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fiS Wrecker of football reputations penn'S team stands in a ciASff by its
0 Quaker Eleven Rises to Fame by Smearing Slates
;. V 1 i3t"irr4-vi,fxii,U ovrl TVTiraVi i near Po'W TflP.'U'P.n
Dartmouth and Michigan Berry Kicked
Seventy-three Yards of Field Goals
rrjjTOU want an unbeaten team beaten, call upon the- beaten Penn team. As a
.'Jcjy "chaser and wrecker of football fame, the light, youthful and So-called Inex
perienced' eleven at the university on tho other bank' of tho Schuylkill Is In a
data by Itself. For tho second consccuth-o time tho Red and Blue smeared defeat
over the perfectly clean recocd of a rival Institution when Captain Miller and
his mates handed a 16-0 trimming to tho previously optimistic Michigan Wolver
ines. The host of Tot came to Franklin Field with a string of eight glorious
victories, triumphs over combinations that were supposed to bo powers In tho
gridiron world, and left with their reputation blown sky high. Dartmouth's
record waa unscathed until It was blotted by tho Quaker lighters. Stopping two
unbeaten elevens within the short space of eight November days Is a now mark
for football teams in tho East for this season; but that was not all that tho men
of Penn accomplished
The triumph over tho much-touted Wolverines raised tho Rod and Blue from
a position eomewhat low In things football, said position being duo mainly to tho
disaster at Atlanta on October 6, to a post that Is only a few notches below tho
Heisman Georgia Tech stand and tho heights attained by the wonders of Glonn
Warner. Out of a squad that embraced only a few veterans and a hordo of green
and, light players, Bob U'olwell and his ablo assistants havo developed an eleven
that would not suffer In comparison with tho best In the universe
' The victory which the Quakers wrung from tho Green, of Dartmouth, so com
plettly demoralized the New Knglandcrs that they woro easy victims for Tufts
by tho lop-sided score of 27 to 0, and now It would not be surprising at all to see
Northwestern blow out Michigan's light of brilliancy In tho West when tho two
leVeh's. meet next Saturday. It took l'enn totno time to find Its real strength
iter the Georgia whipping, and tho same may be the case with Yost's beaten
nd weary Mlchtgandera.
) ,
rThlTERB: nas been considerable talk about another game between Penn
" and , Georgia Tech to show the southerners what a real northern
, f -eleven Is when developed properly, but unless tho faculty, at the University
'"changes 'its collective mind no post-season contest will be staged. The
matter has beon brought up beforo tho Athletic Council, but was squashed
Immediately by the professors.
v Berry Beat Own Field Goal Record Against Michigan
HOWARD BERRY, master in Held goal kicking, beat his own record at goals
from the field when he booted three and thus made possible the splendid
victory over tho Wolverines. Berry's best previous effort has been two in ono
game, but threo in one contest hangs up a new record for tho marvelous Rod
and Blue fullback. Ills first goal was from tho 30-yard lino, his second from the
87-yard mark and and his third fiom tho lC-yard line, all of which makes sevonty
three yards of field goals In one day.
Never before has Berry been so calm and collected as he was against tho Ann
Arbor aggregation. Usually tho famous athleto Is so nervous in a gamo that ho
knows little of what Is going on, but on Saturday he was master of all situa
tions. When ho attempted a field goal ho took his own sweet time arranging tho
halfbacks In tho positions that would glvo him tho greatest protection. When ho
received the ball from Alex- Wray he deliberately stood stock still and twisted tho
ball until he had It in tho right position, and then ho let it go. Tivo times ho tried
to add three points to Pcnn's total through tho medium of his educated too, and
n'the two times that he failed In his effort ho waa so closo that tho students
were 'fooled into. believing that ho had succeeded.
