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Mietjng Party's
tan Announces High
tt in Campaign
Smith and the allegations which
hen mads against him and his ad
rtratlv aids In the Fifth Ward hearing
! constitute the "irreat outatandlnir Issue"
! tke campaign of the Town Meetlna- turtv
Mamt the Smlth-Vare ticket, according
' a statement 'made last night by Thomas
, Armstrong, chairman of the new Inde-
, ycnaent party.
Mr. Armstrong said the campaign plans
are advancing rapidly and announcement of
ww complete ticket may be looked for
Within a day or two. It Is understood the
Malnlng of signatures to the nominating
yetltlons will start this, afternoon or to.
morrow morning.
' Mr. Armstrong said:
"The one great, outstanding Issue of this
ontekt. In which, upon the one hand, the
i Mrignt citizenship of the community Is
Wlgned for political freedom, personal
fety And protection of the right of Iran
ehlse. and. upon the other hand, are the
combined forces of debauched power, an
eutrago of authority and n, perversion ot
eiriclal duty and public trust. Is personified
Jn Mayor Smith, the Administration whlcn
leads and the factional political allies
with whom he has united to gain and main
tain Power, even at the cost of human life.
.. No matter what shall be the outcome of
the legal actions now under way, or to be
started which none can doubt will result
n trials for murder the people of Phila
delphia can no longer tolerate such a par.
tlsan membership of Councils as make it
possible for the Mayor utterly to disregard
law, public decency and private rights, with
out fear of halt, except by court proceedings.
"Trie cltizensmp wnose rights and prerog
atives thus have been usurped and defied.
Almost without limit, may be confident that
not only In the Town Meeting party nom
inations for the county offices, but as well
In the magisterial and councllmanlo can
didacies, an Insistent and resistless drive
will be mado to curb and effectually end
uch willful abandonment of administrative
powers and official authority as culminated
on September 19 In murder and thuggery
by hired criminals, imported for that pur
Altri Prlgionieri Austrjaci Von-
gono Catturatl nelle Cavernc
di Monte San Gabriele
Block Purchased by Lu Lus.
Structure Will Cost More
Than $1,000,000
W. Freeland Kendrlck, acting for Lu I,u
Temple, Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine, this morning made set
tlement for the purchase of the entire block
of ground extending from Twenty-second
to Twenty-third streets, Spring Garden
street to Pennsylvania aenue, right on the
Mne of the Farkway. Upon the plot Is to
he erected the largest Temple of the Mystic
Shrine In the world at a cost of more than
Directly opposite the site to the west
trill he the new Municipal Art Gallery, to
cost upward of (4,000,000, and to the east
will be located the proposed Convention
Hall. Public Library and other municipal
fculldlncs. As the new Shrine Temple will
be the first private enterprise to take cog
nizance of the Importance of the Parkway,
tho trustees, who will be In charge of the
erection of the new Temple, have already
adopted tentative plans for the magnificent
It Is estimated that the cost of the new
TAX Lu Temple, exclusive of the value of
, the ground, will be In excess of (1,000,000.
tjttst how soon ground may be broken for
the new building rests largely with the
Government, for a request has been made to
defer as much structural work at the prea
nt time as possible, as the Government
demands for material and labor are very
lieavy by reason of the war.
The tentative plans provide for a principal
auditorium for meeting purposes to accom
modate comfortably not less than 6000 per
sons. In the event that the proposed city
convention hall Is not built by the time the
new temple Is completed, this auditorium
will In Itself be large enough to accom
modate the largest convention gathering
likely to come to Philadelphia for some
years to come.
Immediately underneath this auditorium,
tn which Is to be built one of the largest
rgans In Philadelphia, will be the largest
ballroom floor In this city, which may also
be utilized for banquet purposes. The seat
ing capacity of this floor, with banquet
tables laid out, will be approximately 3000.
Underneath the ballroom are to be nu
merous meeting rooms to be used by the
Lu Lu Band, the mounted guard and patrol
connected with Lu Lu Temple: locker and
club rooms and the largest swimming pool in
the city.
This main building Is to occupy the ma
jor portion of the large lot, but at one ot
the corners Is to be erevted a separate sec
tion of the building, to be equipped with club
features and sleeping rooms for use of the
members of the Temple.
