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Not a Single Follower
Governor and Vares
on Committee
Senator Humes, From Wnshintr
ton, for War Board Ses
sion at Shore
Tho Penrose forces iln not Intend to Rlvn
nny of tlio patronnso nf the LrBlslaturo tn
the Vnre-HrumhauBh-MaKee faction. Thin
"ih tdiown this uftcrnooli when tlio "Hlnto"
t'ommilteo of tho Itotunv which lino the ill
trlhutlon of thn moro than l-'S Jobs In tho
House at ltn disposal, wna announced.
Not a single follower of the Oovcrnor or
tho Vares haw been placed on tho commit
tee. Tho committee, which In composed of
one llepreuentntlva from each of the thirty
two congressional districts In tho Stat". Is
iimtlo up entirely of Penrose followers. With
olio exception they all voted for Mellaril
J Haldvvln for h'pcalicr. The exception li
Aaron . Hess, of Lancaster I'ounty. who
declined to vote, but who has since thrown
his support to the nntl-HrnmtiauKh force
Tho commlttco was announced Just boforo
Chairman Woodward left with tho other
mcinlicra or the Penroso "war board." which
will hold Its first conference In Atlantic
City Into this afterimon or tonight.
piixutisi: mrtniKs to kiwjnt
Senator Penrose, who will preside at the
deliberations of the "war board," left Wash
ington nt noon, and Is hurrying on his way
to tho shore, bast night and today, poli
ticians from nil parts of tho Rtnto locked
to Philadelphia bound for Atlantic City,
to nbscrvo tho deliberations of tho "war
board" at close range.
Tho conference Is considered to bo tho
most Important political confab hold on tho
subject of Pennsylvania politics In fifteen
Whether hnpeachmont proceedings will
be brought against ilovcrnnr Hrtunbaugli.
nd the exact extent to which tho In
vestigation of tho Governor nnd of the
Statu Administration on tho clmrges of
b-lbcrv, perjury malfeasance In otllce, co
ercion, intimidation and maladministration
will go, Will bo settled by tho conferees.
Tho meeting of the "wnr board" was
called to discuss tlio Penroso plans for tho
future against the opposing faction of tho
Republican Organization, legislation nnd
patronage. Tho committees of both
branches nlsn will bo made up during tho
conferences, but they will not bo announced
until the Legislature reconvenes on the
night of Monday. January 22.
Tho slato committee, which will hand
out the $5, $B and $7-n-dny Jobs in tlio
Legislature Includes tho six Philadelphia
members announced yesterday. A Penrose
McNIchol member wns appointed oven In
Congressman William 8. Vnre's own con
gressional district. Tlio commlttco and thn
congressional districts they represent fol.
low :
First Daniel J. Ncary, SevonUi 'Ward.
Second Jefferson W. Smith, Thirteenth
Third Joseph It. McArdle, Sixteenth
Fourth Slgmund J. Cans, Thirty-eighth
Fifth Samuel J. Perry. Twenty-fifth
Sixth Theodore Cnmpboll. Thirty-fourth
Seventh Samuel A. Whltnlior, Chester.
Klghth Jnmcs S. Iloyd. Montgomery.
Ninth Aaron B. TIes3. Lancaster.
Tenth William W. Jones, Lackawanna.
Klovcnth riavid W. Thomas. Luzerne.
Twelfth Curys M. Palmer, Schuylkill.
Thirteenth (Jeorgo J. A. Mlllor, Lehigh.
Fourteenth W. Worth Jennings, Brad
ford. Fifteenth Henry T, Albee. Potter.
Sixteenth William W. Uobortson, North
umberland. Seventeenth James W. Sampsel, Snyder.
eighteenth Joshua W. Svvnrtz, Dauphin.
Nineteenth James li ltlnlnger, Ulalr.
Twentieth Uobert 8. Spangler, York.
Twenty-first Hnrry D. Scott, Center.
Twenty-second Victor B. Ilouton. West
moreland. Twenty-third Duncan Sinclair, Fayetto.
Twenty-fourth OeorEo Plummer Baker,
Twenty-fifth Juno H. Bovee, Krle.
Twenty-sixth Harry Zanders, carbon.
Twenty-seventh Miles A. Milllron, Arm
strong. Twenty-eighth Daniel U. Goodwin, V.
Twenty-ninth Edward 31. Hough, Alle
gheny. Thirtieth James F. Woodward, Alle
gheny. Thirty-first William J. McCaig, Alle
gheny. Thirty-second William c. Wagner, Alle
gheny. MEMnnns of wah jioaiid
The members of the "war board" who will
confer nt the shore nre State Senator James
P. MoNlchol. Philadelphia ; State Senator
KdvvarU P. Ueidleman. Dauphin, president
pro tcm. of tho Senate ; Speaker Baldwin.
Delaware; State Senator William C. Sproul.
Delaware, chairman of tho Senate Slato
Committee; Representative James F. Wood
ward, Allegheny, chairman of the House
Slate Committee; Auditor (ieneral-clect
Charles A. Snyder, Schuylkill; State Sen
utor T. Larry Gyre, Chester; W. Harry
Baker, secretary of the Itepublican Statu
Committee, and William 8. Men. Schuylkill.
Senator Penrose, of course, is also a mem
ber of the board.
Delegations of politicians from Philadel
phia and Allegheny Counties went tn the
thore tlds Afternoon to watelt proceedings.
They Included the Philadelphia members of
the House slate committee and Cnroner
Samuel C Jamiaon und Max (i. Leslie, of
Pittsburgh. 31ayor Armstrong, of Pitts
burgh, Is expected before tho conference
ends the last of tho week
Others who went to Atlantic City Include
Congressman Rowland, of Clearfield ; Rep
resentative McCalg. of Allegheny ; William
C Gallagher, of Wilkes-Barre ; Thomas 11.
Garvin, chief clerk of the House, anil
Harmon 31. Kephart, Stale Treasurer-elect.
Three Men Accused of Violating Drug
Act Committed for Court
A Chinese. Mark Ylck. ami two negroes,
Charles Rollins and Walter Harris, were
held under ball for court by United States
Commissioner Long today in the Federal
Building, charged with clolatlng the drug
Ylck, who was found In the basement
of ? 19 Race street. last night, was the
canter, detectives say, of an opium lay-out
and seemed to b under the Influence of
the drug. He was held under $500 bail.
Rollins, 1115 Balnbrhlge street, was ar
rested on Ninth above Area street yes
terday with opium In his possession and
was held under 1000 bail, while Harris,
Kater street, near Twelfth, had what police
believe to be heroin In his pocket when he
was arrested last week and was held under
J1000 ball The arrests were made by
Ottlcera Hicks and Pachelll, acting under the
direction of Col, William dray Beach.
