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' ' ' - -' i' ii
The Wfeak and Winsome Variety to Be Super
seded by a Queer Sort Tall and ,
' I ....: .. , 1 II
v THlKt ,5U8J' l'me tno P6tmists are
TT Having predicting dire happenings
vfterlho war."
K. fcf, Wells, who la always prophesy
hjf about something: tr other; and who
curiously enough sometimes has the
j KOdd tortuno to boo his prognostications
come true, n aft article in tho LauW
Ufrtna Journal for June, which should bo
f Interest to ej-ory woman In America,
Indulges In an excess of pessimism. Hist
to what ha has to say:
."WlrtSomo, weak womanhood will bo
old bluntly by men and women alike
tlittt It is a bore. The frou frou of skirts,
tho dellcato mysteries of tho toilet will
cease to thrill any but the very young
"Beauty enthroned for love must give
way to tho tall weather-hardened woman
W'th a spear, loving her mate as her
male loves her and as sexless as a man
In all hr busy hours. ,
"There havo always been wonien who
Ranted tb sharo men's work and women
whd wanted to 'Inspire It. Tho ordinary
wopiari fluctuates between tho two turns
Bow to tho Western Ideal of citizenship
and ndw to tho Eastern of submission.
".Ondo to bo married was a. woman's
Wholo career. AH her romances ended
In marriage; all a decent man's ended
there, too.
"A marriago that does not ripen Into
u. close personal friendship between the
iwd equals will be regarded with Increas
ing deflnlteness as an unsatisfactory mar
rlago.,( It remains to bo proved that "tho frou
frou of skirts and tho delicate mysteries
of tho toilet wilt cease to thrill any but
tho very young men,"
Personally, I don't believe It. I1 think
K will take oven more than a world war
to pull down from the high nlcho In
which man has enshrined her tho weak,
Wl' ' rr.r woman, or, as she Is more gen
erally known, tho clinging vino.
Even wore Mr. Wells' article unsigned
the masculinity of Its' author would be
discernible. For Instance, no woman In
this day and ago would ovor havo writ4
ten "the delicate mysteries of the toilet
Will cease to thrill any but tho very"
young men,"
It Is to laugh, In nn era When women
without qualm or blush stop In front of
mirrors In shop windows and apply salvo
lo their tips or rougo to their cheeks;
when powder puffs and eyobrow ponclls
may bo found In virtually every woman's
hand satchel; In short, when womort carry
all their puichrttudlnous ammunition
with them, and do not hosttato to (lash
It In the open, why speak of delicate
mysteries of tho toilet?
Aiso, every woman knows that It Is
not the young man who Is susceptible
Ho Is not the ono most easily footed. It
Is tho middle aged and the old, those
Whoso Illusions concerning tho sex have
grown with the years, who aro the "easy
marks" for the woman with nothing else
to depend on for her charm but tho frou
frou of her skirts and the so-called mys
teries of her tollot.
And as for tho substitute Mr. Wells
offers us, "tho talt weather-hardened
woman with a spear," I must confess
I wouldn't give a fig for her appeal. The
tentacles of tho clinging vine aro ham
pering enough, I should say, but why a
woman with a spear? Of course, tho
eminent English author writes symbol
ically, but his choice of symbols Is cer
tainly lll-advtsod.
I agree with him that woman should
bo "sexless" In business. All honorablo
and proud women arc, scorning to obtain
favors by their sex to which their merits
do not antttlo them. But Is It necessnry
that we become human porcupines;
that wo substitute prickly bristles for
frou-froulrtg skirts In order to take our
rightful, nlbolt lorig-delaycd, places side
by side In the business world with men?
I think not.
One sentence, however, that I havo
quoted Is worthy of the most respectful
"A marrlago that docs not ripen Into
a close personal friendship between two
equals will be regarded with Increasing
deflnlteness as an unsatisfactory mar
rlago." M'LISS.
Letters) to the Editor of the Woman's Page
Address alt communication to M'LIm. cere of the Kreninc T.edser. Write on one side
of tho paper onlr.
Dr M'l.lss "Would like to know wht breed
of doe Is considered the most ntelllnent. and
which one would leern tricks the quickest and be
best for amnll act or show7 W. W. H.
