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B Aoroplnni Austro-Tc-
ti Abbattuti Durante
un Solo Glorno
rTncursione Acrca Compluta
i AViatori Tcdcschi Sopra la
Ci,tta' dl Pnrigi
Jlshed and Distributed Under.
: Vi PERMIT No. 341
Authorized by the act of
Ittttober C, 1917, on fllo at the
JiMtofflce of Philadelphia, Pa.
tfBy -order of the President
Postmaster General.
Americans Capture
Hun Airplane Crew
Continued from I' On
Important measure by a proinlro of
local option.
And that wo bellovo these niennurr-H
to h unacceptable BUbntltutps and
miMorftiKcn and elodainir n-seponillilllty
of ollnc on tho one-thine mom need
ful. Th referendum la tho achemo
of politician' to nivo tlie rnvloon.
And that we urge tho Nuppnrt nt the
primaries and nt the next election of
nil candidate who pleilso tlicmcclvi's
to vntp for tho ratification of the na
tional prohibition nmendmeut.
Tho resolution urulnc iiutlon.il prohlhl-
fiinllnuetl from I'iim1 One
I 111 hilled iin.4 wounded In the re.ir of
tho urea penetrated b)' tho Americans.
W. Dlltwirtli. chorister, tho llov. On-
liellun JHWuein.
Just befeiie luljounimeiit or the morn
ing nenlot! reports of district euper
IntendcntM vve-rti pie-enti'd Some of
thee nflkerH of the iiiliference took ac
tion na food conaervatlon menauro was cualtm tii uspiiII l.ltterl the liquor traf-
IH llllU ell 1IIKC in lKUIu.t tnu i.in-
rlifle. thn ltev Henry Krnnlilln and the
llev. "W Kit ml Fox ; blocrnphlcnt ec
relary, tho ltev. frank K. OrnelTs rail
road necrettu-y. tho tlev W M l. IIuhh;
HtiittHllvlati. the Hov I'ranli lv. OraelT; ,mni.niFiMon nt.'rT
utHlftantH. the Itov. Henry lies mul tho .PORTUGUESE Rhl'LL
Jtev. Frantln A. Munluvo; IrciKun-r, the " TVIlTfilM lfl
w A. irwRiwon ; ussiMiunt-4. tne w v.41 ..
1". V. Riiahtcn mid tho ltev. Course j
Homn, 13 marzo. . '
M. ultimo notlzle clume dnl Quartler
fale Italians rcBnalnno che una
arcbevole attlvlta' c' rplcgrtta dal
ulco lungo tutte l llnec cho si
AltMendono nulla frnntn delle mnntni-nn o
'i' sjieclalmente tra II Brenta ed II l'l.ivc. I
SfM w!-Hl austro-tetleechl tentano coniplere
UHf ifeMIMUnl ........ ...ll ...... I -l-ll II
ry, wo'wiii icibu tain fiutui ue'iit: mice
!fX, Jrijiane, ma non rlescono mat a ran-
4 aruna-ere nlcun oblcttlvo polche' rII
1" B0no H'rnl,r' prontl a disperriere
KtTMplngere 11 nemlco non upptna uuesti
yr,-,-ffmm quaistasi tentatlvo.
.&? rlpartl Itullanl d'lncuralonc 0 le
JL& fKtuglla dl esiplorazlone sono attlvlsilmo
l,S- ;iMiiao cl lmnecnano In comhattlmentl
-Mj'qutlle avversarle, combattlmentl con
BjMKo eempre favorcvolo per nil Itallanl
Kr1 'he coetano al nemlco perdlte conslde-
alxo Introduced by the ltev. Dr. John
"The effoits of our minister to ob
tain plcdKrs to food uona, rvatlon mene
urea arc aerlnusly hampered becauaa tho
people know that the (lovcrnment
sanctions millions of pounds cf food
-aluo wasted In drink," It read In part. 1
"I was rndln? a while ago about
a primary election which took place in
a New Kni;land city There were many
laborlnB men In the city nnd It wan
arranscd to rtceo the votes of the
fnctory hands In the cvenlnc after they
left their work. It happtned that tho
primary occurred on vi'ednesd.iy even
Ini?. the nlBht of most of tho pmyer
mietlnR.s In tho place. Six men be-IniiL-lnir
to a certain church went to
race or tho n.itlonal pndtlliltlun amend
ment. Tho Ite l)r f. H ItlckleN. dltikt
miperlntendent of the northneMer-i din
irlct, In who'c territory a larpe portion
(if tho M-. nl led mi a- A ids
eluded, said- "tn cum section of this
reKloii there la ono wtloon to every 101
perHons, and In tho Kcctlon of Xow
riilladelphla thero l one jloon to every
iilnety-keveu persons, or one lo eery
thhtrrii rcRlstcre-d vot To try to
conserve coal when tho production i'a
lMClty Is ho seriously hlrdered by booze
Is as reasonable ns to ti to consf-rve
feKid and ship Brain across the c.lH to
bo mado Into btei Both must fin down
toRiither I'rohlbltlon Is a war measure
Tho increasei In Sunday work In mines
the prayer meeting that nleht and did ,,ml ,,hops In a (treat di-trlmetit to the
not co tn the polllnB place. At this M,irltii.il welfare of tho communities .if-
meetltiR three of these men prayed earn- fected "
eMly for the temperance cause They . n r
a.iked 1od that the rum alio mlnatlon ,nU.ml(Mlt nf tll0 N-ortll ,,,trlcl n.,aied
mlKht bo plotted out And the, other inif .. hl.IltIcl,H ,,as- , thl.
