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Four Big Sharks Believed
Yet Penned in Matawan
Kaiser Aspetta la Debacle
Austriaca Per Stendere il
Suo Impero Fino a
Boy Crushed td Death Against
yall Man Victim of Joy
Riders, the Police
' M r vffHt twn w tmlr i f wU tH &
rnpvi, ftl j hick ?ilvi Atuwr PtiHtiiyjMi&
mutrtW (a.jk t Haufta, a (am iJft milK. rmim -
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NEW TOItK. July IB. Bucking the lino
lllso a football halfback, a plant shark
plunged through the chicken wlro net that
'penned It In Matawan Creek and escaped
to tho ocean last night. Tho fish, bcllovcd
to bo tho fmmo ono that killed a man and
n. boy In a Havana raid In the creek Wed
nesday, eluded thousands of persons who
made up a shark posso and who lined tho
banks ready to club or hack It to death.
The chicken wire net was stretched across
tho narrow Matawan Creek at Keyport,
where tho creek empties Into Jtarltan liny
Fishermen thought It stout enough to repel
tho most powerful lunges of tho njan-cater.
They were wrong. Just before tho moon
was eclipsed the shark mado his dash for
No armor-piercing shell ever shot through
, an obstacle with Beomlngly greater velocity
than the shark drove his snout through tho
I net. Watchers Baw the fish as It sped away
i In tho direction of Atlantic Highlands
1 Reports from Perth Amboy were to tho
ffect that a second shark passed thero
earlier In the evening. It Is believed that
tho escaped shark Joined Ills mato and that
tho pair aro now cruising near somo part
of the Jersey shoro, ready to strike.
, Scott Hopkins, a Keyport fisherman, saw
the shark escape. Watchers say there aro
still nt least four Bharks bottled up In tho
I creek. All night they were sought for
with dynamite, shotguns and spears by de
I termlned hunters, who want to avengo W.
Stantey Fisher and Lostor Stltlwcll, tho
1 most recent victims.
Shark experts say that It Is probable that
the shark will Boek to return to Matawan
1 Creek In search of moro prey,
Tho shark menaco was, formally dls
! cussed yesterday at a Cabinet meeting In
! Washington. A revenuo cutter probably
, will bo detailed to co-operato with tho coast
cuard and nctlvo warfare ngnlnst sharks
I instituted. Meantime bathers aro warned
to keep In shallow water.
fisheries bureau helpless.
Whllo no definite plans liavo yet been
worked out. It Is likely that the rovenuo
,outter may servo as tho parent boat for
a fleet of fast motorboats to patrol tho
. coast. Bccauso of tho wldo area In which
tho sharks have appeared It Is likely that
other revenue cutters may bo detached
i to assist In tho work, provided they can
n A nnnHAil fvAm 4lt stl Aetfrte rleetlnee
mu oj(itj iiuiii .111:11 iL(,uiai uutitn,
At Atlantic Highlands, N. J a 250-
pound shark wns found enmeshed In fisher
men's nets and was killed. An examina
tion showed tho fish was not a man-eater,
, but 12 baby sharks wero found In Its
John Carlson, of Seabrlght, N. J., fought
a 10-foot shark closo to Adjacent fish
. pounds. Carlson says tho monster at
tacked his boat and for a tlmo threatened
' to capslzo tho party.
Captain Stevo Whytock. a veteran fish
erman of Kcansburg, N. J., nlso' narrated
i a thrilling experience. Embarked In a
i flimsy launch Captain Stevo put out for
his nets lato yesterday afternoon. Whllo
running at high speed tho little boat ran
squarely Into a basking shark. Shutting
off his engine, Captain Stevo gavo battlo
to his quarry, which rushed tho frail boat
once, then disappeared.
In his hurry to start tho englno again
and give chose, tho mariner let his whiskers
get caught in the mechanism nnd ho was
thrown overboard. Bill Warnlcko, nn old
boatman, rushed to Captain Stovo's as
Elstanco and fired several shots at tho dis
appearing shark. '
John Xavler Rcllly, a Perth Amboy salt,
stabbed tho shark several times with a
boat hook.
Tho Patcrson Chamber of Commerce yes
terday authorized a bounty on sharks,
ranging from $2 for a 200-pound fish to
$50 for a 600-pounder.
Robert E. Dowllng, 10-year-old son of
Robert E. Dowllng, president of tho
' City Investing Company, will attempt on
I July 29 to swim from tho Battery to Sandy
Hook and return.