Class of Girls Adopts Baby
APPLBTON, Wis.. Jan. 1.0 Wishing to
have a Uvo subjeet to vfottt with, girl
students of the, domestic science depart-
mui of the AddUiou High School have
adopted a two-montn-oW bby frojo a poor
family. Ttw S'rls r"t but fUlBg
Attorney Announces Accused Million-
nirc Will Answer New
PtTTSIlcililll. Pa, .tan. 10 --Hnrry
Kendall Thaw li reported to be on his way
to New York city, presumably to surrender
himself lo the authorities there, who have
been conducting a pcafch for lilrrt slnca nn
indictment charging him with kidnapping
nnd whipping Frederick Otmitnp, Jr., n
Kansas city boy, in the Hotel McAlpIn, vvnn
found against him Ihcro yesterday.
Stephen stone, u local attorney, mntio tno
announcement. Hn said, "Thaw IS now on
his way to Now York lo nnswer tho
Slnno refused In Pay from where Thaw
is going to New York. He did declnre that
Thaw bail tint been in Pittsburgh within
forty-eight hours.
Thaw was In Philadelphia Monday, when
he testified In tho Municipal Court In an
nutomnbllo case Ho discussed the murder
nf Mnllo Colbert, the model, with news
paper men, nnd then disappeared.
Fred iluinpp, Jr., siiteen yenr old. n
Knnsns city schoolboy, made the accusa
tions that form the basis of tho chnrne
against Thaw.
Oliver Itrower has been arrested nn sus
picion that he was nn nerntnpllr-e of Thaw.
He wns held under $l!no hall by Mnglstrnt
Pennock nt tho request of the New York
police, flutnpp was tinabto to recngnlso
Urmver as one of his assailants.
Wilson Kin Denies
Tip on Peace Note
fmitlniiiMl from Piute tine
member of the f'onnnll.v hmkPittRp film Oc
tober 13 Inst. Previously he said he had
been engaged In the r-u I estate huMiiess In
Washington, and In that mimed Inn did no
business In tdnekn. He paid he had bail
tin Mock brokerage experlrll.P pr' IriUM lo
liis I'diitiedlnn with the Connolly oinimny.
Ilenrosentiillve Campbell nsked Mr. Boil
ing If be would tell the committee about
the conversation he had with Mr. Connolly
when he first miked of entering the firm.
Mr. Boiling snld ho had had several
cnminl conversations with Connolly about
going Into the linn, the llrst In March.
A conversation was held In August, ho
said, and 111 October he entered tlio firm.
"You are the President's brother-in-law?"
asked Mr. Campbell.
"Did you over receive any ndvance in
formation about tho President's pence note
Information before you saw It In the
press?" asked Mr. Cfarrett.
"Absolutely not," said Mr. Bolting.
Boiling Hold bis name bad been dragged
Into tile Investigation JiiMt as Secretary
Tumulty's had and that he thought he ought
to have n public apology from Itepresenta
tle Wood Just ns Mr. Tumulty had nsked.
"You will probably have to wait a long
wlille," said Itepresentntlve Chlperfleld
ltepre."ent!itlvo Lenroot then pursued this
lino of ipiestlnniug:
"Did any member of the firm of F. A.
Connolly & Co. recelvo Information?"
."Hoes Connolly & Co. deal In stocks for
Its own account?"
"No, wo are only brokers."
"You dcnl through Hutlon & Co., of New
"Did you recelvo any Inquiry about the
note from Hutton & Co.?"
"Nn, 1 am suro not."
"Wcro your dealings particularly heavy
on December HI nnd 20?"
"1 think not."
"Do .1 know of any one In tho Oovern
ment profiting by this 'leak'?"
"No "
Mr. Boiling said ho did not know tho
nanio of nny member or Congress or other
ofllclal who speculated In stocks and that
ho tnniio no purchases himself on Decembor
10 or 20.
"You know nothing of tho so-called
leak?" nskocl Representative Lenroot.
"No," replied Mr. Boiling. He was then
Tlio first "contradictory testimony" of the
probe camo when Aichlo Jamison, State
Department reporter for the Central News.
In describing how Lansing gave the news
papermen the confidential tip on the note,
said :
"Secretary Lansing had said he wns giv
ing us tho information because ho did not
want It to come back In garbled form from
abroad and 'Injuriously affect tho market.""
Representative I.enroot then read Secre
tary Lansing's testimony, to tho effect that
he "had not had tho market in mind" when
ho cave tho tip to, nnd Imposed secrecy
upon, the reporters.
Manager W. A. Crawford, of tho Wash
ington bureau Central News of America,
presented a confidential telegram sent to his
New York olllco wherein lie had rovcaled
under permit from tho State Department)
the fact that a noto was forthcoming.
"There was no leak on that, however."
Crawford explained. Tlio message declared
tho noto wns held for morning; paper pub
llcatlon because tho department did not
want to have It affect tho market
Crawford Informed tho committee that
tho International News Service supplied
news to the Dow Jones Company, a ticker
concern, whereupon Bepresenlatjvo Bennet
ask'd that a representative of that organi
zation bo called.
Cnmolius Ford, public printer, said that
although the peace note was printed, in the
Government Printing Otllce ho knew nothing
about it until lie rend It In the papes
W. J. McAvoj, deputy public printer, ex
plained that In "netting up" the note the
copy wns cut Into eleven sections and thai
no onu could tell Its contents from one
"take." Ho said the greatest secrecy was
maintained, and that not more than two
or three persons in tho otlleo besides himself
could have seen tho noto In Its entirety.
"I dnu't think thero was any possibility
that the leak occurred from the printing
otflco," said Mr. MoAvoy.
William odlin, of Hearst's International
News Service, said the only Information
abuut tho nolo tent out by tho Hearst ser
vice was n "cautionary message to hold
the report for release."
"Is your service tho Hearst service?"
aBked Chairman Henry.
"It is so called," Odlin replied.
chairman Henry wanted to know who
had written an article printed In Texas
under an "I. N. S." slug line recently
which. Henry said, was In effect that a Cab
inet oftlcer, two Senators and a high uttluial
might bo Involved In the leak situation, lie
thereupon demanded the names of all the
Hearst staff here.
After having telegraphed for C. W. Bar
ron, of the Wall Street Journal and Dow
Jones Company, tho committee later de
cided tn Issue a subpena for him to come,
here with his ticker records.
