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KP&ytSIAPTEp XIII (Continued)
iMWITTHAT was It fathertwanted?" she
Jv W asked polntblank.
"Some one has brought 'this proof to
iS.hlrn." explained Jerry. "Evidently he
?7 ff .! I... I, nH1 nlqrtnail tin ta
F :rJ2f proached me and he ordered me to pull
tl ' irfZJl ... . -i.. .... k. U, ...lit, t?inrt nvar
E''.l l-tftf on-lo give uji me ufeni. "im ... ....
Sr-'ft.tf the franchise."
t"To quit?"
"To quit."
"But you couldn't do that."
"And I told him so.'
amr t. ..
Ir I was tie hiik'J '
W I "More In sorrow than In anger."
Stf,' i "What did he say?" i
H "Little, of course, but he left the Intl- j
J matlon clear that If the situation devel-
r i oped In a way to make It unpleasant for j
J him. not one atom of all his great power J
f v would be leTt unexerted In an effort to
J make me desist."
t "Including me?" I
,4. ' Iluth was very sober
.! J' "Including you, Iluth He also spoke
t' J of your mother " I
I "She would be your blt'erest enemy If ,
! j the thought your tight was somehow
. against father " .
t "He challenged me to show thlB proof ,
a t to her and I accepted the challenge '
. w "Wnv brlntr hpr down on UH linw I
li parried Iluth, evidently erv doubtful of
t her mother ,,,.,,
! "Don't you think It would be fairer to
i let her know at the outset Just what the
- most disagreeable possibilities were.
' r Ruth did not answer.
"You seem so very funereal. Jeriy, nil
at once," she observed, and rather In-
. eiatuniiv if ihn nhunrvn t Ion were a crlti-
Clsm, since she was ery solemn herself
"Ruth." he responded gravely, 'I begin
more and more to feel solemn At first
It was Just a little skirmish of jnu and
me and Victor Ilolllnson against Mnl
dono and whatever political Influence he
could command: although Victor made
me feel that might be a pretty big con
test. Then theie came up this fight "f
the Archer Tool Works against Rami
and his machine over the spur-track
franchise, and while that goes on. day
by day hour bv hour, minute by minute
almost, the field of action widens Peo
ple are telephoning to me from nil direc
tions. Letter" rntne. Men and even
women slip in wnn tnrir time 'inr. ...
abue, or wrongs anil injtmirr
-ii--- ... i in .t. ,.. tlipv ktinn
inmrnir in. i i m i,. ....,
how wldenpread the ell li nnd bow nnx-
louly people nre looking nlimit for
leader, for h rhamplon.
i "Ruth, that wasn't jut a street squab-
hie I stenned Into s lnadverientl It
vras a battle most likely a war And I
don't see the end of It nnd I dmi t see
the leader unless II might be ictnr It
Isn't going to be easy to know bow to
fight the war either, because the line.
are not sharply drawn. One doesn t
now who Is going to be for and who
against That makes It more dangerous
It fills the wav with unseen pitfalls, but
now that chance has made me temporar
ily conspicuous, I feel that for the mo
ment the whole success of the campaign
depends upon me 1 must not falter and
I must not lose this first contest. That
was why I hesitated a moment In stand-
4ii .lit nfnltiKt votir father"
Kutn nstenen wun a i-irn uni.-.i.--
t vnn "
'Ruth"' Jerry's rebuke was actually
stern. After a moment he added nut
vou, too, see the matter more ierlnulv
The girl nodded, her featuies grave
again "As you say," she went on
presently "It all seemed so simple.
when It was Just sylvy AurentsKv we
were thinking about, and I nm afraid
at that time I was just- just sent!-
mental But now its different When
vou tell me that father mav be against
. .. , .i .1 ,.U
you ll leaves me rat net i miit:i rnu.i.,ir.,
and humbled You know what father
has'been and is to me almost a gnu
I know I haven't always understood
him, hut l'e alwaxs believed In him
There's only one particular In whith I
do not trust him altogether and that's
In what you might call his social in-
stlncts Father I. an IntlliltlimlM. mill
It nonipbow- seemn tn me Hint none of
us can be that uny more. Vet, In anv
large question of Judgment on public
affairs, as between father and you vou
must see tnat it is ratner inevnanie i
rather inevitable
should Incline at first to his point of ,
vtw '
"l do see It nf course." Jerrv agteed
rather mournfully i dared expert
nothing else." He had Imped for some- i
thing else, however, and felt now a I
Treat wave of loneliness sweep over
him. "Oh. Huth "' he murmured, but i
..h mi. .rnlt.. nn nnti- with I
"At the same time, for me to desert
vnn Ttntt- tn turn mv faith and friend-
Ehlp from you, Jerry nothing nobody
Hntn iRTenen wun it mmim imvi-.. ., -.. ,,ni.. ,.,n..,i, nf -.ni.ii i ,n un .u n- ....... ,.i .ii.
. of respect that grew tow at 1 awe "i down tb. Htrh. nilev nmmfiifM x. then
ST i5SS"hv wld?nV .Ur , compr Ihended ' """d no for musical enmedv de- , -' drew up , front and Jerry leaped 1
gif fSSeP8 oV wnrfa?! for a w hole 'city Her dared Iluth w ill, un,ual eagerness of ' I.;; rj-cw, Ume o is , o w atch- ,
ft mood was more than wonder and admi- anticipation expressed In the glance of mn puung up tne street toward the fat , V TJ
fej! , ration . It was worshipful ; lhe blight blue e5es. for all at once Uj'..v,'b . . lmK, hf , iS
F' "Oh. Jerry," she exrlnlme.l. with shin-.,, had eemcd that both her duu and ,,,) ";" haiejou heen. Jacobs he
L. ing eyes, "I never knew all this was in her Jn, ns , Bu anll s, besl.le Jere- i P!! nrtf,n ' "fr ' Lj jvJJ i
fi! . j'ou. I nexer suspected hn-.y big a man ,an Thomil, rclie, In the most public h,.rp '" h ' Vn,.ered w ifh 1 ook the W'l'ks
$k you are. I know who the leader Is for , an,ahle "Amuse yourself with nrC.hai broken an he mechanism &f& ' '
R- tttis whole moement. I see him' It ' , ..,,,, .,, . . . ite,estlng exening T. .. " i1'1.".,.10 ,.1.a YL,.'" ,.,.'" ' n?."1. YtnmWTr .1
nobody nut you coum uo mat asu more ni u ; anywuy, me oo. n- oft and hid In one of the backyards."
