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Hi vi
l"'Proposed Conference of
dent Wilson in Line Wtih Spirit of
Railroad Bill Gossip of the Street
mHUItU vvua cunalilcrublo discussion Jcsitnlay In tlio Il-mii'liil illxtik't
" over u resolution adopted durlnp tlit forenoon nt the antuinl mcctliiff
cf the stockliolders of tlio rcniiiylvnnl.i Itnllrojil, etnpovverlm the iHrcc
tors of tlio road to confer with President Wilson with n lcv of ascer
taining the amount tlio 'ciovcrnment shall pay tlio Pennsylvania ltall-
.1 road Company for tlio iiho of the road durliiR (.nverilmont control.
, Tho gencrul opinion which prevailed was that as the railroad bill
provided for Incnmo based an not opcrntltiB revenue for thrco spccllled
jcare, the stockholders were Rolng behind this piovlslon In order to get
more, If possible, from tho (Jovernment than tho bill allowed. As a
matter of fact, tho provlMous of tho rallioad bill presume that Uulti'
the period of tho war und u stntctl tlmo aftcrwiird the r.illrotuH are leased
to the Government by their owners tho stockholders for u certain sum
fcased on tho n vertigo net operating toxemic for tho three jours abovo
referred to; and tho bill nlso piovldes that bofoio a given dato tho
(" owners or stockholders must, through their properly iiurIIIIuI ofllclals,
Wnvratlfy tho ncccptnnco of tho terms of
Government will take over the roads in any event and pay nine-tenths
of tho lncomo abovo indicated In tho owners, the lemalnlng ono-tcnth
to to retained, so that tho ow'ncrs cm appeal to tlio courts to dccldo
tho matter.
It can therefore be seen that tho Pennsylvania IS.illroad stockholders
by their resolution wcio co-operating with tho Oocrnmcnt In this
Blatter and simply empowciing their olllcl.ils to ratify the leaso. Similar
action v.111 unijuestlonably bo taken by all roads which have not already
, done so. ,
yPoicer of Stales to Tax the Railroads '
Speaking of tho light In conferctico jestcrday at Washington over
that claue In tho railroad-control bill which would limit tho power of
the Btutcs beyond a certain point to Impose taxes on iiillroads, and
which was mentioned In this column reeeutly, a wcll-Unowu bioker said
today that if ever a serious move was made toward (.lot eminent owner
ihlp of tho railroads after tho war this matter of .State taxation would
malto It an Impossibility. No ono who lias not given tho subject consid
erable study, ho remarked, can form an idea of the stupendous sums levied
oh the railroads by tho States. If tlio Government were to think of
taking over tho roads by purchase these tuxes could never bo considered
in the valuation on which to baso a purchaso pi Ice. Hut tho States need
tho money, and tho wholo burden laid now on tho tullroads would ncccs
larily bo transferred to tho backs of tho farmers nnd other taxpayets.
Imagine, ho said, In such an event, tho howl that would go up from
every constituent of every Congressman and rcpicscntativo tu the Stalo
Loglslatures und to Washington; It would pioduco u revolution. Alt unity
one sees what might happen when there Is so much determined opposition
to even a trifling modlllcatlon for Statu taxation of lallio.iiR
At present it looks us though this particular clauso In tho railroad
control bill would delay tho final passage of tho bill for some time, which
vould. bo looked upon as serious In financial circles here, with tho
Liberty Loan und other matters pending.
'Important Conference on Steel
' The meeting scheduled t" take
V Wednesday between the special committee of the Amcilciin Iron and Steel
E.S Tnslllllln nn Mlnol ?i ml ut.nl mniliicls leitli tlin Win lmlit..t rlrw lln.it. I
hJ "promises to bo of unusual and fur-i
10 ue iicmieu siy i-aucri 11. wary, hum wic principal puinis im miscussioii
are said to be the tixlug of steel prices and the mc.isiucs to bo adopted
' . to speed up production. It Is understood that the steel committee has
been authorized to Hpeak for all
rntmlrv. Vnr urirtin tlrnn nnst the.
f? lines of steel production the nrlois,
fnai-tnrl flint llin rnnnmmniul.il Inns
V """atfopg argument from actual data
,i? an Increase In nrlccs will be tho
tS stimulate nnd speed up steel pioduetlon. Tho results of this Im
portant meeting, It la believed by some brokcis, will havo an ImmedUto
and marked effect on Steel and allied products shares on tho maiket,
McAdoo Corrects Statement
There Is a great deal of Interest
city at present over tho reported
administration that tho $43,7G9,000 of New Haven notes will bo looked
after. This is tho reported statement, which has been pronounced in
correct by Director General McAdoo:
1 The (New Haven) notes will bo taken cnio of. 'heio l no occa-
I sum for uncertainty about tho policy of tho director general for
enabling this or any other tallrond to meet Its obllgutluus.
Considering that for tho icmalnder of IMS' about $:00,000,000 of
- different kinds of rallioad obligations will m.ituie, It would seem, accord-
'kkle. to this statement, the refunding problems, which havo caused so
much speculation and uneasiness, have been solved,
In this connection there nro many opinions as to how these Now
Haven G per cent notes, duo on April in next, will bo met by tho Gov
ernment. Some assert that cash to meet theso notes will bo taken out of the
1300,000.000 revolving fund, and tho holders will havo tho option of acceot-
f ing cash or of extending tho notes nt
cent for ono or more years.
Others put forwurd tho Idea of
the nnnrirf nnlri- ti nvnlninnn tlimn
!.K --'- "I'fvt ....... j iv ni,iiHiieu .....
g third Liberty Loan bonds. Hut u
$ Government will simply authorize, tho
pt -o oner present noicnomors, wuu tno
ii. 1II accept this blmplo proposal.
There aro somo who say thcro
?j Wll, which Is now simply awaiting formal passago by Congress nnd
' President Wilson's signulure, to Justify tho statement mado by tho rail.
'S rca1 am,lnls'rntlon in rcfcrcnco to
svuis 10 cover inai pouu iuuy: ,
That for tho purposo of providing funds lequlslto for maturing
obligations, carriers may, dm Ing tho pcilod of 'Government control,
,tf "sue such bondu, notes, cijulpment trust ccitiilcatcs, stock and other
I formB of securities, becured or unsecmed by mortgage, as tho Presi-
uu may nrsi approve as consistent wuu 1110 puuiiO' interest. Tho
President may, out of tho ($500,000,000) rovolvlng fund created by this
act, purchaso for tho United States all or any part of such securities
at prices not exceeding iiar.'Hiid may sell such securities whenever In
his Judgment it Is desirable at prices not les3 than tho cost thereof.
While tho Incorrect report gave the opportunity for an expression
of opinions based on Its correctnes-s, Jt has been definitely stated by John
Bkaltnn Williams that no arrangements havo been mado by tho Gov.
rnment for taking caro of tho New
V Ifnlrlnr. .. 1. n -I.....1 1.1... In . r, .. ll.nl
k -' ""u uuinuui:u linn m puj 111111. miiiu il in jiupeu 1110 roaU lllay
tP find somo way to protect Its obligations, no decision has nn -.nt ii
C reached by tho Government as to
V tttend old to the system."
Detroit United Railway Note
nn issue ot i,uuu,uuu uvo-ycar i per ccni collateral trust notes of
the Detroit United Hallway Compa'ny has Just been placed on tho markot
by the Guaranty Trust Company of New York und William A. Head &
Co. It is understood they uro being offered ut 97 nnd intcrost to yield
J Per cent. This company has J3.500.000 C per cent notos coming due
on May C next and tho proceeds of the above Issue will bo used In part
to tako care of theso maturities. About $700,000 of the proceeds will go
to tho company to reimburse It for meeting that umount of underlying
tonds. The collateral securing the notes consists of bonds and stocks
Valued at $9,000,000,
Tho company shows an incrcaso in net earnings during tho last
three.years, being-a little more than $13,500,000 in 1916, us compared with
U7.839.677 in 1917.
The issue, it Is said, lias been approved by tho capital-issues com
mittee, but Is subject to the approval of tho Michigan Railroad Commission.
fames R. M'cClure Jr.'s New Business Connection ,
'James n. McCluie. Jr.. formor
Company, giid who negotiated) so successfully .the deal by which the Robert;
rrwjM inergea wtn (na peant
Directors With Presi
tho lease, .hiiiI falling to do so, tho
place In Washington, I). C, next,
caching Intel est. Tho cnnimittco la
tho steel and lion pioducers "of tho
lniliritti.,n.t lliivn heen that for manv
havo not been sufllclcnt, and it is
nf llin I'lllnmlll n,i will rtllltt'llpn II
winch will bo presented, showing that
best nnd most IokIcuI plan by which
Regarding New Haven
manifested In financial circles In this
authoiizcd statement of tho railroad
tho original Interest rato of 5 per
offcilng to the holders of these notes
tit ii.it frit, nt. m.....! ,...,.... n ,1.,
... ... tut ,,, i.iuu lll.iwuilt. Ul IIIU
majority aro of the opinion that tho
Now Iiaveu to Issue a new bond
nopo mat au or a largo percentage
was no nravinliin In ti, .it,-...-!
theso notes, but tho following clauso
Haven notes, Ilo adds that Mr.
". t.tl ll I.. 1 ...
tho extent, if any, to which it may
president of tho Robert Morris TruBt1
Trust vompany, nao maao a con
V,,"l ' ,i.n,I" -Miixlnnim rll.. (V iimtn
IS l'i 4 rrJ l-'-'l N- ' "a" r,'l!
I'Klfl Slnxlmuin vrlrn cnnlnlnln
I a nor eenl ninlntiro ie tim1r
nn ...i i. .. "" "nii'li"! nn tm Nf imin
vi i ."?" W' tw liluh'r thin Ic umlor
s,...';:. '.h!! nlla' rcrrononlril.
MUH,..l- ...
i-inmiy uhunt VmIu- Khull ! .IctrrniliK-il
clnA' ' ""'"'I" lil "f tlio ilis mill iiuli-
"imitty niin,
l,e?"Vl,w"l", HiOln Imthrlr Hurnl
nern aonrie Inn i, i,..,rL, i r,l nr
vim ll,,!,..',, , fr ,,,,, ,ril,...;. a
..."... t. oinsii-,, .v ,,i, j.. (i,
ueJliVr."'"1.1'1" H.'ITt bu'h.ta Off. rlnrt
ir ..L V.1" "'I'1 " in irk. i rul.'.l firm I m
ii Hi " '.'l'1,1 "Jiittt.itli.tttt: N.r. L' wlilt-.
lli;uJ. x1 "':. 'Mi'daril lihll... II IliH-JiniVliSSl-j,,r.rCl
",5,10"' N" 'j
llJ''i'JlllTl:''irl,'t. .im bliN. nnd l.'.a.T..!."'."
ma in airlt iirr..ri,... ..... n.i.. ...i .t...
