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r '
plan to Compel Five Pounds
Sold for Each Pound of
Consider Cold Storage to Conserve
Supply of TuIicm Jersey
Crop Frozen
Toliilocs nro to ho aildcit to tlic nil'
In? requiring the mlr of im equal qutm
llty of cereal substitute vvltli all pup
cha.'cs of wheat Hour, according to ml.
vlcci received In tills city today liy
long-dlstanco telephones from Howard
Helm, t'eilerul fowl administrator foi
rennK.thaul.i, wlio l iittrtiiilnc a ro.i
fcrfiice of food utllclaN In W'lislilnsluii.
Tho plan lit prcbCtil "h to add pot.itou'
to the combination In tho mtlo of tho
pounds for r.ich pound of viheit Tlum
tho liouscvvlfo Imj (UK one pound of t
wheat Hour would limp to Imy ii.aei one'
pound of a cereal bUbstltutc and five'
.jiounils, or a twelfth of a bushel, of
latocs, was the niiiioinicuinc'iit. in.ido to
day at the administration luncheon In
Wananutcer's tc.i loom Mr. Ilcluz In
cipecteel b.iek In this city toinonow1
when tho dual announcement on the tub-1
ject will bo made. I
Tho price of llrli In till i cltj bcliiK
Md up thiougb the l'eiiii.vv,iul.i laws ,
which have upeiateil to ille-t from luiin
to S00O pounda of till" foodstulf to other
markets each week, w.-.m t'.ic Matron lit '
iriado by lliwli Detiwoith. atslstaut lu
City I'ooil Administrator Jay ruoltc.
risit law Hoo.vi's nun:
"There la a rennivlvanU law pro
liibltliiR tho r-.ilo of black lues and re.i
trout In this M.ito irrespective of wIicib
they ore caught," ho mldi "The toutlicru I
IIherxiun park all their fish together
In barrel? Their catches Include thec j
forbidden fltli Therefore the dealer bus -In?
this touthern fish has to Nenel tho ,
black bass and seat trout out or tno
States for Kilo, or throw thcin away.
'Tho result liuu been th it tlio smilliein
fishermen haves diverted tholr bUpply to
other markets, The law was uiKnl with
an idea of having miiuc of our gamo
fiah, but It has icacted on tho consumer
Ihrough tho pi loo of all fii.li "
Tho FUggc-tlon was mado that thin,
and other food uiatterw should have the
Immediate consideration of the Slate
legislature, and that u special nsrlon (
for this purposo mlslit be advisable. Hi
wai said the ilovcinor wuuldwelcuiiio
BUCh H BllgRCf-tloll I
The transportation i-lliialliin has uImj
lcn complicating the lltb Munition. Mr.
llcmiorth r-ald Ninety per lent of tha
fWi eaten In Ihls .State aio taught out
flde of it, ho pointed out Shipments
that previously came from Ilobton In
Hio dajii now take fl n. Those from
tho routh ordlnarllv leaT'h this city In
ila dajs: they now take ten das for
tho trip. This will bo n rcrlous problem
for tho local market when the hot
weather arrhes, ho fcahl l!y taking
over tho cprcss companion, Mr. Den
worth believes tho flnvcninicnt will ma
terially Improve these conditions.
If ou get bad potatoes from jour
dealer, It Is because they conic from New
Jersey, aceordlns to .1. 15. Wilkinson,
potato epert of the administration The
Jersey farmer haa lud tho novel ex
perience this winter of having his pota
toes freeze In his cellars), Mr. Wilkinson
said. He Is now trlng to unload these
on tho public as fast as possible.
I On tho contrary, all Pennsanln
potatoes coming into tho local ni.uket
am of the best grade, he explained, and
are tho best and cheapest food the
housewife can buy. The matter cf put
tin? potatoes In cold storage until Au
gust 1 is being consldcicd as a means
cf helping the situation. Wilkinson said.
Thero weio sKty-eiglit cais of pota.
toes on track cstciday afternoon.
Twenty-live cais wcro sold jesterdav,
and there wero forty-four cars on Hack
thla morning .
