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Effort to Furnish Supplies to
Ten Thousand Members to
Be Called to Arms
Tho comfort kit committee cf tho war
advisory board of tho Stata Camp and
tho Stats executive) committee, P. O. S. A.,
In official relations have- decided upon what
they deem Is tho proper comfort hit for
Christmas to send to the boys in tho service.
It will consist of ten bags of smoking
tobacco pins, chewing Bum, tho Camp News
and wveral other needed articles. Colonel
William TV. Schank and Commander-in-Chief
Horace V. MacFadyen wero In conference-
In Now Tork for threo days trying
tn meet tho situation In hand. Tho proposi
tion of supplying 10,000 members of tho
order In tho scrvlco with this comfcrt kit
Is a big one, and Is being handlod in ac
cordance with tho plans of tho war beard.
These two military men of the Pons of.
America, were In touch with State ciid head
quarters, and the Statu secretary In direct
teach with tho members of . "'-' "f"!
tlv committee, and a estlsfartory -irrsnco-mint
wT. i agreed upon. With the appro v ,a I of
the ottlclal board. Colonel Sohank ?n,1 'nc,rha'
MacFadyen proceeded immediately to ordcrtho
necessary supplies to forward to tho ,
France. Tim address committee, of which thy
Stat, secretary Is chairman, will Proceed "J
once to furnish the necessary ?;" -,,r
raent. Tho correct addresses of nil the enlisted
men aro being compiled, tho chairman of tho
subordinate camp address commltu e fnrwa rdlns
tho changes to tho Htate secretary, when it hoy
aro entered on tho forms tor that purpose.
Tho seltree. , committee. I" 1d!"nnf'S; "i'
chairman, consists or O'car "jlm. of Rend
ing: Colonol James Iloyt. of Philadelphia; Orion
Swlnehart. of Pottstovvn; J. W. Harper, stale
vlei preslaent. of Cheater. P. W. Msgredy. of
Mount Carmel, and n. 13. Devv.xlt. of Shlrpene.
burs. Tho soldiers- comfort committee ronslsts.
In addition to Hrothers Schank and Maclndvrn.
if tho followlnir named brothers: K. A. nil.
of Aahlev: Ixmls I. Stece, of l'hltadclphla;
CharlS H Iavl. of PMUdeloMa: Herman
Miller. rat Stftto president, of I"ton: tharles
Cleeland. of Scranton; A. 11. Dai,n?rt't,"f
Pltt.tcn: Howard Aiken, of 1'u,,,0,,,',",,,,1m"
cord-r-ln. Chief 1!arrV Cumberland of Philadel
phia: William W. nobst, of Uinaford, and U.
John Boyd, of Philadelphia
Th Camp Nowa. tho official orpan of thy
rder. Is out In fine form for November, ond
eontaleo much lnteremine data and Informa
tion. Tho followlne Item appears on the edi
torial ra: "The l'cnnylvanla State ramp
headquarters, located nt 1317 "iorth llroad
street, Ililladolphlo. Is umUri-olriir marked
chnr-s In outward appoaranre. A lario pronzo
tablet sign, properly Inscribed, has twen placed
btwoen tho downstairs windows, while acrosi
tho entire front of the bultdlnR. at the third
floor, a huse electric sign Is In course nf rree
tlon. which, when nnl-hed. wtll reid: T. O. B.
of A. State Camp Iteadqu-irters." Onu thlni
mora la necessary to complete tho outside
appearance or mo nuuainK n nuew fn. n
denotlnit tho number of brethren who aro In
tho service. We hopo the executive committee
will act upon thlB suzsestlon."
Tho State executive committee of the State
camp has been conslderlnr tho pronos'tlen of a
service flair nnd new- Amerlenn tlssrs for Uio
front of the state cimp hendnunrters. and
eomo artlon will bo taken soon which Is t
ported to meet the approval of the entire
Aetlvltv t tho adopted "lojtee nf fie rlKhth
district this year Camp No SSI passed mo
tion asUinre perml'ilon of th. Stnto .xecutlve
rommltteo to mrse with ("imp No It'll as a
step toward proa-res of beneut to both ramps.
Ttrothers J. I.evv. Arthur TrderlrU nnd Wil
liam DoaIs constitute the rommltteo of nrrnmro
ments from Camp No. 33. Itrothera J. Carey.
Elwood Sehults and Arthur Urown nro tho
members of tho committee from Camp No 8SS.
Camp No. RSI and Camp No. 39 met In tho
erond quoit contest tn the hall of Camp No.
880. Twentieth and Oxrord streets, whlrh. nfter
a spirited round of eleven Ratnes. resulted In
a victory for Camp No 3.0. This makes tho
contest a tie. nnd means that the two c-mps
will a-o at It nealn tonight In the hall of Camp
No. 88n. The members of Camp No f33 teams
were Brothers Harry Dnnltelherrer. M I.
Cramer. Frank Schroeder, David Hlchlsnd nnd
diaries t Solbv. Those rompostnc Camp No
SS team were Ttrothers Thomas MItler. J, I..
Wllaon and William Youne.
Camp No. 478 bad an excellent smoker and
snpper. Tho music was splendidly rend-red by
the followlne' brothers who nro membrn of
Camp No. 47K's strtni- tmnd n. r llrown,
Itussell Itosenberr, WMltnin nn.l IT Rhelner
r7. I Iwls. Fred Dlettrlch nnd Herman
Abrams. The; entertainment rommltteo was
Chairman Karl O, Meadows, Oeorira Ilurenn.
Conrsd Voirt and Itnhert J. Kerth. George
Sprohule. who Is n clever Imitator, amused
the memhers with nntlcs In rhaslnjr poultry,
playlna: tho violin and several impersonations
of old. tlmo daneers. Next week Camp No. 47
Is solnr to Initiate a class of ten.
Tho crownlni event of the eighth 'district
for the month of November will come on Prl
day evenlne next at 2(110 Columbia avenue,
when the entire d'strlet will combine, it is ex
pected. In one of tho finest musical entertsln
ments ever n-tven In tho northwest section
of tho city There will be no charge of art.
mission, f.adles nrld eiielblo frlenJs are cor
dially Invited to attend.
The booster meeting heM hr the rrnrresstre
Ansoclitlon at tho -oomr of Camp No. 4tn wis
a crent success The room wns well "lied hv
the renres-otatlres of the cnnos of the ninth
district, nisflct President William Untemn.
Sr ts epreriiilej a tsf(ct flcp-ee Am The
speake-s wero P. S P Samuel c Wells Tresl.
jlent ShortlllTc of the nwnclatlon Brother
Ifanlon and Ptton of the executive howl Tn
the nsmo of the ninth district Ttrother Wells
presertted Tlrother Ustenun with n flno district
president's Jewel nnd the recipient mode an emo.
ttonsl speech of acceptance. Brother Itateman
has been worttlnir to mnko tho ninth one of tho
beat districts In tho city.
