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L irffy
Bernie Boland Reduces Circuit Smashes and Proceeds
to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary by Downing
A"s for Detroit's First Win Here
-AMD HOR(?ORS! You KiCeD a
MEVaJ hat To Go uJi'Th VoUPi
AMD You RMD it McceSiAiRV
6"7 VfARIETlcTi or HATS- FOPl
You MV5T HAve a MAT .'
.V .v
i)M LfiOK, WOftiE 7hAU W
jfety Mathcwson's Knowledge of Pitching and His
Nf Ability to Get Best Service Out of His Men
Having Fine Effect on the Reds
OT'LAST Cincinnati seems to hnve a regular manager. Christy M.ithew-
PAAn lfl nrnVlttP Vlltnenlf tn Kb nn nkln imnnc.1 nt tt-no vnli fieri tn tfilrn
rf -- - a-.w...0 iiu4ievii hj srv mi uuic tjvit'irti nil, la. J J '- vt 1 tit v- i-u "nv
B,jnere never was any question about his ability to handle men una
lake them do what ho wanted them to do, nor was there any douht thru
rKnew the came. But there was some room for doubtinc vhethr he
l.;that knack of getting the right players and putting them in the right
gSThla season Jlatty has the Keds moving alonsr at a fine clip. The pltrh-
Sw.sood and the hitting of the team is far better than the average fan in
riclnnati believed it could be. The reason for both is Mattv'5 hichlv
leyfeJopad. pitching sense. This quality enables him to be invaluable in
jevelop'ing his hurling and swatting talent to Its utmost potentiality.
Not only Is Hatty well ersed In these tei-hmrnl matters, but he is a
piwjmirer In whom his players have "complete confidence and of whom they
re very rond personally. This makes a combination that is virtually un
liable on the baseball field. When hikIi men us Sherwood Mncre h'irkle
bvyn and put frrtb. every effort for the welfare of the club it is a site
t that Matty is making good as a manager and that the Ileds are In a fair
ay' trr make a murh stronger bid for the flag than any one gave them
Rfedlt tor when looking over the team as it appeared at the heginmns of the
bieeason on paper. .
.Y U.11.. j . . .. . . ....
j uoes not go to trance ana it appears tnat ne is not neMineri
K-I9 this year he is likely to have those Reds tin at or near th ton. fi2hfinr:
sfcfor every game Just as thev are doing now.
H Dodners Milhtnnn Armnul C.nhs Korhs
BAS'TAR back as the mind's eve can ponetrat" th." Urookl.vn Dodgers havo
fl"- been a millstone arOUrid the neck of the fhti-nrro l'nh len in rhn o
?Rf1Ina"c'ent baseba'l times when I 'rank r'.iamv was lending the fub, p.'n
gBMitward, Brooklvn would creep between the Cub', and vu-torv. 1' -nllv
ItlhancO Was fichn the Olants cnti ennontW- 11 ci-pmc lh.it lhi ln f ,.f ri.11.
Cblish have alwa.w tried to help the New York club at such times when they
$CT9 Unable to do an thing In the vv.iv pf pennant-cha-une them eip..
KUCKer. aiclnt.vre and Hell were the pifhers who in the p.-i-,t more
sithan once blasted the hopes of Hrerv.v t'itv fans. "n su'-h o easiom the
EOtfba ,-would apparently have things going their way for the. Hag when lo'
tttp would start Brooklyn and give them a series of trimmlns.,- that vv.13
I unbelievable.
jMToday Brooklyn is doing the same thing, fhlcajro is at least hopin; for
Victory in the National League over the niants. rtrnnkivn eniwi intn ti-o
?brach and wrought havoc among Mitchell's crew iust at .1 time vrhen tho
flatter were contemplating a cleanup series.
One of the factors in Brooklyn's new strength is Zich Wheat p-nami
jj.'jtocJu before hitting Chicago, was batting at the fiendish rate of about a
Lk(ik)llarfirXtV. Rllt 1P Cpema In hlvn rlrnnnn,! ) V,!,. ....1.1.. 1 1- ,.,.-
btl; - " -........, .v ....... .,1..i),m iiiiu m tj mu .mil IS KUlIlfi UKU
,a;blazing dwelling. Zach did not get any spring trainintr. The rer.nu n.
tfeat'in the first few games he played ho was rather easy for the opposing
rif. .ers' :sow' however, he has got out of the habit of not ba.-e.
