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Disqualification of Glass-
ner in Mile (Jives Mir
.1 rors Championship
IK, '
IK i
n . II k ITI IlIIT.ll
Ill I'rtuu rimi
Wi the Second Ileglment Armoryi Cen-
ii.ln tn. "
rftral High School was nearly deprived
ijf a. . .... . ..
jj Through an unfortunate oversight of , m.Volh??eSp?iSSS,f Slffi."
.Vvtrol of the ofllcla-'s of the nnnual In- I'hllly will try for the prize In today's
&" " "tefdn' a""n" b?rrDoc?onrarHndenoCrfet
j; cj th, indoor track ana neia tine or the ' "" - ""'-"" '"'
rhlldtlphla hlRh schools, which the '
ftraeKroen n- a Mnb i.uuu I
When mo runners lucu hip mar in
.vil.st and deciding event of the day,1
f Wtt f niiaucii'tuii ii ikii whs itriiuuiK
ri.l! nrouwiulst. of Northeast, and Ste-
Pnr-ftot off In the above order. Try
,"11 mcy nuui'ii ii-,nir, iiiuuuii'iuiri nvt
E&Kedtm could pass, the Mirrors leader, I
V...J tw
r ml he crossed tho tapo wltli llround-
li quist eecona ami nieuam mini.
This ictory nmi nve points ami the
li'feat of Clrounriulst in noslnK out stcdem
fvinibled Doctrtr O'Brien's proteges to tie
J Ilia Speedboyt w Ith 34 'i polntH. Follow.
LLlnr.the announcement of the deadlock,
Sthe 3000 spectators negan inarcning out
b of Ui armory.
; Enter1 C L. Raby
;. si in uic inrtn.iim( V'. av. xuui.ti
ipxxh of the South rhlladelphla, track
rtlttim, was voluntarily Informlnj; the ofTl-
Mili that Glassner, 11 South Philadelphia
ijriinner, who natt oeen nwnrcied third
(ll7 HI ,H,V, linu ULMI l"'n VJ
IHaffner and rtadebauBh and not ontltled
third place and two points.
This bit of news set tho men to colne
rtr their slips of tho one-mllo event.
Tho report traveled swiftly and In a
w minutes tho majority of the specta
tors, lncludlnp thoso who had left tho
hullittnff wero back nt-aln. natlf-ntU-
yiwaltlnff for tho olllclals" decision.
; Alter kicai iivm ui iinciwai uiiu
tnnecessary discussion. It was decided
tht Itaby was right. So far so good.
But what would they do with tho va-
leant third place? Had they failed to
check a runner who If properly checked
Triton have finished In third position?
i-These and a hundred other questions
Wiyed the decision which the school
toj were so patiently awaiting.
Only One Thing to Do
; Scret sessions were then In order,
With Samuel Dallas, Herman Slyer nnd
lewis Goldsmith iictInK In the leading
ro'.es. Following ten minutes of whis
pering and much thlnklns on the parts
ef the three men mentioned above. It
'U finally decided that the best thing '
tVa aCa.K? "1! h' "nS10 Bl.W 110 !
fourth man, who was Detweller. of Cen-1
trl High, third place and Ladow, of
Northeast, the fifth man to finish fourth '
was the turning
it broke t e
-, i.."le f;
Trw extra credit
olnt of the meet, for
i'lth 'la poiius, wiin leniriu srconu
iti. :5K and Northeast third with s2. star Quaker Center Unable to
yj, second place for Captain Ptedem 7 iT '
Vou1d ao the trick for the poertboys. Take Filial Trip of CagO
8 The three captains McMullln, of Cen- ,
mu" M-," ,"," .""""'i ".'."" Ylw'l Tt-r Hi th? ..justly, celebrated
...K .,... .1 ,i ! jmi- jui mi- nri 1 -aiuny- i,eague or St. l,ouls, an Inde
time In Its history The new ruling was , pndent professional circuit that has
iietJpied without a' word of protest by , municipal support and which Includes a
the West rhlladelphla High students ' number of really good ball clubs. Ulckey
inl they should, In addition to Pro-
fossor Uaby, bo congratulated on their
splendid Fportsinanshlp
The meet abounded with surprises,
thrilling sprints and close finishes.
K0rthea.t. which had hepn nlrkpil to
Ffnhrti a poor third, lost only because it
g no nign jumpers and hurdlers. The
rcmvei scored ono or more points In
rflTety other event. Central High won
t of the first ten places. Captain Mc-
tfllln taking tho quarter and half-mile.
Bier close races with Captain Groun-
ioist, or Northeast. Ilalney, of South
MUdelphla, was tho only other double
jwnner, coming In first In the 40-yard
sus ana ;:u-yara dash.
y for Snecdboys
(Wfrjit Philadelphia Just cleaned up In
fi' running high Jump, Wilson and
wen tying for first, Reynolds taking
!rl. while Mitchell split fourth place,
pfc Jimmy lUissell, of Central. Ilussell
1? or the most promising trackmen In
, elty and bids fair to develop into
I KCO'ld Everett Smallpv.