The Bwlmmer will be enmeshed In a huge
j wlro basket to prevent a possible attack
by sharks. ,
STAMFORD, Conn., July 16. Sharks ap-
Jiearcd in Long Island Sound today, off Col
, endcr's Point, just east of Stamford. An
drew Carnegie, J. D. Crlmmlns, William
Zlgler and tho Renshaws have summer
. places on Collender's Point.
NEW YORK. July 15. A large school
of sharks, several of which camo close to
t the vessel, was sighted a fortnight ago by
. the British full-rigged ship Cumberland,
which has arrived from Antofagasta,
I Chill, after a 131 days' voyage. Ono fish,
. about eight feet long, was caught and
killed. Captain Barfleld said he saw one
I large shark about three days ago, and that
j never before In his long career on the
1 tea had ho seen sharks so far north. '
$3000 Fine Remitted Negro Who Plotted Abduction of
Nurse and Dug Grave for Selected Victim May
Go to Pittsburgh
Is he coming back?
Over the telephone, in homes, stores and
en the streets of Merchantvllle, N. J., this
question was being asked today when It be
came generally known that Francis Lingo,
feared by many residents of South Jersey,
would soon be free again. Many of Mer-
chantvllle's prominent citizens were children
. and youths at the time that Lingo, who Is a
I negro, was convicted of scheming to kidnap
I Kathertne V. Berry, a young nurse attached
! to tho Howard Hospital, of this city.
But Lingo is not coming back to Mer-
, chantvllle. He is going to Pittsburgh.
When he leaves his cell he will take along
I a Bible. Since Billy Sunday conducted his
, revival campaign at Trenton Lingo has
I become a convert. His reformation, ac
I cording to his statement, Is due to teach
Ires he has received from different clergy
The New Jersey Board of Pardons yes
terday remitted the $3000 fine which was
Imposed upon Lingo In 1897, when he was
-ecnler.ced to a 20-year term. His 20-year
Gtntence with good behavior expired two
years ago.
From the time that Lingo was arrested
after he had planned to kill the young
. nurja and bury her In a freshly dug grae
1 lie has been jane of the most talked of per
I eon in Merchrntvllle and throughout South
Jertey. For years petitions have be"en sent
ti the New Jersey Board of Pardpns op
posing his release.
Before his arrest on the attempted kid
napping charge he was arrested for the
Murder of a young woman. He was con
demned to die. Later he was discharged
after & new trial was granted. Later he
was arreste4 for another murder, but re
leased because evidence against him wasn't
strong. For a .while he was exhibited
In a museum in this city after bis re-
The release of Lingo has stirred up the
residents of Merchantvllle. Several of them
said it was an outrage to let Lingo out
of prison. Hopes were expressed by many
persons In the town that ha would ner
eiiow his face again in Jhat community.
Policemen wore plnccd on guard outside the homo of Elora Fogcl. 3 yenrs
today, when it was found she wns suffering from anterior poliomyelitis, which
Philadelphia Left Out of Navy
Bill Through Error, Says
Senator Gets Yard Back
In Items
' WASHINGTON, Juty IB. Without de
bate, tho Senate has restored tho Phila
delphia Navy Yard as ono of tho four Gov
ernment yards on, which $6,000,000 Is to bo
expended . for equipment for battleship
Senator Penrose explained that tho Phila
delphia yard was eliminated from tho
IIouso bill by a "typographical error," and
no objection was mado to Its restoration.
At tho samo tlmo Senator Pcnroso had tho
ball amended to Include Philadelphia
as ono of tho ports which should bo
Investigated by tho army nnd navy officials
ond Improvements mado which would pro
vide adquato facilities for operation of tho
This was tho first appearance of Senator
Penroso In tho Senate In nearly two months.
Ho quickly ncted upon tho protests of work
men of I-caguo Island and tho Philadelphia
Chamber of Commerce nnd had both amend
ments made. This action places Philadel
phia on an equality with other ports.
Boforotho Senate reached that section
of tho bill Senator Penrose found tho rea
son for tho elimination of Philadelphia iu
a "typographical error." Ho said:
"Since returning to Washington, I have
conferred with Senator Henry Cabot Lodge,
of Massachusetts, and ho Informs mo that
there was no Intention to drop Philadel
phia. Tho newspapers took It up and mada
a good hullabaloo over It, saying that Phila
delphia had been elimInatcd"becauso I was
not here to attend meetings of the Naval
Affairs Committee when the bill was being
framed. There Is nothing to that."
