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rister Timea'PIedges Power
itto-Afccomplish Ratification
by Legislature
Urge Members to Enroll
IKWUh Republicans to Oppose
, - ...... WUW ..w-.. ,-
. ranMiA .nnrnin
. ftmirlnr Wl'lllom p. Hnrnul. r.indldat
iM. tor. tho llepubllcsn nomination for Gov
r "J.eraor. today strepgthened his stsnd on
FT. Ah national prohibition amendment
. IjrlWn he turned hi" newspaper, tho
.CfcetUr Times. In for the movement.
'Ptt nnAuncvment comes In the form
U';fln editorial which la being printed
P'' Hi tha afternoon's Iseue. It pledges the
ator definitely.
-."The Tlmea believes that tho entlro
itlon from Delaware county, mo
ertal reads, "should vole for the
cation of the prohibition nmenu.
at on the nrouncl of patriotism,
RJ economy and loyalty, and we will give
,' stfl tha assistance that la In our power
BL'vvyfio accompusn mis enu.
Mj. Senator Sproul spoke In favor of pro-
IW 'kibltlon laat Saturday when he appeared
d. I- ,' . .. . .. i,
lff .Wore the republican committee of
wf.taieatir County ut West Chester, Ilia
f.uhaster Cou
'3.V stand did not come as a surprise, but It
H0- eHd create a sensation 'owlnic to his al
i"x Wne with Senator Penrose nnd the
yi'lMt that Senator Penrose has been con-
y 'Hatred aliened with the liquor people
ja y"ior,o many years. I
v?('.'V opposition to rENnosi:
! A I almxl iiv innnv nrnsr rafUVrft. .
A eh!ef among them bclnff William Draper,
' ..l. Yftl.ll.. mi. . A Vavtn 11M.
ajvot.b. tv ....tun r nun hiivi ,k ......i. ....-
3 irico. nas oeen pent 10 i-rui:r,.,ir
p, throughout Pennsylvania urging them to
J enroll In the Republican ranks In order
r 'to oppose Senator Penrose's leadership
in the coming primary election.
The letter Is u Indorsement of J.
ftenny O'Nell and Is an attack on
Thomas U Hicks and George 13. Mapes,
f .Who recently sent an appeal to the Pro-
rresslves to support William C. Sproul,
,. ., Penrose candidate. The letter fol-
WtVK "The great majority of those who were
"7 members of the Washlneton party are
!,, cuuiicu na luciiiucia ui iiiu .,.-
publican party.
".'"It la the unanimous opinion that
the way of Progressives this year lies
within tho Republican ranks. By par
ticipation In the Republican primaries
we can strike the most effectual blow
against the reactionary leadership of
'Penrose and those associated with him."
' 'Those who have been officially con
nected with the Washington party are
behind the candidacy of J. Denny O'Nell
In lila vigorous support of Progressive
measures and the ratification of tha na
tional prohibition amendment Ills
P -f .candldaoy haa been Indorsed and Is now
, Ming advanced by, virtually all those
'" Who have been connected with tho Waah-
lagton party.
i ;"we want an tne hem wa run cot
-" hi securing primary votes for Progres-
jv st canaiaates on tne .1st of May."
tl?A.... C,M.. ,.n.k... n 1. a .J... . .
K - vntttmm hsi'M ,tirn,n,l In ni.lm n.u.
CAf acsJnat the Indorsement of John R, K.
TO?-;,Scott. Congressman, for Republican
i1 nomination for tho Lieutenant Governor-
X hlp by thr.t body. There ore only about
;gix memoers in me ciiy committee who
't'ara loyal Penrose followers, so any on.
,3S',Beltlon they make will be only feeble
pcj.WWflr as results go. However, they may
iiF.feT.'fi.r Up th a,lu",lon aIul kl" "" possl-
0?Vt.ff,ul' 4 narinunjr uciwcrn me l'cnrose
KV;bc Vara forces.
iv Senator Vare has announced ha wilt
P'J tick by Scott In the coming flcht.
fejtvij There are Indications that he will nup-
t, " P"" ooiipvur apruui or, hi lease, win
a , .4it ntvt mil nln.l 1.1m III i
tft: V '" w,..o uui, nu..iow null. im lOI-
E?,;A"Ioweni oay, however, any determined
uppusiuon 10 coii or any muusllng-
wn, , ing- win prooaniy cnuse ino varea to
SSttr. throw their support to J. Denny O'Nell
BVn4 bring about one of the bitterest
SfcXt ht In vearn.
h J djnaenh FL TTnhlan n mimU A ,f
S W Tl.MtJal. -ll, r-HH..l... . ..
v1s-"mwv'""b V'11' v-wiiiuniico irom mo
tl o'Thlrty-aecond Ward, has been slated for
V ftlftmlnatlnn tnr fnnrrii f-Am I.A t.A....i.
rT , .Congressional District, which Is made
up of the .Twenty-eighth, Twenty-ninth,
Thirty-second, Thirty-eighth and Korty
seventh Wards. Ills selection Imn n,
W&t .uPPrt t every metnber of the commit
ffl, Mti It was announced today.
KSCkInee Soldiers Locate Band That
,ljsiw iuuiv tiawsra j. rurcea
?ii$ PriBoner
yJfc'c,:',,ne,e "o'diers ,BVe located the ban-
toviw wno roooea ana capfured Edward J.
JtEtircell, of 816 North Twenty-seventh
Rriireet, and they expect aoon to rescue
im jjrurceii ana nis companion, ueorge ..
M. . Kyl, a civil engineer, formerly of Port
w'J&lkfid'. Ore. A cable dliinath from China
v -
w today carried this announcement.
L- f Hf t tji.II .J Tnl AVtVn ! A SI H.
A. aaBJwJ Vie ... Vn1lt. ..m.. M..UUn In
i province, while they were
ijr" surveying for a new railroad line
.'SW'the province. They were robbed and
V'hfW prisoners. The wife and three chll-
lirST' HU mother and uister, who live in thin
..isren at rurciu uro rcimcnu 01 i-eain.
I ,! or aid in locating him.
MlSxander will pitch
iVyiyH. run inn uhhjauu uuus
"B(rds Train at Kansas City and
l'M- ( Says 'He'll Discuss Terms on
a TTOjf T cav
fiv .
ju cur. Aiarcn u. a ex tne
, will pitch for the Chicago Cubs
'doubt that the mighty hurler, an
hlle holdout, would not sign was
'e4 nere toaay wnen Alexander
ad the Cuba train for Pasadena.
checked his baggage through to
ining camp ana announced he
taiK terms on tne way,"
of Meddling: With Automo
bileHeld for Court
BB Jaffee, twenty-two years old,
Arlsona street, and Joseph Hill-
i'Mtsnteen years old. of 2904 Fletch.
Mrtet. were arrested by Detective
r early this morning after a chase
mU4 for three blocks.