JCrellt is due Radebaugh, tho star
nance runner of Northeast High. Ho
atned a lltrlment several ii.iv nc-n
4 It was necessary for him to have
N Wg "baked" two hours Monrtnv nml
f9 hours yesterday, In order that lie
9U run. This handlcan didn't nm.
I the CrOSS-COlmtrV mntnln fm.n .,,n
iir.6ne of the greatest mile races of
Wk career. Turning Into the last Inn
ofner, the Central i-ntrv. ohnf intn
W.'lead, Which advantnifA hA !nrren,t
Mwelve yards on the backstretch.
Mehaugh was far from all In and
Mensatlonal sprint carried him wlth-
I eight Incline tt TTffnAn ...l. i,
jjfjtr crossed tho line a winner.
Notes of the Bowlers
"S 'lr f madB 'ho mile Imwlers In the
? 'uJ"l"ient ,10-Jk like amateur,
i m IWnfi ,"'d Wl ,h0 maples
i& lOtll Of 101' nlna uVilnt .n..Ai j
k .'- - . ""KM ruuitu UI1U
L!2f,.u,.t,l,.,l'i?n..nSK.i,5?rra ma,1 y
-- -- ..wn ni viiiviiiilil.
ST iSSii ,"on 0I ,n three.msn mara
I h. ,iZ ke .'oafjament now beins rolled
C ,!. a" r"' u,i compaiui-s resulmi
0ma VrV r MBau tn.ll ,.n...i-i.-i
EIB, .. .....- ..vn,.i,K, , illvlll7llin
" - m r"n "P a "core nf (120 pins. JIc.
fn.5Tra!"?B.t,h, highest single score
, toppW them for SS0.
r'tUm1".'.111 "oml team rsn up Ih high-
r ti.; i "rre wnen H srnrPO U7IO pesa
4 game1""""' "eb1 ,0,alln- -03 ,n ,',
RllLin O -. . . . . ..
htfrm t iuu.1l lwP V .inrrw rrom
lii v 111 iiin ATnprifiin iru i.nnrn
V.V..?, f.i poMfMlnn of ifcond Dlaca
j pla
S ....n u, align rii lurCO gBim
timina .... n -,. .. ...r.' '
itm 1a,u.. A, ,L i , I
jr"BI.S liobin. iSl'sSiJ
to Parrots bv four nj- iiru.u- .nt
B IflP "MIT I lt I .lll - mmw m
fn Ai ." i1: ur r-4a; nrauy weni
I0r 207 In Vila mamnA .All(nn. H ..
tri f enir - V:. v.r 'i :. 1. "'."? ' . .--""".
I Irllh .... (iui i levij; vrmve Livaneu
IQ' M,,UY" -aaing inem ail,
Kihkr.f".Jlln,T anl Ioln-.tt were the
ft 'an? rr knockers to run un aeora of
JMtt finding them for 201.
ladil Mhihi.i...!.. . . . ,, .
Enaa nf i.T ' - i-" ""in i"'i ii" urn
ffl. .A,i"J!ond "on f'r havln won
Straight frames when Iho K K.
") to" 75,00k "" flr,t ",n" ' ,co"
h Wib...!! ", fcrff.J'W.JM
El-Hr..,i"r,man ""i '"i the m
PS", fjrm, aenrlnv; "?n a ila flrat
r Hearing Compsny three straight.
-! ... . .... . ..
Iim.:' Vi.-ViaT'." - ni-Vi.mai.
friUl.lr"..!. ru'l "" doiihle centuries and
kV aT ",eil' Wfer-i Kletrle ?'.S)
Jo- ",,.," "-uer and Nwly each ill.
,or two ceunlv.
M.trlal -- . . .
n)ftvi 7"F . ' m n e"inenq aeriea
rttl Vftii , Tn . on " xl ""''1r evening
H n - . . .""in eri--. n-af ae-nM jo
fA T o'clock on tha Keystone alleya.
fjj;;,'' tls for third plaea waa broken
Ui i ." T wgn 'w out of ,h" from
Fifty-Tarcct Event Feature of
Northeast Club's Mid
week Test
If?.c,al KIM"1' Bl In action today for
a little midweek shooting at the Phila
delphia Shooting Academy trap In the
northeast section. Quite a little Interest
Is being manifested In the Wednesday
sport, which gives the Quaker gunmen
a chance to polish up on their Rame.
Todnv's time-rum ttt Bf flf- lnrul -1
,l,nl"5n mo fellows no doubt will blaze
All men competltiR shoot from the six-
icen - yard mar: at reeulnr thrown t.ir.