Surmounting the entire structure, which
will be a twelve or fourteen-story building,
will -be an immense roof garden, where, In
fair weather, meetings bf the Shrine or
special entertainments are to be hetd. This
t roof garden Is to have a seating capacity
aa large as the main auditorium, which will
mean that a special elevator service for the
accommodation of many thousands of per
1 sons will have to be Installed.
Lu Lu Temple, which today has the third
largest membership of any Temple In the
world, having- 8000 members, was organ
ised In December. 1883. when twenty-eight
Xnlghts Templars connected with Philadel
phia Commanderles held Its first meeting
to give a. Shrine to this city.
ItOMA, 8 Ottobre.
Dalle ultlme notlsle dalla fronte itallana
si rlleva che gll austrtact contlnuano In
cessantemente ad attaccare nella speranza
dl poter slogglare le truppe Itallane dalle
Important! ponlilonl che hanno conqulstato
e che fortements mantengono. Da queste
poslzlonl, a cul Important, atrateglca non
puo' dlsconoscersl, gll Italian! si preparano
per Infllggere un altro poderoso colpo nl
nemlcV), e do' splega I tentatlvl dl questo
per rlconqulstarle.
Ma per quanto gll attacchl austrlact stano
condottl con vlolenza, e spesso dl sorpresa,
purtuttavla falllacono dt fronte alia valo
rosa reslstenza delta truppe Itallane che II
resplngono e consegutsuono sempre nuovl
successl che avvalorano la loro superlorlta'
dl front al nemlco.
Dal pomerlggto dl venerdl' e durante la
glornata dl sabato gll austrlact hanno con
dotto una serle dt attncchl dl sorpresa
contro le poslzlonl nccupate dagll Itallanl
lungo la fronte nel Trenttno e sull Isonzo,
ma nessuno dl qucstl attacchl ebbe suc
cesso. Nella notte dl venerdl' gll austrtacl,
proflttando del cattlvo tempo attacenrono
I postl avanzatl nella reglone Costabella,
sulta Valle dl San Pellegrlno, nella speranza
dl poter sorprendere gll Itallanl, mentre
l'artlgllcrla austrlaca con poderosl tlrl dl
sbarramento tentava dl Impedlro che dalle
trlncee Itallane potessero esscre Invlatt del
rlnforzl al postl avanzatl.
Slmlll azlonl furono condotte dagll austrl
act suite poslzlonl Itallane dl Crodadle,
Longellnl e Pabola-Vlsdende, ma ovunque
furono prontamento arrestate dal fuoco delle
batterte Itallane che costrlnse 11 nemlco a
rltlrarsl con perdlte, senza aver neppure In
parte, consegulto II suo oblettlvo.
Nella glornata dl sabato repartl Itallanl
complrono con successo delle Incursion!
nelle caverne occupate dagll austrlacl lungo
le pendlct nordlcho dl Monte San Oabrlele,
ove fecero ventlquattro prlglonlerl.
Kcco II testo del comunlcato del generate
Cadorna, pubbllcato lerl dal Mlnlstero della
Guerra ltalln.no:
Durante la notte dl venerdl', favorlto
dal tempo cattlvo, 11 nemlco fece un at
tacco dl sorpresa sul postl avanzatl della
reglone dt Costabella, nella valle dl San
Pellegrlno, tentando con un forte fuoco
dl sbarramento dl lmpedlre l fossero
portatl del rlnforzl.
Con l'arrlvo del rlnforzl e lo sforzo
della guarnlglone del postl avanzatl II
nemlco fu reoplnto e costretto a rltlrarsl
nelle poslzlonl dalle quail era partlto.
Altri repartl nemlcl tentarono slmlll
azlonl a Crodadle, Longellnl, e Pabola
Vlsdende. Essl furono dispersl dal nostro
efllcace fuoco.