? Washington Camp. No. 45 of sixth end
Mamond streets has started 2000 drlie under
hs ftbto leaaemnlp of I W Penne-. the treis.
tirer of tho camp. Tho following ts n, part of
Su&5,m,.ew-e e'".1iIln'', '" ,,In- niaed to
very member of the camp:
. '.'. Cfmrnlttco of ten members has h,fn ...
lected to set as cantatna. eich captain has
jjlected a district and all tho memhers who re
la.'.Jn tn,, 5l,'rlct nra under his command
Iou V..0 ""'riort to yonr captiln every
week: nnd If necessary ho will neslst vou In
Hlon locaIlly ' any ono d'res more Informa-
"The captains will report everv week to tho
general chairman, and If It I. deemed neces.
jry special arranrements will he mad" for
tho-o seeking assistance In procuring anpllcnms
r-erv Amerlcin horn should b-ve that "nlrlt
of patriot sm Instilled In his bodv to Vo nlways
on thy alert, ready nt a moments notice to
bo at tho call of his country: thereby It becomes
our duty, as members of a band of patrlotla
brethren to tesch others who hu, not been In
touch with this fraternal spirit the live fir
pod. our country sod our freo public Instltii-
wTff'a" rafer'nVVp'rrJt.1110 hanl ot '-.!-
for membership.
fiffi CrUa W'l J'HL ""I-"'
srother In
membership of our. camp w II bo worklnV" i"
visiting z:
no week!
Prospective ndldat.m'all In
'Special degree, teams will be procured fen
il 1 tlm sru?. the. camp will make Tit e"!
rfx'txUtiwST""0- " a" wm
& Tn nstlonyl president. Prof William Jam..
fit ?'e'?"i ""T- ha. sent out bo SliowTnJ
lit ofSctal communication durinir the i. ....,?. ,n
vDir.H'0rn n. that .in.ono net gain
U r. """ no i want at least ten prooosl.
tlons In tho mm hsviev e..P. .,,-- . "Posi.
ber.. and 10 per cent increase on thi part of
:lllt?mn'',,,dh..mpIn"S.,100- - ' K1
trlct. or State camp. as.!. thiTmost SnvSJlailr
SKPS2 Li0'eiVLtR"9 memorial .nle?"for,BS&
Camps that h&vs not hitherto held such erv.
2? thh.V.s.A'TiW..t- h0V a Dl?lno s"l7o
on that date, and have airomlnent minister
preach an sppropriato memorial service and
also, see that tho. Hat of deceased nvemhie. u
S ..Jf'!"7v,'-t.-i- h? relation, of th,
"""" ; ..'v.' aui BrfS ina.i " uch hava
worUl jude u by our lore for one i no her. and
v " "-- .;-1, ,ur utpinca Brethren,
My farothren Thnntrar1rlnn -.. t.
,OB Thursday November : "" """ 5ear
V? x .'!f!r; Jc.h crr!',.0f our order throughout
M no uniieu males io noia an appropriate Thanki.
i t; aixinr service on vour meet nc night of TheV
R- ffliXlSS1'' " Tl""-"" DX Itself"!.
A I de.lro this .ervlco to bo ono of practical
. ".ieriei mu email .acnnco. I want a.
llJ2,t hm denatlon held at this Thanksgiving
t. other vocetables. none me.. ...'I"'
anil cannod roods ne ram.. .! - .!
& bf each mambsr. If tho camp has any
fttl and worthy member In .....i . .
1 toe approach of winter come, with feol
of anxiety. I want you to appoint a com-
w .. ...w . MvM.v.i.t .u wim wortny poor
' ,.ssrer mambors. and If there aro none such.
otaaiHC Ood tho more fervently and give a little
i- ssvsra and.s.nd tb sift to tb boms for aged, or
- V arahaas- hem. '
obr in Pennsylvania could remember th
s at Chalfont and member In Msrvi.nrf ....
robao' home, located at S518 Druid Hill ave-
Ciiimor a.. or wnicn tn writer bap-
a' alrector.
. oaea .saaratier giro a hi. th.nk.slvlrur
'a. no ran beat afford, and
, sm a.w m sneer voiaj..
Nominations for tho Leading Offices
in tho Various Assemblies
Northwestern Assembly had out 100 mem
bers. Tho nominations wero as follows:
Master nrtlsnn, A. J. Nicholas ; superintend
ent. Calvin II. Wood : Inspector, a C. Fulla
way nnd It. A. Scheel: recorder, II. A.
Dennyi cashier, H. I. Miller: trustee, C.
R Wclnmann (three years), C. M. r.vnns.
W. P. S. Harwell and C. U. Oroft: medical
examiners, Doctors S. I Uaron, J. II.
Lilly and C. L.. Thomas.
Tho now master artisan made a stlrrlntr
nddrcss on loyalty tc the order and a
pica 10 ma members 10 unito in a sirum.
effort to secure Northwestern's quota of
clKhtcen candidates by the ond of tho year.
Tho recorder announced that eSventeon
members had been called to tho rotors.
Eomo of whom had alroady received com
missions. Herman Meyer reported on tho athletlo
carnival held nt Itcrreatlon Center Play
ground's flno gymnasium, which was such
a hues success that the event will very
lllcely bo repeated toon.
Tho entertainment consisted of progres
sive plncchlo In which Urother "Oenle"
Hyrncs was Urn smlllne winner of a beauti
ful trophy An arousing; feature of tho
evcnlni wan a debate, between Rrothers
Nicholas and Harwell on thn subject of
"Whit. Comprises n noivllnrr Team." Tho
nr-ruments presented by each sldo were
well taken nnd mado It difficult for tlio
Judpe3 tc decldo tha winner Professor
Hancock also entertained tho beys with
mythical problems and after bolnff recalled
Mvcrnl times decided It waj tlmo for tho
members to cat.
On sutrpcstlon of Drother V. J. TlTnes
It was urfrcd that each member rend a
Christmas post.il card to tho brothers at
tho front
Southwestern Assemhtv entertained a dclnri
lion from Apollo Assembly, over which Urother
James c. Marr la deputy Thero vnn a fine
turnout nnd enthusiasm rrevelled Address
were made l,v Master Artlsin J Thomas Wick
er. Superintendent William T. Wlldo. Itecorder
Trcderlck D Mercer and lldward 1). Kerk. all
or tho lttlnc nssomblr Tho followlnir mem
bers of No. 18 worn nomlnsted: Mast' r arti
san. It. Penrose Deer: superintendent. William
Scheid; Inspector William C Callnnd; recorder,
Thomas II .lohnatoni trustee, Waller 13. I-a-mondj
cnshler. Howard P. Hayes.
Southwestern m.cpted an Invitation to visit
Pennsylvania Assembly at the nec-mh-r ment
Ins and It Is tho bono of tho officers that tho
Assembly win he w ll represented. An Invita
tion has been extended to Hirtrnm Assembly to
visit Kouthwrstern on Decembfr 20. llro'her W.
Harrison Pitton Is the deputy over li.irtrum.
On motion of Urother Harry Irwin $10 ws np
proprlated to rend -tobicco to memberi of the
Asaembly In tho arrvtco of tho Government.
omniunlcitlons woro rrceived from Major W
Preston Tyler ond Se-geant Wllllim I Ilrad
ly. both members rf Southwestr rn, plvinir
fomo of their cxperlencis since leaxlng Phila
delphia A Dutch lunt-h was served
Southwestern will celebrate Its twenty-sixth
nnnlversarv on Mondav evening. November 21,
nt I,u L.U Temple by a donco nnd entertainment.
rideltty A's-mbly nttracted 110 members.
