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EVENING CEDtGli-R.-Trfn:A,n-rnjnTTrTA-. STTED'AY, M&ROH 25, IDlB.
C .... . 7lwrr .
-.t.t,-m 1) wrecked Iho .West Mill,
in rtClO'JJ" "?r. ! Mian tnl,lrl,1 In
2 Mtat of the late John Mont
(" hlr9in5,Vrltefl by hl nephew, Monte
trnifTT '"Ki'BiKht before, . Monte, while
CtWten. j"t,,.f w it, w lawyer, urai
mwr fji hVbeen warned bv tho CounteM
Mft.t'lhrmin wee doomed. Tho
Baffin HOC"!"..-- ...... Mnn n hnd nro-
&K SJ!5!i'-.... from ahootlnit tho let-
iniVftr tMt day a Poj'mS!?i"l,lu..S0";
" ..,,
Vrvntlfl crrsi ima Den aioien
fggniWaar m tho
Msicr i uiu .....-.
irAwR find tho two . Her
?'-.. Anarown utm .. ,v"ht :;,.t:
Mf. Snte' bit llmmislne. Clrcum
".lK .vffince pointed very conclusively
it'"' 1 "i turner, who wee nn .enlneer
. - Hfiirnln
W'E -i.,i as the man who set on ino
"CJiJS ThS nueSr notions of Hlrd-ese.
?l,.,iJJiitlfo tnnnnrrer. , nlso nrou-e ntn
WJx"ti eeret Serv ce men nre prone
rBf .PlIwhmeiMer with tho explosion.
W CUAPTEU VIH continued.
B.w 0r' said Monte, astonished.
H "We Government men get shifted
ManV ha rcPei1' "ow nm from
gj Treasury Department. Know Paris,
goOn and London. Been thcre7 Yes,
mat "mes- Kept trnclt ,of n" tho rlch
Mg Americans, Their Indy friends buy
flinch jewelry, they are a bit careless
J$ tnd then, forget Uncle Sam needs
Krdutles. Besides. Mr. Taller "
i ? . ,.., -, fn,itn'a noaumfld nnmn
Hlorawieu uut "I"' .-..... ......
would advise jou to sup into some
made togs. A pair of glasses and
. -L- ttit l,.t fl.n illemilan TpU
tft be less Imperious. You will hear
fttiiri that jou ought to Know."
KW, laugheu in mgii boou uumor. no
fu a. cosmopolitan mixer, nnd ho soon
iSd Monte quite at his ease again.
Bjjto doubt about the mnn," Interrupted
Uidrews, passing back the memorandum
la He Secret Servlco man. "His lady
wmpanlon gave our young friend here n
tJfj of warning She must have secured
tkHIp rm one ot tno two men on t!l
foul roof. At last v.o have tho koy-cluo
Brte whole mjstcry."
Ra am not so sure of that," replied
ff. "Hochmelster Is ns slippery as a
red banana peel Twlco beforo wo thought
Bi netted, but he got away. Ho is In
Trouble now lost n blacl: portmanteau
the Market street subway. Tho chief
la" very hopeful of soon closing down on
ita we havo to bo enroful and sure.
Cia't offend any foreign Ambasbndor you
br ...
AX the next Instnnt there was a crunch-
taj sound under the forward end of tho
limousine. The brakes sot and tho whole
or quivered lolentIy on its chassis. All
tlree msmo wero mined irom tlielr seats
to the floor of tho car ; Lars catapulted by
lae change from a 60-mllcs-an-hour gait
to a total paralysis, flow oi over the
jndshleld, taking the steering wheel with
The blue llmouslno was In a blue funk.
Ditched. It rocked, and then voercd oft
"e road, tho front truck;! dropping with
I, bump Into a gully. Tho wild rldo was
over. "
"What went wrong, Lars?" called
Monte, as he helped Ma companions hop
out. "No bones broken. Good. Was
lhare ever such a day? Hoy there, Lars!
I hope the boy Is nil right."
Bruised but whole-skinned the chauffeur
came limping up. He had been tossed
jato an evergreen hedge, and faced Monte,
lHrCBS. In lovlns rcmornlirnnco of our dear
IJii nV i S ,,, ! i ' ' "no departed
TAeie Notices Are Printed in the
pj Evening Ledger Free of Charge.
EH!IE.nn M.mti nn iflin AWA TS
btlOVetl tvlff, rtf ft.npv Annl.p n nr ilanrrhtar
of the la(e Hermann 'and Mario Butter.
JuUtlyca nnd friends nro Imltcd to attend
tn,runernl. on Monday, nt S:30 n, m.. from
her lat realdpnce. S33T N. Ilroad Bt Solemn
wn Maaa of Uerjulcm nt Ht Itnneventuro
Ctraich at 10 a m Interment at Holy Hepul
eure Cemetery Auto funeral.
MIOTON. On March 24. 1010. ANNA M..
igaotbter of tno late John nnd Maria T.
iH'upton. In her '.Hut year. Itelatlves and
amends are InUtrd to attend tho funeral
rvlM8, on TufBday. ut a p m precisely.
(Interment private
INK.-M Rllilitianlu .- iiiiBAliBn.Bnlnflt martin-
faltla, on March Ln. mid. (!I.ahi:nck LIN.
Sr91NIH.AI.tfr:, son of V A. and Hannah
ii Ula,Lne --a Lancaster ne., In his I5th
lK8D.II.H, At hts residence 31110 Qlrard
". on March :M. lUKt, LEWIS L., son of
grama l and tha lato Joseph C. liorradatle.
Notice of funeral later.
teSVPiKV- On March 24. 101(1. 1IEP.HERT
ft, "?je. affeu at years, ueiauves ana
mrienaf are Invited ta atteml funeral fiervlr-ea.
S,'!'."' 2'3U P. m . at Ida late reBl.
Jence. I3J3 Wakellng St., I'rnnkford. Inter-
RVeWea on Monday, froni"7 to u p. m.
SS?SiTi Conshohocken. on March 21, 1010.