Berry's ton points of sixteen tallied by tho Quakers brought his total for tho
eason up to seventy-three, more than twice the number of points credited to him
last year. In their nine games this year, tho Red and Blue warriors have amassed
total of 182 points, so that Berry's ability can bo rated as almost ono-half of
the Penn attack. But Bcrrj's value docs not end with tho number of counters he
fjfablo to score. It must be remembered that his punting goes a long way toward
fteeplng tho ball in enemy territory. Not once this year has a rival been able to
rriutkick Folwell'a fullback.
' TF BERRY deserved an AH-Amerlcan berth last ear, when ho scored
only thirty-two points and played less than half of tho season, ho surely
should bo placed on the mythical eleven this year, when he has counted
moro than doublo tho number of points.
' Two Gulps of Water Responsible for Penn Touchdown
TWriTQHELL. CLEARY is one of tho bdst two-hand drinkers on tho Penn squad.
" Fear not. wo mean only that the Quaker guard would rather drink pure, clean
water than eat. The sentenco was not meant to convey tho thought that the "fat
boy" touches alcoholic beverages; In fact, tho reverse Is the truth.. But to get
back to tho story. If thero Is ono thing that Mitch desires most In a gridiron gamo
It Is a long, tall glass of water, and ho feels that ho can play better if he has a fow
gulps under his belt.
, Whenever ho thinks the coaches aren't looking ho is over at the water-bucket.
Folnoll and Doctor Wharton aro "riding" him continually because of his thirst,
but ho claims that It was two gulps sucked from tho spongo that gavo him the
extnrpep to block Wicman's punt and recover tho ball back of tho goal lino for
tho lono Penn touchdown.
Shortly beforo Clcary scored time was called, and ho Immediately cantered over
(o the water-bucket. Ho grabbed the spongo and mado bellovo ho was wiping his
facer buC in reality ho was sucking In the cooling drink. It was poor camouflage,
however, for he was caught by both Folwell and Doctor Hancock. "Look at him,"
aid Folwell aa he nudged Doctor Hancock, "sneaking In some water. I havo a
bunch he's going to do something now." Folwell'a hunch came through.
t ...
i"VNE'mlght suggest that Cleary be served all the water he wants during
v a game, but enough Is enough and too much would bervo to ruin him
for further competition. Cleary will bo watched closely hereafter, but ho
probably will be allowed to get away with It occasionally.
Every Penn Game Brings More Credit to Doctor Wharton
TjlVERY Penn victory Is a personal triumph for Dr. Charles M. Wharton, known
- better to tho fans of twenty years ago a3 Buck Wharton, tho famous guard,
vrho is.naw the tutor of ,the Red and Blu.o first defenso. Doctor Wharton came to
"Penn thli "year ttvo days befora-tho Pitt game, and the development In tho Quaker
line since that time haa been remarkable, "Tie Penn linemen reached their top
form againBt Michigan, and the fact 'that only two first downs, wero mado by tho
wearers of the Maize and Blue Is a splendid tribute to the coaching ability of tho
Delaware Senator.
Bert Bell played the best game of his football career Vgalnst tho Wolverines,
nd let it be known that there aro few field generals in the country who can com'
pare favorably wlfli- tho l'enn quarterback. Bert mixed his plays well and drovo
the team, from tho, start until he" was so weak that he requested Captain Miller
to send,hlm to Xho sidelines lato In the fourth period. Another chap who deserves
heap of praise is Hobart Light, ono of tho best defensive players Pennsylvania
has had In tho last decade. This 'is Iloboy's senior year In the Dental School, and
unless .the course la changed to four years' duration ho will graduato in June,
which., will make him Ineligible for the team next falL Any man holding a colloge
degree la barred from Bed and Blue athletics, In accordance with a rulo that was
passed two years ago. ,
t ". ' '
nTOB:4taqallflcUo of Weaion Is tho only thing to 'regret about the
Michigan, game, for It. glvoa the Westerners an alibi. However, no one
W.S? blamed but young Mr, Weston himself, and Referee Tufts took the
right course when he ordered him to the sidelines for roughing It up with
Miller and Btraus.