The earnest lover murmured Eome- malned occupied to the final curtain ' i 'mue along then , let's find him," pro
' thins Impulsive and reached out both -pid you say you had electric lights posed Jerry, moving toward the alley
hands toward her Huth took one of on .e famous sign so that people rm The policeman followed reluctantly.
tnem ann nein it nrmiv as n imiirann
tne WOria to me. uutn Atie vety uertr
est. Consideration for you come:
"First of all." interrupted Ruth, "ex
cept that undefined thing which Is vour
Dy ner more irague nngers. wniie uiiout of the theatre and aprnpns 01 notn- ties nau tune to escape now. ne tie. the sunlight came exaltation, and. with ,'IA '"," "r-Vn mv ri mi .1 h . . l nuer tne mil at my feet the , memory of It or of what befell me I , ' ms sl-t was tno place where thi
a change In spirit .she concluded- ing hut her thoughts tided and suddenly he turned on the h f h h oxvgen of the civmretf .0 ?? tn hide dl.cr "on ".n't of a cart on the road ascended only r. call the lights, at first far down two lines joined Into one for the re-
And to say that there is anything 1 Yo het we have -. hoasied Jerry patrolman ' 1 ou wanted him to escape tne "esn air to put tne oxv gen ot tne changed so .t, to .hide m'll'r" n At Intervals In the far distance I saw below me. like little twinkling stars, as malnder of tho Journey There was
which your duty Impels you to do. that ..Want t run by and have a lonk -loul.a.1 orders to be blind and deaf and morning into the lungs, my feet went "? ".'(1he11 f" " Jnl " ,?a Xl.on e, "hl,'1flky smoke that showed the If 1 had Indeed gone mad and the sky nothing there hut the signalman's cabin,
you must not do because of its possible , Tn ,, , , .. confe!SwJ nmh. 1 dumb round here for a while rildn t ou tapping on the road with the speed of a .iv."..'. from the road tin the lun' iS,1" ;l"rltlnlJ ''s "'"V across the plain and earth had changed positions I" the years of which I speak that cabin
noeonecanmfoT me,togreteh o "h'Ch I " Aunt Stella doesn't mind. You tel, n.dn l jou And Jerrv. ,h a small ffl e had fnr nS'uM'u'ndeTthr ? "trom h": I iVaned'hack'To llsn a The'vyndxtrav-1 Anrt tIle ,he stars '' ' cllmb lt"a. ' who" decided which" JjSSf'SSS
"N"oble Snd neous as Joan of Arc '" I -'ack how to go." n?e pol,ceniin?s face time, hearing nothing but the rhythmic low. as they toiled upward they saw ine. 1 apannt Ccsta of lt"s musfe was ev-e?v-' to mP' tm th"' "ched my own tevei ! iorw.2! , a v msslr... anh. trTe,K
decided Jer?y?"butunnecel "J'eniertv '"" """ " ' y"r business what my a f "v own running, and then I as I intended they rhould. till I en- ; wKhere. and M vvaSh hard to beileve that and slIone , ln font cf me. itnd then all was "belled"' flrsfB del alnlnT It" rtlS
can't Imagine;" he reproached " You ' "I -ha I be glad lo see a real comedv dlMS ate Guess you're a little ex- became con-clous of another sound that tered the belt of trees Unce on the I the little dark speck I at length di- mejeed Into one that became very big, ,, , e"neu , "s clear ahead Yet
mustn't fir one moment suppose that I Prop instead of a stage one cltcl ain't you. Mr Archer-" began to mingle w Ith it. a low throbbing other side I mounted up for a while, cerned against the pale blu vastnes I an3 " enough to stretch out my hand I th'h6 . Vxhllaratlng race's were
am going to see you exposed to the "Hard on me a bit. aren t you' .Tnill af insolence and insolence of the which, at first I took to be mv heart- and then. Vhen I Judged mv pursuers 1 could so fill the world with sound. These and ,oucn , '"'oplc came out and'spoko 1 long ended, trains vvere still sometimes
slightest danger or even to serious an- smiled Jerry, and Aunt Stella laughed sort that heatetl Jerry s blood to the boll- beat , but soon it swelled In volume, and themselves were nearly through the things and a hundred others I considered I ',, m,eVanU ,,e1 me 1?i"., I.,oW. ,nenl I held up for either line t 1 clear -nt such
..-. v, . i,a ii.imi thino- in hanterlnclv I im. i.nmt i,m niiii.uk- ho rnieiii herert I knew It f t r the sound nf .a mntnr trees. I cut n among them a cam. but ,nu i hv ir, ti,o i, ,..!,., n .1 i. :c. I had been ost on the his. for that is .. ' n.i. .. ","..' rij l?"r"
Bt?-'; how do we describe it without getting
verv sen .vour gnu jour iiunoi mi.
& iT all preachy and dldartlcar.' But vou
'V-ii knoVw
:?,;d .f! "Yes.'
hat I mean."
" paid Jerrv "I know what vou
mean, and of course you're right, as
Both were silent for a moment, siana
Ing by an open .wmaovv ana looK.ng ,hree la..es somebody's burning It up ''"h.ii 7 r'eioTn'e 1 he ladies' 1'.
:&- f"iv 'Siaehwlth onlv here and there a ' ' can s"t f"rms of L"en rV,nnlnS 1" ing in the r car ust outside the danger
(M. SlHorHrvvSsS"1 "urryu, zo,
l " Tner .ffi be. l A" of this ' . fd Ruth di v
w t rft stnn nrm. ir npcame hull itiiii jciu . - ---.. - ,..
.a?i". T ,Sn"y released the ringers ana iook
tii .,v -- .-; - .
tnem in nta vattrotsiiisij. um ov... ., it
's 1 .uMrinir fhi. silence which seemed more
-,Ll,'and more to shrc,utl them ln a mist of
ViM tenderness and mutual understanding.
K V.vt "It seems to me Jerry," itutn Degan
A-"e,t,Tt length softly and in tones or tne
?. iii "rarest intimacy he had ever heard from
J a ..tt!.' any UPS, as ll we you aim i n '
iStKiW 'enterlne the shadow of something
jvry very aimcuit, umerenoca u-
kOptnlOn. miounaerBiaiiuitica, nciimtiwiio j
ncy come, ugty iiro tny uo iu.
Iteices may uo turtcu upuu tne mat
III De very aimcuu 10 umivtr, m icv
say this mucn now. inai wnaiever
asrtens. we love each other and "
;fth. Ruth!"
?!''8he had confessed It at last and most (
xpecteaiy more Bitceuy ttiott it
ttlrl ver ha.ve come In anv other way. ,
fry could hardly contain himself, but
vona reaching out ana sraititnK i
en nana, ne nau 10 contain, nimseu.
Ruth a manner somenow compeuea
m shn went on In that same tone of
er. reflective IntimaCV. tD add
VTiatever haDDens ln the future. let
."f.taj say now that we shall still believe
MLCh oiner rinen ana in tne in
y- of each others motives
fr m.i.1 oav it' r1el9rr1 .Irrt fmr
iptatly. "and we must Unow It"
'."VjS-ind In the undylns devotion of
'ist iic'' tp the other." concluded Ruth, for
try ezcltea assurance naa Dn an-
.itfUtor interruption. '..,..