1 I.a .... ... t'l.i'i IIIUI.T IIKUI 111 fi nitii-
lia (luotatlnna fnn Per V.itl Ilia. In ,
mi ta."".iWl11-vvini.r hi it. H'U i.i ,
r, I -. .Jr.. HI' 11 "n Kitna.ia viliei.t inn'
llJi r '.' "'"r. I"--'"' Ml '" MtrJlU Ulliiil
N" 1 1 r i nt ill ur to.-,u' i ,-,(,
en.'.ii,:. 'i','-"1'" Wl" '" unid tletninil and
irniii i eld iii,tium, (i tn ..nnj l.-i.Mi i. r
oiii. in auka
.. i,"'r' 'M3 " tnlr Jnlblnn tride ii ml iln-s
.... . "."" n.iliu.tlneil 'lli- qiKiLilloiia.
!...' ''"'. '' miiok.il nnd iilr-ilrird, sie.i
vieatern beef, In attt. aniuke.l a.l-i cllv lie. f.
i iirm i nil .T 1 chl otTer una
til ., """ 'end'ra. aniohul anil nir-1
rlrd. ,11c; iiiauiii t,.f. knueldfs and ten
ft ",'KSm:,.V. .Ale !:: f tuiint. 14. Pork.
Inoait.SSj ".,,... ,1,,, ,in , tonan, "Tvsse.
on. tio, Miiukeii ::ii yc: nthir lnma. I
aliiokril eiu ,ur,,i, t i,nihl nnd ,ivr-f..1Ci.-''
'"'' biina anmk'd lern Hired, i
.'Kfrnv d. Imii, , ,,,n. Itat II.- PlrnK-
Hhi.lllil,.ru ll .. ..,((.. .1. .
- . . ......... .. . ,-,,, ,,, ,,..1,- .ij!-, ti,
ninkril l-.',, i ii,,, ,,i ni nr.lniB '
in nnrm. im.t. ;it3 Hr. ikfuat bin nn. '
MS lo brilll 1 ,md ilier.lfie. iltl illli'll :b'e.
. t "r','rn tur. il H'lc. I ml ma", hi. r
lined. L",!, 1,1 "si. ,. j0 ,,ur tnj ki ttlu itn
ilerwl. U'7'3 (iil'S'jc.
lieiii.m.i i la f ilrly mtlie mul th. inirket
ruled ati nl) un.b'r anitll auppli.H We
iiuute on ii lmaW of 7 I.'k- fur ixtla tmo
daiiiy ruoDurrs
ltt'TTPft 'M.n I.,.r1.,, Miln.l I.... l.lth
.!.... .... r..i- t-. .. ' ......
I i .in, iir. llin iu illllinill iiiiiniv .
I ben. i p,.l(., ,re.itn r. una. e'.i . do. huh-
er aiorl-nt hi' HIV I;, .xtri lir ' ll'at,
rcn 11. ..i.inii, inmil' . n it its. in mix
ifnmj l'i. in.-r.iee. ili Is. llrala. liw
In k.n , in. Is. K1VI1'-- aMiil Iiralidn nf
liriuia jnunina; ul r.nii.l.t.
KllU lleielpla Wire llclit Hilt tltn linr
kll rubd htm -bio per l.ian ll'ubM. llitll
Im rrimeil lireaanre to H. -II. IJUnt ItbtllH . I'Vee
i ii" a, tlearbv tlrsta. J1J per atinibird once,
lurnnt reeilrta, lit To per i la . ueatirn
evtni ilrat". 11L' per i-ia. tlrata. Ill In per
'iite, fan, y aeletted I'Kats were Jntblns at
43'ii1 Inn per dozen.
t'HI.1..-"!: Tt.nl' una hlntt etld prl.es fit -Vntiil
blllera. (llKitallnna Nnw V ork fllll
ireani. Iani, June, .'.-, ff M", , . apeiliH
hlcber tbi tin f.un Septemln r ni idt . UnCf
L'.'.t.e. New York. fulbi.r nlll, f.ill-nt.ld '. fair
tn Rood, -.'ly.'le
MVi: nrrrlm:i wrrr llRlit ntnl (ho
tn.irkft ruli M tlrni. with it. nt ml falr
Iv tictlvr Tlw fiuutntlpni pr jh follows.
Ciili K'Mic fsnftiui .itfd ifiiiipr-4 H9t t"i',
PtnKv ounc ritolr .Tiffi.'i.'r f( ronHti r.
ysliStn, tliiiUn, l'i kin a.'ii :fic. (lutk.
ltnll.n Hunnr 3ifi::LV ?. .TKdiM',
sulnc ih it r i Ir. Ili1 nn iiltTron1. oM.
i't nilr :jjy;t"L, pUiunt. jouu". ptr pair,
DIti:SHi:i 'lh" nmrkrt mini llrm iitnlr
m trlt. with tl-ntiri'l pqinl to ih tiffprlnt"
The tiuolttlona r.uiKcl an fnllu4 rrnfii
low In 1'J lo iiix. milk-fed dry-picked.
fHtirj neh'ti .1, .;. wpifc'hlr.K I I tin arid off
lililt'ip. llVsc: S'j lhn fllitprc. 3Jfl
Sic. do. 3 ths iipftr. nnfT.tir lrnn fimn i
In lihl.. fancv. On-pUked WHiihlnic 1 ths, t
and nnr apirrc !'r , ilo ;, ibi. nnlrc,
;ij V3.ii,, nmnllpr 'sl'n. 'JSJ3'K'. llrnllln i
thlckinn, ilhlf!K I'sl! I hi I'plerc jpf
spy fimy. Hit l-V. Vlrj;lnl.i finry, 3f)3e.
nther marliv, ai.ltk wpttttn, .1t(F;.tflpa
l.oHdtlntf th! kp is uisiprn, in Imxen Welsh- .
Inn IS lls it 111 r aj , . ilo. I llii. i
li.l'C . 5T3tr. Jj 3'4 11". apl.ft.. 3Hf3. '
do. 3Hi t '. ll.i upl i !!!) (i It.iHBtlnii
rhlok-ns. wntirn fn IjI1., Wfiaihlmr -l'i lbs, I
ami uur .tpi ip. 3V. ila, 3' i-f," llm aplppp.
at (f 32c, do. l.,La fff3 Its nplpro, astf.lDc OI.J t
roostiiei lr nl 1 ,1, 'fc'7 CipwnH. per lb t
Wol5hlnc sfflii li.M aplpn- 3Sftf3.,c, nmiller
Izea. SxJ37( TurkH, nnarby. (lrvi)lckpr
I anry, S'l(v40c, fair to cnml 3JCf 3Tr Ttir.
keis, vt'itPin, dn-pUkefl Pancy, 37 Sue:
fair to pood. 3'Jtr3lo Turkpyn old tomi
311? 31c, do. ffimninn, Oi Umki wpntern.
wclGhlm bn nnl oer, 3n:tjp do. dn.
uniiilpr slm, XS'rt ."tr, jpcni nuirbv. oy '
i!tw; wrnttrn. '.'."I'Tr. Sqinlm, ut do-n
Whit. wiUhlnt; It tn IL' hi. p.-r di zen '
li ..1)4. 7. tin, do. iilTlci Uio nr liuz. ii ,
i "' 7 .Ti do. do. S Dm ir iln n f" ,Mi
rt'J., do. do 7 llm pi ilorui. JIMiWi,
do. do. tUid'a ll i r do, n. $.193.73;
tltk, Jl-Sv, am ill r.nd Ni. -' 75(.5$-'.
Iiemanil una nnly moil rale im-1 It re.
qlllre.1 atrhllv tmo frail it, lirlnu outtlile I
lalea. Quouiloas. A'il.'a, tur hlil . Kllm. '
JUlH. WlafB.i. ll(il. Nnrtherii Si. JUiii
11, IlulilLirrlalull, l:H( .", Itteetiltis, 1.1 TiiKfl i
ii r.n. ii.iit.ixt m. j.t .-titir, -r., icmii. iii-jmi.l
!.".. In. Sliism.ui VV'lni.8111. Iiti,, .-,ii, Illul, I
'lnl-, !H).', 1-nr.ih'iiN. Il"(."i, ll mil. Illlii
r.n, Ytrk linperl.il. Ill ..-.'it 1.7." 11. n Dailt.
jllll'l. AlMilta, Meattrn. n r Imx. Will. . ii.
II ..(Ufa. vvini.r li.tti.nii. II '.'V't r.n suit-1
nl, art', tl .."'.' ", Httitit- lh.iuli. II TS '
2 7.'.. Uelleliius, f..',ili, Klnu l ,,ll'i"" ,',u;
llrlhj. t ."ilJSlL' .'.ll, hliiMiiin, W Im Hit.. II .'il!
"I'.'.MI. I'eiirilliiln, 1 1 7.'i 1 J 7."i . Nenliiniil
I'lpliltr, It .","( 2 L'.": urk !nn rj tl. lir.nnl
2. llHlillMn II .tut"!, Ill.it k Tl'. 11 Suit J:
(lino. II r,0J. AlileH. ivi'arhv, per1
liinnper. .'iKitll l. ,lj. ,,i. ji..r li-lnth. I
Iwlit . '2'h.XiH -i. I.t aiutia, per hox .'l(7.
lUa.itiaa, per hunih IJU.I.Mi. tlraliu.a. '
riorltla. pet Imx, 1'ISrH, iln I'lillfurllU, per
him, IJSl'l Taia-erlnea, KlurlOa. per strati, i
l.l". llr.uietruit, Klorltla, per Imx, f.m;.". '
rineupplea, Purtu Illeu, per irate, IIH7, l
rratiht rrlea. Jiraey, pir irule. l.l.r.nfMI, ilo, '
ilo. par Mil.. riil. tiii.iuli.rrus. I'lurl.lt. I
per tit. . i.'.. ru ar.
verktahi.es '
The Reneru! market una tittli I anil hari ly
atenili. ullh nnnlerale hut iniipl.. ulC'rlii;:
Qitntltlloiis White putatnea, ,letae, p, r
-.hush hskt . .1.1 Iha Nu J, .lull im... Nu.
