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VOL. 1I.-NO. 165
CopiRimiT, 1010, at ina Fcbmo Lrtrxizs OouriNt.
J'Outlaw Bands Hemmed in
East of Namiquipa,
n courier nenorcs
fcarranzistas Reported to Have J
Routed Bandits in
ft Earlier Clash
UN ANTONIO. March 2 J. The I
Texas civil authorities, atMIie request I
of Major General runsUin, arc Adzing
ill the wireless outrun ot amateurs
"lene'thc border. It ns feared that
military secrets might he betrayed
(It is possible that the operations of
! these amateurs hae been responsible
Hn a measure for the muddled mes
sages received at headquarters.)
OIIERETAKO. March 21. Minis
ter of War Obrcgon issued the follow
ine statement today
Willi flip pxcontion of the Zanalis-
f, Us there are no organized forces in
I Mexico opposing the de facto ro em
inent. The fen bands of bandits arc
being rapidly destroyed."
The American expeditionary forces
sent into Mexico to get, Francisco
Villa have clnshed with the outlaw's
bands at El Oso, cast of Nnmiquipn,
according to word brought by a cou
rier from the front to El Paso.
Details of the engagement arc lack
ing and the result of the bout was not
made known, except that Villa is re
ported at bay on a small plateau,
f hemmed in by strong Carranzista and
United States forces.
It is stated, however, that one loop
hole exists and that the bandit leader
may yet gain the Guerrero Hills.
But even if he does, it is said he
'cannot long escape, as the odds in
immbers are heavily against him.
A scout returning from the fiont
!to Columbus, N. M., corroborates the
Itourier's. message that Villa was sur
!roundcd and that he would be caught
f x 'SB
i Jm. .wf. W
Returns after long explorations
in the Antarctic.
These rcpoits were in line with the
official denial from United States
Consul Letcher, at Chihuahua, that
Gen. Luis Herrera had revolted
against Carranza and had taken with
.him 2000 men to the Villa standaid.
It is possible that the actions of a few
renepnilrs to the Cnrra"nza cause
Siave rise to the reports of Hen era's
Regardless of the belief in official
circles at the leport of Herrera'a
loyalty, unensiness is still felt along
the bouler because of the continued
concentiation of Garranza tioops at
points within a few horns' maxch of
the international line. To meet any
emergency, General Fiinston has
lengthened the patrols all along the
front. Just why the Carranzistas
ire massing on the border is a mystery.
Wirelesses from Genet al Pershing
in General Funston today were so
muddled that the wireless will be
abandoned and telegraph lines will be
depended on for news from the front.
i:i PASO. Tex , March 24
! A worn and dusty courier brought into
uirej earl) today a report that Ameri
ca troops had engaged Francisco Villa's
Jain force fie miles east of Namiquipa
Jh cene ot the battle, he said, was i:i
Ow Itanch which is skirted by a narrow
J54 that runs southward fiom Las Cruces
Sj-Chojas However no definite word lias
jjMH received and officials both here and
U Sn Antonio are aualtine news of the
The courlei confirmed (ha nnnmiiii'p.
BWM made by General aaira at midnight
Kw villa had been surrounded by Amtri
tand Carranza troops and tliat a gen
ivtl attack would be made on the bandit
lluier-p position.
I Villa, the courier said, had selected a
"fPOSitlOn In Which to tfltn hnttlp hplnir
W J small plateau between the Wo de
mu Maria and the Klo del Carmen It
! this position that Villa fell back
S? i'e haa met defeat in a skirmish
tS7, Car-anzlsta troops at Santa Uer
gMl Ranch, southeast of Namiquipa
Bk"esaaBe flleu y Colonel Francisco
vmsV'. B,,er his column had routed
tiiV.L rce "' the Santa Clara ranon,
SI Villlstas were surrounded by his
Joint Reply Received at
State Department Con
ditions Prevent Ac
Present Methods of Waging
Naval Warfare Would Place
Ships at Foe's Mercy
WASHINGTON. March 24 The Joint
lepl of the Allies to the State Depart
ment's proposal that merchantmen be dis
armed was received todaj It Is under
stood from the highest authority that the
piopos.il was not accepted, the Allies re
lieving that tlio situation and condition of
nival warfare did not warrant them In
subjecting thoe vessels armed to the risk
of tliH.it mninent
The proposal In the Allies that they
agree to take all guns off merchant ships
was made voluntarily by Hecretarj' Lan
sing as a modus Vivendi toward the set
tlement of the gencial submailne ques
tion The suggestion was made earl in
Januar) It has been said Germany
would have agreed to attack no ships of
commeice unnamed prolded assurances
were given by the Entente Allies that they
would carry no guns
It was Secretary Iinslng's suggestion
to the Allies that made Gel man) wait
one month befoie announcing her latest
submarine decree effective Mnicli 1.