I Clifton Prown nnd Wilbur C. Clayton wero
lumairu. iiecorner itiiins. or iiarirnm As
sembly, presenting tho buttons In an address
entirely worthy of that talonted orator. Tho
following wero nominated for tho regular of
tees: Inspector, lienjimln Lurzelero and Oscir
Mowrey. Sr. ; auperlntendent I'duln I.. Gibson.
mauler nrtlsan. Arthur S MnrNsIr-. recorder,
Charles O. Simpson nnd John T. Hill tru-tre,
Oeorgo Mitchell; rncdle.il examiners, tins Wll
louKhby. ltedmond. ICurtr t'hnndler. Snlvrly
and Hermmi ejshlcr John Knfsshaefer
A motion bv Urother MacN'nlr that n service
flair be ri cured nnd dlspla'cd In a prominent
place In the nesemblv room vns pae-ned.
llesldes Ttrother Hlfglns. other visitors were
rtrothern Ki ene of Progreslvo Assemhlv. SVat
terrood, of Peuns' .vanl i Assrmbly, ond three
1 rothers from JlHrmony Assemhlv Urother A
J Glll'ncham one of Pldelitv's rhsrtcr mem
bers was pKtent the frst tlm" fcr ubout twrnitv
vrnrs. Ho Is o vet. ran In esrs hut "some"
speethmftKer Ttir ptir roast was done "to the
Queen's taste "
William Pntton Assembly made, these nomi
nations; Master nrtlsati Joseph D Morelll.
superlntrndont, Charles I. Ouerln inspectiir.
George Arthur Cottee. Richard Trotter J'tfcott:
cashier. Joseph Sammartlno: trusteo, Philip H
S. Hanp-n; medical examiner. Hrncst W Kel
sej. M. D. Tho amount of contributions to the
war fund Is encouraging. There are thirteen
memberi! In tho lervlce There was an eirncaf
consultation on plans for securing n class of
candidates for tho next meeting largo enough
to till the quotn nllottcd. Tvi applicants are
uti the list.
The chaiter m-mbors of this assembly, tho
outgrowth of Pennsylvania, will visit the
mother nssemhly tonight to nwlst In tho honors
Recorded to Mtdlc.il xam!ner-ln-Chlef ,. w
Union Assembly held an enlnvahle meeting
Samuel Olseh was nominated for master arti
san Tnr!o Walker fur ur,erlntcndnt William
I urns ror inspector Walter M Eleuburg
for cashier Samtul Wlnkworth for lecorder
nnd Doctors Swayno nnd Adorns for medical
exnmlnein. For tho position of trustee n little
contest Is on between IJrothtrs Weber. Scanlon
and Gwlnn
The Dining Club of Olrnrd Assembly enter
tained nt n chicken and waffle dinner tvvplvo
bova from the league Tslsnd Naw Yard Ad
dresses were made by Mr Woodward, of Moorca
town, who is connected with tho V. M. O. A.
work in New Jersey. Mr nichards. or tho Y.
M. C. A. nt League Taland; Director Maloney,
of St John's AH'cinMv. nnd Deputy Wes Kehr.
After n good vaudeville show each boy In uni
form received a surprise package containing
smokes, eats and other articles. Tho evenins
was declnred ona nf the best of tho kind In
Glrard's hlitory. an 1 tlrother llnrrv Jackson,
the chairman received manv complimento for
the surreiM of this novel feature night. It was
Jack Tor nlgrt Slxtv of Glr.ird'.s f iltlifut. to.
gether with Brother Pollock and Solicitor Tay
lor, were on hand.
Oak I-ipo Assembly will entertain the M. n.
officers tomorrow night and Introduce u medical
missionary, who will give nn Illustrated lecturo
on China. Tho chair officers will drill for the
Initiatory contest, and expect to carry off the
prize on oil points. Two candidates urs on
tho list,
Tho M. H. officers ro to Hnddon Assembly
tonight, hero tho yearly Initiatory contest of
this assembly Colllngswood and Haddon
Heights will corns off.
Big Enrollment In Patriotic Service
By Woman's Benefit Assocation
The Philadelphia guard held a business
meetim? at 1C28 Chestnut street to make
arrant-ements for various enpaircmcnts.
Ono new guard was considered and two
applications will bo In at tho meetlnjr this
ovcnlne In tho drill room, 814 North Broad
Supremo Chaplain Miss Burgln, of B121 nrown
street, met with a painful accident resulting in
a sprained nnklo and arm Miss Ilurgln Is
still enthusiastic nnd feels sure that the class ot
100 will becomo a reality by December 12. in
dicated by the way tho reports of applicants
are coming tn.
Petay Boss Review. Rosehlll Hall. Broad and
Betsy Roas Review, Rosehlll Hall. D afreet
and Allegheny avenue. Mrs. Geonrlna n. A. Eng.
land, commander, reports ft nleisant meetlna;
wiin nine sunscriDer to me vv it, a. patriotic
service. As aoon as tho materials aro received
from headquarters they will hold 'knlttlnir beea"
at tho home, of tho members.
Penn Treaty Review, Srhuvler's Hall, Sixth
and Diamond streets, Mrs. Louisa M. Jones,
commander, also reports a pleasant meeting with
eight signatures for the w. B. A patrlotla
survice. and they also will get busy Just ns soon
as materials aro roeetvrd, so that tho sweaters,
helmets and wristlets can ho finished before tho
cna oi me year lor mo soldiers ana sailors.
Quaker City neview. 1811" Columbia avenue,
Mrs. Carrie Poaern. commander, reports ninety
nvo membors present at their annual supper,
with three applications and two candidates ad
mitted Forty members Joined tho V. U. A.
patriotic service, wno win get to wont very
soon. Many moro are expected to Join as soon
a. they know about It. Mrs. Crouch, captain of
uniform rank, and chairman of the annual ban
quet, .poke about the banquet to bo held at tho
Grand Fraternity Building. 1020 Arch .treet, on
weanrsany evenmir lien, anu expiaineu mat tno
nan nan been set roiling ror mis banquet a 'ear
aKU. tuiMiuaii,iei .lit,,.!?, u. I iinaucipnill lie-
view; Commander Knsland, of Betsy Roas Re
view, and Commander Uvana, of Bartram Re
view, were guests of the evening. Quaker City
Review will work hard for a good number at tho
Joint rally to ba held on December 12. Eacn
member who secure, ono or moro member, for
the rally will bo Introduced to Great Commander
Mlas Iounabury as a coworker for tho HUT state
pennant and for the temple In this city.
The Grand Fraternity
Indu.trlat Branch. No. 60, of the Grand
Fraternity, win bold a tar card party this
evening to which all members and friends aro
Invited. Various prize will bo given, to thoi
securing; tho blgbe.t number ef point..
Tho Interno degree team has completed ar
rangements for a dance on Friday evsnlng. No
vember 80, In tho concert hall of tho Orand
Fraternity Building. Ticket, of admlsaslon can
ba secured by applylnr at tbe Grand Fraternity
office. 12 Arch street.
Philadelphia . Uronch. No. 4. hold an en.
thu.lastlc meeting pnThuraday evening-. Fratera
Charles Hulso and Parker Clymer entertained
the toys in a very pleasing manner. Tho mem
bership committee, composed of Fratera Hvan..
Cook son. Hugo. Gibson, Clymer. Homaher and
Kfcbauxb,. wa. In evidence and, after ad
dresses by Superintendent Drue Melxel and
Department iiuernV',ndent U. W. Melxel It rot
Steady Progress In All Sections
Establishing: Faith in Sound
ness of tho Order
Supremo neorent C. Arch Williams's
latest production la a splendid nppcal en
titled "A Person tl Word to fellow Area
nlans." Tho dilvo for C000 membors Is tho
Imortnnt paragraph of this stlrrlntr appeal.
