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imJy. 'JgfrlK Qj
erttfoMd tram raw On
s ., n-h Hour old' public Is Ueeplnff off
SS. Mut, nnl saving Its money to pur-
i law tickets from the speculators.
rT. i... v, Inhabitants of this vIllnKO
JKi iinill'nff with expectancy, nnd quite
ilTfe" unfortunates In the outside world
I J ; .training their ears for tidings from
'I StideT The 10-round, no-decision
Stt between the giants Is tho most Im
.SmI stinted slnco the Joftrles-
?Tnn disaster in Ileno some time ngo,
uW only that, the purse Is the larK-
iSer offered In the history of pugilism
f willard will recelvo $55,100, win, lose
s Jii nrnl Moran gets $26,760 under tho
SS hirih conditions.
Wlllard Favorite
.. i. tt,A rnrisensus of opinion of tho
nMerous experts that Wlllard will ho an
iT winner over Moran, hut there nro a
In the minority who talco tho opposite
itar The champion has tho advnntago
7 .',. .neh nnd wpltrht. hilt Afnrnn
i.. that dogged determination, gameness
ttst handicaps, Wlllard Is 6 Inches
Vn than his opponent. Ilia reach is C
Jjches longer and ho weighs BO pounds
!.' Tk,n It can bo seen that Jess has a
IrKnendous advantage to begin with, for
'ill height and reach will keep Jlornn
Ljjjing during the first fow rounds. Ills
lift Jab Is a wonderful defensive and of
fensive weapon, for ho can hold It out
.,.ih nnd keen Moran at a safo dls-
fine1 while ho Inflicts terrlbto punish
ment. If wlllaru couiu ianu ins lert
continuously tho challenger would not get
clow enough to oven touch him. Tho
additional G Inches in rench would make
imi battle look llko ono between n war-
-,(hlp carrying guns that will kill nt 20
miles against imo ihiuipijuu mm Kuns nui
"ran carry but IB miles.
5 But this does not mean thnt Wlllard
.ill not bo hit. Thero Is such n thine
si dodging blows In tho ring, nnd Moran
Is' one. of tho cutest little dodgers in tho
Imlness. He will get Insldo of Wlllard's
left leads, and when ho does, ho will land
t few. punches wnicn nro imeiy to siialto
the champion.
'Jess' Defense
Much has been written about Wlllard's
defense. Kxuberant boosters have watch
ted the tltleholder In his training bouts
iTflth Hemplo and Walter Monlhnn nnd
then declnred that Jess cannot possibly
jfce hit. That is truo when ho boxes with
his sparring partners. Ho has been work
ing with this pair for nearly two years,
W knows their every move. Jess nn
itlclpates every lead they make and for
that reason looks good In practice. '
We watched Wlllard lox last Thursday
.and his work was excellent against Ilem-
pl and Monlhan. But when ho mixed
with Boer Rodell, n ham boxer who has
:been with him for only two weeks, It was
a different Btory. Tho Boer landed many
'telling blows on tho Jaw nnd body and
'seemed to have little difficulty In pene
trating thnt mucli-advertlscd defense.
Eodel Is eight Inches shorter, weighs
about ISO pounds and worked mora like
champion than tho big fellow.
Now, If Ilodel can hit Wlllard. what
will Jlornn be nblo to do? Ifranlc says
he can defeat any man that ho can lilt.
;will he bo ablo to hit Wlllard hard
enough to measure lilm longitudinally on
the floor for 10 seconds? It Is this un
certainty that has mada tho big battlo
"such an Interesting affair.
Moran Wide Open
Then wo can tnko a look at Moran.
He Is ono of the most open lighters In tho
business and can bo hit with lltlo trou
ble. In nil of his previous bouts ho has
been willing to take seven or eight punch-
Kes to land ono. Coffey batered him all
over the ring for eight rounds In tho last
'fuss and had a big lead on points before
Frank slipped over tho sleep-producing
Wlllard will bo ablo to do tho same
thing as Coffey. Ho should land many
Wows with his long left it ho carries tho
ifight to his opponent and jab Moran's
head oft beforo tho bout has progressed
(Yery far. Moran stands with his left
stretched out like a man groping for
'something In tho dark and seems ready
,.lo push It into tho face of his foo In
stead of hitting;. His right fist Is drawn
bacK ready to let go at any Instant. Ho
K-vftrwuuo uti limb uiiu uiuw lu mil urn uni
ties. He telegraphs this blow, however.
for he Jumps forward, sets himself and
Bthtn draws back his arm. A straight left
JabVwlU stop It.
