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tea at Present Undecided What to Do One Major
League Possibility Novel Plan Suggested
for Playing World's Scries
pnrl I'llltnr Ktrnlns Public 1 i-ilsrr
BALL as the national pastime ! nnt (lend, nor "111 It cer die as
ratong as America i America The eld pnme h i just icccied a severe
of bumps, but Just a-s Prcil Fulton will sun he the quick but cffeUhe
Sloping he pot fiom Jack Dempsev. o the grnnil old came whkh has
grtftwtobd many wars, will rise from the present embers and hloom It Is
llfc;llkely, of course, that there will h" two major leauue after September
Ifffihtn after the Knler's second' lne to-cd the sponce Into the rlnc but
tjHahlKhlv probable that the magnates of- oipranlicd baseball will uet
nWlfether Immediate! and bepln planning for the futuie
K'ftff'tWIiiit the nl.in ill tin l not kniran The don't know thcm-eles.'
fer ..-'--- -- w
fellWl'.the odds are the will have onp kind of n leasue foi 1913 tint will
fowfable to operate and still keep within the work-ortisht mandate leccntb
i?-"1' . . . . ., ,- I -.1 l Cnra.
;HUWmgatea oy rrovosi .Mnrnai uenerai v.rout:i- ami uiuui . -..-
pUdjy War Baker
S It would be possible to form one lcaiue that would pUe the fain of the
K'miJorlty of the cities on the major lejKiie circuits hlh-class ba-eball net
Mtaon. A circuit, for Instance, rnmpned of eislit cIuIm would she all the
- v .....
,elUes that enjov It now, except two t! thi- aiiancement one cluh mum oe
SK? . trl In tlin Mpirmmlltnn district n combination of the (Hunts Yankees
ijj'ji';. - '" -------,
pnd Brookl n , Philadelphia r.oton rhicicn und St. Louis which now h.ie
'two clubs, could be uppi ed with one fiist-c'.a-s club each To these the
ejubs could' be added tlnce nmr- from Washington l'ittsburch Cincinnati,
ftClveland and Detroit, depend ns en whkh three the maemtes deemetl the
sfceet to support the came
W$1' t- With ihe etetan-. left and the cu l-atc tha' ate cumins: aUms there
P-Blrm. doubt that a league of litIi-cr.ul fi'ent icuiM can during the war
SI period and that It would be pntioniici. as well, if not better, than the ilulis
Ib'are today.
Here's a Suggestion H hich Should Be Considered by Magnates
fWXTO ONE knows what will happen to baseball after September 1, hut ac-
fV .
I Go.WC, OUT To ! -r,- ' ." , VlsTtT MY OLt Jw Xrte STeuRT IS ,S TV?ff 7
Tub old ome ) "7 -Zce PAL" & e ) ( ARry- at A Good FRicvjD 'nK
Totow FbR MY I jjfjy HGBBARD ( r"oRT . V OF MIvJE- I'LL ( CORPS
I vrCi-rioeJ J I J r -' Slocun j V.VI5IT Hir y y
Tll we. a) r f soess riL f UL tT f
Good Time I HP'S in) 1 I HAve A rioe GlPL3, Too I I N -r
wth Do.-o (The rOAvy' Time wj.th k'M0UJ At,B , . . .,
arwoud . I the QIRU5 'w THE KAER .'.
' .
T HAVE been playing Rolf for the ned would say that 1 hae seen some women
A Cross In all parts of the country for who make Rolf too much of a social af-
the last two months, and one thine that
I has Impressed me ery strongly Is the
er large nnd growing number of
ladles, young, mlddlcd-agcd and old (If
ladles tiny cer be said to get old) It
Is a fine sign that this Is becoming rap
Idly a health-appreciating country, for
there is no sport which will put real
roses tn the cheeks so surely as golf,
with Its splendid outdoor exercise. In
observing the play of women I hae i-een
some really rcmaikalile work, and I
appreciate so well the skill tome of the
leading women golfeis show that when
1 was recently challenged to play a
match with one of them, who asked but
a very moderate handicap, I am frank
to say that I was quite doubtful of the
Issue. In addition to obsenlng the play
of many lady golfers, 1 hae taken part
In mixed foursomes with a number of
the best, Including Miss Alea Stirling,
Miss Elaine Hoscnthal and others all of
whom were capable of giving the best
men golfers an exciting battle. I believe
I can pass along to others some sugges
tions which wilt be helpful to women
Most women who play golf today have,
at wme time or other In their lives,
tlev eloped the athletic instinct to play In
tennis, basketball and' In gvmnaHlum
work. All women who have enjoyed this
training should eahlly become excellent
golfers if they will set their minds to It
In an earnest cffoit to become good play
ers. If I may venture a ciltlcibin, I
fair nnd not enough of a real sport
which has for Its object making the
course with the least number of strokes.