Lamar aays that he saw the
Ana In the rear of the Beiievue.
, tneddlfng with a machine that
to William Shaw, or T.nHn.
unnun apprvacned they
riimxi, uu uwciiucrcq alter a
ia Staton held the prisoners
. oaii iwr raun, ,a monkey
m"u v wma iuuna in
at Elkton to Wad
March U. The follow.
arrwaje II.
''"j v "'''".
' "'
A Direct Call for Business Men to
Serve the Y. M. C. A. With the
Troops in France
To the Editor of the Evening Public Ledger:
The public lias rIvcii tho V. M. 0. A. the money with which to servo
the army and the navy here ami abroad. Now It wauls men; men of large
caliber, of tried IiusIiipsh experience, lo ndnilitliter the machinery, of nn
efficient expenditure of that money. . . ..
Klrst: Men arc needed for active rnntccn senlre In franrr. 'I he
assumption by Hie V. M. ,". A. of the ranleen, both hi tho American and
French forces, a requested bv (icneral I'erliinp;, mean a btislncis with
a turnover of between $20,000,000 and $30,000,000 (lie llrst year: a Mlzeuhlc
buslmi! To cfflclenlly handlo this dcaiiUc output taIN for men with
the highest CAcctillve ability, men accustomed to the handllnr; f lurgo
business wlIJi all the executive, purchasing, transportation and distribution
problems Incidental to a vast business Mich an a chain of Mores, which
Is really what a series of army canteens Is. Naturally, this worlt calls for
men who are now at the head of large affairs of their own or at the head
of great departments In large businesses.
Second: Another corps of flrst-slrhic executives are needed to preside
over divisional areas In France In .which are sometimes located as high
as 300 different "huts." The work hero rails for the best urcnutrntlnu
ability, quick power of decision and efficient and economical admlnlMratlvc
qualities of transportation and distribution.
In both of these activities the men desired are thnso who are lit a
position to leave their business and to servo without compensation for
the duration of the war, or If not for ntith a period, then ut least for si
Tho men must he outside of the draft ages they should preferably be
between thirty-one and fifty. Hut tho right men beyond fifty are not
excluded In tills call, so long as they are ph.vslcally and mentally capable
of strenuous work prepared to be on tho Job from ten to twelvo hours a
''' ,nd even longer.' They must go unaccompanied by wife or family.
Their services should be offered absolutely voluntary.
The need Is acute and immedlalo for men of this ratiber. and I am
Y,pi i u i fl'llodclphla may produce, a dozen men who are willing to do
their bit In one of the largest business uudrrtulilugs ever attempted with
a direct relation to every man In both arms of the sertlce.
f i ..". "' ",c auIHl' required have repeatedly wondered what they could
i J". n'',r' nl"1 xvore willing o do If they could 11 ml their proper place
for cmrlent service. This opportunity Is now here presented. The larger
tlte capacity if the man the mure deslrablo Is he.
Tho greatest opportunity for business organization evrr presented has
been placed at the door of the Y. M. C. A. IS must bo efficiently done.
Naturally, the ability to do such a gigantic task cannot bo found within
the ranks of the association, any mure titan were the business men now
In Washington hi tlu ranks of (Jovcrnmcnt service. Tito Y. M. C, A. must
depend upon tlte business men of America for their voluleer assistance,
lust as u group of the foremost business men of America are serving tlte
Government at Washington, m in tills undertaking Is it desired to marshal
the best remaining brains nf the business world to carry out this work in
I-ranre. The work Is worthy of any man's steel tlte best lie lias.
When a man cat t en abroad, the V. M. '. A. can give him rqual
opportunities in tho American camps, or In Its executive olllces in New
York. Tho need for men of large capacity rxlsls in cverv department
of its work.
I shall be very glad t (all. with any man, by appointment, who is
interested, if lie will put himself into communication with me, at inv oflice
on Independence Square, or by telephone, Walnut fi.ViO.
Slate Chairman of
' Tito Pennsylvania War Work Council
of tho Y. M. ('. A.
L'f'firtflMV irt U AU L'llllll
utiunuiui in nmi ruuu
Seek to Instruct Housewives
in Own Homes Rcgai'dins i
., , , . . , . ..
rills city will be tho experiment Kta-,
tlon for a new venture Initiated by the
women's committee of tho (.'ouncll of
V.illnm.l tlcfanan fnr ,lio full.-,! Mlnlpa
......u..... .......w. .u. ... . ...... .
food administration. Five visiting
.iletlclans will start work thla week will,
i-peclal reference to the war food regu -
They will Instruct women In their own
homes at their own stovea In tho read
justment of buying and cooking made
necessary by war conditions, and In the
proper dicta for children. They will
work In lo-operatlon with settlements,
nurses of Hie Department of Public
Health, the churches, welfare depart-.,
inrnia ,.e mo various uospiiaia nnu me
Visiting .Nurso Society,
These organizations will refer them
to households) whero their suggestions
K memons, i
inc work la under the supervision of
Mls.s Katherlno Tucker, superintendent
of tho VlHltlng Nurse Society. I Is be
ing organized by Miss Sylvia Hayar.l
and d net nnu am mokt iirnli-il .mil ........... ,. ..... '. . ... ' .".'. ".... . ... ,,.., .,.,, i., i,rn,.,.i ,r Soiirned meeting ton Kit. when nuismir,. i
m h ,....;. iri". ..'.,. ".,: "".'.'"" . " "","' : """ " """.-, be-I.iK man oi m' "" " :.., ... ,,nr,.p(, M1,,hori,,n ,u" ,,7.u , care and that occasionally parties, in
rn,i ;.,,... a.,.." ,,. !.':, '. , . .. "a.u: "" wl " working co.idl. I n10 National Woman's p.irt. a .leiega- n.n,rll ,.,. ,n ,v . ' "J ''' ' leaving the place, acted in a disorderly (
for will , ;V. ,7. .;;,. h"n,.., 'f ",:..r..,:"e v"r! !,. f pe..nsylvanl.i women will wait ,.w streets In the southern see to,, Tf , m.!ul.nor '!''" street Detectives employ- ,
br'i-ft''i"' -----" -r":1 L!" I'-ide,
"... "I...'''..". M ' 1 "" '"" " ""1 Kone on strme. Wash ngton touay m uiKu n u.....uio k,.imi.. ..." .:.,!'. ' . i e.i tne place and observed voiine counles.
dietician of tho Visiting Nurse Society. ,
who haa been loaned for the purpose for ' Neatly 1000 Will Attend UV-n-inn-threo
inonths. Miss Il.iyard, In iiildltlnii . . ,, , " "C.uiiiR
to her work In following up nursing
with food Instruction where needed, has
this winter been giving lectures along
-these lines to tho workers of the Visit
ing Nurse Society and the Society for
Organising Charity,
Tho city of Philadelphia has ap
tho funds tor the three
pcrlment. which the Council
ni national weienntj ciicvie, ,.i ,.j rut - nn irirKrapncu niH regrets. !
cesaful enough to warrant establish-1 Senator King Is a member of the i
ment of similar organizations In other Congressional boanl of Itmuiry which,
cities na hoon as possible. JJm-in vmirKJn t"i.i.1"' "fr"l,H nf 1"
This Is tho first Instance of public ' V." 'hSih Mi-t i, ""'.' n,,1,Ii ,lls ""
support for visiting dietician work, ami I time '' """,ot ,c,ut' '
other cltli-a am keenly Interested In
watching the venturo which Philadelphia
has Initiated.
