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Dr, Mabel Haines Tells of
Great Progress Made in
i T) lumosinjr Disease
"f Modem Methods Have Reduced Dan
ger and Won Laurcis lor
if There Is no nrca ror .-way mnnyrp.
fh ktit there Is a Kreai ncea in- .way
ft workers. accordlnc to Dr. Mar-M Rum
rner IUlnes, chief Roentitenoloir at the
t Woman HOSpiini, ns wen uoaioiam
Kf t the Jefferson Hospital.
The !df of danger in wonimi wun
flie X-ray Is a mistaken onr. There Is
comparatively llttlo now. Kor Just as
....... ., work with errm cultures
v oociu.p - -
J . 4h nronmnanvInK dangers and
frit HPO
ff. pr,r,are for them, so do we In the work
if? with the X-ray." Doctor Hnlnes said.
R? In her trim black dress, topped by a
iy. n), of golden lialr and keen blue
'if, .. -..- Lnt- In nfiftnrlnta this slen
Hu eye. " j.w. -
WHS An flrllsh woman with the responsible
; t ef her position. Upon her nklll and
it,, twist of ti flnitcr depend tho lives
fc and happlncM of tho patients who come
to her for X-ray pictures 01 meir n
'cut wounds and afnlctlonn. The science
. .ri,rrl bo far In the last ten
fi years that a diagnosis of virtually any
Iff '.. -n be made through X-ray
TVc workers protect ourselves from
the powerful effects of the rays by
means of lead, In taking an ordinary
picture we do not operate the machine
from the room, but are separated by a
lead wall and look at the patient through
leaded glass and speak to him through
. . ...t.rt Tn eamfn nf RtOnillCh
...mlnatlon It Is necessary to have the
Iffl mhlne In the room, but I protect my
FEE '... .i.i, o r.nrt nnron and gloves. In
the early days of Its discovery tho doc
..... f.n received burns which resutt-
if id In cancers from the continued work
H with the rays, but that Is a thing of
the past."
"w '. 1...... n'nmqii
R Haines talked as she worked. With her
ti 'Si led hands on the controller, which Is
Being a very i u.-j ""","'
W 1 : 1... iib ihni nn a trolley car, oniy
much larger and more complex, she
took picture after picture of various por
.'lions of the bodies of men and women.
Some were suspected of havlnc tubercu
loels. others unwarranted pressure on
'com nerve or n splintered bone.
"It offers a flno opportunity to women,"
Doctor Haines continued. "The work Is
taiy compared with most work of a
Wa'clan. and It Is Intensely Interesting.
'.Being a comparatively new branch of
medicine, there are very few women rep
'resented In It, but aB the men are being
'taken to the front, there Is an ever
'lncreasing demand for women to Carry
on the work.
, "To be able really to dlagnoso tho
'caaea and make reports on the plntes,
one must be a graduate of a medical
achool. For tho technical part of oper
ating the machine unfl taking the pic
ture, this '. not necessary. I believe
'ther are a number of women now quail
Ifvln as technicians."
i Whn asked how many real Itoentgen-
' elorlsts there were, she apologetically
t 'admitted that she only know of one other
fei lln Pennsylvania. "It Is because the
S (Office apparatus for X-ray work Is quite
i" "Mixnslve." Doctor Haines explained.
'Then again It Is like all spoclallst work;
H takes a long whllo before there are
anvreturns for your work. It Is a com-
lug thing, however, and will be used
more and more.
"I want to urge women to tako up the
work," she earnestly continued. "There
will be so much rebuilding of men nnd
wonten ufter the war that the X-ray
lll be Indispensable. While It Is rather
minute, specialized work, It la not any
more trying than other work ; In fact Is
not so hard. I get vejy tired nt times
hut then I don't blame my work but my
telf." Doctor Haines has other cares, for she
ti that modern combination of profes
sional woman and mother, who ts be
itlanlng to make herself felt In American
builneas as well as In politics. With her
aeven-year-old twins ehe has Just re
turned from a visit to her husband, who
la with the Government coramltteo for
the study of tuberculosis In the army
1 camps.