A sud dl Tolmlno le nostre batterle
bombardarono con successo una colonna
In movlmento composta di numerosl auto
carrl. . Ierl ad criente dl Gorilla alcunl nostrl
repartl, dopo ,vlolenta preparazlone del
l'artlgllerla, esegulrono una Incurslone
nelle caverne situate sulle pendlct
nordlche dl Monte San Gabriele e presero
prlglonlerl un ufllclale e ventltre uomtnl
dt truppa,
Notlzle dalla fronte belga recano che le
truppe brittannlche contlnuano a rlportare
notevoll successl nelle Flandre, ove hanno
resplnto i tedeschl, che si sono datl alia
fuga, ed at quati hanno Inflltto perdlte
constderevoll rluscendo pure a catturare
una grande quantlta' dl prlglonlerl e dl
materlale da guerra.
II governo dl Pletrogrado annunzla pure
Important! vlttorle consegulte dalle truppe
russe. Un comunlcato ufllclale dice che
esploratorl russl dell'armata del Caucnso
son rtusclti a far prlglonlero 11 generate
Count Von Meyer, capo del servlzl aerel te
deschl nel distretto del Mar Nero.
Trolley Cars, Automobiles and
Motorcycles Score Big List
of Victims
Two young men and a five-year-old boy
were killed and seven Injured In trolley and
motor accidents In and about the city yes
terday. The dead are Frcdrlch Urunner,
nineteen years, of 1204 East Courtland
street, who was thrown from nn automobile
when two cars collided on the Northeast
boulevard : James Brennon, thirty-three
years, of 741 East Woodlawn avenue, who
was run down by a trolley car on East
Chelten avenue east of Baynton street, and
five-year-old Joseph Paul, who was knocked
down by an automobile In Falrmount Park
near Thirty-third street and Qlrard avenue.
Two companions of Brunner John
Schmidt, eighteen years, of .4621 North
Front street, and John Sykes. of 2711 North
Park avenue are being held without ball to
await the action of the Coronor. Sykcs Is
a brother-in-law of Miss Amanda Sykes,
whoso escort. Kills D Frlgar, shot down an
attempted assailant In Falrmount Park dur
ing nn attack upon his automobile.
Edward Homes, twenty-ftve years old,
2825 North Broad street, .driver of the ma
chlno that struck the child, was held today
without ball by Magistrate Stevenson to
await tho action of tho Coroner.
Four young men were treated In the Penn
sylvania Hospital suffering from Injuries re
ceived when nn automobile In which they
were riding collided with a trolley car nt
Klevcnth nnd Ptne streets. .They are
Julius Iserlls, Incteen years, of 320 North
Eighth street: Morris Hershman, twenty
years, of 728 llace street: Davis Kauf
man, twenty-oTio years, of 726 Race street,
and Henry Kline, twenty-one years, of 731
SanBom street.
Hershman was held In 1600 ball for a
further hearing by Magistrate Persch.
Harry Busklrk, of 10 East Lancaster
avenue, Ardmore, and Thomas Murphy, also
of Ardmoro, are In the Bryn Mawr Hos
pital recovering from Injuries received when
a motorcycle they were riding crashed Into
Ice wagon at Haverford. Charles Yetter,
of Ardmore avenue, Ardmore, suffered In
juries on his body when his bicycle collided
with an automobile driven by John F.
Dougherty, of Bryn, Mawr, at Ardmore.
200 Stetson Men Have Enlisted
More than 200 employes of the John B.
Stetson Company have enlisted for war
service. A rally In honor of the enlisted
men was held at the Stetson Auditorium
Final Community Sing Is Held
The final community sing of German
town was held yesterday In Vernon Park.
John F Braun, president of the organiza
tion, made an address.
fti.i -ii . m mrum f jj
for Fords
ANOTHER Crew Levick specialty the Victor
j Fresh-Air Heater tor Fords is now ready to give
winter comfort to all Ford owners.
Every Ford owner should have a Victor Fresh-Air Heater.
First cost is full cost. It heats a metal drum underneath
the floor boards by utilizing the engine exhaust gases,
which otherwise would be wasted.
It gives ventilation with warmth is odorless? noiseless
and scorchless. No flexible tubing, no water, no burning
ckcoal,"no flame or fire.
will give every Ford owner comfort and health
all winter.
See the VICTOR Display at
Additional Marriage Licenses
Herbert Morrl. Fairmont, W. Vs., and Mary
Weaver. 1811 8. (fecll at.
