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WPHWW)iWIWWppftHiHLiHMiiHwiWfi' "
Leonard knocks out murphy
Slew Yorker With Mys
terious Bandages
Drops Jimmy Twice
in Final Session.
And He Has SOME
! i t was s.l m vim.! ...... . r.-
fA man who sat behind tm nt tho Olym-
fm N'VJwk is a bunch of yeggs
. ln't nothln' but stlckup men anil
JOT 'nl tills hero Uenni Leon
ard Ih tho worst
Look at th' way he's
stalllir ! Ho can't
tlto a-tall an' he'd
takln' tho bread outta
th' mouths of lots of
Philadelphia lioya
what deservoH a
chanst. You oughttn
Iian him good fer
that bum act he's
puttln' on with Mur
phy Honest, you
oughtta "
Swlih I SLAM!
Denny Leonard's
vr. MAXwni-ti
"fM list sliced through tho air as If
iinrlpd from a 42-rcnumeire gun. ine
iC Yorker's knuckles landed like a 18-
Vhth shell flush on the chin of Jimmy Mur
lZ ! tho prldo of Philadelphia. Jimmy
Ctblarms wildly and grabbed Leonard
'irouna mo mw """" - -
f Bmy tried to pry himself loose, then
riltetl for Roforco Prank O'Hrlcn to sep-
,'.( them Murphy was dazed. Ho
Keeled across the ring, both hands In posl-
Itton and enueavorcu 10 nom on. mi miu
Pviai for Just ono more minute. Ho was
i,ia distress, win. k.i,ii,j ...,.,. . ....u ..
the wevuaotc
fyurony Is Game
fi Leonard, cool and collected, sprang nfter
Ma. Ho overtook Murphy half-way
'ftaoia the ring and
X A left to tho heau shook me 10c.11 noxer
lad another sledge hummer i Ight caught
llmon the Jaw Murphy dropped, strug
' 1td (o his knees then rolled over on his
'tide. At the count of reven he mado a
rpptrhuman effort, paitly nroso to his feet
lid then sat down on tho lower ropes.
!M he was not defeated ct.
ft. la some manner, Murphy pulled him-
Jjlfupand Mood swaying In the corner.
Viaul nu put 111' '" ii.mua ii. utriviiu iniii-
Jjtlf ami Leonard sprang at him Thero
ttu a gasp and a groan from the audi-
fence as ho drovv hack that terrililo right
urn to launch It once more at Murphy's
unprotected Jaw Hut the blow never
lluded. Leonard saw tho condition of his
toponent, looked at the referee, and tap
ped Jimmy on tiio ciiin. it w.ih not a
lard blow, hut It was enough to send
Murphy to tho lloor Flat on his back ho
lr, stretched out at his full length. Ho
$tver batted an eyelash or moved a mus
fit. He was out, and out for keeps.
Walks From Hint
Frank O'Brien did not ocn Mart to
Count Instead, ho lifted mm up, nnd,
tiled by Leonard, cairled him to his cor
fer. in a few minutes Murphy recovered
uwasHDic io wane irom ine ring.
Spectators wero standing on their (-cats,
ntlcally cheering tho victor. Hats and
Mwspapers wero hurled Into the air and
U house was In tin uproar.
Through the din and clamor wo again
ykognlied tho volco of the gentleman who
m behind -us as ho shouted:
R"A I was MJ In" that boy Leonard Is
SOME baby. Muv be he cunt lite! Wlsht
M had some good lighters llko him In
FUUIe. Wow! Wow' What a awful wal
lop that was! Kay, ulnt ho KOMH tough
nj! And alnt ho got KO.MU punch!
looray' Hooray for Leonard!"
It was In the sixth round of the wlndim
lilt Jimmy Murnbv went down In ilnfenL
iTor the first tlmo in his meteoric career,
conqueror of l.'rcddy Welsh and Ad Wol-
wi was MiocKeu sttir aim cold py an op
Knent In tho ring It was sudden, and
i For Re and one-half i omuls Murphy
wrcea mo lighting, kept boring In. land
ing some hard blows, but receiving harder
ube In distress but ho always weathered
us orm Leonard n famous knockout
Wlops seemed to have little effect on him.
19 the flPPnml tl.lr.l t.ti.l fm,,.H, rniimlu
Utay backed Murphy to tho ropes, landed
W lefts nnd rights, but tho local boy
Ijould fall Into a clinch nnd escape fuithcr
ifilrRB eAn.1 : c:uii.
fcBut Denny had not been In a position
4ftise his anesthetic right, und tho op-
-poriunity did not present Itself until tho
tth round, When the chanco came,
iwever, Leonard mado good, and ono of
m best boxers In Philadelphia was ear
ned to his corner
fflturphy foucht a cranio battle, but ho
il outclassed from the start. Leonard
jjuUir avoided his furious rushes, ducked
;wder or Jumped nway from his wild
Wags and kent lilm iwnv with stralcht.