I? Guard and Firo Units Ordered Or
ganized in Corps
I' MTaililnrton. March 13. Tlin nriranl-
'Jftlcn of eight guard nnd (Ire compa
fJ"vn addition to the regular strength
i !S' '56 quartermaster's corps, was or
dered bv tl,A Wnt- n.niii-tmAiit fnriav
Ij; . Each company will be composed of a
t? rlhtiln 4l. A fi.i j Mt j 11....
mx, no iirai ana live kccuiiu utu
Kfvl,nnu and 145 men, either cnllnte9 or
feL,r;Jru ne unuorn.8 win no tne Famo
i mady formed.
McAdoo Orders Eight Consolidated
i in Atlanta
1J5r",'lton. March 13 Railroad W
, rector McAdoo todav ordered ennnnllda-
&ii2L0'tne Atlanta, Ga ticket olllces of
rl, , ISJ. railroads.
I- 'tkJ n" another step In the plans of
i n ul,u ouiiiniiHiriuioii 10 cui rx
k'tSfSS and reduce travel to a necosaary
healed fha-t
Skin trouble
wnen yon think what a source of
wtovance and suffering that ectema
. jl to mo in t"0 Pnat three
Ti It. ?ou wonuer om tnanKrui
5 the doctor prescribed ResinolT
toe Vertt A.l At T ...J li .1.
aaIl 'vj tpv viina a uacu iti vn7
E wB .Bt0PPed tor Roodi and, the
' uegun to aisnppear.
Ktilnol Simp should uaually lx
fat tli tain la rwtlva U. Rttluol
' iMdkaUoii. .Xaaleel Soap ah4
aLaaaaaLaLHI "' -sS
LanaaaHtaaLakiV v"
iBHim.Bir S3 !
IlaRfflHHHBBaHafea. ? Ni
P-tpiirtrif"-(TiBfrmBtrr(iiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'i 11 -Trv,'"'i"''''m'' '"''"'"'"
In the whole State of Pennsylvania there are only two women
doctors .who havo qualified as X-ray experts and one of them i.t u
Philadelphia!!, Dr. Mabel Summer Haines, chief roentgenologist
nt the Woman's Hospital and an assistant at Jefferson Hospital.
The photograph shows Doctor Haines at work at the Woman's
First Problems of Home Planting Are Explained in
Detail Plowing Should Be Done at
Possible Time
Tlin llrst problem In preparing tlic
land for a garden that has not been
used for this purpose Is to remove all
dend weeds, sticks, stones, bushcn nnd
trash of any sort. Driers und bushes
should be dug up by. the roots so they
will not Bprout ngaln.
tlood drainage la essential to u mic
cessful garden. If the land is not well
drained, this1 should be corrected as the
first step in making tho garden. Tile
draliiR may be used or the land may ho
bedded by plowing It In long, narrow
lanes, leaving the middle furrons aB
drainage ditches. In the case of gardens
spaded and worked by hand the same
results may bo had by bedding up tho
soil. Vegetables will not thrive In poor
ly drained hoII no matter how much
cars Is given them.
Plowing or spading should be dona at
the earliest possible moment, in order
that In sections of the country where
freezing occurs tho soil may be subject
ed to freezing so that It will ho broken
up by the nctlon of the frost and be
mellow and friable when planting begins.
Nothing aids In tho preparation of the
soil, and especially stiff soils, like freez
ing nnd thawing. It Is especially Im
portant that ground In sod bo plowed
In tlmo so It will freeze after plowing
and the grub worms nnd other hiber
nating Insects and worms may be de
stroyed. Where severe freezing 1h sure to oc
cur nfter the plowing Is dono llttlo harm
will be done by plowing tho ground while
wet. Otherwise the ground should not
be plowed until fairly dry, or clods will
The ground after plowing should be
allowed to remain rough until needed.
