 40 3H E .. Clear
I Hstteriw N. C Ot 81 Sh IS Clear
Helena, Mont. . SU an ,0 NW . Clear
l Huron. H. IJ as an NW 18 Cloudy
P Ja. kaonvllte. H M H N 10 Cloudy
L Ksiiaaa CJt, MoSO ui H 24 '. Cloudy
,P LouUvllle, Ky. . 00 48 . H 14 Clear
i Mempht., Tens . t2 H 10 Clear
M New cirleane, U C8 St . . NB ., Clrar
If New York . . 44 42 K Clear
W N I'latt. Neb. 40 4H V 12 Cloudy
It nklahoma Okla M in 20 P Cloudy
C Philadelphia 48 42 K . Clear
ft' Phoenix Aril . . ' 02 . K .. Clear
0 Ptuebursh. I'a. 40 42 .. P.cioudy
" Portland, Me . 40 4 W .. clear
L, Portland Ore. . 40 4i HK .. Clear
r juebe-, Can U'J 30 W . Claudy
1 K! Iul, Mo 61 M . H 24 Clear
h M Paul. Minn. 48 40 N 12 Cloudy
Z Bait Ijaka, Utah, 42 40 .. NW ,, Clear
b tui Han Francisco. ., 62 62 BE , . Clear
m Vat f " ton r io 2m s-w ?!
fc- "Firampa ...mm) N 12 clear
P -4?Sv'enlnton ... as 34 .. N . Clear
t, Wlnplpee H NW .. P.Ooudy
w- Over 100 boxes
Lj s s of Hanscom's
JT I CC delicious Choc
olates and Hon
Bona distributed free dally to
patrons of the Ifanscom Restaurants.
Awnings Taken Down
Repairing Free
Aldrt stored, repaired during; winter
(ur j1mu-I" la eprlag, somlual chtreje.
Beracrd McCurdy
iu.e mi . jniiwi nit
trayed." So they rsjsd In the Franklin
vart platform, and they said that they
had known the present dangerous posl
tlon of thl great utility- when lilreitjr
Taylor was spending every evening on
the platform of mass-meetings explaining
the untiring trloklness of tho Organisa
tion to drain tho blood out of tho Taylor
plan and leave It to the people a white
and limpid corpso, a thing of words and
the letter of law, from which the spirit
had been stolen and exposed the mockery
of freebooters.
rto. Willi the feeling of a really new
party, like the Itepubllean party In 1860
that party whloh tho Franklin party plat
form says has been hurt throughout the
nation by "the toleration of this Iniquity
they read this platform of tho new In
dependent party.
"The franklin pnrtr stands first anil
foremost for the principle that mu
nlelpnl contractors shall not lie nllntrrd,
tlirnngh dummy nmrlnls of their own
election, to write their own spcrMrn
tlona. Inspect their ortn work fyiil m
their own hills. It may be said thnt
this Issue is old Thn same objection
might be urged against the Ton Com
mandments. Tho Issue Is not made by
us It Is forced upon us. It was the
Issue In 1907, when the public did not
reullze It and elected Mr. Keyburn. It
was tho Issue of 1911, when they did
renllre It ami elected Mr. lllatiknuburg.
It Is tho Issue this year, forced by the
same bosses, reunited If It Is decided
as It was In 11)11, It will dlsnppenr.
bucause tho contractors will realize that
It Is a thing the public will not tolerate,
and the effort will be abandoned If It
should by any possibility bo decided
otherwise It will continue to be the
Issue until It Is settled and settled
right the toleration of thlx Iniquity
hns hurt the Itepiihllrau pnrty In the
nation nnd hurt the Hrpuhllentis of
Priinaylwinln In the rounrlls of tlielr
pnrt Its roiitlminnei un nu Issue In
lue snlel to the money screed nf two
men, liter; sincere ltrimhlleiiii must
wish tn rid IiIn pnrty of tliU millstone.
TIionc who coiintriiitncp mid endure It,
liowrtrr itrent their drtntlon to the
part j, nre Its mint enemies.
"The other principles for which wo
stand ate
' I'll si The essential principle that
the people shnll rule, that public of
licluls shall be selected and elected b
them shall be responsible to them,
shall hae their Interests at heart
thnt the; shnll not he the selection of
ii rliin of political co n true ton,, renpoif
nllilr to those contractor nnd Inter
ested onlj In forwiirdlni; those personnl
nnd rorpornte Intercuts, which nre, too
often, oppoxrd to the Interrsts of the
"Second. That appointments to office
shall bo for the good of the public serv
ice, that municipal employes shall not
bo required or permitted to render po
litical set vices, and that the public money
paid to them for services rendered shall
bo their property and not subject to con
fiscation for purposes of political de
bauchery, by forced assessments or under
tho guise of "voluntary contributions '
"Third That public impiovements. In
volving as they do the expenditure of
money cNnctcd by taxation, shall be care
fully studied, economically planned, care
fully specified, contracted for after falrl
and open bidding. Intelligently Inspected,
nnd then promptly paid for. In no other
way can the city get a full dollar's worth
of value for each dollar expended.