"-ArtuivA !i-jl.i;m. widow ot Kuwara j
uti iveHxisea and tr'ends are Invited to
,. " w tuiKjai services, uu .iiuuuajr. cti
.J ?, hr lat8 residence, 130 East Ttli
? Cemeterv. MnrrUtnwn
ff&FLHklT00 "& 28 10B WILLIAM
sxnrrs:.. 5?ajiwj i" ?"?
.HrMOway. Foresters of America, aro In-
iw in aitena ti runsrai, on Bunaay, at
:.." II- from hts late residence, 78 Lenox
ve.. Bast Stroudsbure, Ta, Interment prl-
fi5K- 9" .March 23. 1010, FANNIB L.,
'tJr"I OI inomas M. UlarK. itelatlves ana
"itMs are Invited to attend the funeral
Wees, on Monday, at 2:30 d. m. precisely.
esldence of her son. Edwin Clark,
13ttr at. Interment private, at
JS, At the residence of his aon. Charles
ural services will be held at St. Paul's
&SCa March 22. 'l016. Mrs. ELIZA A..
iwumv of lteuben Cox. Relatives and friends
iotHM to attend her funeral services, on
som?,'.' - P- s.t her late residence.
N. 12th st. Interment private at White,
ISNJVKV. ou....
March 24. ANNA
BM?4UKhtar nt Patrl-lr an Uarv "huVflV (nafi
JuUerty). ased 4 years
0 months. Rela-
'SStLs ni '''ends are Invited to attend th
52Srat. on Monday. 'March 27. at 1 30 p m
""a the residence of her parents. 1531 Bout
aiienu mi
-i. -zr ' '. vf ': r L'-f.r 4, on.h
SfH7 . wuwa ui ur imrciuv, AJ1U ----
rw.h -- tcriuenv at tmiy .rusB i.u.tf
t Holy Cross Cemelerj
IM"B. On llarch
i lain raraii a.,
III. " "f. -1?' a
lis and f r ends
w of Levi Faber. aged 71 years. Rela-
a tovitea to aliens ;
y; at 11 a. m.. from bar
., Mrs William B. S.
-rrLW1 .vw tfionaaar.
"Jtr, 122S Harrison St.. Frankford. Juter-
aftv',rrL: Philadelphia, 'Pa., on March 24,
jr.' nt AKULB. wlla or ueorasA.
o and daughter of Mrs. R. Scott Smith.
nun to attend tee funeral services, on Moo
tsJS'J''0 " mi at tbe Presbyterian
uacn, Woodbury. N. J. Interment private,
SLW"?0" Cemetery, Clarksboro. N. J.
g'wtrli) train leaves Market st. ferry at 1-40
WBEa.On -March 23. 1B10. SUSAN E. T..
IRiit..0' -Jesse V Forbes. Relatives and
ft7S' J"o -airyfw council, No. ,. are
ISffaTril at t-30 P. m , at her late residence.
IC'Lm-. ttrti. ave. interment at Moairoae
IKSfliry Reraalna may tw viewed Sunday
Classes and hours to suit. . 3
uymoaslum. Handball courts,
f slmuiltur pool 2Sx75 feet. Rates
bo. - yl. CUTU14 UUW.
;. Sb4 Xsr Booklet A.
OTKAYER'S 1b Best Bualntss StaeolT
W'" m. BV-tJV SVIWaS IBM'S SiartTWTf
EHXf J.KW03i,'S Stenosrapby Bnsllsa
IrS?- ? 'IaW Kids 182S Chestnut t
Copyright, 1010. Tho
tho pasty color of a circus clown. He
gazed around with tho eyes of utter
"Comet Come! Lars," urged Monle.
"Get hold of yourself. Nobody's dead
Get busy, and tell us what's happened."
Lars first opened tho gear box, Then
ho flattened himself under the car. He
soon re-emerged. Back again to the gear
"No go any more," he whined, "gear
shaft out of alignment."
The Secret Service man approached and
quickly ran his right hand Into the gear
box, working his fingers against the
transmission bearings. Ho drew It forth
again, nnd holding his hand In the glare
of tho one surviving headlight ejaculated:
"I thought ns 4nuch nn old trick."
"Don't keep us In suspense," said Monto.
"Powdered emery," replied V. "Sco
It glisten on my finger tips. They 'salted'
us back In Crlspen. The dcvlli are active,
nnd smnrt. Another delay. They must
be playing for time. Intended to finish
us, too."
W. was right. The tiny flakes of
tho mineral had been sown In tho trans
mission bearings. Not moro than an
ounce of tho powder. Enough to grind out
tho bearings, prevent tho gear shafts from
locking nnd cut off tho power.
Lars stayed with the big machine to
wnlt for morning nnd n haul to the
nearest garage, nk three badly shaken nnd
thoroughly nroused men climbed aboard
tho next trolley Into Newtown, a mile
nnd n half distant, where they Just caught
tho 10:21 p. m. trnln for Philadelphia.
"Wo might at well strike at them for
cvldenco tonlghf," whispered tho Govern
ment oftlclnl across a. double seat In the
smoking car, "Are you men nrmed? Wo
must go it alone. It would never do to
call In the local police."
"My thought, precisely," answered
Andrews. "Monto hns a londcd walking
stick. I still hnvo Hochmelstcr's revolver.
We want no slip up."
Tho honest face of the great clock on
City Hall, lit up again through tho watch
ful cntorprlso of an evening newspaper,
said 11:27 when threo rcsoluto men
rushed clown tho steps of tho Reading
Terminal Into Market atroet. They wero
fortunate enough to rind a waiting taxi
cab. Monto wrenched open tho door
nnd followed Andrews In. W. camo
next with a Jump and leaning out tho
door, ho ordered In n. low stinging voice:
"To tho Exchange throw open your
Liimley, Voice of the People
PltOGKESSIVE movements which at
regular Intervals transport tho hub of
nn old business district upon the variablo
winds of a city's destiny to new sur
roundings take no account of tho drear,
deathlike, desolation left behind In the
deserted districts.
There is no pathetic plcturo In brick
nnd mortnr to equal one of these aban
doned sections of a metropolis. Cracked
by age, pulnt tarnished and wnshed off
by sun and rain, the dingy facades of
the poor dumb things forlornly look down
71 years. Relatives and friends nre Invited
to attend tho funcrnl, on Monday, nt 2 p in ,
from her son's residence-, Oeorgp H, I ox.