1 iiftf tno an 1. Mm... .1 1. ...i.,. ., .. ...... ... . .
lias ' to " -vjuiiji iuiuuu wan uzneij cioui ater clout.
' Championships Won't Be Bad After AIL
R?-SrlTE of the 'n'ar' which has brought oflege athletics lo a lower level
fethan usual, the Intercollegiate A. A. A A hampinnshipo this ve-ir wtll
lp?5 -E0 bad a'ter all, if one can believe the news that is filtering through
rs-jyjwuvfco taints censors, u is narn to get. a good line on the men who
Ma .going to compete, but enough is known to insure followers of track and
'ilu B"s lnat tne events this year will be well worth attending.
jjvan Dresser. Cornell, will either start in the mile or the two-mil. con.
lfi?.W5r whIcheve' one of these events he elects to enter is goinj to he a
jeguiar race. Shea, ritt, will be entered in tho 410, which is enough said
about that.
1V' The Star f- t.rptnn l-mrHIof lnl irHmn 4..Mn i i ..
. .H.b.. t, 4.mmi(, luauicii e-iieeu in inose i aces,
aad Johnson, cf .".-higan, is likely to outleap tho field in the broad jump.
,a ha, cleared 22 feet JO inches in tho face of a wind at franklin Field
during the relai s.
S.'f x T. ir t,
. -uu xj. Mjrvrs. iianmouin, nas Deen clearing the bar at height.-, ranging
m, 12 feet up .ill spring in the pole vault, and. it is likelv that he -,ii
at his best when the championships are staged.
i.?hes are a tew of tho leading athletes who will nerfnrm nr,ri mr
",?hers who are nearly as good as these rhamninnn nn,i nr.nhm
.X "V - . ...... ... w.. V !lltllll1'ilB.
JPrinccton Favorite to IT'i;i Trianr.ular Track Mm
jVEN' though the Princeton University track team received a se ere s et-
l10MK last week through the enlistment of Sinclaire. who was without a
M, the best shot-puttcr In collegiale ranks, and n.-nmond. a fan- m,rirfin.
inco man, in the reserve qiriceis' training nmn. the Titrers uhni.i i.
turned the victor by many points next Saturday at New' Haven when
.y.me.et lale and Harvard in a triangular track and field meet
f? n"""mal times a triangular meet between Vale, Harvard and Prince.
ijwoUId be looked forward to with great interest thiouphout the entire.
IHtrV. With the PVnPCfflHnrt rtf eoainn- .... 1,1-1. l i
j ---- ---' V-..W.. . B-wte, .... "ib'i--ias3 iieriormance. with
m or more record-breaking acts thrown in for good measure. Such i,mv.
SFl-r rie-t. the cae this season. Vale and Harvard admit that their teams
a -very weak and believe that their chances of annexing first honors are
'fiPf Johnny Mack, of Yale, Is of the opinion that but three of his men
PT "".- co win a nrst piace, wnne itarvard believes only one member
j'its.team will win five points. This means that Princeton is favorite to
tne omer nine first places, nr forty-five points. Accordins to thii
feper the real fight will be between Yale and Haraid for m-mui niio
wwkhitHarvard, berauce of Its better balanced squad, a slight favorite.
There Will Be No Army Professionals
-questio" was recently brought to the notice of ih A i i- r,....i.
t.iR..the status of athletes who aie with the army and are competing "for
fcnri2es. Under the genera' ruling of the union this would automatically
cssiicn a competitor in the professional class.
UpA'.-A. U, officials have declared, however, that no matter what a man
H?whlle It the American army his status after the war will remain as
i'mmi before he entered the service, regardless nf what he mirht h.. ...
U?MhaH ni.MH nl.nn 1 . 1. t . 1 .1..
ll,uwBj kii uiuci Ji IKS in aLniciic- uuiuneillioil.
ijf&turally, the A. A. U. could not afford lo declare an American lighter
-piesstonal for simply doing what the officers want them to do to keep
iiii6, j uib uiaiiiiauuii etnuuiu nave (leciaea cunerently it would
f taken the step that would have meant its end.