With Thomas W. Lawson's sweeping
charges concerning the "leak" to Wall street
still without definite substantiation, the
committee entered upon what is probably
the last day of the preliminary investiga
tion. Democratic members are plainly
weary with the proceedings.- Republicans
were forced to admit that neither Lawsoir
nor any of the other witnesses had disclosed
one definite fact
All of the Wall street financial men. In
cluding Bernard Baruch, Charles H. Sabln
and Otto H. Kahn, have reiterated before
the committee categorical denials, of any
advance knowledge of the President's peace
note, dispatched the week before Christmas,
and oross'-examlnation left the committee
juft where it started.
"A. Curtis," whose name was signed to
a letter to Representative Wood, of Indiana,
making sensational accusations against
public men, still remains a mythical char
acter No member of the committee now
belives that any such man exists.
As to Thomas W. Lawson himself, four
motions have been made to cite him. to 'the
House for contempt for falling to answer
the questions which might have given the
comm ttee a basis to continue its work To
dkte he lias not given the name of eveu
oae person responsible for the alleged
"leak,' er who benefited financially by It,
CfTV Al'I'OISTMBVTH nnnntineed In
day Include the nelri-llnn of throe class load
ers of the Board of tlcrrentlnn The np
polntmenls went to Catherine C. HnriKird.
4S3R llnsiol avenue; Florence N Sillier. .111:1
North Sixth Mred. nnd h'.a ,M Mndjtieeti.
132if Noith Fifth slnot The siil.irv for the
class lenders Is $.1 per day. liny II Holmes.
of 3ft,10 North Sixth street, wns selected ns
a dynamo man Ih tlio F.leetrlcnl Bureau,
Willi n salary of $ I Suu per annum.
flTV TIM; i Itr.lf WILLIAM .MrCO.U'H
and Sheriff Hurry c Hnnslcy ore victim of
tho Rrny. Both nun hnvn liueti confined to
their respective residences, ?19 South Twen
ty-second street nnd 1317 Ellsworth. Mreei.
A .lAPAVnsf: lll-.lll MAST, ilenrsn I.
Tiikohnmn, of -'.in Slnteo, t'til., today ob
tained a inn r rime lloonse to wtd Esther
Linton, of iviilt. Pl.i'ns. N. Y. Tnkohamn
vns horn in .Inpun, whore both Ills parents.
nrn now lump He Is tnirty-eignt years
old, while his liiteuibd bride Is Ihlrly-four.
Miss Linton wn Imrn in Minten
1 i SH-oitMH rou Tin; .m miiifntriiii.
mites in the cadot corps of the I'nlverslty
of Pennsylvania hno begun to arrive from
the contractors und will bo distributed at
the army-navy rn-oporatlxn slurm, lla.t
Hoinh Itrond street. Tlio first consignment
comprised seven rlnscn.
TB.MPI.B t NIVLUMTV will creel n
teachers' rollnge The slllll of $2ftn.0Ml Will
be taken from tho in.loiouoht fund In pro
vide for the miiHtriiotli'n "f ihe building.
Arrangements me nlso Im-Iiih made .In In
crease the endowment fund lo $1,000,000,
llll:r ftM;i.i ,.f Hie Unmm nf
1 1 lgh wa ., Im .'OOU ii-w rubbish cans dn
pnslteil In viiiI.iiih iinrts of thn dty fndny.
City Councils npiii-tiiiria'ei! $fino for thn
purchase of the ant moiiic time ngo. The
runs mo pint ol n Rei.oral I'ltmptilft!! In
hiixe i-b.iner sir. dt for I'liHad-Ipliln.
.'l)VrM.Ol I'lltlltl ""THIS In it pile
nf coiton uii.tte and Inirlnp !-t.nleil n lire in
the nit led hiur nnd mini rmtoiv of Fred
erick T. JVnll, 'Munch nil'i Tnmny strenls.
early tniliiv. Iiitimige estlmnled lit Mill)
was caused on tlio ner-nnd floor of tho fac
tory In the tieMrui'lion of baled wool ami
has asked thn peniis.tlvniiiii branch to take
January 21 ns a "special day" in Wiish
Ingtnn for Ihe silffr.iglsH "f this State. A
deli'Bntion of nt least twenty-flvnproiiiinent
local stiff racists will make the Journey In
an effort lo puh the proposed Federal
suffrage niiicniliiient.
tary Order of tin- Foreign Wars of (lie
t'nlted Stales held lit nmiunl meeting nt
the Cnlon League The following olllcera
worn elected: Comiiiiiuder. Hear Admiral
lleynold Thomas Hull; vice cuniinanilers.
Brigadier lioneia! Littleton. W. T. Waller,
I'. S. M. C. ; Captain Itolieit I. Itiissell,
cnmninndnnt of the Philadelphia Navy
Yard; Lieutenant Cnlmirl liomgn Mont
gomery. Colonel Charles c Allen; secre
tary and register. Cnntiiin ogibn I . Wil
li liisnn ; treasurer. Brigadier lieiiernl Oliver
c. Bosbyshell ; chaplain. Major Henry A.
F. Hoyl ; Judge advocate. Lieutenant Ed
ward S. Sayres; surg i. Herbert A. Arnold.
MIMt'AI. AltTS Cl. I It elerted Mr. 1VII
liaiu II. (ireene preMilent at annual meeting
nf that nrganl?.itlnii I r. Edward I. Keffor
was chosen first vice president ; Nicholas
Polity, second vice president : L. Stauffor
Oliver, hocreinry, and Maurice Ve I.
treasurer. The live din dors nnmed wore
Thoinat a'Beckd. i'harlc: I, Murphy. Ed
Russia Has New Pro mi or.
Spanish Ministry Retained
by Alfonso
LONPON. Jan. in.
Cabinet changes nnd rumors of Cabinet
changes have been Hie feature of the in
ternational political situation during the
last twenty-four hours.
There hat been anothci reorganization
nf the Russian Cabinet. Premier ,Trepoff
has resigned, being succeeded by Count
tiolltzim- Senator Kulchltsky has been ap
pointed Itiisslan Minister of Public Instruc
tion and M. Neuratoff. Benin Foreign Min
ister, lias been appointed a member of the
Russian Council nf I lie Empire.
King Alfonso has refused to accept the
resignation of the Spanish Cabinet which
was handed In yesterday
Amsterdam advices hint I hat the Aus
trian Cabinet Is tottering and may soon
Tho foregoing dispatch on Us face Indi
cates a further victory for Russian Liberal
ism and ihe elements behind the recent
nssassinaMoii of flregory Rasputin, the
monk, who was reputed to have dominated
Ibe Russian court fur more than ten ears.