-.,... I-.. .. I.U.. ....... ..... II..
The Renerul market una tilth I anil hari ly i
p r nampr, -t i .". u-' t iiiiiornia, pci
firutn, MKj'f' i'iipt, t mrinii, in.r ran-,
St ($3: do. Cuban, per box Mfi. Tomu-tm-H,
?lorliM, per trat-. !3fMI: -lo, Cuban,
-t ! Titatiltiu l""....e..ll ... ..(
If r I M I' f I 'I il i ui ill I'D, a niiiiuiuii) IUUI-
.. -inil t Kia tl r.fferl'. Auiiapuplti tJ. ii.lt-t
iUUHPi iwu it""., w '"' r m " i fu i"nui
C'lilratn. March 13. II(X1R Iteeelpta. .18..
00(1 peud. totnorroiv, 3x0O(l head. Market
alow. Tifi tne. below eatrriax'a tteat. Hulk,
ltll.lill17.4ll, Hint, 117 I.".l 17 H.-.; mlxeil,
inIT T". liesxy lliHH17.1.1. rouah Iltl
ft ltl.l.'i. Keod tu thulco hetvy. $ltl 00117.10.
I'ATTM' Ittielpta. Iiouo head. Market
' rllllJEl' Itcrelpta. (tOOO held, Market
atronc. tl.l"t. I.ainba. IIS 30.
South Omiilm.. March 13 HODS He
celpta 'M.iltiii head; !5n to IDo higher.
CATTLl' Keielpta. B3I1D headi ateady to
Mtl'v.V llecelpta, 12.501) head; ICo to S'c
Kanaaa rltr. March 13.J-CATTM: lie
celuta 10.000 1ied. Hleady,
linUH Iteeelpta. IH.noo head. Heavy,
teadyi nthera 10n hither.
H1IKK1- Iteeelpta, lo.ouo headi 10c to lie
l)llhr, i , ,
f'M.t.n Itareh 11 llUTTKR Itaealnta!
Jajuba.Crniarr extra. IIHoi extra I
l!'tVfmA'f """PI". 21 '-'" !! . Vr
pnnrt i rho 'lUolntloni follow Cur loin 1"
n"rif,.1"!"nr. (Hov-riimpiit stnmUrt. In-
t i In',,. ".'.. . !in- ' hard winter. 2 -' ' Nj
U , ,JL "'"."""mi trl. illlv In l.n ni.llr,l
Nn -i ".'' ln wnrr.nu It.
V,, ,"",' "'1'Ifr No I or Nn :1 n-.l. '- '.'3.
iiliilKo ?'.tnr"1, '--l Maximum Iri - rnn-
inn"' '7 ...., -r No- :i .!. Ii'.'.-J. No. :i
lint nip !
Nil. t n .
m,.i ' .. fn. ?-'Jl: Tin. n son, -.i;
pint S.V1 -,r! -" t it t n I n w not r 1 1 T wr
,1.;nriIv,"l,iro 7- nilcr Nn. 1 or No .i rl.
2','"',R 'ot nv-r ir r con' innHturo
t aa"Wt. . n nn'' J'l-ttlt ij"-(x, J "'T 1""" J I R"ti - s
lVnnniluinU. II lnn " N-w Yrk. fl.lil
4i I tin, Ntern. II Infill itu, nfpt rotatui-K.
J'rft-. p-r S-liuh liskt.. ;u IbM .No 1,
ll.l.Mf 1 3': -0 -. TOfti.'K'; sv-et pntatxM n,
.IrHc i"T liamper N'o. 1, ll.riOtL. No.
J. r.fic-f?l -'"lr. New York, per burn Ii,
L'UCiiO--, tl, KlorMi, per crat. ?..(- I'.',
ljttu(. riorlJi, per hamper, 7Zci $-. ilu,
California lpbrirt per crate. ll.riL1.
CaullllyMr. California, pt cpi''. r.OcW
SI. 50 HruaulM Hiroutf, I.ouk ImIuihI, vw
nt . 13ff"0c Ifiplai.tH, Klorld i, por box.
IHfri. tlo. I'ulmn. per lo. M1Ti. Cikuiu
linrp Klorlda. per hamper J36j." nuaHhea,
Klnrldi, p"r iraif, : viri, pinaih. N'ur
folk, r-"'" --' I- --' ff a h Tf-XHM, pt
Mkt . JUM..V-. Kal. Nnrrolk, p.-r bbl
IMk 1 '-'.". Urnt.H, riorUla. per luiinp'-r,
iyW-1 lUf-t, l'lorbla. perirnte, J11JU'."i,
ilo. per inn bumhep. jaftr I Venn, Hnrbli,
CaroiinJt hiiu ueoreia, per aoxn nuncnes,
$307 Cabbaten, Danlh, -eil. pr ton.
l'Ji.530: do, Florida, new. v-r bakt., $1&i
1 .10 Onions. New York and western, per
ino-lb bdtENo. J. T.VVfl 23. No. 2, &0
ii. titahrixnlTltl ItCi' Iti . 'Alfn l?if.
IU1.1 .MM-"! ''- f" -- --
Business Career
of Peter Flint
A Story of Salesmanship
by Harold Whitehead
it oiivtloht)
i,i, ...nil. nAW.: :..".''"""' "''.l ir v."'
".'''"T. '."" ''r i' I"'" l'i' ttoru o
fTllli: m.t thing this morning I went
fn Ittn tt.r.. .i ...ii .t . . '
i Jim Ii.irr.v nnd paid him my dot-1
Itr. nnd found that I cud h.we had I
"iilv J2 I.etwpMi inr- and slarvatlnn If I
imii naim't Knit in tho usual ton. With
It iMinn a letter, the sharpen letter thst
I'. ni ever virote me. '
It Keeni Tlrntoti had written and told
him that ho li.ul Urcd mo.
I was platinliiK to K" home thli week.
bllt Had H.lld In his letter lie nniiM nnl
Inn ii mo In tlm lictiie incalti until I bad
aK.o.lJol,nllvva,m.1ln(!(.00(1 Al,o.
he vvoiilil'send me $ln for one more vvoeli
and after tliat-an I evidently did nnt
"Pinwlato vvhit In. . ,imn fI Ln
I .lit T ... ..,.', is tlolni; for mo--,
i ni'uiii nave to nailil o mv cvn ranno
I am bcRlnnliifr to hnovv Dad bettor than
I dlil. When I lived at homo I tlioucht
ho vi.m c.-n,j-. j ,oKln to think now thst
a cement vldrvvulk Is Boft and i-lclilltiR
vtiiiiparcil to him.
The vouiii; fellow at tho employment
nKetiey n.ild Hint ho hadn't a thins to
MIRKi-et to mo. An a mutter of f.irt. lie
aid, "I've i-ent vou to olKht plaoes now
and .vou failed each tlmo"
"1 cin't help It If they won't hlro mo."
I 11 red iii.
"We'll, for tho lovo of Mlko. If vou
I'lin't, ho cm? Celtln' .t John llko cell
wk tliliiKt'. I setiil vou to a pl.ne vvliero
int..i ii.iiu in tiiro ,i iciiow. vviien yen
Ki" there you rannot convlm-j them that
1r. Wlitlrtirrtil trlTI n.l.-. ...... I , . i
wfto m i,vi7li ..ii.;. i...,. J nnrm linn rrnlrul, li.ir v rlnmiv uniith Hi-
P... HI Ir , if,." " r "A ','rVrrt inl Z nld ' , ''""";I-J htl vi,clit ll.nl lliur.-
ihii ,;,rr, t,,e '!, L7,r, 0T,tt(ri1 '''' '"' 'il r.il.i extreme, imrllmi.t.
von'ro tlio fellow thrv want lln.l nnvllieller nii.illiv than tli.it n-nt fotwanl
link vvlth tlic iitlirr nrcnclca?'
"I liaven't been to any other."
Well, what have vim .tnim nfi.r i
yoti'vo been to tlicsp plaecu I s-ent OU
"U'liy 1 Vo iloiii' nnthliiR"
"(Joiiil l.onl't he c.isp,.," "n jou
mean to eay that afur I sent vou to
two ii.ifpH. ami vou fell ilmin mi lioth.
vou Jtiitt loutipitl .iritiinil bv xotimelf?
Wliv illiln't von ko to any ether ai-en-
"You vine ittltiR in" a Joli "
Hit that ilKht nut of our think tank.
Wo linn t net you or nit hoilv is, a Jolt.
We merely tell jou that there Is. a Inh
tr ho tllletl antr leave yoirtn pet t for
yoiiuelf. Illiln't oti -jo arouml to nuv
huslness hoiisci vilun vou hail notliliic
lo ilo'.'"
"No," 1 s.ild. "i never tliotuht of
' Ye i-oils mul little fishes! Wlure's
our nurse? '
"Itelievrt me," I hid arply. "It T
vvallisl Trr ou lo Kit ine a job t would
xx .i It for tin vimih. I am tlreit of vvnlt
Im; uny longer. Takv my name, on
our liftnkH."
lie Hinlleil ami ralil, "flo to It, on "
Ah I walked out of the nlllee a xtuiif
fillovv whom 1 had wen there) two or
tin eo tlmt'H said to mo. "Kay, ilo you
want a pood jolt?'
"fill, no"' 1 replied aarrartlcallv: "I
Just keep is-mliij- to this il.u-o tn 'net .1
oliaiiKf of air."
' f'ut out the funny luisiiieas. If vou
want n Jolt I'll tell you where there Is
one. tin In thi'.i'llni.ix l'uhllslilnK Com
pany. They re piittlnl. on a crew of
sa let-men. ou out-lit to lirol up with
'hem all ilKht They're piitttni- on any.
liodv." he aiMeil tu.illilnui.)-.
"That's why the"' j.ut vou on." I re
toittil. Intttead of helitp atiRry, lie laUKlieil
and H.ihl "flood for ou. Yen sot a
strike Hi it time."
fin my way to the Climax Puhllhln
Company 1 lio.inl some ono whlstlinc I
lonktil .iroiintl and nw Wallace Itlller
I'lllinllK- toward me "Hullo. Prior." he
cried ; "don't In In buch a hurry. Whero
ate vi tl off to'"
'"l'i nail a Jolt "
"Haven't oti Rot ono ytt?"
'N'o, hut I think I've found a plica
vviien- they take on any old kind of
iliihs "
"t'nv. you'io In Hie dumps, aren't
on" AVIuit aie you ilclnc tonight?"
