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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, February 05, 1918, Night Extra, Image 4

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!r"7p.v7T:: s::
: u tt fj'f- v. " t. T "
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' j
It Have Blundered Into
lan Lines If Poilus Hnd
ci Jfot Barred Rond
& .
ultles Encountered In Winter
Near the Verdun
f Carrmpcfflifent Vvrntng rMle ttilatr
tccli the American Arms in t rcinca
;ttm a tplcal January blliurd, le-
tho last day of December. Tlio
Tias stlnelntly dry. and urceit by
JWtlnj wind, Mowlnc forty inltcn an
tfW't mado It Impossible) to (co more
"Itfcn a doien feet ahad. tVc were two
rrcfpondents, comlnc from Verdun, rn
lflT10 lw t-wnimcrujr, iiiitciiiiK. in in
5APt custom In Prince, by map. with
, &,w sergeant-chauffeur e eat m rapped
i to; the cars In a Die Hlx. making our
wy slowly, for the snow w.i more than
E;q' Voot deep and drifting lianl Jly filcril
$ilfyo4. of Iho ClilcaRo Dally Xcn, held
' ttlA nnn nnil 111,, frnnf Hi-.lf. ltntll lif
r ,. ' - ; ;-
1m vrnich I lml icllnituliliccl a miio mnio
before. In order to taUo liii pheltercd
ft liljce In tlio rar and thrust my mltlentd
XHt hhda deep In capacious pockets
R tSVe catno to n road tint tut lied
ohjirpty to tho north, and ub our ilc-xtlna-tlejn
lay noutli by west, hcsluttd nt
tiklnjr It, but thct Ktato roid seemed
to end In a great drift, through whlih
nrAhtnr In tho shapo of a chlclo had
pasrel since the storm began the night
before. And tho north roid did not
vmmm tn tiA rrt 41th mn 4nt MV trt ml
BP , M don't find thM roid, liar, lint It's
' wtlo and good ind has been ti.ncled
utton. Well lmc to tnKo It for t llttlo
W wBllc. Xo doubt It'll fork upon another
I see here that touches tho St ite roid i
T Hiuinl. n 1. llnniAlur n,l '
SVo traeled slowly mid easily, for tho
, Jtrldo waa slightly doun, passing
"through forests of scrub oak, wigieen
ftml Arrnvlnnil liereli that suaied llkn
i -. KlmnN In tlin rale. Suddenly wo nine
if totho open and a lslon of trenches and
$ barbed wire off to tho right, Thcro was
. Jidt a. soul In sight. I felt certain wo
A' Mr pnlntr In n dlrrrtlon we fcllouM not.
"? nil I sensed my frknd did. ton, but wo
f said nomine. lieiatio no otner lom was
S" In. sight, and It would hio been lm-
EL e lciislble to turn around, not only on nt-
WVe ft..- .1. ...! f...t II... . ..
taijiill Ul iiiu Hi"iv. uub iiiiiv ,'ii v ,
latked clnlns The ticm.lies grew
pA thjeker and closer and tho who moro
SSSf done, and upon one sldo of tho load we
noled a series of nbrl entlonces ono
liftldo the other ns u row of houso
Kij5m ono or two hcnds'.'ipiuaied, the
- hcyds of pollus, who looked ut us In a
f-ort of amizement. It w.fs ns I notked
ihts that wo cuno upon a snow-coxend
3'It Is absolutely forbidden to tral
oif this road by day, tlther on foot or In
yho hour was 2:30 p. m Tho grailo
b:fd Increased and our car slid ist be.
'fore my friend saw tho sign I cillcd
j"jr .Junius, were on a mllltnn jnul and
Wff only tho gods know wheio It IpoiI i to '
Jvo stopped tlie ar and got out, sho-
rc jxtf oacKwarus as tne cnoutieur reirsea
sot en power, i nero was a migiuv riiinn
HnVi Itrlr of tho motor, n. rnnld Knlnntni? nf
thk Tear wheels, i throw Ing ot snow, and
ncft a centimeter ot reersc motion. Tho
"irrpae was too steep and the snow loo
l. ''Nothing to do but go on." sild.tny
yfrfcna . -"-
!f J5o wo went forward, as slowlv as pos
'1't nlBIe. If an thing-, the enow grew thicker
further wo came to a triangular seHlou
j iiiiKdiianiAiu nun. ni& ie.ci av uu in inu
.irQcIe. tho whole thickly covered wltii
t IiaJ-bcd wire. It birred tho way s.nc
io a. 1001 cacn siuc iieonu It the
'if-, road continued In n ast whiteness
OT -Again we got out of, tho car. tllH time
L.L In Intent of removing tho obstruction
S mid replacing it ufler passing. Jum an
wj touched It tiro rrench ofllrcis cuno
(oft of an abrl and looked at us einlzzl-
V CMly. I saluted nnd said In lrinclf
Vv 'Te aro bound for Commerev nuel
'y'jt laiklne for a road to tho south and
f wtst. We want to remote this wlro to
h rect throuzh. If wo mnv. '
. J'Vou uro Amerlcins. are ou not
VJj, , eijswered one with a smile
ij, 'Onl ninn lloiitAnntit T rinllml
I:.? ..."";:"". " .-
, mUahs .. ..1... .. -.. .lk,.l.n
Yfiu ran'l turn nrnund hrrn mi nrrmitit
fo VC the snow nnd prado Tetter rnmo
fef Uifmc nnd uccrpt our iiupiuiHv Vo 11
" lilsjs n ... ... I. 1. I .1 .. .oiilnl.l .i.i.l
,,,v . twiiiiuti ',v nun ii imniiiii .11111
prjlt jour cjr nut It'H onl beciue of
ft- coast, wnue me ane rcRion eiisiuri)-
A-, flu Ihlrlf teetallier tint vn ...tii utiml
"v-rt. k77 .. ll ..! ... - .........