Pino results hnvo hern obtained thus far
from union mcetlnpa held all over tho
United Stntcs and Canada, onllstlnu the
active services of nil tho leadlnp Supremo
Council olllcers as epealters. There Is a for
ward movement to securo recruits In largo
numbers all nlonftr tho lino nnd Initiations
aro now being; mailo In jrroups. Tt has been
demonstrated that recruits aro Just na easily
obtained now as over before. Twcnty-two
candidates wero Initiated In ono night In
Portland, seven In nrlde-cport, ten in Pltts
bur(h. twentv In P.llzabrth. twelve In Knn
Francisco and many others of smaller
fTottps, with several now councils ready to
bn instituted.
Pennsylvania Council, No. 1112. members and
visitors wero entertained by Pist Urgent John
Curtis, who gave nn Intcrestlnit talk on tho
hlMory of grand opera, lis origin and nd
vnnrcment in America. Urother Curtis lias
spent considerable time nn the subject, re
firrlnit had to th' (lrM performin-o given In
this country nnd showing the rillferent st.tres
of ndvancement up tn the present time The
subject whs interesting and wns ntprrelnted
by tho members nnd vlsltom Brother Curtis
wis the orronl7er nnd lor mmv veirs president
of the Philadelphia Opontlo Socletv. Brother
Nicholas nrd friends presented the council with
a sorvlco ting containing eighteen stars, rep
resenting tho number of members having en
listed Iti tho service. Three more members.
Brothers W, Trout, Harley. Jr. nrul Rcnner.
have been ndded to the hrnor roll.
Brother Uithey mado nn Interirtlng report
of tlm associated council meeting, giving an
outline of tho work planned for the ndvance
ment of the order In Philadelphia nnd vicinity
Brother Hirlev. Sr . will glvo a talk at tho
first meeting tn December. Cnptaln Darby Is
homo on n short furlough and expects to lie
Frisent nt tho next council meeting. Private
tussell Plnkerton. Nineteenth Kn-lncers. In
rranco. reports good health with plenty of
work. Vl-ltors wero P. It John Colbert, of
Phllsdelphn Council; W. Walters. Ionic, nnd
D G. it, w. I,. Young, Integrity.
t Lehigh Council. No. 3.i. of Bethlehem, will
bold an entertainment on Thursday evening
next Brother Charles It Itomloger will d -liver
tho addrew of welcome nnd Past supreme
Hegont Frank 11. Wlcktrsbnin. of Hnrrlslmrs.
will deliver tho tiddres.s of tho evening. A tine
program has been nrrnnped. Including the Bass
Clef Club: Mr. Dobaon nongs and drnccs. nnd
Mr. Shields pIsiki The management, under
tho direction of Grind Secretary Webster (.
Weiss, will mike tho affair nn nxured success.
Integrity Council held nn old fashioned mln
Rtrel entertainment nt the council hendqusrters.
Hill Columbia nvmuo. Grand Trustee v.oung,
who Ib very nctlvo in Ftartlne things In this
council, hopes for good results fiom this verv
flouslne ivnt Thcj hoiie to ruelvo thilr
nuota of tlvn mirnbirs tuwnrd tho r.UOD ilrlvu
before Dtcembdr si it H needless to state
that tbev tire doing moro than hoping
Hverv m'etlnir plirht tn Wnmlnv ,. LnnAt..i
nti.l Inter, stlnir meetim; with Guarantee fnun-rl.'-
..ovembtr 13 wan n lucicy night. In t-ultc
ot tho hoodoo dato. Brother Uolle.'tu p-esMnl
In Ins usually Ilk lent manner The lounrll
decided to do honor tn tho members following
tho colors by procuring and dibpli'itig n si rvlc
flag lit the meetings Of tho coune II. The Ilevl-
appointed D. D. G. it Dr. r' 11 Bellnf. gave,
the council an Interesting tnllt nn tompur.it vi.
rxpctiso In minngament of old lino coin), i-y nnd
frntcrnnl society Ineur.ine Tho en mel' w.is
Immense Iv stirprls.il to see n delegation of
tw ntv-dve from Phltodrlphl i coun- 1 . rter tl,.,
(hnniber, nccomp.mlid bv th. Ir ibttne team
which emplin,il tb, r'tuat !. nn imi.rtseiv,
manner upon the cindldit s Dr Belief mido
a gplmdll presentation rteech wlun the button
were prsented to the indlibites rst Itege lit
John Culbirt nited ns ugent nf the degre-e
team. Other illsttnrutslint i;ufstn present wt r
Supremo neprcscntotlvo Newton n. Itoedel jj,
p. O. II. Oeorgo W. Miller nnd Charles G.
1 rowert. Jr. After nn Interest I-ur huslnss
ncsslon progressive euchro and tdnochle games
occupied tho time of thn members and visitors
The prlro winners wore Grand Master W .1
Moklnger, Hiipreme Bepresentatlve Newton IJ.
Itoedel, Brothers Charles Tolle, Vlckery. Nlo
man and Frowert.
.l"vZr,nra .C0!'.""" mn nn Pr'ldiv evening li
Itlttenhouse itn. riftv-thlrd street nnd Haver
ford nvenue. The degree team vvns rilled Into
service nnd warned to keep m good shape for
future nppllcants fxpected for the big drive.
Arrnnlan Council will boll a procrrsslve
euchre and pinochle party on Wednesday eve.
nlns next at Cumberland Hall Germantown
nvenue nnd Cumberland street Thj first prlje
will h" a fifteen-pound turkev with manv other
valuable prlxes for both lurhro and pinochle
The wars and means rommltteo of the Asso
ciated Councils of Philadelphia nnd vicinity did
not lose nnv time In arranging for tho blr
Liberty Bond drawing The date of .Innuarv r.
has been nxe, and the limited tickets hnvo
been printed and distributed. Great results are
Thanksgiving will be more thnn nn sennnl
event with the Royal Arcanum this vear. There
Is so much to bo thankful for that tho supreme
regent urges every council to observe November
'."i by nn open meeting and nn appropriate pro
Action of the Past Chancellors' Ambu
lance Fund Committee
Owltifr tn the fnlluro of thn lodtros
throuKhotit tho county of Phllaile-Iphla to
respond oncour.-tp;nKy to tho aid of tho
Past Chancellors' Association's ambulance
fund, tho committee, at the meeting; of tlm
association held last Wednesday nlirht.
tif-recd unanimously to discontinue) the
project nnd recommended tho dlschanro of
tho committee and the return of amounts
to tho lodges that had participated, A col
lection vvns taken nmonB tho members by
P. G. CJ. Thomas Thompson nnd tho sum
of $3.19 was collected for this purpose,
P. C Charles Cooper, If. It. nnd 8.. of Co.
luinhln Lodge. No. 02. Is III nt his home. 2(W
North P.lghth street, whero ho will ha pleased
to see bis friends,
Harmony Lodre. No. 45, will entertain a
largo delegation of knlehts from Wilmington
when I.afavette Lodge. No. 1. will make Its an
nual call to eeo feome of the excellent work
dono by Harmony Iidars and alee Club. .