Bouts at New York Club Under Membership System
THE first bouts' held In New York sln'bo the Frawley law died the middle of last
week" w re conducted at. the Broadwav Rnnrtlntr rinh nn Ratm-rio.- ni..k.
' "Everything ran off as scheduled and the vollco stationed at tho ringside did not
Interfere In any way, but to bo on tho safe side they issued summonses for tho
s promoter to appear In court today. This will put the question up to tho courts
and relieve thrpollce of having to decide1 tho Issue. Governor Whitman has stated
Vjiy. " that he wjll.not object' to legitimate clubs holding shows and the manner in which
tho Broadway people conducted affairs Is 'in' their favor."
r The club made, noimlstakes. ' Every man who pntrrod h nn v,a .,
.u.lj.i1w Mmlliul Bl a marnW T' AAA 'nn( 4a n vmavaI.. n.t1. .. -a .. . m.
, tuuoij v...w..- - .. .....-.. . w.u uu uu ,v moo, wain UJJ Ul WIO IttBl
s -; Jijsfvifc mm ;. w vj m... ... wuo u vdu.i.u t cmucr "H Wlw Epuv. XllCy
turned away 1500 of just such would-be members.
" This was the plan; You called on the club officials during the week as had
i keen requested during their last few shows uiyjer the Frawley law. You made out
a application for membership and, paid a dollar as your Initiation fee. You then
'" received a card which entitled you to the.privlleees of the club and its gymnasium.
. ,Ani gymnasium Is right, for tho Brpadway Club has one fully equipped that is as
, large, as some 'booting arenas.
this, membership card and
your reservation, which Is
r ' y"fy fit
WM I1 Jj'lP'l, -J. in. I V I you. cam -rtevj Me. ,LL
Mwiii if -M "--Sg-nA MM." -0OS1PI ,51,0 w yUM if'
1 Treasure. m"- '"' 1
WMJ2 rpJI98i
Critic Rice Would Favor Hinkey and Shevlln, rf
laie, as iwo rest nu& in Answer to
Query From Reader
When God's Republic Goch lo War
In God's Republic blooms the rose, und little children play
The fairest, freest, largest land in (til the world todny.
So let it be; let thrones go down, let hinffs find endless sleep
Oh men cuirf masters, mag we well our ancient altars keep) '
Hut not for Us the coward's part, the peace that sluus the soul
While hungrily o'er helpless hornet the whech of murder roll'
From Poland's ruined firesides, from Helgium's blasted farms '
They call to God's Republic, and the ansv;er ii "To arms!''
H'fcit God's Republic-goes to war, a whispered cypher runs
From Chesapeake to I'uget Sound for her ten million sons.
Tlicg rouse the countryside at last, they waka the hills forlorn-
Hehind them, undefeated, vast, the Armies of the Corn. '
Oh'vien and musters, brothers all, and sisters oversea.
This be our righteous, co'mmon cause, to rt the whole world Irev
Let despots call on God for aid. profanina cloisters dim,
3ut God's Republic, vnafraid, stands forth and fights for Himl
iiifw.ii.ii HUIW HILLYER,
Mountaineers Score Third Victory Over Old Rivals
in 18 Years at Fairmont, W. Va. Metzger's
Forward-Pass Attack Not Used Enough
.L "$ .-iSSBF ASH
ON OCTOBER 13, 1917, the West Vir
ginia Unhersity football team stepped
Into the limelight when It defeated tho
strong Navy aggregation by tho score of
7 to 0 and handed Gllmore Doble his first
trouncing In telo
cars. It was u
notable lctory for
tho Mountaineers
und placed them in
the front lank of
eastern elccni this
reason. Last Satui
Jay In Fairmont,
W. Va.. West Vir
ginia sprang an
Ulier surprise by
valloplng Washing-
on and Jefferson
liy the scoro of 7
:o 0, thus hanging
nothor scalo on
Is bolt Those
two victories mean
inly ono thing
tthen tho dope H
looked over carr
nour.KT MAXWELL, fuyi West Vlr.
glnla UnUcrstty has a very good football
team this year.