(.", iiiu ni un llilll ai iui 3U11I nuefiiiiii.
Si If you can co further down this loul, 1 II
v answer It, Yankee fashion, with .mother:
.VDo jou speak nennan?"
Ji Mii'icicjr .uuiiva ;t;itic;vn iui
,y.t -, 5 Jewclrv Firm President
r'-jejseph Tronbrldec Ililley. president of
tij inj nrm or liiuej, names K. Iinnili'.
''S-'Whlch took place from tho homo of Ills
Et?5sen, Charles Wentr Ililley. 210D Do
?jgrXncty place, at 1:30 o'clock this aftei-
rtr!,jtii f t.ii. .itn.t ... .,
7Ani.. -.ii. oinej meu ouiitia;
.A4IO ncmiTi' nero cunuueieu ai inc
jfiino ny ino j.ei. jnnn iMiiiuns, en ,i
fltMltla C'ltv. Only the rrl.it Kph mul lm.
Lfrfnidlato friends of the family attended
ft' nnerment was made In West laurel
$h 'T -"""--'
rtphn Jikubowlu. s-. nkhmond si . and
il-rt'd ",m,7 A.cniiwn, -in itirnnion I st
-w . ,,-. .. .,.."'. -.'.v e- ein m
.: . w.u ,
I Inkl.i.. ..nn u .... ...
NH,"":'.; - l,"n . -' N' ' -"-''I t- n 1 Ann 1
E ,Ci '- l'tittUn, nun nirar.l sie
HtVi'"' ' '.'0.l;5.,.,7 luP"nt i , and Cecelia
, r citiiiiiir, 4e laeiajruilK av
Harry Uock Ilrnnklin N. v., mid Hello
Hremen. New Tork city
rn u. siunarrianu, nnei if nth at
nn I
Hen Ai Houi hertjr. I.-7 K l'hll Klle-ni l
11 .ini-rnunr :hi a
aid n
Rn& Tlaila. TnrrlanM.,
ft J'otter caul l-arlt e,
Dull. Ml. Alrv. l'u
nnd Crla
Ham It, Van Almkrk, taruei Jlnnd.
1 para Hirene. r.H.'o Jlnliiinure mo
. . winrni, im Liinae-nMoeiu i , and
other 1. Stranff. ftnmm,-ilil.. V i
ili.lifriniann. :I7 k-inlnkton ' me .
iwl JIary E. J-itthr, 1011 j: (.le-arHi-U t,
trlea Connor, 1S.-0 I-oarl l., and Main
'till 11S1 J-.tlA..-l,lll .. ' ..-"-.,
?";, hr. 133 Uronn it . mil JUruare-t
. Mc.Vamie, ll'l'S Marlburouxli at.
fmn ilrsynakl, S3IO ann nn, and I.uJ.
cu-uinana. in 1'UiaiKl UVI.
1 xa 11 raoii. .-mj inamon.l
llslcna Mcany, ej3:. .V 3lit st.
Jiollo Hulotil, 811 Hummer st ,
st , uml
unJ Hole
varuini. an rummer si.
ml A'bano, rrnr 4 ID nasldll at
nlo Hmolir. Ill) Oasklll t.
1 wok, a.-i ivs viamond it,, and Elsie)
ullavher. !3l Watklna n . unit
t 6 Itomif II. 1531 ( Jlth at
lllll mt N. .IJd at., and Julia
IKT. 1TI3 . 33d t.
il Honell jotii (nrld. , nnd
1 II. Caeas. 3011 a at,
Bealuk. 321.- tvat , and Illunchc
Ml. 4ufl K. Alleehrny aw.
tSar-jSL.'"' "r " 'Un"ui
a C. rnrykir. JIc!dlon. N J., and
lata i
ia i urnnant 4401 itainut si
117 JUrkoo at , and Anna
IM! Jtlrm ai
Woo,taik i-nin k
CarlUlo at , and
w. Mil,
132 Hllie r at
MKktaln. 21J r-arnnti.F at . ana
Kwval, VOOli Iii Sill al. r
u c-arr
' iVa. 43 Falrmount mr snJ
H. Wolf
Pulrniaeinl it.