three Bdld. Amen! Next mornlnK tho ,pmo nro t ,..Unrlllpnt wlth leat-
papera announced that tho rum party i,, daya" In tho brewery "Wo protest
llilU tlllll tl.V i lllillKlll il lAllVUJ iuui
t.nndun, MJrch tn Attacking the
PortURUese troops near I.ascntle, a bUc
fierman raiding party nun caught by
machlne-cun fire from the front and on
both flanks, and'suffered he.-uy casual
t'es. Tho follow Ins olltcl.il statement
waa Issued' n
This moraine, after a heay bom
bardment, a lame hotUlle rnldlnR party
attached I'ortURue.se posltlon.s south
east of I..nentle on a front of about
"(in yardj. The raid was completely
Tho hortlle Infantry was caught
by niachlne-llun tire from the front
and on both llanks and suffered
heavy Iock, both when endeavoring
to cmss our wire and when retiring
through our nrtlllry harage Manv
dead or wounded Oermans were left
In No Stan's Land. Several prisoners
remained In tho hands of thn Portu
Cuee One r.f our posts east nt Zonncheke
was raided by the e-nemv A few of
our men are missing HoMllo i.ilds
attempted at the name hour against
ttirco of our peits smith of this point
were niccessfull renuNed
There was some artillery activity on
both sides today at different points
between H.irlne'oiirt and tho Kcarpe.
B6.- Mll.
MTJe azlotil
,.;. niinuono
i4 ieu
tutte le llnce
,ne e spesso aumentano dl lntenslia'
0 trA lAstleo ed It Ttrpnlrt n
aatl'Altlplano dl Aslaco. oinl olta i-ho
fkw W austro-tedeschl lasclano avanzaru
PA Mlche loro rlparto o quando occorre
, inl. It I .,. ,tHnA T,lt
'ii'.ilnwf liiijf.r.itlnn.s In too innui mill full I ,,. . .1.-111 . 1 -.. .
vr,ln V..H- I .. Ikiil il i nf Hinu , " ...."...."... .... ,, mil nun, ni riii-niiu v.i 11 .-letrr.tl
',--- " "' v. -.... 1 rations in 100 nrencry. iiij h-ii'jh
six men had any business in the prayer .).., .,,1 ion eomcrts In his dltrltt last
meeting that night. They should hao ...,.. jra.oon expended In Improvements
and debts, and 86u men In the United
States service.
Report of thn Hev llr. H Blckley
Hurns, of tho western district, showed
13U converts) added lout year: $63,000
expended 111 Improvements and debts,
1024 men In th" United muioh iwrvire,
llpimrt of the ltev Dr. 5eorge
been at the polls. 'Hut,' ynu say. 'could
they not have voted tlrst, and then have
gone to the praer meeting?' No, sir,
It was their tolcnui ChilMInn duty to '
vote early, nnd then le-maln near tho I
primary polls to Induce every man they '
could intluenco to also voto against rum.
i:tti:h votu than puav I
shots of the heaviest eiltlier fell In tile
town, savs the latest Uirmau War Clfllce
Tho statement addn th.e' llrltlf-h ar
tillery fire directed against villages in
tho rear claimed numerous victims
among tin- French population.
"It Is more religious to olo than to Honson. South umtru'i, "
nmi- ., , .. nxneniled In salary Increases, 1.7.180
1 "'Hut.' ynu iisk. "do vou recommend paid out 111 Improvement!,
that the church go Into politic). '" Y-s,
nlialelm nnernvlntin tnllltnra
f?!, dlf nemlco. ' "'r, I elo Not au churcn organliatlons.
,UI aviatorl ta anl eel Innlesl mn1 '"" cnurcil represenicil ny 1IH in-
nnd debts;
3D0 converts; "S3 men In the service.
Resolutions wero adopted lamenting
,h,, illness of Mrs. Josuih Berry, mother
Henderson. Detroit. Jllch. ; Charles B. i pilots nung out vvmti
ik .i.
f -ttlvitslmi a diirnnte nnerii iililmi .in., el'vldual members. When wo go Into ,,f Ulchon Berry, who will celebrate her
W lomi hanno brllhmtemente sostenuto t0 o i-hall help to clem up a lot i nlnety-thlrd birthday anniversary next
J., twnecchl scontrl aercl con squadrlglle dl "l noni nevmry in tms country. J no j Sunday.
t "l""1"" nrairei i eiuan lentavano rng-
(rj Wungere le llnee Itullane per bom
J, Iwrdarne le retrovlc.