Pour esnulrcs for the rank of knight will
furnish the vvork for Integrity Lodge. No 4S
nt tho Castle Hall. P. C. J. Louis Oelbman.
degreo master, asks every member of the team
to be present and nlso to bring a brother
who would not otherwise attend. Tho etereop.
tlcon machine will bo used, nnd as it has proved
n success the members will be delighted that
they wero nble tn witness the work. A largo
delegation of visitors will be present, so the
team must be ready to bo on the floor at 9 13
p, m.
Aurora Lod-c No 40 confrere,- the rank of
knight upon Pdgar Tlrovcnawell, Lester Hutan
nnd Harold Peters last Friday night beforo a
well-attended meetlnir.
Thirty regularly enlisted men In tho army,
navy and murine corps form tho record of "."ui
ton Lodge, No. St. nnd yet the force of actlvo
workers was sufficient to confer the rank of
knight on three esqulrea last Thursday night.
Pytbagora. Lodge, No. 129. will confer tho
rank of page upon two candidate.. live vol
unteers to date form the record of this lodge,
whllo returns for the supremo chancellor's
CiOO.OOO war relief fund aro coming In very
P. C. John Mclflnney, representatlvs of Ban
som Lodge, No. 07, hss passed away. Alwais
active as true friend and knight, ha leaves be
hind a host of friends and admirers On l'rl
day night tbs members of the Past Chancellors'
Association viewed tho body and tendered a
letter ot condolence to hi. family.
Brigadier. General W. A. Hlllega. Is busy
gutting thn Philadelphia companies in readiness
for a consolidated Inspection. Th orders are
now In the hands of' a printer and will bo
mailed this week.
Coeur do Lion Lodge. No. 120. will confer
tho rank of paga tonight. It has invited
th past chancellors' team to confer tho rank
of knight.
South Bend, Ind., Again Claims Ameri
can "Who Fired First Shot
SOUTH nEND, Ind., Nov. 19. A letter
received hero from a former South Bend
man, now In Government service, says he
has learned nuthorltatlvely that tho "red
haired Bunner" who fired tho first Amer
ican shot In the, war was John IX. Pit
tan eon of Mrs. Albert Q. Cole, of this
cltyv Plttan enlisted here last February
and went to Franco with . PerehlniT con-
Anniversary, Kcccption and Visitations
Amonr tho Local Councils
Rescue Council, No. IB, celebrated tho
fifty-third anniversary of Its Institution by
treatlnp; the members to a turkey dinner.
Thla council, enjoylne successful exist
ence for moro than half n. century, has
always met every oblleatlon and has built
up a treasury ot moro than $16,000. Ad
dresses were mado by State Council Secre
tary Ford, Brothers F. J. Hngft and llobert
M. Hanks.
A reception was tendered to State Councilor
S. M Muchler bv Acme Council, No, 21 p, 1
I. A., a largo catherlm of tho actlvo spirits
of the western district being present, and neb
dresses were mido bv Statu Council Treasurer
A. II. Leslie, Past State Councilor Thomas K
Ashford, Jr., nnd Brothers U 11. Crick, John
Helrenrooder. J K. Dunker, A. A. Allen, A, It
McKlunon, r M. Hetrlck nnd others, l'lons
for a winter campaign wore adopted for the
furthernrco nf tho objects of the order. The
council of which Brother Muchler Is n member
presented him with a large easy chair ss n
token of honor and pride In possessing tho head
of tho order.
State Council Secretary George s. Pord. who
Is chairman of tho general executive board eif
New Jersey, New York, Virginia. District of
Columbia and Pennsylvania, visited the several
State councils nt their nnnusl sessions held re
cently nrid found thnt they wero nil In a very
flourishing condition.
A welt-nttended meeting of tho Good ef tho
Order Association was held at Avnerlra Coun
cil, Nn. no. where the Mnto vice councilor. G
M. Vans int. outlined a campaign of activity
Pi tho Interest of tho order In the cistern dis
trict. Addresses were mad' bv Past State
Councilors Harry N Solly, William II. She ne
mnn. D"nuty .state Councilors Charles, r. Bait
man, i:)ton M. Baldwin .and Brothers A II
Goebel. Wllllnm freeman. V. 3. Bngg. John It.
MrJCelvev and others.
State Counrll Secretary Oeorgo S. Pord ac
companied the Stnto councilor, S. M. Much
ler, In a nerlrs of visitations through the west
ern jnrt of the Htate Tho prire Hags as
uinl'il by the State Council for the (M-ntcst
Increns , in membership during the yenr wore
presented tn ilnto Lick Council, No M7, nnd
tn Meridian Sun Cmine'l No. f42 Address wero
mudo on both of tlies- occasions by Brothers
Muchler la-sllo nnd Tord.
State Counoll Secretary Pord attended n meet
ing of the councils of tho enuth side ut Lee
toilette Counrll. No. 442. which wis called
for tho purpose of organizing tho district Into
an association to further tho Interest of thn
councils therein Addre sjes wero made by State
Councilor Muchler. btato Council Secrotnry
Pord. Brother W A Bauer, Oeorgo It. A.
Wlllman and others nnd the mooting was very
enthuslnstlc over the suggestions for n greater
vvork in the interests of tbe order.
Stito Vice Councilor Vnnsant paid nn nfflel.il
visit to Rescue Council. No in and was ac
companied l.v Past htate Councilor Shonrman.
Stnto Council Serretnrv Pord. Brothers Prnnels
Alrey. A If Oii-he. William Treemnn. i .
Pamb.icb, II Kramer. Gm.rgo J Marlor. 1 J
Ragg and uthira
Stito Council Secrctarv ird nttend'd the
twcntlcth-slxtli nnnlvrsnry of IThlertrnvn Coun
cil, No. ns'J. which ho found In excellent con
dition nnd eloli.g i.leely. Tho h.lll was over
erovviled, manv not helm- nblo to obtain seats
Addresses wero delivered by State Council Sec
retary Pord nnd Junior Past. State Councilor
Harry G. T. Miller.
ladles' nbsht was celebrated by Prinkford
Council. No. 171, with nn excellent entertain
ment which was made especially Interesting by
tlo presence of about seventy five, army bovs
stationed at tho Prankford Arsenal, who not
only enjojed th" tnleitalatnert but were treat
ed to a vtrv line lunch nt tho close of the
exercises. AdJn.ssrs were delivered by the Rev.
1. I. Hand of !. Mini Council, of New Jer
sey: Stiito Vice Cmi'icilor Vansant and Statu
Council Herrolnrv I'nrei
State Council oe,-rt iry Pord ofr.rlallv vlsltM
T,nvol Council No 7M nntl found eondltlons
nourishing Addrei e.s wrre made hv Brothers
ileorite .1 M' lor Prune nnd the Stoto Council
he, r t.irv.
t ,r silk fig w i.s pris'it'd to lone Conn
rV N T'lo if I.I.inrcl woo bv the council
t ,r sliuv loir tin' largest i re. nt.ae of InrrciM'
In m. ml ' i shin for the r,ir The tn.: vv i nn-
r.t d Iv Distil.; Deputv htite councilor Iran
cts Alrev and rroMve.i on behalf of the council
by Representative Dintel llnuri Tin ro was n
larg.j gatherlner of the p,tic members of the
order The ilelegitlon from tho cltv tnet nt
Slxtv-nlnth and Market Ftreetie nml. accom
panied bv the Prarl ford Bind Journeyed to
I.lvi'rrh and were tendered n warm ricetitlon.
