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UV. John Howard Melish Dc
jJors War's Effect on Mod
ern Civilization
'This generation hs miserably frlled."
Mid ths nT. John Itownrtl Melish today,
t'9onJa tenten services t Bt. Ste
phen' Church, 10th street above Chestnut.
M preached from Horn., vlll, 39 "I am
fcrsuaded that neither death nor tlfo hall
M bl to separate: us from tha lovo of
Obd which we havo fn Christ Jesus."
rifcllrire Is. written upon the face of tho
niodm tlnlea. Not only havo wo de
stroyed the vrorfc of our own fingers, but
T'htiva latd doseCTatliitf hands upon tho
works of our ancestors. Tho Klory that
Wjaa nhetras, Uis srandeUr'tbat was Lou
xAMe, llo In tho dust. Wo stood before
the crisis of mrfdern times, ahd wo failed,
Wo failed. Germany Is a Bhaalty failure,
Franco Is a, failure, England Is a failure,
Italy and tho United States are failures.
"Where Is our boasted sclcnco, qur re
Mflon, our philanthropy, our soclallBmT
AH havo been unequal to tho task before
H4, and wo stand before tho blast like an
oik stripped and broken.
"America Is facing- the crisis of Its
history. Woo unto us It wo mako tho
wrong choice. If wo havo a falthleas
generation, great shall be our condemna
tion In tho centuries to come.
"Under tho brutality of this world war
multitudes are losing faith In Ideals and
are placing faith In force They seem to
forget the 100 -years of peace which Amer
ica has maintained with our great com
mercial and territorial rival without tho
aid of armies and navies, and are now pre
ferring to trust, not God, but horses and
'It Is a time for every ono of us to
determine where he stands, and then, hav
ing done all, stand. Force Is destroying
oUr world ; lovo alono can savo tho world.
It Baal bo God, Bervo him. Hut It tho
Father of Jesus Christ bo Clod, Bervo
DOAK LEFT $540,274,
Holdings in James Doak, Jr.,
Company Worth $172,000,
Will Filed Today Shows
Tho value of tho personal effects of
James Doak, Jr., head of tho James Doak,
Jr., Company, who died on March 3, Is
$540,274,36, nccordlng to ah Inventory riled
with Iteglstcr of Wills Sheehan today
Tho nppralsemont Bhows that tho Inter
est of Mr. Doak In the manufacturing
compahy consisted of 1702 shares, which
nro alued at $172,000. Tho remainder of
the estate consists almost entirely of mort
gages, rnhglng In value from J 1600 to
$7000 each.
Willi probated today were thoso of
Howard M; Phllllos. 6809 Creshelm road,
which. In private bequests, disposes of
property valued at $14,000; Catharine Mc
Clurk, 816 North 20th street, $19,000!
Lowls Borrahallo, 3910 West CJIrard ave
nue, $10,600; Henry I Lovctt, Bristol,
Pa., JSB00; Henrietta G. Flllhelmcr, Jew
ish Hospital, $2600, and John Scott, 2310
Aspen street, $2000.
New Evidehco Indicates Black
mailers May Havo Been
Hounding Him for Money
Wriggles Out of Hot Box nnd Cnrals
Along Boardwalk
ATLANTIC CTTT, N. J., April 7.
Clerks Joined patrons In a pnnlc-strlckon
rush lata yesterday afternoon at a fash
ionable boardwalk shop when a black, yellow-ringed
snake wriggled out of a hat
box nnd mado Its way across the floor.
A detail of policemen seized tho snako
nftcr a brisk chaso and conveyed tho cap
tlvo to City Hall. Tho reptile was added
to tho municipal zoo.
"Mcndowcroft" Bought for Mrs. Gur
nco Munn, It Is Believed
Meadowcroft, the residence of the
late Frederick Holmsley. at Watson nnd
Ford roads, Radnor, has been Hold by tho
Helmsley estate to Henry It. Funk, who
Is believed to represent Hodman Wana
maker In tho transaction.
Tho' property has been purchased, It Is
bclloved by residents In that vicinity, by
Mr Winamaker as n resldenco for his
daughter; 3Irs. Gurnee Munn. who lins
been active during the last winter In tho
social life at Palm Beach. Tho brokers
who negotiated tho sale. Hirst & McMul
. llrl, professed to havo no knowledge of any
other purchaser than Mr. Funk, but It has
beon generally reported In Radnor tho
resldenco. was bought for Mrs. Munn by
her father several, months ago.