Karl In the Feaon Pittsburgh triumphed
by the count of II to 9 after ono of tho
hardest battle fer fought In Morgantown.
Pitt scored in the first half, but West Vir
ginia came back strong and had the Pan
thers on the run whrn tho linal whistle
blew. After that game the team began to
travel all ocr the country. Dartmouth
wis placed at Hanover, N. H., and tho
Green won by the scoro of 6 to 2. Thoxo
two defeats are the only marks on a bril
liant record. The contest with ItutgerF
resulted In a 7-to-7 tie, which was good
considering the hard schedule which went
before. Tho past was forgotten, however,
when Washington and Jefferson took the
count, for thin was the ono game on the
schedule they wanted to win.
Two Excellent Players
West Virginia boasts of two excellent
players in Ualley, the captain and center,
and Kodgers. tho giant fullback. These
two athletes are as good as any In the
country and aided their team considerably
in scoring the U.t)ry, which was the third
over their ancient rivals In eighteen years.
Bailey's defenahe play was wonderful and
Rodgers starred on the attack He got
away for several long runs, nnd In addition
to that hurled tne Dan wen on lorwaru
passes. I.ent7., Ilarrlck and Mills also
played well.
The game was close and exciting and tho
score showed tho relative strength of the
teams. West Virginia should linve won,
but It required the hardest kind of work
In tho first period tho Mountaineers worked
the ball down to tho 3-jard line, whero
Lewis, tho quarterback, used poor judg
ment in sending Bodgers Into tho lino four
straight times. The W, and J. lino was
waiting for this attack, and on tho fourth
down the ball was lost when only six
Inches from the goaf line.
In the second period, however, different
tactics were used and they turned out to
bo stircessful A long run by tndeers fol
lowed by n forward p.s pi iced the ball on
tho 3-ard line Three smashes Into the
line netted two ymds and on the fourth
down Itodeers hurled the ball to King, who
caught It behind Hip goal lino for a touch
down. W. and J. Looks Good
Washington and Jefleron has n peculiar
team this yar It looks good even In de
feat, which Is something strange these days
Thero Is power In tho nttack nnd th de
fense Is superb. The lino p'ays well, as
was shown when liodsers was h Id on the
goal line lart Saturday nnd the mighty Mc
Laren turned back In I'ltt'burgh the week
btfore. A Una that can turn b-ick those
catapults In worthy of j-pTlal mention Hut
tho attack peems to be tatber titnld Th"
plays pain ground, but thry seldom crj
uvl For eani!le. cery forward piss i
hurled to Tresel, the end, was successful, i
but this play was tried only four or flv
times. The aerial attack was very good
ond many opportunities wero lost through
tho failure to uso it.
In the fourth period W, and .1 had a
chance to score, but the breaks nf the
game went against It. Tress 1 cuight i
fotwnrd'iass on tho 4-yard line for a first
down it looked like a certain touchdown,
but on the cry tlrst play the ball was
pasd high to McCrelght ami It ctruck
him on tha thet Tho oal bounced over
tho goal line, whfro It was recovered by
a Wet Virginian for a touchback That was
the iat chance Metzger's men had to put the
ball oer
Walilrgton nnd Jefferson's great pair of
ends, Treel nnd r"ir7o' agiln stnrred. and
their woik was one of the features They
are good ticklers, cin smash Interference,
nnd Trcc Is one of the best men I hae
eer seen at catching tho forward pas
Henry, at tackle paod a wonderful gimo.
Mopping crthlng directed at him and
making many tackles behind tho line This
joung man weighs 230 pounds, but Is ery
fast. Mo looks llko tho best tacklo In tho
Hast this season.