Senator Edwin II. Vare, when told last
night of Senator Penrose's explanation of
the manner in which tho Philadelphia Navy
Yard was excluded from the shipbuilding
bill, declared sarcastically:
"I don't seo where the 'typographical
error" came In. That does pot correspond
with what Senator Polndexter said when
wo learned tho navy yard hero had not
been Included with the other ones. Ho
said that It was through his being on the
job that Puget Sound was included In the
list, and he said if there had been a rep
resentative of the Philadelphia Navy Yard
there at .tho time tho Senate committee
considered tho bill It , would havo been in
cluded with tho others." t
Mrs. Arnold II. Moses, wife of Council,
man Arnold II. Moses, of Merchantvllle
remembers Lingo. , She was 16 years old
when Lingo used to collect garbage from
qer father's home,
"I remember Lingo well," said Mrs, Moses
today, "he used to come to my parents'
home every day to collect the garbage. At
that time he used to Jimp on his right
foot. He never spoke much. Often he came
for the garbage without saying a word or
greeting any -person. I think Lingo should
not ba released. He Is better off in Drison
We all hope that he will never return toInU
Councilman Jtosea w;.s among those who
,??"ea 'J18 Pettlo to keep Lingo in prison.
H'""" "'?"e. ot lna Petition were Mavor
w. jr. iicAiiister, of Merchantvllle ; Coun-
cllmen Perry L. Smith and W. W, Ilalg.
Chief of Police William LInderman, of
Merchantvllle, who arrested Lingo de
nounced his release, n was Llnderman's
evidence and detective work on the kid
napping charge which helped to convict
"I don't want to criticise the New Jer.
sey. Board of Pardons," said Chief Llnder
nan, "but I havo always been opposed to
releasing Lingo. He should be where he
can be watched. I hope the news is true
that he has reformed and" become a re
ligious convert. Is Lingo facing harm if
he comes back here?
"Of course, if he comes io Merchantvllle
to live hewlll be under my protection the
same as any other resident. If he come3
here he will be. under constant surveillance
owing t9 his past record."
Lingo is 69 years old. He has been in
the paint shop of tha Trenton prison most
of the time. A few weeks ago he was made
a runner in the prison. His duties were to
deliver messages from the warden's of3ce.
During his time In prison not a single mark
was placed against htm. Keepers speak
of bU conduct as being that of a model
prisoner. '
Uy fUf oi - j
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tk AetieTAfereilfawnM Mw H. 1
(. tf (4 W fti iWl V )
. .
Cnnllnnpil from I'no Ono
Doctor Gltteni said ho was convinced that
the dlscnso which had fastened upon Kllor.a
would not proo fatal, although ho wns not
willing to predict what tho nftcr-rcsults
might be.
"This W not the same typo ns tho Now
York cases," ho said. "Ellora has paralysis
In both legs, but It will not causo death,
In my opinion."
Dr. A. A. Cairns, chief modlc.il Inspector
of tho Bureau of Health, arrived at tho
Foglo homo this morning nnd cava orders
that tho quarantlno should bo strictly
Mr. Foglo doesn't bellovn Illlora Is a suf
ferer from Infantllo paralysis. Ho said
ho was thoroughly In accord with the ac
tion of tho health department In establish
lnft a quarnntlno ns n precautionary meas
ure. Nolghbors told newspaper men that four
weeks ago Mr. Foglo had obtained a posi
tion with a Now York firm, nnd thoy feared
ho had brought tho germ of paralysis with
him on ono of his trips to Philadelphia.
Affer ho ntttnlnod tho nosltlnn tho f.imllv!
prepared to movo to Now York. All tho
goods wero packed, when Mrs; Foglo sud
denly changed her mind, saying they had
no relatives In Now York, nnd would bo
alone there If Illness, particularly Infantllo
paralysis, should develop in tho family. EI
lora Is tho only child.
Woman Suffragists of State to Aid in
Fight on Disease
IIARRISBURG, July 15. Flvo new cases
of infantllo paralysis havo been reported
to tho Stato Health Department. Tho re
ports camo from Morris Itun. Tioga County ;
Exeter, Luzerno County ; Old Forge, Lack.i.
wanna County; Patton, Cambria County,
and MIdvalc, Franklin County.