&?A t a mfl lam af Vilat a m n iv Wto hha VMHMV41a k.. ii. t . . .
t -.efcM MtiiELe ,. in amc m.ciiu) wiuie inis letter:
weve jus; naa an ainieuc meet, i went In five events; won two firsts
and a third. The prizes were all cash and I cleaned up forty-two
, jl euppose if the A. A. U. heard of this they'd declare me a pro. It
pt worry me."
f.?Vk Qricftlan Cannot Malic a Doubles Tennis Team
.been proved time and again that one man cannot play for two in
tries tennis match. This was clearly demonstrated recentlv when
.TiIden, 2d of the Germantown Cricket Club, played In Flatbush.
the singles of the Terrace Club, but he was beaten in Iho
cause he tried to play the game for himself and his partner.
of depending- upon his partner to do his share of the. work,
ijptca to cover tne entire court nimself. The result was that
awistantly out of position. This also put his partner out of position,
(Sly their Opponents found It easy to make passing 6hots or shots
I not be handled. because Tildcn and his partner were not ready
Planning for War Service Tournament
(,VJ3 plans have been made to ijonduct a war-service lawn tennis
nt. If the present ideas are carried out only men actually in
dwearing service uniforms will be eligible to compete. Many of
. best players arp now Jn the ranks of Uncle Sam's fighters, and
sent really would be a high-grade one, for all of the cien who
pwpuld be (n fine condition.
rn atlpn alone' there ore .some "excellent players, arewns
l"DWSon, TVillard 8. Botsford, the former Columbia Unlier-
tt . stars Jitm 'Georgetown University. J, B. O'BoyJe
f;flr, iorarjnur c; we Wfjr Tork lwn
"TV,?. rtlMO-TH6Y- AiR.e-VJEfRiWCi
Csetieue- Me
it- s )
TT'S a clneh to beat the Athletics those In the clithth Innlns. Brick Owens put
days If you only know the system. n the levers, hut Instead of being
The TIBers sot next to It yesterday and !P"ed- Khe. "as handed sm,p, h';M'
rrahhe,! ,. v. n . cheers by the spectators Brick always
crabber the ball pame hy a two-run ,s trylng ,0 ,, hls b,, h want9 t0 b9
margin and cam within two Karnes of fair and Is willing to listen to reason.
"inning a flock of straw lids. Perhaps ' " ne makes a mistake he Is the first to
the thoughts of 101 s kellys spurred the
nolrnli ganB to p.lv aDoe their heads,
hut wx. contend It had nothing to do with
It They wnrkrd the P.teln and got
away Wth It.
Here Is th dop All you have to do
Is to cut down the number of home runs
and the rest Is tay. Yesterday only
ono bleacher wnllnn was murto ..nri
admit It and nevor hides behind his au
thority to enter It up.
Dressen wai at bat and he dropped
a. dinky little hunt In front of the home
plate. Perkins picked up the ball, hurled
It to first and Owens called the runner
out. Immediately there -a, a howl from
the Detroit crowd, no one participating
except all of the isltlng playeis They
the A's lost. 3 to 1 The Tigers didn't ! contended the ball was foul and when
rKitoEKVA.liUlN Vr L1WJ3 Fastest Crew I Ever
Coached. Says Quaker
Frank Loughrey and Marty
Cross Clash lor Welter
weight Crown Tonight
11' .I.ME5 P. CXROLW
, I.e-v Haile etrran pmmntcr nn
a"tie In flapnt .-ittr.-n-t f e slie'v
for the fnitorl Pervp I'lub. has nr
rangerl n "rhamplonship" hnut for to
night"'! wind-up at the Service Club. COT
South Tent -second street it has been
the custom to limit the feaure engage
ments to four round", hut tonight's
wind-up has aroused o much Interest
that it was decided I" let It p, the regu
lation i rounds
Krank I.nughrev, a prndurt of Mana
yunk who entenaincrl the Australian
name-: for a number of seasons, will lie
one ,f the principals In 'he "tltlf"' fray
Afartv ''me?, foimer New York welter
weight, a hrothei nf Learh ""ress. will he
I,niiBhre '-. opponent Thl- is- for th
weiterv eight "i.ile. anrl as each hn
h.i., .-lio. n well all season In the service
exhihinnn a ral flcht Is looked for
when they come together
Has Worked Hard
i Lew Bailey will he the referee Batly
ha worked industriously for the lar-t
. year in the interest of the s-erMce how
Prevents Players From Cutting Fairways to Pieces.
Only One Way to Take Divots, Says
Chick Evans
T"T long ago a friend asked me nhi
tar.ee from, my home when I had lots ot
opportunities, for plajing g"lf nearer
town The main reason 1 select th's pai
ticular club i thai with mv busine?" I
cannot pare more than an hour' a day
for I'inriiK Though niy faonte Huh
is some distance nut nf tnwn. Pt ilui.
are t nmpaiatn elv few plaveis there
and that cue the short-time golfer
greater frerdom.