1 have discussed the subject of wo
men plavers with n number of prominent
women golfers, and t believe that too
many women start a gams with the Idea,
that there are physical limitations upon
a woman's success In the great game,
while others start out with the wrong
Idea that their style of play should be
distinctly different from golf as men play
An a matter of fact the best women
plavers Tlosely approach the best play
of expel t men golfer", and their stvle
of play Is by no means dissimilar. On
would be Inclined to assume that a
woman's club should be widely different
from times used by a man. As a mat
ter of fact the difference need not be
great. Of course, the weight, length,
thickness of grips, etc , should be adapt
ed to the individual woman player, pre
cisely as they are In the case of men.
Otherwise the underlying principles of
the game are exactly the same, with
the exception, perhaps, that a woman
"cannot take so free and full a cuing
as most men do. Grip and stance should,
how exec duplicate exactly those of a
man. I believe that a woman can de
velop a splendid three-quarter Kwlng
with both wooden and lion clubs, al
though I am aware that many profes
sionals teach their pupils to uwe the
half swing for thee clubs. It Is sur
piislng what a free and open swing a
woman can develop If she onlv believes
she can and approaches) the play deter
mined to accomplish it.
cording to President Tenr
of the National League, theie will be no
tWOrld series, as in former vcirs This big eent will be missed by the fans.
nd already suggestions nie con-ing in fiom those who support the came
.The besl xva have seen comes from "1' V. H " of Hairisburg, and Is printed
tn full:
"Dear Mr. Maxwell I nlwav s have looked forward to the world erles with
a. great deal of interest and e.iilv this ear had vision of another Since
We ciuos oi men
league have been b depleted however, it seems like ,i
foi the Vmoriran and National circuits to add a fitting
fTIHf; litest volume of Who's Who in illy. In his two davs of golf he crowds
in ,pifm,V'iin nines i.unciieon uit.iii-
enough steam tu carr.v him through the
.real oDDortunttv
XT?., -.I .. j.- ... .. .- .1 i..
i,CunaA CO ail Ulliuuuii nr .-Mtuum-n
E L.. ? . f,T I-.-. n r..n-.ct!.-,i . I, n t.,.1 .ll.1-.c- It a nlnl nrl Lln.lli- In ilia i-mac. T n m
4l" . -. -. . ...... .... . .....
. eHerlng and play a snort Fories an ot tne receipts to oe donueti to the
Lifted Cross or to use them in some av that will lend cheer and heln the
,.- . .. . - rt , ,i it ., . -. ,
knioraie ui inc men w no arc uuiiiii; i tii;uiii m er wieitr
pi "A series like that would furnish the men in the I'nlted States training
l"L!inps and on the battlefield much diversion a thinp; the.v need Most of
?ur oldlers are baseball fans and anxious to discuss the game. They would
i ifflnaV flenty of opportunity to talk things over If the all-star teams get
J together. The games would draw enormous ciowds and pack any paik In
tfceCountry. Here are m.v selections.
L "-... , i -. ,. .-,i .,.,., , .-. r. ... ,
,.-. "iauonai beaxue uruu ic m ;. iiuiii nase. cieorue du ns i l i. ricnt
. -. i. - - -. --
r flldi,I$ousli (Cln.), centei
Iffcitbase; Doyle (N. Y ). se
iK.y,) and
center field, Ilornsby (St. . ). s-hortstop. Chase iCin ),
econd base. Wheat (Brookljn), left Held: McCarthy
KUlefer (Cubs), catchers. Vaughn (Cubs), Rudolph (Boston),
Cobpar (Brooklyn), Douglas (Brooklvn) Tjler (Cubs) and Toney (N. Y.),
y.J" American League Hooper (Boston) right field. C. Collins (Chicago),
base; Speaker (Cleveland), center field, Sislei (St. L ), first base; Cobb
FflPetrpUJ. left field,' BakciN Y), third base. Chapman (Cleveland), short-
iop;,xjvieii icjeveianui nnn cnaiK (cnicagoi. caicners; itutn (Hostonl, John-
'! I anMinlTaptitnfflAnl fr nli..l.ln ,Plm nlnnill tin-.. .- ill' Ul-.-l V .. i .- .
fei ws v" aiiiit". v wi ciwii.v iMcit-mmi, iiiiumi lisilllliuuf, cove li. X .,
t! aaa-ay,s (Boston), pitchers.