Tho Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Asso
ciation has decided to placo at tho disposal
of tho Stato, city nnd borough boards of
Health Its entiro organization of women,
or any part of It needed to assist the
proper officials in stamping out Infantllo
paralysis. The nctlon was taken In response
to a call issued by Mrs. Carrio Chapman
Catt, chairman of the national organization.
Hightstown Board of Health Will Bar
New York Youths Under 10
TRENTON. N. J., July IS. Infantllo
paralysis claimed another victim when
Ada Smith, tho 12-year-old daughter
of Mr. nnd Mrs. Amos Smith, of Stockton,
N. J., died after an Illness of only a few
Tho, Hightstown Board of Health has
announced that beginning Monday next
all persons 10 years old and under, from
Manhattan, Brooklyn and other sections of
Now York, would bo prohibited from enter
ing the borough.
When 20 new cases were reported to the
State Department of Health yesterday,
tho total for the Stato reuched 130. Newark
led the list, with 16 new cases. One each
was reported from Ilackcnsack, Irvlngton,
West New York and Rockaway township.
Stout-Bodied Musical Instrument Dis
appears Through Thin Window
The police are looking1 for a mysterious
bass drum. It Is about four feot two Inches
tall, rather stout and of mottled complexion.
Its skin Is also somewhat chafed. It bis a
dark wooden body and weighs nbout 15
This drum was very efflolent in Its work
and said to bo hard to beat in this connec
tion. Despite the fact that It can make a
noise. It was stolen from the bailment of
tho Hooper M. E. Church. And the beater
also "beat It." Likewise tho thief- who
pounced upon It unawares.
The drum belonged to tho 31th Ward Stone
men's Band and was to havo appeared In
the parade prior to tho outing of Stonemen
today at Belmont Plateau.
As tho bass drum was fat and the win
dow which through It was taken is thin,
the police wonder how the thief got away
with tho Job.
Special Policeman Seal, of the Gist and
Thompson streets station, Is trying to solve
the myBtery. Tho drum was on his beat.
Negress Dies of Hurts Received When
Willow Grove Car Ran Wild
Week Ago
The first death resulting from the trol
ley accident that occurred on Old York road
below 'Centra street ona week ago yester
day when tha brakes on a crowded car
bound for Willow Grova broke and it
crashed into a work car occurred last night.
Stella Harvey, a negress, 87 years old, of
1223 Parrish street, a passenger, died at the
Jewish Hospital from injuries she suffered
in the accident.
There were 23 persons injured, and bIx
still remain at the Jewish Hpspltal.
Market Street Store Sold
The three-story store and dwelling 5935
Market street, lot 18 feet $ Inches by $0
feet, has been sold by Florence L. Glad
ing to Louis A- Shalet for J16.500. The
assse4 valuation is 13,500 The pur
chaser has given to J B HuUtead a mort
gage of 119.000 on the property.
ffi 01ttwV iitivtt&mmKt.
" ' w live t
J. ..
lly lA'dsor Photo Tntrol.
old, nt 2205 North Lnmbcrt street,
is the scientific name for infantile
Rainstorms and Sand Showers
Alternate in Camp Troopers
Check Up Personal
DOUGLAS, Ariz., July 11. To ns great
nn extent ns posslblo tho Now Jersey sold
iers stayed under tho bheltor of their tents
today. Without cessation tho rain foil In
torrents all day long and unless thero wero
duties that had to bo attended to fow of
tho Jorsey guardsmen ventured out In tho
wot dlsagreeablo walking In tho best
drained sections of tho ennip nnd In tho
Imperfectly ditched parts tho men wore
compolled to wndo through a verltnblo
sea of solf, oozy mud. Tho Men heat with
Its accompanying showers of dust nnd sand,
or tho rainy henson with Its periodical
showers nnd steady rains with the most
dlsagreeablo wolklng they havo over ex
perienced. Tho horses had to bo cared for and other
routlno duties nnd tho unit commanders
mndo every effort to keep tho men dry and
sheltered, knowing tho dangers of pneu
monia in this section nt high nltitudcs.
In many of tho outfits tho day was spent
In checking up personal equipment. Tho
carolessness of tho enlisted men In leaving
their bolonglngs laying around and conse
quently losing them Is a sourco of con
stant worrlmentt to tho commanders who
nro personally charged with tho cquip
cnt. Visits to tho border nro becoming a fad
with tho guardsmen nnd parties of them go
from the camp to tho International lino to
look things over. They havo to watch their
steps very closely to keep .from getting over
Into Mexico, bccauso thobouiidary lino Is
unmarked except at long Intervals, and It
Is very ensy to step ncross tho Imaginary
boundary Into Sonora.