,1- neell" ejaculated that young
B. now taking ner unresisiinciy in
Arms ana kisbuik iter vjiv rst
if Kiss or lover isxen unaer ine
W at some vague vnit'K Hniti-nams
liber could nuite unaerstsria.
wua inriitins ecstasies tiia
nl4u uance. va .suuut. it.
m. cnajtriiKv, v. an ine
it hjclot to hire, and
, ilfertjrttwMisiiVK
ralN KIMH Mm. n mti
l it J. rr - r- itw
I'Utidn Fr -rn
MIC1IK1. Ki;!.I,t , f
t lul I'f'if l"l'ii i Inc In in
Iht- ' 'lrRanl.iti n pirni
It perform it i part nf it.
Itlfp In nil IcRlKlHtiVf nn n.
v i t 1.1 m
?.t hi-, fir
i.l kit 1U
wt with. lm
lonal ! i'tl op
fVI.V AtIti;.NTsK, a beautiful w.
ll&Qmm&V mm
i fi-i
fid he N about tn )oav the iltib for bin hom- .ini thanka him for his nianlv tlefnnse of
the persecuted Hnni-nsrw-ftB When nhe avoq him Ierr noticed n sinister fltfun
follow Intc the tlrl Keii inform- hini that th" perfn is
.1(1 1 MAI.IIONO, a thuc pickpocket nnd suntnin under politicnl protection
When v refuea to bo with him to a danc. th BanBter rMPtiRfp hlmnlf upon
the Kir) fnther to ha vine him arretted on a trumped up chart'" AurentFkr 1"
compelled to d.'ll hi- buHln"s Jind to pauperize h1mc-lf In order to pinnate Matdono
and to bribe the Mmtstrn'o t. dlmtf the rai"1 for lak of evidence A htr
lawyer Iaifi. alao Bt" a nhare of ibe "profits" When .Terry poop to the police
ptatlon to b .trraltrned iie .,irn thn' the rhnrire ncntnit hm ha ben rmmii""i
In conversation with th Mneistnii he find" thnt th- hide- ' as a frnn-r dock
hand who wad rward-d with the Important $a'ft a vear job b ,11mm Care for
turnlnB nvfr n (ertnin numlier of nt" rcKitlarh Jerrv solicits Kellv'a (.id In finding
Sj.lw and then turnp to hl frb'.id
VIC'TOK HIU.I.IN"(N. i "inn lnwxer for auppor Victor Jnm the "Pine
Philadelphia ' pitrt. and promiei to procep.) nBHlnpt Mnldono.
HM KAMI, a I'nunr-lln InbVnlFt. hiiP demanded f.'noo from the Archer Tool
Works to Bet h franchise for a spur track across lfnvard street thrmich Council1.
J.-m's fHther and brother ar- whnn to pa the bribe because their requept has
hen icnored Tor woekn b the locat leglslativr. bod The ounK man hi" sene of
political iuotlce nrni"l refues tn bniRatn with Hand and flnallv wln hN brother'
support to flaht Hand and the "Orzinlzatlnn " Jerrv's plan conl"ts tn rreciMnu a
mammoth slun over the fiMnn iatinn that ioornment work I" belnir hell up rol
dler"' and sailors" 11 'P ar Imperil' d hec,iue Jim Hand s bribe demand l" not met
,M X KIM, .i reporter while on n
ntjtl'on hoilie discover., the er'l-lire on the
the (ttnr appear! nuckinwham re.irfiil or
ivpularltv valnlv seck to ha v the PKn
art set under wax to dtrov the slBn bv
Jerrx returns r
Huth after hi .iritument with her father
' was vet to co
.lerrv knew thit h"
h:i,l Vila rpwnnl in lrisnte
.... ....- ,,, , i
Dinner is served: annoumeii
'one In the hall
i UIlAl I l-H A 1
The Crime hf Arson
INNF.Il with Aunt Stella was
llghtrome affair, for that lady had
preserved a Ivld Interest in the more
obvious side of life and saw all things
with a humorous eye
young people, having
liesidee, the
imaginetl the
wnrst. seemed to fancy they had thereh.v
forestalled It and gave themrehes up t"
those thrills and ecstasies which are
tninnnseil to possess the hearts nf loveis
papers while Aunt Meiia nnti i
, some 'tllsht nttenti'in to the matt
wiiat v.e shall appear in"
The twenty mlnutts winch el ipsetl
'before the ladles ranie downstairs ag'iin
was, by the w.l. the er same twenti
I minute's w hlch Ptnnx Sulli an cniiFimied
in locating Wnn w i.-kc ami tiisp.it. nitig
him tn tne nnuse m t-eien nUiii-nni,iii
and Ward Leader Schaff Since, how-
eer. Jerry knew nothing nf this- eriand
nn- ..Vnt II t.nrtdH tn him lie W.1S etl-
. nUl ..ni, e .vu ,- ,,
. tlrelv undisturbed in the blissful ihap-
sodles to which he gae himself up, for
the papers lay unnoticed and the cigar
lefn&eH tn stav alight Huth ' Ruth '
, iia thoughts were onl of her
They arrived at the theatre in the
, middle nf the first act and snuggled
lnto thf,lr hox-. Huth and Jerrv rann ti
( forEet evervthlng but each other, and
i ,.. dIpiij ulvlng herself up tn the
's , , , Pxc, h(. j can under -
, .,,, ,,,.. ,.,... sll ventured at
I the intermission
"Now. reallv, .iiiss Jiinturn wasn i it.
better than that?' argued Jerry, who
knew he must say something '
"It snnthes me," declared Huth. "and ,
entertain:) mildly without involving too
much mental effort '
,nd what nmre could one asK nt i
musical comedy?" declared Jerry tn
, umnhantly
, Apparently, neither of the three did
( rea(j t at night Inquired mnn, coming
As they whirled along Jetry kept
looking out of the window and gazing
off to the right at every intersecting
street "Why. it seems as if the lights
must Vie out," he decided finally, and
i men. as tne car swvum; o no toe rwni i
I kin bridge, he declared with dlsinav
-.nv jove, they are
out The ronf's
dark No whv why, there's a tire up
there. I Just "caught the flicker ..f ,,
ri . i .i .
i nTf aie uvu i iiirm i nrwf
of them
(reat Scott '
.o..- . ,- ,.. ,, - , , iiutKi-n iui wn.ti iuins nie i new nm -VKV I I
the rnnf s afire .,
V It'ii tha mrrn II o ofli o In tn-n -ti 1 . .
fOR'ARD, fAV BRAVE nEM, !j .