... ' - - .- ,.... .,
!"" expected to Inks part in the clay.
target sport Last Saturday UeorgoClray
broke forty-six of n possible fifty In tho
nrnrlmu'u naili..l .,
illl VVMAI'I Vl 'AM
rUll Oltill;UoC llVlYlEi
Tnmr T 1 n-rw t 1 - -
The I'enn basketball team will be
weakened considerably for tho final trip
of the reason which starts tomorrow
night and Includes the last two games of
the cago year. Tho Quakers will bo
forced to play without the services of
Lardle Davis, the lanky center, who Is
suffering from grip.
Coach Jourdet ranks Davis as tho best
in the Intercollegiate League nnd de
clares that this seaon his record Is one
of the best that ecr has been mado by a
collegiate Jumper. Davis tallied twenty
three Held goals In nine league engage,
ments nnd only two goali havo been
scored against him. Both of these were
mado by Alexander, of Columbia.
The loss of Davis Is moro severe In
view of the fact that the Quakers plav
hyracuso and Syracuse means .Toe
Schwarzer, perhaps the best center de
veloped In collegiate ranks within recent
years. Syracuse beat I'enn on the
Weighting.!! Hall court this year and
Coach Jourdet Is particularly anxious
for revenge.
Dutch Teck, the big guard, who was
out of tho r-rlnccton game last Saturday
with tonsillitis, reported for practice las!
night, and ho win bo in condition for the
trip. It Is probable that Jourdet will
send him to center and move Stannard
back to- guard. Uabhit Romanat will fill
In at forward with Sweeney.
- ""'IF" 'lJctTJ J "re,i'Vons
the middle" VeVi &"&
Hranch ftlckey Is n responsible person.
unor leagues in
porarlly suspended operations for the
period of the war that ther are now
onlv few organizations In the vlclnltv
. w, .71. uwuio n ,,i,.it niajur ICUKUU CUIUS
' c!in farm ol" Voung players.
ex-iVIn, ,vlew.of m". nWVey h" conceived
th Idea of organizing a team which he
of St. I,ouls to which major league clubs
wi.i uc mis iruiu as a rurm ror em
hryo Cardinals, and If his plan proves
successful tho Browns may adopt it too.
E. Kred Slear, the ttolllngswood, N. J.,
wing shot, gavo a clever exhibition of
trapshootlng at Cramer Hill the other
day. scoring 98 per cent of his birds In
iv fifty-target test.
Hilly C'legg. the local pigeon wlngshot,
will soon bo seen In action at the traps.
Dr. Joseph Kalbfus. secretary of tho
Pennsylvania State name Commission,
says that a movement for closing some
counties to rufTed-grouo shooting is
being widely supported. The closed
deer-shooting season In seven counties of
Pennsylvania will expire this year.
Moorestown Is leading the West Jer
sey Trapshooters' League with fourteen
points to its credit.
Many I'hllly wing shots are oiling
their guns for a trip out of town next
Saturday to Lancaster.
Ward Hammond, of this city, turned
In a 07 score recently In a Camden club
shoot. He registered 25, 23, 25 and 21
In four events.
Billy Severn, of the S. S. White Oun
Club, .nnd James K, Clark, of tho Penn
sylvania Railroad shooting team, will
meet In n special target match In tho
near future. Clark Is now sojourning In
Florida and upon his return will try his
skill with "Stv."
Work on Huge Amphitheatre
Will Be Started in
Two Weeks
Bv a Staff Carre tsomfei-t
Camp Mende, Admiral, Md., March 13.
'Hoxlng Is forging to the front In
"Little Penn's" training program nnd
In an effort to exttend this particular
phase of soldier work the division
nthletlc committee Is making plana to
build a large open-air coliseum.
A site for such an Institution has been
found near division headquarters nnd
within two weeks actual work on the
ampnitneatro wiu oo unuer way. rne
project has the approval of General
ivunn aim uuicr ouiccro. iuier waiciun.
e advancement of the boxers they
Ibeeame convinced that In the develOD-
. . . . . . . .
ment of speea ana hardening of muscles
this sport oners greater advantages than
anything else tn the field of training.
Although Its heavy guns have not
arrived, tho 310th Field Artillery, com
manded by Colonel II, L. Landers, haa
begun to pave the way for maneuvers
und today staged us intitiai perform
uiicc. The artillerymen took a five-
mile hike and to test their ability In
the culinary lino prepared dinner In the
open nnd cloied tho playlet by staging
iv defensu ot camp .Meauc.
The horses and mules dragged a fw
wooden guns Into position and Just to
prove they know how to act tho boys
took up their position in reauy-to-gooO'
neas battle order.