Tho demobilization of tho Federal forces
hero under Ocneral P. Bliss Cnlles tho
commander of Sonora State, Is being fol
lowed by tho return of hundreds of refugees
who fled from Mexico into this country at
tho tlmo n break seemed Imminent. In
Douglas nlone thero nro approximately 300
such refugees, and the first of these left
hero today for their homes and business
places as far as 200 miles In tha Interior of
. Coneral Calles Is discharging tho volun
teers who had swelled his army, told them
that he wanted them to return to their
homo3 and their farms and turn their
thoughts to peace and tho provision of their
General Calles' nctlon was followed al
most Immediately by tho reopening of the
customs houses along tho border of Sonora
and Arizona, by the resumption of railroad
tralllo and by tho return of refugees Into
Mexico. General Calles promised protection
for all foreigners and their property.
Tho announcement of the demobilization
of troops and tho guarantees mado by Gen
eral Calles for the safety of tho foreigners
and their property Is of vast significance
to tho copper mining Interests who were
compelled to shut down pending tho settle
ment of the International complications.
Most of tha leading copper miners of Mex
ico, or that section in tho Btato of Sonora,
fled with the other Americans, shutting
down all works. Trtey are going back now
In largo numbers.
Camden Prosecutor Warns That Bath
ers Must Be Decorous
As the result of comment on bathers at
Pllltng's Lake, Clementon, N. J., where
young women havo been disporting them
selves In eoant attire, Prosecutor Kraft hai
sent county detectives to tho proprietors of
the place to notify them that such cos
tumes wero not conducive to the morals of
the young.
If the costumes do not become more de
corous, prosecutions will result.
Texas Infantry Exchanges Shots With
Armed Force Near Donna
SAN ANTONIO, July 15. To Company C,
2d Texas Infantry, came the distinction to
day of being tha first of tha National Guard
to exchange shotB with Mexicans, when
they prevented a raiding party from cross
ing the Rio Grange near Donna, Texas.
Six armed Mexicans, attempting to enter
American territory at 3 o'clock in the
morning, were detected by outposts. They
were ordered to halt, but continued ad
vancing. The Texans opened Are. The
flro was returned, but discontinued after a
minute, the Mexicans hurrying back to
their own country.
None of tho Americans was Injured, and
it is believed none of tha Mexicans was
Gasoline Explosion Damages Boat
Tha motorboat John M- was badly dam.
aged by fire last night, when gasoline
vapor became ignited by tha (lama of an
oil lamp and exploded. Edward Schofleld.
338 Gates street, and William Wylle, 217
Rector street, owners of tha boat, wera
making repairs to tha engine as it was
tied to tha dock opposite Carson street
in the canal at Manayunk Tho men leaped
ashore whan tha explosion occurred Ijire
men extinguished the names.
ROMA, 16 Lugllo.
La nottzla secondo cul 1'Austrla avrobbe
fatto a starebbo per fare passl verso
la pace separata h.i uestato qui vlvlsslmo
naturalo lntercsse. Innanzl tutto corrc
voce cho It conto Andrassy, leader dell'op
poslzlono net Pnrlamento unghoreoe, sara"
nomlnato mlnlstro degll Aftnrl Hsterl at
posto del barone Burlan, che darebbo lc suo
dlmhwlonl. 11 conte Andrnssy qualche tem
po fa si reco' In Svlzzcra o tento' Inutll
mento dl dlscutcro le condlzlpnl dl pneo con
la Franca.
Pol si sa che In Gcrmanl.i si Bono letto
vivc recrlminazioni per II fatto cho l'AUs
trl.a non c' rlusclta a fcrm.iro l'offcnslva
del russl, o lo recrlminazioni sono stato o
Fono contlnuo speclatmcnte nella Frank
furter Zeitung. Questo fatto gla' dispone
auntrlncl cd unghorcsl, ma speelalmente
ungheresl, a stnrcarsl dalla Germanla so
lo potranno. Ma nel pacsl alleatl si
rleltno nncho la Oermanla, conscla dclla
debaelo austriaca, mlrl ad approtlttaro dello
smembramento dcll'lmpero nlleato, nel
quale maglarl ed nustrtacl non rlcscono
nncora a mctterst d'necordo.