Lewisville Girl's Parents Objected
and Put sued Couple
Lie veil miles of field finest and lonel)
load between them and marriage weie
travetsed b) Robert M Tjron who said
he was from this eit). and Miss Ulani'lie
Lveljn Wilson, whose runnvva) wedding
is the talk of Levvlsville. Pa . today
.Mls.s Wilsons parents objected to the
attentions paid their daughter bj Tjron
whom they had known onlj a week The
joung couple eloped jesterdnj afternooi.
burning on foot the 11 Intervening miles
to Llkton, Mil,, making their waj across
fields, through woods and on to a road
belci (ml used Their absence was noted
bj the parents, who set out In pursuit
The ouug girl was so exhausted by
the trip that she could hardl stand but
the couple were hastily married at the
Count) Court' otllce and boarded a 'train
for Philadelphia befoie the parents ar
rled at the Gretna Green town
Tjron s name does not appeal In the
Philadelphia dliectory and the Wilson
family does not know his address .
Hotly Denounces "Same
Old Crowd Who Are Try
ing to Fool People"
His Eyes Snap and Voice Rings
in Defying Enemies of
Major Smith. In n "iutpmeiil Mhrntlng
Willi determination tills afternoon declared
open wnt to the finish on I'enrnsp-Mc-N'lchol
f'mmcilmen who It is iilltgrd an
attempting to retnrd m posslblj defeat the
1 Sfi.son onn loan
In n thlnh veiled nttnek on soger and
Trainer IVmose-.McMcliol nieiiihvls ,.f tli
finance Committee, the Major asserted
Hint It Is the same old crowd trlng to
fool the people in the same old waj
'Hie Mnvoi said that lie considered Ihn
opposition of the menthols of rinance
( ouiiulttee to the loan as nn nttnil. on
his administration, and lie dedarul that
nnvhoch who nttacked the adnilnlstiatlon
would have to fight him The Mavor
stated that he might appeal on the floor
at Hie nuance Committee of Councils
net Mondav
The Mavor was Interviewed in the cur- '
rldnr Just outside Ills olllce as he vva re '
tinning from an Inspection nip He spoke
cahnlv hut his olce had jt told even
qunlilj vvliUh was expret-slvp of deteiiuin
ttlM IllU AP l.l.l t.t.u unf f. I r ..illitn,.! I
angle mid Ills eves Mashed as he tnlkd
'I he Mavoi Jiimned uuliklv to a ileilara
Hon of win on the IVniose-.McMcliol camp .
when lie was asked "Alt Mavor do j oil
(iinllniiril nn I'uicr Two. ( nlllnin Tlirre
Expedition to South Pole Was
Planned as Greatest of
Explorations in That
LONDON, March 21. A Reuter dis
patch states that the exploration ship
Aurora, in which part of the Shackle
ton expedition went to the Antarctic,
broke adrift in Itose Sea, leaviiiR ten
members of the party stranded on
SVO'i:V N S W Alaich 21 Lieu
tenant Sir III nest Miackletou famous ex
plorer, has letinned from the South I'olar
expedition Sir Ilrnest left for the South
I'ole late In 11)14
No news as to the achievements of the
expidltlou wns given out Lieutenant
Shackletons expedition was planned as
the greatest polai Journey ovei attempted
1 an exploiei
Part of the expedition sailed for lloss
Sea on the mora. hut Lieutenant
hhackleton and the remaining nieinlieis
of the p.utj sailed fiom Liverpool foi
Iluciios Alios on September ID. 1911
On October Jil they 'set out fiom Ai
gentina foi Weddell Sea on board the ihi
durante The oiigtual plan was for the
Shackletou party to cioss the Antarctic
Ice over the South I'ole to Itoss Sea a
distance of 1"U0 miles, the two seitions
of the expedition to meet In Auiil 19K
Ipon reiulilng outh i.eotgia n voni,
barren Island in the Soutli Atlantic, in
Novembei 1'IH. Sir Ki nest found that
Ice conditions were sucli that he vould not
carrj out his plan and the expedition suf
fered a long delaj in consequence
In Ills patting message from Soutli
tieorgia Lieutenant Shakleton said he
hoped to complete his work of exploration
so as to be able to return eailj- in 1916
The object of the expedition was to
explore the xast Antarctic continent,
search for new land and Inquire into the
mineral deposits
The party took 70 dogs and seeral
motor sledges The war caused a e
1 mm r
( WjtDyv4J'VK:v f wffl
i j niTi r 'M
. i if' i itmcmer Lmi
Z2fcT?".Wr W-w ..wvva-mv wiiniimiiiMiiww.1! "
MWO w Jtw
Rapid Transit League Ac
cuses Secret Agents of
City Administration
Foes of "All Philadelphia"
Service Use Trick of Promis
ing Sectional Improvements
Doctor's Purchase of
NHW YOIUC M.iuh 21 The most
damaging evidence ot dKccneied against
Dr Atthur XV Wuiti who Is accused of
murdering his millionaire father-in-law'.