Aeldrcs-s were deliver" el bv Past Stnto Coun
ellors Wllllom II. Sheneniin, John R. Molvolvey.
Prnnels Alrev. Gc"ri! J. Mnrlor nna State
Council Secretary Pord
The Good of the Order Committee of thla city
will entertain Thomas Jefferson e"ounell. No
1."H- I.vdla D.irruli Council. No. 172. nnd Abra
ham Browning Council No 122. of Camden,
N J., at l.ojal Council. No. 7S1. southwest
earner of Twenty-sixth street nnd Olrnrd ave
nue on Widncsdiv nlsht next It Is ex
pected thnt th" New tersov delegation will
number about nntl or mure, nnd arrant-emem.
have In en made for a short street vnrnd before
entering tie IirII. Mate Councilor Wilson J
Smith lunlor Pn-t Slate Councilor the it,v
S. A. Harker and Stnto Council Secretory IVII
Mam It Miers of New Jcri-ov. will le present
The Stite vice eournllor II M Vansnnt und
State Counrll Seerrt.ie- Georgo S i'ord, elf
Pennvlnnla and manv other representative
members of the order and visitors will bo en
trrtalnid by rnusln und nongs toKetlier with
rhort addrte'ses on the Issues of he times, and
provided with a good lunch This Is a get.
together meeting for the purpose of more firmly
cementing the bonds of fratrnal brotherhood.
Govcrninp; Gotly ProvidinR
menco War' Fund Through
The Suprema Council, r.oyal Cirder nf
Monae, In quarterly coti'n II nt the- Ilellevue
Slratfnril Hotel, rterldeil to tipiiroprlato
SjT.O.ijOO from a ppi-clul fund for war relief
work iwnoim mcmheis of the order In tho
armed forces of tho T'nltttl StatoM To
ralso this fund each of tho Dno.000 Mooso
men In the country will ho assessed Yl extra
this month.
Including drafted men not yet called to tho
colors, tho Moose will have lfu.ooo members In
tho American army nnd navy. It was an
nounced. Ih-v war relief fund will be used to
provide comforts nnd nmuat merits for theso
men In tho National Army cantonments at home,
in tho training camps In Pranco and in tho
Hospital service nlso will b rendoreit by tho
order. In so far ns the Government will permit,
but this will riot bo confined to members. It Is
planned to minister to nil allko In this respect
Tho Supreme Council then went to Ilaltlmorc.
where, with tho board of rovernors of Moose
heart, nt Mooschcnrt, 111 , tho order's home und
university for orphan children, nttondeel a upi
ncr in honor of Supremo lrcl ito William K
llroennlng. City Prosecutor of llaltlmor nftir
waid going to Wnshlnetun to arrange with tho
War Department for conducting tho oidcr's
war relief vvork.
Another matter of importance brought beforo
the body was u proposal to eo-opernle with the
Government In provid.ng Ufn Insurance for
Moose soldiers and sailors nnd the eiucsllon of
nn insurance service by tho order Itself. Tho
Moostbenrt governors, it Is said, mado prepara
tions to accommodate In their orphanage hun
dreds of moro children likely to bo mado or
phans by tho war.
Tho following Counellmen attended tho ses
sion here: John W. Ford, of Philadelphia! su
premo dictator: Charles A A. McOee eif Son
Diego. Cat., vice supremo dictator: William P,
Hniennlne. of lialtlmnrc. supremo prelate: i:. J.
Penning, of Milwaukee, past supremo dictator:
M M. Garland, of lMitlndelphla, general die
tutor: James J. Davis, of Pittsburgh, director
general: William T Giles of llaltlmore, su
premo secretary, nnd I' ram: J. Monahan. of
Sin IVnnelseo. Wallace A MeGownn. of Knnsns
I City, John 11. Price, of Chicago: Mayor Joseph
- . . .. nitl.kii.ali, Tiau te .. .!,.!.. ...
rillirUllS. "I tll-ilulbil, ..,,..,. . , .,,,,, hi, ui
Voston: John W. Pearson, of Dallas, Willarel
A Marakle, secretary of tho Stato Industrial
Commission nf New York
Fraternity Insurance Sociability
Kmrrcencr Pnnd f. 1,008, S87. R.I
I.len. on Certlllcnte 1.4lll.rt.0K
Cash on Hand SI7.730.43
Nov. 10 COATP.SVII.LK. I. O. O. T. Hall.
Nov. I CHKSTllB. Odd Fellows' Hall.
Nov. 21 AltCANIAN, Gtn. Ave. & Cumberland.
Nov. 2; WHST riHLA.. 4115 Lancaster Ave
Nov. 89 PF.NNSYI.VANIA. Parkway Uldg.
Nov. '.'8 DUPONT. Parkway llldg.
Gard Bunting Flags
Nothing Better Made
You Can't Beat Them
Promptlu MailtS
via inturea
Parcel Post
Service Flags
8S0 ........ 2x3
SI. IS tUx
1. 2 4 8
tars Included. Ultra stars.
over a, so eacn.
U. S. FLAGS Renew Yours
Our Own Auto Delivery Brings Us
Krrt nnar to Vou
msxtxaas.,. - usxw i.bii
I 'TOMSJiV (8.U0
I 113.0
One of the Largest
Flags in Phila.
Bell Telephone Co.
17th & Arch Sts. 599 Stars
& BR0. CO.
151-153-155 N. FOURTH ST.
Service Flags, All Sizes
Any Number of Stars
Cotton nml Wool Hunting for homes,
nniics nnd liullilliig. Ilstlnmlc- beer
fnllv given.
Society! Wterxgp
3 to tu loom completely 'v;
tutntshcil modern cottaccs
close bv ".oval loinciana
and mcakcrs Hotels, ad
ioinlni 13 hole nolt links
between the sea and Lake
..s vvofih. Several eottjecs near
-5'fXS. the ocean. Llvinn tonJitions
?.e.isX I'eil e-, i, ltnrnualle.t.
write (or booklet showing
l.oor plan?, rentals and
descriptions ot our
. complete tctvlcc.
SJ ---.5
3 CTfy BulWefeJteattiE
West Balm ; Bjcach.Fla.
ATI.ANIK t II , N. .1.
Phvsical romfor's nnd the divert. ng
atmosphere of this greatest of all winter
ices i i nd refresh ou and
' new life.
American anil European Plant
Fine golf the winter through.
Galen Hall
m iioiciondsanaiorium
, Noted for It's superior.
Lnnie nnn Kcrvinc. I
ionic and cureMlvoDams.
ov'.awitiiVLU croe-irApiT.J
Westminster J-'-, "V"- "" ,-'"";, El'v-
to street. Private baths, run.
water. J10 up wkly., J2 up dally. Chae. Iluhre.
Hotel Boscobel
Kentucky uvo.. near
lleaeb. Open all veer.
Special fail rates Phono 11T. A. 1: Marlon.
wi:RNi:itivn.i.K. pa.
Open all yenr. Dry air. Fine scenery.
Every comfort for long or short win
ter rest. Baths. Massage. Resident
Physician. P. Sr. R. R. R. Through
Pullmans New York and Philadelphia,
llowann M. Wiho. Manager
Hot ll Sexes
Speeiil one-month evenlntr course beEtnnlni
Nov. II) in rapid dictation will bo civen .Monday
and Thursday evening, to enable good stenog
raphers to nil responsible positions now vacant
with tho Government or with private buslines.