In nltro parole, parto del'lmpero dl
Francesco Giuseppe, o prcclsatnento la parte
tedesca, sarebbo nnnessa nll'lmpcro gcr
ntnnleo; ma naturalmento la Germanla ml
rorebbo ad nvero ancho II suo sbocco sul
1'Adrlatlco, do. cho l'ltallanon potrebbo per
mettcrc. Ad ognl modo l'lrrltnzlone tedesca
per l'Austrln o' dlvenutn tale cho la Frank
furter Zoltung, occupandosl del comunlcatl
udlclall nustriacl, scrlvo:
"Lo Stato Maggloro austrlaco ha perfet
tnmenlo II dlrltto dl nhbandonaro poslzlonl
sfavorovoll, ma allora, pcrcho' csso nnun
cla contlnunmente vlttorlo o pcrcho da' nl
pubbllco illusion! cho o' costrctto pol a rltl
rare?" Ncllo capltall allcato si rltleno Imml
nente o a brovo scadenza l'ollmlnnzlone.
dell'Austrln dnl cnmpl dl battaglla, cllml
nazlono cho sarebbo dovuta In pnrto a
questa nrroganza cho 1 tedeschl delln Ger
mnnla h.inno nssunto verso I loro alleatl. A
questo proposlto 11 Corrlcro della Sera dl
Mll.ino scrlvo:
"Quel glornall tedeschl cho si sono ns
sunto II complto dl essero nrrogantl verso I
loro alleatl d'Austrla non sono nffatto glor
nall dl poca Importanza. Sono Inveco or
ga.nl Influentl o fanno rlsaltaro 11 fatto cho
gll austrlacl sono statl scanflttl da per tutto
mentrc 1 tedeschl oppogono una vallda ro
slstonza nl loro ncmlcl.
Gli Inglesi Conquistano Trincee
Tedesche di Seconda Linea ed
Avanzano per un Miglio
Vn comunlcato ufllclnlo austrlaco annun
cla cho un cncclatorpedlnlero Italiano del
tlpo Indomlto fu nffondnto lunedl' scorso
da un sottomarlno austrlaco. II comunlcato
non dice dove si svolso l'attacco.
Gll Ingles! hanno ottonuto un brillanto
bucccsso lcri sulla fronto dl Bapaume, dovo
hanno stondato lo secondo llnee dello
trlncco tedescho o dovo sono rlmastl sul
tcrreno conqulstato nouostanto t tcntativl
del ncmlco dl rlprcnderlo. Dlspacci dalla
fronto dicono cho lo poslzlonl tedescho
furono conqulstato lerl con maggloro
faclllta' cho non lo fossero stnto quollo
pieso nel glornl scorsl. E nlcunl corri
spondcntl tedeschl cho sono su quella fronto
dicono che gll inglesi hanno una colossale
suporlorlta' numorlcn sullo forzo del kaiser
o lanclnno illvlsinno dopo divislono con vlo
Icnza Incredibllp. La bnttaglla contlnua
con grnnde nccanimento, ma I tedeschl non
possnuo fare oltro eho reslstere flno a cho
pnssono nll'urto formldabllo degll Inglesi.
Quest! hanno avanzato per oltro un mlglio.
Dartmouth Graduate Slain by
k Policeman Each Thought
' Other Was Thief
CHICAGO, July 15. A tragedy of blun
ders was responsible today for the death
of T. Palmer Miller, Dartmouth graduate
and successful young Chicago business
man. Miller wbb shot and beaten to death
lata last night at tha home of his sweet
heart, Miss raultna Kdgortyn, In Austin,
by Detective Sergeant James Garry, who
mistook him for a burglar.
Miss Edgerton's father heard a burglar
upstairs. Calling tho police, he sent Miller
to the back of tho houso while he remained
In front. The sergeant was In plain clothes
and Miller evidently mistook him for the
burglar. Tha officer mada the same mis
take nnd, in tha scuttle that followed, he
shot Miller through tha heart.
Miller was graduated from Dartmouth In
1010 and took a prominent part In collego
affairs there.
West Philadelphians Say German Gassing Is Nothing to
Their Agonies on Turning on the
Faucet Won't Last
When water flowed from the faucets in
West Philadelphia homes today members of
the family who had been out of town lately
wanted to know whero the odor came from.