John K Peck of til uid Itaplds, AIlcli ,
was produced totlav b District Attorney
Kvvaiiu It was a rtceipt foi a large iiiau
tltj of arsenic bought liv Walte on Alaiili
9, three dajs liefoie his fathei -in-law died
The autopsy had levealed that All Peck's
di atli lesulted fiom arsenic poisoning
I list t let Attoinev Swnnti made the fol
lowing statement this afternoon
We have the exact place wlieie Doctor
Walte bought tile aisenlc on March s,
thiee das befoie Air Peck's death, mid
we have Ooctoi Walfe's melpt foi It in
his own handwiitliig There was enough
piilihased to kill several men He gave
a uasoii when making the puichasu foi
its use, hut we'd better not tell now what
it Is
V have also found that he had been
Kiveu $111.00(1 liv .Miss Catherine Peck, the
slstet of the dead man We also found
that he opened a speculative account with
the biokerage firm of Spauldliig Alcl.ellana
& I'o at 71 Ilioadvvax. Immediately after,
and left J30.000 llieie to speculate vvitli
The balance of the $4(1 000 went to Doctor
Walte's brother at tiiaud Itapids to pay
off some mortgage '
"Ope of our detectives lias uuestloned
Waite as to the puichase of the arsenic
arrangement of some of the plans, as it Waite positively denied that he had bought
A direct chin rc that secret ngents pre
tending to act wltli the iiiithoritj of the
cltv administration are circulating through
the oiitlvlng sections of the cltv promising
support for pettv local Improvements In te
tin n for Hie iiiiloipenipiit of file Twining
tianslt plans, was made tnilm bj th Alt
Philadelphia Itap'it Transit League In a
statement Issued ovr the slgnntiiie of
llotace V Alach'sdveit president and John
I! I rammer, chairman of the Publicity
I Committee
In view of the recent dedaiathm of
Alavoi Smith that the people would luve
the ultimate voice in settling the transit
fitiestloii the League In the statement
called upon the Alajot to denv that these
men aie working with Ills approval
The statement set fortli that hints of nn
ahiinimnl tax rate have been held before
piopeitv owners In an effort to line them
up against the oilgiual Tavlor plans and
barged further Hint in five instances pub
lic olllteholdeis have been in availed upm
to plead foi the .idmlrlstratlon's tinnstt
plagium In Hie belief that unless tliev
did so tliev would be In Jeopirtlv of losing
(hell position"
hHAtu'i: si:i:s iNDnnoiioi'ND plot
The statiment from the lenguo follows
in pait
"In spite of the announced Intention of
Alnjor Smith to allow the people of Phila
delphia to have exactlv Mich added tianslt
facilities as they desire sec-tit agents
pretending to act with (lie authority of
the city administration are lmlttstrloul
peddling promises of pettv local impiove
ments In exchange, for lesolutlons which
remove nnj objections to the administra
tion's Iniquitous, hob-tailed 'red herring'
transit plan dlrectlv off el eel some time
ago bj- Director Twining Tlicy are trj
Ing to organize property ovvneis to make
a stand against a comprehensive tianslt
svstem bj dangling before them an un
certain, mjthlcal abnormal tax rate,
whli h, thej' assert will insue fiom the
i ompletion of the high-speed transit lines
conceived by foi nier Director A Al Taj lor
and appioved bv the peopU at a special
election, uncL.4ti tle Instanc. have Ad
vanced public ohlceholders to plead
against any definite stand being taken
SV;ilin Ohtaini RppPl'nt ffir against the wiBhCH of the city admlnistra
OWdlin UUbdlllS ILLtipi lUI , ull ench one ot thp jobholders leferred
to declaring that au action taken against