? 2i.XZ2 Vi".'; .' ... lB 'nrhL,;.,JO"."',.J'
and AuguBt. fourteen today, at their1
homo 2632 West Oxford street.
John line, Jr., awoke and found tho
house filled with gas. I.e managed to
Homeopathic Hospital. Their condition
Is not serious,
Big Squadron of Teuton Craft In
Finnish Waters Slavs' Where-
abouts Unknown
Copenhagen, March 13. Tho Oermans
may be planning operations against the
Ilusslan fleet In the Baltic Sea, according
to a report received here today.
There Is believed to be a big German
squadron In Finnish waters, while the
txact whereabouts of the Ilusslan fleet
ls unknown.
At last reports some of the Ilusslan
fleet was at Vlborg, whll other parts
of it were lying off retrograd,
Two Soldiers and a Sailor' Rounded
Up in New Jersey
Three deserters from the service, one
a. sailor, were apprehended by Camden
police today. William Bradley, nine,
teen years old. of 1101 South Fourth
street, Camden, was arrested after,, a
chase from hla home, Tha police say
he overstayed a furlough granted him
from Camp Vx. William 8. Wolf,
twenty years old. of m South Center
street, Merchantvllle, was arrested by
Cail t. u.ivv ,uuiu,ntn, wno S4IQ
X also orr.ijou n' iron im same
. ftbnlfa Wlftrl will h, t.lu,. ...
. .. . .. . i.iiiinri.itihin ih. ii.u .....' lo .n,,!0 I . , . , - rni i i... vt.i .. , . about the aso of th major ty of tho fe-
COAL GAS ENDANGERS WoOO,00?worVh of merShandllhSS l Mtin ACCUSCl . l"lm"" ' "; ,!Ntt.lUIrl rer30"S male patrotis to the place" "To look Hot SprinBS Entries for Tomorrow
LIVES OFFIVEPERSONS yIrSL',.JhSSSSit oning Neighbor Garbar.no Tells Rotarians yf S.'but wnir c .ZW&cX
,. , , SI I t, i. , , establishment or mi Inform-,.!,,., ..; - . ' Investigate, they are older than I J'Hi Zouav.. . luJi , Lonnlvn. Hi3i Leicester!
Member of Sleeping Household f0 r hea'Ca'rra0' or", Arrested nn a charge of attempting "The tlerman propaganda of f.JrhrKJn""
Awakened by Escaping I umes in era from other cities. Ho i,. ,..L ! .. w...... '.,,... i i.i..m,,, l.-nrtv. , ... ' ' . ' " " about forty ears of age. . Thuusht ltedi-r, IiiO: At I'H-rco. iim.' r..n..'
ttaj--. &cttfi!EaS!frTSSft5W!S
I cas endatiaered the lives nf five "' ' onuin-ici, .....i ciuieu ior tho orcanl. and Market streets, la believed to no a aim mien enemies.- fo salil I-'rank I v, " " j . ; ...- ---. u...4 ,., -. .laimiii, inree.yeiir.
Johniililn.orlsiyV'caraoldl tlo of a buyers' bureau In viZTc N ' man Sit In police circles, ns other I lial,r,o. agent In charge of the l v. i''"1 ""!. d". J"?" "e X?JS,.-2f ?"fc. "ru-T. SS? .tiZ2i, J K
wr'.J:h"T.r-,-n-a' .r!',r':-i''u.r..y, I I'1,,a' I blackmailing attempts show a similarity L.rfirn. , , . , " " ',, .J,. '- """ "" , rry turonr. till, .(ire.n ilr.-.V. tos!
bfrf f 'IiIimI-- '-- lu,
fllirn AM I nmnnm
111 i iiv a miuiiii
Several Hundred Men Quit
Shipyards in Vieinitv of Citv.
No Heason Given
' i m.ino. the ulllclal organ of the Vatican,
j)Ssatlsfai:tloii over general conditions denies th.it Pope llenedlrt contemplates
caused asbestos workers to g mi strike ' -iddrcsflng President Wilson In favor of
i this afternoon nt vevcral hlllald.s lii'neacc
l.,,l ,. n... ............. " 11. pellet..
...... ntUI , llll(tllt'llI..,
It is estimated that severa
:i I liitrijl init
men are out In the various
1 eluding Cramps, New Vork SlilphulldlnK I
- i.i..iur ..nn in,, hum shipbuilding
Company of Chester.
Members of the lusulated Asbestos
yiorkera' I'nlcin. with lieadiii.irtcr.s at
UK Filbert street, declined to sav what
caused them to quit viork, except that
they wero warranted In taking audi
. representative of the William II.
rump ship and Hnclne II11II.11..1. i-om.
puny iidmltt.-d that M10 usbestoH work
ers had gone on strike and that It would
nffect the work of s-evernl i.thn,. ir..,i.
I huh causa ueiay. None of the oilier
..,,... ., .ti, a unilljuei at,
Rellevue Tonifiht
i-iVi1"'';.1,.?1?'''8. Sclla,or William M
King, of Utah, who was to be tho ,rn.
c pal sneaker at th "t;.ii.ni.i....,..i.., .'...
bo liquet of the Philadelphia Wearing An-
Rci.evuetratford TloTA .Yhft even, g I
has found It Impossible td 1 attend uid
.Nearly inno persons will ,tttrn(i ,
itainiuwi, tnivt. will DO rOJIOWCtl by
dance. It Is the high point In the ca
I The banquet and dance, which ,,.,.
1 be attended by the country's best-known
buyers for big houses, will bo followed
i shortly by Incorporation of tho assocla-
tlon and an extensive advertising cam.
!' he . . Ph'n:
aucing ccnicr. nnu mai eooas can bo
outaijieu nero ie r aavantago than
In any other market.
. rr..
Smith Confers With Committee
Teach People to Keep in
i.Jlh.1LiuI?.lpnltt ,B t0 IlB' a Public
Health Day some time In April In a
movement to build up tho health of the
city's war stay-at-homes.
.JP' ew". ' today at a confer
ne,e.u.f PJ'slclans called by Mayor
Smith In the. latter's ofnee. The i& ator
consulted with a committee of three
5r-ieJaffS- " tA,,deIs- chairman; i)r. it.