' ' Da un comunlcato ufflolale. lerl nuh.
bllcato al rlleva che durante la piece
, dettte elornata Ell aviatorl Itallanl erano
riaecltl ad abbattere clnquo aeroplanl
Y IfTUttO tnieeln rrArlf.t-A ph. II nnmlrn
kVlPr Inlzlare la nuova offenslva alia
J , Ironta Itallann.
'A'l Durante t'fttf.sreo inmnlnln limAHl'
, ''Aril aviatorl teutonic! contro la cltta'
5. jf dli'Napoll, non si ebbero a verlllcare
bh hIIj, n ...... .Jt 1.1 - -I
IV w io win ein., ui'i iii.ietiou e, ejircn
M' MMII KMmK. ..Inl.. ..l.l.n.l I . !..
y-wai. uuiiiiu lkii'ii wile: iii'litf&iuiu lill,.i-
iKiUitro aue netto Mtllmo che si verifl-
C&TVna nelt'Osneelnln delle Pleeoli,
ft,. 8uorl,'parecchle altrc so no vorlflcarono
C'.'V. nelle case colnlto dalle hombe. Tuttl I
Az.-.i. . - ... ..:.. :.
rpmafi9 to i lerm appariengono ana
brevvera and saloon keeper.! and tlin
lespcctablo cltlzena uho rent their
pioperty for naloon and Immoral
purpeisrs are greatly shocked because,
1 have seen fit to say a fw plain win da
nbout this booze business. Hem Is nil
extract from a letter which I icceived
tin, other day.
"1 am surprised that ono holding the
high place In tho church which you hold
should descend to the low level of world
ly politics The Injury to jour church
must be great I hold It in the duty of
ministers to preach the gospel, adminis
ter the i-ai-raments and have to do with
matters that are spiritual. Kt Is no
place for them to get down Into tho
i unseemly scramble of politics I would
I advise ou to attend to your own af
fairs and let the politicians attend to
1 ondoii, March 13 Tho BrIIMi con
tinue to advance In Palestine-. An ol1lcl.il
statement Miys-
On Sunday night and Monday a
furthers advance was made nstrlelo
the Jerusalein-N'.ibulus road Con
siderable casualties were Inflicted
upon tho enemy and bevcral machine
guns were captured.
AniMlerdam, March II. A British air
sriunelron captured two Herman air
planes In full (light near ilhent. Ilcl-
Ottlelal visitors who are attending the I glum according to a telegram fiom the
hisslon are Bishops John W , Hamilton, Dutch-Belgian frontier
of the American University, Wathlngtnn. I The Brltls-li airmen, being In heavy
I) C ; John W. Basbford, I'ckln, China ; numerical superiority, surrounded their
l.uther B WIImiii, New York; Wilson i opponents. The Hermans saw thero was
S. Lewis, Foil Chow, ciuna; i.uwin . no rnance ot escape uauier man ngnt
Hughes, Maiden, Mass.; Theodore S. to Inevitable death, the two Herman
u.ig.s unci meekly
iirtlsn lines, sur-
Amer lea's vvurltltictiieii have
Vnhlnst". M,im'' !?,
stilt a liussagi, to llm lieyP'f f l,1,,,la
i . i l..i. n'..l..i ilntttllKltlOll.
uriiiK onro morn sirong rniui e ukhii ', r tiin Xnicrlcin
I'nleralloii of l-alnir, today uiiuoimrril liflwi"
spoken by cabin lo Uus-I.i fr lal'""". "om'
lirrs't culilo reatNi
"Tn lli All-Kiih-lun Solet, .Moscow:
"Wo inliire-ss tl III (lie luinc of world
lllirrly. Vi itssttre- on that the people i of
Hip 1'nllcd Slates arc pained by over blow
nt Russian freedom as they would be by a
blow at their own. The American people
desire lo be of sen Ire to tho Russian people
In their 4ruKKle to snfeRiiaril freedom and
realize Its opportunities. W" desire to bo
Informed as to how may help. We unealc
for a great orsanlcd movemrnt of uorMiiR
piHiple who are deioteil to the tauso of iree
ilom nnd the Ideals of democracy. We as
Hire Mm also that the whole .American
nation nrilently desires to be helpful to
Russia and awaits with eiiKcrness an Indi
cation from Russia as In how help may
most pITeetUely bo extruded. To all those
who ;-trlo for freedom we say, 'Courage!
Jusllte uiiisl triumph If all free peoples
stand united against autocracy!'
"We await your suggestions.
"American Alll.tmu for Labor and I)e
nine racy,
"SAMCKI, f'.O.MI'KRS, I'resldent."