Princo Uolltal'ie, ihe new Premier, cnines
of a family with a historical reputation for
Liberal leaning and scholarship Count
Ignatieff. tho retiring Minister of Instiuc
tion. on tin- ntlic- hand, lias notoriously re
ad iniurv antecedents. Ho Is n son of
fount Nlclvdat Iguntleff. who attained
prominent us n prosecutor of tho Jews
when he wnt Minister of the Interior
thirtv years ago. and is n nephew of lien
erat Aiencl Ign.itieff, who was assassiiited
in December, E'06.
Countess Ignntleff. his widowed mother.
l..is always been openly aormanophllo and
her salons are declared to have been the
rendesvous of those "dark forces" which
have been so often denounced In tho Ininui
and which were centralized 111 ilregory
As for M. Trepoff. his appointment as
Premier last November, ostensibly Hie in
sult of un agitation In tho Duma, wns
hailed in the European press generally as a
triumph of the Russian people over hureutk-i-racy
and the forces of reaction. His sub
sequent Inactivity, however, has given rise
to the suspicion that despite Ids Liberal
reputation, ho Is- at heart as much re
actionary ns was his father. Ceneral
Trepoff, ono time llovernor of I'otmgrail.
who was nssassiTOted because of intolerable
The family of Holltzin. better known
In America us "Clallllsln," has an intimate
link with Pennsylvania, one me-nber. Prince
Dmitri Augustin noliuluo, l nnteu mission
ary, having been founder of the town of I,o
rctta, in Cambria County He was forced to
leave Russia on. Ills conversion to Catholi
cism. Tho town of flalliisin. In tho tame
county, Is named for him. The Clolltzlnes
nre nno of the four noblest families of Rus
sia. They were once offered the throne of
Russia, and it Is by grace of their refusal
that the Romanoffs rule Russia today.
SUES TO l'llOHi: STOCK vaiAju
Jersey City Man Seeks to Know Busi
ness of'Screw Company Result
of 'LeaU"
TRENTON. N- J-. Jan. tO. Declaring
that the business- of the Standard Screw
Company, a J5.0OO.000 oor;oratloii. Is de
pendent upon munitions contracts and sus
ceptible to fluctuations through ieace pro
posals, Oeorge W. Shera. a Jersey City
stockholder In the concern, today applied to
the Supreme Court for an order to examine
the company's books to ascertain Just how
much of the company's business Is depend
ent upon nuinltlon contrasts and what his
stock is really worth.
Sbera alleges that the stock, which was
worth 100 par. rose rapidly after war con
trai.:a were received, and last November was
auuted at 6u3 The "lak. it is alleged
caused a drop to )3I0. T
he Cort wit bear I
f f
the case January 11.
win Evans, i amine W. Zeckwer and Mail
ntz Leefson.
POtiLTItV i:IIIIIITS nt Hie elglilh nn
niial show, hnw in progress nt fhe estab
lishment of the Henry F. Mlehell company.
SIS .Market street. Include many of the
finest nrlzn specimens of chlckons, geesej
nnu turkeys In the country, tup exhibit,
which Is free of charge, will continue, today
nnd tomnrrow. There nre twenty-six vari
eties nf chickens on exhibit.
MISS r.MII.V IIAfllr., a ?ren.grenf
nrnnddnugliter nf Benjamin Franklin, tins
sailed oh thn French Line steamship Es
pngno from Now York tn become n war
nurse. Miss Itnoho is the daughter of Mrs.
Charles Meigs Bache, of 23.1 Soul It TlilN
teenlh street. Sho is n descendant of lllett
nrd Bache. who married Sarah Frnntslln,
Hie daughter of Doctor Frnhklln.
tlACi; TBIIMINATEO vfheit file N'nr.
weglatt bark Trio nrrlved In pnrl from Hull
tin. Althntmh only n three-iniiter, the Trio
bent the .Noiwoelan bnrks Spartan nnd
(.'Ian Unlhralth which are foiir-miislcil. Tim
vessels Were r-adv In sail fioni Huhlln at
the same time, and the crews of tho ships
made up n pool to be dlsit United among the
men who first reached port
lltil.HIA.N fO'lLP-ftAritirit'i; HAY enn.
trlhutlnns totaled 1 2.7SB T2, nccordlnR lo
tho Commles'nit for ftillef In nelglum. Tho
day wnt hold in connection with the Made-In-Amerlca
Baxniir lust nuintli Among tho
larger cnntrlbitlon were: Mrs. Ella Strnlifj
Di-nnisnh, ffiim; in 'lieiiituy nf "E. K. 1..."
jr.lm, ('Ir-.l I'liiibyuilati Cliurcli nr Aid
nioie. ssn.ftu from Milton, I'n.. $isn.r ;
Eclttaiil .1. Moore. Alfied W. Plelsher, Wil
liam i!I.iB" Jr.. Mrs Wlllibm T. Car
ter. William II. Castle, jmo each.
SOCIATIOV, in Its niinunl meeting, elected
the following nfllcers- I'rotldent, Colonel
Shelilnn I'ollei : vhe loslilnnt, Alexander I'.
Inhnsnii ; hcorolnrj. .Iniin-s It. Walker;
lunsmrer, Alfiul c Miriilo
STIIICK ItV A TltOl.l.LV PA li nt linn
Nlngmn nvoniii' nnd ttnstnn street, Oscar
Miller. twenty-sK. 25f4 Howard street, In In
Ihe Episcopal Hospital with sevcrnl broken
ribs. Nn arrests wore made.
CITV l lit; st iu;it ii;tittn: ,, i-itnv
has been'eledcd tiresldent of the Merchants'
Trust Coinpnnv lo mccocd Charles A. Itey
lloids, who letlred liecnuse of overwork.