4320 Orlscnm st.. 1'rnnlcford. Interment nt
Cednr Hill Ceme'r - Remains may bo
loned on Sunday, rim S to 10 p m. Rend-
lnr papers pleaeu copy.
OII.MNaiIA.il. On March 24. 1010. ADDIE.
widow of Louis ailllneham. llelntlves and
frlendi aro inWted to attend the funeral
serln-s on Monday, at 2.11) p. m . at the
residence of her son. Charles A. Ollllngham,
1607 N. 13th st. Interment prriate.
fiOKMAN. On March 21. 1010. JAMES A.,
beloved eon of William P. and Lltxabeih A.
Gorman (nee Kealy). Relatives and friends
nro Invited to attend tho funeral, on Monday,
at 8 3(1 n. in., from tho residence of his
parents. I32H Ilrown Bt. Solemn Requiem
Mass, at tho Church of Our Mother of Sor
row b. at 10 a. m. Interment at Holy Cross
GRAHAM. On March 24. 1010. Mrs. SARAH
CAN.Vl.N'O C1RA1IAM. Relative and friends
are Invited to attend the funeral services on
Tuesday, at s p. in . ut her lato residence
101 South 22d st. Interment private.
OKANT. On March 23. 101(1. ELIZAHETH.
widow of John P. (Irani. The relatives and
friends of the family, nlao U. V. M Sodal ty
of the Churth of St. Philip do Nrl. are In
vited to attend the fum-rul, on Tuesday at
8.30 a in., from her late residence, 3J MB;
water st. Solemn Hluh Mass of Requiem at
the Church of 8t. Philip de Norl nt 10 a m.
Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery.
IIACKWCTr On JIarch 24, 1010. JOHN J.,
husband of Catharine Hockett and son of
Ann and tho late Simon Hacked, aged 37
jears Relatives nnd friends are Invited to
attend the funeral, on Monday, at 8.10 a.
m., from his lato resldence.,2310 north 4th
st. High Mass at St. Edward's Church, at
10 a. m. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cem
etery. IMIINBV. On March 24. 1016. DANIEL
HACJNKV. Itelatlves and friends are In
vited to attend the funeral, on Monday, at
R.30 a. m., from her. late residence, 10J7
Latona st (17th and IVharton sts ). High
Mass of Requiem at St. Teresa's Church at
10 a m. Interment at New Cathedral
IIAUSCIIII.D. On March 23. 1018. HENRI
ETTA, widow of Otto Hauschlld (neo Klapp),
aged 03 years, Relatives and friends are
Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at
0 a, m., from her late residence, 1247 N.
Jesaup st. Interment at Hillside Cemetery.
via funeral car. Remains may be viewed
on aaturaay, ironi a ip iu p- m,
11EATON. On March 24. 1010. AARON
HEATON, husband of Margaret Ileston. In
his 04th year. Due notice of tbe funeral
wll be given.
llF.LMN'dS On March 24. lOlO.'CHARI.ES
U. husband if Elizabeth C. Maxwell Hell
lnia. aged IA years. Relatives and friends,
also Seminole Tribe. No 80. I. O, R. M.;
Reynolds Council. No. 143. O. of I. A.t Hod
kins Idge. No. 87. I. p. O. P., are In
vited to attend the funeral services, on Mon
day morning, at 11 o'clock, at his late rest,
dence. 8528 Boer street. Oermantown. In
terment at Ivy Hill. Remains may be viewed
Sunday evening, 7 to 10.
Superior location with on.
landboardwqih Aiacoomzed
1 8tandaiiofsfIlanra i
tuc i esniur. OF;o(ir HOTEL Of THE WORLD
vMhrasitlP UANAnMNTs
ATZjAHtic drrf
Ivas ast a iew si
of service, eomicrt-fc
Westminster 'LSTSi
I1.S0 ub 4ly to 112.60 i UP s'sJy- Cnsj. Bubr
mutt TN"W Ml Spxlia resort, beautiful
IXltU liVi uxe. walka and dxivea In
th Ptnes Favorll'J wek-nd and. muturl.t re-
DCslUy i
Puntto Lsnotn Company.
Into empty streets; watching, walling for
ii human memory that can span tlmo
back to their lost days of towering Im
portance. At night tholr.gloomy, creaky,
gas-lit stairs nre almost ghostly, and one
enn fancy hearing the patter of hundreds
of spirit steps; old tenants returned to
comfort the crumbling shells of build
ings. Built of brick nnd red standstonc, the
Exchange was one of the old ofllee build
ings, of tho city; an architectural ex
pression of the pait, loented on 3d street,
south of Chestnut, It was kept clean
nnd well-mended and had received ns
many nnd dKersc coats of paint as the
cheek of a 20th century grandmother.
Around about were tho landmarks of
American history: Independence Hall,
and Liberty Bell, the nation's patriotic
shrine; Carpenters' Hall, where tho First
Continental Congress met In 1774 ; Christ
Church cemetery, burial place of Ben
jamin Frnnkltn; home of Hctsy Ross, the
flngmakcr; historic St. Peter's Church
and graveyard nnd tno Free Quaker
Meeting House.
Between these treasure spots of dawn
ing liberty once ebbed nnd flowed the
human tides of tho city. Then camo the
great skyscrapers In the Urond Btrcet
neighborhood and tho tides washed other
Young by comparison with the nenrby
landmarks, nevertheless old In contrast
with Btich airy marvel as the new Wld
cner Building, the Exchange somehow
held on! a gorj, gabled gladiator, uncon
quered In tho arena of tumbling rents
nnd values. Its top floor had n really
good restaurant and In Its basement wns
n superior bnrber shop. A cheor for the
Exchange; Ilko tho Old Guard, it never
Shortly beforo midnight of the day
tho Montgomery Iron Works were
bombed, Agont W., of the Federal
secret service, with Craig Andrews, the
lawjer, and his promising young client,
Monte Crlspen, dashed up tho broad stair
way of the Exchange to tho second floor.