Atlantla City. N. J.. June 4.
An expert tells me that a smooth-coated
fox terrier Is the best breed for trick work.
A cross-bred spaniel Is also exceedingly In
telligent, Dear M'LIss Is It ,true that mall from this
country to u neutral country Is opened by
Knuland? Tor Iratwnce. If I send a letter from
Philadelphia to Amsterdam, will It tune to co
through tho hands or the Ilrltlsh censor? Is not
this u vlolntlon of the rules of narrare? II. N.
In times of war neutral mnll should bo
Inviolate. It has not been In this war.
V'ou remember. President Wilson wrote a
note about It to Hngland, to which there has
not yet been a reply. Under these condi
tions a letter 'from this city to Holland is
likely to be tampered with.
I f .;
J w
i N
HERE is a ser'lceabIo and attractive little wash frock for the closing days of school
and for the summer, too. It features the long-waistcd effect as well as the combina
tion of materials "VVhlto galatca In used for the collar and cuffs, which aro embroid
ered In the color of tho blouse, as well as the belt and plaited skirt The blouse, which
Is smocked In white and finished with pearl buttons, comes In plain and striped effects In
several different materials. In striped madras it may bo had in green, blue, pink or
brown and white. It may bo had In arlous solid colors In poplin, chambray and ratine
chambray. In size from 10 to 11 years; price, f 3.50.
The name of tho shop whero theso articles may bo purchased will bo supplied by
me uanor or tne woman s I'age, jjvenino .uedoer, bus uncstnut street The request
must bo accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and must mention the dato
on which the nrtlcle appeared.
Women who wtsh help with their
dress problems should address all com
munications to the Fashion Expert,
care o the Editor of the Woman's
Page, Evening Ledger.
Where are the high collars of yester
year? A diligent search through the Hhops
shows them to be conspicuous by their ab
sence. Tho few really high collars that are
In vogue are cut quite V-shape In tho front
Host of the frocks of summery materials
have dainty sailor collars of mull or or
gandie, boldly turned down or frilled, or
arranged any way that Is smart. None are
tight fitting.
Mothlnks that once again Paris has pre
dicted In vain! The high collar has gone
the way of the nlpped-ln corset It Is total
ly Ignored. Even the fashionable woman
would be comfortable this year. Memories
of last summer's orgy of V-necked frocks
and airy decollctes are too painful, and one
season of choking Is sufficient
Be she old or young, scrawny or plump,
dark or light, there la a low collar to nult
every type. It may be a long-lined, rolling
shawl collar, or it may be the new "lamp
shade," which Is drawn straight across the
shoulders, back and front: pr It may be a
modest round neck of Quaker type but
there's a collar for all of us. And they're
becoming, too.
Dear Madam Would you kindly suirest
sirst cress, nearly an all
tall and dark, have gray
way to make a pal strsl dress, nearl:
I am rather stout, tall and dark.
erw 1 was thlnklnc of havlns a can collar
and cvorsette sleeves. Also tell me what colurs
I should look best In, please. The goods I
mentioned atnne Is tho new ahade of steel. A
The skirt of your frck will, of course,
present your greatest problem. Skirts are
alarmingly beruffled, be-tucked and be
tunlced this season. Their "bouffancy" also
la a. matter of grave consideration to tho
woman who Is Inclined to be stout Her
task Is to achieve a skirt which will Bee'm
to have all the fulness that faBhlon de
mands and yet make her appear slimmer
and not fatter than Bhe actually Is.
I would suggest a pointed tunic Drop
your underskirt on a lining, unless you
have enough of the steel silk to afford an
entire underskirt of It Let tho points of
your tunic fall to the top of the hem In the
front and back and do not let the slope
up th,e side be higher than 12 inches. -In
this way you will avoid a broad line over
the hips.
A straight skirt with panels back and
front and the sides dropped from a yoke
Will also suit your figure. The yoke will
save It from utter severity.
You can havo no sleeves, mora attractive
than georgette ones. Have, them set In
en an Inner lining, and not attached to the
rmholcs of your overblouse, which will
be of the silk. I believe a georgette
chemisette or vest with touches of hand em
broidery In old blue floes' silk would be
entrancing. Tiny cut-steel buckles or beads
w(U increase the expenslveness of the frock,
but will add to it greatly.