Chester J. Tyson and Morris rhlllips,
representatives of tho farmer on tho
administration, denied that tho farmer
was gettirig rich on present prices. They
said there was no truth In tho state
ment generally that deposits of the
farmers in the mini hanks had doubled
within tho last car. Mortgages are
not being lifted ficm tho farms, they
maintained That farmers In sopic sec
lions of the louutry favoicd by special
circumstunccH havo mado inune.v, they
admitted, but said that the condition
was not at all general.
Tho process by which the revised prico
of 65 cents per half bushel for potatoes
was Used was explained today by olfl
dais of the food adniiiiistiatlon,
It was found that potatoes wcro sell
ing to tho email dealer at DO cents a
bushel at the car und that the cost of
delivery to tho btoro was about 8 cents,
making a total of 98 cents per bushel.
Adding 10 rents a bushel for bagging
and other containers and allowing a
margin of 20 per cent profit the price
per bushel to tho customer, it was do
elded, should bo JJ1.30, or C3 cents per
bait bushel.
Complaints of profiteering In potatoes
have been received at the offices of tho
food administration and thebe com
plaints aro being carefully Investigated,
with tho assurance that -vteoious steps
will be taken against ull who ale found
Mats Administrator Howard Ilolnz
nd County Administrator Jay Cooko nro
till In Washington today. It was
learned that tho object of tho confci
ence with Herbert C. Hoover Is to con
sider the feasibility dt using potatoes
as a substitute for wheat flour.
All Applications for licenses Denied,
Insuring Prohibition After
May 1
Warren, March 'fa. Warren
County will co drv on SIrv 1 liv decision
I'" of the court rendered today.
Tho action of President Judge Hlnk
lfy and two nssoclato Judges was based
upon a. remonstrance containing 35,000
names, which asked that tlio thlrty-thrco
retailers two wholesalers and one breV
tr In the county bo denied licenses,
p Reading Wants Legislature to Re
strict Their Faro Increases
. R;dln, I'll,, March 13, An effort
to hasten the proposed calling of a
fPeclal Besslou of the State Legislature
wjB'made by the City Council here today
when Mayor Edward. II. Filbert had
Mssed a resolution to bo sent to Gov
jrnor Brumbaugh. The resolution asks
nat tha Heading petition bo Included )n
He call for u special session to act on
" amendment to the public service com
mission law of 1913, which would em
PQvyer the commission to nrexent trolley
V J?,mPanles from Increasing fares until
f, alter legal potiiu wero determined In
L I ennsylvanla trolley nompinlea have
."s.cuacu me tare wnrre inese iiuihib
Mre pending before the commission.
Killed Uxr Tr.illAV Cnr
Kl Wlltl. .- ...,u... ... JAA
a'wi ''a ie. iiiiriy-cwu jris. ni s-o
I "" etreci, was hit ana Kiilea ,uy an
iijuiicj iroiicy car ui urrara avenuo
, rauner street rasvpigni. tie' bus-
0 ,'-H&K
in I
1 t"T ivmmmMM
Howard lSuek, whose parents
live at '-'LMV South Twelfth
fetrcct, is one of the editors of
Flights and Uandincs, an Amcii
can trench 'publication in France.
He has sent ti copy of tl;o first
edition to his father, who is
chaiiman of the draft board in
the Foiticth Philadelphia Dis
Ides of March Crucial Time
With Them as It Was With
tump llanivek, Augusta, lia , M.iuli IS.
With March IS approaching iinnj
Camp Hancock oltlccra arc meeting their
Idea of March even as Caesar met his
not as tragically, but almost m effec
tively. 1'or the ilftecnth marks tho end of
tho endurance tet which the odhers ol
tho division have been undergoing for
the last two weeks. Ticglnnlng about
tho llrst of t.ie month, the Penns.vlvanla'
officers have been undergoing ph.vFlcal
tests designed to determine (hell fitness
for servlco In 1'i.iinc i:adi day lias
see.i umio olliecr of the illvlslon put
through Hie mills, and many have passed
but few have failed
To run a mile In seven minutes, tho
hundred jards dash In fourteen second",
to put a twclvfpr.und shot thlitv feet,
or throw n hand grenade, thlitv -five
yalda Is strenuous rirclte With prac
tice, however, and staudaid required hv
many months lu the upon. Iho ofllceu
Iiac succeeded as a rule lu passing tho
endurance) and ato ready for service
Many of tho officers especially those
approaching middle age wcro not exactly
rurc of themselves and spent inanv hours
lu practicing tho most dlfllcult pirts of
the test, and In peeing If they leally
could perfoini the feats design tteil hi the
order authorizing the test Most of them
have taken the test and am watching
nnxlously to sen If their friends and
acquaintances flwuhl fall nut tluough
failure In any one of the live required
Whllo an endurance test in every way,
no dire results will fall upon oflicers
who fall to meet reqiilienients, for nono
will be discharged. The test was deslg
nated primarily to stli up their energies.