Tale McKenzIe. of the University of
Pennsylvanhi. and Dr. Theodore. U Bol
ton, pf the Temple University which he
appointed to consider plans to bring
about a higher physical standard among
men and women of the city. After the
meeting It was announced that the day
would be designated lat'er. A Tuesday
will be selected! April 1C. 2J or 30 to be
chosen. An educational campaign will
be launched on that day and a munlclnal
demonstration will be staged. ,un,c"""
Stork Wins in Race to Hospital
Tho stork won In a race today from
Ashland. N. J to the Cooper Hospital.
Camden. It was a girl weighing seven
pounds. The mother, Mrs. Myrtle Ixyd
nineteen .year; old, of Ashland, jvj, V
and the Infant daughter are both doing
well at the Cooper Hospital, Camden.
Francis Tracy Tobin's Alienu-
tion Claim, Filed in 1903,
One nf the strongest cans In the
history of llm Philadelphia courts was
nrgued today neroro Judge UHrr ami
n Jury In Court of Common l'lcns when
the damage suit of Franc-la Tracy Tolilu
against William X. Ilurgln, Jr.. for
alleged alienation nf the affections nf
his wife, uhh called for trial after pend
ing since 190.7.
Tnbln, who has been kidnapped mill
Jailed during his spectacular career' hs
h lawyer, seeks heavy (Ihiuhkcs from
niirgln, who haa oftlces In the Drexel
llulldlng. Tobln t-ccretly married Miss
Mary N" Hlack. daughter of the family
wht-h owned Hog Island, In 1893, and,
accoruing m ins anegai ons, me mar-
r.age waa happy until l.urgln alienated
according to his allegations, the mar
his wires direction. i --- ",n... ....-
Tor ten years, until 1003. Tobln says. 7.vlm'cver" "Pinion we may hold In-Ihc-
marriage was kept secret, lis and '"yldually na to the management of cer-
hla wife living npart. but spending much
time together. When lin tllsiovered that
Ilurgln was pay'ng attention to his wife
hn protested, he said, but wim ordered
out of the Hlack homestead by Ilurgln.
Tobln obtained a dlvort'e and subse
quently Mrs Tobln married Uurgln
I enry .1. Si-ott, rcpresenSng Ilurisln.
i.ttHcked the legality nf ToblnV claim
1 because, lio continued, tln marriage had
never been u-jnnnnmntcd. 'I nonius if
Hall. Toim a counsel, contcpueu tnai
this was not luces-aty to nialntalii ne- i
tlon for alleiiHtlon of a wife's affections
I'hc trial will continue toniormw.
Asks New Trinl After Jury
He Took Womun's
.1 AIImiI Miller, of Rial I'eim i-tirrt.
ilcrinanieiwii. an iittoni'-.v. wax uivlitid
today befnri- Judge Martin In rjuarti-r
! .S.HSlllllH Colllt. lit I Illbi-Z.llllg II2IMI lit-
Iloiigllig to a ellt-nt, Mrs lther M It
Horn of ."t:il:i Wnkclli Id hluct. St n-
ileiii-o on Miller wax defeircd pending
the uitlcuine nf u motion ufr n new trial.
i IP- if nli:i-iil limit I- f 2.""i ball.
Miller was handling the estate of Mrs.
i Horn's husband, who tiled ulioiil thin
Miua iikii. The iiiniiey t mbt-zzled was
'iialt of Jlii.onii Insurance nil the life nf
I Mi-. Ilinii The money was liiuMnl
, In innitgagis ui raging JI0", cncli nml
Ilial of one of these imirtgagea that Mil- '
'It-i-wa iniivlctiil "r tiiil" zzlliig.
I In his defense Miller said Hie monc)
it w iim I ill- i i iri niiti' ei lin '..
the many Irgal kcrvl.-cH he n-i funned
t, m. lli.rn. This. hoi-ver. wiih
iei.;i i.5- mis. n..rn. and u .. f,..-
tlier poliiled out bv Assistant lilstrict
t.i.i I'"" ,.',.., ...... ,t... i... r,.Pi,iu
Miorney iiarinii mm ,uu ni , -.
an attniney'B attaching Inaiiiance moll-
1 ij for his fits The widow, Mr Unit-
ltt nigued. wnt. i-ntltluil t tin- full
amount of the Insurance.
""""",, . , . .,
I l'ope Denies Hell Ask I eacc
linn.... .Mitt cli 13 Osservatore Ilo -
, , ; ttrrir,in. In Will-
Pennsylvania Women lO Wait
on Senators Penrose and
Knox in Washington
Led by Miss Mary II. Ingham, chair-
,..1,1,1. Is to come up In tho United
Htatea Senate.
Arrangements for the reception of tho
Pennsylvania women ny uio nenaion.
ti Miss Mary Wlnsor will present pe
tltlons Hlgned by many of Pennsyl
vanta'K voters. One petition alone reptc.
sents 2500 pertons.
In handwriting
Llebcrman iccclved n letter In which
ho was Informed that If he valued his
property he ahould place :50 under a
i door at 1218 Market street last night at
if oock:" neiectlvea. placed a decoy
I "Wo hav
Tho detectives waited patiently until
Arnedo oppeatod on the soene anu pica.
.j i,. .m-ainiw. lin sllmied It Into hla
, pocket as he walked away and was pull.
I in-it out again to make an examination,
when i he was Ordered to put up hla hands
nml t.ls nockets were searcneu,
Harris, today he
...,ininrf 'ibnt be had Just picked up
Before Magisiraio
the letter, thinking It belonged to one
of his friends who lived ut the Market
street address. lie was neiu uimvr ,
boll for a further hearing.
Man Found Guilty of Violating the
"White Slave Act"
In obtaining the conviction of Nicholas
Lauclano, of Hodman street near Light h,
on a charge of violating the Mann white
slave act. Todd Daniel, a special agent
for the Department of Justice In this
city won the first case he .prosecuted
is a special assistant to United States
District Attorney Kane. Though serving
In a dual capacity for the Government,
Mr. Daniel draws only one salary, Mr,
Daniel also participated In the lnvtl
gatlon of the case against the defendant,
as a Department of Justice agent.
Lauclano was found guilty of bringing
Miss Frances Dugan, eighteen years old.
from Pennsgrove. N. J., where she was
employed as a hotel waitress to this city,
and compelling her to frequent Illegal
resorts. A motion for a new trial was
made, and sentence of Lauclano was de
ferred, by Judge Dickinson.