A cape collar Is smart, but be careful lest
It exaggerate your size.
AH the shades of blue will become you.
a wuui( txy exreuentr blacJr. if you
Jutva color; pink; lavender. It your skin Is
f.lear and white, jnay all oe worn with
sBB9ity, Avoid yellow, browns and. greens.
Sour Madam What kind at a hat would you
Xasiafgjsft t wear with an oyster linen euKT It
U aort of sports suit, a. Norfolk jacket I
.at ark. and would like to gc sooMUiins lirl.
lob. Any bain you can give me In thu matter
w ha pwU44, ixjwruy,
4JL Panama would look charming with a
wit such as you describe. There, are plenty
uf pretty fabric sport hats In the. shop ; you
KMttt get 'a dull blue, green or old rM one
All weddlliz- rlnra
toofcf alike, but ftHdo-
Fe wsae tta sains- We &m prove
mwitiy or our rings, i-ci ua
Im UK aad SIX
C. & Smith Sm
that would be becoming, Pongee or shan
tung silk could be made Into a pretty hat to
go with your suit, simply cover a becoming
buckram shape with the silk and put a band
of grosgrnln ribbon around tho crown.
Dear Uadam t have some rare old lace that
la very soiled. I want to use It on a cham
pairne colored ncnrcette frock. Can you ete me
directions for colorlni: tho lace ecru? Do you
think this would look prettier than white lacel
would rae to buy new laco If I uot the whlto.
I am brown-hatred and brown-eyed
I should use the ecru, especially If the
lace Is very fine. Wash your lace first, then
dip It In tea. made as If for drinking. The
stronger the tea the deeper the color will be.
Dear Madam "What color would you advise
me to choose for a dtnee frock? I am going"
to a colletre commencement, and want some,
thlnit rather nice. I tuue lleht brown hair, olue
eyes and llsht complexion I nm shorter than
the average, and medium build. I nm very
anxious to set aomethlnz that suits my colorlnx.
A. W.
You can wear almost any of the pastel
shades. The Btyle of your frock, as well as
the- color, must be carefully chosen, because
too much ovcrdrapery makes a plump per
son look stouter. But I assume from your
letter that you are going to buy your frock.
Nile or, chartreuse green, corn color, ashes
of rose, orchid, del blue, or all white will
suit you.
Quick Soup -
A "hurry-up" broth for the Invalid may
be made by dissolving a tablespoonful of
beef broth In a quart of boiling water, then
adding a hit of celery salt, and seasoning
to taste. Put Into a bowl with 4 teaspoons
fuls of boiled rice and two well -beaten eggs.
Serve ery hot. The latter Is most Important.
For Her Bridesmaids
A June bride was at a loss to choose
something novel for her bridesmaids. Her
final selection, gilt soft leather vanity
cases with flat mirrors Inside, was an In
stant success. Sprays of orange blossoms
were painted In one corner. The name of the
owner and. the date of the wedding was
neatly printed on the Inside.
I Need Not Go
I need not go
Through sleet and snow
To where I know
She waits for me;
She wl)I tarry me there
Till I find It fair
And havo time to spare
From company.
What not upbraid mo
That I delay'd me,
Nor ask what ptay'd me
So lone? Ah, no.
New cares may claim me.
New loves Inflame me,
She wilt not blame me,
fut suffer It bo.
Thomas Hardy,
Doctor Urady will nniwrr nil elened letters
pertnlnlnc to Health. If your q-ietlon Is of
-eneral Interest, It will he muttered throuxh
(hr columns: If not. It will It answered
r'erHonnll If stamped. aridrrtKcd em elope Is
m loseil. Doctor Ilrndy will not prescribe for
Individual cases or make diacnoses. Ad
dresi Dr. IWlllam llrady, cure of the
L.enms Ledxer.
YEARS ago we used to hear much of
"galloping consumption." Tho term sig
nified a very rapid course of tho diBeaso,
what doctors now call acute phthisis, or a
sort pf tubercular pneumonia an acute in
flammation of a whole lobe or lung due to
the tubercle bacillus.