It is an excellent plan to make an ap
plication of air-slaked lime or ground
limestone to the freshly plowed soil In
order that It may have time to correct
acidity beforo planting time arrives. The
manure should not be applied with the
Heppe Victrolas
We have a Heppe Outfit a Victrola and
Records for your home. If it is not convenient for
you to pay the full amount at the time of your pur
chase, you may buy through the Heppe Rental
Payment Plan. Through this plan you can rent a
Victrola and apply all rent toward the purchase.
Call, phone or write for catalogs and full par
ticulars. '
Heppe War -Time Outfits
VICTHOIiA 1V-A. 120.00
Records your selection.. 3.00
Total cost M3.00
Fay 13 down, J2.&0 monthly.
vicrnokA vi-a wo.oo
Records your selection.. n.TB
Total cost ,M.75
Pay H down, (3 monthly.
Records your selection
Total cost WO.OO
Pay M down, J3.50 monthly.
Records your selection.. o,oo
Total cost .103.00
Pay is down, 14 monthly.
Call, phone or write for illustrated catalogs and partial
lars of tho Heppe Rental-Payment Plan.
C. J.
1117 -
limn as loss of nitrogen will occur under j
these circumstances. The time should bo
applied and become mixed with the soli
before tho manure Is applied. The ma
nure should be of a good grade, stable
manure cither from horses or cattle pref
ciably. Manure that has straw bedding
material mixed with It Is best, and
should bo uppllcd at the rate of twenty
tlve or thirty tons per acre or from 300
to 400 pounds .per square rod.
It Is an excellent plan to prepare the
coll for planting us needed rather than
to fit tho whole garden at once. If the
work of lilting the ground ts done with l
a team it will not always be feasible
to follow this plan. Clround that has
not been used for gardening purposes
should, In every case where It Is pos
sible, be put In condition with a team,
as tho ground should be cut up with a.
dlbk or cutaway harrow, thoroughly
fining the soli as deeply as It has been
plowed, thoroughly mixing tho manure
with tho ?ol.
It Is, of cour.se, possible to do tho
woil: Just as well by hand, but a con
siderable amount of labor is Involved.
For small areas, however, this method Is
the only practical one. When the garden
Is to bo worked by hand It Is especially
desirable that the spading be done as
early as possible, as the sooner It is done
tho easier It will be to get tho ground
in condition. The ground should be
worked down nnlv ns needed, nn this will
distribute the labor and as the rough I
ground will dry off quicker than that '
smoothed down, It Is posstblo to get on
the ground sooner If left In the rough
than when well worked down. It Is
extremely desirable to got such crops j
as early peas, early potatoes and early ,
cabbage plants In as soon as the ground ,
Is dry enough, and It Is often possible I
to get these crops planted a week or
two earlier by following this plan. I
Well-slftcd coal ashes, unllko wood
ashes, have no fertilizing value, but aro
useful In lightening soil. I.lmo will
lighten toll und nt the same tlmo cor-
reel acidity.
Records your selection,. S.00
Total cost sno.00
Tay J5 down. 5 monthly.
Records your selection. n.oo
Total coat 1118.00
Pay $8 down, $8 monthly.
Records your selection, 10.00
Total cost ilTS.oo.
Pay J10 down, 18 monthly.
Records your selection, in.oo
Total cost MJrs.oo
Pay $10 down, 110 monthly.
1119 Chestnut Street
and Thompson Streets
flnnsprvfifinn nf Timp nnrl
Material Made Possible
by Designs of the Season
Waistcoat Is Conspicuous
Among New Details.
Vogue of the Jersey
4"lT70Mi:N"S NI.Kn.H" was the mes
VVsngc thnt a little bird whispered
Into the enrs of the designers, manu
facturers nnd tnllors this spring, and
these wise interpreters of Dame Fashion
hei'ded the wnrnlng. Ko instead of the I
; strictly tailored clothes, nnd silly, frilly
I garments tho shops nnd stores are filled
with hnppy-med.um apparel for tho
fair sex. For how could any one expect
the women of today to spend their val
uable time nearly every one these ituya '
concedes that It Is vnluabtc changing
I from n tailored morning suit to a lunch-
eon rrock and mtcr to a dinner gortii?.