JgiV, ane wea is vvondenul, and rresidents Johnson and Tener could make a
ay mgnit oy consmeung it seriously, i-ernaps otner line-ups could be sue-
P tested, but most of the stars nie mentioned by r 1Z H.
Bf j" WorltTs Scries in October Wouldn't Pay
jjjf TF WE are to Judge the futuie bv the recent actions of National League
B' ' BWguls, it is easily deduced that thej are expecting, or a; least hoping.
felsttoicarr' on unt" the regular time for the closing of thb league. If the
gAiucru;un iai;u5 snouiu concur in tins opinion which seems to be held by
Mne majority ot tne National League moguls, it would mean that n world's
Fa "ciica mai wuuiu ue puironizen oy ine ians would De an lmnosslh 1 tv
Ki Patrons of the game aie not going to i-ee two clubs plav for the
championship of the world when the teams' members representing thosp
S Clubs which won the pennants aie no longer among those piesent This
SWowld necessarily be the case If a world's scries were plajcd in October.
ffre contending teams would lie made up of plavers under and over the
XS?r." aee """'i wnicn, in line, means that the plavers who won the pen
kfMUIts for their lesnertlvA rlnli irnlM ta nt aada.i.T ,. r.i. .... t t. . ..
fcr(frpm the range of cushions, pop bottle;, and the wrath of the umps
SW'oucn a EeIles would lie a ttavesty on the national pastime It would
s unfair to the future of the ame ami unfair to the comparatively few
ff'St''10 spend their money to see a couple of teams battle for the world's
.Championship, neither of which would be as stronc as thr Wa,, ,
jSJjkgue club at rHeent
&SuPPse- for example that the Red Sox won the pennant In th tmi.
A.CMI League. If the .-crle vvee plaved in October the club would i.n ,. nh.
jfetkit services of Slrunk. Mclnnjs. lloopei, Bush, Huth, Schang. Truesdale
5i?,,?R,man ana othcii. In place of these stars, there would be a hunch of
itowers that would rank little higher than our own Park Snnrrnw. nt,,.i
fejoUalyfor a club of this eahbei to tak. ihe place of such veterans would be
u ulUw iu me game nnu would nut ioon bo forgotten by fandom.
X Amrr'ca" contains .10nn p iges and in
It are brief biographies of the great and
L near grral of this countrv, vet the name
I of one of the admlttedlv biggest men in
l the count!. v is not even mentioned, and
I that min happens to be Bugene O Grace.
president of the Bethlehem Steel Cora
' panv, and utirlr him are a hundred thou
i sand men But that Is tvplcal of Mr
I fliace, v.'fi cares nothing at all for that
I sort of thing, and who is one of the
I most modest of th really great men of
the countr
I Buxton Takes a Day Off
1 ran across Cameron B Buxton, our
.local champion, on Chestnut street jes
I terd iy, jnd he had just returned rrom n
, two-dnvs' trip to Shawnee, where he
had been plajlng In a four-ball match
with Mr Orace, Hrggle Worthlngton and
I Bill Hnvvlind, of Chicago It is the first
I Saturdav nnd Sundav off that he has
had In months, for down at Avashlneton
the best he can get is twilight golf, and
ever now a-id then lie runs up to I'me
Va'If v for a Sunday on the links
Lat October Buck plaved at Pine
Vallev with -Mr tirace. ("hick Bvans,
i Oeorge A Clump and Paui Mackall, ns-
slot.int salts manager of the Bethlehem
I Steel Companv At that time Mr. Grace
returni d two cards of D9 and 103 This
was not a reprisentatlve score by any
I meatib for the steel man. for he has play
ed the Country Club of Baltimore in 78,
'ami In- has gone aroubd Seaview in 75
At Shawnee last spring a car, plav Ins
with Chick I.vans. Mackall and Warren
Corkran, he was In the low eighties
Mr. Grace's Marvelous Improvement
Buck sas he has never seen any one
(whose garni Ins Improved so materially
1 in nine months an that of the head of
the big steel companv In the four rounds
I at Shawnee last Saturda.v and Sunday
the Kteelmaster was as low an 78 and
his lilghen round was 81 All of which
Is flue golf, as an.v one who Ins played
the difficult Shswnee course will cheer
fuliv admit
Here we have one of the busiest big
men of the countrv, who carries on his
t shoulders tremendunus responsibilities,