There Is a form of cancer which merits
a similar title. It is called sarcoma This
kind of cancer possesses several distinguish
ing characteristics unlike ordinary cancer.
Sarcoma occurs In persons of any age,
from Infancy to advanced years. Ordinary
cancer is unusual In young persons.
Sarcoma develops acutely, whereas ord
inary cancer Is Insidious In onset. A child
or adult suffers some slight Injury, and
weeks or months later trouble begins at the
seat of Injury, swelling, pain, tenderness,
the symptoms suggesting "rheumatism" or
Inflammation or an abscess.
Galloping cancer may affect any organ
or t Hiue It frequently develops In the
long bones or arm or leg, In the jaw, in
li.o soft tissues of the abdominal wall, in
the nasal cailty.
Ordinary cancer spreads through Its
"roots" ; that, IS. It follows the lymphatic
or drainage channels of the affected area
and takes root In the lymph glands near by,
as In the arm pit In cancer of the breast,
or In the kernels under the Jaw In cancer
of the lip, face or tongue. Sarcoma Bpreads
through the blood stream. Minute cancer
cells break off from the parent canceriand
are hurlod afar through the circulation
(metastases), lodging, perhaps. In the lungs,
the brain or rlsewhero in some distant
organ. Hence, the surgical treatment of
ordinary cancer offers fair prospects If all
the neighboring lymph glands are excised
at the same time, but the surgical removal
of 'sarcoma, even at the earliest possible
time, may be futile It perchance some meta
stasis has already occurred.
There Is this favorable point, however:
While ordinary cancer has no definite
limiting wall, but shades oft imperceptibly
Into sound tissue, sarcoma Is generally
sharply defined from surrounding tissues.
So that when a sarcoma Is removed, pro
vided metastasis has riot occurred, the
Hate you seen our new
"uin. Embroideriner
Hcalloplnr. InlUallni. IluttanhollnS. I'
Novelty Embroidery Co,
patient will surely recover a large number
of the patients do recover.
But the Important idea Is to remember
that there is such n thing as galloping can
cer, that It may affect a person of any
age, that It resembles an acuto inflamma
tion or Dwelling, and that It is fatal In a
few weeks or months unless radically
treated at the very first.
Rose Wafers
These aro delicious for a summer candy
making party: Sift together 4 ounces of
powdered sugar and 8 ounces of pastry
flour. Then mix in, while beating steadily.
n pinch of salt, a quarter pound of melted
butter and tho stlllly whipped whites of
two eggs. A teanpoonful of xh extract,
scant measurement follows. Now add
enough sweet cream to form a batter that
will fall In ribbons from the mixing spoon.
Cook In buttered wafer Irons and dry care
fully In a sieve or cake rack.
Consider the Elbow
The girl who wears Bleeveless dance
frocks, or transparencies of georgette that
sene for sleeves, should do well to remem
ber that the elbow, when not properly cared
for. Is most unattractive. It would be a
good thing to make a habit of scrubbing the
elbows thoroughly with a soft nail brush
and warm water every night before retiring,
nnd then rubbing a good cold cream well
Into the elbow. This softens the skin and
makes It more pleasing to the eye,
Mending Chairs
Every day picture wire Is often useful to
mend the bottom of chairs that havo fallen
through. Lace the wire across the bottom
like a net, leaving 2-lnch wide spaces. Then
cover with a large cretonne cushion. This
treatment will prolong the life of many a
porch chair.
AH cnnnnonleatlon
lann pm
addresufd trt.Msrlon
oe n tiTiped, .
nnd a, ellrnlns ,?'
urn lntreiril. .t'ereons
rhurltahlfl work of the
II, II, tl, fhonid write Marlon llarland. m
lr If fnM.pener. .for uddreMes of the
iher v.onll like to rein. nno. nTinr sr",'."
iiem, communicate direct with thoe parties
land . ehonld
A .ntdiMU mii
arllcln In which rnn urn Inte;
wishing, lo nia In the rbarlts
II. II, -U, rnomu
Waxing Ileal Flowers
m-tttILIi you plenso tell me through the
VY Corner how to wax real Mowers?
