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VOL. 1I.3STO. 178
Coruioni, 1918, bi tub rustic Limes CoitriNi.
! .
Brumbaugh Gave Assurance Monday
That He Would Abandon Fight
for Republican Nomination,
' Says Pittsburgh Politician
Pressure of Associates Made Governor Reconsider and
Decide to Continue Contest for Instructed Dele
gates Vare Will Demand "Blackmail"
Investigation by Congress
,A copy of the David B. Oliver letter to Governor llrutnbniiRli, which ac
companied the $1000 check, Is on Oliver's files, hut'it will not he Riven out
for publication, according to word from Pittsburgh. A dispatch from, Harris
burg announced that the Governor had left for this city, and that the letter
was on, file in his home, here and that he probably would give the letter for
publication this afternoon.
That Governor Hrumbangh had fully mnde up his mind to withdraw
from the presidential contest and surrender to Senator Penrose and that he
reconsidered and decided to continue the fight only after pressure had been
brought to bear upon him by his political associates was declared today by
United States Scnntor George T. Oliver.
Senator Oliver made a positive statement that peace overtures had been
made and that the Governor a few days ago had definitely decided to quit.
In his statement, discussing the Brumbaugh statement of yesterday, Senator
Oliver said:
"On last Mondny evening I was called to the telephone by Cyrus E. Woods,
Secretary of the Commonwealth, who urged me to meet him in Philadelphia
the following day. I did so, and at that interview I received assurance from
BIr. Woods that the Governor had decided to withdraw his candidacy and to
nllow the delegates from Pennsylvania to go uninstructcd."
want lt:tthr produced.
Efforts were mado today ly friends
nnd political allies of tlio Governor to
have him produce tho letter .ild H.
Oliver, of Pittsburgh, sent liini with tlie
$1000 check, for which the Governor niadf
no accounting; In his statement of Ills
campaign expenses.
That letter. It Is urged, would. If given
to the public, provo the statements of the
Governor that the check wnn a personal
and- not a political contribution.
The most bitter political war In Penn
sylvania since 1SSG. when Gocrnor Dan
iel H. Hastings nnd United .States Senator-
Matthew Stanley Quay fought for
control of the. Republican .Organization In
the State, ononed dramatically between
Governor Brumbaugh.And'S6nator renroso
today; -fallowing nubllcatjori of the charso.
that thcJGovcrnor'httd concealed the 51000
guggesllons that the Governor bo Im
peached 'came from friends of Senator
Pe'nro&e. The Governor's allies rallied to
Jits support and raised the cry. of "black
mall." Congressman William S Vare, who
originally brought out the Oovernor ns
. a "favoilte son" candidate- for the Prcsl-
f depcy, will ask Congress today to peunlt
him to explain to mat irony mo ucmua
of. the "blackmailing scheme." nccordlng
to an announcement made by Vare.
"I am thoroughly familiar with the de
tails of the blackmailing scheme described
by the Governor In his statement." said
Congressman Vaio. "and whatever t will
have to say on the subject 1 will say on
the floor of Congress "
The South Philadelphia. Representative
Intimated that he will ask Congress "why
a United States Senator 1ms the tight to
Use such methods in nn effort to force u
political opponent tu quit the light." lyul
wjll demand that Penrose and Oliver be
asked to explain how, why and whete tbo
photographs of the check were made, nnd
for what purpose
The Governor hurried to Philadelphia
late last night and conferred this morning
with politicians on both .sides of the fac
tional light Later conferences will bo
held todaj in Atlantic Cltj. where the
plan of campaign of the .intl-Penrnse
forces wll be finally decided upon.