"Nothliic at all." I replied.
"Then ionic iirounil to tho house ami
liave illninr Willi us, will ou? I know
mother and M.niarct "will !) itUil to
(.CO jou."
Vudillc your own annc
M'li.'t Joes this mean to VOU?
Business Questions Answered
Wh it Is the I.i at ii.ii nf flllre lettera?
I. i
Tliiil tlipeiuls on what xoti want tc
ftto .mil how ofiett tiu vvntit to use It.
'I he linen 1 1 1 1 c 1 1 a I methods of llllns: aio
Hlplwibctlcil, niinurk'ul nml Keograiili-k-.il.
enn reople iharcre anv rate thev -ritit for
loulia. er It thnre tl law to limit the Intereat?
I. I)
.Ml tiliites have Interest lawn which
stipulate u leK.il rate, usually about fi
per ci-iif, nltlioiii-li Al.iti.tinn. Colorado,
Kiel Ida, Moiitanu, Utah ami Wonilnie
li.ivo a Icnal r.itn of 8 per cent. This Is
a question of law, however, rinrl If you
aio trylnt to borrow money It la much
better to i ly two or three (lull.'UK to a
lawyer tc Wnowr just where you atauil.
l.'iw.vtrs Nhoulil be llxeil to lieep you out
of tumble, not tn net you out ot It,
secl'I1tip:s at auction
The follow inn Kecurltlcif vveri hold at
auclloii today by li.inus .c I.oflaml;
.Mm ahra -.Vliierlenn Tro'lut t I'oitii'.niv
of l'ennsli mil i. ii.tr !.".' I.nt ITi
."ihIiih llri.HiQ County fu.il I'ntiitirri-
lion (VV Va 1. tur IKm . i'D
KxlahrH N. null Hills MliiInK I'om-
pinv IS I" I, nar l"t ... ISit
117 alltH Kentutk I'lllille Senlie I'u.
i iiiiiinnn. par lino H1?
J". ahrs 'I'Hlulii Inn Hook, roiniitny
t.referre'l; pur Ilo ltd alna.
'Ciliird Inn Hook L'utiipalty inni-
iniiti. par Ilo Lot II
3d ahra I'nntlnentdl-liiluiilo Truat
To., par I.Ml P7
-I354 rluhla In subscribe to Camden
rito Insuranco Aaaoetatlon, &
ir, par 3'ti
33"i llnhla to aubairllio to Camden
I'ire Inauriineo Aasoilatlon, lip
l"t iar 3'j
llllP' rUhta to anbaerlbe tn Cntnilett
Plro Inauratii.0 Avaoilallun, to
II par v 3'j
27'a rtehla tu anbaerllm In Camden
Klre litsuranio Aaaoi.liitlon. in
I.", pur .Ti
1 ahr Haul; of North Amerlin, par
llun "Ml'i
.", ahra liininl Utreet Hank, par l.'o. 1.0
ll ahrs. C u r it Kxthmic'u .Nationsl
Hank par lloo 4(11)
5 ahrs Cnntlnental-Kqullablo Truat
I'o par l.'t'i 7
.'.' ahrs. Itepuhlle Truat Co., par ,",u. lu'j
t) etira Plilladtlphla Ilfo Inruraitco
Co.: par ll".. 10
'2 ahra. American ltAllitaa Company
preferred, pir lldu 78
Ii ,hr United New Jeraev Itallroad
and Canal Co l par 1101 102
10 ahra. Cnmden . Ilurllnaton County
Hallway Co . J'ar !.. 30
100 ahra. l.kena Vallev Itallroad and
Com I Co , par 1-0 II
J 7 ahra. II. K Mulfnnl Co , par led. m
Te ahra United llaa and i:erlrlc Cor
poration ilrat preferred; par lion H
SO ahra. United llaa and Klei trio Cnr-
iHirallon flrat preferred! par lion 41
87 ahra. Herman Theatro ltealty Co.!
par tin 3
4 ahra, Philadelphia, Ilourao commons
par 150 .... J
1 ahr. Tldi-a Trutl ' o. si
15 ahra. Uuaranteo Truat Co 110
I'SOO Ilerwyn Water Company. (1 per
cent. V'lrat nnrtaBa, Coupons
March und September. Due.
1UJ0 ,-. 01
S300 Montgomery Tranalt Company. .1
per cent, Tlrat and refunding
mortcaKe. Cnupnna Jtliift and
December, Due HUll, .Lot tto.V)
Dividend on Husaian Ss to Be Paid
London, March 13. The dividend
upon the llusalan S per cent loan of 1922,
which was due March 1. will ko paid by
N. M. Ilothaclild Song. Apparently no
furua nave ueen proviaea o pay tn
coupon pn.tliolhree, Kuaslan municipal
Commission Houses Arc Good
Buyers Offerings Light.
Corn Moderately Active
nt lis m.i.T miiatiihi nmi.csr
i nn ii.ii. n, i rh i.i. iimiiui imiiK
Ihi inlii-ltiiln tip Miutiv imilcltf mill
i iMirMiii.
Mlniifoln I nrHlrd txinlstit jml lliur
tlm t irtilnli1 rati) or mum ruit utiil uiit !
limn rrnlntlilt r.ilif r mm mH nil
ruin rtt ttmlplil iiml 1hnriUi mlrlrr
orin imkoi i rriiluiliit rlnuilv iiml
rltll li.tiklu ,ul ll.i.r.ilm. .ol.lrr
orin imkoi i- rriiimlilt clotniv mill im-
"inulti Dikntu It iln nr know tttit uflrr-
llnnill llilirtlill uliHettlril.
Nrlinsk.i I n-rllli'il iiinlelit nnd riiurn-
ii n l iiriHiiiiuv run ea( nlhl nurtli to
nlKtit. inlder nittti,
liuntiit Pnrllj iloudi Innlslit nnd
Thnrtd it, ruliler.
Vlnntnitii I'urtli ilmul) tunUht und
Tliurttl n. rnliler Innlitlit.
VV.ininlnc I ii-rlllril 'inil inliler tnnlclil,
lirulnlil) alioii unrllteat.
( hlriico, M.llrll Im
IIIiN of In .'il lo ovei M.iv line.
MiMthe'r"...-, wluJ!"! .,'".1
Ht-'lUrr oiruiiiKs from the i-oiinlry.
' 'ti..Rtli.... .1 II,.. m...l,e, f, ..nt i .oiliy
'"ft'r ." ''.id hIihwii an i.islet Hunt !lt the
ontw t
"tr.uk M lltnilil ' In oxputterH Illlf.lVlll-
ininlsflitn liniiM'H were coil buyriii.
llllllo OlfellllUK VVl'IO llnllt tt.lll'H nf
I'.u.oon bu-liels for shipment nbrnad
vverii nctiiiiilu'eil ami piemluiiiK nu tpul
held IIiiiiK-
Tlio fee 1 1 ni.- nt I.lveipool xviiH easier.
bei'.iiiHe of intlih i" tempi latureu and liet
tor riiinpenu irnp ailvle. s,
I'oin vma inoilir.itely hoIIvo, hut
prices moved vilthlu a iinriovv ranno.
I IINll linn es well' Kood filllclH, hut list.
Iiik oidnv tinoiiL'li coimnt!slon houw
! tn buy .May at Jl -.'7 piL'taliiid the mai-
Itt'i-elplH at piltuniy polntH weio llli
eral, tint llRliler iitilval.s uric forecast
liiciuso of the lo.ss favoiablo outlook for
the weather.
Advli oh from all p.iiIh of Illinois paid
tli.it imn toiu.iliilnir on fni ins whs of
nri'titly The tleinanil fop the i.uli '
iirtlele un uooil fop llin lietlif ijiinles '
but Mow for pour nluff
l!eiottH In the I'rlre Current a-.ile tin in .
wan a iio--ililIltv nf nunc 1 1 iliiL'tlon in
tin iiiro.ii;e nf rorn
'I'll., tlti.l.i, I. .,.. ,! t.l,.i,lrl .. . i u Inuu
Itun Tlio strlKi- situatl.m iti AiBontln.i
leiiialueil urn Ii. umed .o ftntlur viol
ence mum reported, hut tioops are
Kim l ill ni; ti'tmlual.s, accoiillm; to private
nilviies, a ml the uioviuh nl of f-inlu toii
tlniies with stocks nl poitH Inoiiasliu
March torn ilmvtl 'e lilKhcr nt I L"i :
May i nihil nt the liet-t at $1 27 , . after
jh.tvillK t-old 'ic helow et-lclil.t'H l.t
pi ic- lit $1.27.
'Hie IiIkIi on Mill oil o.it.s was !H''tc,
lhn low Hl'sc and llin ilo.so (il,c liid,
compaiitl Willi nl'ac the final of c--tirilay.
The heat on May was SJ i,e,
the hottom SR,c mill tlio Until MH',
acaliipt 8Ss,l' hid, yi'steril.iv 'n las-t pi Ice
I 'i.'.i I IIUIl
I 'tint (new iMHel)
.VI iv .
Mari Ii
J?'. 1.2
'. i.-ir
Jti ... ss
l.irt -Vhirtli
M iv . LT. ..
Juh . . Jil 2i
Manh ..
May . L'I S7
Juli 'J. 'J7
."" 77 '.'"i Ml
L'.. it, .n n7 ::.-. ii'
III U'."t 2 J7 t.'ti 17
J I 12 '.'I 3",
'- I s7 tu' I "'.! ti'l s.
2-,.L'7 tL'a .'lo LTt 'JJ
IS PI -17 ."in "Is 117
lit". II!
kailkoad eaknings
litis inn
Tii-'t ok Murih
: 17 nun
1 rout .hmiiin
Flret vieek Mxnh . S.7 B7'l
rrvnn January 1 . . . . ....'.' H7-
Janinrv urnas .. $7.-71 .,.7
Net OPT Income . 1.H17..VI7
I'lrst week M tnli.. IIJ7.7.VJ
1'reni January 1.... l.'JD.l.L'.'.'i
Dei reaae.
111 Mill
I". I 'J IH7
$".7 Inl",
a'Ml 1711 ,
"Moiittronioi'V W'ni'il Can Shin More
.Ullllluillliy vv.llll .lll .-Mlli .null.