It Is a trodo secret, I suspect, although
wo submit the query to Cornerltes, who
wiay be nble to enlighten you.
Request for Browning's Poems
"Do you think yoU could puuiisn i m
words of Ilobort Browning's poem, O, to
lie In England'? EDITH B.
We havo not room In tho Corner for
tuMiu of mnta than one or two stanwifl.
and Boldom for even that much, but wo
ore pretty certain that the lines you wish
to get will bo supplied by kindly readers
familiar with Browning. Wo register your
address In this expectation.
Songs of Fifty Years Ago
"I have lha answer to Tho QyP'iy's
Warning' and lots of other songs that were
popular DO years ago I always read your
Corner nnd enjoy It, J- "',"',.
Vnit IIMtii mtnna whflf n frrent and W1U0
door of posslbfo application your bountiful
hand Is throwing open. It half the readers
who wanted 'Tho Gypsy's Waring would
like to havo tho "reply," you will be kept
busy for weeks to come. Your proposal
is concluslvo and practical proof that our
Corner Is so fortunate ob to please you.
Copies of Poems
"I saw that Mrs. M. V. H. offered to
copy a poem which I hae tried to find for
j ears. It Is 'That Old Sweetheart of Mine.
I shall he bo tlianKtui to mo i-'" "' .
I also would like n copy of The Llttlo
ivi.ifA u.ini' nn,i 'Tim ChrlRtmns Homo-
coming,' And has any one tho words of
tho Bong. 'Just Behind the Time 7 I have a
largo collection of poems, I shall watch
tho Corner nnd maybo return tho kindness
done to m'e " A- " ,
Mrs. M. V. H. will bo true to her promise
nnd copy tho poem for you If you will send
stamped and self-directed onvclopo to us
for her use. Tho requests for other poems
aro referred to liberal-minded and free
handed members, each of whom 'Wishes to
ho written down "as ono wno iovos nw
fellow men." You know, I suppose. That
Old Sweetheart of Mine" Is by James Wht
comb Riley. If you have access to n
library containing a collection of his works
you may copy It for yourself.
Not a Beauty Column
"I am a girl of 18 ana have tried many
things to clear my complexion. My face
Is covered with pimples and It Is 'scaly.
Will you please help mo out of the trouble?
"I. R. C."
ii,r lo not n "heautv cornor." Wo have
naught to do with cosmetics, paint, powders
and hair dyes.
Write a Letter
"I nm anxious to Interview you person
ally and ask that you answer through the
paper how I may reach you in person.
"E. S."
My residence Is bo far distant from tho
city from which you write that a meeting
Ih not practicable at present Write what
you wish to say under cover to the paper
and It will be answered In due season.
Gasoline for Moths
"During the last months I haVe noticed
moths flying around my parlor nnd have
caught some of them. I do not mean to say
there are many, but now I am beginning to
find small white worms in a large tapestry
chair. Plenso tell mo what I can use to get
rid of these destroying pests They have
made a small hole In the tapestry and no
doubt will do more harm.
"MRS. F. W. M "
Is there any more effectual way of dls
posing of the pests winged and larvae
than by soaking tho chair with clear gaso
line and pouring the same Into the floor
cracks and corners all through tho room?
Sweep nnd duet woll before using the gaso
line, nnd when you have done It, shut tho
room up closely for 24 hours. No Insect life
can endure through the process. Havo no
I WristWatcKesI
i with bracelet or ribbon I
I in &od, enamel and 1
I platinum jeweled.
17 Tf) . I'
I AJ.lrequignot J
I JevJels i
I 133 1 Walnut, Street i
The two essentials for perfect summer bedrooms.
Stuffy, dingy rooms transformed into inviting, charming
dreamland,, and pretty rooms made prettier and more
luxurious. Faultless Bedding is everything its name im
plies, and our Colpnjal bedsteads, enameled old ivory
and fawn gray, impart the daintiest and most cooling
effect imaginable. You must have them to ensure a
faultless summer.
Dougherty's Faultless Bedding
Hair Mattresses, Eo Springs. Brass Beds.
