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Mostlmportant Place in
iVf World Is Former Site
of Piggeries
Advance to Capital Stopped.
Kerensky's Whereabouts
Unknown to Troops
Corps of 3000 Workers Now
There. Will Be Army of
30,000 by January 1
Phijadelphians Have Opportu
, nity of "Doing Their Bit" in
Their Own Homes
Hob Inland! Uncle In the old cHf. with
Us polluting aimosiiherc of tho BiirroiindliiK
plctrl. It was not u place wns ling
lt1and to thrill oer.
Today Ho Island Ih t lie most Important
Place In, the world .Strategists will talk of
holdlnr tha wet front unbroken In Franco
or of the Tanllemento or of rctrograd They
will Vpcak of the arlous European defenses
that rnust bo maintained Hut In cold, wober
momenta ecryhody fbjsi with rorulnclng
"Ships will win tho wart"
Because ships are Kolns to win the war
for civilization. Hok Island i ralswl to tho
nth degree of Importance, for at Hob Island
the largest shlpard In the world so far as
Is known Is In the proce-( of building
This Go eminent -controlled vlilpjard,
being put up by the International Ship,
building forporatlon. Is tho last straw
tieeded to make the Delaware tho first rler
In the world In point of maritime lndutry
It takes the wind from tho sails of Mi
Clyde. No longer will tho Delaware bo called
tha Cljde of America; pcrhapx, Indeed, do
acrlpthe writers will feel tho need of call
ing the Clyde the Delaware of Croat Britain
It's hard to believe that less than two
months ago the 500 acres that comprise the
Island were swampy, foggy land covered
with a thick underbrush.
Today the flat well-drained expanse of
ground, shorn of Its bushes and brambles, Is
a hhe of activity humming with the music
of a band of workers who number only
7000 now, but b the first of Jnnuiry
are c-xpected to total 30,000.
There Is the sonorous reverberating
thunder of tho huge pll .-driving engines;
there la the mellow, recurring tune of many
hammers'drlvlng many nails Into pungent
Bmelllng boards; there Is the gentlo undei
tone of the dredging machines out In the
river, making ready the wet basin Tor the
ships after they are launched In all. It
Is an Inspiriting smplionj, the dominant
motif of which Is
"We're going to win' We're going to
In its present stage of development the
alto of the largest shipyard In tho world
resembles a crois between a western boom
town and a draft army cantonment.
Scores of lean, brown engineers ride their
horses hither anil yon from the wavs to
the administration building and back again
Automobiles, trucks, wagon road-engine
nd everything vehicular under the sun
ahort of Jlnrikstiaws havo been pressed In'o
Already twelve bunkhouses. nr barrack .
built after the manner of those put up at
Camps Dix and Meade, have been com
pleted. Each barracks houses 100 men and
the plans am for several dozens" of them.
These, however, will give shelter to onlv
few thousand of the 30.000 men who will
be employed when the yard l operating at
full capacity.
Uncle Sam look:t to Philadelphia to take
care of the remilnder N'o spate room must
be allowed to go unoccupied To take into
your home and board a man who is he'plng
to build a ship at this llmo has the same
oatrlotic alue as sending a man Into the
trenches to fight or putting jour s,ilngs
Into Liberty Bonds.
Vest to geltlnK the 30,000 men required
for the operation of the yard, where fifty
ahlDS will be In the process of building at
the same time an unprecedented number
housing them, officials of tho American In
ternational assert, in the most stupendous
problem. Many of tho 30.000 men who are
J.mlmr here, recruited from everywhere,
will bring their families with them. Pay
nvelopes arc fatter than over. Those peo.
pi will want adequate accommodations.
Tho Jersey sidn Is a'ready overcrowded, due
to the boom In tho other big yards How
Philadelphia, meets thin situation will
demonstrate the. stuff oho In madn of.
But If wo mmt have ships to carry men
and supplies to the war ton, wo must have
men before we can have the ships. The
cry for men l long and loud for ship
yards all over the country. To be Idle at
A llmo lino int; o i,..,.- V.
M yet no conscription of Ubor, but bhlp
builders are frank In tho confession that
Jf mechanics and riveters and men trained
In trades that are al'led or similar to ship
bulldlnga do not patriotically throw down
nrtvate worK in wnion nicy mo n" nM.