CA.MOL.N III) Mill III' 'I'ltAlli; will IniM
lis annual mooting and election nf olllccrs
tnmnirnw ii Ik i
COIII'lHt IHI-l'llM. clireil for Ibe
largest nmnlpti- of patients in Its history
durliiR the enr I MB. according to the
report of Chief Clerk 'leorge Hartel. In
the wards fr."iB!i patients were cared for.
while Ilia pntlenlM were admitted tn the
private rooms
Workers for the Itllnd elected tlio follow
ing olflccrs for the cusiiinif year: Walter
L. Tiislilnghnm. president ; Burtil S. Cram
mer, vice tiresldent: Waller Hill, financial
secretary: .Miss Ethel Itoblnson, recording
secretary; Mri. Mnnlcii Vernier, t n usurer ;
ienrgo A. Frc.v and lludil S. I'raininer,
I'llEMIIE.N I ll.sl Kit, ,,r ( nimlcil ( 111111
cll, today appointed the following commit
tee to Investigate the pioposltlon to estab
lish a 1 llv garage at Fifth and Aich moots:
Cotincilmen Fol-i.vlllo. cllllil 111,111 , Bender,
Don lirlor and Khk
Two Runaways, Young and Hold,
Decide Home Is the Best
If you were a little hoy- a regular one,
with freckles and exactly twelve hectored
years to your credit and last Monday aft
ernoon yon slipped up on your long divi
sion, the slipping up having absolutely noth
ing to do with a certain spithall making
its serene way toward hlackbnaid regions,
and if tlie teacher cruelly sent you homo
wlm a note, what wuuld you do'' If Into
tin- path of your homeward -bound mlsei.v.
Kliirida. a place for,' far uvvsiy. stretched
forth a beckoning hand, what would ou do?
Probably exactly as did the small bo.v
who measures up tn these particular speci
fications, Morris DIcgnian, of 63.1;! ijoinian
town avenuo, nnd 11 pupil of the lieiman
tovwi Combined Hoys' School. He looked up
his one best pal, Hnrry Wexler, of iwjl
(lermnntnwn avenue, nnd nsked him "to cut
und run." At tho came tlmo he offered to
envoi uiplcte expenses for Ihe trip. Ac-
cnnlingly einbnrkment was mude
With the sky and Florida the nmn on
expenses, tho Jourlsts made a stopover at
Haddonflejd, N. J., and right Hun and
Hi lhal portion of a little boy Hint usually
fads In un emergency tn live up i" manilai-d's
of being twelve years old, $ mined for
"mother." Morris followed up ibe Venning
with a timid noto home telling of the pro
posed Journey and gently hinting that Hie
globe-trotters might be reached at their
next address, which was to he Atlantic
City nt tho home nf Harry Wexiii's uncle.
By this tlmo the pnjenls nf the 1,05s were
thoroughly frightened and had icimrted Ihe
caso tn tho imllce. I'pon receipt of tho
"forwnrtllr.g address" lalo .vesterday Mr.
and Mrs. Dicgman lost no time in making
connections In Atlantic City ulih the trav
elers. At present two chastened and hearth-loving
little hoys nre making ameiuU und reso
lutions to postpone their explorations until
a decidedly later date "Morris likes to
piny In schoul," was Mrs Dlrgmun'a ex
planation. President Names Postmasters
WAMIV(1TH D c. .fun. 10 Piesl
dent Wilson today nominated tho following
poBtnusiem: Pennsylvania, J. It. Henry.
Dawson; Ella T Cronln. Centerville;
Charles V. Johnston, VYonlrii-h New Jei
sey. John Matthews. Hudson Heights.
Lureusu B. Skivers. Anglesea. Delaware.
W. H. Alexander, Elsmerc.
Philip V. Ilodell, aM IV Oakilale l . mi.i
Pauline VenUth. Ill tr Huntingdon .1
Edward II. mark. IIMIO I'onlilln si., und vlarl
hJslvtoii. "'ltl N. Palethoroe si.
Jojfiih A. Daily, lsail 3 Iean aquar. and
Helm II llrmler. -i:.V H asm ,,,
CharUa Msrgulls. 1120 S noth l anil Hsriha
ailU'rinan. hlino IlurKi inc.
John O llousnman. iljk l.anc. I 'a . and l.lla
It Halaton. Oeun UruVv N. J
Herman l.asln. AlUintk- Clly, and Mlnnl Uari
U70b N 'J'J.I al
Samuel 11. Wealey. L'1121 Htuirawood l and
lalxll li. Trlbalt. 10.T, N. Upal al
Morrla vtelaa, 1110 N 30lh at., and .Surah Peres
-ITS .v. -nil at.
Itiehard Martin. 731 H Wooillaifn ave and
llursart llourUan, 731 E. Woodlawn nw
William II. (irliiua 1337 l-'lUworlh al . and
Bllaatath M Mlteiwll. I IVT'S. Franklin at
KoWrt Urowu 114 K. Tioga, St.. und Mary
Irvln. 3137 (laul
William Purnell 113.1 S. 18th and Virginia
I.e. 1730 Chrlaltan at.
(leorge Ulinktioriv. 1343 Iirown at., and Anna T.
Schumaeker. 'i vvladaor auara
Sanaual DluiaWrg. Wtlmlagton. 1I1 . and Re
becca IWrnateln. U31 N. SOlh at
Kdward A. Hrlll. 418 8. 10th at . and Lillian
Mllnar. UVI 7lb at.
William J Hupoer 742 Kyre al . and Ethel
Utrat. 13111 N. J'Uh it.
Wfbam J. llln.r. S34 S. Illcka at . and liar
Kant Q. 8ullivan. 1831 JBron at
Alfrad B Ogl Trenton. N. J., and Anns E.
Cottty New Hopa, Pa
Joaaoh P Ford, 2104 Commarca at . and Mary A
O'Neill. 17-0 W AUegtwuy sva
Joaaph Setaalvo. 1203 N l.awrene al . uod Anna
Bit lo. 2133 N Grata at.
Peter Thomaa. 11120 W KrW ave and iljybelle
TroiLelL ,1017 Iitnna at
laatah W lona. 1711 N' Utn at and Sarah H
Uanjamln Haywood 172& Ualnbfldje et and
j aiiii-i ic.i n turn at
. AjwJ Zty ?. 1Mb
laadore JSaaaier 2M7 S. JtA It .
Ooldaun. 8!U RoaaWrry at,
ana Anole
liicrcnsorl Burtlon to Ho Reduced
bv Ten Concerts, Which Tltttd ,
flcus Itich Will Conduct
In order lo rellive some nf the burden of
t.tnpnld Minkowski, cnjidltrlnr nf the Ptllta
ilelptiln nrehesfrn, to nwlf nn extent Hint
Ills work next watmn ntll tint tie euftnllell,
the mnnnRement imtny Announced that Mr
Stnknwskl would not cnhilurf fen nf tho fe
mnlnlnu cnnceri:! of this "enttnn.
The news wn- first made knnvvn nf the
fltintint cnnerrl Intil Iti the Stetdon Audi
torium lai-t nlBliI 'or Hi" benefit of the
HtetRnn Ib'Miltnl by Arthur .fildsnn. mnna
fler of I he "'ri heslrn.