J'.xpcuitiously V rom Llucafji)
New orli, Jl.m-li 13 -Inlertiiitleil
lllltl vniipesteil tllillli' i olldltiniis me
Klven ;is the priiielp il Hamuli tor thn
iteiislim of Montcoinery W.inl ,x l"o lo
illKoniliuii! their IniKO llnioljjii pi, nit
It Ii.ik heen fniinil that inerrli.inill.se
can ho r-liluiiod fiom tlio loiniMiiv'H plant
In I'hl.iH0 1 eustein points iniii'h imne
i'xpeilltioit.h lh.ui tioin liroolvbn iiiuler
present londltlinis
The Uiitolil.vn pi, mt. vvhlt-li einplojed
liettvecn S00 mul 1000 lianils, illt-trlhiiteil
aloiiK tlio Atl.intli KO.ilio.uiI, hut not
vvei-t of remisjlv.inl.1.
m:iv .n:iti:i si:iitmi.
$1 Daily in Juno
SIM Ml UPfktv III -lull.
VS-TaCTM!" "" weeWy In UK
.lunjfpf mm s pt r-'nti in of
IJIildi- luntn. ruiiy
- III! lUHIirn rifiini HKIll-
cl ImtiRnIows ut tho
Stone Harbor
Bungalow Colony, Inc.
rlosp to Hip on-an a inl t.ourilwnlk, ton
piitcnt to tlatitnK rounla, tti the hpart
nf il inortrn, wivto h.ti- tsrnnliln rrmirl
Knch ImnnHlow a prftiy aunnnrr hornt?.
Klpctrl1 UzM artrslan uator nl prw-r
uct UprthlnB tippiled furnlbhtd px
lonllng tnbl"tro ami led Itnrn. IUIpi
by th Yetk ir month. Hfncr our
Hccominodationa NOW
Acct. ;M 4 Walnut Htrppta. Thlln , Ta
Mt-ll 1'plpphonp, I.ombaril llflfl.
Until Sfp
Thousands Upon
Women Wanted
as 8tPnoBrHphrn, Hf( retart-", Hook,
kppppra, TPlita. Artpuntanta, Oftlce
MarmKt-rH, to ink tho placfl of mpii
iall-'ftn tli lolor" (IrcatPUt demand
ln the lilntory of our country for
trained women at Rood aalarle-a.
i;ery hour w nro oallcd upon to
supply them, Kilter our (ourapa and
ip ur tbepp HtlvaiitaireH All huilnesa
bratirhea tauicht Monda Wrdneaday
and Friday MPnlnia. Hppclnl tluascs
Tuesday nnd Thurwdiy titchta
Note lpetlal War Couraos to all
sttmntft bea-nn retruary 1
Banks Business College
ITUAYFR'S Th llf"' HuHneas tChoo"!
3 1 IVrt. I CI J 8nji07 ( hettnut hlreet
roaltlona guaran'd. Ilnt.r now Dayornlehl.
I .nn.n.i HKIIMTZ HC'llOOl,
Languages mi i'huhtnut wukbt
lunirante on iiiinir
Trarltera Wanted ro.it fon vvaltlrur. Free
renlatr'n for I'oll!. Normal araduatea.
Mnderii Teitiltera' llureaii. loni Market St.
MltlKTHAMl rrlvate liiatrucllon tn alu.
denta eyenlnxa l. III). I.edter C'entriil.
WANTUI) Tutor In ttlannometry and navl
cutlon, otlerliuom. C 211. Ledaer Office.
1 . . .'.'.Iiihhhiii I J (in fj Lrf-'A.'iLJiLl ;- -;JL JIMli. ilJJUI " I'pnne it. ..ee.1 . . eia-ve, arm ine-i.ia "'''.? "" n', m a. 1440 a T.Jloe tiM
.MINVll.VI'OI.W AM. MP Mills , VMJI ATLAN TIC. C ITYlNJ. "nV "," Carcv. "if, ''Laurel "n ' J ""tu?s !s t Inl- Vefnwood .Cem.' Ilemalna W, b. J
i-KS, uaV' ,ii:.;:K-! fig M , fflbici nn,i Sanatorium J l,v:&.rri!M TS-ST i LSi? ; TKi Im.W
MlSSOfltl. KANSAS AN.. T.J.SAS JrfNOtCCl&r itS SUpCl'iOI' : Cl'e'ar i7" 7 ?"T "'" "'" ' ,r""" " , &U? XM'TfifX '. "fflfflU -g
I'lrat week Mir. Ii.. I7T'1. 1.1" Jsj-i'is SS, - Ul., jv,l anr-VtJh I i ' vssmv Mar.h 10. imiDOUT wife nf ' aerxliea. ITI . 11 n m.. David II, . Behul .r
1-run, Jatnnry I.. . 7,77111s tin, as.-, A-f CiXOlC jXIAq SCrVlCC ..,...', ..'.'. ,. -r,Bt"', ,,',"' fri-nd, fnuted , Hid-;, , ".f.l WSSiJiS-'-auddt-JBrtH
iu'oiiciia. Mii'TiiiniN vm ri.nr.iiiv vm:hm:hsmi i , i.t
i ( I '
JlcSparran Opposes "Flontlmj Help"
l-'rom Cities
llnrrMmrir, Mnuli 13. - .Inlm Me
Rpnrrnn, tnaoler of tho Stale (!ianr;o.
Iiuh roftifed tJ nerept an nipoIntini lit on
the rommlttee nn acrli ulttual Hbor of
the I'lihllo Safety Commlttro of l'enti!.
vanla. lie sent n lettir to tlilx effect
to rtatili II. MeCl.iln, ihaliniati
Mr .MrSp.it i an K.ty tint farming I
nu expel t liinlnoiM and tli.it liluh school
i. ... ..... ... ,.. . . . . .
..in, niin Mci.uiiiB i.eip iroin towiiH .mil
-nM-n iiiiiiiui in- iix.ii ii, uny Ki-e.ii ix -
tlnu orr lliiunr manufacture; and tlius
flllltiB Hi" cap' In llin iiRrleuItur.il ills -
.i ... ....i .1. .i i.
trltts and Hie rliipynrd
There H IM flli-tlon lirtvvoin Mr. Mc-
Spiiliin and the labor rnminlltie. fur-
ther than lint be holds different xIcvvh
tin the illusion of farm labor Irmn tho
"I liivo carefully untie over Hie pro
posed lie,! of vviiil, of tills rominlttra."
! " "'- today to Mr. .M,fll. tlm
ll.lciilciaiit liovetiioi- ".iiiil fiel that tlio
mnU of It Is very irlllli.R and vMII at
lient. re.ii Ii only ii vuy rhort peiient.iKo
of the ncril.f
noaid r'ixes April 4 in Heacltnp;
Transit nnd Light Case
Hiirrithiirir, M.llill 13. Tlio Itiihllc
Service I'otntnlsHlnii has llxeil April I
at. tlio time for lie.irliiK til" cotnplalnt.s
iKT.iiii'xt tlm Ur.nllm: Trnti, It mul v.
i,omp.tri bfrnup nf if .......mho nf lalrM
r i . 1 . r e.ti
from Hp tn ftlx ntK por fain 711111. Tho
liOTiirtff will be hold ut Nni rittown The
ninPllntH mn.o ftoin iiidfI nf thn mu -
lllrlpillltloti from l.caillllK to tlm Hlllmrlis
of l'lill lilt Iplli.l. I
April r. the i-oinmlssmn will i It at
neatllittf to hear the complaint nf the t
e'lty niralnit tlm l'lillmlcHi'il.i .mil Ke.ul-
l"K lt.illvvay t'onip.iny lelalivo tu tho
Briiila i-rnnalnss at ITitti etloet.
MM1M." nl n ni'vo i"ir tret
.-luitii i.i.i. iiij.io i ua uo
Fooil OHicial FimN Plot Acainst
rhiladclphia Digestions
.....ii i .... i. .., i.i... .. .
imiiei.iiE. .'i.i 1 1 ll 1 .1. i :i i - in ..
Kooil Commissioner . I. lines Koiist H.lld ,
ho li.ul tecclveil word tli.it fresh at-
tempts wttte lo he mule to unlit id ltllf,
poult! v op Phil.itlelphli huvers
"I have talmn tip this matter with '
he At,orne (ieiteuil's elepiitment ..,,.1 I
I 0 t I 1 I tint ot lllil li-ilt t It anil tin no. a .i..l.
tluft on the people of Philadelphia or
.mv oilier t utility We will anest law
vlnl.ilois and the ncenls hnve heen so
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It hits. The old poultry Mull not ho
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Tr. PR M I"! ' ' l? .""".!"- '-L
i-J -Ht-M . 'f I ' 'tl' fl - ts.iftsrr"rt IT
i "aV l ' FW .W ai" "Witsaw w.i
xri.wiK m
-l'rliir iotne llrst up the t.nlf treiim
to All. nl Ic (.lit und (he lit VV Mlllti:
I he World's l.reTtett Hetnrt. I.icrv
one villi lie lliere. Vlnt,e jour reertn
1. oils nttu to nt not to lie iIImipih, Intnl.
American find huraprnn I'lnns
Ml KM.RsVll.l.i:, l'.
Opennlljcur. Diyuir. rinoatetieri. I.iery
lotn'urt for loiitf or ahort real. Ii.itht.
MaasaKc. ltcaM. nt 1'hjalt Ian. I'. XIt.rt.lt,
'Ihrough 1'ultiiinns New lorii un 1 I'hlli,
II011411U M. Wixu, Manacer.
- - .
I SUNSET HAI I "I'fii all the yiar
forts, irlp dry nir In iitnriii mountain
walks littitl nlacr to sm ml Utistri hnli.inu
vm u aaniinriuin xvntLiivi s iiiui.in.iti.
1(jrr , r,,m. ,,, r ,u, r ! eniral
aih;m i.i.r
I.iiih! nf
AniPrlfji'- (.rpiilP".t IUtli-.pir llrtnrt
ii ml ini-r ut. il ion llriKlqu lrtrrii
In tins "llfirt uf tin- Ilhif It Id .re."
Thn KunstiliD- vt 1HJ..P w I tli braplnir
n7i)iitj nf tho i.unjiUHli.B TorItiff mnun
tn lit pi akH. wi'otl- il n1I--Mi. riparklini!
all 1.1111-4 iiMsntti- "nt tnotur romls of tun
irptp, iicplinlt miK tdun. Hind, rlaj
Pimjuh Nnt.fiui.1 lorpf uiiii (Janio Ir-p.-rt.