"na Miniiromi v
am, j;.i 1
Yankee Gunners Kain Death
on Hun Masked for Sur
prise Rush
AMiinirw aiimv iv
wint 'i in:
I'KWI II. l'cb 5
Another attempted Ueinitii laid mi J
the American sector of tho battle front
was beaten off Mondiv morning by the I
prompt and c indent action of nut aitll
lcrv The Iirmins had missed a eoii'lder
able fono before the Ameileiu tn nc In x
ami 11 Is belleed th it the Yankee t.un
neit Inlllctcd In in iinnltles npjn
Inform ition hid if n lied tin- Anioi
le ins that tho Ilnihc plumed to deliver
a siirirle attack, "n Mondi morning
wltli mt aillllerj prepuntloii, counting
on Satiinlu nights aillllen luel to
lune nit tlm Anierlcnn tile phono wires
A fi n minutes beforn Hie time the
fleimiiis win- epeUul In attack, the
Amiiican nitlllm begin tn ro ir and u
buinge lln wns Hid down ill along 111.
enenn's front lln'
I S AIIM M:II 'lull.
, ,
I lie censor now iienults It to be
known tint the. Aincrkuis are holding
the line .it li point noitheust i,r I oul
(loiil lbs tnent.ino inks soiillnint
if M .Mlhlel and about the same d-
tune fiom 111" i.cmi.ui fiontlci lhls
llidldlcs i hit Ihe Aim 1 1' ins arc. o the
Woimp t'liln. lint in i of '"'"',''
blue between he- Meuso iiud Josell,
i:iei St Jliblcp lies almiit twent
lillICH soma oi Ml ii an, i- inn apex
of tho famous ! Mlhkl s illent I w.u
linn- imn ii' " - ; "
establish theni"eles on the western
b ml. nf Ihe. .Meii-e ltUel but the new r
sine ceded In i,ittln- inv fuith. i )
1 nkin we.itnei i omnium nil .moiiii n
Tin Ciimans shcllnl the tnids lnhlnd
the Amcilinn fiont with k.is she:'-", hut
thcie were- no cnsil iltl.s
'the sdiiiilld bchmior of our nun
under (lie of Ihe Uiiiinn utlllerc Mnn
el i inuiiiliu; Is is -lUt mentioned In
rcpoits nf tliu rchlmeuiil coumi unlets
Thcte wure seei il instinees where
men wile sllishlly wnuuded anil iefu-ed
to.uo to thej rear.
A nrh ite fiom List St I.nuls,
noundcel to the Ick. was sent to a Held
lilipHslnir station
desp to hi oelfeiuus
proiets After ins wounii Inu linn
dressed he luslslid tint he be allowed
to icjolu his comrades in the llrst line
where u (liiinan attack was expected
When his conn iiles urReel him to n
turn tn his dUKoiit, nt least, the onl ie
jdy tht Kot was Aw, po nn '
Many of tho doucth bos pot theli
nit leil ixperlencf with iioNonous ip.
is w' n the (ierm ins nomiiinieii sccial
mad id lllWH behind our fiont will
e.ih shiHIs
'Ihe cbl.f of stiff of unci illusion was
motoiiui,' thlouKh 11 villute wiulnn his
rim mask Ills 111 u hlne eliew up before
a tumbleil-diiwn Imlldlpi; hi which 11
ifoicn VmCjiieaii sold'ciH weie shootlni;
cinps wllhout l.il.lne the inn union to
don their 111 isks I'oituuitcl) thcieweie
no cisiiilt'is lml the ollleers an- lsului;
fuili w unliiKS
'I lien- w ih ivitrnl wnrk l, both sides
on Mind n nlKlit but nn 1 milliliters
I'lowclcnie Vouth in Ambulnniu
Sen ice Dies at Allcntown
r,i.i:.Tii.v, i'a. rib i c instil
T. c'alder, of I'rotldencc, 1! 1, 11 mem-1
be 1 of Sietloii C7 '" of the .unbulinn
snUco, died list iiluht In tho Allen- j
town llospltil aftei a wcet
s Illness,
imeel twrut)-ilkht M irs Ml I'aldci
w.ih ndmlllcd to the hospit il on Janusi
.'.1 nnd foi a tlino aftei his luliiils-lon
showed :i decided linpioM in. nl Suud ly
ho surfend u relatiso nnd his piuuts
wcto notllled of I1I11 ehiniieil co.iditlou
The muiik maiiM mother mado a Inn lie el
trip to this e'lt and urrhed .1 few Iiouik
befoie he p is-eel away He was .1 sou
of .Mr anil Mis Willi 1111 ('aide 1 Ilo
was the third I sa ic to die of lm. ll
moid k In a foitnlRht.
rv. ,t f
BBffiiH in., yftsM
tuoihmm m li.li , i (
V " iv-' oz iiiunv
It IUi V I,
omi - C 1Ji5r.