Tuition for tho course J I.
course iiaw.
inn! strut day or creiidte?
PlttuHii onil (liepa sjslcms
Uroud St., below HerU. I
Banks Night School
l'ltPI'Alti; AT ONCE
to nil one of the thousands of cood
positions opened by the great wave of
prosperity. The demand for well-trained
ofllcn assistants, accountants, utenogra-
Shers and setretarles vvn. never so sreac.
egln tonight in this great school, which
has graduated so many thousands of
successful men und women. Sesa.ons
every nlslK except Hatur.day. hpeclal
classes taught Tuesdays nnd Thursdays.
Enter any time.
Hanks Business College
05 5 rllF.vr.NKT STKEKT
STRAYER'S T,i?.. I1': ""sines. Hrhe.l
tltU-,ICA 801.807 Chestnut Street
Positions guaranteed. Knter now. Day or nl.ht.
Grrse Shorthand, Hookkceplnir. Day. Evr.
Taylor Business School M.Kgti .
Contralto Soloist, Church 1 of tbe Holy Trinity.
Studio. Kstey Hall. Walnut' at 11th St.
RAGTIME In 20 lesson, or money back. Hklt.
mail.fl free. CIIR1STKNSEN I'lano Hehools.
1820 Chestnut St.. 1412 Venango St.. 1820
Talker St. Phone Spruce COT.
.DOQ Lo.t. Ssturdair vsnlnslojO, small light
; llow.fsVf,i owner's nam and aoirta.
IF ANNIR AND" KATK. children of 'John Jure-
ticn. nro alive, win iney commune.-
G. Tomklne. 1D walnut st.r
Tho President of the, United States
bns pointed to the great Industrial nrmy
of tho nation and to the necessity for a
generous, unaeltlsh observance of fluty
on the part of those who maj Deal
serve In that nrmy.
The telephone system of the country
ts to plsv a conspicuous part In tno
conduct of the war.
Bell telephone operating presents It
self no a vocation for young women
wherein a no less patriotic than valu
able service to tho Government may bo
If you aro between the nges of 19 and
24. apply nt 400 Market at.. Philadel
phia, any day, except Sunday, between
8:30 a. m. and B p. m.
New employes are paid while lenrnlng
and are assigned to offices near their
homes. The vvork Is Interesting, the en
vironment most agreeable and efficiency
Is rewnrded by ready advancement.
Comfortahlo recreation rooms and
dining rooms where meals are served
at cost In every Central Office.
Apply Now!
1III.U CI.KH1C. exp'd. familiar with tipowrltsr.
permanent position: excellent opportunity lor
competent operator! state age. salary ond II
nt present onipIoyed1I,JI0",i-.I.d;er Office.
nortKKEnrnn. experienced: state experience
and references. M mi. Ledger Central.
CASHinit. hotel experience; stato references.
M aril. Ledger Central,
COOK and hnusemild or mini and wife: expenses
paid ins Cooper St.. umfte-n,
OllfL. Btronc, colored, for general housework;
reforencoiBooiIpav. 1(117 W Columbia avo.
G1HL3 wanted, over in vears of nae. for light.
pleasant work miking nnd putting up men.
leal supplies, learners paid J. per week; rapid
advancement to etenrtv workers; ..n.hnur weeK.
Applvtp iLKMulford rn. Glenolden. Pa.
GIRLS, over 17. wanted for clean, pleasant
factory work; well paid while learning and
excell-nt chance for rapid advancement. Ap-
ply Mr. Stoltjlll! N.12th.st,
GIRLS Wanted. 2 whlteTglrl.. cook anil cham
berwork. small famllv; good wages. Telephone
Tlosn SlO'.tJ or call Monday morning. 3..1D
N. 22d st, .
GIRLS wanted; good woces. steady work. Apnlv
National Umbrella Pramo Co., .10th and
Thompson sts.
GIRLS wanted at Wunderle's candv factory.
11H.S2 I'egg st, I opposite tin N. 2d St.)
ailll.S to rock fine stationery. Apply Stewart
r Sleen Co, 1)14 Walnut.
bTEWAlfni'SS must bavo cxn . Prot : good
rcf.: under SO jears I 143. I.eilger Central,
rne wanted
with rVpartmont store experl
n nil departments: good sala
lanent iKjsltions Applv i.m-
rles n.nt pint
ployment P.ureau
Enrlc Store, tutn nnu .inir-
net sis
STPVOGIlAPIinP. ord tvplsf experienced: of
Pce particularly handy for W, Phlla. girls
ulng elevated rallwsv or Spruce, Darby. Had
dlngton, Riirlng. Spring Garden nnd Lancaster
ave. curfacc cars. P 411, Led6er Office.
STOCK GIRLS wanted: bring sgn certlllcsles
Aimlv tlmnlovment nurtou, Harlo Store, loth
nnd Market sts.
ViiPVG Glltl Protest.inf private famllv will
Intr t heiji in kitchen nrd through the house:
-ood wages- no washing; refe-rrce required.
P 12 T edjee Ortlce.
YO!"': t.VDV with ejiprrlouic In tnklnr eliarge
of - ff'e In small nmnuf't turlnc .ompam
i i'1 tli,n In confidence, stele elCHrlv experl
en. nt ml.irv i-xnei te, p (1. I edrrr Off
YOI VO WOMW wanted for genenil office work'
Iiitl', rn tv business center of eltv cood
penmin' stito experience If n".'. also seiarv
desired to start. Address P. O llox 12i1.
ASM'MIILI'HS on Instruments eurh ns pvrn
metera. nmmeters and voltmeters nnl
iralvonometers: up-to-date factory vood eon
dltlons: chnnee for advancement. The llrown
Instrument Co Wnine und Iloberts nves.,
Wavne Junction. .
ptprriTTfins' irt:i.pi:nt
IIUll.HIlM KC' itci.Pi'.ns
40-iionr vveel;' must be experienced men, Ap-
Plv tin'
the .vtiantie iiennini- uo . iminiovment
ni'llt. Atl.llltle (iiite, at4l Passvunk
llOS MH)i:n bv vvursted "combine mill An"
plv Hvnnson & I.everln Co , 217 Atlanlla
ave.. Camden.
nOTTLP. WVSHPItS wanted, to 'wasii'ala...
var- In laboratory. Arrly II. K. Mulford Co ,
Glennlden. Pi
novs w'ANTcn pon night wonic;
mi'st nn nvi:n in: chanci: roit
nvNcmirNT applv aftp.h
tinrt wanted, llsht. essv work: Lie per hour;
S2 2." per doy pleee work. Apply Dept. 120.
11 P P.llsto Co.. .12(11 At eh St.
IIOVS (2) wanted, to vvork In loeal department
nf I'tenlnK Ledcer. Apply City I'dltor. Ith
ilne.r rib) rhentnut ct.
HOYS Stronir boys, over PI years wanted at
Wundrrlo's randy factory, 118-.12 Veux st.
(opposite 440 N.2di-t.)
no"Vs wanthd '
Western Union Telenraph. 1501 Chestnut
IUtAKCMKN and flreinen for Pennsylvania
Itnllrnail: nut of town. Call 1B2.. Pllhert st.
CAltPENTlTltS. 20. wanted at 47th and" Wood
land rive : steady work In Philadelphia.
Hrnnnet. Stuart Co.