17 oihi in rf i Ity mwud .ater
iii i'ii , pi n(iiiiMir iiifrip
Joint Pacine Service ( l.t. 2nd and 3rtl Clnnl
YOICOHAMA, tVia HcWu'u) KtLe. Nifitll
J.U.Biireckelt'.llraa. CO..C01 Alark.1 bl.. sV.
c U. t. llLUNtrr. 1) Uatury '!.. N. '.
ihuvi riiii..vii:i.i'iii,
S19.00 0",, -"" S32.00
S22.-10 w" T-'" S4O.00
Iletular aervlco la beliu.- maintained.
neat way to travel In comfort at lo
fare., with I;! rylcr. Conmlt u
fare., with l;'- ryicr. Conaul
arsiut vettr iiti1 iViiSI'
SVhants I ins'Fhjj. .u. Co.,
Ticket On eea I .T." ". .'.:- .V-
-k,t onicei 1 "ri.r is's': p.i.'W.r. Av..
VV, J", TUltNIJH, Oen'l Pa.a, Acent.
I ll
AAHONHON March 12. CAHOI.1NH 11..
nldoiv of Hubert Aaronaon. acvd 1, lata uf
Columbus, N J Due notlco of funeral
will ha given from realdenee of daughter.
Mra, Kue 11. Van Mater, S37 1'enn at.. Cam'
AIKMAN. March 11. JOHN, husband cf
Sarah Alkroan (n . Verdl.r), aged 78-. Rela.
Uvea and frlenda. J-aclAa.Lodie..- Nt.. 800. L
i oiii i use iimii ii tti.-iitit 1 1
11 Js "7, riNTIC ( III. N. .1.
tl.L'7 ti 2:i a. .
frjJV.. r1iJ
IH't '111', lil't R F-l"! lwsWv!"lrl.
hss is, ,tt ji jW.t Sift. rx
as- - - 'Tti:" -Mnrch 11 at MnoreMoivn. N. .7 . ! ..J!"; -March 11. ANNA W .widow, or .
i.iiitiu Tr7rA'WyTlTrTsVT.."nS-a.A-'IT..-ff xntiiiv i nii-itinti or ruran lareviiice .."..- ,',',.", :":," -- ;, ;,,:: r.VSt.St.fM S.H
18-Hole, A NTurf Golf Link " w Atlanil. ao . Jfaddon He.ehta. N. J .Nrii. n(,uUw" juutlvM Tnnd iti ndaln-ii
ititiips rnnue innn. . Hon r no hctela fri,.,i I IniiteVl in at "Vie. Tli.ir. -t enta' resilience, tiie ... ?"" "!" m"J" "ii M)i
aitditniriiiiH hmina iiandaniit, , ,.tt.,Bei n,is,iYir rrlvute. llemaln! nJ,-iS.xgaM
liutiu-H out iitdeui.a Tl 11 ,.i '' t'i,-.r,r'"' "." . '"-P .' "D ' . " eodla-ul i.,,.t Thura eve 2.'-UaHB
f,.r i..tn. s " "T,' ,.."V i", -x'orian i-m. Jrlenda may , kadiii.. -Suddenlx. March 10. HENJI-
'.- - -' "-- - ..VSS.VIltl inee linker) ivife nf Kn'nk d t-Vi'l Y'ixt.rchS. 11UNRT J hu.ts-n
Train nervieti its f.ir Sout na Old I'olnt I '"-"rd nnd daimlttj-r of ratlurlue und lata fKh' innle Kelly nea Jnnei) Ileltle' fj
, Comrort never Letter! !iV.ViTo"fu i'rLin .erw'ea' Th?,rJ "W "" id friend." Mlner.vlil. Uod.eNc, 222, FT M
HOTEL CHAMBERLJN iSvsjl?il,,,1.,,n,..JSu,iy ii".pt'M Vc,": Kavfe- TM
Xoio pooiT COMf onr o-eNO . Ill HIO Mir. ti " I VlU'lint nr I'l'o i fireenniount Cem Ilema n. may ba vlw.4, .W
rwlRimlnn l'c..l. fiolf. Fea- X ji I tit,!.,! ' iV Funeral t ' ll. I,V I Tl uri n n?' "'' h ,n 'n " ro Auto funeral. rott- M
sstsss&im . X v r,r,a"':,,"r'&-,i,,-:, ?, : n TrWt,llni!SA M
0v.-rt!;.tte5i.s,."::r tA WsJi ?.",r.--e,,-" nt S1'r,y ',uri-h I v.?"J
Mr. roater a In A, k r a ,,,n Ceatnut, .enfe'tMaUaS'iKe rfv" I !tfAm.JS
CooUa Toum, 225 S3 liload. I H. 11.. S3S V-.""'"" "M 'l""', Uixll-;.! to funeral. I W,.".. .-oAtViv XlarcS fll at r.20 .-Val-W
l I -?m" i A,.rc,t. ,0 t , ,,. Ne c.VhrfS. -VurK' V'ir m ?doi.ri' WWViS&ffijM
"" PVNTO'XIarcli II. MARY 1. xvlfe, ef Che-tntit at Int. Private. liSwAlta
Sll Vllsllllt Mllin-tl nolt'ert C Deunton He Utile, ami friend. KUTTI-INO, ;Mrch 1. I;1,5ttJ 2S VH?1
sih.ixisijn MiUfl.t muted to funeral. Thura. 2 p. m . ions I lnd of Mary 11. V""''"'- r5uj,lt--'?4't3SH
n4 HTSifai "IJUIbita ' ...J?.- .,-..rfl.lfl. 'i..:.brR:!5,f' !"" ' -SV.,Sffl-wVi" s t 2i s. ai.t.f.t7.?l
lf1HbirA BATAV1A :".'''' S""J ,"" ' J-v. .-i.pi-i ','."' l.H,IK,,fhi"SxUV; "rri. ."? 'm ?WW.-U
t AIty.t,0Jii: M,rr' 3MW V. At-;
I.I1ION13, ilHUBhtr nf late Thoinm n
. m.?. !SU," AMnnne. Kunerl ierrlcn
t 1032 UliMtnut.. VVtd.. S p. m.
HAM, March 11. KllVVIN T.. himbaml
nf Anil i:. Hall mh .on of Dnvlil VV. Hnd
lite liflla. Hall. nae, n. IMatlvta nnd
frlenda. Wnahlnnlnn l.n,le, Nn, urn, p. ).
H. of A 1 Win Knil f-aatla, Nn. sr,, K. O.
. N'n'a'men's I'lllowaMp of llh Ward,
Invito,! to funeral n'rvloia. Hat., a p. m
." r.'f ? rMMerec .Mr. riuain T. Mucklo.
iiii.'D icilar hvo. Im. I'crnwonil ivni
HAM, Jjarrh n .t.VMIJM huahand nf
' C.,.,"''', "" "''' '3 ""e nnl Ire of funeral
i!..'.?..?!."" (r"m ,lin" H Hrnn'l l
Hi;i'Ki:it Mnrih 11. JOHN hulwnil nf
1.x t; Mum.iret lletkr ncit Ml Itelitlvra
ami frit n.! mmlt IVthkhem flenmiii H-
fiirmed Chur. Ii. Nnrrla and Hlalr ala In-
ni-'i m mnTal arrlrif
dtuahtfr'a real,lnee, Mra liate Mniiler, fiui
ii.in .. "" liriiaie, riurili l eil.ir
J-nnln Hell (neo ll.nkrtll in,e notion of
' ,',.'!;'0.,1 "".' JT "'"" ,T ""I'l'i' ve .
, " rtC -' nnl TIoki ,
mi vvm-p u....i.. t.-..i. n ...'
bvnluiml of Lnelmla n'nett llaliitlvea and
I z'A A ,V"n, ""'"'"n Trie l.ndaa. Nn H7
j fr " "n,'i i-f?eTk"t',B,,V"n, V, dn.)re".J r. P' InV
im llin ( rleke( A.. In..... m. ... (
t Plllll a l.llth.ron ...n.
mil tnd nt M mnda llerrv and pnalnr of
Tinii-raillln. IPa 1 XIMhndl.t Knlaeonal
''liiitih iiae.1 an. Iteliiiifa nn.l frlfndt In-
WrinSiVRS: vWo.lir!'Nmj ,!
' ;';; llnrleigli ivni rnjndt may call
KX r;t rI't,71T3,?',:!.l"lW
N. J i;.tt-..n . it-r nlent- mm, 'I
v "HrJi.TJV.M1 . " "' Ati.ntlf fltr,
N J . WIM.l.l.VVt J liti'billiil of tale Rnrnl'i
jut and ami of late Willi, ni and Kiln
!'tk HelHtlvt.s and frlenda. I.edie No
l.ll! 1'. and A M . Plilla Tire llept . nil
oilier nraanlzillena of which h waa u mem
her. Invited to funertil aerxleea Hit . 1 .10
P. in parlora of Andrew .1 Hair. 19lh and
Ar.'.,.'l.,."A..,n, J" Mnrlah rem.
ivldow of William Ilnehrllllter Helatliei and
friends Invited tn funeral senleea Trl . "." p
ni , eon In-law a realden. e. Hlehard It. 1'lp
Pin anil N nth at Inl private
llnnill.N Marrh 1" VVil.r.lAVt B. hut.
bind of Anna A Harden HeUllves nnd
frlMi! Imitml ia funrnl rrvicw Hf . L ?'
' K T V'fn. AVtiMt?Klo,,t .nw.' "Ulnn-iwnnl,
' nt vrliatt. 1 rlrndji may call Ir .
.Hftr 7 p m
, ii-M.irrJi it jnn.v husband f
?':. linrlnthTn ViTaN "flrhirM"
i llnnnr emploXet of Mnrrla Wheeler On.
In ' r",, funeral aerMt ea Tliura , 2 p. m.
VA,.. i to Tu P
Int ArllnKinn r
...'i- i niiiiiiiun nir- i rienut iiiav ea i
rleaae omit flowers.
Ante fnn.r.l
ItlteVVtV M.t-.t. 11 tl.. u.ntir .
.-..- .- .... ...a.... ... ...is onaw... ,1.
riltKS.VAV (nee KiuMIni rtelatliaa anil
frlin.lt. f I OahrWa 11. V. M. Hoilslltv un1
Saere.1 Heart HecletJ". ft. Panl'a T A. II
.Society. Inilteil tn funeral. Thura., 8.30
a. til. 11(3 S snth at. Solemn lilah maat
nf reiiul-m St (lihrlil'a Oliurcli 10 a, m.
lilt rtfti, ,ral Cetn
lirtiiNVAN Jiin-h ii. Tiinxr.vs a v.