In cniiflrmliKt H lotlny. Mr. .tud.inn snld
that Mr. Kinh-nvikl's fihyslelnn had decided
It wiiultl be heller ir tin- lender bad lev
ttntk fur Hie lltne belnR. This would mean,
Mr. .luib'iii evplained. Hihi ten mncert "li
the imhealrn ivicild lie cniirlucted by Thad
denn tilth, the eniicertmniter. If It Ih found
that Sinl.iciki only in deilred iik ennduetor
by iiiii-le p.itrims, let! conrerls will be
Mr Slnliovv-ki has tweti wnrklnff morn
ulrenumislv llinn ever In fore on nernunl
nf He- lnirei,.il number f Phll.ldelpltln
niilip'-ttii concerts and Hie triilnlliK of
Ihe several lame ctinruse which lira to par
llcipaie in Ibe i'oIuhmhi performnneo of
Bach's St Matthew P,inn music nt the
Olid of I 111 'OiiMll.
Ili, oKhi-iiirii hn yet tti play about n
ilfiJicn pair- of roticettM reniainlliB III Hio
Krlilnv nfiirii'ion and Salurdny evonlnis
cniieiitM of ihe reRUlnr i-erleH nf twetily-flvo
proRrnm" Ihe extra Bneli St. Matthew Pas
lnn concerin with fjrenl clinrus and unlolstn.
Heveinl, of tho I.nnm;R M'hool fltllttrcn'fl
nnrerts. three of fhe Sunday free eonrcrfs
nt the Metropolitan opei.i House nnd uev
enil niit-nf-liivvn proBrnms. Mr. Minkowski.
II Is iiiideiTiOnrt will cniidiict the clilldren'n
ctuii-erfi' in vvhleh he bus taken a (treat per
sonal ihlerc:t. Tn Mr Itleh ttlll full nut
orioun and some otlicr supplementary prn
Krnms. Mr. Bleb this .min "'as ndvanced
to Ihe rank of iisi-lai,t ennduetor. 1 fin
work ns soldi-! bus kucm hlnj n, lni'Kn fol
lowing and inncb imhilc favor with tlio
tirchOBtrn'n cliintele ouwnlc Philadelphia.
Cnmtlcn Mnn Commits Suieiilo After
Undo Upbraids Him Wife
Near Collupse
Thn.il' of an. I for an nlleRcil theft nf
inonin. .iccniillnc, lo the police, caused
ClieMer Toner, ol L' 1 1 1 Howell BtrCOt,' Cam-
lien, to commit suicide by shonllliR himself
ihimnrb the In-nd with a revolver In a
Prank foul Irollev ar Inday. Tozer llrcd
while tl reu was 111 ihe barn nt I'Yntik-
fonl avenue nnd Hrlilfte street. A note
book in his pocket Identified him.
Toiler lived Willi bis iinele, Charles 'foster.
Th",v iiiiirrcl slenlav. accnrdlnu to the
police, iivcr Hie disappearance of a sum
of mniii'V. nnd Toiter's iinele. it Is said.
iicciiM-d lilin of takliiK li. Mhortly after
Hie ipi.ii-rcl Timor came to tills oily.
Toner's wife, who Is on the vcrite of
collapse as a result of her husband's death.
deiilid his mill!
Police JJollove Ho Wns Itobbcil and
Thrown Overlionrtl by IHb
I'HKSTHIt. Pa., .Ian. 10.- Hurled In Ice
ami mud, the bod.v of a mini wns found this
mnrnlni; mi the bank of Chester Itlver
near the limhmiR Memorial Park. Mystery
surrounds the case, on which thn police
are vvorkltiR. A severe uash on the fore
head HtreiiBtheiis a theory that the iiinn
was a vii'llm of robbery and then thrown
A Baldwin Locomotive Works check,
hearing the numerals 0i:."0 nndtnn Iden
tineatliiu curd, with the name '.tick Hllclt,
were found on Hie bnd. Nothlnu else of
value was found In Ills rlotiilnu.
The body hud evidently been In Hie water
fin several days. It is at the morgue nf
licpnty Cormier White, nvvaltliiR lilentlllcn
Several Kstntos Disposctl of in l'rivnte
Wills probnled toiiv w.re those iff John
8. Palmer, 431 tlnst Winter street, Hsr
niantiivvtl, vvhlcli. In piivate beipiests,' dis
poses of property v.ilmd at JfiO.OOn; T.
Henry I'arlte, Klliabeth, X. J.. J1U,35H;
liet.rKC II. Taylor. 31S Noith Korlleth street.
125,000 ; Caroline W. Taylor. Atlantic City,
V. J., Ill.ono; Catharlnii B. nnk, Kaston,
Pn Sl!,500; Michael p. Poody, 201 1 Sal
mon street. 12.niiii; Small A. I'aklns. 1727
West Morris street, JfiuiMi Helen MilllRnn.
1027 Chestnut street. ITonn ; Kurleln Olio,
l?i02 North Tvventy-eiKhlh street, $5!I50;
John I'senndel, 2229 Mouth chailvvlck street,
fiS7fi; itorace I.. Lewis. 2010 Month Hal-
ford street, S5IMI0; Auitusta Mllilenbcrir.
I H2H .MIIIIIll street, i4"illi; Kniina I.. Uond
ell. Oakland, Cul.. fanon ; William Kune
van. I'nlled KtatuH Xaval Ilnme, Orays
I-Vrry road. JSOOO; Jane It Park. SOS Xnrfh
Thlrtlotli street, 'in. and Michael Bon
ner, ISO! Mouth Twenty-set-unit street,
tSCOO. .
isaac uAUHirrrs funhkai.
jlnyor Smith's Fnthcr-Bi-I.iiw Huiied
nt Heading
IlllAHIMi. Pa.. Jan. 1ft. The funeral of
Isaac Barrett, father-in-law nf Mayor
Hlllltll. nf Philadelphia, took place here tills
afternoon with the iUinr and his family
present. Services were onduclctl ut Jlr.
Barrett's late limne, 507 Perry street, by
two Lutheran clerg.v inert, the Itev lir. It.
W. Iluffnril and Hie llev. Charles It Myern.
tho former and present pastor, icspei lively,
of Ht. Matlhivv's Cliunli of w liicb Mr
Barrett was ,i nieintiei Ihiernnul w us made
in Chilli.'- Kwins i Vnn-i. 1 1
United States Attorney for the
Phllndelphin dir.trict, who an
nounces ho is ready to recelvo
evidence concornini? n conspiracy
to 'raise retail prices of coal.