Tho signal men located the Hun bat
teries that vere dropping heavyt shells
on top of the base hospital and Red
Cross hut while lieutenants and cap
tains swung ther guns Into position.
The enemy was routed, for In the six
months the. regiment has been In train
ing (lie otllcers have doveiopeu emciency
in range finding.
Jru he has dependents, Prlvaie
Joseph. P. Mernovago, of headquarter
Claims He Is the Only One
Really Entitled to
Meet Willard
Hilly Mlbke, of St Paul, a fighter of
toughness, wants to know where he gets
off In this WIll-rd-Kulton-Dempsey
In a letter today Penrl Smith, man
ager of Mlske wants to know why Billy
Isn't belnij given (onin consideration.
"Although Fulton nnd Dcmpsey are
first-class men, 1 can't peo why pro
moters overlook Hilly Mlske, who lias
defeated Fulton twice." Kmlth remarks
under a letterhead which proclaims Hilly
the world's heavyweight champion.
Sliske Outclasses Them
"In seventy bouts." Smith nmbles on,
"Mtsko has noer been knocked off his
feet, whereas Dcmpsey nnd Fulton havo
been knocked out. t have been trying
to get Dcmpsey to meet Mlske, but to
date have not succeeded.
"BUI may bo lighter than these other
two, but he, llko Hob Fltzslmmons, has
tho goods. I think Mlske Is n second
Hob In both build and lighting cipalltles."
Mlske Is the tlrst man iccalled Just
at present who ha.i designated Hilly
Mlske as the world's heavyweight
champion, lie claims It through Mlfko's
victory "oer Fulton In St. Paul." The
bout was ten rounds, went tho limit nnd
no dtclslou was tendered. As a matter
of fact, Fulton and Mlske should nettle
their troubles and Jack Dempsey really
should eliminate Mlsko beforo setting
himself up as the equal of Fulton. A
Mlske-Denipjcy bout would be worth n
big gate.
Fullon-Dcmpscy Dout SuRccstcd
Although Fred Fulton and his man
ager are headed for a Willard gnhfest
In Kansas; City tnday. they are consider
ing offerings for another light In tho
near future. The slamming given the
mighty planter by old Tom Cowler
caused ono Chicago promoter with u
tpnro $30.0110 to offer that amount for
a match with Jack Dempsey.
If Is believed Jess Willard will argue
that Dempsey should have 11 tlrst shot
at Fulton. Dempsey and his manager
wnnt It becnuso they believe such n
meeting will mean tho westerner would
take Fulton's place as Wlllard's oppo
nent for the title.
Dcmpsey Is Willing
Jack Kearns sent up a wall of an
guish today over tho efforts of pro
moters to match Fulton and Willard.
Jack, manager of Jack Dempsey, an
notineed he Is after Fulton for Dempsey.
"We nre not after Willard." he de
clared, "but certainly know that Demp
sey can whip Willard and do it de
Tachlyama. Japan's createst minm
wrestler, has retired from the game,
witn plenty or money to tide him over.
He was tho John U Sullivan of Japan,
except that he saved his coin.
From n poor son of ono of the poor
est farmers of his native land to tho
greatest landowner nnd wealthiest sub
'ect of the same Ullage Is the story of
tho rise of Tachlyama. When he re
tired from rctunl competition he had
amased a fortune of 250.000 veil,
equivalent to $100,000 In 'American colli.
His last appearance In public was In
ICudan, Japan, last month, end 20,000
fans were on hand to see him In his
last match.
Scraps About Scrappers
TKD I.KWIS, welterweight champion,
is the innocent cause, nf .1 MtilwHtn.
tlon In Saturday night's card at the Jus' nbovo tlie elbovy. lie fou"! u 'i;c,,s-
new National A. A., nnd ono might say l"1" t0 w cllll,!' ""nhtly different from
It Is a good caue ' those wo are accustomed to sen on tho
Soldier Ilartfleld. of New York. nnd!llnkM- Yl the essential difference is In
.Tnrlt MrC.-irrnn lh flirbtlnn- Alleiitnu-n the length of the shnftS. I'.acll dull Is
Irishman, originally were billed by
Matchmaker Herman Taylor to supply
tho fireworks in the main racket nt tho
National entertainment, but Lewis set
a match to the pyrotechnics and then
a premature explosion resulted,
Lewis, be It remembered, boxed Ilart
fleld at tho Olympla some weeks ago
and In the course of the evening, busted
mmd th blow a bit and the cut woudn'
uccuiiir. iit". ' mci.iiuii s- .
veloped Into such serious proportions
that his manager, nan-yell Mclvetrlck
was forced to advise him to lay off
I.. nrt nl.n mnul (h. ,.,. ...In. 1
Taylor, therefore, had to seek new
talent for his wlndup, but ha has been
equal to the occasion and has paired
Frankle Callahan, the Brooklyn bear
cat, with Young Joe Uorrell, the
ferocious local lightweight.