Jdl-tlmed left Jabs to the Jaw. Tho New
' i! put u" ono ot "lB Greatest e
Ktlons of boxing seen hero In years,
Ifi of the topnotchera havo been an
'"wr put up ono of the greatest exlil-
GiWashington, of Cherry
, Tree Fame, Never Knew
BiH to Mr. Washington,
Honor to his name;
KPnStMrlAla l... 1 ...1.!ff..l Toll 11
".Muucr iiuw liu willlicu uuiiii
T Bull
Mjnaer if he ever knew
: t Whv shnnhl hn olinnnsn
tfed celebrate his natal day
mm six-round boxing shows?
h. A.
KCHrJl ANRfcD all-i
icrtv-Y i ujANT TO KNOW
727' Opr-E-NCe Vou
-vc. r-oR -puiijiNG- A
"tH UJtQKl
R if
LHVfc FOR -TlTilvJINf; A Lur t "Tm "cbTT.' rW TOe. W--l.- I . SK. gi5. I
I SEEP. vVJeMJnufv ' 1 arS'nrr FReujELUM ,&a?,V. ?BiJS SKH .f, T
1 l mbJ VA S.gss ,Slsffl1i iviiSSgilfifew vr..,,.
f I fiB? " JiXr! I I ' " .WiAV5i'-fts3Kii--"-Sllsr . Y rTnf TG -aS9 htir- "' - -"MVA nT"1'' 5
i i vvssw-'rfJi i i u i--t --stm nt"' .u-LfsiKvari iiwn-eWir'c ' ir . rt -i i x ", 'r-Tin" i YHrrrevrTrr tiit-r it t,.JLr..w m jdr
k i i scooovrascsi i i i "VTft.iTS-?''' 'i.vii-rviir t.kw - - -i --
Evening Ledger Decisions
o Ring Bouts Last Night
OI.IMt'M- Mi.,.. Ifonnr.1 lino krd out
.Ininit Mur li. m i hi .Mil, Aiirlr llntnrr
ii m finin I'rr hi. Koll. . U iip If l. I.lt
.lolinnv Ultrhlf. I I, irle ledwnj o tlnnl
Mum tlRnor Sdinlrv Itetrliell tlefeiileil
Iert T.ler.
l.tlM)l) llomlnnllfr Wrll knnfUcil
nut D!rU smith In .the thlnl, Pal O'Krefe
uon from .Urn snllftnn hi Sit riiim!.
NI'.M tlltl.i:NH Jc Mimlnl nn nn
intnt nrr .Inhuiu llunilfe In 0 rnnniN.
INf INATI Mllliiirn Snjlor Itnofkcil
otit l.eitlt ln.i In the llftti rntimt.
I'DTTHTON ,S llllli ItMitn slmitf.l Alf
MntiMf!l, Millie ,liitk"nn uon frnm .lof
(ionilnr, Kilille llrn'i'im ilrtr.ilfil It. II,
NnriMim. .Irret l.lclillilnc lieut Joe "liell
Incloii, Kid ltmnmnil oiilfonelit Ulllle
TAMAfll'A Tommv fnrev. deffnlnl
rinrlcv 'llmnm! K. I), llrunn drew will!
Iliiltllim MIIN.
AI.TOOW llermon lllltfr nti from
llnrr lliikrr. lilil llrriuiui ntoiipeil Youni;
(illliM In the lUtli.
I.AM'Asrllll Into Kllrlilr knorkril nut
If (llllirrt In Ilie lUtli. Tiinini) l.li lnu(mi
nulrlinl Ullllp (Irren, 11111 Waltt nut
finiphl nmijt MrdlnuU, 1'nrU llpiisrl drew
nltli Dirk (lotuiiN, nntiir l.roeim nnil
llrlclo stone drew. Jllke t'unlrn Ktntiiril
niuiR McliKcr In the llmt.
llA.I.r.TIIN Slcii- Liitxn oiilnnlntrd
Npeclnl DelUfrv lllr-rli, Klnc Hotel won
from Kltl Alhrrt In the llilril.
M'AV VOUIt -Tommj Hoik It drew with
Tnmim Tonrili'Si Ahe J'rlrilmuii ilefrntril
lark Sliurl.ry. iniuiic llrnnii won from
niiiiR I'rink, UiiMUni; Chiunii knnrkpil nut
Jimim IturiiH In (lie llrt. Ilulie II ill', nut.
tiolnlril llrnnv Whitman, llnhhy Mnmlcrv
Kloniiril Itlil L'rpilrrlrkn In the llmt. lilil
TiDlnr ilpfpntpil imuiic I, Initio, Leo .Inhn
miii outnolnlril ( li.irlc .Sin ! tit. I rankle
Million hptit lahllp ttpihpr.
HWTON Kilillp .Molin won on foul from
Kill (ir.ui-H In thn IIIli.
Ml;MI'IIIS. rrnnkle llnriii noil from
Uddle Coition In pisht roiimN,
Tonight's ProRrnms
l)Or(II,As A. ('. .lurk Kunlron .
latilto Sullliiiu. ttporKP Uliirkhurn i.,
Villllp llpnrkrrt. AIip KuhlmnP; . 1'rnnUlp
Wliltp. Mhkpi l.nlliiKlipr vh. .loo UpMi,
Willie Moore ti. K. (I. Jurk liirnll.