Hie vvlslies of the powers that lie would
place them In Jcopirdy ot losing their
positions as city employes
' One of the most amazing Instances of
the nuclei ground campaign Is now hlstoiy
when .ft men members of the Noithvvest
llusliiess .Men's Association meeting with
out any notice as to what was to be dis
missed, authorized a letter vviiltin to the
l-'liuiuin Committee of City Councils in
wh.Gi this organization was made to say
'Wo hnvo fiom the ei first unselllshlj
consented and we do now to a postpone
ment of high speeil tianslt thiough our
Five-yenrold Anna Dnvey was tun ovei and almost Instantly
killed this afternoon by a stiect cai northbound on 20th street ns
she tan actoss the stteet In fiont of hei home, 1531 South 20th stieet
WASHINGTON. Match 24. The Senate this afternoon passed
an urgent deficiency bill catrylng appiopriations of $3,500,000
CHICAGO. March 21. The Western Union Telegtaph Company
has bought, the Illinois and Mississippi Telegraph Company fot 3-
000.000. The Illinois fiauchises are included in the puichase
BERLIN, March 24. The fouith German wai loan has been a
brilliant success, Financial Secietary Helffcrich lcpoitcd to the Beich
t.tag today The subscriptions totaled mote than $2,000,000,000.
tuwui rtt-rtViWff ttvwCV.'vAijuOu.M -...---j
1'holo h International nim Venice
Aboe is Dr. Arthur Wnrrcn
Waite, chnrRod with poisoning
his rich fnther-in-lttw. and below,
his wife, Mrs. Clara Peck Waite.
where waite
bought poison
NKW VOIltC, Mm eh "I. A massive battle neroplanp developed In Russia
and used pilneipttllj ns n 'Zeppelin hound" was described by Captain Kugen
Vetchoten, u llusslun aviator who at lived tml.iv on the Adriatic from Liver
pool The Russian liruidninight of the air onirics 10 men and three tons of
ammunition, nnd can ciulse foi hI hours without ilcscciuilnp. It Is armed
with three guns.
Soft foal opeialois. In session with nlllcinls of the mineis' union nt tho
HHIev ue-.Stuitford. voted toduv ngalttst n proposed agreement to refer local
disputes to the local ofhVlnls of the lnted Mine, Workers of Amctica Instead
of submitting them to thp national oiliceis, us lieretofote. Tills marked tho
1 4th refusal in the IS demands submitted li tho millets ns a basis for a
new ngr cement
A.MSTlJItD .M AIiikIi IM Heavy eaiiiioniidliig, indicating tliat a naval
battle was in progress, was lieatd olT Ostcnd ami Westcnde In tho Noith Sea
last night. Incoming skippeiH ropoited that the Hashes of gunfire were visible
on the lioibon dining tho night. Thej said thej believed nn Important naval
light was going on.
rtOAIC. .March L'-l Premier Snlandra left for the front today to hold a
final conference with King Victor Kmmnnucl before going to Paris to attend
tho Gland Allied Council of War Baron Snnnino, the Foreign Minister, and
Signer Dallolio, .Minister of Munitions, wilt leave tomortovv for Turin, where
they v III meet Premier Siilandni, and all will proceed to Pat Is together.
NOItrOI.K, Vn . March 24 Coast guards have been Instructed to look
for wtcckuge along the coast In consequence of the finding of tho seven 1ob
hooks of the IJrltlsli crulset Cumberland on the beach nt Chlcamlcomlco. X. C,
yesterday The finding of the log hooks gao rise to the belief that the Cumber
land had been nunk cither by u cnlo or by a German Mntshlp. The Cumberland,
which has been guarding the A'trulnla Copes, disappeared soveral days ago.
u.w !.... 1
Charles I. Fluek it druggist of 2100 Immaculate Conception
greatly Increased the cost of certain neces.