Jack Thompson, who has been winning
as regularly as Willie Hoppo In his
bouts here, will engage mil Tate called
the "Black Jess Willard" by tho same
guy who dubbed Kddle Plank "the left
handed Christy Mnthewson," In the semi
final, thereby adding considerable color
to a show of all-around merit.
Johnny Hums, the fiery Kensington
promoter, has arranged a toppy card
for the weekly show of the Cambria
A. C. on Friday night Young Brown,
the New York lightweight, who was
considered a coming top-noteher until
he ran afoul of Benny Leonard, will
clash with Joe Welsh, Hobby Clunnls'a
demon pugilistic pet, in the grand finale,
and In the semifinal, Preston Brown,
the colored featherweight, will engage
Andy Bums for six rounds, or less.
Willie Kdwarda. manaa-r of Joe Mendell
Jua Wright and Max Wllllamaon, naa talcen
J,nr' '& management.
ran mooni. me .-ew lors ngniweiuat. un
dr his management. llloom has been
inatrhed to hex Artl O I,ry at th Ohm
pla In the early nart of Slav, llloom alio
la alatrd to box Jon Welih. Hobby Uunlia'a
champion. t tho Olvmnla n & few waeki.-
Kddle MeAmlrena, Manayunk mauler, haa
en matcheil to meet Jack Hratzo. of Ha.
)" - - w " . .
. bei
iieton. nt tuiicton,
for ten rounds on
Tommy Sheehan, a Chlears rurlllat. la
romlnff to this elty In a abort while. Kate
Hmlth, a local sportsman, has taken Mheehan
under hla wing,
lllllr Krilr, manager of Chuck Wlgglna
and K'ldle McAndrewa. haa e-rurad an offer
from Dayton. O., to have Wlgglna box tha
lieat hey there. Wigging opposes K. O,
iAughlln. Ilia South lltthlohem mlddlo
weight, March 10. nt South Uethlaliern.
Johnny Pundee, the Walleplng Wop. haa
been inatrhed by Jack llanlon, matchmaker
of the, Olympla A. A., to bog Johnny Hay.
the Pittsburgh aallor. tn the wind-up of an
all-alar ahow April 1,
Martr Crnea, the New Tork wttterwetght.
haa enlltted In tha navv and hag bean ap
pointed a chlf petty officer.
Tern Gtbhnna. the erack nUddlaieelght of
St. I'aul. will meet Silent Martin, the deaf
mute, of New York, In a nftaan-round con
teat at Ilaltlmar tonight,
Frankle Kerlno, a newcomer from Albany,
will ennavt- to make a ahowing bafojf a
Philadelphia publlo whan ha faeaa Jea Man.
dall. tha nawaboy champion, at tha Olympla
Monday evening In his Initial appearance.
KU WoWe, klgo.annaweomerc front pljv-
ViiiiiiiiiiiiiKGK&e'iv M! iii. t. jt-vi( ?i!$s'554R5& yHBsBliKjki i-t s
Armless billiard expert shown ntldiessinp the ball. His club is two
feet longer than the regulation stick, as will bo nolcii.
Uses Clubs Two Feet Longer in Shaft and Has
Record of 77 Over One of the
Chicago Links
F3U years George Sutton, tho armless
bllllardlst, has been a feature of
billiard exhibitions In this mid other
cities. His work with tho ciio places him
among the top-notchers In any sort of
balk-linn billiards. Spectators havo
marveled at the skill he has shown,
handicapped as ho Is. Ho demonstrated
years ago that despite his handicap ho
can hold lil own against many of tho
best players III the country.
Not only Is he an excellent billiard
player, but ho Is an expert with lire
arms, ho can write and draw with mar
velous dexterity and there Is hardly any
thing u man can do with two good arms
and hands that ho cannot do almost as
well and In some cases even better.
Has a 77 to His Credit
Hut while all thesn things which ho
does seem very much out of tho ordi
nary It will be news to many who havo
seen him In local exhibitions to learn
that he also Is a golfer. And he Is not
in the dub class by any manner of
means, for ho has made a score of 77
for eighteen holes over one of tho Chi
cago courses.
Handicapped as ho Is by arms cut off
Just two feet longer than those used by
the average player. There arc no thongs
to bo attached to the arms and there Is
no artltlclal contrivance of any kind to
aid him In making his shots.
Had to Lengthen Clubs
"I began with the ordinary clubs,"
ho said, "but soon found that It wtih
not possible to get any follow through
' - f"1' 'J0 'tuc'of Tf'oC!