NOKKISTIUVX Jolinni Kpllv x.
CrorKlf Jlrrliiin. 10 rounilH! .lurk t'nrroll
in, SCI.U1V lirltf. Iliiltllnc ( in. line mnl
lliiliotrnny Itlll. Uip roiuiiN pitrlu nutis
.lark O'ltrlcn ih, i:ildle Hpnlre, I.". rniiniN.
us. Cool nnd calculating, Leonard al
lowed Murphy to wear himself out and
saved himself for a whirlwind finish.
In tho third, fourth and fifth rounds
I'enny was nn the defensive, occasionally
sticking his left out and only a few times
using Ills right. Hut Leonard's defomo
was wonderful to behold. It was seldom
that Trunk O'Hrlen was foiced to sep
arate the boers fiom a clinch, as llennv
caslly squirmed out of them, and laugh
ingly Jabbed Murphy a couple of times
befoie Jimmy knew what had happened
It was then th.it the crowd accused
l.connid of "stnlllng" and "being afraid
to take a chance."
Bandages Arc Examined
The battlo Mas dclaed nt tho start
because of tho mysterious bandages Leon
ard was accused of wearing. It was said
that llenuy used cement, or concrete, or
something In the form of a powder on
his hands which solidified ns the bout
progressed. An a result, both boys ap
pealed In the ling with naked digits
Happing in tho breeze, and prepared
themselves for combat in full low of
tho audience.
Tho cloth handagei used by Leonard
wero closely examined and tho black tnpo
put through a rigid test. Then, while
Benny wrapped up his hands, Adam Ityan
stood by, keenly watching to seo If tho
New Yorker slipped a horseshoe In his
palm for good luck. Murphy was un
molested nonny Lconaid looks llko unj thing but
a pugilist. Neat and dapper, his hnlr
pai ted on tho side, clear eyed and clear
skinned, he hns the appeal a. co of a
schoolboy about to take part m a run
ning race. When he walked down tho
aislo while the seml-wlndup wns on, clad
In a white sweater closely buttoned nt
tho iicdc and his long trousers carefully
:rcascd, he looked llko ono of tho youthful
;.ish customers who escaped tho usher
and was viewing tho battle at close i.inge.
In fact, he was looked upon with annoy
ance, i
Hut bandiigcs or no bandages, you can
tnko It from us that Henny Leonard Is
SOMU boxer, and ns we grow enthusiastic,
nllow us to ngreo with tho gentleman who
s:tt behind us and state that ho also liar
SOMG wallop.
Knlinma Kid, n New York llahtwnlsht, Is In
town for tho iiutpoho of Keeking nuilr-n ami
HherlileH Somo of the Ikijh the Kltl htm mot
nro Kiltllo Wulltire, l'litsy ('lino. Johnny Drum
mlf. Ituhby He; nohl-i, Hurry Thomas untl
I'runklo C'unlfrcy. ,
Kensington fans aro hnostltiB a now entry In
puKillam. Ho In Leo Flynn. u. 112-poumlor.
who. nu nn ntutitiMir. kn'teil oxer Ii!h op
ponents with one pumh l'lnn haa had two
profeaHlonal llRhts, and In each ha ucon-d do
clalio victories.
Ad Wolcaat haa been trnlnlntr In Chlcaco for
hta match with Trod Weliih. at Mllwuukte.
March 3. The Itrltnn would do well t m.et
Inrf "has botna" of tho Wolcnst typo, ho ho
rnuld hold on to his title. I'redtly can't t
hlamcd If promoters let him eel nwiiy with It.
A matinee card la arheduled for thn llroad
way Hportlnff Club llrooklvn this afternoon
In the tur match Qcorso Chip win iro uk-.ilnst
.laku Allium. In tho latter'a first (ray olnto
Mike Ulubons stopped him.
Ounhont Smith la In attain. After Sam
Laneford anil Jim Coffey snuffeil out tho liun
ner'a ihamplonahlp llsht. th hie fellow has
iloelrled to Bt.irt nnow. ll Is rommenclns
rleht. tno. by tnklnir on farl Mnrrln. the
Uliluhoman Hopeless, at Tulna. .March IT.
Dundee Earned at Least Draw in
New Orleans Bout
NIJW OHLKAN'.S. I'eb. 22 Although
.loo Maudot's victory over Johnny Dundee
did not meet tho approval of the fight
fans, tho New Orleans fighter probably
will bo matched to light Freddy Welsh for
tho lightweight championship during Mardl
Oras. .... .
Iteferea Burns was hissed when ho de
clared Mandot the winner In the 20 round
bout last night.
Dundee was a 7 to 5 favorite nnd manv
spectators believed he had at least earned
a draw.