When a man practices alone Ins mis
takes seem bigger and he tries harder.
iv -.itre, i ,niv iiUe this snitar- prac
tice for a little time, fnr a man mon
1 l '' l-i n-n cnt-npany, but If a
golfer is ambitious and has but hitle
i in- ci.li d.-i it i.- hettrr to practice
alone A carele-- game w th another
cardess plajer is phasant. hut It does
not Improve one's pla.wng The fiiendly
game cannot he dispensed with; it Is a
pait of the jny nf living and belongs lo
Saturday hnlf-holidays and Sundays,
"hen rtne i an nut in ntartic the thmirs
and ha gone out of his wav often to he has learned in his sohtnrv i-pare hour
procure some outside talent to perforin
for the boys In uniform In addition ti
arranging the shows, he devotee mo-t of
his spare time with the hoy., teaching
them th game and Instructing them In
the proper way to wield the gloves
Ten other three-round bout' will be
held .Iu-t before the wind-up goes out
there will he a battle roval between ten
course at Bellealre. Fla , after
Pin Towers Who Rollerl Last
Night Fail to Tally Scores
Equal to Le-nilers
The pin tourer rolling last n'ght.vv bile
several large stores weie tallied, their
corpg failed to rarn t:iV upper rung of
the ladder already held by Muller and
Barri in Class A, Hart and Shuster in
nas B nr G Gane & Doyle in Class C
Preusc'n and Dill ran up a score of
. Scraps About Scrappers
vvnite hovr Two weeks ago we wit
itre.-r-,i um.- m inee ireait exninuinn
and agree with the veteran Billey that i
they are hetier than the battles between O.MAN TOl IRNP"V
the colored gladiators 6-lVIMl lVJUn.lL.I,
The show has the arproval of Com- I
mander K. R Payne, who keeps clnFely
tn touch with the sporting activities i
at the Naval Home and service clubs. ,
He is a great booster of clean '-port
'and alvvavs can be found present when!
a high-cats sponjng event is being j
staged. i
' A. A. V. Tourney Tonight
The preliminaries nf the A. A. U box- ,
ing chamnlonshsps. which were to have
been held at Jack O Brlen's studio will
he held at the I nited Service Club to
n'eht n conlunction with the bouts al
ready mentioned
Mnrt of the nest amateurs in this city
will compete, as we!' as the amateur i
artiste In the A A t" district. Tommy
o Mallev. brother of Jnhnny Mealey. j 1S55 In their rolling Dill getting a
who recently won the 135-pound a ma- j double and one odd pin In his first: V.n
teur championship In Boston, will be a ,, .... ...
competitor! He will represent the rolllnS wlth fcen"r' was not at ll19
' Meadow biook Club. best. Starting with 1S9, his next two
I Jack O'Brien offered his boing em- I games were bad, scoring 145 a"nd 143
nnrium to the A A. V vvhen he learned . , , . .. . , . ., , A, ,
that the receipts would he given to the I In his fourth he found them for 201 and
'cause. Philadelphia Jack Is a great last game 1S6 Senior scored a double
rnvicTboU6POr'S '" ",e ben6fit "f 'he lalt"' opslnE them '"' -,0 P'"'
The "A' V finals will be held at I Poinsett, having been called to the
the United Service Cluh on the night colors, was peimitted to roll off a
of Jliv 31. I single Eenes and lan up a high fcoie of
J 1 950. getting 2-'5 and 201 in the last two
Tonight the following pin manipulators
will roll off:
6-45 p m Class B. Snyder-Crawford.
Sayre-Morton. Greul-Breeding,
Randall-Ilungan, Storck-Wagner, Mc-Corkle-Meany
8 30 p m. Class B, Volfe-"Doc"
Shields, Cushing-Nicholaa, Nester-Hun-dredmark,
Donley-Wanger, Starkey-D,
Taylor, Mulford-Mayer ; Class A. lleary
Brown. N
10:15 p. m. Class B. Green-Turner i
Class B, Campbell-Hoffman ; Class A.
Rhoades-E. Taylor, Cravvford-W. Hauck ;
Class B. Dynes-Guest, Reilly-Hill ; Class
A, Marshall.Aikens, 1. Myers-Christine.