Rodgers a Sensation
But Rodgers pulled most of the sensa
tional stuff He played here against Penn
last year and showed what he could do
and no doubt Is remembered by some of
tho fans. On Saturday, howeer, ho did
not tear through, the line as of yore, but
mado most of his gains on 'ong" end runs
Ho Is a hard man to tackle, for ho knows
how to use the stiff nrm and Is a ceer
dodger. He would start toward one end,
nnd when he paw tho way blocked would
suddenly turn and dash through tho center
of tho line Ho stops suddenly, stiffens his
legs nnd seems to throw off the tackleis
with little dlfllculty. His stylo Is al' his
own, but In a way resembles Walter Kck
ersoll's work when he was tho world's great
est quarterback
Thero are three good football teams In
the western part of the State this year and
they are playing about the classiest game
In tho country. Pitt, Washington nnd Jef
ferson and West Virginia have fine teams
and can glvo any eleven in the country a
hard tuss'e
L " ' i On,th(p!ght'oca,flat!j entertainment you present
Eif. jMr'atlth time of presentation, the amount asked for
gVpNMHMjIlM to your profclm?fytty W,"
Omar Khayyam May Con
test Against War Cloud
and Tippety Witchet
BALTIMOnn. Nov. 19.
James O'Hara, manager of the Bowie
track, Is trying to arrange a race which will
bring together Omar Khayyam, War Cloud
nnd Tlpplty Witchet during the eleven days
meeting whleh begins today. He will offer
..I- ,,... fnr n contest between this trio
of crack youngsters at a mile or a mile and
a furlong, the distance of the race to be
decided by the owners of the horses. The
weights to be carried wl I be settled by a
handicap! the schedule of which will be
framed by three officials of tho course.
The object is to give all the three-year-olds
an equitable chance to win the rrtonoy.
Omar Khayyam Is unquestionably the btst
coU of this trio at even weights, but by
conceding 'War Cloud and Tlpplty Witch, t
Cor twenty pounds-the tentathe
,cale selected these horses will be ah e
in make Omar Khayyam do his best to de
f?rfiem. mr Cloud and Tlpplty Witchet
are at the height of their form at the pres
ent time and it is thought that a meeting
between these colts will attract a bljf crowd
during one of the days of the roeetlnr.
Lay-Off Wm Appreciate
, The Are day vacation fceeween the close
ping of horses from ono track to another
in Maryland In order to ship the thorough,
breds from Plmllco and Laurel to Bowie
horsemen hao been put to no end of
trouble Moving ans hae been called
upon to tiausfer the horses.
Many owners have een walked their
horses from Plmllco to Bowie. TIiIh Ken-
eral exodus has taken place during the lay
oft and as a result the stables at Bowie
are now 11 led with horses ready to race on
opening day. if Bowie had opened on
Wednesday, as scheduled, there would havo
been a scarcity of thoroughbreds at the
track. This condition has been eliminated
during the enforced vacation.
Many Improvements
Many Improvements hae been made at
tho Bowie track Blnce last spring. Race
goers will find the mutuel pjiint. which Is
under the supervision of Mortimer Ma
honey, able to accommodate all of the de
mands of the betting contingent. Nyv sell
ing booths and cashiers' boxes hae been
Vardon, Taylor "and Braid
FOR twenty years three men hao stood
pre-eminent In British professional golf,
and In the twenty open championships of
that period Vardon has won tho tltlo six
times and Braid und Taylor flvo each, leav
ing only four cham
pionships to bo dl
lded among all
tho other placrs-.
Tho wholo golfing
world acknowledges
their supremacy,
and most of us
hao read their
books on how to
play golf with more
or less adantagc.
We hao grasped
eagerly at every
ciumb of knowledge
that fell from their
table, but tho fact
that each one of
tho trlum Irate
has'n markedly dif
ferent st le of play
has puzzled us as
to thelt arjlng
1 suppose that Vardon may be called tho
most graceful golfer In Vhe world His
game Is a pronouncedly rythmical one
and he stands for some of tho greatest
things In Rulf Several Important golf
Ideas arc associated with his name. Thero
Is the famous Vardon grip thnt allows the
little finger of the right hand to rest on
the second knuckle of the first tinker of
the left hand by overlapping Then, too, I
think that It was Vardon who Introduced
the upright swing. Thee however, aro
carlly understood peculiarities, but his
whole gamo Is chiefly charade! tzed by easo
and giace of movement.