Scholars Give Biblical Pageant
Hebrew history from tho earliest
patriarchal times was portrayed In tab.
lcaux and pageant by Sunday school
scholars last night at tho annual
Teacher Training Recognition meeting In
tho Baptist Temple, Broad and Berks
streets. Young pooplo of tho First Pres
byterian Church, Germantown, Imperson
ated tho famous men nnd women of Bible
history A demonstration of teacher train
ing clllclency in Sunday school also was
NUW YORK, April 7 A new hint of
blaokmatt blackmail "before tho fact"
crept Into tho Peck murder case yesterday
with the revelation that the District At
torney had been unable to trace several
substantial amounts of money handled by
Dr. Arthur Warren Walto within tho last
few months preceding the poisoning of
the dentist's father-in-law nnd mother-in-law.
Investigation of this phase, It Is hoped
by some In the prosecutor's offlce, may
round the State's case Into ideal shape
for presentation to a Jury. For, although
Doctor Walts has confessed the murders
and on several oocaslons has reiterates his
confession, there still Is a weak spot In
the chain of evidence at ths point where
motive should link In.
Eugeno Oliver Kane, to whom Doctor
Walto said ha gave $9000 and promised
$25,000 as "hush monoy" on Kane's agree
ment to testify that ho used arsenla tn em
balming the body of John E. Peck, Walta's
father-in-law, will bo summoned to tha
District Attorney's office today and asked
to explain why Doctor Walto Bhould havo
written tho following letter to his brokers,
Spauldlng, McLellan & Co., of 74 Broad
way: "Dear Mr. Spauldlng:
"I want you to do ma n favor. I send
check for $1086 and a draft for $7308,
Will you please pay these In to your
account and sell sufficient stock (say, New
Tork Central) to bring tho account up to
$16,000, and mako a check out for that
amount ($16,000), paynble to Eugene O.
Kane, nnd mall said check to ms Immedi
ately? "You might put this letter away, so no
one else can refer to It I and, of oourse, t
depend on you to favor me with the utmost
discretion at all times and to all questions.
van you do this for me 7
'Tours sincerely,
"A. W. WAITE."
What Assistant District Attorney John
T. Doollng considers one of the most slg.
nlflcnnt features of tho letter Is that It was
dated and mailed on March 20, 1916, tho
day on which Doctor Walte said he gave
Kane $9000 nnd on which Kano has ad
mitted he received $7800. Furthermore,
within n few hours after he had mailed
the letter Doctor Walte telephoned to Mr.
Spauldlng and told him not to make out
tho check for $16,000 to Kane, but to hold
tho money nnd await further Instructions.
Mr. Spauldlng cAmplted.
929 Market Street
(second ru
Qnlclcett nnd Arf,
SINCE 1804
At THvttM
ana grocers,
r write to
!".l .."laener
f-feS 3 E3-J
Arrested for Challenging to Duel
BOSTON, April 7 For tho first time In
many years an arrest has beon mndo In
this city on the charge of challenging to
a duel. Xcnophon Xaharopoules was
taken Into custody on the complaint that
he sent George Iatropoulous a challenge t'
fight with pistols In Franklin Park to set- ,
tie a iJvalry for tho favpr of a woman of
tho Greek colony. Iatropoulous declined
the lsstio fend turned the tetter over to the
police ,
Cental Manufacturers Coming lie re
Through the efforts of tho Convention
-&irca of the Chamber of Commerce, the
Dental Manufacturers' Club of tho United
States, Wbesslon last week In Chicago
hafa chosen Philadelphia as tho most desir
able city In -which t. hold Its next con
vention and exhibits, which wiU be In Oc
tober of jtHls year, covering a period of
four days. s , I
Wo do not expect ndvcrtlaing
i uiuuu iu icaii you io place all
jour fclcclrotype orders with
us. Wc do hopo our adver
tiscments will inflnrnm .. .
It hat you will jnake comparisons
anil ICSIS. At OW lis Jn m-ilra
a dcmoiutrall&i of otjMQunlity
and Service, add no vNfl cheer.
fully accept yur decision as
to further onlcrsA Wo nrc
ready to presentMMts and rea
sons, and to maktf the demon
stration. Aro you ready?
jlu aaaaaV
What die salesmanager
said to the salesman
"Now, on your trip to Chicago, I want you to
buy your ticket from Philadelphia over the Baltimore-&
Ohio. t
"Stop off at Baltimore and make your calls there.