sarj supplies A large number of scien
tific instruments had been ordered in
Uermanj and these could not be delivered
'The Knduraiice had three bases In the
Antarctic and wintered at the South Shet-lands
anj arsenic Hut when the detective put
the direct question to him about the pur
chase for which we had a receipt he ilosed
up like a cam "
Swnnii bald he had changed his plans
Continued on I'llB Tun. t'uhimil Hit
Itidge avenue is ili.iiiman of the Tiaus
pollution Committee of the alien e men
tioned organization and it was ho who of
feted the leltei fiom wlili h Hie above
quotation was taken He sajs tliat lie
did not ipiiMilt Willi the other members
of Hie Tiauspoitatloii Committee liufoie
offering the letter rcfeind to for approval
at the meeting when 3: men blandlj spoke
for those who live in tile district of the
citj bounded bv Uioad sheet, the Scliuj I
Mil lllver, I'.ili mount avenue ami l.elilgh
avenue. Associated with Air Thick on
litis committee aie IMvvnrd 11 Alaitlii, an
avowed tandldatc foi appointment as at
tornej to the Public Service Commission,
former .Magistrate Thomas t. Alorris, ex
Select fount llmaii Lewis ilutt, who was
sponsor foi the bill which killed the jit
nejs. now an Assistant Citj- Solicitor,
lleniy Limit. Christian lllderheck and .1
It Pellj
would r.LLMi.wvrn xi:i:di:i) link
'The high-speed transit line referred
lo in the ollltlal communication sent to
the Finance Committee of Cltv Councils
and purporting to reflect tho sentiment of
those thousands of persons living in the
terrltorj referred to us tliat known as the
Parkway-Xnrth .'9th btreet-lteniy ave-nue-ilonborough
line planned bj former
Announcement was made todaj of the following appointments of newly
ordained priests by Atchhlshop Prendergast. The Ilev. Philip Donahue to St.
Agnes', West Chester, the Rev I M ward Gaterrs to the Annunciation, Shenandoah;
the Rev. Joseph Kane to the Immaculate Corrceptlott, Allentown, and the Rev.
Thomas Council to St. Cniilcus', Muhunoy Citj. The Archbishop also announced
the following transfers: The Rev. Churles L AlcC.mon from St. Marj-'s to St.
Joachim's; the Rev, Uentj Merrill fiom St. Canieus', Mnhanoy Citj'. to St.
Ann's, Phoerrlwille, the Rev. Austin C. Oradj from theie to St Carthage's, this
city; the Rev. F. S. Oros. from there to St. Alary'a, PhoenKville; the Rev.
John A. Kane from there to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, this city, the Rev.
M. J, Coleman from there to St Francis of Asslsl's: the Rev. Tlloman J. TCenlv
from there to the Most Precious Blood; the Rev Jeremiah J. Mnhon from
Allontown, to St Alurj's, this city, the Rev. James V.
Alchmery from the Annunciation. Shenandoah, to St. Patrick's, Norristown, the
Rev Joseph A Mnhnn fiom there to St. Ann's, this citj'.
NORFOLK. Va , Manh 24 The revenue cuttet Onondaga reported the
disabled Million liner Ahrmn 130 miles northeast of Capo Hattetas early today.
The liner, hound to Alohile with passengers nnd freight, probably will be towed
jnto Hampton Roads. Its rudder Is broken nnd engine trouble has also developed.
RO.Mi:. .March 24 The Ttlbuna learns from a high diplomatic source that
Rumania has consented to etrter the wai on the side of the Allies as soon a
the Anglo-French forces in the Balkans open their offensive against the Ger
mans and Bulgarians. Rumania has received large supplies of arms and
ammunition from Japan, getting them by way of Vladlvostock.
A disputelt from Berlin sajs ofllclul announcement was made there today
through tho Overseas News Agency that 400,000 tons of corn, wheat and peas
have been bought in Rumania for consumption In Germany and Austrla
Hungarj The Rumanian Government, it is said, has promised to expedite
tho shipment of the grain.
Continued on I'jge Tvtu, Column Thrro
In Guerra Contro l'Austria Non
Appena Comincera' rOffen-
siva da Salonicco
Un teleuramma da Roma dice che la
Ttlbuna afferroa dl avere appreso da alta
fonte dlpiomatlca che la Rumania ha ae
consentlto dimtiltlvamente ad intenenlre
nella guerra auropea a tlanco degll alleatl
e contro la coallzione teutonlca Llnter
vento rumeno si avra' nqn-appena e forze
anglo-francesl concentrate a Sanonlcco
potranno prendere 1'offenslva toiitio le
tone bulgaroxtedesche II governo rumeno
. . .Mi. .ii una crrntule ouantlta ut
his, isi e rnv""" .". ".-;r."-7,' .,, ,-,i.