Taylor's Came Effective
Tayloi, on the other hard, has thick
muscle nnd his stroke U a short, solid,
fiercely delivered blow. His game Is much
less pleaMng to tho eye, but he manages to
get there effectively. Ho credits most of hl.s
success to his m ishle plnv, and it is a fact
that no one can play the approach shot
better than he Li 1100 ho nnd Vardon
toured the United Plate.) and for a long time
afterwards Taylor mo dues wuo thicker In
this country thin 'autumn leaves In Vol-Icmliro-a
" it v.nuiil lie liu lu ting to know
whether this olebr.i'id exponent of the
mashle -hot ha taken ip tho new "Stopum '
club. I should like to sic how he plays it.
I think that almost any good mashie player
lould pliy this club well, aid It seems n
necessity in these days of raster shotsi and
well-trapped greens
Braid is still another tvpe of man nnd
golfer, tall, more than six feet, blg-boncd
and muscled. Ho ranks welt with tho other
two big golfers, but his gamd long fell
short of his ambition because his milium
was so atrociously poor. There Is a storty
told about that veiy pin of his game, it
Is said that after ye.irs.of thu worst pos
sible putting lie woko ono morning feeling
that he could putt, found that he could, and
1 has been plain sailing for him ever since.
Rraid Longest Driver
Braid Is the only one of the big
triumvirate who has never been to this coun
try, and having seen him cross the British
Channel I understand the reason why.
Braid is perhaps the longest driver of
tho three ; Vardon gets thero easiest.
These men represent the highest type of
golf players in the world, for tho Brltlrh
open championship Is really the- world'l
championship. Massy, the leidlng French
professional, broke Info It for a short time,
but the three big Britishers usually hold It
securely. No American has ever been In
the money.
Thero Is an encouraging les'on for all
'o'fer In the study of tlif gamot f,f he
Bie.it plnjers. They show th.it i.o one
ulivelque Is particular!) suited to golf; there
must bo .adaptation of strokes to different
physique i, Hach man must find his own.
For the Last Time
THHSn nre extremely sensitive day
Any half-statement seems to be carried
further out to the most pessimistic con
clusion. Our humble statement decrying
any championship because one college may
not havo sent as many football veterans
to tho Fcrvlco as some rival has sent has
brought forth more than ono loud roar.
It was not our Idea to impugn the patriotism
of any college, for the colleges In bulk
and in particular have done a record work
In this war.
But here Is a fact that no one can hurdle
a college eleven that has returned four
or five or six veterans, from whatsoever
worthy and reputablo cause, doesn't come
Into fair competition with others who have
sent virtually every veteran to the etervlco
and who have no nucleus to start with.
Therefore no champlonshl-i Is In order. If
this logic doesn't stand, we glvo It up.
Holding On
"Has England," writes a reader, "main
tained any competitions through tho war
paralleling our major leagues?" ,.
Not that we know of. But, after three
years of war, Canada, with Toronto and
Montreal in tho International League, still
carries on. And Canada's war record Is
ono of tho world's greatest achievements
since Time began Its first drift on through
niMCanirbril might rail for exlwW J
Fight pine stopped in Ne
The End Vote
"Having picked Thori e, Coy, Hcston nnd
Kckeisall as the four greatest backR,"
writes (5 L It. "what Is yom vote on the
two best ends?"