- 1 ...... i . . 'rr .-: .nric V-M t -Dl vr IT T-U&.-T-) ' in. - . I s ff?
r- V I IllAM-T- V-.M TrV fJ r TIIXXl 11 . WJ . v - -" . w- t. .. ,VrtHUi VL s" -v I
Uir-i I IIIA I 11 vst.i iuu w vu.. ' " 1 ,,,vw i ?,,.--e I'll. UAIIC-V vuvjuuiw, . , . i n
iZXr-rL XCT J: ".rAsHJi rofeATosB wiS VawHoss! "" V U
- ' " -. 'i -.-. T w-vw-.v - . . , iir-tii.f- i iv jum" mii i ir Jt . l ..jXswydJS. mm.
i vruuu i v) i i AtMiiM vrvi i i;i- inr i u - i f..imr- . .... -n.-. 1 v - i i r av?bi.
i r--.i i-c r iTLirtKP. RP.ry etM mf: A.rini lv ;- - - - i v r nniAi. i crr-r.jmL & r&
The photograph shows It. Lin
Murray, California, in action.
Murray met Arick II. Mann, .Jr.,
this morning nt the 7th Regiment
Armory, in New York city, for
tho national indoor tennh cham
pionship. Up to the finals, Mur
ray had gone through the tourna
ment without the loss of a single
Leonard's Final Punch Was
Hardest Local Lad
Ever Suffered
"Well, tho unexpected happened. I lost
a bet to myself. I renlly didn't think
thero was a man in the world who could
stow me away with a punch on the chin"
This Is tho way .llnimy Murphy this morn
ing referred to tho knockout be Miffcicd
from tho right-hand unnshes by llonny
Loonard at the Oljmpla last night.
"It Is not tho knockout defeat Itself
that Is worrying me Tim Itlea Is that I
will hao to ho tho butt ot a lot of kid
ding and Joshing on tho part of boxers,
malingers and light fans In general," con
tinued tho West l'hlladelphlan.
"Tho best of boxeis In tho past and
present have bad tho i1'. kao hung on
tliclr Jaw. Now 1 am convinced that I
am no better than mi other lighter. How
ever, I have one consolation. I was not
put to sleep. At no tlmo did ui senses
leave me.
Knees Gave Way
"When Leonaul dropped me the first
tlmo I figured the round was so near over
that 1 did nut want to lake the full count
of nine. It was tho same way when I
lilt tho lloor again, but this time my legs
lefused to work with my mind I tried
hard to get up boforo Hcfeieo O'llrlen
even started to count, but my knees wero
"My Ickh would not answer to my In
tention. Then followed whnt I thought
never would occur In my life time. The
last punch that Leonnitl landed was the
only ono that ever hurt me In all m.v
career. Never beforo did I feel tho sting
of a blow. Ad Wolgast told mo after my
recent match with him that his hat was
off to mo for being the only bo.xcr who
ever hurt him. My Lolly Is off to
"Hut. wouldn't I llko to get another
crack at him. I would bo willing to
wngcr all the money I could sciapo to
gether that Ilenny could not repeat his
victory In another match. I will not pic
dlct thut I can loverso tho knockout, but
it I get tho opportunity I am suro that
I would eonio pretty closo to doing so.
"f still cannot bellevo tho punch that
ended our bout landed on my chin. When
I reached my corner after tho fight I
ased Adam Ityan whether or not Leonard
hit mo on top of tho head. Tho punch
on tho jaw that staggered mo early In tho
tound did not hurt Tho blow shook my
bead In such a way that It began to
swim, but I didn't think that I wasi in
any way bad.
"Shiigiue, Welsh. "Wolgast and Dundeo
all landed flush on my Jaw, but their
blows seemed to bo liko crcanipult wal
lops. So did Leonaid'H up to tho llnlhhing
punch In the preceding rounds I was so
discouraged In my anxiety to catch him
that I purposely backed up against tho
ropes nml let him hammer away at my
Jaw with tho hope that ho would hurt
his hands.
"After tho bout my manager, Charley
Swlneharl, said that I had fought tho
wildest and most careless bout of my
career. Tho only reason I havo for this
is th.it I overworked myself. I tried to
knock out a man with tho reputation of
being a kndekout artist, and my anxlous
nchs mado mo too eager.
"Otherwise, I havo no alibi. All I nsk
for Is another chanco with Leonard, and
I am suro that I can redeem myself."
Seventy Rounds Booked
Philadelphia fans have tho chnlco of
two shows tonight. In all 70 rounds of
boxing aro spread over the programs nt
tho Palace Club, Norrlstown, and tho
Douglas A. C, 11th and Spring Oardcn
streets. Tho show arranged nt the local
arena will servo to Introduce Hobby
Ouimls Into llsttc circles us a matchmaker
and promoter.
Willie Moore, considered to bo tho hardest-hitting
boxer In Philadelphia today. Ih
booked to appear In the wlndiip Ho
will bo opposeil to K. O. Jack Farroll.