W and by ltnlted states Idlers in. ' e dl mun'z '""'i.."" ","".. . '
iw Brigadier General Pershlnsr
rranza Consul Oarcla. who i
: ftanl' report, stated that tliera was
unza Consul Garcia, who made pub
tani'a far,., ...n..i .u -i
rtfia J. .1. j'w.t, amicu tout mere was
p wo4ioie chance of Villa cuttlrrg his
Continued un I'ute fuurL C.ilunm Oue
Fn, Di..-,. , rr
Ici;j ooepua ana vicinity
gW ad warmer tonight and Sat-
rTSJ,.. :"" "'uuiiu' vccusionui ruin,
graf easterly winds.
$ uotaiu see page 5.
i-lP Xk karat hist MnrVt 1 hum
tfturu Ij.wrn t'u U1J t btntnut
im ,'. '"" Jltull nviard for
ILr iS..v,u'?.'fn- Uroukwai sod LUi
: f-inm. i'nons ilrlmi 49S.
& Xt uj Stwi Ait n F i5 I
none attraverso 1 Siberia e la Russia
li flolta russa del Mqr Nero e' stata
attlvUslma In questl ulthnl glorrrl Pa
recchl sottomarlnl russl sono penetratl nel
.ortl bultsarl dl Varna e dl Burgas e M
hanno sllurato lmbarcal,onl nemlche Una
squadra dl tre dreadnoughts, tre corazzate
e numerosl Incroclatprl passo' I'altro gl
onio al largo del porto rumeno dl Co,
-lama e poco dopo Incontrava un con
rog io di trasportl turchl carlchl dl cereall
e dl petrolio. Tuttl 1 trasportl furono
afTondatl I'n'altra squadra russa bom
b"rdo Treblsonda e Sinope. sulla costa
deU'Asia Mlnore
(Leggere in 5a pagina altre e plti' del
taitrlate notlxle sulla guerra. ed In 16a
pagina le renslonl dl llbrl e le rlsposte a
demands In Italtano )
Willard Finishes Training by
Being "Filmed" for
the Movies
NUW VORK. Match 24 Frank Moran
took a two-rrrile jaunt along the West
Chester road this morning, just as a
"chaser" to the work he has done In pre
paring for his 10-round bout with Jess
Willard at Madison Square Garden to
morrow trlght ' I am not going to do
anj more work at all," declared Moran
after finishing Ids run, this afternoon I
am going to hit the hay, let rrrjself relax
and be on edge for the fight "
Moran was as good as his word After
uartaklng of a hearty lunch, the big fel
low went to bed and slept a couple of
hours, but he did not get up after waking,
preferring to lest
Willard s final training stunts for the
fight consisted ot going through an Indoor
routine for the benefit of the movies
Prior to having the films taken. Willard
took a run through Central Park, hike
Moran. he stated that he was through
until the gong spunded tomorrow night
According' to every one who has seen
the big pair, both men are In perfect con
dition for the mill
Three Big Buildings at Union Theodore Kulin, Who Saved
Furnace in Ruins. i Boy From Death Last Year,
Loss $80,000
HINT1NCHH)N. Pa. March .'4 The
large shovel manufacturing plant which
for 18 j ears had been the sole industry
of L'nlon Furnace. 14 miles west of Hunt
ingdon, wasidestrojed bj a spectacular
fire this morning, with a loss or Jf 0,000
No one was injured
The blaze started at 6 o clock in tne
Rescues Two Little Girls
WASHINGTON, March 24 The Interstate Commerce Commission began
genetal Investigation todaj' into the reasonableness and propriety of the rates
on bituminous coal from mines In Pennsyhanla, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio
and Kentucky to all lower Lake Krie porta for transshipment over the Great
Lakes Numerous complaints affecting these rntes have been filed with the
Commission, the most Important being that of the Pittsburgh Coal Operators'
Association, and all of these will be consolidated. The Commission will take
testimonj in the case In its offices here April 24. Commissioner Clement presiding.