31L. vr-s. A5Se5 &Z"tr ' fZ2l
bOviy '' ' -Xv.-.3BpJiy'i-u2C(rVV
.li:HH H("lli:it. who with his rider
1 rMh r f'tul ic nrtuil rontlnu'riR th
bii"ln of th Arrhcr Ton Work?, tf
JubhM Int.i urif onloun nnfl rrifl
in rntrntman StronnburKT when th" omif
nnn nutrnpfd at th policeman n brutat
tr-'atiTV-nt of Morit7 nopnrwlB 'pitH'H
n rhat prti"nT'p HMttanrn. Uninscwctn
h.c born ttik'in tnlo rutnr- n th" flnnl
e'"p in th1 ptty peri"titipn Hrlplnq from
factional rt'ffrrnren in thf '"nioodv Fifth '
Wirl Jrrx I rfl',.i!",'l from bill hlR
i. rlrnprMt ftn'l ftrnburBpr brok"'
-nit i rnupct' fl to ril:n bpfnr bt'lns
flr,, np th. r. suit 'f tho lntrrMittnn
f f f mil frinl.
AWI.I.MM) II. !ll''KI.N(illM. flnnnrHi
i-MMji nnri h- moft pnwrrful man in
I i ht.b Ifhia At hln nod pnlltirnl brmp.-.t
, . w , .it th'-lr undTHnffs mm ' ii'l
mint f ist U In n Mukinirhnm il.niirbt' r,
r thnt J"rr l( nnlnc. thr Br'tt man
n th- Inns ilitnn-i lophi-n" at Atlantir
work of IMnmnrlf. I'nrkincham a ' puh
if i r Jrr- , whtlp r"Ptine In th" Laf-nfft
lf.iiin in priM il pnlt'i'"- H inrnf that
'1ahn out ioh ' nnl that Jupt bo Ioiik n
hufln! anl turnt i"r Hepublb-an mnjnt
h it u'll nor b- intrrrered with lorall
- ina .Iwl-h rtrl. t"P Jnrrv nn th utr.t
tit to ine i nirt nno ie i,atv
"hlottMr" nf the arrest nf Jerr
the political
fnk'n doun.
ward heelers
fffi cf of err s tieu-U won
Wh'n Jerrv refui'-s plans
sentences Indicating greater and gteater
excitement until the last
I "Allie" The sign on fire Why. how
I rcitlng "' declared Aunt i-'tella
j "Hut whn could have dnn if" de-
I mantlet! Filth
it... t-...i f . i u.i t,.
Jim Hand, of course decided Jerry
lnstunui -Hurry. .lacK
tt,, i .. ............ai.... e .... .. i
, . ... ., . , ,
tangle at intersecting streets, delated
tlipm twii p 'iiwl 11 ii-ne flo rr civ tnin.
-nnsslhlv elcht he fore thev renclie,!
the factn
In !inf tenn-th f timn tim-
in mar lengtn or time uiej
Lm. U. ll,.n rt- .1 !.!,.-, 1.. ..
j-riw in'- nut,-' i tiuri t ii riatt ; iit i n 117
ont and s e p oxer the cnas and paint '
tar if it had been smeared with alcohol
'hlle i-till a block away Jerry thought
he made nut the flcure nf n man the
la.-t (.f several, no doubt, drop fr
g"tn I Ind to run a block and a half
to tut n In the alarm "
In proof that he had accnmptlhed
tin-, lire apparatus began tn arrne. a
water towtr went trundling up Into the
air. anil altnnst simultaneously a stream
ivali r was whipping out the blazing
framew.uk nf the sign. The sign itself
ran disappeared some minutes since
-.nd nnt a policeman In sight'" de-
clared Jerry, in disgust
I', ntiig II, lint, ci ..p -i i,nlUumin .1 1 rt
,..v, ,,.,,,.. ,,.-..v.v,, . i.-'ov..,,,,!, ..
appear and with open notebook In hand
, rnught Mr Archer's opinion a- to how,
th- lire started
Jerr was sartastic ,
'Where were you." he demanded i
'when three men climbed that fire-
escape in plain Mew of anybody on the
outside, went to the roof, took plenty of.
t'mi to tire the sign In several places,
ai.d then made their getaway down that i
isame tire-escape Where were jou'
, T.ie policeman looked surprised and
' men sunen
I was by here about half an hour
ago and then I heatd a pistol shot and
s. mebndv hollering over in the alley"
he Vxplatmd 'i went over there to.
investigate, hut It was Just a plant' to
pet me awav '
"That so?" said Jerry. "Why didn't
v mi arrest the man who ran up that
alley just as you must have been coming
out of If"
"I didn t see him. I was a good ways
llp ti, ate. an,i he must have turned
and Jerry, alter a step or two. halted
I Inn
Huth and Aunt Stella
-"Yes. I'm excited. Officer No. 54213 '
i and Jerry leaned close to make sure of
, his identification I'm excited. My curl-
nsny is t-Aciteu tn susjuciotia are ex- enriy nour to some outlying sneep-tarm vl l" lllc ntsin.. mi n luui.-e mui woum puiiing enough neatner to make a bed
cited My desire to capture the men among the hills Anvwav. I was pretty take me tn the east side nf the hill. Sev-, yet the place Itself was not of the tley
who know all about this thing Is excited, eurr. nnt tn fail rxt cettinir a lift w-rin eral times 1 had to go across the bare i est. Hut to be eni.i ami snm wits, n.-.,An
'""" ' 11IHI .v out assistance i ou come
mv ouice at -j o ciock tomorrow morn-
b'g prepared to tell me vvhat you know
u u till iuu i.uii iitui n
i&,,j ,uQ u--,n .Hr-tr. i tu-
mlddlo of the street, his open notebook (
'"'"h ,,r i'uii'.'.i iii ....... in me
His Own Army, at That!
"And what Rnorl Ftagr managpnipnt,
Jerry, to hrttifc n owt heip Jut In time
to see the thrilling conflagration,"
laughed Aunt Stella
.Terry laughed, too "Poph look sus
picious, doesn't if Many pupplcioua
thinEa about this fire "
The firemen were nnw descendlnc and
the deputy fire chief mme oer to report
;ri?re- ,,h-;' ,h.? "a,"rs l?i!.iii-
romplement of men would be left on
,KU!M 111 ninrnin. JIlNtn-( ,i .?
I stole outbreak from flames that might
.now- be eating Into the roof, where water
had not teaehed them He lecehed
Jerry's henrtv thanks and the assurnnre
thnt n f.hnt fn tl.n Orof.i'.n'o tiunlnn
fund would l.e his reward for pinrnptj, ' think I'll go home." said Mr I'nl
and efllclent servlre , '"n ou two go and hae a gontl
"All right, .lack.' said Jrrry, stepping time "
Into the car. hut with one final backward I After leaving .Mrs Kullon on the train
g'anre at the black front of the building . nick nnd Hetty started for an evening'
and the little knot of firemen nnd the , f"n First. th".v got tickets at one nf
group of hvMnnders which had been af.