A night watchman In tho entrance hall
had been told to guard a rear oxlt.
In the Inky darkness of tho wide hall
tho threo men Blowly groped their way
toward Room 19. They moved Ilko
shadows, so silent wero they.
"Don't show a light," hoarsely said
tho Government man, ns ho pushed pnst
Monte. "Wo are dealing with desperato
persons. Wnlt hero until I signal."
Ho left them at an angle In tho hall,
and tho soft crunch of his rapid foot
fall grew fainter and falter as ho pro
gressed toward a door over which a feeble
yellow glow showed from a closed tran
som. "Think of these plotting foreigners
daring to lent an office In this fine old
district," whispered Monto to Andrews.
"Serves us right for letting such people
Into tho country."
"You mean their daring to locate within
sight of the tower on Independence Hall?"
IIIPI'LE. On March 23. 1010. AMELIA II
IIIPPLC (neo Simpson), wlfo of Elwood W.
Hippie. In her 63th year. Relatives nnd
friends aro Invited to attend the funerit
services, on Monday afternoon, nt 1 nil
n'cloclc precisely, at her Into residence, 21.10
Nicholas Btreet (near 23d and Columbia ave
nue) Interment private nt Xorlhwnud
Cemetery. Friends may call Sunday even
ing. 7:30 to 0 o'clock
IIHISK. On Mrch 24, 1010. I.1LIE A . wife
of Henry Hlrsh, In her (15th year. Due no
tice of the funeral will be Riven from her
lata residence, 1418 North 10th st.
IIOUIKS. On March 2.1. 1010, REIIECCA
C . wlfo of Charles Holmes (nee Contes).
Relatives nnd friends aro Invited to attend
funcrnl services, on Monday afternoon, at
2 o'clock, nt the resrdence of her son-in-law.
Charles W Scott. G12R Hnttlmorn avenue.
Interment private, Mt. Mortal! Cemetery.
Remains may lw viewed on Sundny even
ing from H to 10 o'clock
IIOKTOX. On March 23. 1010. STEPHEN D.
(SAMUEL), husband of Margnret Jane Mor
ton (nee Mason), need 71 sears. Relatives
and friends aro Invited to attend the funeral
services, on Sunday, nt 2 p. m., nt his lata
residence. 2130 A lath at Interment at Ar
lington Cemetery. Remains may bo viewed
Saturday evening.
JAVNE. On JIarch 24. 1010. PHILIP P.
JAYN'K. aged 71 sears. Relatives and
friends, also the employes of Dr. D Javne &
Son. are Invited to attend the funeral serv
ices, at his lato residence. 20lo Pasayunk
ave., on Monday, at 2 p. m. precisely. In
terment at Northvvood Cemetery.
KKVKS. On March 24. 1010, FRANCES
DUNBAR KEYES. daughter of Henry C.
Keyes. Relatives and friends nre Invited to
attend the funeral services, on Monday after
noon, at the Presbyterian Church, Ridley
Park, Pa. Interment private.
KOH1..T-On March 24. 1010, LOUIS a., hus.
band of Mary Kohl. Relatives and friends,
also Henry Clay Circle. No. 33. Brotherhood
of America, and employes of McCambrldge
Cooper Co , aro Invited to attend the funeral
services, on Monday, at 2 p. in , at his late
residence, 22.1M N Bouvler st Interment
private, at Northwnod Cemetery. Remains
may be v lowed on Sunday, between 8 and
10 p. m.
&ENAHAN. On March 23. 1018. THOMAS
F. son of tha late James and Margaret Lena
ban. Itelatlves and friends are Invited to
attend the funeral, on Monday at 7,30 a. m ,
from his late residence. 1841 N. Lelthgow at.
Solemn Requiem Mass at St. Michael s
Church, at U a. m. Interment at New
Cathedral Cemetery. Auto funeral.
LYNCH On March 28, 1010. Colonel AU
OUSriNE T. LYNCH, aged 73 years. Notlcs
of funeral later.
wiMjwoon, x. J.
are the ideal
resorts for your
in.,tm,.aHnff ntnn.fu-Anf Afl
u halmv hr,zfFi. ttiaenlfl-
Mnn hnarduntllf nrnmpnnde. I
homelike hotels, piers, amuse
ment attractions, soon musiu
and wholesome) atmosphere.
rAllaviM and anartments
for tbe summer season are
now being rented. For in
formation and handsome)
booklet write)
J. WbitessU, City Clerk,
June. 3d. . M. SCHS1SLBT.
I.OTKTT At Tullytownrra.. onMareh 22
IBlp. IinNnY I., husband of, thd late gllift
v Lovett (neo M'ers). aged ?1 J,e"P'l:
lives nnd friends are Invited tonttend the
funeral services, on Sunday, at. 7.30 p m.,
at the residence of his brotfier-ln-lvw. Will
iam B. LelRh. Tullrto-wn. Pa Also "fiv
Jces on Monday, nt 2 p. m , nl the olivet
H, Bnlr Buimimr, 1820 Chestnut St.. Phlln
delphla. Interment at Fernwood Cemetery
MAKiai. On March 2. 1D1B. DENNIS M ,
eon of the late Thomas and Catherine Makem.
Relatives nnd friends, nlao Holy Name So
ciety of St. John the Bnptlst'x rhurch, nro
Invited to, attend tho funeral services, on
sSil'- ' " -1" rn., nt his late reBldence,
423.1 .Mam at , Mnnaynnk. Solemn llluh
Mass nt st, John tho Baptist's Church, at
10 a m Interment nt St. John'a Cemetery
aiAhSIIAM,. On March 2.1, tOlfl. ANNA V .
beloved wife nf Whitney C, Marjlnll nnd
dnuuhter of John and CntheTlne O'Donnell
Itelntlvei and friends nro Invited to attend
th funernlservlces. on Monday, nt 0 fl rn i .
nt the residence of . her parents, 1014 N
Alden St., late of Olio Dray's ave... Solemn
Mass of Requiem nt Church of, the Mot
Blessed Sacrament, nt 7 n m Interment nt
Tuckorton. N J Tuesday.