"So much for tho principles which
the Franklin pnrty represents. Now
ns to the specific Issues Involved In the
coming election. Far and away the
most Important Is the provision of
real rapid transit facilities for our
population of 1 .700,000, spread ovor 129
square miles of area. We stand unre
servcdly for the 'Taylor Plan' and Its
prompt realization. 13ery rlllren who
wishes rent rapid trnnntt niiiNt nte
with the Krnnklln party, liecnuse It In
certain thnt the cnndldnten etnlteil
from Mr. I.aneN 'linrmnny conferences
must be either openly nnd t Intently
oppoMeil to It, an 'Sir. I.nne Ihi secretly
nnd coerllj oppoNed to It, ns Mr, Con
nelly In or Interested In It only ns n
menus of miiklm? money, an Mr. Me
Nlchol l. letter In the campaign we
shall explain fully tho present danger
ous position ot this grent utility, nnd
the supreme Importance to the people
of electing n Mayor and Councils who
will safeguard It nnd see that their
rlKlita are not betrayed
"We fnnir the simplification of our
local machinery of Rovernment In
cluding n smaller Council, with hut one
chamber In the Interest both of
economy nnd of prompt action upon
wlint nr purely business questions,
"Wo favor a budget not made up arbi
trarily and secretly at the eleventh
hour by a small subcommittee In consul
tation with their contractor bosses, but
made up early, openly and Intelligently,
so that it may be discussed and the peo
ple know why and for what they are
being taxed
"Wo favor tho prompt expenditure of
the money available for tho wiping cut
of the Blockley shame, without paying
tribute to an architect whoso only recom
mendation Is thnt ho was tho brother-in-law
of a boss who. In his day, got half
of McNIehol'a profits on city contracts
as his return for the exertion of his
political Influence In securing those con
tracts. "Wo favor a large Increase In the num
ber of municipal playgrounds nnd recrea
tion centres, and the expenditure of a
reasonablo sum to provide supervised
play In thoso centres. This Is necessary,
not only as a matter of health, but for
the protection of children who must
otherwise be exposed to the Increasing
dangera of tho streets.
"We are In complete and hearty
sympathy with the spirit that animates
the 5000 members of the Chamber of
Commerce the desire to develop the
industries and Incrcaso the business of
Philadelphia We recognize the fact
that progress cannot come to a com
munity which Invites ridicule and con
tempt by surrendering self-government
and submits supinely to corruption,
waste and Inefficiency In the conduct
of Its local affairs. We, therefore, call
upon ull the ineiuhrrs of thnt body and
upon all Plillndrlplilan who are Jrnlous
of the good name of their city nnd wish
to see It irrow nnd prosper to Join with
us In gcttlnK rid of the blighting In
fluences which have so Ionic handi
capped us In the march of progress.
Under tbe rule of Its own rltlsens
Philadelphia will grov nnd prosprr,
Under the rule of McMrhol nnd Vnre
It will stagnate nnd decay."
II Corriere delln Sera Esortn
gli Allenti n Formnre Un
Comitnto di Stato Mng-
giore Comune per Tutti
IIOMA, 11 Ottobre.
t'n telegramma dn Udlne dice die 11
presidents del Conslgllo, on. Salandra,
II qunlo o' dl nuovo al Quartlero Oonetnle
Italtnlio, ha sottoposto oggl la al ro un
progetto dl Intervrnto delle forze Italians
nolla Pcnlsola llalcanlcn, par arreslare
I'avanzata delle leglonl austro-tedesche
verso Costnntlnopoll nttravcrso la fletbla.
Nel elrcolt romatil bene lnformatl al
dice che l'ltalla fara' pnssl, come ll
faranno tutto le nitre potenze nlleate.
per ottenera l'lntervento tlolla Uumanla
e della Urecla nella guerrn contro la
coallzlono nustro-tedcsco-bulgaro-turea.
1, Idea Nazlonalc, clio ordlnarlamente e
bene Infurmata, dice che gll nllcatl
dell'lntesn fatmo nffrottatl prepnratlvl
per un'a7lone concertatn nella Potilsola
Halcnulcn, do' che varra' ad aumentare
dl molto le forzo che dovranno sbnrcaro
nella pcnlsoU. II glornnle aggiunge.