The publication of the chaigo that the
Governor received u $1000 check from the
B2.vear-old brother of United States Sena
tor George T- Oliver, which followed the
publication pf the Gocruor's statement of
' yesterday, when he anticipated the giving
of publicity to the check transaction, im-
t mediately brought about a clear align-
) ment of factional foices within the Itepub-
llcan Organization and precipitated a fight
, that will extend all down the lino during
the campaign just opening
Governor Brumbaugh conferred at the
Bellevue today with a dozen of his political
lieutenants. He planned to leave shortly
before noon for Atlantic City, wheio he
will confer with the Vnrcs Attorney Gen
eral Brown. W, D. B Alney, Public Serv-
Contlnued on Pace Fourteen, Column Three
Ben Franklin, sitting in front of the
Postofflce, bare-headed, never dreamed as
he dozed last night that he would be
' wearing a white tam-o'-shanter this
morning, but we did. Nobody Is going to
believe this, but It's true. We knew this
snow was coming, and while we cannot
l show that we said bo In print before the
fact, we intend to lose no time In pro ing
our worth as a weather prophet now, nnd
not many hours after the first ftakea be
gan to -fall, at that. Prophets," reputations
are sometimes made at haphazard. There
was an almanac that was late going to
press one day. They hadn't finished all
the weather predictions for the year. The
typesetter had to fill them in as he went
along. "Wbafll I say Is going to happen
on Jims IT" he yelled, to the editor, "Oh,
say It's, going to snow," was the reply.
So lie put that In, and It actually did snow
on the following June 1,
Thereafter all the farmers swore by
that almanac and considered it worth its
weight in gold.
For Philadelphia and vicinity
Snow followed by rain late today.
BAQ-tHoo. aft. . 'V'anu.maktr', Pananu strliur
this- cuntalji'if koltuoa , ryvrd nut Spruce.
DEED Lost.' deed In the nanut of Edmund
vsium lor lot No. "J. N W Ft.. In Section
SU3, Mount Morten Cuwtary Application
Iuj been nude for a dvpUcats cWd
Raiurn to if Shaw.
38 1 J. Pine t
Other It and Found Add on l'se 25
Edgar Rice Burroughs Begias a New Story, "Under
nrnnn mn nnim
Penrose Forces Say They
Will Defeat Measures if
Mayor Interferes '
Smith Commanded to Be Neu
tral in Brumbaugh Check
The $G". 100,000 oan for transit and
tho port and the $17,1:5,000 lonn for gen
eral Improvements and to pay the city's
outstanding obligations hao been thrown
into the State-wide factional fight, nnd
aro In danger of being defeated If Mayor
Smith takes an open part in the political
war between Governor Brumbaugh and
Senator Penrose.
Political opponents of the Mayor oponly
asserted today that both loani would be
knifed by the nntl-Smlth-Varo Organlza
tion lenders If the Mayor Injected himself
into the contest.
"Orders" as to both loans have gone out
from tho Penrose lieutenants and political
opponents of the Mayor. There was no
attempt to conceal the attitude of the nntl
administration leaders.
The $47.U'5,000 loan will be bitterly op
posed at tho polls at the primary election
by tho Seger-Hall-Tralner forces In City
Councils. This loan Includes the Items for
the general Improvements to which the
Major Is pledged, nnd by knifing it at
tho polls tho untl-Vnre forces hope to
seriously handicap the Major's adminis
tration. Tho fate of the transit and port loan,
which uould provide $57,100,000 for the
construction of the subways and elevated
lines proposed In the Taylor plan, depends
upon the attitude of the Mnj-orf according
to the word that was sent out last night,
following the Governor's statement.
Some of the political associates of the
Muyor are planning to oppose the transit
loan, according to Penrose-McXIchol lead
eta, and antl-admlnlstratlon leaders have
issued "orders" to their lieutenants to
support It.
Due Aeroplani Nemici Abbat-
tuti in Una Battaglia Not-
turna da Aviatori Italiani
Un telegramma da Parlgl dice che II
Mlnistero della Marina francese ha an.
nuntiato the tin sottomarlno francese,
operante nel Mare Adrlatico e addetto alia
Ilotla llallana che e' agll ordlnl del duca
degll Abruzzl, ha attaccato e sllurato un
trasporto mtlltare austrlaco, mandandolo
a fondo, S crede die vl sla atata grande
perdita di vlte umane. L'attacco e'
avtenuto nell'Adrlatlco.