"Buffalo Bill,"
Noted Scout, Dies
t'nntlnneil from I'nire line
express'' rider, but sonti nfter J9iticd the
Reventlt Kansas Cnvnlr'y. In which he served
thrniiRli Hje civil War until he was mus
tered nut In 186ft
Iln earned his t It lo of "nuffalii BIN" In
ISO, when the Kansas Pacific ttallrond
wan under construction by klllltiK biiffalue
In supply thn workmen with food..
Ill 1872 wo was elected lo the Nebraska
Legislature. When, the Indian wars broke
out In 1S7C ho offered his services to tho
fiovcrmncnl as n srotit. Ill Hie battle of
Indian Creek, ho rode out In front of the
battlo lines and met tlio Cheycntio oilier.
Yellow Hand. who. nt the head of Ills
braves, had taunted Cody lo a duel with
huntltiB knives. Cody killed the thief
nfter a hand-to-hand combat which was imt
Interfered with either by the Indians or
Cndy'n followers.
Por his services during the Indian vvnrs
Cody was made chief of scouts, with tile
rank of colonel, and remained In the servU'O
of thn tinvernment until Hie Indian troubles
were finally settled.
PollnwInK his discharge from tho army
he rnmo Hast and vvntt enticed on the stat"
by offers finm various enterprlsliiR the
atrlenl innnnKcrs Ills early ventures ror
the most part worn failures, and he re
turned t Wynmltifr. ,
In 1S83 he came blast with the first Wild
West Show ever seen 111 this country. Ills
success was almost instantaneous, and Ills
show grew In size yearly.
He made a lour of the world with Ills
UfjEioRutlon of rough rlilern and Indians,
anil was decorated by almost every mun
arch In Murope. While In Hussla he con
ceived the Idea of bringing back to America
a baud nf I'ral Cossacks, and the success
of this venture Induced lilni to add Arabs.
Sinhalese. Japanese, South American
Kiilichns and representatives of almost
every nation In the world tn Ills show.
In lflOO he funned a partnership with
Major linrduti B. I.llltu C'Puvvnee Hill"),
which proved Hie bcclnnitu; nf Ills financial
downfall. In Hill the show went into the
hands of a receiver and Cody nnntiunced
himself "dead broke."
Numerous friends came In his rescue,
ami luto in Hie spring ,nf 1011 II. II. Turn
men, of Denver, who livvneil the I'fililiolllng
Interest In tho Hells-Pinto circus, put duly
at the hem nf that enterprise, and at the
Hue of sixty-eight the venerable frontiers
man attain made ills bow to crowded grand
stands. In IfHfl the Miller Brothers, owners of
the 101 Ilanch, at Bliss, ukla.. offered Cody
nn Interest In their Wild Wist Hhovv. nnd
he finished nut tho circus season with
In November. Ill 10. tie showed signs nf
fast rallliC health und returned to his
hnnio nt Cody, Wyo., where, on December
IS, ho was reported seriously il.
He was married in 18158 lo Louisa Kred
erlcl and has no children living.
TKItltolt (IP "BAD MUX"
Although fody was an expert shot with
all firearms, lie was not tine of the "bad
man" typo prevalent during tho (.cttlement
nf the West, lie wns never known to kill
n white man in any sort nf n "gun fight."
His physical ipuilitlca made him feared
among the riff-raff o fthe frontier, llo was
often known to take a gun nvvny from a so.
litllcd "bad mnn" and administer to the
offender a terrific beating.
Tho Indians made him a tribal member
on many occasions, and he spoke many of
tlio iiotlvo dialects. He represented tho
rcilmvu in many important Ciivcrnment
deals and was considered nno of tho fmc
tnnst champions of their rights.
Three Men Accused of Stealing Jewels
Three men. said by Hie police to havo
driven tiutomobiles and llgtired In several
Hermuntovvn Imld-u'ps and thefts, were held
In $1000 hall each for court by Magistrate
Huguo in the Third sticct ami Palrmount
fivctiuo station,
Tlio prisoners were Hcorge Hrover. 1218
Luzerno street; Joseph Curly. 2139 West
Lehigh uventic.'und John Itutly. 3143 North
Third street. They were urresled last Mon
day after tho theft of the automobile of
Kugeno MacAleer. 371 Hovvcn avenue. The
automobile, was fnund uutsldo a saloon.
Klmcr Murrlson, 182 Kust Penn siict
and Walter Breiickuer, of 1820 .Sedgl. v
avenue, according to ile pulicc. identltled
ji-tvi-lrv and wearing appaiel worn by th0
I.rlsuners as linving been taken fiom tl,.m
in re. .nt huld-ups
the West Indies
Make your reservations immediately for
the American Express Travel Depart
ment's luxurious 24 day cruise to Cuba,
Jamaica, Panama, Cosla Rica.
Sailing January 27th
!n nnh jC acco"3motations still available.
iyU.UU and upward.
Continuous voyage New Yo.k to New.York
on palatial S.S. Pa8tore8. Numerou, fKnat
ng shore excursions.
Write, telephone or wire today
1127 Che.tn-,t St.t, Philadelphia, p..
Phons Walnut 4B-10
Member of Retail AssociaJ
Lion Tells of Informal 'i
U. S. Attorney Knno Invityjl
i'iicia un vviucn in tJasc
Tho In nl Mro 111 tlio prn-c f coa)
diFeucnod Infnrilially lirfi.roli.inil h J!H
l.ers ..f Hip Philadelphia ltm,i r-n., .1 "
.VBnelatlnn, nconrdlpR
Wllllittn nl''
tni lol. n ennl denier, nt
'I'm nlv'-flfll, ...
Srilclry avpliup, nnd
int Inn.
nipmh. , of th MMt,
This ndmlslsnii wan niiidp i .flav i v
MeltPl; hut hn denied tlinl the assoelji?.'''
had taliPii nny nftlrlnl n.tinn .is a H. '
l,.-ln l.,,l It,, n- ... . . """Tl)
I'.".. ...... ":.." ""'-. i" r '"n mere,,,
.hi .nu i. which wnn inline , npnrlv all nut
ilpnlprR. niimtierlnt. ltni...r.. '.., -. ..r!.