rive of tin best Include Shevlln. Hinkey
and KUpntrlck, of Yale; Snow, of Michigan,
and Campbell, of Haivard
Picking two men from tills allotment .Is
hardir than picking four backs from the
entire whirl. The majority of votes eem
to favor Hinkey and Shevlln, but the esti
mate Is a tr'lle be)ond our limited range
Howsoever. Hinkey and Shevlln will do welt
enough. Whether the) could have out
pla)cd Snow and Campbell or Kirkpatrlck
there Is still enough flEhllng here tMifi
for New York's deficit lmn WM "M
From the West
Sir While giving Outmet tsi OoaJ
nil needed credit for thi.lp ism .Z?3
mentK, don't forget that Evans t4n2
ntr defeated Oulmet and Tnveri itn2'
In 1915. It Is needless to u thlTr2
Is well above Guilford, makini ' thZ
team. I'dellkn in h.. . i.,.??W
fcvans and Gardner arjalmt OutafTJ
Guilford over any neutral nnru
h. r,
As sreat a team as Evans ind Que
were and still wojld be. th. om j
1917 Is a different golfer from the ObIm
of 1915. In that match he fiturM taVg
two holes, being far below his normal for
i Dack of the Lines
Pack of the llne, the battle jloio
rttm. wc know;
Hack nf the lines there's no tcild cXortl
Xor a red harraae;
nut jor an of that, thcri's a jau U I
trait y
A mighty panic in thr ttnthtlltd gtUt,
Of "ciirrving on" with all joh'v jot,'
Of tossing your ante Into tht not.
Of keeping faith, while the sXMer tcUte
nacK o the I'ne.
Pack of the lines the battle UiM
Kioics io mad fight:
Hack of the linrs t:.zrt's no kiat stand
In .Vo .Van's .and
But for all of that, tticre'i n IHttt SV
With its call on iirrrr mul the sold afrmi,
Trr.'c'x a job ,it hnml If uc hope to leh,
To stainl the gaff till the score fomritn.
Of lulplnp oil. ichilc the irrnl. Jieart tcMui
Hurl; of the Unci,
It took tin- world ten ears or lotpr
to trim Napoleon But )ou may recall, vitt
all bis early start, where Napoleon to ;
; ai
" tt
',it n
Vi ti
i l-t
y t
j; .
Hfvnral teams In arloua lamics hav failed
to win a gamo so far tlila seanon.
Tho Middle Wist tourney In In nrocHFi in
.Hoims u nan aiirncira n me men
48.1 einxlo:, the rrlzo
tntrns 'J J A dojW jnd
momy totiinj, jM'Ihi,
Th Inc.tl tourntnuntH continue close!) i-n
testPiI nnd It U diffVutt to predict the oufcom'.
In HCAtrHl of the circuits u tdnelv scrita will
rausu a biff upheaMil,
Wampole In le inline th Vrus Leavun with
thlrttcn Ictorla out of etKhtcen Karnes, n
MlnKlo Kinie ahtfld of the Kckman H'.uftd,
Three of th ten teams In the Amrlcan Icp
Company tourney are t(o for flrst place, each
huWnK won twelvn and lost hIx Katntn. Threv
tefiins are in a tin fur fourth position only two
uhitkh behind.
Journal l'rrn iv th- Curtis T.etii;un with
fourteen triumphn In iiKl.tn earned It la a
slnsln nme lu adne. if Knirravln?
.TeliKIntown i tli t In tV KejHtoMt M-i V)
tourmy h.i in? un ten k.iikk out of ilftnti.
Three trams nn .l for s cond pl.tce two
R.imcs In tho reur
The lVnnn)!anU ltallroad qiMntet i th"
picu-KCtter In the Phllndelphla l..it.ti, it h
won thirteen Kamca and lost rte. Threcj teama
am tl for Fecund place, three gamin hehind
the railroad nquad, but han rolled a strica leaa
than the leaders.
Budd Manufacturing und Western Electrtr
teams ap een at fourteen lctorlea and four
reversea In the Industrie I-eaRue. Sprln Oar-d-n
tops tho l O I hi rles.
Tenm I la ahead In tho women's section ot
the rrotldent Mf- A A tourney. TKeVbiW
w(n nlKo out oi ten Kiunt-s.