It has stlircd up dormant pep and while
formerly the energy ol the I'ennsl-
anla oflicers nnd men Insplied tho nam
ing of the division "pep" division, ad
ditional pep lias been evidenced since tho
beginning of tho endurances tests.
ng nn JHrtt.tic Centre
THERE are eleven Galleries
in the Hampton Shops, each
one devoted to the display of Fur
niture, but, as you wander through
them, it is not the mere Furniture
itself that attracts your attention.
Rather will you be pleasantly
impressed with the constant evi
dence that greets you of decorative
skill and ability. An odd Table
and Chair, for instance, are all that
are needed to compose the main
lines of an unforgettable picture.
The attendant details, the inlaid
Caskets, the brazen Candlesticks,
the Vases and Plaques, the sense
of color and knowledge of history
ical styles shown in the surround
ings suggest why the Hampton
Shops has won its reputation.
fariim (3f Patrirtts catiirtral
, M
Clergymiur, Recently Returned
From France, Declares War
Will Last 15 Years Longer
Ilei lai(rrorrroiuJriil '
t'nmp .Mends, Ailmlrnl, .Aid.. March 13,
That the war will last at least three
5 ears longer and that It will bo neces
sary for the United States to send
4.000,000 men to l'ranco before' tho
Hun Is crushed. Is the opinion of the
Itev, W. U Klnsnlvlng, who lias Just
I returned to u.iltlmoio after a flvo
I mouths' visit tc the western front.
p Tho clergv man plus ed many roles
while with tho soleJIors and at vnilous
, times served as a "V" hut manager,
clcrgsmun and correspondent. To aid
In tho work f tuning tin the Liberty
I Division and emphasizing to the soldiers
tho necessity of enrnest endo.ivor the
cleig.vman will elellvcr u scries cf talks
ni t limp Jleailo
i Ho entertains no illusions concerning
tho war ami returns to Aiurilca with
lliu firm conviction that If (Jermany is
to be crushed the t'nltcO States must
mobilize every pound of man-power and
"The war will lastifor at least tlnco
voais," ho snld when lominentlng upon
tho sltuatlcu in Trance. "This Is not
my personal Judgment, but the .oncrctc
Judgment of the thinking leaders In
1'ianco anil lhigland. I talked with
scores of civilian and military Ic.iiMh
during mv five months' rtiy abroad mid
learned that l.uropc- Ins settled down
for a long struggle with the Iluu
"I he V-nucli nie runneth d in th it
thought, and whllo the pillu Is a plgmv
In tUo he Is a glint in oul and can be
doppiKrVd upon to keep up tho fight "
Ixiotor Kliisolvlng submits an Inter
esting rt juii t eoncriulug tho American
Sammee and pavs him a handsome
tribute for his sobriety und m:wi other
Utiles. After mtuv monlli.s in Prance
lu failed tc see a single American sol
dier under the IllllUence of llquoi and
listens that onl tluec" men lu every
thousand are affected lij the objection
able tvpo of dangeious chseaso.
' MatmiicntM .oncoming the drinking
orgies of our bo In olive eirab. ' sa.s
the ilciuinu, "ale wild ih Itlsiulis of
some feveied binlu homo of our men
drink the lighter ncli wlno. but
there l mi srniblalieo nf wldcypicad
drimkeuners Our Ineii arc doing llvii
bit In the war rune and l Is up to the
civil population at lio.no lo get busy and
etond evely ounce of suppoit Hut Is
The peoples ef l.uiopo look to
Amerh a for succor. We mul not fall"
Perhaps tho busiest spot at I.lttlc
Peuii todaj is lu the us lion vvheio the
SIMV-llfth laiglneer Keglmrnl U get
ting leadv for seivloo "oei llteie" The
men lu this oulllt havn volunteered to
serve In the tanks. tho"e big lumbering
war mnchlncs that are tchiiluhd lo
wiuash tho bucho lines
Wink in tlio tanks must bo tomautic
If the attractiveness) of Hie -eu'ce i-aii
bo juilged by tho number and quality nf
men who have volunteered They i otno
from evety wall; lu life and come fiom
eveij siilloti of the country, ami every
man is eager and decidedly .union.-, to
begin operations.