SSred and take to shipbuilding the situ
itlon will be little chort of desperate
Kverv day at Hog Island groups of work
.T.wr. In and are taken on More, moro
D.4 vet more are needed. In Great Britain
Siln are being used In the building of
.Ks T"" This will not be necessary as yet
The United States, It la thought, if every
?a.n does hi duty anu every , "ousenoiaer
Kysfarkn him up ny provmniK ucm
ItjJirters In territory aajurcn.. .i. i.iu tu.P
r-fire. .. international Shipbulld
rnenoratlon wants 30.000 high grade
Corporaiiuu nulrklv anrt It
nlcs. II w.. ".. -,," ,
lV"ct y iiow It is going to get
''" wh.t moment tho full quota will
WMavedt but in tho meantime Because
h1. .L. .re nut through this
'LT"u: .'.klne ready for
IS roina
,v w the; abound at Hog Island
Ji. ,.natr" he Is responsible
i'Z. 'J.V.i5S,.,n. l.LV
;mtra in i'nii""f " .
"-- .- . t.a TMIt Ar.,
of the most recent being
ai ntititnniem. "' "
aaiBMu vw... . 4
rw1?' 11Le"m ,''
H.w,w -"- .
Haktfapee ai vne vnj uwi
ny 'Aljp mam
Mt,rMtW of powerful
aftajraaaM. 'Hi January me
tauvlawWtatL Vy the
b'.mk 'vwewynve
.. wmtjftniy.
thaM ot1h
LONDON, Nov. 19.
The extremists are in complete power
In Pctrosrad, Chancellor of tho Kx
chequer Bonar Law told the House of
Commons today.
Provisional Government forces liavo
stopped their march toward Petrograd, ac
cording to dispatches received today from
tho Russian capital.
The dcclslui not to attempt Investment
of tho city was reported duo to tho con
tinued Ignorance of the troops as to Premier
Kerensky's whereabouts. General Datik
honlne, chief of the army general staff, Is
sued tho orders halting the advance
A delaed dispatch from Petrograd, dated
vesterrl.i). says. "Iluhsln's army at the
front will soon 1m defeated by famlno and
will abandon Its positions unless there ts
an immediate Improvement In transport and
food Mippllng, according to tho warning
voiced b delegates of tho foldlcrs' com
mlttee today
"Prolongation of tho war under prctent
conditions, thev are reported to have told
the Soviet, is uttcrlv Impossible. Tho nrmy
Is now only supplied with ration.) enough
for three dajs, It was asserted.
"Tho Ilolshevlki Government has been un
able to agreo us et on the form of com
promlso looking In icstor.ition of adminis
trative functions
"It was this situation that led to a split
In tho Ilolshevlki rank" Kivo I.enine mip
porters resigned from tho cabinet, InsiM'
ing that an nll-Soclallst government was
necessary and being opposed to the over
whelming Ilolshevlki control demanded by
Trotsky and I.enine Theso two litter,
however, am still firmly In power in tin'
councils of the new regime here
"Dispatches fiom Moscow received here
assert tho city Is In the hands of tho Ilol
shevlki The lasunlllcs In tho Moscow
lighting were estimated nt from 2000 to
6000. righting around tho Kremlin was
bitter and long
"The scheduled general lallway strike
had not been called todav.
General Kaledlnes is reported to have
seized the DoncU coal fields with an army
of Cossacks and now controls tlm fuel sup
ply of tho republl
Petrograd Is short of both coal and food.
ind Kaledlnes Is now in a position to
starve out and freeze out the capital, as his
Cossacks domlnatM tho fuel necessary to
operate the railroads
American Ambassador Francis has for
mallv requested of the ilolshevlki authori
ties a train to carrv "00 members of the
American colon to Harbin, Manchuria.
Foreign lives have been placed in danger
at numerous places by promiscuous 'hoot
ing with rifles and machlno guns In tho
streets, and tho da ma go to property will b
Maximalists have taken over till power
in Mocow after a week of tlghtlng, said a
messago from the American Consul General
there to the State Department today
A second message from Ambassador
Francis at Petiogr.nl said the Moscow
lighting had been "severe."
All Americans In Moscow are safo and
there Iris been no harm to those In Petro
grad As a precautionary measure, however,
Francis advised nil unattached women and
married men with children to quit tlm ct
Ho had tiskcd transportation for them.