Tatrlck Carlon. 641 Qlrard av. and Annl.
jfcFhUllpa. 6 Cllrard ave.
Ralph auasllan. Camden. N. J., and Mary
BockanakT. a Teeds at. ......
Morris N. dartxtt. Scranton, Fa., and Viola l
Ktnav Ill Durham at.
At Holts. 2317 S. 1th at., and Tetta Moia.
faoo a. Bth at.
UrJ. Foley. 10 E. Wl.hart at;, and Eliza.
kth C. Krouae. 1W K. Wl.hart at.
WHtlam H. Morgan, Scranton, Pa., and Mar-
aaret Laird, Camden. N. J.
XTMbael liar. Ardmore, Pa., and A. Hannon,
jJB N. 23th at.
Merman A. Wrlstit, 2410 Patton at., and Mary
rPweell. JW N. 2th at.
Howard 8. Wlleon. 143 N. Colorado t., and
Mattoolo Matbews. 1722 Iilcklneon at.
rfUam A. Held. 1118 N. Darlen '., and Alice
JTaemtnsa. 1S23 Camae at.
onaan Salsman, 27S1 Cro.kejr at., and Mar-
Sr.l Drtnn&a. nu liohw eu
nis.nn Artnldeo. 1SO0 Clarion at.
Dorailo. 33l Market at.
HiMatfi M, JIuaman. las S. Markoa at., and Oil
Oarcla. 4632 Linmore ave.
Jeneroao Tralano, fSouth Bethlehem. Pa., and
r Anna Purant. 4110 Bidaa av.
CkarM A. Calyerr. 131& Christian .t., and
ckn Leadum. IMS Chrl.tlan at.
i vimoa, Aoai itn iu, ana naaie uannon.
'ntan at.
Nut (Mi. jr.. zsza n. croekey at., ana
e laann. 1244 Sfoyamenalna: ave.
r iUaa. Hharon Kill. Pa., and Alvcrta
tmnMr 4413 A.nen at.
re vooraeea, Eiain i-arK. ra.. ana Mar
ie Mil. JOM Walnut at.
W. Cilllie. Woodcll. N. J., and Emm
1. 4I HA k
eaVworob. 448 N. rranklln at., and Mary
,r fnffHu. M.u r .i r.1 .:
Mi,ww, ...w ..,ra, 4swmi Klin
t. Kurd. New Cattle. Dei.
J OaUuher. JO2 K. Clemanllna at,.
and Oralis
Caul D'rr Bhear.r
Co., X17 N. Dread
Supplee nlddle Hard-
uare Co.. 51S Cm-
merce Street
Oeors. W. Nock Co.,
126 North 4th St.
Standard Supply &
Equipment Co.. 13th
& Cherry Street..
II. C. Robert. Elee
trlo Supply Co.,
SOS Arch Street
American Motor Club,
8800 N. Broad St.
N. Snellenburs ft Co.,
ltth & Market St..
Oro. I.. Carroll Co.,
719 N. Droad St.
or write for information direct to
Crew Levick Company, 111 North Broad St, Phila.
M ffK XZ.
EllaaWth Bendla- V E. Tloza at.
rtfwln. 3a Martin at.
Butler at., and Pearl
and Mary publn.
Gerard Book is Ready
The great big story of a big American whose
great good sense and firmness fVr the- right did
much to thwart the ambitions of Germany and
tp preserve American honor.
Jv and Molly Wat-
r.nU a7 a. a &t..
a avnal nt.
j uaioraiM. i n. om. Bi.f ana
iweiii . fe f. pioii .
April. XIUYHM. f.
11 u. rreat t.
The man who deified the Kaiser
Committee Headed by Theodore
N. Vail Pledges Support
to Help Win War
Many Organizations nnd Institutions
Represented in the
A committer of fifty prominent Ameri
cans representing; various phases of national
life was received this afternoon by Presi
dent Wllsop, to whom It pledged hearty
support for the successful prosecution of
tho war. Tho members Informed him It
was their purpose to combat Insidious and
treasonable campaigns which are being
wages from so many angles to undcrmlno
and paralyze efforts looking to effective co
ordination of the nation's forces.