Mitchell, St Paul, Minn., and Fred D.
Lccte, Atlanta, Oa.
Others Include Frank Mason North,
D D.. L.L.D., of tin- Board ot Foreign
Missions D. D Forsyth, D. 11, Boaid of
Home Missions and Church KMenslon;
I Oarland Penn, Frcodmen's Aid So
ciety; 1 ). Hartman, D 1)., Board of
Sunday Schools ; the Hev. Dr. Charlea
Truo Wilson, Board of Temper.Mice. Pro
I'lliltlnn and Public Morals; Charles H.
Kiyepo)azlone civile.
S'5. 'flfn telegramma da
H eJi lerl 1'altro a n
Parlgl annunzla ,
nntto gll aviator!
hanno compluto un'altra In
sopra quella cltta". Alia In
prcsero purtc novo squadron!,
aeroplanl tcdeschj furono ab-
ip,, teckuchi'
S -i nltliitr
fcjJ nkittirt
mrO """"
BS - vlttlmo dcllp bombu amontai.o a
&W'ucctsl e BO ferltl nolla cltta' dl I'a-
liXjHW) 66 vlttlmo M ebboro durante un
M . - ... nM. i ii.nn.n.n jn .
- Htw c,ite;Aiuai iiiiuiiiidin ii-iii. ici-
.'. TMtti IVTAfrnnnlltnnn
rt- - ...v,.
I theirs, lour place Is at the holy altar, i (iutherle, 11. D. Hpuotth League; D.
and you ought to stay where ou be- w Howell, lieneral Deaconess Board;
I long." j. i, Hlngetey, Board of Conference
"Hxactly How anxious these fellows claimants, and Hzra Hquler Tipple. D.
:iie about the purity and dignity of tho j p president of tho Jliew Theological
mftSftatrtB per soffocazlone.
ovc una folia Im-
cercava rlfuglo, Queste vlltlme,
sono in maggior
"yjjWkrto donno e bambini,
f"?Clnquanta donno che si trovavano
l 'l4MHVratA in linn f-rtc-i ,li mnfartill.ii fii-
Rr rono In tempo salvate dalle snuadro della
.croce Ilossa Americana, cho rlufcci" a
pulpit' Hove concerned they am that wo
shall simply 'preach the gospel' that
Is, let them alone. But, so help me CJod,
1 shall not let them alonol We are
preaching tho gospel when tho pulpit
fairly thunders against clvtc graft, and
commercialized vice and political shy
sters and the- center of diabolism on
earth the legalized saloon. We have
preached against the faloou. and against
the saloon, and resolved against the
saloon, and protested against tho saloon,
nnd wept in the presence of the eU-sola
Seminary, at MadlHon, N ,T,
U. S. Agents Probing
I. W. W. Actions Here
f ontlmifsl from Pace One
ployment of those wearing the disloyal
'Out of about 7000 men employed on
flew away toward the
lounded by a flock of British planes.
Next Year's Session Will Bo Held
at Baltimore Pastor's Appoint
ments Announced
lericy stmre, l'n March 13 The
twenty-fourth annual Central Pennsyl
vania Conference of the United Kan
gellcal Church came to a close here late
yesterday with announcement of appoint
ments or pastors In the live districts.
Next ear'a session will be bold at
Baltimore. Only thirty-five changes of
pastors were mad", slightly fewer than
last year.
Changes In appointments were as fol
lows :
York district J I Punlap, preslllne
etdrr, llronklvn A M Jfnltlnv nrnnvUlc.
n. J. Ilavne, Pint Prnsneii, .1 w Waltz,
rvitcin. It i" eiutlirl"-, Yurie, C'brlit C r
taiii-v yotk, rrimess street, ej se ai-
Couit Orders Instruments Brought
Ashore by Thiorichcns Turned
Over to Palmer
An echo of the en,.c of Captain Max
V. 'I hlei leliens, tile tl rman i-ca ollloer
who Is si'ivlng a trni In the Atlanta
penitentiary for white slaverv, was
he. nil tod. iv when Judge 1 hompson In
the Federal Omit mad" un mdir for
the foifeltuie to th" United Mates fSnv
i rnnvnt of llfteeu chronometi rs and
several articles that were brought Into
this eitv fiom the Prlliz Uitel Fried-
rle.h, while It was Interned at League
Island Navy Yard
Thlcrlrhcns was acquitted of n charge
of smuggling the chronometers, nnd
when the case against him fell, the
ilovernment abandoned similar prosecu
tions against Adalbert K Flcher. who
is now Interneet ns an alien eneinv at
Fort Oglethoipe, tla . his wife. Helene
Fischer, and Henrv Itnhai r a wholesale
grocer nnd lmpoiter.