Pour other well-matched bouts havo beou
arranged, with Joo Welsh and Mickey Oal
lagher, territorial rivals, scheduled for tho
Philadelphia Jack O'Drlen will send
Brother John Into the 24-foot ring for a
15-rnuud Jaunt with Kddle Itovolie at tho
Norrlstown club. Tho match was mado at
155 pounds. A feature on the program Is
the seml-wlndup. when Sailor Jack Car
roll, of Krlsco, meets three heavyweights,
live rounds each
Oandil Still a Senator
WASUUsmiwi "-" ,-."Tr-:'.,"aKer iiritnin
tr,liv .!,,nltl ho hail Sold Chick (luntlil. llrRt
-Mjnauer rirlrnth
baseman "I tlto Washington team, to the
Cleveland Indians.
Kjfes, ;r '
e s
Racquet Laurels Decided on New
York Courts
N13W YOIMC, Ken 22. H Dudley Mur
ray and Arlck II Mann. Jr., met for tho
I Tth annual holding of the national In
door lawn (emits championship singles
title this morning on the court of tho Tth
Iteglnient Aimmy Murray won his way
to the finals without the loss ot a set
The championship doubles, In which
King Smith and Arthur S. I'lagin, regi
mental title holders, fare Aithur M. Lovl
bond and Hr. William Uosenbauni, was de
cided before the singles contest
Yale's team will meet the "th Regiment
In their dual contests In the afterhooii It
S Stoddanl, tho Yale captain, will bring
his hliongest plaids for tho eight (-Ingles
and five doubles.
Davis Suggests Sports for Working
men Free of Charge
ST. LOUIS. Mo., Fob. 22. Dwlght 12
Davis, donor of the International Lawn
Tcnni.s Ttophy, has announced plans hero
to organize a national municipal athletic
Tho purpoho of tho association, Davis
said, Is to glvo tho worklngman nn op
portunity for competitive sport frco of
Intercity contests will be arranged. Tho
features will Inciutlo golf, lawn tenuis and
possibly other spotts.
Giants' Outfielder Falls in Swimming
Tank atLittle Falls
UTICA, N. V., Feb. 22. Ocorgo Hums,
thn filants" outfielder, is bothered con
sltletably today with an Injury to his left
shoulder, buffered by fulling In a swim
ming tank at Little Falls Y. M r. A. last
week. Hums will consult a surgeon hero
bofoto leaving for tho spring training
camp at Martin Springs, To.x , next week.
Thn f'ardlnal basketball team if tlto Oljtn
nle Club, of !ian I'rmirlaro, baa i'lacd and
wnii i5 gaini-a In tho past four Jiarf
It Is uiilto n flclit fnr llrtit nltn-n In tli
Pennsylvania Slate LeaKiie VVIIk..-tlarr and
NatlioK.i am tied for tho leadership, with
KriHiinnd and OarUir.dalu nltldn uti" Bdino
of tho front. , r
I Nert will mnko nr break tonlnlit They
play ItcailliiB In llt-adlnc. 'Ihls I? tho llrst
home B.imo In Heading In weekn. .Ihe doublo
headers on Christmas and New ears nru a
ili-irlment to ltoadlns's clmiiLcs In tho leamia
raco. ,
Thero Is talk of n Hnuth Jersey Leaeuo fur
next eMfnn, with Salm. lipe May. Atlantic
city, Otean city, ilrldirclon. Wlldivuod and
Millvlllo us tho circuit.
Thero Is a chanco fnr a Pennsylvania Statu
I.o.tsUf eastern section, with Allentowu. Lan
caster. Ilnrrlslmrif. Huston, lleitdlni: and somo
other ttmn. 'Ihls would make it compact
clrmlt, ono that would draw out tho people.
nirard Alumnt and H. (. hudds. champions
of tho AmerU.ui and Industrial laeuts. tho
lust of tha minor leaituo teams In th" tlty,
will play a serlea of Kaines to decide tho
minor lvaicua championship Tho llrst tame
will bo plajed on February 8.
Eddie Dolln Is by Ions odds tho best centra
man In the Uastern Irfauue. And Jack
l,arenie, of Orejatoclc. Is nei Tho veterans
aro slowing- up rapidly llrlmstad. of Do
Nerl. Is loo much of an fn-and-ouler to bo
ijasscd anions tho beat.
It vvllt bo necessary to jack up several of
the Hastoru lo.al.uo cluba U tn vi tsn to
ho'..! their patronage next ycur Hoadim, will
never vvln a pennant with Kab'uerty In tho
iramtf becauso ho commits too many fouls,
and Jasper tannot exptct to set out of tho
second division with a purely defensive team.
Plot by J. P. McEvoy
(Copyright: 1018: Hy Tha Tribune Company)
Stallings' Team Feared
by Most Managers.