: 1 ZS 7
: mm. - , pa :
Lohey QtdcklyThinkof
There are many, many uses for Western
Union Money Transfers. To meet banking
t obligations to pay insurance policies to
purchase railrpad tickets to pay taxes to
send anniversary gifts to supply salesmen
on the road to send money to soldiers in
camp. More than seventy million dollars
was transferred last year by
The exact location of the (sector
held by the American troopson
tho west front has. been Klvcn
out by the censor. It lies nt n
point northeast of Toul, which
is tucnty-one miles southeast of
St. Mlhiol nnd nbout the same
distance from the (icrman
Ml'jlil lOWUnillllin
Ite (ioiKLS in ilonoiifrahcla Kcspon-
siblo foi I'ucl ramnic m
Pittsburgh District
Cirrnl'.l 11(111. IM' " 'ih - in
iluti Is iiliiuit oniilcttlj pitai7id
Inibllllv to edit tin coil upplv dui
Ing the inudir.iti wcathei of the list
few ila mi in-touut of " goiges In
the Mononsihili Klt w is held ripou
slid" foi tin conditions which steel men
s.n. will force the dosing down of tho
gi call i )nrt nf tin iiiIIIh and furnnrs
lml ss ii Hi f can b olit ilui d within two
d ns
r. s. xi:i:ds accountants
Men of 'I His Class li.ully Needed foi
Aimy Iiusincss
W KHIM1 ro.V. 1'ih MobllU itlon
of u lc.,trj iut uiinl.tiiiri wlm ate
mt, the dnft 1 iw h ii been mdcreil
jsn as to tupplN ae.ancns In the ainiy
business organlzulon
llenr, I! A S", attornev for (Mper
mnnUf.lrtrtr, nppcirlnc at u hearing
ll(folo ,,, r,,,01 ,, .r,j limln..
, ,,,, ,llo ,0lllllllon Iln ,,., u.
lC(.i. r,i , ri,.ili tn m ( a draft l.oar.l hi
v... i,i. nr,iM rim,, n,. ..hum !
CIaI , , , , nt ,jn( ( n ICB,v,,.reiI
ni n imniif. put them lluougli a plnsleal
cv.mlnitlim and nub lire them The)
r , ,, (ll UN W(1(,, (,'
lids Mr V se Mid linbllll to get ac-
col nmi,t I, ilelixc ,1 tho ns.cmlilllir; of
. , frn1 , ,1C ,elied t ts,i,t to the
Second One Will lie Opened in Col
luiffswood Thuibd.iy Xight
i')i,i,ic;swoori. v .i ivn -
sec nnd elisi in ridln lelenrapln will be
epened on 'Ihutsdn nlcht In tho hleh
si hnol In rn b Hip S'nutli Ji re lladln
Assoc litlnn, with iio tultiiin Tie ihnreed.
the leailciK and lii'-liin Inrs. Ilur W
Iienili tin and ' Waleln Ii ite helm kMiii:
theli senilis I r. i '1111 :hst e I iss was
tinned list i iiiptniifi . i.i.i a....
llfn men fiom all sn tinn nf Sniith Jer-
si anil I'lillidilplili a iiuinbei nfwhoni
hue! Ki.iduated and heeunie Uotrjnnunt
.Men ate trilned tn become ellklent op
eiators for the lloiernnienl nnd mer
chant nun Ino senke Anj nun enter
Inu thi-doiernment sen lee as mi npeia
toi slaits with tlie t ink nf serfreant
Fust Tiiji Lancaster to Haltimore
Knds in Dnft
,.m'TVV,.,:,:- ,',',1 r,-'Ihel'ot.
onieotI)epirlnunt attempted tn In luiru
rite .1 pirecl-p.i-t iniuoriiuik senile, l,e.
tween Lain asm mil lliltlmore. In wav
of liitsbui- but iho tnii I. tint left
Lim.lstii stink in i. kintit .1. ie. .t..i..