While nineteen chronometers nnd
other in tides were landed In this country
without conformity to the customs laws,
Thlurlchens ennvlneed the 1ury that he
had no Intention of defrauding the (lev-
i eminent Fifteen of these ship ducks
were seized bv (iovernment imthorities
nt th Inline n! Fischer. II'IOI Wlsi-allllk-
on avenue. Pelliain. and four at noimei s ,
store, Fifth and Hace streets
To a libel for the forfeiture of the
goods Fischer and Itnhner disclaimed
all right or title to them, and as no I
claimant appeared for tln-m. Assistant
I nltiel States District Attorney i.nwaru
S Krcmp today askd Judge Thompson I
to order them forfeited to the Oovcrn
ment. Thi' older was made, nnd Mr I
vTremp sa'd that the llfte, n cluonom?i
lers binoculars a cameia and Its au-purti-mraes
would he turned over lo A v
.Mltcliell Palmer, custodian of alien
neiiiy propel ty
Slmllar uetlon would be taken In the
case of the I'rlnz Hitel's property found
In the possession of Roll er, said Mi
U. S. Ambassador Cables Ho Was
Entertained by Mayor
niislilngtnn, March 13 AmbafMiilor
Francis at Vologda cabled tho State De
partment under date of March It the
social tidings tint lie and the other
diplomats there had been entertained nt
dinner by the Mavor.
Francis apparently has no present In
tentions of moving from there and evi
dently Is In no danger.
Kctosenc Poured on Kirc Fntnl to
Mother and ChiUlicn
Bridgeport, Conn., , March tS.Mis
sriiinle UngeV. slxty-l ho. ears oil. her
on. Harry tlnger. nineteen c.ue .....
I LTi'l a daughter, Martha lleen Kara
old nie dead, and unuthi'f 'a"''''
Theresa. Is expected to lesover from
burns resulting from un rxplosloi blch
I si t llro to their home here when the i-on
po'ured kerosene oil tin u"J.l,"r'' TTn.
I . Following tho exploflon, Harry Un
ger ran 100 ynids to the homo of a
neighbor w tn nin cioem-n ; ..;
Sued woman and her two daughters were
rescued from, tho burning house nd.
with tho brother, lushed to the ""'im
port hospital, where thrco dlcel of their
Injuries. '
Disaffection Among Ictnl Trade
Shipworkcrs in the South
Mobile. Ala.. March 13 -t-'''".; "'
shipbuilding plants accede to the Ir do.
inands before Monday the metnl-traoo
"Xrs. comprlMng lacmlths ma
chlnlsts, electilclans. molder?. p.i teirj
mnkers. Plumbeis and sheet-metal work;
Jirn will strike. Thev denmid seventj
?"o cents""1!,5 hour for mechanic;, with
double pay for overtime, and ilftv cents
nhTn,fwrt7,ousand workers re
I Involved
Accidents Responsible for All, De
partment Reports
Wa.hlngton, Mar.h 13 -Three deaths
from accident were announced by the
Navy Department today as follows;
elcerge Dewey Sinks. mush-Ian. 1
S Nevada, '.'2 Pioneer stieet, Dayton, O ;
'necldently hilled while playing baseball
William l-'inll Buerger, coxswain. I
S S. Burrows, skull fractured In fall
from smokestack, College Point, 1. I
Charles John Fazio, machinist' mate
Rome, tla.! skull fractured In fall tiom
seaplane at Penacola, Fla
Contrressmnn Kelley Flays Admin-
Istration Says U. S. Control of
Naturnl Resources Inevitable
Washington, March 13. The Govern
ment's price-flxlng policy was denounce!
s nn nbscluto falluro by Represent.,
live Clyde Kcllev. of Pennsylvania, b,,
fnro tho House Intetstato and Porclm
Commerce Committee today.
Ho spoko In support ot his bill to em.
Ii.-ci mi' i ii-aiuciil, CO cake
over and
opetate coal mines, oil field
nmi trm, mlnid ll.nl... I..., ...
-,-' """-' "luusiricii and
water-pewer declopments. The con
trol of nil these commodities has comi
Into the hands of n ery few men who
nro "charging all the trafllc will bear
la splto of the Government's attempt it
price llxlng, Kcllcy declared.
"This centralization was a danger In
times of peace," ho said, "but In war
tlmea It Is a menace and a peril to thi
vcty safety of tho nation. The natur.i
resources will bo taken over by tn
i.itlon before the next eighteen month,
'vivo passed, whatever this commit.,
doe., with this bill. Attempting !o!
s- the Inevitnbln will nni.,J,.i?. .
Ituatlon worse." ' "",no a "
Lovctt Heads New Railroad Division
Washington, March 13 Judge Robert
S. l.ovett has been nppolntcd director of
a new division of capital expenditures
of the lallro.ed udmlnlstiatlon
UJwfr Hamilton 1
If. These StsndMr.l Walch-s arn
hnenn ns 'lhe Wntrh of Itiillrnn.l
Veciimev, nnd comMnil with our
'Si rk iifler punhH"Q" slvci
iii mi IJf-nl tlmelo-ener
i-iiis for the Hamilton.