MAMII'M'. Suddenly on March 23. loin. JsA
BKI.I.A. wife of Charles Mavhevv , Itelatlves
nnd frlcndi nre Invited to nttend the funeral
services, nn Mnndiy. jrarch 27. nt in n. m .
nt her husband's residence. 421 Hnddnn av-e.,
Camden. N. J Interment private friends
mny nil on Sunday, from 7 to 0 o'clock.
MetllNNI'.l.T,. At Northfleld. N .1 . on March
2.1, 10HI. TOIHAS L. McCONNEI.t,. hus
band of Emma I,. MrConnell. In hi 07th
venr Relnllves nnd friends nre Invited to
nttend the funeral services, nt the Atlantic
Cnuntv Asvlum Northfleld, N. J , Monday.
March 27. nt 1 n m Interment In Salem
Cemetery. Plensantvllle N J.
Mrl'ADDr.N. On March 2.1. lolfl PATRICK
.1 . husbiml of Ellen McCndden Relatives
nnd friends, alio Division Nn 7. A O If.
nre Invited to attend tha funeril on Tues
day, nt 7 30 n. m . from his late residence.
2I3J s 11th st Hnlcmn HIkIi Itequlem Mass
nt the Enlphnnv rhunh nt 0 a m Inter
ment nt New Cathedral Cemetery.
MrOllT. On Mnreli 2.1 IPtrt MICHAEL
Mcdll'K Relatives nnd friends, also Ht.
Charles' Holy Nnme Society, nre Invited (o
nttend the funeral, mi Mnndnv nt 7,30 n in.
from his late residence, 1107 S 22d st. Re
quiem .Mass nt Ht Charles' Church, at 0
n m Interment nt Holy Cros Cemeterv
MrKMMITv On Mnrch 23, 1010. JENNIE,
daughter of D.ivld nnd Theresa C. Mr
KnlRht (nee Stark) Itelatlves nnd friends
nro Invited to attend tho funeral services on
Mondav, nt 2 p m , nt her parents' resi
lience, 2012 McKran st Interment nt Mount
Morlnh Cemetery, friends, may call Sundny,
M to Id p m.
JIlir.llAN. On March 23, 1010. MARY
MBEIIAN (nee o'Uonnell), wife ot Pitrlclt
J. Mochnn Itelatlves nnd friends nre In
vited to attend tho funeral, on Tuesday
March 28 lull) from her late residence.
4'i4I Hoones st (30th nnd Vetmlrster nvo .
West Phllntlelphln) Solemn Requiem Mnss
nt Our Mother of Snrrown Church nt 10
a. in. Interment at Holy Cros Cemeterv
JIOI.L. At Chlc.iKO, III., on March 2.1. 1010
CATHARINE, widow of Christian Moll, In
her ilith jenr Itelatlves nnd friends nro
Invited to nttend the funeral services on
' Sunday, nt :t ir, p m prec Isely nt 1 If th
Moravian Church. Oermantown live nbove
Dnuphln Bt Inlernient private, nt Orcen
woo,! IK. of P ) Cemetery Auto funeral.
MOIINHY. On Mirrli 24, 1010, ANNA E
widow of (Iconic W Mooney nnd daughter of
tho Into Dvnlel II nnd Eliza Humphries
Relatives nnd friends are Invited to attend
tho funcrnl services, on Monday, nt J.JI
p. m preclncly. nt her late residence, 2131
North l)th st Interment private.
MOdNI'.Y. On Mnrch 23 1010. LILLIAN,
d-iushter of Martin aid the lata Elizabeth
Mooney, aped 12 jears. Relatives nnd
friends nre Invited to attend tho funeral, on
Monday, at 1 p in., fiom her patents' resi
dence, 102(1 West Westmoreland st. Inter
ment nt Ivy Illll Cemetoty Remilns may
be viewed on Sundny from 8 to 10 p. m.
MORRIS. Suddenly, nt the Brjn Mawr Hos
pital. ISOI1EL RITCHIE MILLER, wlfo of
Stephen Morris Due notice of tho funeral
will bo given
MULLIOAX. On March 21. 1010. DANIEL,
son ot Sarah and tho late John Mulligan.
Relatives nnd frlords, also St Patrlck'n Al
llanco of America, nro Invited to nttend tho
funcrnl, on Monday, nt 8 30 o. m.. from his
lato residence. 231 W. Jefferson st. Hluh
Requiem Mnas nt St. Michael's , at 10
n. m. Interment nt New Cathedral Ceme
tery. MUIIPHY. On March 24. 1nlv ELLEN,
widow of John Murphy (neo Unughey). form
erly of 111) Richmond Bt Itelatlves ana
friends nro Invited to attend tho funeral, on
Tuesday, at 8-30 a m . from the residence;
of hrr brother-ln-lavr, Daniel McShnne, 1014
rrnnlifonl nvo Solemn Requiem Mass jit
Church of tho Immntulnto Conception at 10
a. m. Interment at New Cathedral Cem
etery XVIITKHM'.IX. On March 24. 1010. CARO
.NIJ, wlfo of Theodore C. Nlchterteln (nee.
Pot), In her 04th .vcar. Relatives and
friends, alao the following societies- Her
menla Edelvvels Nlchterleln Lleberelo Koresh
rld Elngherd and Court Cleaver Lodge, No
1: Philadelphia Lodne. No. 20 Shepherds ot
Bethlehem, Jolly Womon. Women's Cnnn
statter Vereln and German Theatre Vereln,
nro Invited to attend tho funeral services, on
Monday, at 10 a. m , at her lale residence,
northeast corner 8th st. and Ulrard ave
Interment at Mount Vy-non Cemetery.
PARKER. On August 10. 101(1, Bt Hollo,
P. I., Sergoant Hiram C Parker. U. S A ,
son of tho late Rev. Wesley .1. and Olivia.
A Carnev Parker, In his 87th year Ku
neral services at Eden Cemetery on Snturdny
nt 12 noon Relatives and friend will meet
nt tho risldenco of his mother, Mrs. OUva
A. C Parker, 2264 North 10th st. at 10
n. in. Interment nt Eden C-metery.