"Orders to move cmiip.i onmo ton
epilckly." said William Kafcto, of I'
C'eunpanv, today. Itafetn. a sbort cud
stock chap not mora than twentv-flvc.
comes from Sail I'raliclsco lie Is the
mess s-ergcant for Ills lompinv and fame
to i '.imp Meade, from I'amp Zach ir
Talor In Itcntuckv.
lu temperament he t.vplfles the nver
ngo "tanker," for he has the eaimirks
of a fighting man ' Company Is a
western outfit and was lecrulted al
Camp Tavlor. Tho oldest man hi the
bunch Is Sterling McGow.lu. who con
fesses to be forty-three. He halls from
Hammond, Jnd, and Is a tegular. Ho
presides at erne of the big tangos, but
lias hopes that he can take a lilug at
'he Hun from one of tho tanks
I'eorge Kaenimer Is from Hast St
I.ouls and will go to 1'ihihc with a
biiukle from Ills homo clt.v William
Kaincs Klllff is the buiiklo and quite
an inlvenluier. John A llarbaugh, of
Sullivan Ind, was attached let tlio .lllilth
Ammunition Train nnd would have had
the privilege, of carting shells Info tlio
front lino trenches.
sarssu t;n ill !! i. I? "Mill i i v;n i il
m mmmm-M
Mill i: '
zmmuim'mmi nil
Raiijing Interest to Lure De
posits Declared Harmful
to National Financing
Mnshlnnlnn, March 13.
Tho competitive nicvcment among In
terior banks to obtain demi ml deposits
hv increasing Interest rates Is ills
eouiaged by (.lovoinor W P (1 HnrdlnK.
of the Kedcr.il Heservo Hoard, w ho has
elegraphed teservc binks to lire their
'nlluence with Imnks Pi cbeelc this
llco pending nctloti by the New ork
cieniuig nous.- .imcmnii in " """-M
higher Interest rates which have drawn
many deposits there.
llesulls will bo harmful both tu na
tional financing and to the banking bind
mss, llovernor Hauling said, unless
the tendency to lute new checking ac
hy better rates is Immediately
.....,I.am a.,.,,. t.ll.A.1 I,, 111.. l...l'll
!........ tln.r.l inu II, n e.llln ,.f n
coiiforqiico of governors of IVdeml K '
seive banks hcie March 2: in iI'.sciism '
Inleiest rates. Plans for the ihitd l.lb-,
mv loan and other qiii-stlr.us,
Hundreds of banks in Intel lor cities
havo protested to the bojul lu the last
few weeks, it was disclosed, over the
aitlou of a few hanks In iallng tales
on .becking accounts fiom 2 to 'J'j
per cent to .prevent the lemoval of
these, acoeimls tu New in I f-tate banks
or trust companies, wlileli ulwayi have
milutained t'tt.s of J per mil or ivenj.Mi.h. who recently iiliiiitKUineu nun.
tiiore, '1 ho coiicnitiiitlon of delimit In KClf during a C.rrinan raid on the Ameil-
i this win h.i.-, ! in lapld e-uue lift .lime.
when mi amendment to tbc lcdeial Hi
eii net bienmc off. i live, renillrliK in
tlnnal I'.iiik reserves to be la pt solely
with ree1er.it Ucservo hunks and in
moving the forniei encuurag-meiit for
eoti'itiy banks tn keep echange ac
counts with iccogulzul deposit ii y banks
and at the same time get credit foi the
deposltr as iiscivcs
Rc'bCivc for Holdicis Is 1
Pounds Ecirr Supply Ncnily
'Irenliin. Mar, h It t the cln-.o of
last month IT -in I"1 pounds of fiesli
meat were louliilucd ill cold storage
warehouses in New Jorso Mo"t nf
the meat Is awaiting shipment to tin
I'nlted Sfati a and Allied armies In,
1 laiiee. Tho supplv li the largest on I
recoul siiuo the State lie p.u tment nl
Health was authorized to require re- '
foils of all fnoel products lu cold f'fnr. '
ago. It Ir approslinalelv double Ihe
amount in slotage a rut- ago and li '
more than 3,it0fi unu pounds in i-mcs of
tlio supply at Ihe cloi of .lanu.uv of
this .veai
Tlio supplv nf tlObll livli in vtnrigo
deeiensed In rehrttary fiom Ml US'
pound'i to 1.M tin pounds. The poultr.v
supplv ti. I'll I'll) pounds, was about
LS.oni) pounds lu excess nf a month ugo.