11 Mlnistero della Guerra Itallano ha
annunciate che sulla planura tra I'sonzo
ed II Tagliamento si e' avuta una battaglia
tra. I tori Italian! ed aviatori austrlacl che
e' llnlta con la completa vlttorla degll
Italiani. Due aeroplani austrlacl sono statl
atterrati dagli aviatori italiani mentra
cercavano dl fare una lncurlone ad ovest
dell'Isonzo e I quattro aviatori nemlcl sono
stall fattl prlglonlerl
Un vfaggtatore che e' tomato appeaa
da Trieste a Parlgl ha raccontalo che la
popalazlone dl Trlette e' stata ridlotta da
1(0,000 ad 80,000 abltanti a causa delta
mancanza dl iveri. e che moltl bomblnl
sono moitl dl fame. Le autorlta aus-'
triache hanno assegnato agll abltanti
adultl una razlone dl pane dl appena 210
(Let-sere In paglna altre e plu det
Usllato notlzte sulla guerra. In Itallano.)
Brumbaugh Says:
Ho (David B. Oliver) sent me this
check with n letter, in which he ex-
pressly nnd definitely requested me
to use it for my personal, not po
litical, needs, and naked me not to
have his nnme known or used in
connection with it.
V-J ii- '
f Uv
Opponents of Doctor Brumbnugh's
especially the first paragraph, as
Funston Told to Leave
When Carranza Is Able
to Control
AVASHINOTO.N". Apill 8. The United
States will regard Its mission In Mexico
completed as soon as tin de facto Gov
ernment Is able to relieve American forces
of the task they have undertaken, or when
"Villa's band or bands are broken up."
This became known today from tho orig
inal orders given by the Wnr Department
to General Funston in sending the punitive
expedition across the border.
The War Department revealed Its or
ders of March 10 In response to a question
as to, whether a time limit had been set
upon the operation of the expedition
In substance the command to Funston
You will promptly organize an ade
quate force under Drlgadler General
Pershing and direct him to go across
the border In pursuit of the bands
which, attacked Columbus and the
soldiers on March 9. These troops
will be withdrawn to American terri
tory as soon as the de facto Govern
ment Is able to relieve them of this
work. In any event, their work will
be regarded as finished when Villa's
band or bands are broken up.
General Funstoh Informed the depart
ment today the wounds of the four soldiers
Injured In the March 29 engagement were
very slight and are virtually healed.
He told, also, of tne release by Colonel
Dodd of' ten Carranza soldiers. Villa's
prisoners, taken by Americans in the clash
with Vllllstas at Guerrero, adding that a
large number of-other prisoners escaped.
Others, he said, he understood were held
by Villa for execution.
The Villa bands apparently are giving
short shrift to their captives, for the Funs
ton message told of the execution of seven
Carranza soldiers and civilians by Vlllls
tas on March 27,
The War Department revealed today it
has bought 15 gasoline tanks, yesterday
and that It now has in Mexico, or en
route, 27S autotrucks for carrying sup
plies. Cop Hit by Auto; Dragged 40 Feet
Harry Woodruff, a policeman of the 65th
street and Woodland avenue station, was
struck by an auto today and dragged 40
feet at 62d street.BU3talnlng severe scalp
injuries and contusions of the body. He
is in the University Hospital. John Cas
sedy, of 1132 Potts street, the driver of
the machine, which Is owned by the J.
S. Ivlns Cake Company, was held In $500
bail for a further hearing before Magis
trate Harris.
Oliver Says:
The Governor seems to consider
my contribution ns a personal pres
ent. If I had intended to present
him with a token of my esteem, it
would certainly hnve taken some
other shnpe than n Rift of money. I
intended my check to be used for
the purpose of assisting him in his
campaign and for no other purpose
whatever. I would suggest that he
make public the letter in its entirety.
Martin Q. Brumqauoh
010 WITHinnoooN rJuiuoiNta
On Train, P.R4R. (
Hon. David B. Olivor, .