"S ha Tlmprcsslono clio lo sbarco dl
trandl forzo degll nllcatl nella Pcnlsola
Halmnlca nnlra' per attrarre neU'orblta
dell'Intesa, nttlvamunte la Orccla e la
Ilumniiln, faccudo loro abbnndonare 1 nt
tcKglnmcnto dl ncutralltn'
11 corrlspondcnto dcll'ldea Nazlonalc
telegrafa da Nlzza cho 320 rlserUstl bul
gnri cho si Irovavano In quella clttu' si
nrruolcianno ncll'eserclto russo, invrco
cho In quello dclla Bulgaria.
11 Mlnlstero della CJuorra pubbllcavu
tcrl sera II sesucnle comunlcato ufllclulc.
"II nemlco splega grnnde attltta' nolla
coitruzlone dl oporo dl dlfesa campnle o
nello stnblllrc le suo llneo dl comuulca
rlon 1 suol sforzl pero' sono seinpie
ostracolntl dalla nostra nrtlglleiin o da
audaci raids dl plccoll rcpaitl dl nostre
"Lungo II fronte dall'Isonzo durante
la glornata del 9 e la notto seguente.
dopo una lutcnsa prcpainzlone dl artlg
licrla o dopo II lanclo dl numerous gnnato
a mano. rortl colonne nemlche tentnrono
dl attaccaro le nostre poslzionl sulla
destra dl Slatenlk, nella conca dl Plczzo.
sul Mrzl Vhr, sul Monte Nero, a lloljc.
ncl eettorn dl Tolmlno, cd a Plaa e
Zagora, sul baio Isonzo. 11 nemlco fu
resplnto dnppertutto con grnvl perdlte e
lasclo' anchc un ccrto numero dl pilgio
nlcri nelle nostre manl."
11 mllaneso Corriere dclla Sera, die st
sa essere In ottlml rapportl con II mln
lstero Salandra, scrlve un nrtlcolo nel
qunle dlmostra la necosslta" dl una mag
M(ore c plu' strotta coopcrazlone dell'Italla
con le altre potenze allcatc nella Pcnlsola
Bnlcanlca per Impedlre II succcsso dell'of
fenslva austro-tcdesca contro la Serbia.
11 glormle dice che le conseguenze dl una
coopcrazlone a mcta' sono gla state
gravl, mo aaronno Irreparablll se nop si
seguira' II nietodo tedesco dl plena o com
pleta cooperalonc.
II Corriere pntroclna la formazlone dl
una spcclo dl comitato cho funzlonl da
Stato Maggioie Qcneralc per tutte le
potenze nlleate e cho si propong.a dl or
ganlzzare e co-ordlnare le Bforzo contro
lo armato tetitonlchc dovunquo so ne prc
scntl 11 blsogno, Questo comitato tlov
rebbe aver sede nella capitate ill uno
degll ctntl alleatl e dovrebbe dlrigero le
mosee dl tuttl gll esercltl, cllmlnnndo
col' gll errorl cd I mallntcsl che sono
Inevltablll tra una meza dozzlna tit Statl
Maggiorl staccatl c lontanl II Corriere
dice che gll nllcntl sono trlppo orgo
gliosl per adotlarc un slstcma tedesco,
o la consegucfiza dl clo' si vade ora nella
Pcnlsola Bnlcanlca.
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$9.00 V te)
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a gap of three miles In the Husslaii line
was repulsed,
Heavy Jnpaneee guns, manned by expert
gunners from tlis Japaneto army, aro being
used by tho Ilurslnns In the defense of
Dvlnsk, according to correspondents at
the eastern front Japanese officers ar
also assisting the Russians.
The official statement In regard to op
erations on the eastern front follows:
Five to Ten Dollars
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ing the correct shapes for
the autumn season.
V5 1420 Cktt st
"Where Only th JJest ik Good Enough."
After a violent hand-to-hand light
Field Marshal von Hltulenburg'a army
repulsed Russian forces which attempted
to reconquer their lost positions near
narbounovka, est of Plnsk North of
the railroad from Dvlnsk to Ponlewcsch,
lo the west of Illukst, the Germans cap
tured the enemy's positions over a front
of nbout eight kilometers (nearly five
miles) Mx bfflcers, 7W prisoners and
five machine guns were captured
"Oencral von Ltnslngen's army took by
storm tho village of Klnczye, southwest
of Plnsk Cavalry engagements continue
near Kuchecknwola and In the neighbor
hood of Jczlerczy. Several Russian at
tacks on the front between nalafovkl (M
miles south ol Plnsk) and tho railroad
running from Itovno to Kovel were ie
pulsed and 38S Russians were made pris
oner. "General on Uotlimer's army repulsed
strong Russian attacks northwest of Tar-nopol."