though inoio lit hi r,,n00,0nrt jiounds loss
than in l-'ebruaij. 1'I7. Huttei show eel
it elecie.iso for the month finui 1, CSS, ITS
pounds to 1 33S.3T2 pound".
lMlhle fats, cine nf the e..venliali for
alinles in the field. incirii'Vd fiom 1,011.
t;,n to i.nts.fil I pounds ilurlng tlio
month. Tills Is isinsldci.ibly less thin
half the supply of fat, on hand a jear
ago. and even then theio wan a in irked
Calvin Tomkins and M. J
on Inland lioaul
a-liitiEteiii, Marih 1. Seerttaiv
Mi Adoo today appointed two new mem
beis of his inland waterways coiniiiis
slon 'l.'tey me Calvin Tomkins, furnur
sleek i omiiitsslonor- of New Yoik, and
M .1. Sandeis, New Inleaiis
Sanders Is manager of tho Lev land
steam 'hip Hues am gullied attention nf
shipping men when ho opened the Lake
liotgno, Canal between tho Alabama coal
IlL'lds imi New ui Irani,
-. i ii ii i
i'". W nlWili AiMH.
m ' . (j i" f !vVvvvviMJrVV ni iiiii isijHp 9RaVPPI ' s
i i I1 i mm ;
lit. II. Shopf Quit Wireless to Itc-
place Knllcii Gunnel's
I.sinnlrr, l'n., Marcll 1.1 The seven,
tecn-j car-old bov who was mentioned
vesterday lu news of n suhnrirlne ul
tack on an American ship, as u hero, H
It II. hhopf. sou of Mr. ami Mis. H. "
Shopf. of 3I liist b'riderhU street, this
clt.v The lad readied bere today and
confirmed the ttnr.v lie was erne of the
wireless operators, and after n gunner's
I n itn h.lil been Mli.if ,1,., ti l,n tf lilu
( ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,, fmi,lu,itloii.
.Tlr Blli,nwrc nred one torpedo nnd
prac-llnlf.,Cl, , . l0 Mti ..,, (, 1)cU(,e
lMr K1,pply was eh uistcd, Our men
threw nltiet..sl sbells In leturn for
their 200,
and inline of them hit the
marli "
, i nsnrv i .risntn l Ttcnl
im Vllil) bAiLll 0 AIUL I
,,,,,, ,i ,, . i
Semcailt WlllSil, WilO UOUtCU
flnrnvm UuiiloiN Is Sec-
ueim.in n.utiei.s, is oli. (
rotary a Urtleriy
Hltli Ihe Aliierl.au
Arm.v in I riiliee,
Much 13.
Sergeant Patrick Walsh, of lictrolt.
can front, has been iclcctcd to be or
ehrlv to Srcictary nf Wur ll.iKi t ilfirlns
ibe Secret iry s s, J. .r:. !:- '.'mice
Inning the Herman laid nu tho Toiil
front M.uoh I a iliilunti captain lu cum
in.cnd nf tlic raiders iholltid Intra the
entrance nf an American dugout, "Come
out Amei leans'."
"I'm csiinlng!" leplled Walh
lie i merged with a big luitoinatlc
lilslol lu his baud and killed the Ccruiaii
i apt. i hi.
Walsh iiiii mining the ,i Amrrleaiis
rfeentl.v ilecornleil hv Premier Clemen
51) 000 ! '" w'th the I'n nib War i'iiuh.
TPe Ivllimg nl I no uciui.iit i.ipt.iin was
not the only exploit of Sergeant Wahh.