...1, . . ; . " .". ik in
..11 ' '"'" """ tl"' ",,M l '"'d 1 If '
1,1,1 1 ,1 .''' u"ll,'nl1,1 '"IH-
1 anlKw ni. 'u' uf!!n:
eistci will he piioheel ahead as too'i as
tin snow permits
1 -
K.iiltoads to Kepoit Dcpos-it Hal
anccs to Commeicc Commisiiion
A SHIfiTO.V. l'eb ", - I',, sklents .
nr all iillw.is wen tnd i notllled h '
tin Intcrstatn ( nnuiiLr Cmnmli-.on
In furnish a inmnTit.i i,t. t,i .. ...
ik iHisIt b ilaui-i 1 ami . r. .lit w, ,1 n,..
1 Inso of l)iislueH I e.i Linker 31, 1117
'Iho .11 tinn Is in nci nrel inco with a
llillni; by llallw.n idreetnr .MeAdoo
Haijar Heads Committee
Waltir I' Hmir Inv hmi eleitid
ihalrni 111 and .1 ,s v Uoiton Uc
ih ilriiiaii of the Joint i:eeutle rum.
mltleo on liniiroicnicnl of the Harbor
of Hilliilclphla and the Iirliwiie and
hehuMMII lllier-.
ver Yu Wint to
r&V V
I MVfcWlTJlll
. "flfl
Carlton E. Davis, Chief of Bureau, Believes II Could
Be Employed to Operate Pumps at George's Hill
Standpipe and Belmont Filter Plant
the proposed
new dim In the K.hulklll to prolde
n supply of water for tho city, Carlton II.
rils, chief of the llureiu of Water, pro
porcsahjdro-clectrlc plmt which ho be
llces should sne the city ronsldcrablo
money for power to npei tto tho pumps nt
(leorges Hill standpipe and tho Helmont
.Mr. Imls sild the nnln diniciilty to
ho overomo una how In utilize pirt-llme
power nulng In the firt that lrtuillv
all of the nallnble water furnished by
tho Kehujlklll Hler during Mie tbrep oi
four dry months or tho ear Is needed to i (rk powu in the two big steam turbine
meet Iho ilemnndH of the city This would I, irl(ii pumps now In npciutlnii nt the
undoubtedl) make necessary a buppie- llflmont i.umpliiK station wltliout lm
meni irv ste.un-now (r plant whleli would pilling tlio u" fiilinf" of the vtrcnnt tur
bo Idle during about nine months of the
Tor about nine months In the eir,"
said Ml Dils, ' thcro Is n head of about
lwel'e feet of walei iinllablo nt the
dam which would be nallible foi powi i
I esthnati lint th's would furiiMi Mill)
i lent owei to opcrile the rieoiges lllll
and I'flinniit iump. both of whtih me
MM rXprilll to llpcr.lt" nOW llWIIIg HI
tin titie nf mil we must w-r nt the
i ImtH and lm iuo of ttn illllkullj we
''"" ' siting It up the high guides than nine months foi tho two
l0n lI(! 1,1lli , lcxH ,a .,1leMil"imii would N tin all Iho
beow If we ileMlolltd hS'llo lei tl Ic.
powei it the dun In lire Sihujlklll it
iiiilkl 1 1" II itiinllled tn the two st i- thought ieetal duns could bo built In
lions mentioned without rxpene It Is I the ilii in ftnnlsli power for in itij In
i vo pr.1j.iblc there Inlsht be Minis nibll- eliistrks of the tin Ills answer was
tlonil noner whleli coiilil In used te op.
I crate ni I of the Helmont pumping plmt
part of the cnr.
'The blcgeit nrgument In fiMir of i
hjdincle trie plmt . tin fail tint we
soon must lne i new dim on the ilte
of tho oil one aboo Spring Cirdeii
strei t It Is ali nenleel In ennnect'iiii
Willi the ipirilloiis of the vhutlkill
N'inlgilloii lonipim .Sinn' we must
lino the new dun it weiukl be a minor
llilll In prni ale opening tlllb net pen
il.itnrH anil oilier in n bluer to pioxlde
hiilioeleelrli pcmti Tlie ouh ill ew
biel and the e nl point eiiri which to
Congressman Bobbins Say.-,
Contracts Expire April 1.
Present Rates Too Low
SlllM.1liN 1 eli I
i nun I b dun irilizitloii of the coal
liidiihlri nftei April 1. Is picdlLtnl In
I'nusieisni hi IMhihI i; linbblliH, of
rennijh ml i In a stitemcnt todn. un
less tlio pn tent Hit rilo Is liuiei'ul 1 e
foie tint time
s i ,cnitil thliiit the i isteitt mil
I i Mir Ir I illli j l.i.ni lu.ll I , ...
t.i..v. .1.,.-. ., i , lllllt I, ,-, J.IJI-
., ,,,.,.
llllIM . V 111 ltl(l III I li.t -, .1-. .6 ...I
li. .. i . .1 """"'i-' "i mini's
imin,ii.,in. nn- i.niNii aie iiiiiiiic in
u..ii. ac nn- nn pi i . mil lino mil-',
iiinitii in niiiuir iici.ui'-n in ti. an.
iiki. iirni'v lecinni on emit rut inal
On April 1 the- mijuit e. thev,. ,,,ii.