. ??. Smith & Mn
Market St. at 18th NJ
with this
ili. xogsii vnieiic.ieia, cms riusci a . -,""'1 "'" ijiyicou.u.n.i ..ni i...ib i-uih
fc'j'1 trasportarle altrove prima che le bombe i bo crystallized Into ballots,, and when
fc-., coimssero ll fabbrlcato.
I'lirllnle iliMHrt W It fox. nrenlillnc
tlons wtought by the saloon. But how t th() rver front In Philadelphia nnd along , -'f iSb"linnoVeinultS"cV,''lSl;"IJr
miifh l.nu tlis snlnr.n nro.l fnr nil thnfi ...... ill ..-11 ,".,.tKl H.Jnovrr ein 11 I 1. I...ll''er
tho Wl m ngton Bay, about tsiio men are iiunm. - - "oo.-ri i.eeour .1 i. nw.
i ennier: SlirvuvlUe. i. P. ri-wterbduch
wearing the emblem of the 1. W W.i t'untMr illntrici C I. Sone-. prmiillnix
.. , . . , lelilir, nurnhiim. W It nronn. Center II ill
of which 'Bill Haywood, who Is now j a. shulm t.lvirpool. e- c frnmer.
under Federal Indictment In Chicago for ' :V-'lVn" JW n'-'sl'hVlit. PorT'Ttevor.
io ,., 11,1 , inn, !" r. flayer, rennn creex, J m
much has the saloon cared for all that? i
I am glad tho day has at last come when
our sermons and prayern and resolu i
tlons nnd protestations and tears shall I
'by sober citizen votes this Insolent, law
less, black-handed enemy of the republic
shall be throttled and clicked and
hurled back Into tho hot hell from
where le came.
Wt V.
-- 'll!anAt!f l.ni.lnln ., .. "ITraI. L-. . "
W'L- -,.S.'silv a...lULU 11. 111.1.3 O.llll.
cjoando gi: Stall Unltl declaero cho l.i
ftf&'J b&ndlera stellnfn nt hoIska 11 nn.ll. -loll..
jrtUfWlonl clvlll combattcntl per II trlnnfo
ja.a iivu civuca , ueua giusiizia e eie;ia uem
K'; oMla, m'gllala e mlgllnla dl Itallanl
fev owrstiro ad Indossare 1'onorata dlvlsa del
Crilto d'Amerlca per coniplere II loro
I ,..'4aer versn ooest.i Pntrln ,11 ,,!-' ........ .. . '" "'"." "''" "'"
rsrtr ,t, . :- , . ' ' exu.tani suouc, vv o are com ng, father
rfcUoltl dl essl hanno irla' ers.itn u inm
V'CUe"e dato la loro vita per la santa
- Mnll' nll.l . ,., 1
f -.1 .i.iTw.i.1, i,iwih. .in,, c.jiii, u. Bin cumin
I-- W '1-m.AM nw.l ..1..l....l . ,.,-.'
, wut.u.o , iwi,i, iu4ieiaai (ieuruizio e
1'dl fronte al modernl Unnl, molt! e
(tl cacora al nddestrano nel c.imoi
Ktarl ed anelano II momento dl essero
tl nl rronte dl battaglla per concor.
al trlonfo delle Arm! Allen f.
I ilTttiM A m,Dl ,,1,Im.I .!.. l . .
st t'JKl -,--"" "iiiini, un until si crova
S& 4'Camn Gordon, Atlanta. Oa.. cl -nvin
. corrwpondenza che dlmostra In nir.
patriottlco degll Itallanl dl quella
'. e siamo Iletl dl rinartarl.a l,,f...
.11 fa . . .. .. . ...,
;ntRKniB qui socio V
alleged treasonable utteiances,
head. When money Is not coming In
fast enough, meetings are nrranged and
the names of United States Covemment
olllclals nro used In circulars advertising
such meetings for the sole puipose of
having it largo attendance present In
these circulars the Impression Is given
that such United States Oovernment
nfllclals whose names are mentioned In
the circulars wilt attend In the capacity
of speakers."
"The chief feature that requires Im
mediate attention ot the Federal au
thorities Is that money and other con
tributions collected nt such meetings
Bishop Berry announceei that a service "r0 n,ot usci1, f"r th(. ""P!!" ' betfr
nag containing 4333 stars, representing
"I hereby servo due and timely notice
on tho politicians who have been the
subserlent tools of Pennsylvania brew
eries and saloons that the days of their
domlnancu aro numbered The Chris
tian, sober forces of tho Commonwealth
aro nt last awake- Already the lone
lines of a mighty prohibition army are
forming In baltlo array, and I hear the
Abraham, five hundred thousand strong.
Today the buttle of boozo Is on. And
tomorrow sobriety and decency win !"
congregational members of the confer
ence who have entered the nation's mili
tary and naval service, will bo unfurled
at the patriotic rally tomorrow night.