. mm.
lillllVV aon of lit.- Amlrew and Mnry llreti
No o." r o i: pmplof Mrnubrldttn a
tieniiiiea an i irienna i urn en Aerie.
'Uitlilfr imi-fil lo fun, i Thurn . 7 .10 n
Mil llinl1iti nvrt I4'iin1n V T tfth
iiiiins Cliiitrh of thn Imm.iruUtr Conifptlon
aa .. 1... th t . t- . . t...
I ii I New Cuthetlral Cem Auto
IUtUlllT"JYi:n March II rilARI.Krf
husl.atid of Allee llrlithltnirr, Helntlvt a nipt
frli-ii.N . niplinea Hall ,ft Carpenter. Invited
0,,n"ani'i,'ip.'r"3!.1l' llna' Inl.,,',', ,,"e "'fnt'
Ki'.Si" n'.i nital I'-Vi, T"" Ken aln. mr to
.!...... T-l -. ..a".
i irmii i ii in r ii ll T
lift II .Vtiinh II. ASX'A MAIll.V wife ef
l.llllllrr llueh. nfie.l IT IteliitUe arA
frit tula Altxr Kcicletv of Ut l'eter unit Pnul
Chunh United tn fun.ral. Thura. 7'1n a I IIAUT .lreh 11. CAHLHTON Tl., -ton
in . Imahamrs realdenee So" H ."th at Cnm. 1 of Unmet and Mary A. Hart (nee. Blckler).
I'll N .1 Mini i,r rrriulem MS I'eter and , late Ilrat class electrician, U, 8, 8. Ofcla
I'ntll Church ll 11. in Inl. Calvary Cem. ' hnmii, naed 'Jl Helatlvea and frlenalltl
Am ( i.tetre I xitP, to funeral. Krl.. xo a. m.. 0128 IhN
It HSl IIKITVT . Xtnreli In. I!l 171. . 1 . xtuat a. inulm Church nt ZVnt
Ill.rii. wiiii.vv of .lohtt Hurliaeheldt. nsd 7o , i.ndy of Itoaary In a. m. Int. Old CaTtie
Uilitliea and frb'ttdi. menibera of Tabor dral Cem Auto funeral. !
Lutheran Church. Invited to funeral Thura iir.l.H March 11 I'AUl.tNU D. daih.
I p m from realdenee. 171' Northeast 1 ter of Anna ir nnd late John Helb. RU ,
Hoiileiitril Servhca nt church, i p, , int , nfl) nn,i frlenda Invited to fun.ral a.rrteaav 5
liie. nmnttnt Cem. Ho.lv mnv bo viewed 1 Thura . 11 a. m., at tha chapel of Andraxr
II . .1 .. . . ... .. I .1. I ... ... a l. . .. ....a ,11.1. . .a.
" '- ii. nn , ii, --.
IlITltl-T M.irrh
0. 03r,rll. ttuahand nf
Anm Iliirti- tnn T.nnih. tinA tiiti nf C fit nil at
...i u... il,..... Hi.tl -.,) - H.1..1....
hum i.i t - r-u-'-M-' I ill I IV It-f-i4 til, iiriiuiv'-t
anil frlamli nmn iimi I If T Tl t is H tn tt n A
Iwirn. nnl Jlcllvt .Mo. 1 itjnn, ItultPil to
fnfiiiil Kcnlrrfi. Woi '' ti tn.. .lo.lrt AirntA
nt Int. N'orth fVilir I Iltl cm. ReqiKln
mnv ho lewiil lues. 8 tn 10 p. in. Auto
c MI-Hi;T.I. At Kfrkunnrl, N J , Manh
11- illMitmi;, liusl.Hml -f Kvh rnnmhf-li (n(.
Amps- uk.-. r.l. itPluHfn nml frlpmla ln-
tf.d (n fun ral servlipf l'rl . 1 .! p
Thnmiiann t I.l.t.r.M J ii M nf
i.i .i , ei'.r.ii i -. i.i.iiii-rii ni t-.L- .
llr.mllv I linlfant llilatlvrs .ind frlen.lt in.
Ut. il to riini-ru eTllees i ri. 11 n
parlors of William II. Chew. S. VV rnr .'.Olh
nml hprui e ata lilt VVett Laurel Illll Cem
Kem.ilns inn he vlowed Thura, 8 to 111
1 p tn Vuto service
tillN'I'.l.l. Manh 111 CIIAItt.n.S I'.
rrillNI.1.1. formerly of VVcat Cheater, Pa
Senile en Weil. S p. m . Oilier 11 Ilalr
I Will lsJO Cheetnut I Int. private.
1 COVI1V Xlarch 10. MAItr, tlauahter of
Ill" iiieniiF nun .'iiirv . iiauy lietaiivea I
nnd friends InvlH.I tn fiinernl Thura . S 30
in . i'ilttl llranlte at Krnnkfnrd Solemn
requiem maaa nnd Int St Joachlm'a Church
lit" Them is mm Jlnrv costly Helatlvea
10 a m
i CilUNr.t.I. Man It 10 f'HARI.KM r
' t'tlll'i:i.I. formerli of West Chetter. tj
I S. rvlie VV'i',1 , 2 P. Ill . Oliver II llalr Hide !
... ... , ............ - Inl ...I. .... '
I !"..,. , ii.'riiiii. r. .... I'lt.n..-
,nu.vi;-M.,r,h ii i.fji. ii wir m
Mrxtitiiniln CnvM- ncfil TiM
l plHthPaaml
frl. iiiH inlipil to furipr it ri p-
ci.i,.n.,iiiiit...ii.i. ... .... ...
..' ; ivi'i.. v ..." , Lf er"i :v"j'
Tniin .mph Mnrkot nt fprry 12 J3 n, m. ' 1 30 V. m .. .127 l-Mnpl nxt .'-VlfPfv11 fPPx
llenii It. milt im vlitlail Thuea at a i!H lilt. VI IIIIHIII 1 ell" ' tuitl ult 'v.t., . mfm
sar.r.-e7n,,,AV1I,i,u'n?;si,r " ,nt' awn-M! sr'ssst: M
Intra M-IO a tn lim ? .xsth t vx-.i Lena Irwin inea Shenki. nieo -u. ivemiiYti tw
i n. ' Mei. nn ? V.. It ,if, uli11 .Wl.' JJ "J I i',,,1 frlenda Invited to funeral. aerxlcei. to., vy
pur . I.i.lv of Lourde, It. a. .. Int." JL' I 1 P. ni. re.ldenc. of f-h, oMrsii.; w
i,.'iii. . . ...,i .inn .rr.ir. n nil . '
flue notue "of funVr;i"rarVn.;'7e.ince:i.!A;OilV.-Hud.;enly. March 11. CT-AK. w
Tfe of I'haH.a "iVunn Int. Holy" Croi, -MA M KI.ISK tne. Thorn.1 wlf MW
m No funeral. ' "i William. lleori Kiln nJ..a""J ". 'iJSXAM
IX'UMAN March 10. Wll.l.lAM (' I'CI. v- -""' n,ma ,I"-nK'..U" ?'J,'TiL nii.'-JM'lv il
MVN Itelallvea and ftlend. fourtiand Invited to aejv c. .Thura.. 2 p. rn.. llver-lj.ji,
aun.lera lMet. II A. TVi Court Woodland --lr mtif- If-" .(-hi'."n-a-ririi?iNrfrV iltlV J i
No ss K. of A l Peerleaa I.otlae No 28 8. KI.OTZ March 1 V th'''",;, lLitet J
nf II. Joe Hooker Tost Mo 3J n a 'n '. of (loltloi) -Kloti. .Helatlvea and fr.len4f.J-!
IMA aan Annv hihI Navy I'nlott of Atiantln ritv.' I Manh. vvaaningion iienr, "i -""' rl'.'ir jfl
int-Mt? Mor.ah'cem:' I emaltt? .nVy" "g, . 2fh at lDtjrM.ll ni.i - fik;t
! viewed Wed 7 lo ti p. m Auto funeral. Funeral ir to cemetery, f-rlenas, ro Mt t
I Ilaillmnre papent nlea.a copy. rriiira, eienini. . ...nil xfixr -ia ' x-.ft
i.S,Be7rCr,e..7i.ve.Ku,!df,f,;iW, ffSSStaySi
Invited to funeral aervliea. Thura .2 p n ? and.-Mary J. I.ewlr Welanve. and trlfyijt
i:t.l.lOTT. March n, MAUI) V., wlfa of
Letvla h Klilntt (neo Dressier). Ileiatlvei
tnd frlndf Iniltid ii, funeral lervlre!
Wed . 2:30 p. ni., inai Dyrr at . Franki
ford, Ilemalna may bn viewed Tuea ave.
lot, private, We.t Laurel Hill Cem.
ned HU. Itelatlvea and frlenda, Ornhana'
Heat 1-oitn. No. 132. I O. O. V.. of Darbv
Del. Co., Invited to funeral aervlrea, Thun
2 p. ni.. nlece'a realdenee, Mn, H, j.
Leech Chunh la.. Yendon. Del. Co.. Pa.
Int "fit. Zlon Cem. Itemalm may bo viewed
Wed . to 10 p. in.
I'AItltl'LL. widow of Jamea John. on and
Anthony I'arrell. Itelatlvea and frlenda.
Modality of Illeased Vlriln of Ft. ratrlck'a
Churchl .Altar and Holy Kara. Socletlea. In
vlted lo runeral, Thura , 8:30 a. m., aon-ln.
lavv'a realdenee. Cornellua llyan. 2132 Plna
at. rlolemu requiem hlch maaa Ht. Patrlck'a
Church 10 a. m. Int. Holy Croaa Cem. Auto
''kkhiiBNIUCH..-March 11. NEVA. wlf.
nf William Kelirepbacli and dauahter of lata
Tliomaa and Klla lrwtn. aaed ST. rtti.iiu..
r . .xuiiir, a n, iiii l'i
,Vnd frlenda Invited to funeral axrvleea.
"l tiura., 2 p. in.. 2012 K.. ritella ava. Int!
riorin i-enar inn i;.m. auio runeral.
KKIINON. March IS. .LIZZIB. widow of
Tliomaa W. lemon. Itelatlvea and friend.
memhera of Kaat Alleah.nv Avm xt i.-
Churcli, Invited to funeral aervlc.a'. Thora!!