When all nf ih American ollkers on
the raided sillent had bull killed or
wounded Walsh n"L cnimuauil nnd put
a iiullet lute, a r.erman, dlspctslug a
group nf eiumles wlm weio Irving lo
.1 pt ill c lillu nnd others lu a dugntit
W.iMi thin f.ivul tlio logbook that had
boon liitriislcd tn his keeping
Malsb lias si en tlihtv voais' ervhe
under ihe Mai- and stupes )r had
an opporluuitv for retln merit In feu e
lomh ,' In I rinee. but spin nod it He
wears ids Imuice modal niid'stl uiidei
his tienih eoat rend wiiou his compan
ions rierl, tn Kiel ' him ,nn risk win, bo
Invurlabl'- icplle. 'oh. I'm ihlllv"
A Fine American Watch
is tlic "Maximus," made 1 tlic
Valtham Watch Co. An c.tnt
thin model in an elegant case of
18-kt. green gold. $225.
S, Kind & Sons, mo chestnut st.
The paper you'll need for that
high-grade printing job is made
right here in Philadelphia
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Order Flat Rock Quality papers hereafter made in Manayunk and
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ping and casing costs. 14 motor trucks from our mills to tho heart of
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Martin & Wm. H. Nixon Paper Co.
Plat Kock Mills
Wood to Be Examined Upon
His Return From France,
Announcement Says
WtisliliiKltm. Mareli 13.
Seven major generals of tho ntmy
have been announced us being phl
oully unlit for service lu I lance
The hoard of inodlcnl cMimlners tec
ommendod Hint those now- In active
coinnmiil of lioopt be relieved of nucli
Tim shake up is one eif tlio most ex
tensive lu the millturv lilstor.v nf tho
nation nnd is due to the severe" phvsl
ml lrqultrmenH Imposed liv older of
the general staff on nllleeis nf the line
l'lve nf tho olllccrs icconiuicndul
for dlschaice nto ill ijor generals of
Ibe Viillnli.i1 Armv. Illlel lire fcttltneil
t" the ..hi g.ade of brlgaellcr Bcncnil 111
llin rnsllllf lirtnt'. OtllPIH VV IIO 11CICI
the rink of tinior geneiiil in th" Per-
n'ancnt est ihlWIimcnt mc icllcvcd or
tliPlr commands'
The oflicers nnd the iccoiuip.rii.ni.
lo)) nf th(i moillcnl (,.N,imir, roiiow:
Miilne riener.il Tlmm ih II. I.'irry
icgular antn, iclleved of coinmnnil of
the Klglity-hlMli Nalleniiil Armv rllvl
shin. Cninp flrant. Huckfenil. III., und
(turned to his foiiner pnst us com
nnnder of Hie Central Depaitlucnt,
licadquaitora nt Chlcigo.
Milur Ucneuil Charles (.!. 'Moi.ton.
icstil.ii uiniv. lelieved nf e-oniniand
nf tho Twentv-nlc'itli Natlou'il C.unrel
ellvMnii Ciiuip ah Cloll in. Anulston,
Ala., nml given other dutv.
.Mujn- fleneial Uli'liJld M. match
foul. NntIou.il Armv. lemiiti em his
in cent eluty us enuunander of the
DemrtmeMt of Pan una.
Jluinr Ueneral Kdvvln St. 3. fiieble
N'litlou.il Armv. relieved of command
nf Ihe Thlitv -sixth division. Camp
Howie, Texas, and asli;neil to othei
Mn lor rionernl IMwin It. Pluninicr.
7C.itltiti.il Aimv. lelieved fiom mm
"uiuil nf tho l'.lghtv cluhtli illvlslon.
Ciinn Uodirc, Iowa, und tv signed to
illier duties.
Mnleir lJeucr.il Willi nil It. Sa tc Nn.
t Ir-ii il Aimv. lelieved fiom cnnitmnd
of the Thlitv -el"litli division N'atloiril
Uiiuel t'atnp Shelhv, Mississippi, nnd
usslaneel tn other dutv.
M.ilnr Ui'iienil Willi mi A. Miinn
Kiitinn.ll Armv tn iiiiiulii nil his pies,
ent dutv coniuianilliiir Haste rn 13c
pi' tment.