TVaTnTt Zltt, driven
. l.,t. ., . !, .inn ......I-
111 PUI1I1 iuon,vto iiiv.g k,,Wl, VV J40,
""U1 U1 "" UUJ ",1JU
Mnkc-Up of 191S Circuit Will Bo
Announced Next Week by
President Callahan
Tho Manufacturers' Baseball League,
at a meeting last night, decided to piny
ball as usual this season, l'our members
of last year's circuit, l,unston Mono
type, It. V, nutterworth, C. 11. Wheeler
Manufacturing Company and Hacker,
Smith and 1'agc, wero present and tip
piled for membership.
The make-up of the circuit will not
bo announced until next week. Two of
last year's clubs, Htokes and Smith and
Cilrard Shoe, are yet to be heard from.
Kour Industrial concerns applied for
berths, John T. Lewis & Sons. lllliim
Sellers & Co.. Mnk Helt Company and
rhlladelphla Bag Company.
Other concerns wishing to Join the
league should communlcnio with John
Walsh. 243H North Marshall street.
The Philadelphia Suhurban League
will hold an Important meeting tonight
nt tlreen's Hotel and President llnckey
expects to announce tho make-up of tho
circuit Last year's members who are
in line nre Fern Hock. Llndley .Vcirth
Philadelphia and Olney. Several clubs
are seeking franchises, Including Itarrett
Manufacturing, tympany. Inter-Nos, of
Krankford, nnd Frankford A. A.
There is a steadily increas
ing demand for automobiles
as Spring approaches.
The transportation problem
is serious nnd because of inter
ferences in nroductive canaci-
ties there will not, be enough cars to meet the demand.
It' might be good merchandising, for us to hold
such cax-s as we are getting for the higher prices which
are certain to cone as a result of scarcity. Neverthe
less We are not forgetting our friends and patrons,
and we urge you who are contemplating the purchase
of a car to secure it without delay.
L. S. BOWERS CO., 245-47 N. Broad St.
r .ER
hut my drives ordinarily arc from 150 to
180 yards.
"Hut what 1 lack In driving I make
up In my approaches ami I can even
up matters on tny i-ccond shot. 1 had
some trouble at Hist getting out of
bunkers, but a lot of practlco eoon rem
edied this trouble. On the greens I
think I have a slight advantage. My
putting Is nno of the best features of
Mill HI lll orst IcailirCH Ol.
my game and here my billiard experl- (i.Vri'v.iiireo miles of road In Curober
once lias been nf the greatest assltanco land. Iliiuphln. llutltr Center. Crawford,
and I believe any good billlaiillst who Huntingdon. Lehigh. McKeuu und Kus
takes up golf will Und that the game j fiuchuiina Counties, but no awards were
will help him n lot mi the greens. j made.
Golfers Would Bather Play
"(Irilf ,lirrru wimii lit, t ft.-.,,, t.llll ii-.lu
necessarily, nnd one of the things t have
Iiarned In there Is not the same Interest
In watching mo play golf as there Is In ,
seeing mo in exhibition billiards. Golfers '
arc too keen about their own game to'
watch others play, anil I do not know i
of any other game where It Is so clearly
shown. I have played some exhibition
golf, but I hardly think It Is possible to
get golfers tn give up their own game I
to follow me around tho course.
"It Is perhaps the must Individual of
games, and now that I have got In
terested In It, It Is not dllllcult to
understand tlm hold It has taken on the I
American people. No two bhots urn.
alike, and this Is Just as true of the i
putting as It Is of the drives and Iron
shots. Then there Is the fascination of
playing outdoors. Thcie Is nothing more
beautiful than n .May or June day on one I
of the many line, well-kept courses In
this country, and It Is a positive I
pleasure to get out In the open. t
"I sort of feci sorry for Willie Iloppe, j
for he was getting very much Interested
In golf when he had to unit for fear of
Injury to his hands. I suppose one of
these days when ho Is no longer the ,
champion nnd can do n lot of things, '
such as playing baseball and golf that he '
Is not iermlttd to do now, he wll get
golf'" f "Icas,"r(-' out ot tl,u """' oti
crnnir iiac TAiif ivitii
oauviv iuw irtajiv nun
WAifP'n tjitt unrnc niiT
tii nun u,i u f.. t:
una un iituii iiu nitty will
Players at St. Petersburg
Milton .Stock, tho third baseman ex
traordinary of tho Phillies Is still a hold
out. Tho dlffcronco between Milt and
President Ilaker la not over the salary
question but over u bonus, which Stock
claims Manager Pat Moran promised
him last year.
linker and Stock failed to reach nn
agreement after a two-hours' conference,
following which Stock left for his home,
Tho thhd baseman wns Invited tn Hay
over In this city and go South with the
others on Friday, hut he refused, say
ing ho needed some clothes and would go
direct to St. Petersburg from his homo
In Alabama. Slock t.)k his contract
nlohg with him.