I It simply Isn't done! '
Never have the suit.', dresses, coats, ,
blotisea and sport things been so lovely, '
Kverythlng Is marked for Its simplicity.
fine tailoring nnd richness of material. ,
1 Tho one thing that stands out as the
prima feature of tho season is the
waistcoat. Those accessories, no, neces
sities, am to be had In all materials,
many designs nnd on till garments,
1 .Speaking of elon suits, they are per
haps tllA tlinst fnshlnnnlilA nnlrt flilu
snrinir. In rl:irl l.litn ,. na h,ii..i '
shades of sand, beige, day, hay and nil
the rest of that family, thu eton suit
and eton coat dress are sure to hno 11
waistcoat or blouse of while or some
I bright color to relievo the sobriety of
I the model. In fact, dashes of lulalit
color add to the attractiveness of coats,
dresses and hats ai well.
Nnrrow skirls arc again In ogue.
Not tho unmentionable hobble that was
the bane of existence for tho feminine
sex u number of years ago, but skirts
cut on tho line of the figure and which
give plenty of freedom for walking.
What Is conserved In breadth of skirt
Is used In tho new tunic. Those, tunics
arc very full, falling nnywherc from tho
knees to the bottom of the skirt tn
uneven lengths and much trimmed with
tucks, braids and buttons.
In the dress shop the same motif of
simplicity, rich material and the waist-,
coat prevail. Wool tcrlm Is a new ma
terial much used for the dress gowns.
Ilelug a thin, wiry woolen voile, It must
be made over silk, which Fixes It a rich
pppearnnce. Heading Is still very pnpu
hir and will festoon thu dainty summer
Tho Jersey still holds tho center of
the. stago In sport attire, but as the
summer draws nearer beautiful silks are
going to bo worn on the golf links, at
I., i.ni.elmp,i nml oh tli.. . tfr,.,.. rnl.
the seashoro and on thu streets. The
new moonglow satin In beautiful tints
and figured designs Is used in separate
skirts and with the sleeveless Jacket.
1'he waistcoat in tho sports depart
ment has stretched Into what was
N. Rnellcnbura & t'.. Market and UMh Ma.
lVaini Ate. (IsriiKf, S128-30 Wnne At.
Vulcan Huppllrn Co., Ills Ituic hi.
Snrlnafleld Ate, (iaraae.SOIS hprlnatlvld Ate.
Trim, lru 4. hrrtlrc ioiniMiu uf 1 ulU
dclpbla. S-iD.a33 H. llroml M.
(1'llrWn K llaatrr, 213 N. Juniper M.
Iicu.t Auto Hlinplr Co.. Mil I-ocii.t Ht.
IV. F. KVrr (Auto Bupplr Co., Inc.), 1800
frankford Ate.
. . "
Ivm -V x , i
i H w .
, l . -XL.1-. 1
Courtesy of (Umbel Prelhera.
Tlis black sntin Blecvelcss jacket
is worn with a moon-glow satin
skirt of Oricntnl design. Tho
hut, of black chip straw, is faced
with white. The flower on the
crown is of white wool.
known as the sleeveless sweater last
season. Don't by any means call It
that this year; It is the "walstco.it."
Ihautlful models in silk, satin, velvet,
corduroy and Jersey aro to be worn with
whllo skirts and dainty dresses
Hlousea cannot otcape mention. The
new oriental blouses of bright-colored
ccoructto nro made with no opening
except on the shoulder. There Is such
a feeling of security to know that hooks
and buttons are not off! Again, the
waistcoat motif is brought In by com
bining the colors. Ono model In light
griiy haM u frVench i,hii. waistcoat and
r ... ...
collar. Dark blouses to be worn with)
thu suit am more noticeablo than for i
many seasons. Again It Is coiiserwi-,
tlon, for a dark Mouse is always reaoy
to wear and appropriate for morning.
I noon und night !