Kerenskv, said tho message from brands,
appeari) to be a fugitive, while Government
departments are dosed or operated without
The American embassy neighborhood was
reported quint, with only casual shots In
tho streets
Krancls expressed himself ns having no
fear of personal Injury or of daniago to tho
In Klnlaml "Serlallsts" (Socialists?) are
sending out delegates to arrange strikes
and take over tho Government authority,
said the advices
Francis expressed no opinion regarding
tho future of Russia.
Max Eastman and Members of Staff
Accused Under Espioniigo Act
NEW YORK, Vov, IP Indictments were
returned today by a Federal Grand Jury
against tho Masses Publishing company;
Mux Eastman, editor of The Mahses; Floyd
Hellfi, managing editor: C Merrill Rogers,
Jr., business manager, Henry Glluterkamp.
cartoonist; John Jleeil. rt Young and
Josephine Bell, the last tluee being contrib
utors to tho magazine All wero charged
with conspiring to lolato tho espionage ai I
through tho radical periodical. Scparalo
Indictments wero also returned against Tho
Masses Publishing Company and Rogers
for seeking to send unmallablo matter.
The Masses bus been barred from the
In Due Giorni gli Italian! Cattu-
rano 51 Ufllciali, 1212 Soldati
o 27 Mitragliatrici
ROMA, 10 novembro
lc notlzlo cho Klungono dalla fronto ill
battaglla csaltnno la ,alorosa reslMcnz.t
dello truppo llnllanc. Gil ulterlorl tcnta
tlvl elello forzo austro-tedescho per altra
versaro II flumo Plavc sono slatl anche lerl
frustatl ed In tin brlllatito contrattacco gll
Itallanl hanno complctamento Klogglati) I
teuton! nulla rlva destra del flume nell i
zona ill l'agare' nulla quale vcncrdl' crano
rluseltl a nictter plcde.
Contingent! teutonlcl tcntarono dl avail
zam a Zcnson, ma furono resplntl con gravl
perdlto o costrettl a rltlrarsl l.o llneo
Italtaue sull'altlplano dl Aslago furono vlo.
lentemente nttaccato da forze nemlcho e
lo unlta' cho lo dlfendevnr- splegarono una
valorosa rcslstenza o condusscry aril con
trattacchl con plcno successn.
Ecco II tcsto del Courcndo Supremo
Itallano, pubbllcalo lerl dal Mlnlstero della
luerr In Roma:
Sull'altlplano dl Aslago durante l.i
nolle dil 16 nl 17 novembro II nemlco.
Inslstendo nel suol tentatlvl ill forzaro
lo nostru llnee da Mcnte Slsenml ,i Mnntn
I'astclgninliertn attacco' In dlrezlono dl
Mnntn Zimio nd est dl Galllo
1,'attncco, I'nndottn mil est rem i v lo
lena, fu rlpetutn quattro volte e fu com
pletamente sjiczzatw dalla ii!oioh brl
g.ita "I.lgurla " Pin' n nord in illrerlnno
ill Casera e Melett.i il'Avnntl notrl rl
parti della Btlgata "Perugia" ilpresen;
on grande i oraggio tilcunl ilmicntl
avanznll perduti durante I precedcntl
giorni e fecero circa ccnlo prlglonierl
Tra It llrenta e la Plave la piesslono
del nemlco c' stat.i atimentnta dalla ser.i
dl venerdi' l.o inas--e del nemlco In al
cuni iiunll nbbllgarono Ir nostie truppo
a non prclungaro la loro rcslstenza In
nlcuno poslzlnnl nv.inzato e furono nb
bandonato con onllnata rltlrnta. dopo
flera reslntenra o brlllantl contrattacchl.