Notes of the Bowlers
Mullr and "Nick" llarrl. Hfter riofne
some fancy bowling, turned lr a banner
erlea, an averrfee of 401 4 fnr five games,
their total beinsvS'W'.) Pins This cave them
flrat plate in class A ' Ntrk" showed some
consistent howling, having scores of lt2.
256. 'J03 108 and IK.
The Drug League, after having, on sev
eral occasions, been Into a deadlock for first
position, between Mulford and Kckman
snuads. ranie to a close with the same re
sults, which wtll necessitate a roU-otf for
tha championship. SUc'orkle. of I' W D.
Co. team, broke the previous single game
record of ?4U ulna, held by Snder, of Mul
ford, when he toppled them for U52 pins.
Oaroon and Radcliffe well earned aerond
Blace tn Class A with a score of 1055 pins,
oth these bowlers showed the plna eaay to
rind, each having double centuries and over.
Gamon having two, 227. .215. while hla part
ner went him ont better, acorlct 244, 204
an B.
Class r also has a new leadership, th
team of G. Gane and Doyle earning tha plate
when they turned in a total ot 170D, In
their aerlts they were alloted a handicap of
ntnt pins each game.
Oakley, rolling off in Ua aeries, waa belovr
par till his. third tunc, when 'in ran- up a
, jilV
tolen from a I usy weekday.
Thete c another, commendable thing
ahou'. my club and that is us practice
held I have never been able to under
stand why other clubs do not try to have
on Practicing on an actual course
soon digs It up Even In the playing of
.,., '"""" """ ' ""'" I hut every club that can possiblv spare
on el's a Chicago golfer, ay that the ,hp anrI ould ft aside a fpace for
a pro-(the practice of shots.
fesional tournament looked like a shell
toin battlefield.
The unction of Uking or not taking
up turf Is often (J.irtiised There Is no
doubt about it being necessary vvhen
yon liav a bad He or are lying close to
I he ground It l- understood, of course,
that the turf Is taken after you hit the
hall, for nothing must c'.me between th
blade and the ball. Taking the tuif
rem to give a "mnnther flight I do
not understand exactly vv l-y : perhaps it
means a cleaner lift I have had a notion
that the ball nffrr.T vcrv little resistance
lo ihe flying Hub and the meeting of
the cluhhead and turf HIM "lows the
hl.ido up enough to make ihe wrists
work harder and' more -i-ply against
the heavier resistance
Bui whatever the iea; on, chips nf sod
have been flying around golf counes
o thicklv- that the admonition "Replace
ihe Divots ' is found at everv course.
Hut here is a warning the divot should
he small. Mind vnu. the clubhand must
pot stop, as it would If the stroke was
a stub and a big divot, but nicely cllpq
ihe little chip of j.nd and .goes on to a
perfect follow through.
If there I., a bad lie the cluhhead
must pass through some turf The great.
ei plavers m the world take snd. but 1
the greatest players in the world always
need the three counters, n.s two would
have done just as well, but they wanted
a margin of safety In case some oh-
-.ucperous guy leaned heavily on a
""ww nn lifted it out nf the park.
The White Sox worked that same stunt
on .May 10, allowing but thiee home run3
while they went nut and scored five of
the common or garden variety The sys
tem is perfectly simple, If you know
how to work It.
Bascpaths Defrrteil
There's a funny thing connected with
those home-run clnuters on Connie's
nine There seldom is a man on base
when they get In their dirty work. The
footpaths were barren and deserted on the
four occasions Tilly" Walker walloped
the pill into the 30-eent section, and
George Burns has driven In hut three
runs wlih. his four lusty clouts Had a
couple of blokes been lingering on the
runways In the seventh vvhen "Tilly"
tilted the apple, there might have been
a different story to tell.
The A's are the most careless persons
In the world vvhen It come? to hammer
ing out home runs. They do It any old
time regardless nf the feelings of their
opponents and the number of men on
base. If they were only trained to
wait until a few playmates' are wan
dering around on the base lines the
won and lost column would be strength"
cned greatly thereby.