Get What You Pay
N the majority of
against the lure
floor" and "special discount."
A very proper suspicion attaches to the man who uses
such terms, for the public has well learned that it gets
what it pays for!
But we Goodyear Service Station Dealers find that in
the tire business certain fallacies prevail that are discred
ited everywhere else.
Chief among these fallacies is the belief in certain quar
ters that it pays to buy a "special discount" tire.
Let us say here and now, that when a dealer offers you a "special
discount" to get you to buy a tire, you may fairly be sure that he is
doing one of two things.
Either he is offering a tire on which he, himself, gets a special discount
from its maker; or he is withholding from you the helpful service so
necessary to get the maximum mileage from that tire.
In the one case the tire's quality is lowered at the source by compro
mised manufacture; in the other its capacity for service is handicapped
by neglect.
Remember that only the conscientious dealer who gets his fair margin
can afford to sell you a quality tire backed by the kind of service
which will insure its long life and your satisfaction.
Tills sign identifies tho Good
year Serx'lcc Station Dealer.
Dauphin (liirunr. 11:11-33 W. Danphln SI.
Tliox. (ioldhrrc. 1310 Vine ht.
I.. K lli-ll Ituhbrr Co., HOI N. I'urlMo ft.
i:nnl Tlr Srrtlre Cu., 4.18 N. llroml HI.
W. i:nnl. & Mon, 1310 Kuce HI.
Knnln Tire Nrrtlc. Co., S5IM) N, llrnad St.
Moilrrn Vulrinlilnic Co,, .M. it. Kllur, 1'ro-
prlctnr, 4(1 N. fl'.'il Nt.
Kbrrt Motor Co., 2li3-20 N, Ilroad Ht.
Operatic Movie Star's Second
Picture Based on Tragedy
of English Nurse
By the Photoplay Editor
IMitli Caveirs brutnl execution by
the (lermnns at the beginning of tho war
shocked "ktul angered tho wholo world
and Is thinly elled nH the theme of
Mary tlarden's aecond motion picture.
.Monuments to tho Kngllsh nurse- have
been erected In Kngland and on the Con
tinent, and In tho little village of Ilenu-
solelt, Just above Monte Carlo, on Mont
A gel, a street benrs her name. The
blue sign bears the cpiaint ligend, "Hue
Miss Caell."
Mary (lardcn, who Knows her war
history as few of us do. was responsible
for this honor being paid the memory
of the nurse. A frequent visitor to
Monaco, she knows the surrounding
country well and had no uimcuity in
persuading the Maor of lleausolell to
How to Make Oatmeal Bread
Healthful to Eat Saves the Wheat
1 cup flour
Hi cup com meal
1 teaspoon (alt
& teaspoon Royal Bolting Powder
2 tablcapoon aujar
Sift together flour, corn meal, salt, baking; powder and sugar.
Add oatmeal, melted shortening and milk. Bake in greased
shallow pan in modciate oven 40 to 43 minutes.
This wholesome bread is easily and quickly made with the aid of
If used three times a week in place of white bread by the
22 million families in the United States, it would save more
than 900,000 barrels of flour a month.
Our new Bed, White and Blue booklet. "Beit War Time Reclpei",
containing many other recipes for making delicious and wholesome
wheat savins foods, mailed free address
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., Dept. H, 135 William St, New York
cases, American
ot such inviting
Itah.U Anlo Storra,
a.,., ,..iu . iir.iuiii,
1'. C. llornbrrk, 210 S. Ulh HI.
'.'0th Crnturr (larair, iVi N. liroad SI.
llmailuiiy AutcHupply Co.. Inc., ltroad,
, I'n. i uiik Ate. and MrKptin Ht.
Mlillrlir.nl lluiiht. Co.. S!X S. Junlprr HI.
Hff r.ilier Co.. iSMis-in N. Vront Ht.
hlBhl'K (Uriiip, 4S30.I3 Itlilnc Hun Ai.
Hlaun'M (lurase. titii pnd M-litmore Ate.