W. -Following up tho grand old dope, it
jiauat oe aamited that both men will wal
itop'each other, and it will be a question
as to who can stand tho most punishment.
Moran can take It, he has proved tlmo
ana again. But what about Wlllard? Is
it able to Btand tho gaft? Can he hit
bard enough to knock out Moran? Can
Moran hit hard enough to knock out Wll
lard? Good or Bad?
t It wH ba either one of tho most sensa
tional bouts ever staged In this country.
Or a moat fllRnnnntnrlni- fiff.il,. Tf wilt
pHrgood 6r had, with no middle course pos
sums, uoth men are "waiters" They
Uk the other fellow to carry the fight
101 them. flltflW f-hrt nttlA frtllrtW tn Tl7fl
himself out, and lay back for an opening
tO BhoOt SPrnea ihn ilantrltn. n.in.,1 XTnltVia,
i aggressive. Neither Is noted for his
many boxing.
I Wlllard will not carry the fight to
oran. lie 3 defending his title, and It
iiLUp t0 tne challenger to take It from
Jim. Therefore, Moran must carry tho
Mat to Wlllard. Thft fltrhilnr- nnlrit prank
Possesses, backed by his punch, will make
La a aangerous foo even for Wlllard, ir
ff66 are put to tho best advantage.
W Moran adopts tho slam-bang tactics
d by Battling Nelson and Joe Wolcott.
fVJUl ha,ve a good chance to beat Wll-
4fQ, If nnt Vila nVin niAa n a vorl it ruarl l
est SO per cent.
JkIng over the records we can find
nothing in tho previous bouts that shows
Wceouonal ability on the part of either
? Wlllard Jumped Into prominence
waen he won that questionable battle
PETEYIt Looks Like Petey Booted the Ball a Bit Himself
.PlCMiFie-p MAMMtrpu Amd
TLip- .7aZEL
Extra Willard Defeats
Moran Easily, According
To Local Fight Experts
There') no doubt about Ul Jtsa WIIMrrt
a one-aided iclnncr (n h( bout ti-ltJi
Frank Moran, ( a contain of Philadelphia
ftilte critics can be cd as n criterion,
rtecnti.efrtf jircdlcHons; out o a total of
H Savor the champion,' it are tor Moran,
and one expert btHevei the natch irlll be
a tO-SO ojatr the odd ono bclno or Tex
lltckard en the Ua ictiiner, flnancfalti.
tJance at the tickings!
Jnrk JlcCnluan, ,tlm rcencr...Atornn
Ulllnrd .lolmny Orlppldi.
.Tack ltnnlon..Mornn , , ,. Mlllnnl
Harry II. IMnnrrl,, FrBnk MalkelVlllr.l
. nm"td "t"" Doualieety.
On en Jlcdulntin, Mnrnn
... Wlllnrd nnrbr Kellr.milnrd
. wlllard SIoo Urccnunitm.
MiiKKKr Taylor, . Hlllnnl
'Top" O'llrlcn,
,,.iiuiu "'nic, ..r.niiiiiirr.
Wlllnrd Dr. O'Connor,
Jack O'llrlen
U'lllnvil Hnrnr IVinl tlllnv.i
Knn !.. .... "Iln.1 flvltiiin.
Jolinnr Ickncri . Jlornn
Ulllnrd Adetpli nmch.
Johnny I.oftui, . . . . wlllard
.... jWiunril aKo iTicuman,
Ixiu II, Hallcv. Jtoran
Ulllard Iu Illunibcrsr.
Jolinnr lliirns. Jlornn ,. . Jtnrnn
I'hll Ilnrr Jlornn Mm. Ilonnr Kniif-
(leorae Ilcckcr. , mnii. .. ..Ulllnrd
. . . Wlllnrd Jacob Weliutcln.
?.".? Jmt..flllhra..., . tlrnw
"l'on" llcMernmn, Mck Ilnyca. .Wlllard
, , Jlornn Hobby Jlorrow,
'.'Kid" Vonlz. Wlllnrd
Tex hlrknrd Hilly Jlnrrny,
Hob Ilon.lv. .Wlllnrd Wlllnrd
lidillo Holland, I.ou flrlrnflon.