Them Is mi doubt Hint the lecotn
inenditlnlis nf tlio medical hoiriN will
he appiove'd hv the Krcift.it if Wur.
is he has s.un tinned the' policy under
wlm it the eitlkeis ,i"e feuiiid ilisc.rlly
All general eillloois nro tn bo ic
luhcd In ii'idcign the severe phvsb il
losts.niu1Geiioi.il Mpih Is neisnntillv
tn insiieit entiio eliv Nloiis nf th" N'ii
Established 78 Years Ago
1 i
tlonnl Atniy utiil N'utlonnl it until be
fore they mo permitted to embark
for foielitn sen Ice, Tlio chief of stuff
Iiiim tecelved leporls from Inspector
generals on n number of divisions pio
iiniinced ready to go to l'latue, hut ho
wilt not peimit tlmm to dep.nt until
lie has Inspected them.
The Infcienco obtained nt the Wnr
Department tod ly was that many divi
sions of rlrnfti'd men will ho sent to
I'iuiicc before Nutlonul Guard divi
sions nro permitted to sail.
OfllcetH of the department comment
ing today of icports that franco had
ingril that Ameilcuii troops ho 01a
patched In Blotter nuinliera snld sob
diem were going uliroad as rapidly
as possible, hut Hint It was expected
Hint ndditlonal organizations would
ho pepared for fnielgn servlco und
held I early tn Mill nn soon us toiuuso
Is available.
General oltlccis now In Trance will
he cx'iinlneil upon their icturn to this i
,i-iiiiiiiv .-xo uigii omcer is to escape
cue ccsc .viujnr c.encr.ii uugii 1
bentt, finmer I'hlef nf staff, now In
cnintniilid at Cninp Dlx Wrlghtstovvii,
N' .1 . was I'xninlned xesterdiv.
M.ijni Ccnrrul t.ennnrd Wood, now
..... ..
in i-rnnce. wuero lie li'ccntly was
Wllltniieil ill the nrlll hv the PXIilnslems
if n liand grenade, will ho examined
upon h.s ret utn lo the 1'niiecl States.
Public Infoimation Chief esl;s Presi
dent to Revoke or Modify
Wii.liliigliiii, March li lieorgc Creel
has ingoiillv reiiiesfe,l picsldent Wilson
In revoke or, al Pas', niodlfv (lie War
Hcparlnii nt's onbr ellmln iting Ihe ad
dresses from easiiiltv liit, It was
leal lied olio I illy toelav
P. u king the sS.uul taken In the news
dlvisou of the i ommltteo em public in
foim'itlon, of which be Is elialiinaii.
I'leol nude a strong argument against
tlio War Department i tiling.
l'urllier, Cii el pnlnled out tint Score
l.irv Hiker Indorsed Ihe pi in nf publish
ing addressee und the elates of tlio deaths
along with Iho mines. Ai Hug Scinlarj
of War Uoiiidlct Crow ell Issued the
order which Ins caused tn much c-rlll-ilm.
Irenleii, Marih 13, An increase of
finui live In six cuts for eaeli faie toil ly
was allowed Iho Niutlmmptou, Haston
and Washington Tiaitlon Company by
the Slate public t'lllllics Coinmlssloii In
c ir h e,f seven fare loncs between Phil
llpsbnrg and Port Muriaj u distance cf
sevenleeii miles
Iiolleils lu the Income of Ihe e oncrrn
ale the ground for the pi riulsslon lo
make th. inireaso, which will become
eifecllve at on,.
Where There
ou slioulii
registers an
Thnf is itisl
iniiuuiu a
ob.,.,i,i ., r,
The Holmes System also
properly ciosea every nigiu,
reopened uleKally.
Is Your I'roiiei'lv
Manayunk, P.
- j wa
A. Si i
Camden Patriots Remain efK'
Same Unit, Despite Vari-? (
oua vJhange8 j
Walling patiently for orderc
Join tlio American forces In Frl
ire Illchard A. nanney nnd Ills '
(icotge A, llamsey, who live at C
II) do Park, Camden, N". J., where
reside tho wlfo of the elder Itai
his grandmother nnd two sisters, Rl
nrd Itamsey Is forty-two years old -awl.
the se.n eighteen, lloth father and uHU
nro members or tno rourtn squad ,.ot
Compiny H, of ,tho lllth (New Jersey)
in.iehine.gun naiiniion. incTatncr
, t0 the time of being inutered Into-,
ijovernment service had spent ,'
n.ir n ihmiIht nf I'nmmnv n.jr:
..... .. . .. ' u .. r.