Thirteen-) ear-old Theodoie Kulur, of
4352 Creston street, added another chapter
todaj' to his career as a hero when at
the risk of his own life he rescued two
small girls fiom the wheels of a heavy
truck On August 22 1914. joung Kuliu
finishing room of the main building, spread performed a similar act of bravery when
Brakeman Fatally .Mangled by Car
UANCASTUR, Pa March 24 While
Tribute to Hubby ' James J Kehoe. of York, a Pennsylvania
A Kacsas woman potcd this notice for I Railroad freight brakeman. was under a
odlennd agenU 'bo kept her door- , car fixing a brake rigging today the
h?t " wu absolutely nothing I tram surted and be wm so terribly
evlr &h WWWWW "y tovtwi mansUd by the vhMl th he U4
hujband;" t after beia taken tg a tuwplUl,
rapidlj, and by 10 o'clock the three large
buildings of the plant were In ruins For
a time the. complete destruction of the
town seemed imminent Fire companies
from Tjrone came to the aid of the bucket
brigade, however, and bj 11 o clock the fire
was under control
The plant emplojed 50 men and was
owned by Altoona and Tjrone capitalists
The loss of $80,000 Is parti) covered by
insurance, The .shovel plant will not be
rebuilt, au official of the coinpan) stated
Witness Tells House Committee
Infringements on Patents
WASHINGTON. March 24 That
"stove pirates" are ruining the business of
manufacturers who design patent stoves
was the testimony given, by Daulel J
PrlnU. of Reading Pa before the House
Committee on Patents today Mr Prints
stated that whenever an attractive stove
Is put on the market owners of small
foundries begin manufacturing parts
at cut prtcea. Ho said that a concern at i
Lebanon lq in serious financial troufcu ta- their danger and after brushing their
q$ys because of tne "pirates," tttgthes, smiled, gleefully and walked away.
he saved front death a 5-j ear-old boy
w ho had fallen In front of an approaching
railroad train
The girls saved by Kuhn today were
Rose Janasek seven J ears old, and her
sister Helen, 11 years old, of 163 Kust
street. Manaj'unk They were on their
waj home at noon front St Marj's Pa
rochial School, which Kuhn also attends
The boj saw a motortruck of the Cudahy
Packing Companj. 9th street and Glrard
avenue, turn suddenly from Main street
Into Grape street The two girls were
crossing Grape street directlj In front
of the truck Kuhn saw their peril and
shouted a hasty warning
Charles Taj-Jpr, 1626 North Alder street,
driver of the truck, tried to stop the ve
hicle, but the momentum was too great
The shout of Kuhn warned the girls, and
they stepped back hurriedly In doing so
both of them fell and lay In the path of
the track
Instantly Kuhn dajhtd Into the street,
seized the girls firmly and dragged them
to the side The wheels barely missed
passing over them.
The girls seemed scarcely to realize
A man who fell from the elevated station platform at B2d and Market streets
and sttuck his head on the rails is In a serious condition at the West Philadelphia
Homeopathic Hospital. He is James W. Merchant. 41 j-eara old. of SO Hobart
street. The accident occurred shortly before midnight and just after an (elevated
train had left tho station Merchant was lifted back to the platform by a number
of waiting passengers and employes of the transit companj-.
I'ork leached the highest piice within the last 20 jears today, selling from 23
to 30 cents a pound Round and rump steaks ate 26 to 28 cents a pound and
all other of the best outs are high The high prices are caused by the war,
according1 to the bi' tellers, who bay thero is very little profit In meats now.
ATHENS, March 24. Passengers arriving fiom Constantinople, having left
12 dajs ago, state that the Germans there are In full control ot the situation. Four
Turkish officers of high rank were publicly hanged because they endeavored to
show their disapproval of German rule and tried to stir up feeling; against the
Germans. The city Is continually patrolled by Austrian and Bulgarian troops.
Food Is very bad and there Is a great scarcitj A great portion of tne people lute
not seen sugar or coffee for a long time. These commodities are only procurable
by a very few of the richest classes.
Appeals to the courts was filed today by ex-Congressman R O. Moon, rep
resenting the Lubln Film Company, that the photoplay "Dollars and tba
Women," prohibited from exhibition by the PennsjlvanU Board of Cenor,
should not be censored In the appeal it is stated that Jhe nun follows close iy
the story ' Dollars and Cents, ' that appeared recently in a reputable magazine.
It is said the film 'ost thousands ot dollars to produce. The case will tie iioard
in Court of Comnun Pleas, No. 4. on Monday 1 eliminations demanded fey
U)e, censors are tne scenes depicting Birth,

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