A nord ill Quero la Ilrlgatn. "Comn" ha
dlmostrato ancor.i una volta 11 mio v.i-
lerl lungo la Plavo rlpartl della Iirl
pata 'Caserta," Inslemo con elementl
dl altro unlta'. In tint Irreslstlblle av.ui
yat.i I'oinplet.imiio ill M.'icclarc II ncmicn
dalli zona ill Kagaie'
I.i Prlgata ' Plnernlo" resplii-.e, con
gravl i.frilito per II nemlco, un nttaccn
lentitto dalle truppc nu-tro-tcdcM he ibe
crano nsscrragllate a Zenson. lostringen
ilole ,i tnrnaio Indh tro in quel gnmitn del
Tentatlvl del tiemli it per attraversare II
flumo in altil puiitl furono prnntamento
Sulla rlva ilc-tia' dell i Plave, iliir.mtn
I giorni 16 e 17 Novemlue, In tolalo furo
nct c-atturutl al nemlco Bl utllilnll, l'JU
uominl dl t rupp.t e 1" mltragliatrli I
Da un coniunlcato dello Statu Maggloro
delta Marina Itatlana, si tlle-va cho I nu
rinal Itallanl piotessero elllcaeementi- li
rltltata della Terza Armata dal Catso
tho poreio In salvo innlto male) lain tin
guerra. II n mrrento tin luttagllono ill
marlual itiiliani clrcondo' cil nnuletito'
rlpartl ill for.e nustro-tedescho cho ten
tavano ill passare sulla rlva destra della
Plave, piesso l.i f m e e priclsamenle a
l,a imttlna del 11 lorrente i Inque tor
pedlnlero nuslrlncho f1 prcseutaroim da
vantl ti Porto Cortcllizo nlln .eopo ill
facllitaro l'inviislntin da parte ilelle truppo
austro-tedesche, mv fmono ic-itlntn dalle
battcrlo Itallano d i costa, senc uvcr tag
glunto in alcun modo l'oblettlvo l.o tor
pedlnlero nemlcho furono anche attaccat
dagll Idrovolantl Ilalianl.
I, it notl?ln ilelli splendida leslstenzi delln
truppo itallano hinno aperto 11 more all i
pperanza jl clttadlnl cho non hanno nlutn
ahbaudonaro Venezla nl oggl sonn tlduclosl
i he li eltta' sara' s-ilvata alio mire del-
II presldente del mnslglin del mlnlstil,
nnorevolo Orlando ha vKllito Vene.,i ed
ha dato personalmente illsposllonl per Is
protrzlone ed II soccorso drlla popolarioue
lit un glio attrawrso la c Itla" Ion Oilando
e statu acclnm ito ed ha, poltitn constatate
con quanta callua i dign.ta' qui gll uhltantl
attendono gli evenll II slndacn ill enezia.
Conto Grlnianl gli asvessorl n tutto il con
slgllo comuualo sono rlmastl .,1 loro poslo
Chief of British Forces in Meso
potamia a Victim of
LONDON. Nov. 1!.
Olllelal announcement was made today
that Major General Frederick h. faude,
commanding the British forces In Meso
potamia, died Sundav after n brief I Jm'-
General Maudo was born In June -I, 1B4.
and entered tho atiu.v In 1SSI. Ho served
In tho Soudan lampalcn Ho iwn in
tlie South African war from 183D to 1001.
and was with tho forces that advanced on
Klmberiy Ho wns placed In comnuind in
Mesopotamia after the capture of Oenoral
Tnwn-hcnd nnd his army, at Kut-EI-Amara,
by tho Turks.
Lloyd George Defends
Plan for Allied Unity
tontlnuril from Pane One
to Colonel Houso directing llouo and Gen
eral Tasker II. Bliss to Mt with America's
nllles at Paris. ,,,.,,.
Lot d Not the litre's bombshell letter re
fusing the air ministry tevealed to England
crv forcibly how thoroughly America Is
prcp.uliig to wiign war It was tegarded
tod-iv as having licen written by the head
of the British Mission ti. tho I'nlted States
with knowledge In iidvanco of President
Wilson's determination that no ounco of
effort should be wasted In the common cause
against Germany by Individual, national or
loci! differences of opinion
Tho Tlmes's comment on the President's
Instructions declined from their guarded
tono they were manifestly not Intended to
serve In the present coutroveisy between
I.loyd George Hiid Asqulth. ' but tho mes
sago tintntstikably emphasized Lloyd
Gtorgo's central principle."
A new German peace offer Is expected hv
officials here But the AllleV new unltv
will tejeit It The offer will bo of tho
same "madc-ln-Germanv" t.vpe, without
meeting President Wilson's requirements
elimination of Hohenzollernlsm. Therefore
it will go unheeded, ns Its predecessors
Plans of metlca and tho Allies now nro
such that any German peace offer of the
old variitv will b received with scorn. A
new spirit W dominating the Allies' war
work a unity and purpose to crush the
Hun until ho gives up his dream of world
domination and abandons his ruthless In
trigue America, bv lis participation in the Inter
Allled War Council, has given tho Allies
this icjuvenated spirit
President Wilson's message tir Colonel
House, head of America's mission, demand
ing unity of control and planning for the
most cdlclent use of America's tevources,
makes a Genual) peace si 111 further Impos
sible Willi all cards on the table the council
Is expected to eliminate tho' pulling and
hauling of the p-ist. Then tho speediest
and mo.-t effective aid .m be given Russia
and Italy.