LONDON. Oct 11
A Dally News dispatch from I'ctrograd
"The stubbornness of tho Russian
troops Is still n match for the attempts
of tho Germans, under General von Hue
low, lo secure Dvlnsk nnd tho line of
the Dvlnn A new German offensive Is
noted northward, nt Gorhunovaka, whet-",
in order to protect tho approach to tho
rlvtr, tho Russians met tho Germans with
machine gun firo of such terrific vlolrnco
thnt wliolu columns were flung back, un
nble to pnrry the assault
"Similar fruitless attacks weie made In
the Smuigon region, 100 miles south of
Dvlnsk. These attacks were all repulsed.
Heavy fighting Is continuing.
"It Is reported that In the marshes ot
Plnsk bands of German deserters are
plundering right nnd left Local peasants
are forming Hying commandos, nnd armed
with rllles are conducting n successful
guerrilla war against these German Irreg
ular troops.
"fter a fortnight's halt, the Russlnni
hne renewed their offensive in the le
gion from the Stjr to the Sereth. In
fantry forces, by nn energetic nttack, dis
lodged the enemy from the right bank
of the Styr and occupied their position
at Koshlstchl
"More important still Is tho Russian
offensive In tho direction of I.utsk. On
both sides of tho Rovno-Kovel rallwny
the enemy was thrown back a dlstanco
of K) miles near Lutsk. Tho Russians
captured 3MK) men, besides numerous
"Successful aeroplane raids havo been
mado against the memv's railway at
Czcrnowltz This station alwnys has
played an Important part In tho Germun
offensive operations in the south. Masses
of troops and munitions have been
brought there, nnd a report from a re
liable source states that the raids caused
extremely heavy damage to the enemy
and seriously disorganized his plans "
Friends of Judges Martin and
Ralston, of This City, Urge
Their Appointments
Upon Brumbaugh
Tho nppolntment to tho vacancy on
Hie Supreno Court bench will go to cither
Philadelphia or the northwestern section
of the Stntc. according to Republican
leaders In tho State.
Iloth Philadelphia leaders and thoe In
the northwestern section have brought
their claims to tho attention of Governor
JlrumbaUHh, and aro now engaged In a
contest for the appointment.
In the movement to win tho appoint
ment for this city, the Governor's atten
tion has beon called to the fact that
"from tlmo Immemorial Philadelphia has
hnd two representatives on tho Bupiemo
t'ourt bench," nnd that such n. condition
is only fair In view of tho amount of
the business of the court that comes
from this section.
Until D. Nowlln Fell retired ns Chlcr
.lustlto, Philadelphia was represented on
the Supreme Court bench by JUBtlca Fell
nnd von Moschzlskcr. Earlier Justices
Fell and Mitchell represented Philadel
phia. Judges J. Willis Martin and Robert
Ralston of the Philadelphia Common
Pleas Coutts are being urged for appoint
ment by their friends. A movement on
behalf of each has been Btnrtcd.
Representative citizens In the great
northwestern section of tho State have
organized n movement to gain the
appointment for that section, however,
and nre urging the appointment ot Judge
Kmory A. Walling, of Krle, to the
Judge Waiting's friends nrcue that the
entire northern half of tho State is with
out representation on the Supreme Court
bench, nnd that the northwestern section
hns not had any representative In the
Th Supreme Court has alwnys been
composed, they assert, of Phlladelphlans
principally, of men from nround Pitts-
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truly international business.
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Delineator, and The
Woman's Magazine are
separate, powerful members
of this unique family.
Mere size is not a conclu
sive argument in favor of
anything. But when an in
stitution has reached a posi
tion of leadership by a steady
growth over many years and
includes in this success the
confidence of millions of peo
ple, size means something.
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and the wearing qualities are unreservedly
burgh, and of a few men from the central
section of the southern tier of countries.
They aro pointing to tho make-up of the
present Supreme Court Chief Justice J
Hay Ilrown comes from Lancaster; llob
ert von Moschslskcr, from Philadelphia;
B Leslie Mestresat, from Payette; Wil
liam P. Potter, from Swarthmore; John
fitewart, from franklin, nnd ltobert 8.
Frarler, from Pittsburgh. The late Jus
tice Ulkln lived In Indiana County.