Others asked whether the Water Bureau had
ordered thorn gassed, There was a smell
about the water suggestive of chlorine and
other things. .Investigation revealed that
the principal causo of tha odor was chlorine.
Today was the eighth slnca West Phila
delphians first noticed that they should ap
proach an open faucet only when they had
severe colds, or were used to woi king around
pies They have been treated each day to
the 'unusual experelnca of drawing water
that looked as though It just cama up in tha
old oaken bucket, but smelied like an aban
doned fish house.
The trouble is due to a heavy, deposit of
hydrochtorlQ acid along the sides and on
tha bottom of tha George's Hill reservoir,
which supplies most of West Philadelphia,
This was tha explanation made today by the
Water Bureau. A recent loak in tha res.
arvols led to tha order to run off all the
water. After the leak was repaired quan-
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Vico president of tho Chalmers
Motor Company, killed by fall
from window in Baltimore hotel.
Vice President Paul Smith, of
Chalmers Company, Suicide on
Account of 111 Health
NEW YORK, July 15. Paul Smith, vice
president and general sales manager of tho
Chalmers Motor Company, of Detroit, killed
himself today by Jumping from tho tenth
floor of tho Hotel Biltmoro, whero ho wns
n guest
A few minutes before Smith had talked
to tho Now York manager of tho company
over the telephone.
Several persons saw Smith polso on the
window ledgo before ho took tho Jump. Ills
body struck on tho 4 1th strcot sldo of tho
hotel and wns crushed Into nn almost un
rccognlznhlo mass.
Navy Militia on Way to Philadelphia
DULUTH, Minn., July IE. Minnesota's
naval militiamen, numbering 211 men, en
trained lmro for Philadelphia, whero they
will begin a 10 days' crulso along tho At
lantic const with tho Atlantic reserve fleet.
Commemoration of Our Lady of
Mt. Carmel Big Event in
Italian Colony
A celebration has been arranged by tho
parishioners of St. Donato's Church, 05th
and Callowhllt streets. In commemoration of
the Feast of Our Lady oftMount Carmel.
Tho exercises began this afternoon with
sports which took place In tho streets of tho
parish from Vino street to Glrard nvenuo
and from Gross to C5th street. A greasy polo
climbing contest will concludo tho athletic
portion of tho program.
Following servlco tonight there will bo a
band concert nnd an address by Kdward A.
Kelly. At 11 o'clock thero will bo a fire
works display at fiGth and Callowhlll streets
under tho direction of Felix Glrono, of Vine
lnnd. N. J.
High Mass will bo celebrated tomorrow
morning nt 10 o'clock, after which thero will
bo a picturesquo procession led by the girls
of the parish. Tho statue of Our Lady of
Mount Carmel will bo carried by six men,
who wero elected for this honor.
Tho neighborhood In which tho celebra
tion Is taking plnco Is known ns tho West
Philadelphia Italian colony. Tho cntlro sec
tion has a holiday appearance.
Laundry Employes Watch Calmly as
Firemen Fight Blaze
Fifty girls, employed In the Troy Steam
Laundry, Juniper and Arch streets, watched
firemen extinguish a slight blaze today
from the second and third floors of the
establishment. Tho flro Is believed to have
been caused by a defect In one of the steam
When tho alarm was sounded none of
tho young women became excited. There
was no need for a flro drill, nnd tho em
ployes calmly looked on as the firemen
worked ngalnst the flames. The loss was
trifling. Tho alarm brought out npparatU3
from all parts of the city's central district,
and hundreds of pedestrians In the neigh
borhood at the tlmo wero attracted to the
sceno of tho blaze. The crowd became so
great that tho police found It necessary to
clear tho streets.
Family Away, Homo Burned Out
The second floor of tha homo of Harry
Feldman, a pnperhanger, at 510 Fernon
street, was destroyed by flro at 8 o'clock
this morning. The flames were discovered
by Harry Hendricks, proprietor of nn Ice
cream store at 5th and Fernon streets,
who called tha fire department. The Feld
man family was away from home, visiting
In tha country. The loss was estimated at
titles of hydrochloride were put In the
reservoir to disinfect It and aid purifica
tion. It was the remnants of the chloride
that bothered water users. There will be an
Improvement soon, Chief Davis promises.
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Hours 9 to 0 dally; Sat, 9 to 4.
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6ulu 43U. 1111 phon Walnut !.