H Jits Hill ilon
"imn thai time Hi. nihn rs must
...I .".. in ,.,,. n.t , ,,,,, ,,,-v wni
be lllllbli tn iln and must ilwi dmui '
" .1 1 """" ; 11 1- 1.11.
lm. tin Inn saw n linmih. laiui.iml
" i.."u !:.".1.'1,i '"' "'" '''
'" " r"'. "'J .nun- SIM-
one nilnei bin emu nut nf bulni
sliu.i the lule,' m tlod
I then will be more '
ii, e . . 11 1
Miei Aplll
Mr Jkibblns cilleel attcntiiui to the
icient il of tlu thin Mlu 'opet limn 1
i, .. ..riiiiiiuii i.n.'ii lll.i luinimcil 1 mi . '
tor flu Held that thei could not nnei iii
ut tlin u c sent nti
nnifvu me' rnnii c-ive
OIIIO.S IJKr 1001) .SA1N(!
- -
Kcstnuiants Sacd 100 P. C,
Wheit I
i t. -. .. . , ,
10 P. C. Meat in December
wsiii.i:io-, ib '. I'ubiii eit
Ins iilu.s In Ohio s.m.l mo p(.r ,ont
morn win it mil in pi i nut mote me it
111 iHcimbri thin in tho pmcilhu;
mouth, liiu II 11 union SI iti food ad-
inlnlsii.itnr iceutid tn t n- fond .idinlu
Islrillmi tneln '1 Ii. MMiiKd nn when-
'- n;l. m..... '--fir .... mm.-l.
win -.('., U ,ouiuh ef heel 1',; is
pound of pnrl., ."' T'l poumN of nun
Inu and 1J1 OOS pounds of other unit
, Tlin sn I11K nf when Hour unouiitnl tn
' ... . -I. il ..n In
.I . ,. J1.I l.ll.l '
Have You Tried the Juiciest
Grapefruit in the World?
There's a flavor in TROPIKO Grapefruit which you will never find in any
other-a tart sweet flavor that delights. It's a vivacious sort of flavor
that onngs the blue of tropic skies and the tang of tropic seas home to
your table. There s just enough sugar just enough acid.
TROPIKO Grapefruit has been developed with this idea-to gi e the great
est amount of juice having the fincit flavor. Then, to make sure that
every piece of fruit bearing the name TROPIKO lives up to this ideal
every piece is selected. When ou buy TROPIKO Grapefruit ou are get
ting not only the finest flavor but 25 per cent more juice than in any other
"Juieiett Fruit in the World"
The leading growers of Porto Rico, associated in the Porto Rico Fruit
TROPIKO thS!! eV,n,,Pr,0dUtClnB LhiS UnUSUa frult' The na
xsttssza No fruit not misa
Your dealer has TROPIKO Grapefruit or can get it for you from us.
Tell him you want to try it. '
DUtributor. of TROPIKO Fru,t for Philadelphia and Vicinity
hesllnt Is the ciuetlon of uIiir pirt
time piiner
'It will on be necesary inr us tt
proldn power for the two sub-Motions
mentlonid from tho llclmont plmt, for
the rllv rnnnnt afford to continue to
carry (oil up to tlin plants when clec
tlMty Is so easily and cbeiply taken
there. We are furnishing powei to the
lloxhorniigli icserxolr and (liter nnd
Khuwuoiit slandiilpo In exictly this
in.innei fiom tho SliiiHinont piinuiliiu
station '
ll Uali isplalned tint II would be
all i" mallei tn hltill tlio Iimiio-i
,Mis Ho s ibl It might ! in miM'd to
Inn r Iho ilnlili power on one sld nf
tin pumps and ll stuim power on the
,olhel without i lit tiling the f xp(ne of ad-
dltloiiiil bulldliig" ll said It would snni
be n,iesar P. Inn another pumping
unit nnd lint the dam should funiMi
enough powir In mil one of the ..'000.
dno-gillon nulls now In u- alioul ten
UIOIIIIIS 111 HIP Jai nun imiui ui II1M11
.about tight and mie-lnlf months in tk"
car, giving nil nMiag" of i llttlo moie
The thlul
jeir round
i iy Sl"ini power
i Jlr Il.nls wis nl,ei whether
tint he hid not f,lrn tint side nf the
liilio-ileitrlc power euestlon eonvlderi
tleiu II" said he thought It would be
pojihlo hnweicr to deelop enough
pown tn make the pioject worth con
sleleilng 'Ihe illy e uinnt secure powei fiom
Ihe Miiwinnnl dun owing to the fact
Ih it tin light- to this power are owned
1 pili.it" Indmdit its tin ilim being a
prn.ite enterpris
Mr Pnli einti to elevekp bis In-dio-c
lei tile h'ei and will pinbibli sub
nut win' suggestion on It to ( uiiiu Ms in
c. mm tun Willi plan i fm the new dun
Temperatures From 10 to 21
Helow Zero and Mine
Operation Hampered
UII.M.s-li w;i:r I' i I el. 1
Ulh the timpi i ituie I'. iIikiks
1 1 clow iii lii iii nn lints nf tin anthia-
clli Tell nth tod iv and with nnlj
Mltll liller lici III tin iln. enll pin.