,. , . . Mor" r. , Wlllard
lloctor Hootch 111 tir Co-Co,
Wlllnrd Wlllnnl
from Jack Johnson nnd Moran stepped
Into the limelight when he boxed 20
rounds with tho same smoke In Paris.
Johnson Is tho only criterion which can
bo used to get a line on tho contestants
tonight, nnd It seems to bo a mighty poor
Uig Test for Jess
Jens Wlllard has moro than the title
nt Rtnko tonight. He must show tho pub
lic thnt lin Is a real fighter and not a
"cheese chnmplon." Ho cannot nfford to
win by a small margin. Hb must score a
declslvo victory or tho gate receipts at tho
circus will fall off this summer. If ho
wins by a knockout, ho will bo a greater
drawing card than over, nnd Jess wnnts
to bo a drawing card. It means nnothcr
year of soft money.
Moran has nothing to gain by stalling
through ten rounds with tho mastadonlo
champ. Ho could hnvo gono on In Now
York crabbing off big purses with the
I fifth and slxth-rato heavyweights nnd
mnko a rcspeetablo living. Ills two, vic
tories over Coffey mado him a big draw
ing card. But If ho loses, his prestlgo will
Buffer a severe blow, and It ho tries to
remain In tho ring without taking a chance
ho will bo shooed from tho Metropolis.
Tho samo Is truo of Wlllnrd.
Jess has been In but one battl In two
years, and his boxing ability Is a myster
ious quantity. Tho last tlmo ho appeared
In ,Ncw York, ho looked llko an amateur
witli a sprained anklo and broken arm,
but when ho stepped off against Johnson
ho was heralded as a master of Queens
berry tactics. Wo Will see what ho has
learned tonight.
Each Confident
Both men are on edge for tho bout, nnd
each Ih confident of victory. Wlllard took
a Miort walk through the park this morn
ing, and then retired to his room. Ho
f.aid that he would win and had no fears
for the outcome. Moran took his last
walk In tho Westchester roads and left
shortly after noon for Now York. He, too,
Is confident. Ho selected a qufct hotel, but
did not divulge the name, Iko Dorgan,
his manager, and Wllllo Lowls, his trainer,
accompanied him. He will nrrlvo at the
Garden at 3:30, arid be ready for the bat
tle of his life ono hour later.
Counterfeit Tickets
It was learned yesterday that counter
felt tickets for the Wlllard-Moran bout
have beon printed, and thnt Now York
men had gono to Boston, Philadelphia and
cities In Connecticut to dlsposo of the
They are not admission tickets, but
tickets supposed to bo redeemable- at the
Madison Square Garden ticket office for
admission tickets. The management of
tho Garden stated last night that no such
ticket had been Issued, and warned pa
trons against tho counterfeits.
nmMIXOHAM. Ala. Thirty-nine ballplay
ere standlntr In line; Donovan cot nn ax and
made It 1"J. It happened to the Yanks Juat
boforo they left Macon. Donovan atlll has
the axe.
MARI.rN, Tex fobb wasn't there, but his
chief underatudy. Mr. AVahoo Sam Crawford,
was and trimmed llenny Kaurt with the club,
Rettlns three blngles to the later'a one, plus
a scratch that eot bythe scorers,
DAYTONA. Fla. Class In the homestretch
won for the Dodgers against the Stetson Uni
versity boys, the said Dodgers hammering out
three runs in the last frame for a 0 to O
CJIAnLOTTESVII.I,T3, Va. Orlff was happy
when Milan bange-i out three hits against the
Yanlgans. The centrertelder has not been quite
up to either his old hitting or fielding form.
NEW Ont.nANS Although the Indians got
but Ave swats to the Pelicans' nine, Cleveland
won, 4 to 2. The Indians clash with the Cin
cinnati Beds tomorrow.
MINERAI, WELLS. Tex. Manager Itow.
land and Ed Walsh think they have the sea
son's nnd In Pitcher tiler, the rookie febo aud
denly discovered bo could deliver the spit
ball. TAMPA. Frank Sehutte was shoved back
on the Cub regulars today. The Drulns were
scheduled to plax, the Phillies here.