ll.nti?.. enlisted In (bn shiiia reimt
piny before war was declared, whefl '
Iho roirlnient went to Sen. flirt fttthwl
,.r.l v.i,i worn eraiinnnleins. When ,!,.
reglnii'tit wns nioblllied at Sea Girt an V'S
started tor camp .Mcuieuan. Ala.. ftlwrTJ
and son vvcte Inrrparable and when th ;
leglment was split Into various units"
tho were again placed together In tlti.'
machine-gun company. y .j. 5
TI.a a.a..ff1ia aairf iatta ai.1h a 4 1 ab kl.MX W
il' 111-1. MM ..l", hlliuillUvllCl, BW?(J VJ
patibitisni Is, unbounded, arc proud jt,flsn
the bov since lip had ths honr.r of wlnJM.il
nlng the divisional cross-country runft, ;
which was livid on Marcll E, In thf Son'"'r 'M
test tliere were ir , eontoUants, some ofvAb 1
whom wcro professional uinners. Tlie'vV'B
distance was thiee nnd one-half tri1lM,v .
Young llimsey ilnlshed lu Jg minute'
hi ?iei ... nlwlj .llilnl. Ii.nl 1, KAAnJ4 i
f, ,-,v """nun, .....b., ,- .,,,- ICLVIU Ui l-'S
Iho foimer ellvlslonsl ehumplon. Ho wonf'l
lie ..nllil rreilil ntoel.el ulven hv IIia Hle...)"
slou coinin mdtr, M ijor l.rtieral Mort'oniV hA
and also the i liver tronhv cun. Tliiti";
ti-.iiitilri e rrn fr.riil.illv iirn.cilrtil ii lelrm JjtM
latt Mondty '".V?1"!
Young Itanise) foimerly was conncctedViftl
with Iho Shnmroik Athletlo Club and trC'l
Mnrfiuette Athletic club of Philadelphia , ai
eeliete lw tall under the iiliRnlnr-i tt ,ltS. jQa
Mnatciir Athletic t'nloti Uefore cnter-f 'J 'A
Ing the seiviec ho wan a shlpjHrd 'worker''" '
and his rutin r w.ei n eiecKliand at the Kl
Heading Hallway ferries. Tiro fatherlsf, hl
rati d ns a corporal and the son ns a flrstS ' rl
class private-. $1!
1-MiMii Mpmle. Ailiitlrnl. Aid. itn-el.
II 'I hreo men of this canton J'
inent have been designated lo take 1)8 H
HI ine eniupoiiinc cxainiimuon 10 D ' f
held III Washington next Tuesday fetr
iiininliitmont to West f'eilnl. j s A
Those u.iniod aie Scigeaut Archle,J -ta
r'.iiotlieis Pulled Stales armv nnibn.,niAJ
ljm s, le lee . Mcnr.int llurnl.l If A
lani e servlc
.Set grant Harold JlA.'jWS
Hooker. Companj C
0 1 til uminunltlon v rt
train, and Sergeant Andrew
II. Segal,,
of the nUarleimistir corps.
Are VMlnhles?
protect them with a system thku-:
alarm every time they are in; &
wliiii the Hiilmnsi Mvsfpm fit . s.s
Elect rie Protection does. TM
.. . ,. , . . t f r' T.
riiiiiiir itiicmpi to in can: ' in,' if.
,. - .... ., i..i- i.-:, ,'-
.-iiiuinei i mc m .i nan ciecui, an iliuilll .10,. i
immediately sounded in our Central Offlce,. VJ3
Trained men respond at once and lossjls'is3x
insures that your premises gte, 4
.tnu once so ciosea are 'mi;
- . '
Holmes Proleclerl? iyw
Write for
"The Blue Book
of Flat Rock
. c
It carries samples of thev':
highest grades of Book P- ff.
pers super-calendered.s blgtt
finish, machine finish, V-'j
iiquo macnine nnisn ana,'
bonds, writing, ledger
With this brochure befoM'
you, you can makocorrH
selection. Write for H.ai
once. Also for pnnUd.'rt
natures, on Jin sivmH :
' sj?j
I 1'ri
rciur'Qr tne'tcuii.v.'uotors
la. ''-.'
j r

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