dllitli 11 wil' selinllsh ll lllll l led All ml-
lierks eude.neiied tn ope i tte. but the
wentlni wis i men lint nn n e ui-
plnlcd nlltslde could lelllllll liposcel fn
l 111V SI il t I i lireli
I (.. i. 1 ji .
b In Iho sli efts I iw sb tin prowine
. . . '
ami m uniiiii ii itkiiu nnd
hi iiiiiliit;
fioniili mid foimidae
ombln ition nf
I, tn llt,s tn ilullHiu the b-n
r, ,j, ,(, Wl)vll
1 1t i II sllp'ih
li l l till tn In. lm ll Mini l i Ii ml , .
i- linn nn I mill h dlilluiln iu Kitlliiri
llt.ilns to and frnui the rnlllirli"
111 111 .. .(.. ..III..! ... ....
,. ..,,.:;,.d ,;,' .,,;:;;!;,,;";;,, ,;
e.illi I hum ...i I 0I...1 mm,,. I 11,... I.. 1...
K'ttliiK coil f,--i tl. in.: is mill hi. ik-
iniimtliiiii' tliti-Mun.n. '.
llilhc.ids SUIT, reel fi, the Intense
e a u-ll 1 1 fruits ui 1.1 inulA I.. I.e.,.
.ill III,. .1 .,,..., (it, il ,.tA,n.., . r.... ..,!
' I'l.iiiii . M.,Ki-ei,.ii
,lir m !, tinuble In knphir; in.
KIO'H 111 llinnillK innilitlnu
I'esplle llie cold, mine workers iml
llinuls shnuiel thill Iron nene le
icm ilnlni,- t, unci at wml
IIXZLLION I'l.l'el) -with ttm-
I'ei.ituio .'I helow zero in cspos-d ec-
lions nnd fiom U to li. helow In the
nn. plmliictlon and shliiinnit e,r
"" icl,l t'"'1 '.(s Ki'-ith h impel cil to-
i.i.. tn.-, ii , 1 1- n.iiT.ui'ei. nuc .it
i teducd spe,,i and i.u menement was
IVUtmiY. l'i, 11, I-. , Kiollne .
plmt cf tin lnipiinr (ill and (lis C'nm
pun and twit hou-is 11. irl who lie
slnn id hv nn (plo.nn tint w.i"
fill for mllei Ih,-. dun ice is $;o nun
'Ihe 1 iii-iii 1 1 tin ciinvoii ( ,1 ,t
known It wa- tin snoml nf tin- kind nt
the pi ml in imk wick- th, tlst nnt
lieliiK siilnu" n one was hurt as tin
shift w in helnic eh uiRed .md tin. hulld
IUK w is euipt I
California Boy Describes Rig-
oroils Displnlino nt "West
Point of France"
TiainitiK All Day With Snow Si
Inches Deep Haidens Ofli-
Johnstown Sammce
First to Kill Hun
mi) JOHNSTOWN, P.i.. Kots the
liminr of lieinB tlie home town
of the first American soldier to
kill a (icrman after Pershing's
men formnllj went into the
(rendu s.
Herbert Sliigh, a vcrRiant
major, from .loliuslown, hlint and
killed a (ierutan from a distance
of 1100 jnrds. He has bem men
llonid for a CroK do Guerre.
t i II ml i Hi III. Ih iu i
In 1 r in .
IN I HWi I. 1
I w i- ' online d In nil ill'l' In
c ipt iln ti d n us nn nfu nn u.i nf " ' "
liii; 1 M lllo thi- uthei dn ami hen ml
p.nillnir lhls Suiul n Inii.le s. unilni
ii,ii I cut . which will Inilli ite uist
Iioh ilKornus Is the ilhi Ipllm- it this
nn cold West l'olnt nf Iran.. lie
i;.t tn ii port to tho serne int in ilnrge
if em liters eien houi In tin i thei
llfn-nlne minutes of e uli houi I line
been wrltlni; letlei" sweet tiMiw Mi
ihii nlllcns will Ihm to nail tn iin-ii
em However, lm rLturnlni: li iu
cuiniwin lomoirow, i wont line i
seric out Ih.- scnlenee
It M'uldnt mill much dlfferm.