Judge Walllng's friends aro preparing
to make their campaign for his nppolnt
ment by calling tho attention of Governor
Urumbaugh to the wisdom of appointing
n tl. a Qiinramn s"stlf-f a (rtntt wtlfl. (lllPltliT
t Ilia dujiiciiiu vuui .uf . r
a long term of service on the bench In
the northwestern section of the mate, nn
had years of training nnd experience In
thevklnd of cases tht como to the 8u-
mam,a r-n.,f trwt l,lif anrllnn. Nllnh AS
JIIVI1IU V.WUI b I. fill ...... ...... ..., -..
litigation over oil, timber and bituminous
coal properties.
sJtfir poii cnuncH n
Members of Messiah Ltitha...
grcgation Subscribe to Fund J
About 40()0 was subscribed fVl
provements to Messiah Lutheran r?r$
mm anu .leuerson street. .... : "rj
'iinds for nn arllva .i, ' "u w ton
Miss Hall HoRlns SuftraKC Tour
MARYPVILLK, Pa., Oct. 11- Perry
County suffragists started a week's tour
of tho county In tho Interest of tho causo
this morning. Stops nt two of tho
county's principal towns will bo mado
dally Miss Ladson Hall, ot Philadelphia,
Is making tho addrecs.
Man Collapses Twice and Dies
Alcoholism Is held responsible for the
death of Frederick Ilunge, 37 years old,
2S16 Stiles street, who died In tho St.
Joseph's Hospital today ltunge was ar
rested last night. While, being slated he
collnpsed and was sent to tho hospital.
Thero he was treated nnd returned to
tho police stntlon. As ho was being locked
In a cell he ngntn collapsed and died
after being admitted to the hospital for
tho second time.
funds fnr nn Mlv ,i. ' na w form
the congregation of tho churchNS
observed the fifth anniversary nf Tm
toraie or tno iiev Daniel R wC"
terday. ,v'v
Harvey O. Miller superintend.,,! VW
Sunday school, and his mother Jh-1. TO
mm... l,.n.it...i ",er Mrs. Thi
scribed by other members of th. A'6
gatlon, making their total t,'lf
almost J1300
Tho ltov. Dr. K, D. Welti . .. Sjl
burg, father of tho pastor. PreichJ'.
evening, and the nv. Vr, H All h4jI
professor In the Lutheran n,!!?!
seminary, uettysburg, preach.. '1
morning. lie was the Rev Mr w. ,
ihi-ui-icboui tn ma cnurch.
To Loan
From $5 t0
Lowest R4
United States Loan Society
117 No. Broad St. (Park,., BuM
Branch Office. 414 So. Stf,
II xOtlfiv lSl
Bar Pins, Fincfer
Ring's, Bracelets
Settings cTlaliiium
Wrought in the
Bailey Factory
Gloves r
Product of the World's Foremost Specialists "
ror afternoon wear . . "here" and "Florine" con,7, 1.50-2.00
For the fastidious woman "Roberta" lrlmmc!o1,tun) mtch . 2.25
For the tailored woman "Alberta" and "Seville" ,yjt 1.65-2.00
For the sportswoman . . "Fielder" ,n0rkIm-0:hP8 . . . 2.50 -r1
Hiistrafcd Catalog Matted Free on ltequest
A very Inclusive line of Mochas, Capesklns, plain, washable,
and Buckskin, S1.G0 to 12.
1223 Chestnut Street
World's Series Scores Announced I
by Evening Ledger j
Bulletin Boards and Score Sheets I
The EVENING LEDGER'S electric bulle
tin board machines will be in direct tele
graphic communication with the Press
Box at the Boston Ball Park, and will give
each play of the World's Series in detail.,
ine six machines are located as follows:
Broadway Theatre, Broad street and
Snyder avenue.
Peacock's Pharmacy, Broad street and
Erie avenue.
Col?,aI, Theatre, Germantown and
Maplewood avenues.
Nixon Theatre, 52d and Market streets.
Ledger Central Broad and Chestnut
Ledger Office, 6th and Chestnut streets.
EVENING LEDGER Score Sheets will
also be displayed in the windows of the
following stores:
GreKon)?U?1'8 In.door Baseball Alloys,
n t,59?6 Germantown avenue. "
Cohen s Cigar Store, S. W. corner of
, J19th,and Oxford streets.
street8 " Stre' 1838 North B2d
Perepa's Cigar Store, 69 North 3d
Fen8 P- Store Broad street and
Columbia avenue.
Kl'VAS La,S0 telephoned to
btoreys Hat Store, 809 Broadwav Pamrlpn
FoVd'veJueThTV?1? S01S
byrm?gaZnePhi,ade,Phia' and thero aH0Unced
Ue the Evening Ledger Service , If, Swift and SuJi
Aliening &fo tb$tt

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