-75 JoIiim Hopkkui Ship workers
vote upon tno woman huuim-i "in
were made ny .miss i hh-m-i, "i ncgiin laying waier ma na for several ,; ,. .. ;,..".. 7. V. .,
I Hrvn Mawr, who la a member of the hundred dwellings, which will bo bum n'Ll."d flIy d'nlc b' fn
National Advisory Council of tho worn-' B soon an the weather permits. I ?" ? '''", .r0."?" .YUT""',3' from. Iicu'c,n" ,
obhyhu" . Uel Uleakly lo go to Trcntoi , tonorrow ' Ue, pa,,r0 man .wno?e "eat
'"..r ....., si ii..ru i..,...i,i ......... .... .,.,... . .: rr.w ' the cafe Is located, irave the nlace an
.. .. .1 . rT it,, iiinei' iierii-n j s . i I ...ill ni I i a . .. . . n tjtiiti ur-i iiniir. ill Lttnii:i; ill ins nisi
A1.H-. tiiuii.iiii. ..it.-.. ,,!... .............. nun nn- in mo I'wi.iii. ii.-iiiinir tin .... . ...... . - .
in. I r-i... T 4f,M. T nnlo -In A rrrtct Pl-nnnir-intlt. T Fivnnl,, C.n.l
.... irii.-t.ia. , sevsnty-flvc
Arjny Davics Tells Tristate"'
. Wholesalers' Convention
' of Benefits
Drastic regulations of the war-born
national food administration brought
"" ein ucneiua ui pernnm-iiv ....--
n !. ............. i.....t...uu n.M.nPrllni' tfl
iu niu KiuiVi uiiniii-'r.-.. .... . -- ,
-rjay Davits, of llastoii. president of '
the Trl-Htato Wholesale droccra' Asso- ,
rlatlon, and Alfred II. Ilcckmann, secro
tiiry of the National Association of
Wholesale (Iroecrs.
Ill Ills nnnual address today before ;
the twelfth annual meeting of the usso.
elation Mr. tint lea called for dutiful and i
strict observance of the rules laid ,
don by tho food conservation lenders.
A spirit of wartime patriotism prevailed .
among tho 40(1 delegates from Pcnnsyl- I
van a. New- Jeraev and Deiawaro ns
i ,, ,- , " ,v .,,i i n,.
' ZSS " . S? L".". "nC ' '" '
tain departments of our ilovcrnmcnt de
voted to war, tho food administration
has been a brilliant success," said Mr.
Davlra, who praised the grocery trade
fur Its patriotism
"When the Co eminent met the revo
lutionary conditions of business last
i year tho embarfcoes on cars and the an.
tocratlc handling of their business came
, as a great shock to grocets. which struck
them more acutely than It did any other I
buslnei-H. nut Hn.. mot it nnfrlnileallv" I
..." ' . . ." .. .. i
As a matter of fact, declared Mr. Da-
vlen, the npp.ucntly burdensome regu
lations did lh business good by expos
ing weak sptiis, bv eliminating compel.-
Hon In Instance ml by Increasing bulk , Albert ."roll, cx-piluite In the Sev
salea to the iltn-ilnultnii of the nncknee-' ii. i ..i.,..i sHuto t'lr-til Arllllirv In
breaking i-ustnm. f-'urthsrniore. he '.
iioiuirii out iiiai mo 'iovcinmene naa
lerymen In the country for responsible
posts In tho food adiii'ulstratloii.
"These men are of Mtcli note that
' thr trade should be and Is willing to fol
low their guidance," asserted tho presi
.l i- lleckinanii. wIki Is an aid of .
National Koo.l AdinlnlHi.itoi- Hoover, ,
Induced Mr. liale'K prabe nf the ad-,
liinilsirntioii, urciaring Ilial it is uie uesi
,.,t.i,,m,i unit !., ...itiltiiit.il ilM.iirlmriit r.t .
" '. t -
Until IlKtOll. I
It actually taught ut belter business j
methods,'' In- said. "The icasoii for Its
' optm.ni 'of '.lTriH,MlH leading into j
lilt- LII'I.IW II r - jtifr ,i iiittf-i 113 . li
"un T Kirn, president m uie ..rneers
and Importei-h' Cxehniige nf Thlladel-
phla. who advocated this action by the
... . .. .. . .
' (.-lir-isnoii freight rates
"The lielaware Is it meat arter nf
"hmm" " '" ""' '""" "" "'"
,.u l !r' lir til it "Al Ihn nrenenl
.... -
time IT2 ships lire being built In Itn
UbipMiids, where more than Ino.niio men
' ,,,,, ,.,lr,iyed."
: Speakers today were 1J. .1 fattell.
' "lty Statistician, who wcliomed the rep-
i rcsentntlves; Theodore i Whltmarsh.
' . hlef of the division of dlstrlbu-
tlon of the food administration: Hob-
crt I,. Montgomery, of this city ; Charles
I M. Stauffer. of Hetlileheni, and William
I A- Hannlgan, of Wilmington, Del.
i .
IfWI I1Y llli' S:UIDlllI?M
- --
fvJnut e:ii-nnlci in TJ T:,l r..i
ISCW btlCelS tO Be Laid Out
and Sewer System
Camden City Council will hold an ad-
possible by tho aid of tho Clovernm.n,
to hounn the larue number of blni,...M.
... -i,..u ,u, n. .....j'i" "...:'
lug workers who arc employed or will
... . . . I'i '"""." I",.." .miiuiiik ,,iit:intinii. tnun. .... . . - " -
C " nVnv than n. "'V ,,..r ","" emplo,,,! ,o cntertalu the patrons
yorj shlotMill.llnfr Company.
Tm -water Department already Iim
application of the Public Service Rail-
way e nnipi.iiy lur h.i increase in fare
Ho will bo Instructed to see that the In
, tcrests of tho city arc protected.
die Pennsylvania nnd New Jersey, In
hts talk on "Pro-Germanism" before this1
week's luncheon of tho notary Club, to
day nt the Adelphla Hotel.
"It Is the Oernian alien," he told the
Ilotarlans, "that Is mostly spreading
this false propaganda. For more than
forty years Oermany has had her spies
In every country of the world. Within
Jour neighborhood, or near your work-
, lag place. If you hear a German or
' alien enemy make a pro-German re-
mark, or a disloyal statement against
mm ivunu), miw n i may no
i your friend, report him to mo and we
. will take care of him.
. "We have a strong army and navy
and we are going to keep It strong, ho
It can go to France and then straight
to Berlin. Any saloonkeeper or boot
legger that is intentionally wiling liquor
to a man In uniform is doing a pro
German act, And It Is our duty to re
port and take care of such."
"You will wonder why the Department
or Justice does not Intern alien enemies.
We are not a nation of barbarians, We
want to leave a mark upon this world
that we are fighting a war for hu
manity, Therefore, If any enemy alien
maintaining a neutral attitude, there
ls no reason for his Internment. If
Germany will ask us why we Interned
Fischer, our answer Is that we 'got the
goods' on him."