Tc SuEgel That- -
As a suggestion and only a sugges
tion, it might be a good stunt for Con
nie to place some men on the sacks In
tha morning nractlce and see if his
home-run sluggers can adapt them-
CARL THOMAS CAPTAIN sel"s h" nr condl,,ons
' Bernie Boland was a very happy, not
to say jo.vous. person last night vvhen
he wrote home to the Missus. Just one
year ago yesterday he was married and
he celebrated his firrt anniversary by
holding the Athletics to three hits and
one run Bernie was In rare form and
re'lred the side In one-two-three order
In every Inning except two In the
fourth, two bases on balls almost
gummed the works, but with two on and
George Burns at bat. Boland whiffed
the Tioga thumper and danger was
In the seventh a hit and another
base on balls put two Mackmen on the
cushions, hut Bernie pulled himself to
Tutor at Banquet
-...-.1.-.. . It .. i .. a I
p.;B '.V wmnoTlnJure ZrJZfLlZJ
' The crew I coached this year." said
Coach Wright, "was the fastest I ever
have coached or rowed in. and I have
been In the game now for more than
twenty-five .vears The crew was light.
the lightest I ever coached, but it made
Charley Hollocher Living
Up to Advance Notices
Cliarlev llnllorher. the Cub-' little
liortston. Is a prime favorite vtll the
W mrlv fitv rooter.. llnllnclier. who
pl.ive.1 on the rnant laM .ej.on, entered
the Ihc hov after folimilift of flilterlnc
lorle h-irl been nrlnted about him dur
Irur the v-hiter months. The nilvanre
hnhlirltv- did not hive nny 111 efTert on
hi, pluvial-, n. U iimi-iII.v tile rtifte of hie
leaf-ncri vihr rme up with more tlnn
the everace pnhlkltv a higher rereive.
Hut llnltnilier l llilnr: tip to hU advanre
repiitntlon and U n drawing card at the
( tibs' nark.
"The fastest crew I ever coached or
rowed In
In short, th's sums up Coach Wright's
opinion of the 1'nlversity nf Pennsvlva
pla llrs eight, which won three races
and then finished second In the patri
otic championships at Annapolis on the
Severn last Saturday.
The clever Canadian so expressed hlm
s(lf at a hanouet tendered the varsity
and freshman oarsmen last night at the
Anchorage on the Schuylkill hy John A.
Brown, chairman of the Quaker rowing unnrr. hurled over hi. most deceiving
shoots at Dugan and Perkins and those
committee t.vo uj.j. ,vfre fhot ,n thelr tracks. Those
An important part of the affair was four men were the only A's left on
the election of Carl Thomas, stroke of bases during the game. Boland looks
the varsity crew, m the captaincy of the like the one good pitcher on Jennings's
Hght for next year. Thomas, who is a payroll,
t-nphnmore. strokd the freshman eight M
la.t year, and was a star tackle on the "River .shannon Overflows
football team lart fall The election of I The "River" Shannon again was kick-
he former Central High boy Is a popular ing up a heavy sea and In the first two
bum plays gave Detroit an unearned
run With Bush on third and one out.
Ty Cobb hit to Terry. Donle was En
easy out at third, hut he jockejed
around until Tyrus had a chance lo
reach second By that time the putout
had been made, but Cobb kept on going
and was nearing third when Burns
heaved the ball to Shannon A muff re
sulted and Ty was safe. Shannon was
not given an error on this play, but
he dererved one On the next play he
made a terrible heave on Veach's
grounder and Cobb scored.
Dugan's bum throw allowed Cobb to
score again In the eighth It's funnvi
how those kids go up In the air every
time Ty gets on base
There was one feature In yes-terday's
one with the student body.
Wripht Gets Cup
When Joe Wright was called upon for
a speech he was first presented with a
big silver loving cup by the members of
the crew, a medal from the athletic asso
ciation and the rowing committee and a
combination cigar and cigarette case hy
Walker Wlnslnw. a brother of Boh
Winslow. No. f, oar In the Quaker shell.
the mob scene was at Its height. Owens
mien ins hand for mlence When he
got It he said:
"We'll settle this right now. Hllde
brand was In a position to Fee the play
and we will ask him. How about It
"It was a foul ball," replied the other
That settled It. Owens gracefully
asked Dressen tn ro back to the plate
and accept a ptrike instead of a put
out Nick ,Itrock on Job
There were big doings at the ball
park veslerday. Connie Mack acting- host
to a couple of thousand sailors, soldiers
and marines. It was bat and ball fund
day. and Clark Griffith's laudable proj
ject was given a big boost. Baseball
outfit.-, were given to the boys, the bands
blew out sweet harmony and every ona
was happy.