nn how i" in inr.t nf tlm infanln
e imps lla-i iln, we are allowed nut
hie e imp null nn siiuiiln ifti i no ii
ni'l cienhiKs and Sundns, which will
wort, well pmbihh lm tho milt ik ' d
th. troop', hut is i,nliiK tn dhappolnt i
nt of fellows intuitu- eiir hcie to tie
'lliero aie a Ipt of cither suiiirlvei in
slnie which won't he- eiclh pie i-diic
Tl ilnhiK H on In calm st line we-Inn
hem itolns: nni .mil it hilt hours a
dn ami sliuhlm; two boms hi the ee
nine In ih luoi nliiK Anierlc in iii-mui-thin
in Ih' . II lolls Wl.lpous nf model li
w irfin - Kicnidex. mituinitle rllb
Hindi mm tin ct-, ami in the oicnlhi,
Inslruitlnti In tin- I'lemli nnrihlni.
form it Inns and tactic-, whlihnn hiiliik
In In aelnpl.d I cues-! And tho snow
Is si hnhes deep ultli tlm tliiniionielei
so i.iiuicil inu that the w iti-i fnizi
ui Man i iiitic t nt noun Nn llrci ai.
all mid in iiuirtirs until ufti i 4 J'
I' m It h i m it llfi I don t know
whether II - i ihulitul to mile- the fel
lows (Jul to 1,11 to the inn, Ik h en
huilen them up --o the II in ahlo tn
stand it
I am In tr miKitst imnpin hcie
In thu way About all of th. othn
students nillccis.tii.be ue inini the
ubuIii nrim and most of thnu hm
done their tuin In in tinn In fict I
,Ui s tin uiin teleited foi tlio im
thei behiMil then 'Ihe fellow who
sleeps next lo me a seiueint in ijni
his k lined elStinetion f.n I e Iuk tho llit
Amerli ill soldlei tn kill a Helmut lit
been Dilution,.! f.u a I'inK de- Uuerii
lb Is, b the w.i. Jleibcrt Sleigh, from
Johnstown, r i
' lie and a seieanl wen- st uuliiu l -
Krthn w ate IiIiik Mine ll b In nhlih
some liriniius wiie suiipo-.il to he im.
of the th. m the (mill iiii-- ilked oul
of Iho nil,' mil In shot him at Ilim
.lliW He hill n Lie iple -iKht n
utlllen oli-enei u in airil me nw
Iho boihe fall s h. i,. t- tin illstun
How often:have you fought with your engine to start it on a cold day or
a cold night after it had beenlstanding in the teeth of the wind for an hour or so ?
Now. to step on the starter button in a current Chalmers is almost to start
it no matter where the red shows in the thermometer. Five seconds is ample
time to most owners of current Chalmers for sending the engine away on the
run. And another second or two means midsummer softness with power to
tear through any wind or six inches of fresh snowfall
Remember: the "hot spot" and the "ramVhorn" manifold do the big
emergency work. One pulverizes the gas and warms it up and the other
shoots ,t on to the cylinders in 100fS condition for power and results. There's
little ha comes ou of the exhaust that the engine hasn't made good use of.
The hot spot ,tsel is such a curious, simple little device that it is well
u.iu u ibw umautc or
and what it does.
Spruce 462
hlon. A rrench general shook hands nnd
l'retn' good for
congratulated him
'Johnstown, huh'
Another fellow In thin 'nm"" j'.1
i heio by ('.iplilu Atthlo llooscelt,
' ife-Jl
J J- --ZL ITJ " 'i
! Ladies' and L. J w i
Misses' Plain M-Tr
j Tailored Suits ' c
j 24.75 25.75 31.75 .1 L
Il , . '
, I SprinR and Summer tIe and , i ,
' J colors nre now- in our stock. t c i
I i j Tyrol Wool in cloth nnd in type i I
.jj of Garments nrc the best prod- I jJlJU '
j net obtainable. V" FT
New Spring Hats L L
j Motor, Street and Top h. i
1 Coats I
0 4 Ijk S J!
$ Pure Chewing Gum
Stick a dav
your time just to see it. We
. DHTR01T SUnJECT TO riiaino ,.,
- ti34 North Broad Street
wlio, ho (ells me, wait onej of four 'oOfii
fleers to nccompnny Iho ftrsit Asmen,iLliV
milling pirly Into .Vo Jtun's Land. .ii5&
tiiiH lust been mado captain frnm I: "it
I ILnlMiml" PvC- J
' Jl.
will ho ia uw it
Race 2667
Ulltl lliuii,i-i,., J
,i. It, s
. ,t, ,,,il( ., T Mav-vaiaBaapaaaaajajaa
IHBHHBteiisu, ' ui igiii'iaJiMll
HHaBaHlaHk iSfSSlVm
Vf '

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