(CiiVTlM'KIt TM.MnltH'iWi
An Vndisrnvt'rvtl Ittwianrv
v iMffo.v (.'. u:i;?.-ni
r"pIfl l te-ivlng New York and enm
YJ Ing hnmi fir n eek' ftnlnuBlt,"
wild Hettv Saiinder- tn her MMcr
' I know it. ' said .lean, looking up
from her knitting ' I was talking to his
mnthei epterda It dneMi t interest me.
nh .lean, trv tn be nice to lilm th!"
week He's gnlng pnnlll tn learn tn flv
.ind then he'- going tn France Vhv.
if I were In your plnce I'd be plnnnlng
tn gle him the bent lime while he Is
hnme Vn'i can't tin ton much fnr thn.-e
fellnws "
' I Know it ' said .lean penlely; "hut
he did treat me .n that ntght nt the
donee, lupt hefnte lie went ,111.1V He
nalil attentinn ! that Wetitwnrth girl
half the night Then li" pretends lie
lnoa me. He tlnen't kntm what ln e
ti I'll neer forgive him ilthii
I don't think he meant It." -.aid
Iteitv 'You pmliahli Imagined It I
knnw hen mirr nu dn nut wtlte lilm.
litmus" he Wliles the lillleuf letter",
home tn hl mother notifies vnn'tl gn
fnr atMl near to find as nice a felinw as
Pi.-k "
't"h Hetti do slop raving river htm
1 tell inn lie changed entlrelv imvanl
pick I think .lack Somcr" ! nmre of
a linn than Hick cur tlinilght nf lie.
ing "
With that .lean picked up lier knit
ting and nngrllv w.ilketl up stairs
Meanwhile Pick Fuli"ii ttimforinhlv
settling hlmelf in the Pullman bn'lnd
fnr HnMnn lireathfd a deep sigh,
whether nf relh f no nni Itnnw . lie
was glad he wnn gnlnr; Imtne even If
nnlv for a week: and tlvn again, lie
wa riot n hapn nn'l liEhtbeai t d a
was his ii'-ual niannei Sninellilng was
winiig and Pick knew it Ills mind
trnxeleil tn the night when be le,'t .lean
Iinw unhaili she was "T tlldn t dn
nnvthitm wrong ' be thought "It was
nniv .Irnn's en!nus Then again, she
hill'" I miiiiii i ,n e im i.'i-i -in " "i n.
I arr, . -.,aj-e,i with her because she
1. ... f .li.l.'i ........ r.... 1 ...... It ...,.,. .
Was teaching me a new .nance
After .snimrniir h nise f with h s own
'conscience he settled himself fm forty
n ,nk, nrt knr nothing until he heat d
fho tifirlur itv "Hfit,(nri nil mtf" Up
' Pull'd himself together and ginhblng
' V. : AJ
. ty fnr pnmP nn fn niert him nf course
n t. iri i i-iiit-i i hi i ni i t ntrn nr nnvimic.
lAn ..l.l-'t I,.. )1irn 1,- n ml, A.I .
iicdii "'imhi i i mi -, n- (iii.u"i i
nimseit if i ne nair unpen .ne nan nr
given him He hurr-ed tip the p'atfnrm
nnrl ra hi- limtnei waiting tor him
Back of her w.!.. Hett. hut J. an ni
iv.ulvr. to he tn
I .i.yi mlir 111, in I'nh'ir .. d'Ji r i ...
rut; si-urn Tin . rn
r f-intiil.t a s.-,t h s.irs-enn tlniihinir
his --duc-nllon In flerlln nfter manv il-l-Fltudeti
tind hnlrl'rea.lth e,,, pes nianaiten
tn rearh his hirm- near lMlnhurtrh In
safett with ,i pmall 1-tlher nark t whieh
h renrurrl from the nnr-ket ef otto
HenFhet a Ci"rmiri mnr.Ierl In tl'e
Kenpeltttras- Tlerlln In .1 . row d of f I
low Tfulnns The tlmel lnt--nentl.m of
Marcarlta Thompson tn-ili'es Aher. remlw
elu'le Ills nurioiers and leai- Kurote.
II' rrrawi the rhann.-i rttFcijised ,is a
f"ijlr unIII ,hf.lr Brrhai ,.t r.ikos,nn-
,tftA. n..r,.nmh. isflr ih. ,..nra..,a ,.r .s.rt
packet a .lrawina- in- the thlM-nrime
Kliel m his father HnieT when a
?i'omhi"0,in i'Sli. J!J hi."h, '
fm,hn with ,he Ihnrnusn !!,Hf n"s
r,,nm i,v m,n diulse.l ;. an mterlnr
d-eorater thr sentrhm.ni nets his l.rnin tn
i neeipnerin.
dfomherlnc the anniremh . hiMth sk-trh
SflniHye" iJtTrf,. in..,rt'i,n;;n,s'" .-hU
S?S';. e!rrV",d hm," w ilYm IkeTn"
nther Btternpt upon him h" p-'irl-i for th
KftPlfKeeper 1 nrmtn tie hrintfi twn lnut
nnt a K'in Tepther th-- I'm ri-"ie them
pelps In th rnuf
In the middl of the nlzht whil moklns
a tour of Innpeetinti Alierrrninh il'pt n
?T9 and raptures .1 mnn pllppinp through
the FklichT It is rewinU leider nf
th plotters in Perltn r-r'jitn thnt the
fellow ronspintora nre walttnc for D
w ln?kl to opn the front door. Ataer
rromliv slips o'jt of the rnr kills peernl
of thos walttnp In a running battle nnd
eyrapes to the hllln He hopes to rearh
the ForflKn Office with the drawing safely.
r.-:.1-.?.1. """."..: ."'.r' l?Z.
-c. .1 1 1 11 .. .
J ...e.in. oi 111 run .....-- u, aim n,i
engine coming on ranidlv behind This
'was better l'ijk than I bad reason tn
hope for' Almost certainly It would
be the village doctor, called out at this
, eyPr u might be . so I slackened down
and stood waiting in the middle nf the
; rnad
i .... ...... ..
ien it niriea nto PClt I raw t
.. ., i.. .. . "" ... .,i..
T tbeinn'H'Ac r'aSnrr, " ,'" K
pants let-out a shout a, seeing me My
??LBZL 'TLlii"Li)'eri a.ni
'- . """. " "". -" "-
In the shock of discouragement for a
moment I stood helpless It must have
seemed then that I vvas transfixed with
And so I vvas
But only for a
I .1 . . t " i
IS-MftTTER 'CftP'-l ('CAP'S 3TUCK IrVWI fcTN ' r OH 6-(j BOOTS? " '
n.. ,,jh V Imod with Hi5 &UMJ -YRi wait -till yer nftwS i
yHES 5TUCX.) s yBOOTS'. J" VEES VER ir.OtrileJ'j'X . ?