HOT SPRINGS. Ark. Automoblllsts gave
the Pirates' training grounds a wlJo margin
today following a home-run smash by Irvine
Kantlebner that broke up the plate glass wind
shield of ft passing car-
JIOT SPRINGS. Ark. Trls Speaker com.
pleted his first day In camp by driving out four
bits. Including a double and a homer, and
making three circus catches in short centre
field. To APPCAR IM A
You walk ooT om
CAf?(VtlMC A HAMrrtfT;:
TlVf IO -WO !( NriT
Braves Find Athletics Easy
Prey in Two Games
of Series
MIAMI. Fla., March 26. The Athletics
played such a listless, Indifferent gnmo
against tho Braves yesterday that Harry
Davis, who has charge of tho squad, de
cided that thero would bo no morning
practice todny. Some of the boys con
tended that the hnrd work-out yesterday
morning took the snap out of them. After
Thursday's gamo tho contention was that
they had not had enough batting prnctlco,
and missed tho morning work-out.
To the outsider it looks as If tho team
Is Just naturally lacking In ginger, No
one expects tho Mackmen to defeat tho
Braves with only threo dnys' prnctlco
prior to tho opening of tho serlc3, but tho
men could nt least show somo light. Prom
start to finish of both games, not a man
on tho team, bnrrlng tho catchers, has
shown any signs of ginger. Xot a sound
comes from tho bench and ono cannot help
but notlco tho ottonco nnd apparent lnck
of nplrlt.
On tho other hand, tho Braves nro lust
as noisy as over. Stalllngs' team seems
to cany its nolso too far and Is still rid
ing opposing players, oven though they
must know that tho Mackmen, In their
prcsont condition, have no chanco for vic
tory and that theto Is nothing In par
ticular at stako In this series.
Battle for Jobs
Perhaps tho great fight going on for
Bovcrnl positions In tho Boston line-up Is
causing tho unusual display of pepper;
nt any rato thero Is no hnppy medium for
tho Braves.
"Bed" Smith Is having a great fight on
his hands to keep Fltzpatrlck from taking
his position at third base; whllo Snod
grass Is likely to bo takon out at any tlmo
In favor of Poto Compton or IJddlo Col
lins, who was with tho Pirates last sea
son. Hank Gowdy has a split linger nnd.
Judging by tho way Trngessor, a Southern
Leaguer, and Blnckburn, n recruit from
Indianapolis, nro playing, tho world's
series hero, who played poor ball last
season, will have to return to his 1914
form to hold tho first catching position.
There also Is n great battlo on for tho
After 'the, Big Fight
That's tho time when tho real
news will appear. Both Wlllard
and Moran will bo interviewed
on Sunday morning, when tho
excitement of the fight is over,
by our own
R. W. Maxwell
Sports Editor of the EVENING
Ledger, Ho will tell you how
the two fighters look "the morn
ing after"; what they have to
say, and the pugilistic lessons
learned as a result of the scrap.
See Maxwell's article in
eight pitching nsslgnmonts. Iludolph, Ty
ler, Nchf, Barnes, Hughes nnd Knetzer
nro certainties, with Bculbncli, Bngon,
Allen, Strand and Davis battling for the
two extra positions.
Mnckies Improve
Although the Brnvcs defeated the Mack
men more decisively In tho second gamo
of tho scries, Stalllngs' team did not look
qulto so good. The first gamo of tho
scries enabled Harry Davis to slzo up
tho Boston batters, nnd Myers nnd Nnhora
pitched better to tho weakness of sovernl
Though the Braves have gotten 1G runs
nnd 22 hits In tho two games played to
date, it really has not been tho fault
of tho hurlers that tho games havo been
lost by such largo scores. Tho fielding
of tho Mackmen has beon wretched, nnd
the Braves also 'have gotten wonderful
breaks. Seldom does a team get ns many
lluky baso hits 011 successlvo days as tho
Braves did Thursday and yesterday.
No less than nlno of tho Boston hits
have been of the Iluklest variety. Sev
eral havo been duo to misunderstandings
between Mack fielders, whllo n fow moro
havo been due to tho failure of tho flotd
captain to switch his lticu according to
the batsman who Is nt the plate.
Brickley to Coach Boston
nOSTON. Mans.. March 23 Charllo Hrlok
Icy, former Harvard football stnr and Inst
enr mncli of tho Johns Hopkins cloven, has
signed 11 contmrt to coach tho llontou Col lego
loam next flcannn.