Three very promising youngsters will
bo taken South by the Phillies on Fri
day nil! McKenty, former Ilrown Prep
and t'trawbridgo & Clothier southpaw:
Cather Pert Veabsley, who tlrst played
with Voithiast IPch nnd last year with
llalolgh, North Carolina League, and
Third Ilabviuiin Hilly Lai, the Chlneso
lad who several years ago camo to this
country with tho famous Chlneso Uni
versity tenm Lust season he wns u
member of the Upland nlijo of tho Dela
ware County League.
Majority of Clubs Either at
Work or on Way to
Spring1 Practice
With the majority of the major league
baseball clubs cither working out under
the boiling buii In tho sunny South or
speeding along nt 11 rnpld pace to their
training camps, tho spring training sea
son ut last Is tinder way. From now
until the opening of the league season
tho fans may expect to read dally of
the wonderful work of the future Cobbs
and Alexanders,
eighteen Chicago Cubs left tho Windy
City last night for their training quar
ters at Pasadena, Oil., under tho guid
ance of Manager Fred Mitchell. Pete
Kilduff was expected to Join the party
somewhere en route. Otto Knabe, the
former I'hllly player who Is to coach
th'j Cub Inlleld this year ; Phil Douglass,
the star twlrler. nnd Nick Carter were
left behind owing to Mucus.
Yanks (o l'lny Camp Whcclcr
Secretary Harry Sparrow of the
Vnnkeps todav rffered the services of the
club to play games with tho teams from
" - . . ,. 1
. 1 -.111111 .1".' vtnceicr ihic- . ''- I
I Ing under Manager Hugglns at Macon,
(7a., continued briskly yesleiday with
tr, unrknnta liisiliiii an hour and half '
llv Hie latter narl of the week vir
tually every player. mi the club will be
hard nt work. I-Iiil- Hodlo, Krnnk Oll-
boolev, "Truck" Hannah, Al Walters mid
Wilson KcwMcr are hourly expected at
tho camp. "
Having teen the Cubs mfely started
on their long Jaunt to l-.isadciiu. Chicago
ball fans today am laying plans for
speeding tho world's Ohnmplon White
Sox on their way to Mineral Wells,
Texas. Manager Clarence Uowland and
his cohorts expect to leave Saturday
and will be In camp In time to start
their training stunts Monduy.
Sherwood Mngee. lormer I'hllly star
and now of the Cincinnati Iteds, an
nounced esterday In this city that he
would Join the Iteds at their training
camp at Montgomery. Ala.
Mngee Is now about leu pounds under
his usual weight at this tlmo of the
year, and mys that ho was never In
better shape, lie expects t glvo Matty's
oungsters n hard run for tho leftfleld
HcrznK Doesn't Worry StitlliiiKS
lienrgn Mailings, manager of the
Hraves, Is not worried over the failure
nf Charley HcKog to sign n contract,
aiTc.rdlng to a telegram from the man.
agcr to Percy Haughton, the Braves'
owner, in Boston.
Ktalllngs said that If Herzog didn't
report to tho club nt JMIaml, Barnes nnd
Doylo will come back, nnd the manager
added, "It would m.1 grieve mo u miio
In havo them back."
Only two other Urines VA Konetchy
and lilck Kutlolph icnialn to bo signed.
Open Bids for Koads
llnrrl-hurg. March IS. The
,,""; ...,.,. I,.. .,! l,l,U Inr nhnnt
The Mercer engine has 4
cylinders, 3yi -inch bore
and 6J4-inch stroke, com
bining power and speed.
Samuel EarleV Motor Co.
67S N. Broad St., Philadelphia
! te
I tka-rfk &
B I 9
E Easy defiance that 3
R rests tho body and cle- ji
ugnis xiie uyu uiui ia
o Mercer beauty. IS
A Pittsbur gher's
Battles inMid-air
Archibald Johnston, native of Pittsburgh, and
graduate of Cornell, entered the Lafayette Escadrille
fo avenge the inhuman torture of a French aviator by
the Germans.
His trials in learning to fly, the thrills of his first
battle, the manner in which he won his Croix de
Guerre and the details of his other thrilling aerial
exploits are
Told by Himself
in a series of articles that give a thrilling, conception
of war in the air the warfare for which thousands
of other American boys are now preparing.
Lieut. Johnston tells of his early training, his
meeting, with Luf berry, Dagonet, Poisson, Picard and
other idols of the Flying Corps in -
,it. JI.''.Y
."iaw:, "
Chnrgo Albany In Effort to Get
McCue Dill Out of
Albany, N. V., March 13. Boxing
sought a return matth with tho leg
islature today. Victim of a strnlght
knockout nt tho last session, tho sport
showed Its gameness by coming up for
more punishment. A big delegation ap
peared before the Assembly Judiciary
Committee this afternoon to boost the
return match.