Aged Clergyman Resented War Tax
on Carfare From Trenton to Camden
The riev. Neal McMenamln, seventy
years old, of Trenton, N. J was arrest,
ed In Camden, today, accused of refus
ing to pay the war lax on a fifty-cent
car. fare from Trenton to Camd.q.
" - ---... v.viii nmt mn- ic P liins.r, V?7 ru.y, iii.i; ITRiniH K., Iflft tlltrM
.wnen urmignssj ,in ,jne camden Ci
. ... ... ...... ;.....-a. .It.- -li.V
House Nn. . .
Dealer's No.
Order for
, , .tons
H.v chute, basket, wheelbarrow?
When to deliver
Tho following questions must bo answered fully and trttthfiill:
I. How much coal have ou on hand now? ,","','m"' 'LVrilnAii
I. How- Is building occupied? as dwelling, store and dwelling, apartment
building, onico building, or what?
II. Is building detached, twin, inside or corner?
I. How many rooms in It? Is porch heated? .-;
S. Is building heated by vapor, steam, hot water, liotilr, stoves
(!. Is coal range nsrd?
T. Average number tons used per year?
8. Number of tons used last j ear, April to April?
I hrrebv certify that the above answers are true to the best of my
knowledge and belief. And It Is understood that this order Is accepted sub
ject to all rulings of the fuel administration, and to the ability of tho dealer
to furnish the ciml, and the price Is to be the (Jovcrnmcnt price al the date
of delivery.
will alliv
Stamp here
or on hark
DralerV name
'I he order in this form Is required h.v the fuel administration.
It must lie made in duplicate and both copies given to the dealer.
No other form of order will be recognized by tlte administration, nor
will dealers furnish egg, stove, nut or pea coal, in lots of one-half ton or
more. In any oilier manner. Any false statement or violation will subject
the offender to u penalty of $300(1 line or two years' Imprisonment, or both.
,,.,., tv CTTU
lO lMuJI lis &U11
... .. ...., i.-n n !
l oupr r.x-viiiin.-iiiiun ....... ..-
conscious in Ep"optic Kit in
,.-ran.c. foii uneonscioua today In the
i-rancc. icu uucoiibciouii nuct m m.c
Nineteenth nnd Market streets subway
rtatlon and was taken to the Polyclinic,
Hospital. Klrst reports ; were that Bcoit
was the victim or snen miock, ijui ii
ias denied by relatives living at 4
Haverford avenue, who said he was Rub
ject to epileptic strokes Scott, who Is
eighteen years, old, worked for John
iln. a farmer, of I.ltltis. He was dls-
charged from the army four months ago.
J.-ltJs Iifc n . Y. Subway
. . ...... ...r. 11 1 ,rrln e
- . .".r '..'. .. i .., .7. . ,'
llozzl. or e icvciano, e? . juiiiiiirii in tiuiiv
,,r n unhuji. tmlti :.t
Iiroanway ami
sixty-sixth street hero early today and
wan Instantly killed The inotnrnian
K.'"' '" ,,,,nr"f ,m"
Conflieting Testimony
Character of Place Run by
Sigmund Needles
For the second time in the history of
tho cafe at llldge and (Jlratd iivenuea.
,., .. r .... v,., ,i, ,. ,fr.!
-- -- "- --- w-
streets iKillee Matlon came to Its rescue
and In their testimony sought to show
that the place la conducted In all ordtirly
manner and declared that patrons, hi
leaving tho pluie, created ro disturb -
ance, although residents of the neighbor-
I hood complained that they did.
j The present owner or the license, big-1
mum! Needles, today appeared before
' Judged Shoemaker and Wesitel. In the
License Court, to defend bis place
agahiht a lemonstrance filed by tho I'e-
tall Liquor Dealets Association, wlilcn.
wim slRiied by residents of Glrard avc-
nue. who llvo directly across the street
from the place. On Monday the remon -
stranta testified that their sleep was dla-1
turberi by the singing and music In the
i "L'r.rc""y "nuer twemy-one years or
' 2.KP' "p.ln.K t"'nci1 Intoxicating beverages.
'" girl
irofessional cabaret singers.
' ","" t""1K! nnd ,nP-v "er0 Bcr" drinking
n Z 7rf j,....
was given two years ago by the police
when the Law- and Order Society at-
tacked the place, then under the man-
agement of a man named Carroll, when
t-xt't.iit-111 rpninniinn. Miiitiiaf i.timnni, n
virtually the name charges of disorder i lleved to have accumulates! a larger for
were made. The court at that time ' tune.
warned Carr.oll that If the placo was The estate consisted r,f J 10,000 la real
not better conducted he could expect to property and J26.000 In personnl prop,
lose hla license. 'lerty. Of the principal, half was willed
"It's hard to tell whether girls are lo the widow, Mrs. Hilda (I. .Mastbaum.
young or old because of tho way they , and the other half In trust to her. An
dress," commented Sergeant Christy, outright bequest of J1000 waM made to
wnen cross-questioned by William W.
Dr. Saul W. Ncwniayer. of 1831 Gl
rard avenue, was called by Mr, Hopcr
to give his version of the manner In
which the cafe was conducted. Tho
doctor eald ho had never been In the
place, nor had ho paid any strict at
tention to thoso who visited It, but ho
was annoyed continuously by tho music.
Ho has been kept awake until 2 o'clock
In the morning, he said, because of the
noise and music he heard from Needtea's
place. He said he had Intended buying
the property he lived In, but because
of tho cafe he changed hts mind, and Is
now going tu move from the neighbor
hood, Judge Weasel was very anxious to
know what the previous license courts
had ordered when ' remonstrances were
presented against Wolf and Carroll.
Needles said ho did not know what
order was made, but D. Clarence Gib
boney, president of the Law and Order
Society, Informed the Judges that Car
roll, who sold out to Needles, had
agreed to cut out the cabaret feature
but continue the dancing. Blnce Needles
came Into possession of the license
eight months ago he has revived the
cabaret, and continued the dancing also.
Judge Weisel directed License Clerk
Robert Carney to procure the records of
the two previous remonstrances and
present them to the court before a final
disposition Is made of the present case.
Health Deportment Proud of Second
Place in Census Records
The Health Department' of this city
should feel proud of Its showing In the
mortality records of the United Htates
Census Bureau for the week of March
a .. imnirta with a. mimhr nf ...
y, -::.Tr-TZ i... .5i... ' "
largest cm" ;wi uro-jaMii v
ii t,,,. Aalnnml hv n.-incrlitoi.
. ..,.... -- -
Hurries Children lo
Looking for a burglar, whom her
daughter said shi had heard In their
home. Mrs. Mary SaIor. C3 South
-- ( -
h ,...
"v.' T'"1
Chadwli-I: street, Jumped from her bed
found that flro was raging on
second floor.
Sending her oldest daughter, Mary.
to tho street for help, Mrs. Saylor lead
her four children through the pmokc-
niled halla Into the street.