" -i r-' --f -r -. Z r5-rv-'- , r, i , .... ,.riTPr.Viii - , stEmiuF ssf1'" v t a "ill
. ..... . . ....,-- fi vi'M.: 1 ..,'! . ...a.. . . ., n.'.i . n -l - ""!l( &, JSBvX -i- ' -S
"Oh, Hick. I'm so glad to see you." 1
Mm ucity i nnugn you nave oniv iif-en
away ten weeks. It seems like a year "
"It seems like that to me. too." said
Pick, piloting Hetty on one side and his
mother on the other. "I had hoped Jean
would meet me. but I suppose that was
too much to evnert '
"Vm rnrrv" cii.i oi.
UrmlSdrh t5ctelti
"I tried to
told her it
I "a, n,'nl lies worrjing oxer such
"Voirr.. rlfhl " Enl,l r.ii. ..t. i t t
... V,.rLVK,V .-'?.' ' 1. " ' rT
j"1' "hn, ' , ,ln. n" ." If we stay In
'" " ""' ' " nrh and go to a show?"
1,'l,rl ns bound he was going to forget
I M 1 0 gS lor OHC0
the best theatres, nnd then found
little care and had a nice dinner
' Well, we still have an hour before
the show begins," said Pick, as they
"tre drinking their demi-tasse "What
, shall we do?
"Pick. I've been wondetlng about
.It an It's ton bad things aie this way.
.t'an't something be done tn IK It up"'
j Pick looketl nt her earnest face, neer
I hefnre realizing how strlkinglv prett
I Hetty was Then she had so mtleli repse.
I ton even though she was only twn ear
I tilde,, than .lean He puffed hl.i cigar
siowiy. tninKing very tleepi.i
I 'I'll tell ynii what we can do." he pi 10
11,1. tllllinillh l. lT-'ll
'ini a nappy Thought "ijet en nnd
pick nut a diamond for .lean I'll Uk'
It to her and surplice her I know t-hf'll
forgho me"
Thnt would he fine," nald Ilrtty, her
fai hrichtpning
"What will fit our hand will fit
.Tean'K. won't if" Fald I"lrl, as th" rat
hpfore the trav of dazzling stones try
ing to pick out just the light one
Thn nine
Hetty wa.4 a. hnppv as though It
w ei e for herself, and manv people
turned to admire the hannv coup', and
Pink certainly looked manly in lit" tint-
I'lrni ap ne wairnf u ner a pang w enr
through his heart Here a a girl
w ho rared nnd knew w hat n e w as
rinnlly they plrked out the one thnt
Hetty derlared w as a "hejut ," and
lh-k fuuffed it In hl pocket Tlv ii tiuy
lll'l'llT-l(l'lll 1
I know she'll loe it" wiils-peicd
Hetty, while they were watching the
ter" fliW came nver him n-Tli. ,m I -llw.-tortly. as Mr. Swallow bore her
leaned near him. en loving herlf tol,-p u v rop lPland.
her hearts content "Mettv lm-. niwnv. "I never vet knew .'t boaster wnu
heen a good Mend of mine, hut cm eiv ! w n..n . ;i row-nrri." n creed Mr Runllow
i in ii'.l imiiiiijl; hi i"" wiiii iif'i n-
f llOMITtll tt.i nil1 lit fir. -lllotltltltl ti-.
'ir'MHIH I k 1 IM illl'" llllt III I'M) "'
the nbv. .'is lip wnn hnttlini? tint n nrnn-
lem In his own mind
When leaxlnc Hett that night after
what :he proiutunc.d a dandv nine, ne
took her hand in hi- and whh-p, rl
ping the ring on h, r flngei It war
just meant fnr nu 1 imtlced that in
thi lewehr's"
Why. Pick." Hetty faltered "Wh.it
.about Jean''"
I ,.ci. .t,....,..-, ........ r it-,,.. .1 .
i-m- ii.'imi i trti'. iur ine, iii-iii neir ;
nil the wax 1 want nv one to care
fnl. ,,-e after I go awnv
1 always liked nu." jald Bettv.
'but 1 neer believed ion thought of
ne In this respect "
"i never realized It until today but
now 1 know what ou aie going
. . i t . . . . . ,
mean m in pain 1'ifK, tenoeny put
,, ,,,,.. r, n,r.,,n,i i,- '
I llllt- III II l il in I I IT I
'I'm ko er hippy," raid Hettv
pressing the ring tn her lip?
, , , ,
7nniorio?rs (nmplrfr AotvWfr
"77; V.XUTKX'VPI .V 11K I?
st. ond Tw., wild leaps, and I was
scranibbng ,,n hand, and knees up ,he
hank of the road on the north side.
ami i nearti tne nraues jammed on and
litter t.f tires ,,n the .r,.,d ns I
the bound, at times having to dig mv
1 " , i7l , t t n I e,l 1
' tha't had done no running yet. and hat
for me, on this effort, hung lift, or
I'll nnd uii I Went, cuttintr a dlnennal
course across the western face of the
hH1 I'mm time tn tlm I hp.iril ii flinut
''-"ind. and knew that either I had been
seep or that the moving bracken or the
swaving goi-sf, nun r.v.aiitj mv course
j to my pursuers My heart thumped dull I
, and hard with the tremendous strain,
and my breath whistled In my lungs and i
cut like a knife; but I dare not pause
tor a moment. '
The Knock hill rises to a flat nlitr.ui
lot an acre or two of heather "which I1
a splendid shelter to lie In and very
comfortable, oncn vou are in It. but
t . .
which is quite useless as cover for a
inre I'irinjci ine imer corre mat covers -- - - - - --- ..i- o- -,.. ... .. - ,. T, ,. ., . ., ,, ,
the ower slopes nf the Knock Home- "; " i ., ' mitia.u ine omerent Knt? -.- ',.' ,:,!,. :'J',U', "'"," '"e croaking war chant
times on hands ad knees, sometimes "' ff"" "l , ! ft ine up again " " " "f r ,hlnl) nt ne,r o-.m'ng by ..Cro.a.u: Cro-a-k' Cro-a-k'
bent double. ,,n I ran Torn with the1'1 ""' "f "a,1 ""lo i'1?11?"', ,?" ' la; n""' " e ", u,,"I11"l!? "iem by a rear for peace and libertv
iiiinvii uow ii. inn uii iiKiiiii iinii'jsi oil ... - ., , . .. -- .. ....... , i.iit-m uu-.i iuiiiu .titer us wen run
'X2u fV,?"nfBJi wnrr.hre,i,.hf;'rl,enl,,': neUU oC ram, " Dotted ov er
well out of. sight before the heather i the surface were thn i. nf f,.