N'lrk Altrock came up from Washing
ton to assist In the ceremonies, and his
net went bigger than ever before. He
wrestled with a bulky package of uni
forms and used every hold known to
that form of sport to throw It. He did
so well that he deceived every one ex
cept possibly another wrestler, but that
doesn't count
He was on the coaching lines for both
teams and gave such a perfect Imitation
of Hughey Jennings that Hughey beat a
hasty retreat to the dugout to get soma
new pointers on how to act. .Vick mads
a big hit with the men In the service,
and even brought a few giggles from the
stern and haughty umpires.
Home nuns Arc Common
Ban Johnson was in the grand stand,
but said nothing about Altrock's act.
Ban had troubles of his own and wanted
o straighten out a little affair at Shlbe.
Park. He was successful.
Tilly Walker's home run In the seventh
was the fourteenth made In Shlbe Park
this season Once upon a time circuit
smashes were oulte rare at Twentv-flrst
street and Lehigh avenue, but this vear
are the most common things In ' the
world. The park soon will have a repu
tatlon like that of the Phillies
The left-field bleachers gt most of
the homers, nrd this might lead one to
helleve that the distance to the home
plate Is rather short Such Is not the
case. Joe Smith, the custodian of the
press box and demon announcer for the
Phils measured the field with a steel
tape the other day and found that tha
distance from home plate to the left
field bleacher wall was 370 feet ; to the
farthest comer of center field, 471 feet
.1 Inches, and right field. 331 feet. That's
a pretty big ball park and the home runs
probably would have counted on any
field on the circuit
REitrrEn rnosi tso. s;s and mo
PETER M0RAN & CO. T,aflr.rohr.,
S. E. Cor. 9th & Arch Sts.
Open Monday and Saturday Until 0 o'clock
up for lack of poundage In its strength game that should go down in history.
Osrnr Anilerwin will he seen in action at
I the fimbria A C. Kenslnston avenue and
Somerset street tomorrow pitted against
Jack Thompson the burly St Joseph, lln ,
.hrawwflsht The semifinal will show Rtfhhv
i North, of New York and Joe Koons. of this
j city.
' Aurle Patner, of New Tork and Tommv
Robaon of .Maiden .Mats com. together in
. twelve-round bout at Lawrence. Mass..
I tonight.
' Kid Norfolk, the Panama heavyweleht.
1 baa been Binned for three bouts. Tomorrow
n"ht h! Jnaasfes Jack Tavlor. of Memphis
In a. ten-round contest at Atlanta Ga . Mon-
Xav evenlia- he stona at Chattanooga. Term..
to mingle with Sam llolli. for ten rounds.
i and Juno 1 hi ake. on Jeff Clarke, of Joe-
(lln elo In a twenty-round contest at New
l Orieans. v
An ll-lar tliow ha been arranged bv
the Olvmnla management for tneir .weeklv
L. .JJI..I-.. niphi The final hout nre-
J aVnia johnn" Dundee and l:ddls Morgan of
tKngfand The semltlnal shows Chuck Wis.
gins, of IndUnanoiia. ann iv w uninim.
of Allentown. The main preliminary will
bi between two colored heavyweights Ja.k
Thompson, of St. Joseph, lio.. and Joe
noiker. of Dallas. Tea.
Jnhnnr Hiyea. a New Tork featherweight,
and r nmy DtFo'e. of St. Paul, have been
matched to appear In Newport. R. I., on
the nlcht of Slay 31
Harry (Kid) Drown, th local bantam. Is
dealroua of meeting Battling Leonard. Joe
Blum'a champlcn.
tlolTalo promoter are trylnr to match Joe
LeoSird. th. Saw- Tork, bantam, and pick
tSaAraan, who recently knocked out Johnny
Ertle, of St. Paul.
Data Aster, of New Tork. ha atarted
,'... fee hla bout with Baltlmora Dumlta.
i.e' T-- i - -A...-R M,t-t d.iii...
HT.fwr.aiaraMirBaioaar W:tH tufft ioric iwn I Thy mett In a return contest at Baltimore
But Seals on Roofs Overlooking Ball
Parks Mum Pay for the
Washington, May 23. Persons who
sell seats on any roof or structure over
looking a baseball park will be obliged Is the best chairman Pennsylvania ever
to pav a war tax to the Government.
according to an announcement issued
today hv the Bureau of Internal Reve
nue The tax must be collected and
paid by the enterprising owner or oc
cupant of the building who received
payment for the scats occupied by
"perchers "
The "announcement says, that In one
city a woman whose yard adjoins the
ball park has heen selling seats In a tcee,
the prices being five and ten cents, de
pending on how high the patrons have to
climb. Recently the price has advanced
to six arid eleven cents, the extra cent
being added to the war revenues.