2237 Olivor Blrtg. ,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
My doar Mr. Olivor:-
1 wiah to add to my telegram a word
of tho sinooroat erntitudo for your vary oordial
lottor and your gonerouo help in thin firjht,
whioh,.I am oonfidont, should wo rin, -will .work
out to the welfare of tho good people of this
It is a poculiar souroo of ploaauro
that men like you, who know rne so intimately,
aro supportino mo do loyally.
Juet a God-sond and a thank you," as
we hurry on the troin to Altoona.
A "A,i Sinooroly your frionrl,
candiducy for President point to the
indicating that he was fully conscious
a campaign contribution.
w from city lamps
Welsbach Employes M a d e
Money Selling Fuel to Ga
rages, Charge Sold It
for 14 Cents
Systematic thefts covering a period of
more than 11 jear wore revealed today
when four employes of the Welsbach
Street Lighting Company were arraigned
before Magistrate Han Is nccused of be
ing membeis of 11 group of lamplighters
that stole gasoline worth $38,000. "She
robbei les had mystified the police for more
than a year and no explanation of the
dally disappearance of tho liquid could
bo obtained until private dettctlcB were
abslgned to nn Investigation and placed
suspicion upon the employes of tho cor
poration. It Is charged that the men hnd an easy
method of distribution and that gnrage
owners nnd tuitomoblllsts throughout the
city purchased the stolen goods from tho
men. At least 25 additional arrests are
expected to follow.
It is estimated that 160.000 gallons of
gasoline were stolen. The thefts were
Increasing to such nn extent that It was
feareil the company would necessarily
Continued on Tote Two, Column To
Doorsteps Empty in West Phil
adelphia Concession Soon
Ends Dispute
More than two thousand residents of
West Philadelphia drank their coffee with
out milk or cream this morning because
9f a strike In the "wee sma' hours" of
?0 drivers emploj-ed by Kdward W. Woolr
man, milk dealer. 4709 Lancaster avenue.
The strike lasted only about two hours,
but It was long enough to bar milk from
the, breakfast tables of many homes and
upset (he dispositions of scores of usually
good-tempered housewives.
The drhers appeared for work as usual
at 2 o'clock this morning, but toon after
their arrival at the Woolman milk station
on Lancaster avenue, they decided that
they would go out unless the company
Immediately reinstated a driver who had
been laid off for 15 days for an, alleged
violation of tho rules of the company
Housewiies made many trips across
mow-covered porches after 7 o'clock, this
m6rnlng In search of milk bottles which
were not n their accustomed places.
Children who could not understand why
there wag no milk for their cereal ex
pressed their sorrow with walls and tears.
the Moons of Mars," on Page 5 of
Jamison Says:
(Coroner of Allegheny County.)
I've been in the gnmc 25 years and
have never known any one to give a
man running for office n personal
gift for spending money. I have
known about the transaction for
some time. There arc several other
matters Governor Brumbaugh will
have to throw light on, nnd wo ex
pect to keep him busy explaining.
Soptt 25, 1914.
-'-' jj;
x-. .
significant language of this letter,
of the donor's intention of making
Paris Admits Foe's Prog
ress on Front North
west of Verdun
PAIUS. April S.
German troopR are again attacking the
French positions on both sides of the
Meuso Illver In the Verdun sector.
The French War Office, in an official
communique, todaj' admitted that the Ger
mans hao made progress south of Hau
court, on the front northwest of A'erdun,
but northeast of the foitiess the attacks
of the Teutons against the slopes of Fort
Vaux were repulsed
The Haucourt lino represents the west
ern sldo of the French salient, the apex
of which is Ilethlncourt.
During the night tho Germans pressed
their assaults, driving against French posi
tions east nnd south of the vllluge. The
attacks east of Haucourt were repulsed
with erj- heavy losses, but south of the
vllloge the Kaiser's forces succeeded In
occupying two French works
The French, In the meantime, renewed
Continued on Vase Two, Column Klx
Mysterious Phone Call Sends
Policeman to Catharine St.