PKKAIIIA. On March 23. 1010, ELLEN
ELIZABETH, widow of l-'rnnk Perarla. Sr,
(neo Miller), In her 70th jear Relatives
and friends nro Invited to nttend tho fu
neral services, on Monday, at 1 p. m , at
her late residence, lot 13. Flora st Inter
ment at fernwood Cemetery. Remains may
be viewed on Sunday ovenlng
ITISTEIIER. On March 24. 1010, LOUISA
C PI'ISTERER. In her 83d year. Relatives
12 minutes, 5c fare, from 69th Street Terminal on the Media Short Line
SPRING FIELD, with its picturesque surroundings, substantial im
provements and all necessary facilities, offers more advantages and
conveniences, at less cost, than any other select and substantial suburb.
Artistic, carefully planned and well built individual homes, with
spacious grounds, are now ready for sale, at prices ranging from
$5825 to $7975.
Choice building sites of generous dimensions from $675 up.
The terms are liberal.
If you are interested in securing an attractive suburban home or
a site to build upon later, you should visit Springfield promptly,
and see what an unusual opportunity is offered at this time.
A. MERR1TT TAYLOR, President
Illustrated and descriptive booklet will be mailed upon request
and friend are Invited to attend tho funeral
services, on .Monday, at 1 p, m.i at the resi
dence of her son-in-law, Oeorge Josten, 1010
N. Lawrenco st Interment private, at
Northwood Cemetery. Remains may b
viewed Sunday, after 7 p, m.
rnilTKTt. On March 23. 101 B, EDWABD T,
PORTER, husband of Elma Porter, aged 87
shears Itelatlves and friends, also Uphol
sterers and Trimmers' International Union,
Local No 124, aro Invited to attend the fu
neral services, on Monday, at 2 p, m., at
tho resldenro of his father-tn-law, T. K.
I rankenfleld, 723 North 30th St. Friends
mny call Sunday 8 to n p m.
RAYN01I. At Northeast Md . on March 24,
1010. ANNA It . widow of Charles Hnvnor,
aged 85 years Relatives and friends are
Invited to attend the services, on Monday, nt
In m , nt the ehapei of tho Arch St free.
bvterlan Church, 18th below Arch sts, In
terment private
ROCKS. on Mnrch 23 1010, from her lale
residence, 171(1 North Hodlnn St.. BRIDOBT
ROCKS (neo Knne), wife of Michael Hocks,
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend
the funeral, on Tuesday, at 8.30 n m
Solemn High Mass nt St Michael s Church,
nt 10 n in Interment nt Holy Cross Cem
Kl I.E. On Mnrch 21. 1010, ELIZA., daughter
of Robert J nnd the Inte Ellrn Bule, nued
HI years rtclitlves nnd friends are Invited
to nttend the funeral services, on Monday,
nt 2 v. m , nt her lale residence, 1818 S.
rrth st. (,-!Kh and Woodland). Interment nt
West r.iurel Hill Cemetery
SAHdliST on March 2.'1 1010. ANNA M
SAROENT. wife nf William P Sargent.
sired 75 jenrs Relatives nnd friends nre
Invited to nttend the funeral services, on
Monday, nt 2 p m , nt the funeral parlors
of John Crawford. 2037 Westfield ave., Cnm
deii. N J Interment private, at Olenwood
Cemetery Philadelphia
SCHMini). On Mnrch 23 101O. MATILDA V,.
wire of Godfrey Schmled (formerly of 120 N.
12th st ) nhd dnughter of tho late Thomas
and f.annle Knox Relntlves and friends nre
Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday, at
2 p. m , from tho residence of lier cousin.
Mrs Eli Proctor. 1127 Clreen St. Inter
ment nt Mt Morlnh Cemetery
SCOTT On March 21, 1010. MART JANE.
wlfo of n Woodlrarn Scott Relatives and
friends nro Invited tn ottend tho funeral
services on Tuendnv, nt 2 .10 p m . precisely,
nt her late residence, 10,18 Moore st Inter
ment private Itrtnnlns mny bo viewed on
Mondny from 8 to 10 p m
CLOSE, Sr . husband of Emma Seaton (neo
Docbcln) Relatives and friends nro Invited
to nttend funeral services, on Monday, at 12
m , at his lale residence. .1227 Hnrtvllle st
Interment Oakland Cemeterv Remains may
be viewed on Sundav, after 8 p m.
M:i:i,E On March 23. 1010. JOSEPH B.
husband ot Annie C Seelev (nee Do Wlnton)
nnd son of Mnry nnd the late Joseph Heeley
Relntlves and friends, nlso Post No 71. (J
A. 11. (Jenernl John F Reynolds Camp, No
I. S of V , anil tho order In general. Rey
nolds Cadets nnd emploves of Llpplncott,
Johnson & Co . nre Invited to attend funcra ,
on Sundav. at 2 p. m from his late resi
dence, 1100 Hnjder nvo To proceed to La
favctto Vault Interment fernwood Ceme
terv friends mny call Saturday evening.
Automobile funeral
SUM.. On March 21. 1010, FRANZE SELL,
need 78 yearn Relatives nnd friends nro In
ilted to attend tho funcrnl. on Tuesday, nt
2 p. m . nt his Inte residence. t123 Mnlcolm
st.. West Philadelphia Interment at I em
wood Cemetery, friends may Mew tho re
mains on Mondav, from 7 to 0 p. m.
BIIEIUIMX At Chestnut Hill, on March 24.
Hi 10, CRANK, son of tho lata Owen nnd
Elisabeth O Sheridan, ngnd 74 years. Due
notice of tho funeral will be given.
BIMKIXS. On March 24. 1010. ABNER If .
husband ot Cntherlno D. Minikins, aged 82
jears Tho relatives and frtonds are Invited
to attend tho funeral, on Tuesday. March 28,
nt 1 1 a m . from his Into residence. 035
Hoyden st , Camden. N. J Interment pri
vate. Ilnrlelgh Cemetery. Remains may bo
viewed Monday evening
SMITH. On March 22. 1010, JULTA W.. wife
of the lato Conrad Smith Itelatlves nnd
friends of the family nro Invited to attend
tho funeral services, on Sunday evening, at
(130 o'clock, nt her late residence. 2718 N
11th st Interment private Monday morning
at West Laurel Hill Cemetery.