J Thursday, Friday, Saturday f
I To close out last season's colors in all quali- J?
3 ties, elbow and wrist-length silk gloves, &
l Centem'erl . 1
1 Gloves !
Elbow Length (Silk)
Regular quality $1.00. ?1.25, 51.B0
anq a great many pairs of $2.00
COLOHH White, Black, Pink, lilue
lavender, Sky. Fleah. Nile. Reseda
Prop!, anTSo,ian' BrBWn' el1-
Wrist Length (Silk)
Regular qualities, 3 .75 and 51.00.
Some were 51.25.
COI.OHS White, telack. Tan Gold
Brown, Reaeda and CypeWgen.
Elbow Length, viim Lace Arras
Black Regular 12,00.
A Great Opportmity to Buy Your Gloves for the
Week End
JVa C. O. D.-No ctclinnaes-No charges,
1223 Cfestoiiit Street
nrtinclal Huhl hear while the gasoline s In
hand, and open the room In broad uay.W";
letting the air sweep freely through ft tor
hours to dispel tho odor.
To Clean Kitchen Wnlls
"Kindly adlse mo through Ihe Corner
what I may clean my kitchen walls with,
ns they are painted and hAve becomo spotted
with water nnd grease. A. u. It-
Scrub with warm soapsuds and a large
sponge. If this does not do tne worn bi.w
factorliy, add keroseno to warm water and
epongo again. Dry quickly with boH cloths.
Baking soda will take oft spots from painted
Walls, npplled with a damp cloth dipped
Into a saucer of tho powder.
Origin of "John Dull"
'Tour correspondents havo been so ready
to tell how the nickname 'Uncle Sam was
first applied to the United Stales, perhapi
they may be able to Inform us why arcat
Britain (or was It only Kngland?) got tho
name of 'John Bull.' Will you oblige me
l... ..i.i .1.. ,,-.U- T. (1. ft."
With all my heart I The Corner seconds
the Inquiry.
Wants Copy of Poem
"While attending a vaudeville at one
of our playhouses here I heard a young
man reclto a poem called "Tho Gate at the
l:nd of Things.' It was bo truo to life and
naturo that I have always wanted to get
a copy of It. Not knowing the author, I
don't quite know where or how to get It.
So I come to your Corner I
And tho Corner, being altogether Igno
rant with regard to tho desired rhymes,
comes to constltutents for aid nnd com
fort. Who wroto tho poem and who will
send In a copy for Blancho B,, who depends
upon us to And what she can secure no
where elso7
Sulphur for Bedbugs
"Will you kindly tell n good way for
getting rid of bedbugs7 Do you consider
the burning of sulphur ns effective? If so,
how do you use It? Is It necessary to re
movo wearing apparel from tho closets?
"C. H. B."
Tho sulphur treatment Is highly com
mended by on excellent authority. Ac
cording to her, a pound of flowers, of sul
phur Is put Into a metal vessel a shallow
bakepan will do. Upon this Is poured a
quart of alcohol. Tho pan Is set upon a
platform of bricks nnd a sheet of zinc laid
under tho bricks. I should havo said that
the room Is swept nnd dusted well first of
all, and the sweepings burned. You need
not remove the clothing, but tho fumes
darken metal. Then the windows are
closed and tho sulphur is Ignited. Shut the
room up closely and do not opon for five or
six hours. My authority assures me that
not a bug escapes tho effect of tho fumigat
ing. Sho add3 that It lo well to try tho
"euro" Just beforo rcpaperlng and painting
In the spring, that tho walls may get the
full benefit of it. There are dozens of other
ways (all warranted!) of clearing the
promises of the loathsome "clmcx lcctulnr
lusl" For that Is tho scientific name of
tho "beastio" we dread to mention "to ear
polite." Housewives aro invited to con
tribute sure and certain methods of exter
minating him The early summer Is the
best time for trying any or all of these.