Governor Brumbaugh has been Invited to
attend and Is expected to make tho
presentation speech, in addition to an
other address
Patriotism nnd loyalty to tho nation
onpstanto II fatto che nella cltta' dl i formed a big part ot the opsnlng of the
U, Gf.., non vl sono che una nulndl. i eonference. Flags and bunting of the
pure quel
l,'.'dK famlglle Itallane.
ptcompatrlottt hanno avuto la noblio
Kl,aprlve un Clrcolo a beneflclo del
Atl Itallanl che st trovano In Cnmn
'i2?n e. cho Yvjngano la Atlanta II
y, ,j. upiiiiieu.c ik uomemca,
K 'j"wer Camp Gordon vl
United States and the Allies nnd pic
turcs of martyred Presidents formed the
greater part of tho decorations.
Tho session was greeted by Allen C.
Thomas cm behalf of the North Kenslng-
Ann ..I...... ,Ani, . ..... l,..n..A..n ,,..,'. l.aAnlntlnn
wHSW ltaanl. R nascltn o flgll dl Ital- The Rev. Robert Hunter, of the
V if ' lueslt Statl Unltr; Dl quest! U Union Tabernacle Presbyterian Church,
i nanno ouona conoscenza representing the Protestant Ministers
Ulnrua Inglese. Tuttl questl, nel I Association, also brought greetings from
'lo , itanano, nanno tmvnfn un i ,h Trshv,erlan Tnlnisters of the cltv.
ide aluto, glacche I buon'l membrt del j Ho expressed Ills conviction that "church
a ii prenaono ia cura dt accom-1 unity Is becoming every year more nnu
LTll Per la Cltta e Droeurnr Mrn . mnpn nf an ussiired f.,et That, this
divertimento che non avrebbcro t vision may bs more fully realized he
procurarsl da per se stessl. , urged mluisters of all churches to davo
eonslaerare (ad onore df irn-l to the Idea of "one (lod above -all : to
-Itallnnl resldenll In Atlanta) che ' never lo"e sight through thn smoke of
ra e' stalo erculeo de narte dl I modern battlefields of the fact that the
'ma pltf da parte del Slgnot D. "glory of the coming again of Christ"
che.iagglamn(e, e' stato cletto Is heralded by these conflicts ; that all
l-rl, a.
I.i.vlshnrff illHtrlrt M V I oseirnan. nr--ni-ilnK
elil-r. Ilirivlck, Memorl.il I' I ltjf
fensiieruer ColumlilH, L A. Kuhrrnen, l;nnv
A J. e'hnmberlain. LnueK F U lloni.ily.
Northumberlanil. J H Purner, Rlimtoivn
It. r Kleffel. cllnlnni W criiiinnell.
.Suicar Vall.'l. P H l'onsj Wapwnllolsin.
C IC llctt.
Wllh.imsnurt illiitrlct M I .Tamlsnn. nre.
Bl.llric elder. lilUnton I C I unrman dro
ver, C A. Prsv, J-rsi-v Shore, J A Hnllen
lmuKh; West Mlltnn V Jl ShHnle Wusland.
1'. I. liiler v- un.ini,i'ori, I irav v u.
Teacher knows you want
your child to save to save
for Victory.
She knows just how to
talk to your little ones so
they'll understand what
this Big War means.
And why even the little
they can save from the
murder on railroad train small amount they have will
i heln some soldier to do his
Killed I ujf : fU fin-lif
UiW 111 lyllS- llUV,
Niece of Colorado Mine Owner Re
ceives His Entire Fortune
1'iittsvllle, l'o., March 13. By a de
cision of Judge Wlllieim. of the Or
phans' Court, Miss Mary Breen, of Ml
, -i'e t,ei iiiu-s sole hell to .)8n.iiui)
li ft by John P. Breen. an uncle, In Colo
rado. Breen. n bachelor, owned coal
mines in the West, and coming lien- two
years ago, was so pleased witli his
niei-o mat ne leic ner nis enure cor
tune The will was contested by Ure-en's Col
orado partners, and also by numerous
relatives In this ceunty. Tho contestants
alleged Miss Breen exerted undue In
llucnce over her undo when s.hu nursed
him dining un Illness
N. Y. SENATE VOTES NEXT i miss ciark.
Man nnd Woman Shot and
Supposedly by Jilted Sweetheatt
Whitehall, in.. M.erci, 13 -Mi-s fie-1 Listen to your children
Vxfl' s!,1;.1! I when they come home from
and kllb-il on a C and A inllroad train , ooVinnl inrl nclf fm nnnniOt;
nmr here today The murderer leaped SCHOOl ailU tlbK lOl pLIUUt-M
fre m tne tram ami escaped.
Both Miss Clark and S.iwer weie from
Uondhouse. III. The police believe the
murderer was a jilted sweetheart of
nte Del'Comltato.
oldato Itallano nella Sala vautosti.
rov Paglo dl poterr Bedere a tovo.