SMITH. Suddenly, on March 23, 1010, JOHN
It . husband of Elennor Smith (nee rlemlng).
In hla (list jenr. Relatives and friends, alao
members ot United Republican Club, nro In
vited to nttend the funeral services, on Mon
day, nt 3 p. in., nt his lato residence, B301
Tcarl st , Weat I'hlla. Interment nt Pern
wood Cemetery. Remains may bo viewed on
Sunday evening.
8MY. On Mnrch 24. 1010. EMILY, wife of
Edward Smy (nee Mansfield), aged 32 jears.
Rolatlves and friends aro Invited to attend
tho funeral services, on Tuesday, at 0.3O n.
tn . at tho funeral parlors of Henry M. Pax
son, southeast corner 1lBt nnd Cumberland
Bts Interment private Friends may call
Monday, between 8 and 0 p. m,
hTOUTP.N'BUUOIt. suddenly, at Newark, N,
J . nil March 23 101(1. FRANK LINCOLN
STOUTENRUROH. In his Diet year. Funeral
services nt the home of his sister. Mrs. Her
bert P. Oleason, 1038 Broad St., on Sunday,
at 3 p. m.
SYMINOTOX, On March 23, 1010, ELLEN
It , widow ot Robert J. Symington. Rela
tives and friends nro Invited to attend the
funeral, on Tuesday, at 8.30 a. m , from her
lato rcaldence, 1321 McKcnn st. Solemn Ite
qulem Mass at Church ot the Epiphany, at
10 a. m. Interment nt Cathedral Cemetery.
New Orleans papers ploaae copy,
SYIvNAMOX Oil March 22. 1010. HENDER
SON SYNNAMON. aged 71 3 ears Relatives
nnd friends also Pennsylvania Reserve Post.
No. 101, O. A. R. . Pennsylvania Reanrve
Circle, No. Jl. Ladles of the O. A. It.; Sur
vlvors of Compiny I. 3d Reglmont, P. R.
V, (., nre Invited to nttend the funeral
Bervlces on Monday, nt 2 p. m. precisely,
nt 40S3 Catharine at. Interment nt Fern
wood Cenoiery. Frlerda mny call Sunday,
from 7 to 0 p. n.
TAYLOR. On JIarch 23, 1010. KATE I
STEARNE. wife of William L. P. Taylor
and daughter of the lato Thaddeua and Annlo
L. Stearne. Relatives and friends are In
vited ta attend the funeral services, on Mnn--day,
at 3:30 p, m., nt her brother's rest-
dence. William M. Stearne, 1202 FouiferoS
st . frankford. Interment private, at East
Cedar Hill Cemetery
TOWNSENn. On March 2.1. 1016. MARY
TOWNSEND. Relatives and friends ar In
vited to attend the funeral services, on
Sunday, nt 2 p. m., nt tho residence of
Ellle Clenry. 7 cottmsn at , Jlolmeburr, Pa.
Interment nt Mount Tcace Cemetery. Pro
ceed by automobile.
TYNIJ.U.L Suddenly, on March 23, 1916,
MARY MYRTLE, wife of Ed In T. Tyndall,
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend
tho funeral services, on Monday, nt 2 p. rm
Srpclsely. at her husband's residence, 2429
'orth 33d st. Interment private. Remains
may lw viewed on Sunday, after 7 p. m.
iVAXIXR. On March 23. 1010. JOHN U
WAXLER, in his 87th jenr. Relatives and
friends nre Invited to, nttend the funeral
services, on Monday, nl 2:30 p. m., at his
brother's residence, William Hnll Waxier.
4021 Frankford nve., Frankford. Interment
private, nt North Cedar Hill Cemetery,
YVH1TKMAN. At her residence. J035 Locust
St.. on March 24. 1010. ELIZABETH B.
WIItTEMAN Notice of funeral later.
Wlt.T.IAMSON. On March 24, 1019, AMAN
DA, wife of Samuel Wllllnmson. Residence,
loirt Marlborough st Due notice of the fu
neral will be given
WILSON. On March 24. Ill Iff, EMMA E. (nee
Louderbnch), widow of David F. Wilson.
Services on Monday at 2 p. m., In Norrls
town, Po Carriages will meet train leaving
Ilroad St. Station nt 12:20 p. m.
MULL. At Chicago. HI., on March 23, 1016,
CATHARINE, widow of Christian Woll. In
her 07111 year. Relatives and friends are In
vited to nttend the funeral services, on Sun
day, at 3. in p. m precisely, at tho Fifth
Mornvlnn Church, Oermantown nve., above
Dauphin st. Interment private, at Green
wood (K. of P ) Cemetery. Automobile
Churches supplied. Frederick It. Davit. MaT.
Voles Culture. 1714 Chestnut at.
BAPTIST TKMPI.E, Broad nnd Berks sts,
REV A. K, HARRIS, Associate Pastor.
Homo-Coming Service nt 10:30.
Russell II Conwell will preach at 7:30.
Morning. 10 80: Bible School, 2:30: Evg . 7'30
Music in tho evening by Temple Chorus,
Sunday School Chorus nnd Temple olee Club.
Organ recital. 7 Hi. W. P. Twaddell. M.D.
Today, 2:1S, Motion Pictures, Scenlo Educa
tional, followed by "Storm."
Grand Festival Concert
Saturday evening, March 20, at 8:16.
Tickets at Bus Office., Dla. 037. Park 151.
Chestnut Bt., weat nf 40th.
OEOROE D. ADAMS, D. D.. Pastor.
0:43 a.m Brotherhood of A. and P.
10:30 a m Worship and Sermon by Pastor.
2:30 p.m Bible School.
7:45 p.m. Worship and Sermon by Pastor.
BUth and Baltimore ave.
Special Evangelistic Services, March 24 to
April 2, conducted by REV. JACOB HOFF
MAN AND WIFE. Good muslo and aiming.
All welcome.
i Hunker), cor, Carlisle and Dauphin sts.
'reaching 10 30 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Sunday School 2.30 p. m.