Moran, as Usual, Does
Not Commit Himself
TF WIS belt the Hrnves out I rtm snt
JLisilcd we win win tho National League
pennant ' 'barley llerang, Joe Tinker
and John Mrtlr.iw. managerM of the Hods
rubs and (Hants, have expressed them
tclvcs in this milliner In speaking of the
National League rnces since I'd Konctchv,
Diner ln't?ci- and Nick Allen, of the
Federal League, wero added to tho tester
of tho Hoston flub
Manger Moran. of the I'ltlllles. does not
lienltnle to nay that tho Hrnves look like a
powerful aggregation but following out
his usual custom the I'hllly lender refuses
to iiinke anv prediction on the outcome of
the line, or to even Intimate what he
thinks Ihe 1'nlllles must do to repeat.
It will be a different Huston team Ihls
season Hum it was In HUB After winning
tho National Lenguo pennant anil world's
championships In I'M I. tho llr.ives failed
to pay as much intention to baseball as
Is nen-ssary nnd also surfered n great ileal
through hnitl luck. This, coupled with
the complete breakdown of the outfield
which had plaved such an Important part
In the sensation ii spurt of tho previous
season put Mailings' team far In tho ic.ir
eailv In the lace
James' Loss Kelt
The Injury to Hill James' pitching nrin
whkh made him virtually useless thiough
out the season; tho fretuent breakdowns
which kept Johnny Kvers on tho side
lines nnd other things wero given as the
cause ot tho llr.ives' failure last summer,
hut probably the greatest drawback to tho
work ot Stallings' team was the work ot
his outlleld
It wns believed that Hie addition of
Sherwood Magee. who was gotten in trade
for (leorgc Whlttcd. would make tho
Hraves' outfield stronger, but such was not
tho case Magec played wonderful ball
throughout the season, hut Joe Connolly,
a heavy hitter In 101 1, was a maik as op
posing twlriers hud discovered his weak
ness, while Herb Moran went completely
to pieces and has now passed out of tho
major leagues Throughout thn season
Stallings was experimenting with his out
lleld, and game nfter gnmo was lost be
cause of weak pinch hitting and poor
Ikhllng hv Ihe g.udcners
There Is but one conclusion to draw In
reg.ud to the Hill outlleld. and that Is
that they were playing beyond their speed,
because no member of it, even Whlttcd,
has played up to the same form since.
Whlttcd. however, lilted In well for tho
Phillies, and was a dependable man.
Uvory weak spot of 10ir lias been filled,
and the acquisition of Konetchy, who will
leplace Schmidt at Hist base, gives Hos
ton even greater strength Tho outlleld
Skeeters Win 51 to 34 Cornell
Shades Dartmouth by Lone.
Point Margin
w. r. v.r w. u I'.C
Orevstook 21 in .C77 lie Nerl.. 1 It.
Itciillllff. . I!" 14 .S7l. Jasper... 12 21
Camden.. IS If, .621 Trenton . i: 21
Do Nerl at Headlnir.
Camden easily defeated Trenton nn the
hitter's floor last night by tho seoro of
r.l to 31. The first half ended 27 to 12 In
favor of tho visitors. There never was a
tlnio when tho South Jcrsoymcn wero in
Tho firm of Adams, Brown (c Co. so
completely outplayed tho Trenton club
that there was absolutely nothing to tho
Ilrown and Dolln rained In tho field
goals with such alarming rapidity that
Tienton never had a look in and tho
Tigers looked o.ulto pathetic .mil forlorn
by tho concerted team play ot tho visi
W. 1,. P C W. I.. P.C.
I'enn .... fi 1 .s" Yalej I .1 .671
Princeton.. 4 2 .Gt7 Dartmouth 2 ! .811
Cornell.... 3 - -GOO Colutnhl.i.. 1 G .112
Peiin ut Prlntetoib
Dnitinoiitli lost to tho Cornell live by
ono point In the last mlnuto of play In
tho final homo gamo of tho Intercolleglato
basketball season, at Hanover. Tho con
test closed, 20 to 19, with Cornoll on top
after a hard-fought half In which tho
lead alternated continually.
Tho a recti started strong and finished
the llrst halt 11 to G, but Cornell came'
back with a cyclone attack that kept
tho homo quintet on tho Jump till tho
whistle blow.
Three Other Red Sox Players Also
Scheduled to Go
nOSTON. Mass., Feb. 22. President
Joseph J. Laiinlng. of tho Hed Sox, has
decided to tear his world's champions
npart In places and has asked waivers
on at leust four of his prUo-vv inning ag
gregation. While It was denied at ono
tlmo that waivers had been asked on
Joo Wood, tho American League's premier
liurlcr, well-founded Information to tho
effect that waivers had been asked on
Wood. Thomas, Cady and Collins has
been received.
According to tho story, w.ilvcrs vvcro
also nsked on another player who at ono
tlmo performed marvclously In a world's
series. This player la an outfielder, and
It Is expected that he, too, will llud
another abiding pluco.
New president of the Hoston Na
tional League Baseball Club.
will be taken care of by Magee. Compton
nnil Wllbolt. Compton played tho Inst
month of the season nfter being purclinsed
from tho Kansas City team of tho Ameri
can Association. He Is n powerful hitter.
Is fast on the bases and is far superior to
cither Connolly or Moran In Melding.