Home Dynamite Found
" "Somebody has put a bomb on the steps
at the horn of Joseph Locco at 911 Cath
arine street. It's liable to explode any
1 This message was telephoned by an un
identified person to Sergeant Black at the
3d and Christian streets station this
Black bounded to another phone and In
30 seconds got In touch with Policeman
Frledenberg at his police call box, at llth
and Catharine streets. Frledenberg didn't
stop even to close the door of the police
box He threw out his chest and did a
marathon to 9th and Catharine streets.
He saw a suspicious looking black object
on the steps at 911 Catharine street,
smoke was curllpg from a fuse which had
burned about six inches from the bomb.
Frledenberg Jumped on to tho fuse with
both feet and the danger was over. The
bomb contained six sticks of dynamite,
enough, the police say, to have blown Loc
co's house into atoms. Near the bomb
was found a letter of four pages written
in Italian. The letter will be translated
KARtflSBUIlG. Pn Apill S.Htujlabmg Is In 'the grip of a
seveie snowstorm totmy. Seven Inches have fallen with no sign 0!
rensntlon, This Is the heaviest April snow since 1804.
WASHINGTON, April 8. The nimy aviation corps will ho re
organized nntl tho personnel cliangsd "by addition, it not by subtrac
tion," Sccietnry Dnkei' today told the House Military Conimtttoc. Thit,
was rcgiudctl ns his rtuswer to tho xuestlon of what will result frou
thu Win Depattinent's expected Investigation luto the service
COPMKHAUtiN, April 8. Norway's Consul at Rotterdam has Informed his
Government that the Norwegian steamship Amen, recently sunk, was torpedoed
without warning hj n German nuhninrlno. His report was made after a careful
Investigation, dining which he obtained nllldavlts from tho survivors.
BERLIN, April 8. Sallor.M of belligerent countries Interned In Norway, but
unlit for service on account of 111 health, will ho permitted to return to their homes
under an agreement with tho Norwegian Government. Tho German, French,
Hrltlsh nnd Russian Governments signed the agreement.
THE HAGUE, April 8. At a meeting of tho Dutch Cabinet today It was de
cided to Introduce a bill calling up the 1917 class of recruits "If necessary in view
of tho prevailing extraoidlnnry circumstances."
BHRLIN, April 8. Tho Government has esproprlated coffee, tea nnd chicory
and appointed n commission to rrgulato their distilbutlon. The regulation applies
to persons having in their possession 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds) of unroasted
coffeo or Jlvo kilograms of tea. 1 Is announced that there is a visible supply
of coffee sufficient for about six weeks, that tho Armies' needs are covered for
four weeks, nnd thero Is enough tea for about a year.
PORT-AU-PRINCL:, Haiti, April 8. Tho American piotcctorate and tho pres
ence hore of American marines and warships prevented a revolutionary outbreak
In Port-au-Prlnco yesteiday. Leaders and members of the minority party of
tho Senate and Chamber of Deputies hold a meeting outside of the halls of Con
gress to protest against tho action of President Dartlguen.ave In dissolving, tbo
Senate and naming a Council of tho Republic. Aftor a resolution to this effect
was adopted by them they named a commlttco to call on tho American Minister,
Arthur Rallly-Blanchard, and Rear Admiral Wllllnm B. Capcrton, In command
of tho American naval forces hero, who wore asked to favor a movement for a
now presidential election. .Political factions which favor an.aott-Amcrican propa
ganda joined In tho request on tho, Anqrtcan Minister nnd Rear dmira.I'Cap&rtoa.
'""f '" "' ' ' ' "
LONDON, April 8. Tho controvcrsj between the United States nnd Great
Britain over tho seizure of Germans and Austrlans on board tho American steam
ship China Is apparently no nearer sottlcmont than when tho llrst American
request was mado for an explanation of tho action of tho commander of tho
British cruiser In removing tho men from the steamship. Discussing tho case.