Hoxlng hopes to stago Its return In
Sew York State through the enactment
of the McCue boxing bill, nnd It was
a hearing on this measure that was
staged this afternoon. Assemhlyman
' Marty" McCue, father of the bill, him--elf
a famous tighter In tho days of old,
flushed with Ills victory In tho Assem
bly yesterdny as leader of the "wets."
marshaled his forces today In an effort
to havo the bill reported out of com
mittee. Advocates of the McCue bill, which
would license clubs under sti let super
vision, urged the necessity of fostering
hoxlng as a war measure. The bill pro
poses that the proceeds from the State
license fees shall go to support any
athletics during the war after expenses
of administration nre met.
Cobh mav bo the hardest man In the
viaT-ii:t fi 1 .nutriia in iniioii niir (! !
is trying to steal, but ho annually ge Its
touched out oftener than anvbodv else.
t,at year the Peach wus beaten 'to his
pilfering destination on thirty-four 00-
caslons, and as he stole fifty-live bases
his baseruniilng averace wrs 611.
Hhalk, the best pegging backstop In
the American League. Hugged Cobh only
once In 11117 In eight attempts. Tv ap
parently beat Itay In the psychology
iMdln Collins was a .70S base runner
In 1817. gettlnir away with nftv.ihree
steals out of seventy-llvo tries.
MoNnlly's percentage on the lanes was
.4:9. He got away with thrco steals In
seven opportunities.
Chapman had about the same amount
nf success as a baso runner as Kddle
Collins. Ho stolo ono less base and was
thrown out onco oftener, giving him a
credit of .603.
! -mimmLmLiaemimk-Lmi-imLimmmLmmmim -l , -s
J sa i4?J-j
1 Jb 20Scear m
10 New Oldsmobiles
arrived at our showrooms last Thurs
day, and a finer lot of cars we have
never seen. It is convincing proof
that nothing short of 20 years' expe
rience could enable a factory to pro
duce such completeness of detail,
such beauty of design and such su
perb mechanical efficiency.
The Oldsmobile is the logical
car from every standpoint, and vc
arc ready to make IMMEDIATE
Larson -Oldsmobile
231-33 North Broad Street t".!
Locuit 4487
M-. . ' ?? ?&&& Tf-AX'l
Large Squad to Compete !
Varied Projrram on ArmyiiT
and Navy Day
" " " " 4,
Ph adelnh a's Navy Yard will be re .11
resented In all of the military and ruuM -;;'
i-veius ai i'ennsyivanias relay canavw , 2
on April 20 und 27. These evenU Ky
etst of wall scaling, squad drill. buVMS
contest, rescue race, bayonet chans!',;; '. Al
race, one-half mile relay In light niareh-., j jj
lng order, sprint medley relay race wWifeSS
one-mile relay race. Director ife-JftU".
Craeken Is already getting the, nwe'A.a
ready for these events, lie hopes44ry.-
have a wall-scallnir team and a sadM&tGl!
for the drill that will give the nrli!$u$!9j
iiiany Atnieics to compete
'. V'"'
In all tho other events Director Me- . ',
Craeken hopes to. have1 good entrle., I(S 'j-.
there are many fine athletes at the navjalj -M
yard. All of the above events, with, bt .fcj
GAccpuun ui me one-mue relay, wiu,va
take place on Friday, the 2th, whtefcM&"J
will bo called Army and Navy Day an4V':vS
,,,m, nil'iuiu UQ UI1C UL tllr lllUQk 1I1LVI " IW'tJ
eating ttimrllnff M'tnla nf l,n onllpa vafe. -JKn.
As Camp Dlx and several other campi , wtt
and naval training stations will be rep. ?0
resented In the army and navy events.' ft'vut"1
(hev should nrndtle Hnnm mnt Int'er. Y.V-'i'V
estlng and high-class competition.
... . . ,.. ..-,..v ....,. ,... j , . r,
Entries Pass 200 Mark
The entries for the relay carnival havir K'SA1
now overtopped tho 200 mark. The hlgll jPwf1j
schools, as usual, are in the majority, j-jJ
At nresent seventv.flve hlh nehnola an .CTJI
on the list, and there will, no doubt, bf W(jM
more than 100 when the team entrlej Y&L4rt
close on April 1. Tho relay manafe"Vtf
rntni is very desirous mai teams ocsinnisw!
to enter should do so at once, so that Bvy
tlie nrlvAO WIIIW h Hnnw In 4lmn .$T'.:
the prizes may be ready In time.
Race 2140
3 I
Yt '
'"'-. -ue'..W.fc3
lUw'-i-' tei4r4'to gy.r.
W. MFHwawvwifi
A ),'
Mii.hfc.v ..w. V. I , !i.
rwMMriiMUijit. an.-)...
11.. i, "'rA-il ait,.".
fi-'ufqi-HY-. " .Ok'-H

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