Little Is known of Wllhoil in tho Knst.
nnd he may pmve to be another minor
league seusallnn who will fl.zlo III tho big
show. I xcellent Judges of players de
clare, however, that In Is certain to bo a
wonder In tho National League.
Willioit Fast
Wllhoil wan put chased from tho Vcnlco
Club, of tho Pacific Coast League and Is
certain to open the season In right Held
Ho Ik taller than Cy Williams, of tho
Cults, and built on tho same lines.
Wllbolt was rated as a poor fielder when
tho lSlft season opened, but ho rapidly
overcame his weakness at Judging fly balls
hit over his head and should fill the bill.
This comlilnat Ion will surelv bo better
than that of I'.ilf,, as It could haully be
worse, barring Magce's brilliancy.
With Kveis In better health than In
yearn the Inlleld will be a smooth-working
combination, compiling favorably with or
having a decided edgo on any In the
league Konetchy on first Is ns good as
any man In the league, with the possible
exception of Jul.e ll.iubert. of Brooklyn
Llttlo need be said of Hvct.s' ability, pro
viding his health Is good. Those who saw
the Trojan at the many league meetingH
In New York this winter nie convinced
thut he Is in better condition, physically
and mentally, than he has been In years.
Maranvlllo mid "lied" Smith will take
cue ot tho left side of the diamond unless
Martin or Fltyp.itrlck can succeed In
wresting the third corner finm Smith
The Martin refeired to Is not the tleorge
town lad, as he was released last summer
Judging Begins in 12 Rings
in Exhibition at Madison
Square Garden
XI3W VOHIC, Feb. 22. Judging In 12
ilugu In tho 10th annual dog .show of the
Westminster Kennel Club began Mmul
tnucoubly at Madison Kiiunio Guidon
whero more than 2S00 entries will be
passed on by tho judges during tho noM
four days ot the show.
Tho Philadelphia entry list Is uuuhiially
heavy. and all of tho famous canines fiom
tltal city aro on hand. Among the prom
inent eshlbltors are Mrs. Barclay II. War
hol ton, (Jeoigo D Wldcncr, John S Kil
lers. 13. H C1iiim .Miss Kleanor T Chand
ler, Dr. Norton Downs, A. II. Johnson, Jr.,
l)r and Mis. II It Kohler, J. P. McGurry.
W. K Mattel n. L S. Miller, 11 K. Mosber,
J. W. Pattitn, Mrs. II. S. Peaster, Mrs. P.
Phillip, Joeeph Snellenheig. Mis C. II.
Sparth, W. J. Sprankle, F. W. Springer, G.
W Stulzell, Jr., Mia. Smytho and Miss
D. Williams.
early all tho unusually strong Canadian
and Philadelphia entries arrived thlsm
morning, wunewhat late, hut reached the
Cardcn In tlmo for the opening classes.
Tlicro Is no delay In passing tho dogs, as
half a dozen veterinarians expedited mat
ters Many of the entries arrived from
tho various railroad stations und nearby
kennels by motorcais
A record-breaking crowd watched tho
work of the ring olllclnls as they pnsbed
on tho diffeient breeds, tho bright, clear
weather and holiday accounting for tho
big attendance. At noon tho nlsles were,
almost impass.iblo and thero appeared to
bo no dropping oft at tho gate
Competition is largely confined to American-owned
dogs, owing to tho wnr, which
kept many of tho famous Hnglish bred
dogs on tho other side, duo to tho fact
that their owners aro ut tho front or
leveling their energies In other directions.
This fuct mado tho show nn open one and
the competition between New Voik. Phila
delphia and Western kennels promises to
be keen.
Ritter Makes Tank Record
ATLANTIC CITY N J.. Feb !: rhlla
delphf.uiH won ever tvent last nhrht In the
unitunl tw Inimlii ihtimtilonshln tf iviutti Jer
He. ut ttt.1 IbKeia Pool Mu ItHter. nt
Philadelphia a point winner for Germany In
Ihu Oliinptr gam. ui Minkholm. easily won
the ;:o yard event. He tlnlahed In 2 minutes
US 5 S Hfconda ttllpalnK the Middle Atlantic
A A U record muile In 1914 by Ilonald A.
llellly, by otie-flfth of a tecond
Wolsey's Farewell Had
3UJmtJ)li APOO. MV SCVtl . AOOQ - AN
New Blood in Line-up
Will Help Bean-Eaters
Regain Form Dis
played in 1914 Race
to mnko room for nnothcr Martin, picked
up by Fred Mitchell In New Ungland
If tho outfield falls to hold up Its md
nnd FlUpatrtck cannot bent out Smith
for third base the former will be Bvvltch;l
to the outfield, where he played great ball
at tho close of the 1315 season It Is p8a
slhle thnt Fltzpatrlck will bo used nriV
wny When southpaws oppose tho Hrav'is,
ns both Compton nnd Wllholt are Un
handed hitters.