Aton Uaraae. 333 H. SOIh Nt.
put th matter before) the local Court
Now Miss Garden has further oppor
tunity to pay tribute to lMlth Cavell
this time In motion pictures. The, tllm.
to be released by Uoldwyn, Is called
Tho Splendid Sinner."
In thin production Miss Oarden, as n
Itcd Cross nurse, finds herself enmeshed
In Herman Intrigue nnd espionage, She
attempts to aid a wounded soldier and
Is detected by German officers, brought
beforo the council nnd given u trial
equally as unfair ns Miss Cavell's. The
conclusion of the drama Is said to be
poignant and Miss Garden's notablo his
trionic ability Is given powerful expres
A "war food" exhibition will bo held
by the girls of the Philadelphia High
School, Seventeenth and Spring Gnrden
strots, Friday afternoon, March 15, at
Prof. Marlon Smith, professor of ceo
nomli'M at Ilryn Mawr College, will talk
on "Food Conservation and Thrift." The
girls will show methods for producing
substitutes for meat, sugar nnd animal
fats. , ,
Through the enthusiastic effort of
I)r Fred Cowing, iirlnclp.il of tho school,
a fooil-conscrvatlon unit has btcu organ
ize In which 130ft puplln and sixty
teachers are enrolled, The students are
keopliig an Individual record of their
whcntless anil meatless days at home,
and their mothers nro heartily co-opcrat-Ing
In this work.
1 cup cooked
2 Ubleapoons
1' cup a milk
No egc
shrewdness is proof
phrases as ground
Goodyear Tires. Tubes and Ac
cessories aro always kept in stock.
DOS N, Ilroud and
V.. flroin, 4S18
Hale Motor Co.,
Holiir Si llrock,
. the.ler, I'u.
ColunUI ilariite,
.tit. Alrv. lu.
. , --' V""" ..TT
t iifiiniii urn,
Qualltr Tire Hhep, S3 K. Lanceater At,,
Ardmere, r.
Government ResU Case ,
Burlington, Vt, Man Aceu
Durllnrton, Vt., March It TKt
ernmeni resiea today in in m
tlon for nedltlon ugalnat the Ttay.
enco ii. wniaron. pastor. ot ;
Ilantlst Church, who U helntr it
foro Judge Harlan I). Howe, tn
States District Court,
A recess was taken until thht 1
ernoon to allow the defense t?s
HHiiiEq lis iur:es. fe.
Kvldenrn brbught out today haeVtum
principally with alleged statement w
Vv'aldron while ut tho head of tha,Wh
sor Church. 'V
-to wnn patriotism." "trou
uso my chuich for patrlotlo meetli
The Kaiser was cnoaen or uoa to
on tho war." nnd Blmllir exnre
wer attributed to Waldron by1
Messes. s.
Tho cross-examination did not it
tciially change the testimony.
Foresee High lee Price
l'lii.liur.h. March 15. Tho Drlce'k '
Ice to consumers will be SO to 0 ,VM ),"( 'w
cent mgner mis nuimner on ccnitt-
Oi Hie requisitioning vy mo uuvrn-r.j
tueni nf a. larire nortlon of the m."?,N
nionln supply, members of the Mt44!eJ
siiiites ten Producing t:xchanse here ferV.
thn organization's annual convenUeH 'f, ':
predicted. . .' 5 '.1
oatmeal or rolled
Itrown Ht.
Inc., M'aine, l'.
13 K. Market Ht.. Meat
S8-35 K. Mt. Airy Are.,
Allan, IB IV. Illabland At..,
;,fr. "'"$-''''
., v ?" -;?. '-
aJ v'aT
;. 'tn
ti IK.
' rtx.v
',' '
; 4su
". $
via !
. .'Vv i
." i
. ."5
.i j i
' H
i ' t . '
" IHlr
kul& i
iji' ,-f :
W, i ' iM
a (r - ,,
j jf n.i r.
,' ii ii
t y
. V,. i J4lVw
4. Wu,
if "v F?i . tViw t -A

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