Then go on to Washington, and nttend to those
Government orders. Then go to Pittsburgh and
handle .things there. You might stop off at Akron,
and take time to include Cleveland, going into
Chicago on any of the four trains that happen to fit
in with your time. You'll do all this traveling
on tne same ticket, at sure and deposit ticket
ition where you stop off.
ought to. bo bright and fresh and full Of
tho trip, for you'll travel as we like our
do on tho very best trains that are run
i, over the finest track and road-bed, and
ery latest models of Pullman sleepers. In-
; youu save tne house some money by
stop-over through ticket.
UWl-t ti ..L T3li- O -kl
j. cicpranc iuo Dammure oc umo ticket omce.
st 142 and they will fix you up properly.
There are four eplcndid all-steel through trains out of
Philadelphia for Chicago every day. The 'Chicago
Limited' at 10.35 a. m.t and 'Interstate Special'
at 4.17 p. mv are observation trains and carry
compartment sleepers as welL The
'Chicago Express' leaves at 8.31 p. mv
and the 'Middle West Express' at 4.15
a, m. Get o copy of the handsome
'Descriptive Book of Trains' and keep it
in your pocket.
"The Baltimore & Ohio Station at
24th and Chestnut Streets has entrances
from Market, Chestnut and Walnut
Street car lines and is practically in the
center of the city,"
DUtrict P&ucnger Agent,
34 Chettnut Street.
avuie siq
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in theV
p . oaeniaav
k using mis
' tocu
I mi nun anmcmnnaHaanaaafini
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""w ' "" ' i i ii i, inn ii i i inn i inii UhMmmmammmmmmatmm0mmmmmimmmmammammmmmBmrik I
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Concerning Final Drive in
White Motor Trucks
IN VIEW of the conflicting claims for this form and that form
of final drive which now confront the purchaser of heavy duty
trucks, this Company, as the largest manufacturer of motor trucks
in America, deems it fitting to make a public statement of its own
purpose and practice in the matter.
White Trucks of over two tons capacity have always been chain
driven, and will continue to be chain-driven until some other form of
final drive is developed in the future which is more efficient or equally
efficient. In its present stage of development, worm drive will not be
adopted by this Company, and White engineers now see no prospect
of its basic handicaps ever being sufficiently overcome to warrant
its adoption.
1. White chain-driven trucks are more
efficient because moye power" is delivered
to the rear wheels.
2. They require a smaller motor for equal
load capacity.
3. They consume less gasoline, getting as
high as 50 more mileage per gallon.
4. They endure a higher road speed;
perform more easily on rough roads, steep
grades, and in heavy going.
5. They pull loads out of chuck holes
and over obstructions which yould stall a
worm-driven truck.
6. Tire mileage is materially greater be
cause the unsprung weight on the wheels
is so much less.
Motor trucks have been in use long
enough to accumulate a volume of motor
truck experience, long enough for owners
to know actual operating value. They can
compare one truck with another. They
have the records of performance; and large
users who keep the most effective cost re
cords indicate the showing of those records
by an overwhelming preference for White
That preference is well known. It is
eloquently reflected in the fact that in
total annual sales White Trucks predomi
nate two to one of any other make, and
among many large users they predominate
ten to one.
When a truck both outsells any 'competi
tor two to one and commands a higher
price its competition is severely felt by
trucks of similar design, so severely in fact,
as to necessitate a change in that design to
escape the brunt of parallel competition.
This gives rise to new theories of con
struction, which are adopted to arouse
fresh interest rather than to improve the
truck, in the endeavor to divert attention
from White performance.
At this late stage of motor truck experience
there is no need of truck buyers being
bewildered by fads and theories. Over
and above the conflict of all theory looms
the solid fact of White Truck performance
longer life, more days in service, lower
eventual cost, as attested by comparative
cost records of numerous large users and
by the fact that such users purchase more
White Trucks every year than trucks of
any other make. '
PHILADELPHIA216-220 North Broad Street
ONLY GRAND PRIZE for Motor Trucks, Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco
o -
Baltimore & Ohio
'&w Pms0e2's My Out Guests'
md iwwpwicmr
imntWTf-tMH" run uii-irtmaaMMi
'..., . , '

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