Tho catching start Is tho only weak cogf
In tho Hoston machine. Aside frrfm
CJowdy, Stallings hns no catcher Who hns
proven his worth, nnd tho work of the
1911 world's series hero wns a distinct
disappointment last year. Unless Oow'dy
cun show his I OH form, tho catching ifo
pnrlment weakness may prove HUlllclent
to counter-balance the great strengthen
other departments, nB n catcher can mnjio
or bleak a team.
Krratlc pitching In tho early stages "bf
tho raco, duo mostly to Jamca' absence
from the game, was another drawbackto
tho work of tho Hraves In 1916, which wilt
not bo noticeable this season. Stallings
really has so many good twlriers thnt ho
may find a hard time deciding on tho final
make-up of his staff.
The unusual pitching talent may prv-o
a lucky thing for Htalllngs. ns two or
three clubs have excellent catching ma
terial, and may bo willing to make a tra'dc.
Switch Possible
Providing James comes back In good
shape, Hoston will havo a wonderfjul
hurling corps, consisting ot James, llu
dolph, Tyler, Nchf, Allen, Knotzor, Barrtts,
Hughes, Davis, Kagon and a number')!
iccrults It Is hardly likely that any
recruit will even bo retained with tills
stuff available, although several may Jto
Edit out under optional agreement.
Stallings Intends to carry no more than
hoven hurlers, which means that three men
must be cut adrift, any ono of whom
should help several clubs Chances favor
Hagou. Davis nnd Hughes being released,
hut one of them has an excellent chaijfo
to stick If Tyler fulls to round Into form.
Tho addition of Allen, Knctzer. Neoit
and li.irncH to tho stuff which opened the
10 IK tcasoti will greatly strengthen tho
Braves. In Nchf, a southpaw, and Barnes,
a lanky rlght-bnndfr, .Stallings has two of
tho best young twlriers picked up in se,y
ciat seasons, nnd they aro certain to play
uii Important part In tho 1016 race.
Theie have been much Mronger Inokltg
"paper" teams which have sadly disap
pointed the fans, but If any team deserves
to he tho favorite In tho National League
inco thl3 season It surely should be tho
Eligibility Committee Has Sfp;
Problem on Hand to Settle
His Case
Tho wholo college world Is Interested
to f.eo whether or not tho Ynle legibility
Committee will stand for tlto re-election
ot Captain Mllhurn to lead tho 1311s' bnje
ball tennij Mllhurn was ono of the five
mon who wero disqualified by tho'comrnTt
tee last fall for having violated tho Ynle
rules through their acceptance of board
to ploy with a club baseball team at
Quogue, L. I., last summer. After having
temporarily debarred the men. tho cdTh
mlttce met again two weeks ago to con
sider tho request of tho Yalo undergrad
uates and of Harvard and Princeton that
tho men be reinstated. Tho answer' to
these petitions was to debar tho men for
tho icst of tho college year.
Although the committee's decision waa
tnken in a dignified way, tho action ot
tho team In re-electing .Mllburn Is in
reality a dcllauco of tho Faculty Commit
tee. It Is the first such instanco on record
In college sports. It Is true that tho ruling
of tho committee Is to be respected In that
Mllhurn will not actually play In gam'tjs.
but It Is reported ho Intends to bit on the
bench nnd direct the play of tho team.
Apparently ho also Intends to accompany
tho team on all trips and represent Yale
In tho preliminaries with opposing cap
tains If ho docs all this thero will h4o
to bo a showdown between the team tOftd
tho committee, for no other Ineligible man
would bo permitted such liberty.
Cricket Club League Leaders Clash
This Afternoon at Moorestown"'
MOOm:STOW. N. J., Feb. 12. Th,
Moorestonn Field Club and Merlon Maroon
ocer elevens meet hera thin afternoon In tha
final eama of the Cricket Club leaeue Ben.
bon. The tiva cluba urt. ut present tied for
flrat plare and the championship of tha season
of 191&-16 hlnirps nn the result of this game.
Haiti club haa played seven cramea. won four,
lost two and drawn one. and the victory today
will finish the season with 11 points to II for
the vanquished
Hath club will plare Its strongest avallalls
combination In the Held and a rattllnc Una
game Is expected.
Monrestown. Merlon Maroon.
coal. . .
. .right fullback. .
...left fullhuck
..right halfback
. P. Plumb
, Marleti
., MUnin
. Morrjs
J. Plumb
. .,.. Micjs
.remre. natluaCK
Sumner left halfb.irk.
Savery outside, right. ..
Hall Inside right
Furneas ... . .centre forward. .
htokea Inslda left ..
Perkins outside left ..
'lima of halves 15 minutes
Slack to Try Out Readinp; Lad
HKADINO. Pa , Feb. :t Claud ("Kok')
Dry. shortstop on Pets Jenaskl's West Jloid.
Ing baseball nine, will he given a tryout'tiy
Connie Muck. He has received notice, lofe
port ut Shibe Park on April J. .
Nothing on Percy's
HCRSE. - farewell;
, i. , i w. m. .i r-'n.rT; , I !, . . fc" :-mTX, ..-
it ii i-m i, n an. ii - ii i f" '" ' ' J

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