CAHPBNTERS' helpers wanted for ireneral
work. Apply II. K. Mulford Co.. Glenolden.
Penna. ,
C.Itri"NTEKS. 2i, wanted Applv, resdy f0f
work Irwin & I-elnhtun. nth and Poplar.
e'Lr.Itlv, for uenerol rfTlee work, not over 19
vehrs nf ru .Al 'tl teedirer Office.
CLOCKMAKEU. should huve exierlenei In re
palrlnu and assembllne. The llrown Instru.
ment Co., Wajnu and Itoberts ave., AVajue
COAL 'PASHKHS Wanted" several 'good coal
jtiessers wages 40c per hour; 8. hour shifts.
Apply I'mplovment Office, n j, ,U p0nt de
Js'emours ftCo.jaibbstown.N. J.
tOMPOSlTOlt; must "have proofreadln experl
encei private prlrtlnir plipt Apply Houghton
Press, Maseher nnd Somerset sts.
hi: GOOD
Good wages: steady work: plenty of overtime
and Sunday work: long-tlms Jolj; convenient
Train D.
0 I4th and. Chestnut sts.,
: P. R, R,, llroad and W..I..
0:10, 7:04 a
lngton ave.,
, -m.
0.00 and 7:00 a. m. Trolley
Car No. 2 on 13th et
change at Mojamens.
tne ave.. Southwestern trolley.
Special Hoat Leaves
Delaware River, 0 a, 1
Che.tnut st. wharf.
Third Floor, rhlla!" ra. '
n .wks
-.. , 's
Conl.sucrt ,,. PrecedlsTcr-
"" Reliable rutter fo, .. --"
mngi is-inch hand nie.. J:rl'sji3
vouri pece work If prf '.Jt,! ! 'SVa
per hour
KI-nCTIlICIANS anTVir7m7-r-:.-.-r-r.-u
ior ni-nour day. waset dtVa, ' tt liSl
rorni?,kaf?rm.AmnM- Cl-" "g
APPt.Y ItOfiit 444EV'
KHtEMUN Wanted, s-veral"
wagefl 44e pr hour: R-hour sMtu iJfStl
Ployment Office, jj i. du Pont " ifw,S
Co., Qlbbstown, N. J. ' "'""xrii
GARDENEIt wanted.
Aiuit-.Mi-.K wanted, one fsmlll.. -
trimming of ail Kinds of "?."' 'lot ?.
Pp"ter,. 120H N, aiat St.
ss. HEAD WAITER, experienced: tnu.i t,. .. .
-JL3Jl"Jeri'or..Central" ' un T5
'Ynlail.''cc-ur,,.5' '.Tk!hS
-a,,ynenjunlonVtt5n ' '
De Good Americans and Help Teat Cmi
You are neeejel at er,e at tie
Hoc Island Shipyard et
The U. S, Governmmt
iA.. . ....- . . . . .
'' ,J T ' "or,fotx: Plenty cl enttka
and Sunday work; long-time job! cmSS
transportation. ' """"""n
32 cts. an hour for eight totni
time nnd half time for onrtlmi;
JS.S2 for ten hours' work.
Apply at once at
Hog Island Bhlpytrd
Train P.. . O , 24th ft Chestnut Ml., HI
. n. m . 7'04 am.
v- u no"en"rn'1.u.L,lna 'WuMintsi
e.'A fl Oft amA T.ftO . ""
1b. ...vw u,,u . .., , .u.
Trolley Cae No 2. on 15th at.; ehund
MovKmensltig ave., Southwtxun
trolley. '
Special Boat Leaves Chtnut it. ThirtM
.mu eviecr, u a. m.
Or apply 1B10 Arch it.
3d Floor, Phlla.. Pa,
LAROREHS for outtlde work- 3Je per howl"
4-hour week: minimum full-tlms neiW
vvaie. S17.15 per vveek: must be itear, t '
liable men. Applv 7Sn a, rn until 5 v. .,
tho Atlantic Rennlnir Co.. Emolerntnt P
partment. Atlantic Gnte, 3144 P-i-nnk in,
UVUORKltS Wanted Rood Amerlcsn or for
elcn laborers between ages of 20 ant tl
vears: waces 13 40 p-r dav of 10 hourt. Anlf
I'mplovment Oftlee E. I, du Pont de Nemoim
i; Ce, Glbbstovvn N J.
I.AIlO'ltPlnS wanted, white orreerfd: fowl
vvaurs stendj vvork. roster. 120S N. 81st tt,
r.Allolti:itsvvanted. pply psuan a SoniCi.,
Mft-r'w st wharf Delaware River.
lvliORRIlr wanted. Apply nirrett Co., Mtt
and Grays Perrv ave ..
MACHINISTS Wanted. 2 "rst-elss. Bl
lts to reside in central part of State: rtiir
ences reemlred ns to ability, lobrletr. e
G ."11 Led-er Central. -
SI AN Btroiift, to do genera I "work areunl iktl .
nnd warelmure. Apply .i2" Arch
IKl Villi Hi' , . ,. v I
Your tountrj needs shirs and mn n j" ,
them Arms and supplies are U'eleu tt i ;
ua u.1.1,.,, .iilnB en transport tnetn. ""
Hre dolnc Government vvork Comet '
shipyard st once nnd offer 'JOUR Br,'
xou will oe paia mu .tive.. - -"jLi.
HIT. Tho followlne meehanlej are nM,
LAROREHS ,j.,rl',
YOUNG MEN to leern the Rbov. trUM J
be pall 111(1 MONEY while lesrnlnjv--
COME AND NEItVIS luurv v .- u-,
We are working for the "o '; r:n': 1
emnlojed on Government .hlpbullolo art -n
rmiti,, ft em eirnft
i:lPl.riVME.- r DEPARTMR.NT.
:-l.e ll .Vir.. ' i.r.i..,,,.--"-.:-
ui.e.ier. 1 a.
fted to deliver adv erTlslng msttjr! 1 jj"
Mi;. wanted
b. Bober
Apply 7 a,
u 1 Ik ui
MEN wanted to vvork In transportation - '1
ment: steady vvork. good salary. APPir " -
.viuirora i. i-.
V.T-.." ..." JTT. e... v..... nntnteta vxorlL 1-?
1.,. Hdiuru ee,t iivu
neavy oui0,,.D,,.i; taM
wagea: steady worK.
APPly linn- --
1208 N. 31st St.
Be Good Americans and Help Tour CountfT
You are needed at once at thi
IIoi Island Shipyard of ,
The V. S. Governroent.
... ...,. wnrVi nlenty of ewrtlss ,
uoou neiii, .e. "- . a
. . .. e.t,. MltnvW fll
and Sunday worKi tone urae .- - a
transportation. hi
Apply -t ones at
-J Hos Island Shipyard.
SlthondCheitnutitli1 s
Train B. and O.,
net 7:04 a. m.
r... I-,
P. R. R.-Broad st. and Wa.hlniton
and 7 a, m.
Trolley-Car No. 2 on 18th st.I "
.. . .v. . southwcittrn trollir-
ne.et.t boat leaves Che.tnut it. wharf, v ,f
ware Jllvir, 8 o. m.
Or apply 1810 Arch tt..
third floor. Philadelphia. PS-
te 9
v...-Mv irvtiuauf . -in
ST? J ,. Xl-tt-JlZZsKkliiK
fejWxJf rsaWMSl, if Hi
vsy wJm

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