Philadelphia County QratA
tion Hears Gratifying Reporlfl
oi x.ears work
The 32d annual convention t
Woman's Christian Temperariee Unions'
i-niiacieipma county started ieaton iSI
Brethren, 69th and Cathnrlne streets. &
Tho convention was colled to order H1
morning by tho county president, Mrt kl
Vi' Stronger, following which prayer w u4
ikkw m iue jiov( p. . uuck. The anpolfja
hient of Important committees was nextiH
tho program. Then" tho delegates were ?1
cbmed by tho president of the ShetiftJl
tftilon, the response being by Mrs. Ktwiwt
of tho Uermnntown Union. fl
Reports of tho county superintendent,
the society showed gratifying- .'
Among those who Bpoko on subjects 5.WT-1
nent to tho work of tho society . ir, H
A. Iloldon, Mrs. C. M. Knox, Mrs V uTi
ney. Miss A. 13. Wilson. Mrs ir tf :?ft
bort, Madame Layyah Barakat. Mrs. ;$ I
KcrgUson, Miss A. D. Ranch. m iSl
Shields, Mrs. M, U Stevenson, Mrs E. v:
Vnll. Mrs. Olive Pond-Amlcs, Mrs." ir tT
llauck, Mrs, J. W. Alexander, Mrs 'p
Brosettl, Mrs. J. J. Krlcko, Mrs. Marv v&
Keeping Bills Down
u vmiwiiK Hirj hub 10 consider may?
things when sho buys hor summer . 35.1
for It is not only a question of htivi... .7'1
paying for light summer dresses that IntiS
csts tho business girl, but another quMlliS'J
ns Important Is that of having It launder.? c
.. . ... ..... buuuijt noish
any business girl's pockctbook. And tWty
season's stvlcn call for wldn. frin ,....!
coats, and wide frilly skirts over them, artl
plenty of rufllcs all of which spell mnni
ironing for tho laundress and cbnsequnti
noro to pay for. ' Dark wash materials ifi'?
uesi sucn us vouch, crepes, etc., although-?
muBU lire jiuiu w fid. uuguuM oi me tcarj
Iiy Ul uyun. 41 i:uuiuj ui uam crepo U6 CnlDtA'
blouses nnd a serviceable wash silk pt'.J
tlrtnnt will ntan anvn Iflllnrlrv ViIIIb .1.
-Shiny Noses
A shiny nose Is a dreadful calamity at
any time, but tho worst shiny nose of nil
Is tho summer shine. Especially at tho
oeashoro the offondlng member takes on
a redness that is positively alarming. The
best way to treat it Is to buy a tube of
good Btlcky cold cream. Apply this to
tho nose Just after tho face has been
washed. A thick coat of powder over this
provents undue shlnlness, but een this
has to bo renewed, Will some one please
como forth with a rcclpo for an absolutely
shlnelcSs nose?
Jsirw 1318 Chestnut St
ITfcSfaofS&d Goods mt RnmntU,Prlni"
.of Knitted Jersey Cloth in
both Light and Heavyweight
No garment is quite so difficult to
tailor as tho sport BUlt For though
It must, havo a free and easy air.
about It yet It must be perfect of
fit and up to the very minute In
style. The models that we nrt
showing possess these 'characteris
tics In a marked degree, yet their
prices are
$1.00 xv $10.50
For his Week ,Only
AWomfi QuWnjrm"i SpttUl
.. f.
922 Chestnut Street
Bargains for
Wednesday Only
4000 Yards of Laces and Embroideries,
including Black Silk Laces, White and
Cream Net Top Laces, Point de Paris
Laces, Neat Embroidery Edges, Insertions
and Beadings, values up
to 50c a yard. Your fl f J
choiceat lUc a yd.
$1.00 New Voile Waists at
$2.50 Muslin Underwear, including Gowns,
Envelope Chemise and Combinations,
trimmed with beautiful Laces d I "I f
and Embroideries, special at . . ffi A JLU
$1.50 Satin Camisolesat 95c
75c Silk and Lace Boudoir Caps .... 4oC
85c a Yard, Real Irish Insertions
Real Irish Drop, like cut, value
$1.00 a doz- Oi J
en, at OUC a (lOZ.
gsj Real Irish Roses, like cut,
vame zjc a. dazen, at
15c a doz.
65c a yard White Cotton A 1 J
Nets, 72 ins, wide, at, , 4C a yCl.
25c Women' and Children's Silk
Handkerchief at . ,

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