The committee, of which Theodore X.
Vail, president of the American Telephone
and Telegraph Company, Is chairman. Is
nonpartisan and nonsectarlan, and Is com
posed of men and women representing labor,
manufacturing, banUlnr. traternal, airlcul.
ture and church worn, in wmuonio v
ng their support, thy offsred their sen
lets to ths President In any way he eaw
nt to utilise them. ,r . ,
W n. Wllctrx and Vance McCormlck,
ehalrmsm respectively of the Republican
and Democratic National Committees, were
In the party, together with Mrs. Robert
Lansing, representing the 'Anti-Woman a
Buffrags Association: Mrs. Carrie Chapman
Catt, of the American Women's Buffrage
Association! Frank Morrison, American
Federation of Lbcr: Dr. 11. H. Gerard,
Crawfordsvllle, Ind., representing the Na
tional Fraternal Congress of America,
Frank Mason North, New York, president
of the Federal Council Churches of Christ.
W. H. Ingersoll. New York, National Asso
elation of Advertisers; James M. "
New York, American Bankers' Association,
Alfred Marling, International Y. M. C. A.,
P. H. Callahan, Louisville, Knights of Co
lumbus; J, W. Crabtree, Denver. National
Kducatlon Association! P. J. McNamara,
Buffalo, president, Brotherhood Railroad
Firemen; Ralph M. Easley. New ork,
National Civic Federation; Dr. Cyrus Adler,
Philadelphia; Dr. Stephen Wye. New Ihrk;
Warren Stoen, Brotherhood locomotive En
gineers; Charles Barrett, Union City, Go.,
Farmers' Co-operative Union,
Suffragists to Meet November 20
A call to the forty-ninth annual conven
tion of the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage
Association, to be held In Pittsburgh, No
vember 20, has been Issued by the executive
board from the State headquarters.
Table Silver in Chests
Ourstock offers many new
and distinctive patterns of
sterling silver flatware.
Tea Spoons
Table Spoons
Dessert Spoons
Butter Spreaders
Salad Forks
Oyster Forks
Dessert Forks
Dessert Knives
Various combinations in
practical mahogany chests.
S. Kitid & Softs, 1110 Chestnut St.
The Metro style
and the
Are the agencies which
project themselves be
tween the man and the
machine and give to the
the Human Touch
of the Artist!
iHUS, it can call out of
the shadows of the past
tne genius or a departed
Beethoven and translate
it into enthralling music as in
terpreted by any of today's
greatest pianists.
The Themodist gives you the
expression, the touch, the spirit
of the pianist literally, abso
lutely; it brings out the theme as
clear as the stroke of a bell on a
desert of night silence.
Steinway Grand
The Metrostyle gives you the correct interpretation of the music. It leaves nothing
to mechanics, nothing to chance.
It IS the Artist!
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Steck or Stroud Aeolian PIANOLAS Remember at Heppe's
But do not confuse other piano-players with the Pianola!
The coal in your cellar and the diamond on your finger both are
carbon. Yet you would never think of calling a diamond coal, nor a
lump of coal a diamond!
, That, precisely, is the wide difference between the Pianola and
ordinary piano-players. Might as well compare the moon with the
sun as to confuse the Pianola with the usualmechanical imitation of it.
The Heppe Pianola line, includes the finest pianos in the world at
their prices.
The genuine Pianola is on exhibition and sale at the Heppe
Stores as follows: v
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C, J. Heppe & SdniMSSS-fi
Wttk Hlustrtlot and fac&imile reproductions of doc.
ai4ti wklch were never tatende! to see the liftht of 4ay.
ffit, Ttf PU?rM At till M&oMjth?
- I ' n-wsjjiiswBji ii mmiih.. ni I MM ... lm.wi.il mi i n,.,, i,
-ky. IN efcwk at., and Victoria
MmilK MlWa t,
f fcl.Wt
rt v. . Ajrmy. uillrttrut. Pa..
and KltimNitli
Hm Haieni
at.! 4 Ky
R-irtta. Mi
imi in 1 1 iMjjsay ii
no zia nmaiaaa
wur i-Vr HM9a9
i am aana eaaasaa

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