L, D, Berger Co., 59 N- 2d St
Bed, Uarktt Ht Xryatoae. ioln (St
Three persona, two of whom were
pedestrians, were killed by automobiles
within tho last 24 hours, bringing to 67
tho total number of deaths In motorcar
and truck accidents In the streets since .Tan
unry 1, Another man died yesterday from
Injuries he received when he was run down
several weeks nro, and several other pef
sons were Injured in automobile accidents.
James Gllmorc, 9 years old, of 3429 North
Orlanna street, was crushed to death against
n brick wall at 2d and Tioga streets when
a motortruck ran up on the pavement
William Potter, East Hush street, the
driver, was arrested and held io await
the nctlon of tho coroner.
Kdwnrd McKcnnedy, 36 years old, of 2028
Seybert street, died In St. Joseph's Hospi
tal after ho had been picked up unconscious
nt lGth nnd 1'arrlsh streets. The police
think ho was the victim of Joy riders.
Frank J. Kennedy, 77 years old, of 2027
Green street, died nt his homo from injuries
received when ho wns run down by an abto
mobile at Broad and Mount Vernon streets
on May G.
Michael Callaran, 29 years old, of 139
South 24th streeet, was killed when ho was
thrown from a heavily loaded motortruck
which not beyond tho control of tho driver,
I'eter Cnllor, In Washington .lane. Caltor
was only slightly Injured.
Slephon Tnggart, 70 years old, was
struck by a taxlcab at 8th and Walnut
streets jesterday and seriously injured.
Tho taxi sped awny. Tnggart was taken
to Jefferson Hospital, whero it was found
his left thigh Is fractured.
Lord's Day Alliance Not in
Prosecuting Business, Says
Rev. T. T. Mutchler
O. W. Walt, president of the Lord's Day
Alllnnce, and tho Bov. T. T. Mutchler, the
secretary, will cqnfcr this afternoon re
garding what steps shall bo taken, if any,
to "punish" the Rev. David M. Steele for
permitting Sunday ball playing at the farm
'conducted by tho Episcopal Church of St
I,uko nnd tho Epiphany at Springfield, Del
nwaro County.
Doctor Mutchler said this morning that
It wns unlikely nny Btop leading to Mr.
Steele's arrest would bo taken directly by
tho society or Its representatives, even after
tho facts nro presented to tho executive
hoard; that this matter must bo attended
to by tho county public officers. No officer
of tho alliance has nny Intention, he said,
of going to Springfield to find out if the
"bluo laws" aro being violated,
"I thought Mr. Steele was a Christian
gentleman," he nsscrted, "and would act
according to tho law when it wns simply
called to his attention. Christian gentle
men always respect the law. I have done
this thing In hundreds of other cases sent
letters to ministers calling their attention to
violations of tho law and was thanked most
heartily for tho efforts I put forth. But
Mr. Steele must run right away to the
nowspapers and get some publicity for hla
Doctor Mutchler said the Lord's Day
Alliance was not In tho "prosecuting busi
ness," that It simply investigated and placed
its facts before tho proper authorities,
"upon whom the responsibility for proper
action rested."
Dr. Krusen and Prominent Physicians
Sign Up for Possible War
Philadelphia physicians and surgeons are
being enrolled for emergency service with
tho Itcd Cross by a committee composed of
members of tho medical societies of the
city and county. Dr. John D. McLean is
chairman of tho committee, the other mem
hero bolng Dr. "William S. Wray. Director
Krusen, of the Department of Health and
Charities: Dr. Alfred Stengel and Dr.
Charles S. Turnbull.
The plan Is to have lists made pf men
nnd women physlclnns and surgeons who
nre willing to respond to the call ot the
Red Cross In time of disaster or war. The
physicians willing to serve will be divided
Into three classes for emergency work at
home, for services when called upon In any
part of the nation and for service in nny
part of the world to which they may be
sent by the Red Cross authorities.
The response to the call has so far not
been entirely satisfactory to those in charge,
and a strenuous campaign Is planned to
increase membership and Interest In the
work, which in this city is in charge of
the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of
the American Red Cross Society,
Heat Alleged Cause of Suicide
TORIC, Pn,, July 16. Abraham Dlffen
derfer, of Marsh Run, this county, was
driven to suicide, it Is said, by the ex
cessivo heat of tho last week. He was 75
years old. His body was found last night
hanging from a tree In a woods near his
home. He was a Civil War veteran.
"Come Oat of the Kitchen"
One family dinner In our
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