Lord Robert Cecil, Minister of War Trade, said: "All tho nations maintain tho
right to tnko men from vessels on the high seas, as men aro tho most dangerous
and explosive kind of contraband. Germans nnd Austrlans seized on tho China
wero undoubtedly engaged in warlike operations against tho Entente Allies. Thoy
were conspiring against us In Shanghai and wero bound for tho noutrnl port of
Manila, where they could be expected to contlnuo their efforts to stir up trouble."
BERLIN, April 8. "Tho total sum subscribed to tho fourth German war loan
Ik 10,712,000,000 marks ($2,673,000,000)," says tho Overseas News Agoncj'. "Sub.
scriptions by persons on the firing front nnd In foreign countries are not con.
talned In this amount. Tho number of subscriptions was 5,270,646, which proves
that success was obtnlncd by a truly popular subscription in which all classes
participated. Tho number of subscriptions for 200 marks ($50) or less was nearly
two millions and a half. These small Investors subscribed 200,000,000 marks.
Five hundred nnd seventj'-four subscriptions each exceeded 1,000,000 marks and
totaled 1,812.000,000 matks In bank offices 6,000,000.000 marks wore subscribed
and in savings bnnks 2,700,000,000 marks."
BERLIN, April 8. Two prominent Bulgarian politicians, Dr. N. Ghenadleff,
former Foreign Minister, nnd M. Mnllnoff, former Premier, have been arrested
for accepting French bribes, says a Sofia dispatch to the Ovetseas News Agency.
Tho dispatch says: "The Bulgarian politician Ohenadleff has been arrested bo
cause of tho finding ot r. list of Bulgarians who wero bribed by tho former French
Minister of Justice, Cruppl, lu which Ghenadleff was mentioned as receiving
C000.OOO marks ($1,250,000) as lawyer's fees. The total sum used for corrupting
Bulgarian politicians nmountea to 18,000,000 matks ($4,500,000), Tho money was
distributed as payment for pretended corn &ale3. Ghenadleff was arrested with
M. Mallnoff and other pio-RussIans at tho request of the examining Judge after a
dinner given by tho President of tho Sobranje,"
One man was injured and seven saved themselves by climbing down n fire
escape when a $30,000 Are damaged the establishments of six firms at 1026-28
Filbert street last night. Harry Alderman, the Injured man, cut his arm whlia
breaking a window to reach a fire-escape. The World Printing Company, 4th
floor; tho Adelphla Hat Company, 5th floor, and the children's suit establishment
of Alderman, 6th floor, wero damaged by fire. The lower floors were flooded by
Positions as apprentices to expert munition workers, with attractive bonuses,
have been offered by tho Mldvalo Steel Company to pupils of the Northeast High
School. Notices to that effect have been posted In tho building and arrangements
have been mado with the school authorities to take only those pupils who are not
behind fn their studies. They are to be employed two afternoons a week. Only
a small number of pupils have accepted
Announcement of the rate schedule for the Philadelphia Electric Company
Is being delayed by a difference of opinion between Commissioner Monaghan and
Commissioner Ryan, of the. Public Service Commission, according to dispatches
from Harrlsburg, Further consideration of the schedule, which covera 50 type
written pages, has been postponed until April 18. Chairman W. D. B. Alney said
tho delay was caused to allow a thorough study ot the rates to bo made. Com
jinusloner Monaghan had charge of the
LONDON, April 8. The resignation of Lord Montagu as a member of the
Joint Naval and Military Board In control of the aerial service of Beaulieu la
announced. Lord Montagu, like the Earl of Derby, who had previously resigned,
is said tc- be dissatisfied, with the limited powers of the Aerial Service Board. It
hi said $bat both wanted the centralization and co-ordination ot the. air services
Into a blngle department. The newspapers declare the resignations have not
been accepted atyl that thero Is no confirmation of the statement made by the
Evening Standard tliat the chairmanship of the committee had been offered to
Earl Curzon.
This Issue of the
the offer.
hearings in this city,
Evening Ledger

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