Prayer Meeting oach Wednesday evening.
Disciples of Christ
Lancaster ave. Holly and Aspen sta.
T. a. WINTER. Pastor. 10:80. 2'30. 7. 8.
Tranklln Homo
TION OF INEBKIATI.S. 011-13 Locust st.
Sunday. 8 p. m., services conducted by Rev.
J. F Ohl
Sunday Morning Servlco lit 10.30,
TABERNACLE. BOth and Spruce Wm. J.
Miller, Jr.. 10 45. 7:43. 8. 6.. 2.30 p. m.
TEMPLE, 02d nnd Race Rov. A. Pohlman.
M. D . 10:30 a. m . 2-30 and 7:43 p. m.
HOPE. 83d and Whnrton sts. Minister. Rov.
TAYLOR CALDWELL, Assistant. 10:43.
Dr. Bolton will preach. Subject. "The Duty
of Being Unfashionable." 7:43. Hon Nor
rls S. Burratt will present a- flag; Dr. Bolton
will receive It
Methodist Episcopal
GRACE. Broad and Master ata.
l-RANK P. PARICIX, D. D.. Pastor.
iu.au a. m.
Doctor Parkin's openlnr ser
Blblo Bohool. Dr. J. Walter
Lytlo. superintendent.
Organ Recital by Mr Mlchener.
Preaching by the Pastor.
2.30 p. m.
7:30 p. m.
7MD p. m.
Midweek eervlco at 8 p. m. You and your
friends. If without a church home, are cor
dially Invited to attend service here.
fcrxinroua xotrcifs
Methodist jfrlscopaVContinmrl
IVAtlir Atwurrrt ,f,t.
,.,.. .KrK J- and Norrls St.
10-30 "aoD's world-pLan.' .,
.., Special musical features
A M "Te Deum" (In C), , Drcssterv
"How Amlabhs Are Thy Dwellings,"
. .. ,. . . J- ". Rogers
P. M. trio) "O Lamb ot Odd." adaelea
, .. from Leslie,
Misses Barrett and Walters and Mr, Pontius,
Violin Solp. ''Chanson Danolss ,,f Banaby
Nina Prettyman Howell.
Soprano Solo (with violin obllgato).
Miss Barrett.
, ftoteslant Episcopal
and christian sts. Rev, George Herbert
Toop. D. D.. Rector. Services 0 a. m., 10:30
?..Lm'?nd :43 p. m Sunday School and
. Bible Classes' 2:30 p. m,
Broad ami South sts. Seats tree.
Rev. p. Woolsey Hodge. S. T, D., Rector.
7.30, 1(1.30, 11 a, m. 4 p. m.. Choral Even
onsri.,8 P- " Wednesday, Confirmation by
-the Bishop ot the Diocese.
3Sth Bt. above, chestnut.
8 00 a, m. Celebration of the Holy Com
munion, 31-00 a m, Morning Prayer and Sermon.
7t48p. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon.
Rev. Dr. Johnston will preach.
After the Evening Servlco a short Organ
Recital will bo given by Mr, Wasalll Lena.
13th street below Spruce.
. Bev. DAVID JL STEELE, Rector,
.8 00 a.m. Holy Communion.
lOOOn.m. Sunday School.
11 00 a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon.
4 00 p.m. Evening Prayer. Anthem and
Preacher, 11 a.m., Rev. Dr. 8. D. MrConnell.
Preacher, A p.m., Rev. Dr. D. M. Jerterys.
s- 11. a. m., 8 p. m., Rev, Floyd Tomklns,
Jr.. will preach In morning, Mondays, Tues
tlajs, Thursdays, 4 p. m.: Wednesdays, FrJ.
days, 8 p. m.
(10th st. nnd Woodland nve.
Bey. a. L. OILBERSON. hector.
O.30 a. m. Sunday School.
3-4r, n. m. Morning Prayer and Sermon. I
7:48 n. m. Evening Prayer and Sermon.
Cornerstone Laid. 17B2. .
rALATIXATE, BOth & Glrard ave. B. ot A.
P., 0'30; a. fl., 2.30; sermons. 10:80 and
7:46. Bsv. F. E. IVIEDER. Minister.
i i .
. Unltnrlnn
FIRST UNITARIAN. 212S Chestnut St. 19
a. m.. Sunday School: 11 a. m., Dr. W. TV.
l-enn, of Harvard University, will preach.
Tho choir. Philip II. Goenp director, will
sing "He. Watching Ovor Israel," by Men
delssohn, and "Thy Word la a Lantern," br
Kinder. 7 p. m., Italian service by Bar.
. f lloteo A. Tagllalatela. s
Chelten nve. and Greeno Bt.
Rev. OSCAR 11. I r AWES Minister.
11 o. m Subject: "Tho Tower and Prom-"
Ise of Christianity as Seen In the Richer
AH Aro Welcome.
ALL SOULS. Larchwood. corner 47th. T. TV.
Illman. Minister. Morning, 10:43, "Heaven,
or n. Soul Worth While."
Young Men's Christian Association
TED MERCER coming Sunday, March 28.
Don't miss him. Central Y. M. C. AT. 3'30
p". m. Subject, "Down and Out and Up
Again." Special for college men; hear Mer
cer's miracle.
1011 Chestnut st,. every Sunday eve. Muslo.
7:30 i talks. 8:1B. Margaret Cutting Ives.,
tomorrow, s p. m., in Dr. Eldrldge's Lec
ture Hall. 1811 N Logan Bquare.
Hall, 238 N. 0th st. Meetings every night.
8:30. except Monday; Sundays. 10-30 a. m..
3 pm, and 8:30 p. in. Adjutant M. Williams
In charge. Captain It. Balle. Jr.. assistant.
Philadelphia Headquarters, Colonial Trust
Building. 1.1th and Market sts.
Colonel It. B IIolz In command.
Telephone: BelL Walnut 3733-6.
REATj estate eor rent
sraniER houses
Furnished Cottnftcs for Rent for
Season of 1916
Also Several Desirable Cottages -for
weUJ, mimt-msmm W, Vat, wed
tumhir' 'htmiifmi-?

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