S p. m.. 3134 Krankford va. Int. privaU
rac Cm. rtemalna may b va,waa
!!.,,.D,', 'rl'nda, Norrlttown IxidWa.
l!ll ,.t-.?.1'.A.I Comtrmatloa D'nl-
........ inn oira jifntriciai Aaao . are n
tn funeral. vd . a p. in., TL'O Sou
Int. liar Nebo Cam
riHfl. Xtarh 19 VlDrtinrT. mI4
lata jamat Vita n.i .i....K.. .t 1. 1, rnl
"nd Alary Htoek. Ilelntfvra and frlendMj
-"ni. inviien 10 iunrai aervic"i
Sn... IJ'..m I "n a rraldanea, Oaorta'W.I
-mi) VV. tfusquchanna ave. Int. North
"-'ln' ,(
.,.,J,rrAT,,,r:K"- Kuddanlv. Mar
JOHN, enn nf iv'lltltm mr,A nti v
rlrk (nee Hahbatt). In hla inth vear.
tliea and frlanda invited to funeral. FB
a in , rrildonca nf naranta. 2018 Santo
Hnlemn rrqulam maaa Ml Patrick'! CMjid
a ..i h. m. int. Cathedral Cem. ,1 . Vv
H"1" "nd frlnda invited to fun
Snl. '"V!h'r'" ",ld.'J 'V
r-nitmn reuuirm maas iTiuren nf
f Aaarfv
.i- 4 ,,
of t.ourdva ln a. tn. Int. Ht. fjitnla'a Clll4lv't,
tll.Att.StAN- XlXireli 11. rniNk' AfThua. .
hand nf Wllhelmlna C. Olauaman. nlatlvM,V' . j
(ind frlenda. all oraanlratlona of which th-5
1 m' . "V
Ol.KNN Marrh 10. 1'T.MEIl O.. hutSTl V,,
of HtalU Olenn (nea Arnold), nred i Rauujt'v
nira niiu irienna, i api. jnnn layior x.ircta, , ,
II of A.: V"ahlnlnn Camp. No. IDS. F. O. il V
H of A.. Invited to funeral aervleea. Than..' j
- n m . i'33'.i k Norrit at. Int. North odar f .
II rem
neral, Thura . 3n a. m . mother'a "tvt- ,
.Trncc, in.17 llonaall at.. Mifflin abova, 3N fii
i. euieiiiti rruuirm maaa ni. LnmanaaTiVl
Church in n. tn Int. HoIy.Croaa Cera. &&
loot)NOVV. Suddenlj' March '1 II, JJa
(TIAm.HS W . aen of late Jacob and AnnlJ $$
f!nnil.i.i.t tat-. Ill tl.l.ttt... A. 2I. ,i ' T?
''""ii"", nue-'j -t't iinniirro hiiu inwtiue ,J1 jjffi
'tnnloien of th rhltAd-lphla nnd RrAdlnr .1 . JmI
Ilwv . InMtprl to funrrnl Btyrvlcoi, W04.. V"4
p m reeldcnrfl of brother, Kred Ooodncir, ir.
M5n Ttnntn nvt., Olny, Int. rrlvatti wi
ft' Marlon .orrII (ne Gilbert) nnd ion
""J" fjiitl?. ai.raTi!t, -fVvfcKir' w5
"w nun frlnni, mmbern of Vnmrtoii W
('ounrll N. ttio O. I. A.: II, K. Mul- 1
vii-iuiiituii .uii-ii i. iiniiitti. iiuon
' ..t. v..
o .-viutuni am, emr.oye 01 c Jv, 1
i On., ln1tef to funeral terrlcfS. jbM
2.3n r. tn., resilience of fthertn. &t!
tort1nle aufrt. 83fm Wharton 9t fr
r Muiror
law. Mort
'-. of New Ilerlln. Pa., agf-d 34. tlAv.
'a nnd frlenila, I'harlra M. Swain ti"a.t
ink. en .'in i, an . .'in. itciiiniut iiiaa ww ?' ,
iert VVeil M lo 10 p. m. Auto aarvlia. I "A
llttnis. March 11. auadenly. 11ARRT . i
OI,lVi;il. anil nf lata Samual and JTarT fjf
llro. of New Ilerlln, Pa., ajnl 34. Salt -.':
No (l.VI r ami A. M i all aoeletlei of tftoleHAjaftiJ
Im waa a mmtr. Invited to funeral JtrvMTf "J
Icea. Wed. 7.30 p. m., I91S Walton ., ,,V
V.'r-t Phi'.. Int. Thura.. Now l.rllri.7Pa,; ' i.rf
ir idt'iiirii. c....u.Ih et I'J . navv.i 1 iw
ii.iiir.ii.iin.' nuuucnii. i,u.,,nit. t.r -.yii
iliushtrr nf ute llobert and Buaan Iliartr jiV
man, need 77 Relatlvea and any aoclttiM ,'
ii f wlilrth h." U--I m. rnumtiiT. Invlttd ta fu-
ii nil i-rvlr't-tit. Thura.. J n. til". 4817 TMHk H."
' ford ni- Int. rrhntf. Cedar Kill CemiilU
i miins may lie M'Wft Thurn.. artfr ll 4 m.
I of Thnmnn C. Ilnll (n? Uwreri).
Lr1 all lktala.1 4n x.vtAMl
I l If It l"l" ll 11 .1''1VI J"J4li'a-k JFiiW .
"l'i frlenda Invited to funeral. Thurci 9
171a H. Cleveland ave. Hlch maaa f ?,.
renuletn Ht Thomaa Antllnaa Church
a rn Int. Holy Crnaa Cam. f Av
HAM. March 1". NATHAN Q.. aot.et
Mle jaenn ,xi an.l .Mary l.. nail. KeianiTe"C
and friends Invited to funeral. Thura.i 13 .
noon. SM S lltat at. Hervlcea at Baitlat
f'hureli, Newtown Square, Pa., "I p. tn. -jnt.'
lLtnltat Chitreh Cetn Auto aervlea.. TR
mains may he viewed Wed.. 8 to 10 p. m.
' 'n.pln.p villi 1110M trntlava ,
j lllltr ft i-UH, vviiil win. Jnui ! ..ui.
1 private. Ilemalna may bo viewed Wadt. T '
. - n n m I
I ' t.ii..m.'ir T ll..b 11 IttirtlMI m
lllll 111 I1I1. .U ll ill J . v IUU114JI --W. U
. r.r ll'ltllstn T unrl Int T w. rmt UlnM t
, htll tnc McCniihln). IleUtlvrg and friends'
' invititd tn fiinoml MprvlrpR. FrL. 2:80 D.im.- ,
i prcrlitf-lv. rpnMenre of lirothrln-law, Ptaul "?
: Uohu. 1040 I nechwood at.. Int. tit, "Jl
r neprnwoo-i ai. in mi.
Itmalna may ba yiwt4
Morlnh lm
Thurn . from K to 10 p. m. Auto rvk. mU1 'Mm
'txiinijoniv. mrcn .i". iijiji .,
H.. hunbinl of Miirthn M. Ilinba. tfetlja'l.
FtIainpR Bn-i irienna nnuuiampion vnuiw.it.
ii, i
" - .7.. -: -- ... . . w-B l
IIOSIIAC1I 1'U.l IX eel f.r.o v... .iBtn
w IKISI1AC1I. dauahter'of
" I Adam I ' and late Kmmn. A. Itoabaeh. an.il
43 llelatiiea antl irirnut inviir,. u tuiitit,
eervlrea. Wed. 1 3U P. m preelaely. David
II fcihuvltr Illdi.. Ilroad nnd Diamond .
int.o'vai. , .-.
'llOVvhTX -March 11. nosr.. ia.ii''a
h.. iimi.ii. Helatlvea and frlenda Invfted r
m funeral Thura , 1 p, m. nlece'a reald.nc. ja
Mra Ilajmon.t Hears 130S XV. Beitterta. , .m
Int Ivy Hall Cem nrmainp may urn v.awtivt .71
"" ' '- - r' - .., .nr. W t
Hl'ItST March 12. O1.OI10R huabana of , ,
late Helen- Hurst, aged i0. naUtlniMd Fe
frlenda membera of Poclaler Arbelter Ban.
VV en , O IV V. '" -.. .-..-... .
No, 4. inUtpd tn funeral aarvlfle.
Frl . (i h m. Pirlora nt Mra. Joneph BehmHt .f
A hon 1.1H N Mh t Int. Odd FHor' ?
rem iicniHina may u ww '! v.
!.' . .. a-..t 1IJ t- A
rnkh" iiaruis insinqeu,
,. .1 tl.tl.ae. Tflkllv-rl II tl
huabandTof ,
r!.iV1iii'i;:;h-n Innlnapr unrl aon of Antet
:i LB,.n"i" I,!."! 'r"r.'.l Tn.ln.-err n.latlVei ,
T .' . vi... .... :.",--,. . n.i. i.... smh4 t
....., cm Auto runeral ivemaina max '. ;A.v
r.iiu-;H Thnr. . i 10 m p. m. ijm
Ksohn. March IS. t nryn ;
'AltMINlA-CIArtA. daughter of the li
1 rederlcK ixnorr. aaeu iv, nwti
runerai wn no ai.-n. ... -
KOHl.i'ND. March 11. aeon
t.-e.iM ititvn son nf late Mafthlaa
Ann Ell Kohlhund. ared 74. RJ
and friend., member, of liaker'a. 7lt
of Ca fornla. ana in -anna, vtiiuai
and enioloyea. of the Kourth Bt. N
Hank, inviiea lo ati.tis. j-n.i .
urns Rodman at Int. Farnwooit ,
rXlend. may .call Thur. . t to p..,
KIIE.UO --V "l.-""J"- -
arrd 8 moa, Htlallvts and frttndaj
r" ... i . . cut xB Thura.. H tx. m..'tl
re.ld.nce. 783 N, 3d at. Int. prlvata.,1
"kuIinTki.-March 11. .lIUM
.. -A .ak. "JaallaaKlrl aa araattl A 9 9M
-, frUndi lnvltil tn funral. il
- t1 H lllrka at. (ifith am4
Int. elvu Cm Vrtvndt my mM ,
. ', -
cntiinu- "I't. i" ", . .. "m
Edna V Iauaaraara. jtaiivea w
inulti1 tn arvti-. Thura,. H Dvl
II. Oalr Utdff.. IS-.'O Chtitnut L
Y5feARrir-Mrch fio, 'vmui'9
or lata JHiia5''3r-n1 J
; tt n. ttj. t ii
r-wna, .
Jf 1--wn- VT J. ,

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