DrePmhpr of ,im yPar ",l,;
TIip ndmlsslon nf Mi NmnfckH n.
rlltht tm Hip her!, nf a Mntenmni imuMi!
t-'rnncla l-'lsher ICano imiri oi... ...'
trlrt Allortipy, that If ntn Ind.. .itmn of c!i!
nine.v ennui lie iiiiinn iint(,nK ,,.ai m,,, '
mltp llin nlo ,.t i. .. ....Vi
.... . .' . "mild inn,,.
uiiuniy tauo Kirps in in,prn,i pvcrvlyvlt
Who ltllRllt he llhle to thmw nny lh2
WIlPlllipiPRtlnllPtI Indnv no t tvhtll
rnnl niPIt had irnt tocether tn iali tha mw
nr rnnl. Jlr. Ntifdilclu-I ini.l P ,C
"At tintiP nf Hip niPPtliipM r,f tho PhlUM
pltln I'nnl lion's A"r,el,iti,.n i aiiemlfd ii
1111.V itlli'lnl tit'Hnn taken tn i, ,vt the trie!
of I'f.nl.
"It Is trtiP. hmv-pver. Hint . p,,i togfthn
III little group of live i.r ix rach ttA
illretiRMpd Hip ini'rea.ed . ..j-t ,,( enniluctlnt
Hip enal IniHlnpfiH.
"Thpn." rntitlmipd .Mr ui,k ktl, "Mm
ntip would say, 'U'pII t re. nmnipnd that
wo ndvnnep thp prlep tn meet tlie ccit.'
and ill this iniiniipr Hie innttpr of prlci
IncroaRP heciiiip knnvvn nnimitj tlic amocU.
tlnn'R mcmbcrslilp. Of mursp. tho Msocli.
tlnn ctmld not nlllrlall.v ralsp tho price el
coal liccntmo It would tint have hfcn Itgil'
".VIlIiHirtnm.Y" TALKS
"Thoro nro twenty-two rial dealers In t(
vli-lnlty of Twenty-fifth itrrpt and SJf
ipy nveniip. and vie Imve k..Mpii tnftelhtru
tiplKlihorn several tinies nnd talked oyer Ut
Kltuntlnn. TIip mnspiisu nf npinlon it
tlieup niPPtliiBH has bpen thai tnerc shonU
ho an ndvance to meet the rosin At Hi
pre.xpnt time we nrp pnvliiK forty cents I
ton mnrp for pen rnal and twenty-five nU
n ton tor prpparcd slips. Inrludlnf nut,
Ktove nnd pur. and thpn. .. Hie driven,
wlm formerly cnt $lor,n n week, are no
BPttliiK from $11 I" $tfi a week
When nuked If nil I In . oal dealers til
raised Hie prim of rnnl .it thr Name tlrct.
Hip eoal dealer replied
"All lull a few who oeal with the Itcadlci
foal nnd ll'nn f'onipnu.v
TIip Invitation for independent dealeria
other Intori'StPd persons to ulimlt cvWttct
allowing that there is a .".iipiraey W nisi
tlio price nf foal was i t-ued today1 lj
fnlted States liNlriet Attorney Kane.
Tho I-'edernl Hr.ind ,lm v dues not Co
venn until net Match, lull Mi K.ine mH
Iio mm prcpaied In e.ill a pei lal Eealot
of that liody If lie could obtain suMed
evidence to warrant sinh nrtinn
"The IHatrlct Attorne.v'- nlllee wild Mr.
Kane, "is In u very roi-.ptive d r-ni-
Iiik the ci.il aituatioii in l'lnl iilfipiu.1 J
liurtlciilarly interesed in the latest,
crease In price by Philadelphia retail etui
dealers. l Invito ind.'i.endeni lealers. &tl;
or8' iiBsoclallons and all oi'nei- h mil
havo nnv evidence l.e.n ,iik n tho lalm
lmnsl III nrlcP. I could .ill .. -.! nl sd
nlon of tlio Kedoral (irand .fury If tho tall
evlileiie.! u-nrrniiteil tun li a in n' IlieOOt'
eminent lias had Ihe i ...I -.tu.ilion unda
ciitisldprntlon for some time While I an
not nt liberty to dibcloxc the 1 i.ts o han
cleaned. I can say that a searching InvtsO
irntlnn Is belnc made bv the nenartmenl
of .luatico in tltla clly. I m.vsclf have at
tended one confereni-' in .Ni V'urk. Tl
nre Interested In the int.isl.it.' comnMra
fentui'PH as well as in the u.lv.in.o In prlcl
in Philadelphia."
rot i.ATi: fob ci.ssii"irTios
" .MII.IIS. Jan. . ..1IAI1Y i: Mli.BH
vv II. Jin. a, in . , iti-uin k , ., ,
FAItltHI.I. Jun. Ill MAItV A lfe lj
.Matthew Farrell rnnl ilHUfihter ,. Vlartha tH
thn lute llrn.ir.l riaik. ase.1 :: K'UI'"
frlenrtn un.l meiiibera of the IJI.-sk .1 vinlnMuj
Ki.il.iHtv unit the Lohuui- nf th. .--..' r-J Iart
HI. Miinleu'a t'hur.h IiivUkI t" funeral, et;
7 :in ii in. 111:12 liurfi.i . Mnn renuifi
Man at Hi. Monlew's fhur. h Hf U i. m. "t
wife of Waller I- llentri. k in.- Iluiiieak U
til. IteUllves ini.l frl.n.ls Invn .1 to fuwril
s.rvl.ea. Frl.. - i m.. l'S30 N J-ahUn t. W
Nnrlhwooil I'eni. -
HKI.I1 'iVANThll ri.JIVI.ll , .
OMIU I'nlnied cuuk fur ...okllis aaUI waiJW
ami hniiHei .mlnu f.iiinl ! I ona ol
mi. hi kept auiiurlw mm. V '-'"""..'S
nillre.l. .Meet .tnplo.ir Itouin TDK. l.
rii. Hlniit nl IhurHil.t 'J n 1
i-I.KIlK Vnunir la.U f..r .flu
ami e.lu.alliin I'll I u '"
Itlll IB
nn Atlantic City
tJJ 7ilwrriH
VVUdaooU nram-b
.Miami,' fity
tIO ff Baltimore
pJJ I'm .Uonuntiuiu 11
9 CA Washinflton
P tUtxJKI Tit A oloa J 'ViiBJl
lunlljt, Jinan; II, Ftbruur 21, MutUi
llrutflt 7 an Wot I'Olla ' J9S
Pennsylvania R.R.
P. T. Wite taytt
That became thin
Fli 3 for H
Wise people m understand
re giving the extra valu
Underilown Shirts to Increase 0V
k R. Underdown's Sons
Itubbtr Oooda and Slrn'a FuroUhl'
202-204 Market St.
Batalll3liea Since J838.
Cor. 1 3th and Sansom
Till! llllil.KST TAlLOltlNU VC.'
KVKK OFFJiltKU. Ju.t lW fj
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