.,L.c..an"...!." w1'n L?5-
". "i- i 'r.i .-.w. n.t- iiuuiiw
' "
null dl llie iinnuu- lie(.- ,i,c huiti
mum higher up, and with Infinite pre -
cautions, going very slowlj and taking
care not to set any growing thing sw Ing-'
Ing. nor to sent a stone rolling, I made,
f "-'; " " '"- "llu hllr "!lu. " vvas
I jerr-iuie ""k w nere tne om neatner
hatl been burnt for the grouse
iv erviinu uhc i".i"i r 1 I mil vv ui ixpii
,t- ,. .A.(n. ., ti,A -,.a- i.-...
i"' '" ly in vr toii7itt mun
?Ll"?. "?." 'J" J. ,F''?U ' .5... .v' S'
' rtKdiiiai ine st line 11 i Hinim uii no.
c7aw ling on. I ' w orked 'round .11 w hat
wi,n 'V0 musty smell of the heather ln
mv exhausted brain, and mv knees soil
tender that every foot covered vvas 11
separate agony, and my eyes half blind
with dust ant? sweat. I suddenly went
Hean.r, flit., nnrl the nl.en ll. -. 1 1, a .- nr.ii- ..,11 ,"' .V". .".'" .'" ."t-v... ... i.ic lllUlf III IOI3 til Vitlll II IVf i IKlVe HO ClfUr . .
Tlic Trap 1$ Set
H'enav, "' 1'rtncrsa of nirdland, is
aikcd tn aid the Finos, allies of fhr
Illrds, in their var against the
Nnakrs. After General Hopper,
leader nf the 1'rnns, shows his ia
noranee, J'rnpu takes eommand ami
enlists the help of the Giant of the
ll'oorfs and Iltllji Ilelnlum. The;
plan to trap the Snake arm;.)
THI-: Olnnt of the Woods loaded his
boat with his tent, some lumber,
and a box of tools. Then with Hilly
Belgium he set off by water for Hat
tier Glen.
I'cggv wont bv air. riding Mr. Swal
low, who proved n line (lying war
horse She rode directly to Frog
I Island. There the Frog army was
j--,--..-. .
mmily drilling, hut IVggy could peel
rjenninl HopPf,r no place in Plglu.
'"lie's got nil the war he wnnts."
snltl lllite .lav, who had acted ns tho
general's horse. "Ho Is hiding under
a mud hank; I'll show- you."
Rum enough, .fleneral Hopper, all
the bravado taken out nf him;, was
shivering ami shaking with his nose
Just sticking out of a scummy pool.
"(ill. I'm so sick, so slckl" he
croajod. as l'oggy Hew down beside
"I guess you havo cold feet," said
Peggy sn erely.
"That's it. I've got cold feet, awful
cold feet," chattered the general.
"Then you must turn over tho com
mand of jour armv to me." said Peggy.
"You can have it," croaked tho gen-
. oral eagerly. "Mv feet nre too cold
! m flirht nnv more today."
"fir any other day. added Peggy
At Fiog IslaniKFeggy addressed the
' 1 ig nim.
i 'Oenernl Hopper is sick " she
I began
-of his Job." added Mr. Swallow,
-nenso remember jou're onlv n
hni-o .-intl don t Intorrui.t, said Peggy,
' T""" she continued her talk
"The genernl Is sick of his lob"
The last three words slipped nut be-
lore sue unew It and she was very
much confused when Mr. Swallow
snickered "iif has cold feet" Again
Mr. Swallow snickered. I'egey was
so upset now that she finished her
speech in a hutry "Well, anyway
'I've tnken command nf the Frog niniv
and we'ie going to win by strategy
I If vou tlo as I say."
; "Hurrah for fleneral Peggy!" cried
inn alert-looking voiing Frog.
"Hurrah' Hurrah! Hurrah'"
.croaked the aimy "And hurrah for
Colonel Croaker
headforemost Into a little pocket of the1
?Me S,, ,,; as ,hP progrP.BS ha(1 i,cen
mechanical I seemed able to go on. but
" "ram was too numbed and my mus.
lcf ,r','" 'dc , i let back ' '
How- lo'ng'l 1'ay '?hekre I do not know-,
' ' '""M l,aV" '"'"" "' ll,llt bel,er lta'1 a
I Tt'iSVnJl''r,irm'', m"i
I "' ,",;' !' "f L siien ' .'?,' TI "' I
i must have fallen asleep, and I tin not1
,know either how long I slept I re-
member enmliit. tn , .nn nf i,nir... i, I
I fulness and feeling for mv watch could
nut find it. And I remember clearing
' mv- . ves, best I ,-,,uld. fiom UiJ gi I?
and trust ns I ' sat up to look around
ine repression m which I was formed
a complete concealment when I lay
down but -was so shallow that when I
"at up m.v head came clear above the
ll was a sight panoramic In extent
".''" i"1',' !"-v es- Away below me
n'J',itc..' 't1" '"-.cRateil country, each
i " ', separate unt. iiko a mtle
V .' . . ".. '"V.. 'J'r,"nc,?' tno IrPsn e.rcPn
me instance, tno fresh green
springing grass on cut hav -
k.rrtl the rich ycPo-vs of tne
mine lit: rt
, Aphis ebeet,
' inp Mirtar
h"u?, encircled by riM SiS:
1 1' u" ,' encircieu ny trees, amltl which
tne th II. llltle fimoL-o rose .-nnn.- n .!.'
ni t-.i ., - . - - -:--
1 long summer dav
I was stiff and cold, for the sun had
long left this s,de of the hill and
though I had taken the precaution of
was not vvnat allllcted me most: It was
mv hunger and even more my thirst It
I was a blessed thing for me that my sec-
11: Mini' n pin n.id rniTia ttiifiti it i in m.
,1 .V" ..." ;" .w.. ..... .k ., ..r-
i (ro Hit worst iiaiiirs or inirst came on.
' ?' othervvise I do not think I could have
K Pllt n t :t ovpn with tho ti ounkHj iirn.
Xs ' lg ' and the exhaust on'oTcn.ae'
, behind m". Some forms of exhaustion
inn observer! mminr. t .i..n an,i
In the sleen strength is conserved or eve,.
I in some measure retrained nut with the
exhaustion that comes from thirst It Is
:- -:- -:- - Bu EDWIN A 1 .
A comphtc new adventure each week, beginntnn Monday
"I guess you have cold
'Is our name Colonel Croaker?"'
Feggv asked the young I-ing.
"Yes, general." he answered.