Whllo the P.us.iian situation continues
eh.ictli: anil suggests possibilities of ,i sepi
rate peace, other theatre! showed Allied
s,ecictaiv of War Biker's weekly sum
mary published today cast an encouraging
light on tho Italian situation In tho view
of America's war strategists the Hun Is
about done there, as far as any vital effect
on tho general militaiy situation is con
cerned When ills advanco thcro is dell
nitilv thvv.utcd, It Is expected ho will
clamor anew for peace
Neil Primrose Killed
1,1 iN DON, Nov. ID. Tho Hon Neil Prim-
rose M l , joungest sou of the Earl
of Ho'oborv, Ins been killed in Palestine
Abandon Fortified Positions
Near Dixmude, Say Bel
gian Official Reports
A German retirement on tho Dlxmudo
front wns reported olllclally to the Belgian
legation le.dny ...
"Tho enemy is nnannonniK ii ....
on llio Vser left bank, blowing up elaboralo
and Intricate concreato redoubts," said nn
ulllclal statement. "Belgian detchments oc
cupied tho positions, caused severe losses to
the enemy nnd captured scores of prisoners.
LONDON, Nov. 1!
ltrlll-li trocps have begun a series of ac
tlvo raiding operations on tho Arras front
after a long lull In that district. Tho War
Olllco announced lodny that Hngllsli and
Scotch troops penetrated German trenches
near Monchy-lcs-Preux and near Greenland
1 1 m In tho noetic district German artil
lery v,ai active.
PARIS Nov'. 19
Active raiding by German forces, all un
successful, was repelled In todi's olllelal
Teuton Attack Wins
Positions on Piave
l onllnueil from Taite One
were so numerous that many have not yet
received succot
Tho Austrian? made tho first move Fri
day in two separate crossings a Miort dls
tanco above Zenson, first nt tho village of
Fagaro and then at an old mill, called the
Sega mill, near Kollina.
Several circumstances enabled them to
pass. They choso a place where ft sana
bar ran In midstream, giving them a land
ing and dividing the main stream Into
two mall shallow currents. Also there
wns a heavy mist screening their move
ments. They carried material for an Im
provised bridge with uprights and with
Iron plates for flooring.
This was about 5 o'clock In tho morn
ing, and In tho mist nt that early hour
thoy got across the second narrow chan
nel to 'the west bank. The last ten feet
tho men waded across In water above their
waists. In their first surprise rush they
swept past four Italian machlno gun bat-
tnfltut (nrilitnlnM iL. .
Italians back Into the Till,!. ft ft
Hero the real flnhtlne ..:
Italians had now recovered ,." tM
prise. It was hand-to-hand tiiht .v. T
tho streets of the town, with n , rw"l
uruuery or macntno guns, and th. T f.
kalvM i
,ll Mi
line around th. i. i""4"!
t on on. .M . ""
gelatine torpedoes,
part of the town
The au .;.:".
town nem. it,, c... "" W
Itnllans on the land M. .??' IU tk.
,,., . . .. "--. inm .,.--
innii , r, .np,u n , .. .
succeeded In part
on one sw,
Italian batteries to the north L.1 .I"1" th.
of the lino outside the shelter of ik. !
- " 'UH
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systems wood and steel '
910 Chestnut St., Philadelphia
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Rooms Are Needed
We Need Thousands of Workers
They Must Have Comfortable Quarters
Will you do Our Country a service and help
these men do their best work by renting rooms to
them? These mechanics, clerks and laborers are
Good Americans and deserve accommodation. They
are willing to pay proper rates and arc eager to find
good homes.
This is an appeal to every householder to set
aside prejudice, pride and personal convenience and
to throw open their unoccupied rooms for these men.
Ships Are Essential To Victory
They Must Be Built By Shipbuilders
Philadelphia is now the largest shipbuilding
center in the world. These .thousands of men must
be housed if Our Country's splendid shipbuilding
program is to be successful.
This is a direct appeal to DO ANOTHER BIT.
Send full particulars (confidential if you wish)
of the rooms you have to offer. No fee or commission
charged for renting.
American International Shipbuilding Corp.
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