The Artisan an
llartram is ilret in
h ntntr -in crriflnf TIM. -
and twu trims art w
In tlm It and sections In th fonnr,
xd 1 ni.il Viirihu out. rn n HFit dlaflXtH
Villi nine win nrul ihno Meat fwh k
. C dlvlFlon I. hUli No. S and Glriird trt B
nlth ten trlumplif nwl two delfun.
Wvndham Ii th" bet flie-man tim M far k .
tho Quaker City matchfii.
Tci.n tnriB the Petroleum tourner. Con B;
rlmnce 1, u.la the Uink Lfaan;. '''IJof'V?;
Lanainn Monotype I.cnBue Mr """.w ,B ;
.,, rn.i.,.nx. invii. i:ntirpr!i' ahowi ra
way In the l'hllatl-lrhlo.ma'U' "anHa r wa
lMin Mutunl Is llrat In tlio Trunt r.J Inwnwv
llnm.,nj. Men'., Huh Ii n wraa la ;
oi wninx ipo i -rju m nv - - -
.. . . . .,... ti.d. mii. nf tha Macfc, .
no in inn' ' '.- "';, " fwMrl '
I.C..KU.-, I in Ms- won i-lv een mtj o't'" I
101 for twentl-onn Ullnrr. II. 'lJif
oier the creatert number of rln In ; "i
r.niutlun In h Klncle c.im, Wa acora bf.M
Ala.Ur rolU.l tli hlgh-at nrea immw. j.
fnlon I.eas-un la aheail afijr tj nt
of tho interelu'. tniirn. y n .; r
rour-ronaecutlve-came acore with .".?
lirook White team nf thre. men MJ ujj
.iiJ.,..m .iiul. (100. aM tha iamo
tlon linoeke1 down the moat ring law g3fJ
totuims 'JIM. Whitlnc la hfah aiafap waw
ltli ISO for twenty camea. . J8
Mild and
full flavored
"Every major league club carried too
many pitchers tills year," says James C.
Putin, owner of the Clevelands. "Sx pitch
era are enough for any blir Icaguo man
ager. A ball club gets the best results when
the manager worlis four good pitchers In
rotation and holds two In reserve."
Dunn favors a player limit of twenty
men. Including six pitchers, three catchers,
nix InflelderB and possibly five outfielders
He also Is prepared to cast the Cleveland
club's vote for u schedule of HO games In
1918. It Is generally belloed that the
major, Ungues will not exceed a twenty-two
player limit ,
AmJvB11 FUim-.TPH
SAX FHANCISCO, Nov. 19. Deutsch
land, -well known In the Barnry Schrelber
racing string: DIvlna, Silver Line and Fraz
zle, threo mares that were raced at Emery
vlllo In tho old days, and ten other head
havo been sold to Mrs. Walter McFarlane,
of Honolulu, who li about to organize n
breeilitur establishment.
neorgo Herry. tho well-known trainer,
who hai been acting for George Wlngfleld,
returned recently from the Islands, where
he negotiated the tale to Mrt. 'jtcKnrlane.
Berry tool: the string of fourteen with him
to Honolulu.
First Baseman in Navy
INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. It) Jack Lary. flrat
haaeman with th charoplonahlp Indlanapolla
Club, haa enllated. Lrary t.lfjraphad Jack
Hendrlcka. manaeer of tha club, that ha had
enllatfd In th navy aa a yeoman at Wattham,
Mm., bla home.
OLYMPIA A. A. ,'!? ".&?&?,
Pat.Sljnly ?a Coudle Welih
Jlmmlr Knfffrtr t. Joe Mrndrll
!'k.K,.'Krf Tommy llotaii
Cburlrr (Ivld) Tlionian , Hnrry llojl.
Geo. Chaney vi. Johnny" Dundee
3j. Kaa. We. 7"r. Ar.ni tl, HI.80 Inr. war lav
SUITS $ifso
- V Af ,-V.V
W ?TS.
l9T&rS?wFPie '"r, M
mvAinw'z-' i
UME!iimmXjL2ALl r7."i
W - I

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