Campbell Blues Win
The niuo Imskotball team of th Campbell
Grammar School jcstenlny riefenteil tho
Whites by the Bcore of 21 to 11. Another
giimn between thero two fives It nchotlulcd for
La Salic Fives Victors
Tho I.a Snlle banketball team lam nlchl de
feated tho Ht. .Injeph Drnmntlc nnil Literary
aocieiy oy mo score qi .,u 10 iu,
ond nlso won, 22 to 2.
l.n Sallo aec-
- fuHgiS
Tl--, .. r.t
Eddie Burns Recovers
From Indigestion and Will
Get Back in Game
nu a Slal! Correnpondent
ST Prrrr.KHmmo. Fin., March 25.
Tho I'htlllcs followed Manager Tat Moron
out of town this morning headed for
Tnmpa, where tho National I.eaguo cham
pions will resume their series with tho
Chicago Pubs this aftornoon. Tho play
ers left by boat and they will return hero
shortly nftcr the contest Cntcher Eddie
Burns, who was on the side-lines yester
day because of indigestion, accompanied
the team nnd ho will get back Into tho
Tho rtegulnrs outhlt. on molded and out-
scored their brothcrs-ln.nrms In an In
teresting battlo yesterday. The count was
7 to 5.
Tho Ilegutars nclileved their victory
desplto tho fact that the Yanlgans wero
fortified by the pitching arms of Alex
ander and Domarco, although two of their
tattles wero tainted, being traceable to
mlscues by Browcr, the irregular short
stop. Tho chnmplons played errorless ball, bo
hind Becrulls Ithnndcs and Fortune who
between them Issued 11 passes, eight be
ing charged against the former, while each
unleashed a wild pitch, tho former's being
directly rosponslblo for n run. Wilbur
OOod carried oft the batting honors of tho
day, tho former Cub contributing four of
tho seven hits credited to tho Ynnlgans.
Pnskcrt, Bancroft and Stock led tho
Regulars with the willow.
1 Missouri Meet Tonight
8T. I.OItlS, Mo., March 2.1. Track Plnra
from the llant nnd Middle West will coiniH'ta
horn tonltcht In nn Indoor meet under tho au
RUlees of llio Missouri Athletic Anaoclutlon. tho
llrt blr Indoor meet to bo Riven in St. Louis
Hlnco the destruction of tho Missouri Athletic
i.'luh bulldlni; by lire two venrs nuo. A team
of six athletes from Cornell University arrived
last nluht They will meet University of Penn
sylvania In a relay race.
I'cnn Freshmen to Piny Yale
SniV HAVEN. Conn.. March 25. -The Talo
frephmen tmseluill si-hedulo Includes the fol
low Inu dntes: Slav 13, Pennsylvania, at New
lliu.ni; May 2U. Princeton, at Princeton! May
ao, Harvard, nt New Haven.
1 SJ
1 r.C.O
Evening Ledger Decisions
of Ring Bouts Last Night
NONPARKIIi Johnny Nelson stopped
Johnny Mullen In tuo ronmH, Willi
Moody won from Joe rhllllps, -.Vonng
Donghcrty stopped Young Orlffen In the
llrnt. Johnny lawnn hnorked nnt Mlllr
i:riwnrd In the first, l"rrrt lietchtll nnd
Tommy NeUon were ehniril from the rlnr
Micr tne urxt round,, llert urfen itoppra
inrry mrpnrnon in the iirnt.
t.tNTIIt.V In IlrnVrniin
.Tnelf Tnlnml. K.f,11 Hurt ft
Hart .uliniled JDalej-.
Jlmmr lienrna Monnrd Hook Fl
5nn in ine
nnt Joe
ftrroml, Jimmy Uarllnr hnoekei
.Jurnhft in the third. Itlnr
Colo Mopped
i.iicne ti'.xu in tup unn.
(HWKr.lt CITY Johnny Mlllrr defeated
riRlitlng lloh, llnttllmc MUM drew with
Tommy l,U Initnlon. Onrby Heidi "topped
Mickey llrlliie In the fifth, Al U'nltnrr de
feated Trunkle Dolly, I'hll J.uu retire quit
to lior Iliir.it,
OAYI7TY Mnltr Ilurn stopped Will
Vntl llnrtl
tne "econii, idd
ddle Hand
knocked out IMdle Drake In the llrnt,
I'niiikte hlte defeated Jimmy Itrown.