"W ell. you aro Geneinl Croaker
now." declared Peggy. "You look ns
If you had more sense than General
Hopper." , i
"Hurrah for Genernl Croaker!",
cloaked the army.
I'ecgv now cave orders ranidlv.
"General Croaker," .she said. "I want
vou to nick out a flying souadi-nn of
vour bravest and' best liimnorv.
tliiick!" General Croaker saluted and
limmed awnv to carry out tho order
Peggy turned to her Illrds. "I want
dozens of flocks of strong birds here
in (he minutes to carry the Frogs into
battle. I taw a lot of lUaokblids In
the marshes as I came past. They can
I "Weil he messengers." cried Homer,
and i arrie i'lgeon.
While the leaping Frogs were being
nssemiued and tho liitrjs were swarm -
I Ing to the Island, Peggy llcw to Hat-
I tier Glen.
There she found that the Giant of
I the oods had nlieady set up his big
canvas trap. Hilly Belgium had
worked hard at helping him. The
.Giant had the trap so arranged that
a snake wriggling oer the edge ot
'the cllll would be caught in the upside-
lown tent. Once Inside, no snake,. Fven ns Peggy looked at the creep-
could climb the straight canvas wnlls
The Olnnt of the U'mJk nnrl nniv
and Tetigv cxnlalned her plan.
"You see the Snakes will evnect an
attack from the land side Tl,.v t.
awn5'' We wliriiave another Frog
army ready tn march from MarM,-
,amI OVPr ,ho s,fIes 0t ,he r:,f"1 to
' ,,ca,e'1 !,llp Snakos who trJ' ,n ps('''"ie
,lie trnIX
"This Is troinn- to he i lot nf fun
, , ., ," i ?. '
said tile Giant. I Want a front seat.
I V.IH110 nil, jiiny lieigium, we 11 enmp
not ,sn 5ton do "ot Elffl' then; they go
I '
i Not, however, till darkness enfolded
all the plain nnd almost all save the
; farm lights had disappeared did I leave
my hiding place It was clearlv Impos
' slble now to think of escape bv train I
, had no doubt at all that i very station up
and down the line for tvyenty miles had
, "' w-uicner nut uus u'ti not unuiiie ;ne
men iney might guaru railway sta-
tlons and roads; they could not watch
n" these farms from which the kindly
I L". 'Ve niign guaru railway sia
! "Klits shone as beacons to me, and above
( all It was fnnd and drinVr T wanted
n n.7, a n , I,
, Tho memory
, .,' ' ,,, , V" ..Z ', T '
v - ,.,.- - ... .-. ,.
hrvv t then thnneht It vv-iq
new 1 men tnOUgnt It Was.
But after I had eaten and drunk.
having nothing else than hunger and
thirst the matter with me. I was soon
as a new man. at vvmen tne gooa tout
were snrnrlseri thlnltlntr T lmrl heei.
wandering all day
rd rllt'ils'we!
.L i'YT ', '1U .'. S"t.f" ",'. 1"" '".. '".'
wife attended .0 my needs. The wuke-
' ,n'mb"ea,r"nea3 e, " ,"h"Br.M,e,";
j un, 1 "-' ".'? '
t . .ij i - 1 i i
I.iralVhfe.s,00d people for
though the taking or money
" d cn,fri:Sn5, JI. :
the meal
gave them
getting from them careful directions as
to tho way I must take lo reacn Stone-hive.
and ending Saturday.
feci."' said I'cpyy fevcrcly
that his tree back there and watch th
"He careful of the Snakes," warne
"Wo will go up the side of th
fJlcn." said the Giant, as he and Bill;
Helgium started off. .
Homer I'lgeon rushed up eagerly.
i "I'vo got your living horses," h'
erled "And the Frogs are ready.'
I "Please tell General Croaker to fM
' Ills mounted army here." ordered
Peggy. "And have him send a Strom
force by water to the .Marshland en
.trance to tne t.ien 1 ills lorco wn
' advance over the top when I send th
! word. You and Carrie Pigeon returr
ltri """ "a mv messengers
Peggy's orders were quickly carrle:
out. Girds, acting as flying horses
rose from Frog Island In clouds, anc
on the back nf each bird was a Froc
soldier. They landed at the ton or th
iclllf The Illrds then Hew away, leav
1 Ing the I-rogs to light on foot
Peggy told General Croaker wha
the Frogs were to do, and he explainer
to the soldiers When all was ready
Peggy Hew up the Glen to see If sh
could find the Pnake army
I It was not difficult The Snake;
were massed nt the end of the Gleri
awaiting to he attacked by Frogs com
Ing over the sides of Marshland
Ing army a quiver of excitement ran
through it A swift Hlue Racer had
darted In with a report. He had dis
covered the Frog a -my at the top of
the cliff. Peggy, waving her hand
from high In the air. gave the Frog:
the signal tn advance In reply came
Snake army. For a moment all vvai
confusion. Then the Snakes twisted
about, ami with an appalling hissing
and rattling, darted down the Glen t
meet the attack of the Frogs,
ITomonou-'s IrstnUment of the
ktorp will describe the battle of the
1 rorjs ana ine unaKes.)
I had, of course, no Intention of going
to Stonehive. but I knew it was quite
likely that some one speaking English
with a foreign accent, would come to
their door asking for news of me. and
cu 1 inuugni wen to risK notning. Ir
point Of fact I set off In the other dlree.
Hon at once For there came to me aa
If by Inspiration the scheme by which
flnrl w u-l-itnV, f ,.- - . ... .. ...-. .1 t
t was iu tnrow my pursuers on the trail,
; -.- """-" " tci.it Kot-u Biart
I1'5 ral,'- Hut " "?3 n0 '-illway station
' ""Sht I remembered that some miles
south there lay a lonely spot that wa
once famous in the days when two great
I"""??. ?I"!nl ran races between
i-OIlOOn a UU IhC UOrtn,
1 ,,, . .,
iuuvct nan iiaiiit.. mineral anu EOOOS,
even thn stair v rnnrlnn mln il.l
..Inr.,,. n.U .....I I . I
' night vvas fine and still, the stars bright
1 If one did stop It would be hard If 1
I did not get aboard.
There was creat hearteninc In tv
.....HST?. -?S Fi?al . neartenlng In the,
!roaa ll 'brlskened my going finely. The
"iBht was fine and still, the stars bright
, L"Wffl5..?ffi
1 r'c;ad was empt' s'a'vVfol'nScnn
ryside. where people are early abed, the
-unB plow-man's making for home after
an evening s courtsn'p at some neighbor.
1 ttni uui an 1110 aoiuu 1 wag very
"'a'S' of a" travelers, and took the other
Sde of the hedges, especially when t
must have been about 10 wlTen I came
to tne aangeroua spot.
itUsMl-MlttU iUMUrtftUWJ
mm hiwv
maf'. '

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