The fire started In a Ktoreroom.
wrecked tho third floor.
Lof.es a -5(JC0 I'ositlnn
VVilllani Koonis, i. worker for Select
I 'ntinrllm.in Ilarrv
.1. Trainer In the
:"-.":.,.., -.: .-.;-.,, i...., ,...,.. .
. "';"""V--,"."., .. ."'.,:.;
WVIifhta and Measui.s. bv the Colllify
2;tini tit ri--iiii in in.; ,iii.,ii n
C'oiiiiulsslonei's. the majority of whom ,
are Vare men, Ills place was Imme-
ilialely llllnl bv John l-rcneh,
Vare ,
Hiippoitcr In Uie Third watsi.
i Two-Cent War Stanin Must,
Be Aflixcd to Every Appli
cation for Fuel
The "war coal tax'
'of two cents, In
i me lorm or
'"r '", L "l"umnl ca "viu"n-
5.e."ffl"d. .,l,fl..nw C0.R,..or,,'r .,ar.t,',
i inuei oo pain ny every rciaii coat aeaie
with eve'ry sale, of one-half ton or more,
nfter April I. The announcement is I
made today from the office of Francis A.
' Lewis, city fuel administrator, almul.
, tuneouMy with his receipt of tho first
batch of the new coal cards from tho
I hands of the printer.
"Domestic consumers are not only
i permitted but urged to put In their
' orders for next season's requirements ns
early as pos.lble after April 1." Mr.
Lewis explained. I'p to six tons, the
dealer Is permitted to give them tho full
.amount requested. After that they arc
I limited to two-thirds of their demand.-.,
1 until supply has attained equilibrium,
The now bureau of distribution ofllceB
are to be opened shortly on the second
and third floors, 1618 walnut street.
hairman Lewis announces, under the
supervision of II. P. Sheldon of the local
uel staff.
VCtTATP A crmnniCEii
...... a. DKjM.i.1. iviaui
1 . .. . . b
llcal 01 UooKinc Agency Lett Only.'
.3ti,0U0 His Wife
Tho late flanley V. 'MaBtbaum. mo.
tlon-plcture promoter, left an estate of
$35,000. according to his will, which
as 'probated today.
; The small figure was a surprise lo
many friends of Mr. Mastbaum, who
died March 7. He waH head uf the
' Stanley Booking Agency and was be.
" iriena, usear it, Jlyer, who, with Mrs.
Third rjee, rUlmln, J.100, four.yenr.oMs
ami up. miles and mures, .IS furiones
Innocent Ike. liii'i Velvet, loji itloWluiT
jifi; wimp iim. it. iiirk iiih ti. i. .
.-...: :.." ii"w.v '.r.i, "'.""-" oniue.
Ml.. iVlly. mill ' I.UII. Dlpwr. llli, Toy
J li, llj rtaarbko, 110. AIM il lrlhl,-2.
Mi curl, 7j KathVyn Gray? 'Vol'1 lulkT.
Fourth rare. mir .00. Como lintel lisnill.
ep. thr.e.jearH.l.t, d un. mile and TO
-::.. ..AT-.-- -.- ..-v.. ,. tun- linn.
'SI "PPoriuiiny. 113: Itunn. il-
Psdlv Whsek. 117
i-irth rare, purno
nn iipwnrn. I l.lll
lOiii St. Jude. l(i, Flora Hlnrh. top .
Ilelle. 101i Zftetle, 10,V John Hurt e lu.
Thrir.'ll.U.'Yi4.nU: ",y ''""I. "W IJliJ.'
.MTvnrei a..
VV...V.." . ..-.-r 7 -",.. iii.ru.
..v.,)ic,, iitnri iriri isbi.
Havana Entries for Tomorrow
Pint rafti. ihns...... Au. . .
t''i!JA.- p.'! hj. ;'n fu,ionr:ji.Sf '?.'.
Tno0' ,', 0ns.' list Droml. 1H Arrow
10!. Bob niosiom. fld: l!luy gp,nUthri?J'
Jii llnokport. lui 'Vlol.t, litsf "itJii , i'(f-'i
..?!?.,"'!f."jlci. ljrr.sr-lds. clilmln-
AUrl. 10o,-N?vll.ur?.ngr,.VH,l'ifli Jffij
Mfth race, rour.vra'r-olda and ib'wlrn'
eUlmlna. purie Hun, mils Dueheis nr i i.
I .!.... ' .' "
,,nuui, rM. ,inuiytr-pWi nl uiiwit-ri
) tii "' ",a,ou .iuuit juh; Kiraucs Cub.
4 lii
nixin rare, ruimlng. J.100. ihr.v..r..M.
ana upwsrii, l Lin miles Hone. n'MlMVit,
l.ou p. 10!V: llubbuh. 10Tl IfirrS Ufc!.
IJJi John W. K tin? ldi Queen of th?J
10j! Ms.tle Folly. Ills Oholu, 111. "'
f.Apprentle sllowane. rlalmrd.
SrSI1".'1.'.!. 'IK' " Tim ty, tl-Ji sifi Vii,i
Hn, 101); Woottthorn. ill ' Hill wfiri in.
p0 '-Inlllns. Hill: Iteb.1.' Ill Mill nnCsmni
Ml, 1U Immmiii, to: Jsi-k.iiSan u?t
". V. J
- " 4'-'.
. !
Admiral Bowles Quotes Fig.
uiua iv DUtir uuc ins End
of Contention
Clnlm Eastern Plants Are Hidden In II
"Kui3 nnu Are uuc to
tvomo uut a,
v nmparnuve Iigures for i .
" ni time a
shipbuilding on the Pacific and Atlanti. A
coasts were issued today by Hear At. V
v'" ' '""""i assistant JM.-J I
cral manager of the Ilmergcncy nt'i
Corporation, to back un his ,- .
that the eastern shipyards were fr t,. tvi
",v" ""'!"" capacity m construct.-,
lug merchantmen for the (Jov.rnm... i"
Admiral Bowles declared that iv.H
! pgurea prove his point nnd clwii.JS
. II O MlinnU IU1M1P mmtmn.H -. . T-'"-'-
ilcadcra to "explain." m l1
.Singling nut the Hun rfhlphuhW
y..,,,mii,, ., ..ncsier, the director of th fl
(lovcrnmcnt-controlled hi..n. " V"i
Iccmpared Its output with that r,t ivk
J'".?1"0 coast planls-tl,0 Ame, &Z5
mes Shlil
" skinner & i:ddy cZww. sAmVs
nu m ir nnn iir-timi fM.. . :' t
ft "Crtllli- 'J
Panv. Smiii. w
and the I)s Angeles Shipbuilding ni 1
'.'r'aof.K company, I.oa Angeles. Tt,. ;!
Drydock Company
anl .