Ire del llbrl istruttlvl. dornalt
,ed americanl e scrlvere lettere.
ettl dt cancellerla vem-ann .n.
Sala. oltre ad easere fornlta dl
I QUadrt. dl bandterA Hn
Alleate, non manca II Piano.
Imlx Bon, servlrebbe nepmirt dlrlo.
Hlno a la. ehlttarri ts,i i
i Mra e un vero nlacere dl vedem
H delta nostra bella e rldente
restltl nell'unlfornM ,11 .,."
WT che cl ouplta. rlunltl frater-
i neua aetta baia, che l diver
Rtoslmo rantando delle arlo poiio-
iiiv o Dauauuu, ii scsso gentile
ancnesso tr rallecrare II
; oldstl, glacche' II Comltato
. orranrzza una. vera, sv.ta.
AtrnorlhA tallanA si i..n
nv ,dl portare con loro le
tn amerlcane-. sftlnche'
avere la damtv con cul
manCano I rlnfreachl. dol-
veatano, otrertl dal Club, tn
cne vengano custatt Im.
i da tuttl git Intervrautl.
'Si; rnd Interprets dt!
lutU 1 seldatl Italo-amerl-
''. oordoit. e manaa un
na, Mntitamenta
churches should unite In support of tho
national prohibition amendment, and
that through the support by all churches
of such organizations as tho Red Cross,
the Y. M. C, A. and the various relief
societies the church Is uniting to help
win the Kuropein war, which the
speaker referred to ns "the holy war."
At the conclusion or me auuresa tne
audience sang "Blest Be the Tie That
In responding to the address Bishop
Berry seconded the sentlment.1 of the
speaker and added that the lines of
cleavage between all churches are fast
disappearing, and that It U beginning
to be matter of difficulty to tell a
FresbyterUn from a Methodist these
days. He ended by saying that the
Church was now united In "getting
Hell out of society, out of politics and
out of the world."
The Rev, Robert C. Wells, secretary.
In calling the roll, announced that
during the last year ten ministers and
eleven wives of minister had died.
FaeJi was made the subject of a silent
prayer. Memorial services will be held
tomorrow morning.
During the rollcall, Mr. Wells read
a letter from the nev. Albert Wltwer,
who recently left to take up war work
In Franca. The letter requested pray$
ers for the soldiers of the American
forota In France and the members of
the ooatoronce who are engaged in war
Ing the condition of the, workers; but
la converted Into campaigns which con
sist of propaganda work that is unques
tionably detrimental to our country dur
ing tho present crisis.''
"It only requires plain American com
mon sense to understand that unless Im
mediate attention Is given to the p;es
ent existing- conditions thero Is a pos
sibility that disorder may bo enacted In
this vicinity In the near future. The
Department of Justice has been i made
cQgnlzant of the existing situation "
Frank I.. Oarbarlno. head of the
Bureau of Investigation of the Depart
ment of Justice, said today that Mr
Flynn'a complaint was being Investi
gated. Ho also confirmed tho chaige
that tho names cf Messrs. (Iregg nnd
Bass had been mentioned In tho cir
culars. "Hut they didn't speak nt the meet
ing," Mid Oarbarlno. "All that I can
fsuy Is that thoso two gentlemen weren't
present when the meeting was called
to order."
Low Taxi Rates Cause Arrest
The low costs at which they opeinted
"their" taxi resulted In the arrest of
four boys from Kensington and Port
Richmond. They are Kdwar.l Reillv.
Walter Majers. harles Cares and Frank
Bolton, They aro chaigcd with having
ktolen a touring cat In Chestnut Hill.
The low rates they charged for hire
caused suspicion.
Governor Prepared to Veto Bill Sub
mitting Ratification to
Vote of People
Albany, March 13 The Hill resolu
tion to ratify the Fider.il prohibition
amendment will come before the New
York Senate for a vote next Wednesday
This understanding was reached today
through an agreement by Senator I lion
R, Brown, majority leader, upon request
by Senator Wellington that somo definite
day be set for consideration of prohibi
tion bills.
Senator Wellington will move to dis
charge the Taxation Committee, which I
has been considering the resolution
Governor Whitman will eto the bill
putting the question of ratification of the
amendment up to the people Instead of
the State Legislature should It be passed
rhy the Senate This was learned on
good nutnonty eou.iy ino reii-iciuiuiu
bill was passed by the Assembly lato
yesterday The Governor was strongly
In favor of ratification of the amend
ment by tho Legislature
THE paper that im
parts the responsibil
ity of a bank or com
mercial house to its
stationery is Beck's
Stability Bond. Ask
your printer, or us, for
day you neglect that
painting, deterioration
increases. Remember we'll
furnish you an 'estimate
without obligation.
1 I I !
viiaiics uccn, v u.
l Papers for All Kinds M
iU-- of Good Printing
j jSTULe.- Ann ri...,ni c... Ira
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