The bureau also announced that ad
missions to outdoor amusement parks are
not taxable. The tax does apply, how.
ever, to amusements within the grounds,
such as sideshows and moving-picture
and gameness The season was a great
success despite the defeat at Annapolis.
We had previously beaten every crew en
tered In that race
"Conditions here this year have been
fine. Mr Brown, the chairman of the
rowing committee, has done a lot for the
crew, and I could work with him to
doomsday "
Major Alexander Sinclair who rowed
in the Argonauts' shell vvhen Wright was
coach of the Canadians, was present, and
agreed with Ills former tutor that Penn
had a faster crew than was ever turned
out at Toronto
Kennedy Praises Brown
Davidson Kennedy, a prominent figuie '
In Penn rowing and one of the 'four
oarsmen who last won a Childs Cup race '
for the Red and Blue bark In the days
oi i6M. praised the present-dav oars
men, and also added a tribute to John A.
"John Brown vvas a great oarsman,"
he said, "but he Is making a hetter
chairman of the rowing committee. He
had "
Speeches also weie made by Mr
Brown. Sam Herman, who stroked the
1306 crew; T. B. Reath. a former Tenn
oarsman: Lawson Robertson, the track
coach ; Captain Jerry Jerauld and Cap.
tin-elect Thomas
The election of Thomas was unanl- I
mous. His splendid stroking this year
made possible the victories for the Qua
kers, and had it not been that he was
sick In the Annapolis regatta, it Is prob- I
able that he would have pulled his shell i
through to triumph. He Is a second-
vear student In the college department,
a member of the Phi Kappa Beta Junior
.-ocieiy ana ot tne. Delta Upsllon Fra-
ternity. He is twenty years old. I
Motor Supply, 6; Engineers, 0
sni'tTt M'a"If' Admiral. Mrt., May S3..
iniii; t-.,.i ""'T'y 'ram rsnny nianKed the
snith Engineers here yesterday Score. 0 tn n
The pitching of Mosem&n was easily the big I
feature The crippled mounrlsman allowed but
three hlta in seven Inninga and bounded
nut a triple with the bases lllled in the
tilth Inning.
About once In every lonn years an
umpire lopes a decision and reverses his
ruling and that unusual stunt occurred
Athletics vs. Detroit
fiAME fALLKI) AT 3:45 P. M.
Tickets nt Olmhrl Ilro.,1 4 SpeldlngV
St. leiula. May 23 Jesse Barnes, one
of the Giants' mainstays on the pitching
mound, received word yesterday from his
local draft board, at Circleville. Kan.,
to report for military duty on May 28. J Bl,tt' 2
Therefore Jesse will not return to the
Polo Grounds with the rest of the Mc
Grawites, but will quit the team Monday
night in Chlcag-0.
College Baseball Results
At West Point. N T. Army, 3; Mount
St. Joseph. Paltlmore. 2.
At Annapolis. Md Navy. Si Catholic Unl.
versity of Washington. 0.
ai Ann Aruor. .viicn. eiicnigan, 3; oivlo
Admission 50c
Ball Player Struck by Lightning
Rochester, X, V., May 23. Eddie Ho!-'
ley, .shortstop on the Newark Inter
national League baseball team, was
struck by lightning: at Baseball Park
rcsiciiia? ui"i eevsic nu imu uiun GRAVn HEAVYW
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w . ;;.;ii u'.l, j,Vil.--- r JB im., l-W
. -t !....- ... vr- navm, gg tMWr. eVMMMOK,
A. A. U. Tournament
Tonight Entries Open to All
United Service Club
Cambria A. C. aKKyivra
Friday ETenlnx.May H
"fn: Chan.
uaaaaaaaaV WPFICS ANfl nmuHBySSBaaaaaaHEaaaiHaaaaaW
Parker Motor iHglgaHavlHaaaaHHaaaK
(H Sales Company ?MxBBaBaaaaaaaaaaaaagaaaal '
L 518 st. mBHHihHi-B
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' IBHBBBBL.. :$8BUB&. I iBm
" BBfmBiS&Bj !wBk
.. W" -;
-T -" .' " I.'

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