Tin Jw
'aun lompany was
ompany was kc ectnl. h. .iiT
I because "It had emerged from Its niif. 3H
out." .1. Howard Pew, the president
inaving snarpiy answered tho Admlnl'i Vi
.criticism. .i
Admiral How-lea's Iigures. summed tit Ml
show the time the plants were berun! ,'-1l
the number of ships launched anil th fj
number of ships completed to date, u f,'
luimwii, i.
Tin: west t
Bhlpjard naun lAinchrtl)tWtttiM
Amei. ('ompany. Ie . join a i'
.1.1,... C-.t.. 1... n,.i ,. . ,
..ni.tiit i..,.,, ,,n . ,l. . u
i.os nteicn Mny, nn, ,i a
'rMi-; K''e
Sun Oomrsny.. Jan., lul.l i' 2 y.1
"I will give the public the fliurM si
and let the yards glo the explanation,
said Admiral Howies, "Nn doubt all
funs or explanations win do lortncomlaj. y
"i ne record of tho sun .Shlpbulkllnr
Company shows that It was started In
January. 101(1. and has delivered ont
vessel of 10,000 tons and launched ,
other. I pick out the Sun ComMnr
for this Invidious Lomparlsnii becaute II ;?
I nan emergen irom nn dugout into tns v
I open trench. When the remainder of lh W.
; eastern yards coma out of their duonts 5
I will give them tome figures for their ?,'
, dlire.stlon hn well. TIia Sim firm ha, Jt
l V.BdS.SSJ,V.trt.
.,-,.-. iui iiiu ntaitin f.tut, mm r
Ames Shipbuilding and Drydock Comomf 7i
started construction of Its yard In De- .?:
ccniber. 1916, and up to February, 1511, .
completed ono ssoo-ton snip va.
lliuncnetl llireo nine-rs, ail oil lour wayi. m.
Skinner & Kddy, tho record holders.
started In Januarv. 1916. launched
eleven S800-ton Ehlps and complttel Ji
tilnn rt .It.an rnA hnn al.ia. In..!. 1
laid now. The I.os Angeles Shlpbulld-
Jng and Drydock Company, started In i
May, 1517, launched Its first vesiel la !'
December, 1917, Its second In Janur)f, M
' Tilfs'p are S800-ton ships.' ' '
I don't believe that any ono of then
three concerns had anything like th t-
same amount of money Invested lit
equipment as etui tne sun plant" ;
With the announcement from Wh- f9
Ington that the Senate Commerce Com- 5
mltteo Is now upon the last lap of Jt In- IW
vestigation of tho big shipyards, a Isbor
....... ......I .L. C... ,,.,....1,1 .. '.t
i-.iuc, juiiiui, iiiu OUI1 k?llipUUIIQinK VUID- 9
p.iny in denying tho charge that pro- V
diictlou in tho eastern yards Is In'the Sj
neighborhood of50 per cent. ' IV
Charles F. Scott, general organlnr'cf j!
the International IJrothcrhood of Boiler- I-'
makers, Iron Shlpbullde-ra and Hckxrl X
of America, acted na bpokesman In i
written statement clven to tho newi- ,
papora. Hla statement follows In part
n..... ..... .... ..... ..., i .... p
On behalf of organized labor In all
shipyards on the Delaware River, I
not only deny tho Admiral's charre
llmt laI)or ls no' working emcientiy
io me maximum point or production,
" H,Vj liliAIMIMIII IUill Wl t U.IVlkllVIII v'
but defy him or any other authority iiv
to prove the chargo made. J!
i no snipbuiidera In this district are
Just as patriotic na any body of men
in mo united Htates. They reaiite
fully their responsibility as producer!
of much-needed ships to aid tlielr
Government to carry food to France,
and are working to the limit of human
endurance to aid In tolvlng the critical
marine problem.
It seems to be a linbbv- nf Admiral
Howies to pose for and to be Inter- lf,
ieweq uy uie newspapers since nn
coming to Philadelphia. Ills pub
lished statements have done more to
undermine the morale f the ship
builders than all the German agents
In fVtld prttmlff
American labor welcomes the spirit Ci
of constructive criticism, and pledge! rl
Itself to speed the shlnhulldlng pro- ,Vl
gram as outlined by President Wilson, jn
President Pew, of the Hun Shipbuild
ing Company. Issued a statement becaun .
he said he thought It due to the staff o( ,J
workmen or his plant that Aomirii k,i
Bowles' statement waa not based on .i'3
facta. He said tho Sun yard In spite t ,'j
l.a fart .lto, It I, a ,1 tn tauli mnr thin 9
90 per cent of Its men, will reach 10S
per cent capacity ny Juiy 1 u is n (
turning out 66 per cent of Its rated
ftiiiafllv Iia enlrl
Ten-Ycnr-Old Victim in Serious Con-tj
dition Driver Arrested - ,j
Louis Bush, ten years old, of 1511 J
CU..IU c.t.t..n .....t I. ... .... Tt.nt.iVl. .
ktUlll ItllllllUII p.l VCt, II. 111 IIIU . ........ yjj
......I. , I.-, ...i -. ...!.. ... In. VC
u...n iiuBpiin. luuaj, suuci.tit, ti-"" '"..
Juries received when run over by a truck
at Twelfth and Lombard streets. Hil
condition Is said to be serious.
Arthur Hartman, twenty-live yetnjfj
old, of 2027 South Colorado street, mt;(
driver of the truck, was arrested by tlju
police of the Twelfth and Pine street,
statton. fc
Thomas H. McAvov Left $56,000
Wills probated today Include thoisoftl
street, which, in private bequests dl-Sj
poses ci property valued at "j0,0,V,'!l
Anna Beent, nn uaaer sircci, "iVil'l
John Mcllveen. 4713 Smlck street, "jl
400: Thomas a. ucaianus. w""'j.
k.' ' Thv(erlan Hosn tal. 17100. Snil;1
John Collins, 6213 Germantown avenu,a
. .. . ... .. .. ,-..t.Mw.
n'eh'd, II. lUrte- Fun.r.l ..r.c jjaj
dnc et MJ
Wlnthrop Amea,
Mali., rri.i n
MAUrtER.-At RalPiar. N, J., "'H'rAZl?
THOMAS p. JIAUnER. auditor of l"7
York and Loes Branch Railroad. fed..Pfi
Due notice will b given. 13
" ".'. ."... .!..- U. n
Ai..ti ivt.. HftddonlUIu. N.
AQAHu. ion oi n" iiiim " izii
. T.
, -i
WARE. ELMIRA. wiaow or iirai ""'fl
.sea IS. Kunar.l aervte.a. ti-..VAU.
IH jj, judaon at., near S4tb na .lwJj
sheny. Int. private. I'J
a.? fii'Kp,' y't!i! bfow
Avar.. inirriBiinnii nitjwiiua :L'ii
'lUVjal .- -. ,, ;; ''.

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