.Ni.iv iniiti j red irmi Mopped
lVitnkln Milliner In the fifth, Johnny KM-
rankle. Vt miner in the mm, Johnny Mi
me tlerenfeil Ifnrrr llonohiie. .In Lnn.
mine, uen
ette knoekrd nut Kill Cotton In the. ftecond.
.Inhnnr Itnrriiiinn Mnnteri Waller ltenrna
I01111K t'olemnn In . the third, llnttllmc
teddy win from Johnny Hnhris, llnppy
11 me pecomi, isummy eiuoni Knoeaeu out
.iiiinonry tireiv win inunir jiounrti, iinm
Mccarty tniiped Joe tinnier In the ncrond,
Bonnie Hallor lltirkp plopped Matty Murray
hi the first.
MAT.TIMonE I'cte Herman nnd rrnnkle
Itrown dreiv.
John O'Leary and Jim Duffy
Clash in Wind-up White-
Kabakoff Return Fray
Philadelphia fight fans who stayed nt
homo may not seo Champion Jess Wlllnrd
and Prank Mornn, contender, In action
tonight In New York, but they will have
an opportunity to follow tho bout by wire,
round by round, as tho biggest battlo of
tho year progresses. Arrangemont hns
been mado by the National Club, of this
city, to get n, resume of tho contest, and
It will bo nnnounccd to tho audience
Jnck McOuIgan has done this as nn
extra attraction for his regular weekly
program, which will show Johnny O'Leary
and Jimmy Duffy In tho wind-up tonight
The latter Is tho New York boy who made
a scnsutlotinl scrap against Kddlo Wagond
last week.
The feature fray of tho prelims Is that
between Franklo Whlto and Abo Kabakoff.
Their meeting will bo n return encounter
following their rip-snorter of a woek ago.
April .1 tho (treat bantamwelzht question of
Philadelphia will be on the docket at tha
Olymnla when Uenny Kaufman nets n chanco
to display his wares against Uw Tendler.
Tho inntch was mado at catchwclshta after
much dlekerlnff.
fecturer ever offered
a cigarette of Mur A
grade for L
m t B - WT 9
- voo
cents. .
r a 15,
c means that Mui-ar!
ost double
.""i UOUOle rrtfJ'j a ,
e money. qmlliy Val
to "r compears:
Captures Honors in Indoor
Meet Looms Up aa
Future Champion
Pcnn Charter turned out Jcrvls Burtllelc.
n University of Pennsylvania lntefeollo
Blato high-Jump chnmplon, aa wotl as
many other college stars who have won
titular honors, Kplscopat Academy has
sent many Intercollegiate polnt-wlnnera
into tho Hotel of sports, amons whom may
bo mentioned Don Llpplncott, who won
Olympic honors.
At present thero Is u youtht Episcopal
Academy who will bear watching. John
J3. Harp, who proved to bo the stellar per
former In tho 13th annual gymnastlo and
handicap exhibition meet, held at the
Academy last nlsht. looms up as an In
dividual with more than tho usual ability
of one destined to become a future great
Ills marks speak for themselves.
All through tho meet last night the)
namo "ISarp" was heard on all sides. That
ho Is nn all-round champion with a won
derfully bright futuro Is evident when his
feats nro recorded, for he was a winner
on trnck and field, no well as showing
exceptional nblllty as a gymnast in the
flying rings nnd sldo-horse events.
Hero are Earp's records for tho blfj In
door meet just hold:
rirst. rtati from scratch In the three-lap
pursuit race, beatlnir out J. D. Llpplncott.
Jr.. who was second, and D. Flache, who waa
third, ns well as a laree field with various
handicaps. ...... ..
Hecond. Competed In tha parallel bar, An-
lahlnir third , ......,.,
Third. Won first ptneo In tha horizontal
barn event for tho seniors. ,
Fourth. Won running; blub jump from
scratch, clearing; tho bar with case at 5 feet
Fifth.' Won third place in the aid bora,
SUth. Won first rloco in the 20-yard dash,
boating- out a large Held, run oft In heats.
Hevcnth. Won second placo to Charles Ba
ste In the total scoring for the nil-round rym
nnstto championship of tho school, with 172 tt
Klghth. nan on the Episcopal Academy relay
team which defeated tho alumni team.
The South Philadelphia High School athlete
are now content. They have decided tho school
basketball championship. Section B 4, the
Academic Sophomores, having: triumphed over
of HI tn in. It was a hard-fought game, all
right. Freed. Krarlut. Felzman and Antenson
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