1 who works very hard and whose only
j time fot tecreatlon is Saturdav. s and
Sundiv.s He is too husy a man tn get
an afternoon off. With him golf is a
i dlvtrslon and a tecreatlon and nothing
more He 1st a self-taught golfer and he
I has had verv little professional teaching,
i taking a lecson here and there occasion-
(ifternmn As soon as he can he Is away
for the afternoon round
Steelnustcr Wa'tc No Time
He walks brisMv He never lags he
hind If anv thing, he in a bit ahead of the
other plavers He does not intentionally
get in front, but he Is pushing nlwav s
tow ird the green The moment the last
pu't is holed he Is away to the next tee
He plays quickly but vvlih care and he
has the rare faculty of concentration. He
rarely looks up on his stroke and be has
no serious golf faults As a driver he
will rank with some of the best swatters
from tl v tee In the country He crowds
more pleasure into two davs of golf than
most of us get iu a wiek. He plnvs
his iron shots with judgment and the
rough and hazard? do not bother hint
At times bis putting is uncanny and It is
rare that he takes mnro than two putts
on anv green
Buck believes that the marvelous im
print mem In his game since he plajed
with him last fall at Pine Valley is due
to the fact of constant practice. He has
o le of the "-how places at Bethlehem and
there he has built a hole on his grounds
Vearb ever evening when he is through
with his nvetage arduous day he
motura to h', gtounds and for an hour
I oi so. thanks' to the davllght-savlrg
' plan, he practices And he goes at It
in a ver.v svstemitlo and thorough wav.
There aie traps and bunkers on the
this practice hole and there is a well
built green Heie he can get all the
practice he needs with his wood and
Irons and this pi in of daily practice In
driving, brasspj'ng of plavlng cleek and
mldiron Fhots. of nppioach shots to the
green and wot king on the green with bis
putter has enabled blm to do wonders
with his game As atrcsult his game
is anv where from five to ten strokes bet
ter than hen he played at Pine Val
ley last fall and it demonstrates the
great advantage of constant practice.
Anv golfer can cut as mnfiiy stiokes
off his game if he will do the same But
It must not be haphazard work and
hove all It must be done intelligently
Take the case of Buxton When Buck
first came to Philadelphia from the
South his game was rather indifferent
At times It was brilliant and at others
REIH'Cr.n FROM $30. (25 and $20
S. E. Cor. 9th & Arch Su.
Open Monday and Saturday Until 9 o'clock
Frunkford Ave. and Cumbria St.
Hums & ftenr, viunuicpr,,
IRIIt.W KtKMMl, AH. 1T 8
(JAM: AT 3:30 1. .VI.
heat at Glmbela und MiuldlntV
night's the
hltht real tur on one bill at
tMilue I'arK lomgnt
C line-Jackson
Ticket. SI. :. S3. Illc ad- I !
Tfinre tule, but ilent of room i
lor eierMMinr. ituy a wnine
l'urk tontxht. Kiirllrr at Ed
word"', spuiillnfEH. Olmbvlit'
and llotfl Srott,
It was dicldcdly poor. Buck lived at
Huntingdon '-'alley Club and every
morning before bieakfast he made It n
practice to get out on the course and
have a work-out.
In less than a vear he. was the stead
iest plaver at, the Valley and at one time1
ror a period of more than n montn not
once was he over 8ft, which is some
shooting If ou have plaved the Xoble
If one of the very busiest men in the
country, who crowds more Into a dav's
woik than most of us do In three, can
do what Mr Grace has done in the last
vear, all of us can do the same In a
measure Of coutse there 1b mote
plcasiure in plaving in four-ball matches,
but the onlv sure way to improve the
play Is bv devoting a half hour or an
hour woik'ng out various shots nnd with
plenty of dav light there Is no vnlld rea
son why ail of us cannot reduce our
golf scores and eliminate a lot of the
golf evils that we suffer from and turn
the weak points of our game into points
of strength
rc.v m
Th6 ADMIRAL size
(Eisenlohr's Masterpiece)
is 10 cents straight
Tlie Perfecto size
is 3 for 25 cents,
and bigger and bet
ter than, most cigars
sold at 104 straight
634 '1
g'QI U "ftRBS )) I XEJ&P
bbbbbbbLbbbbbbHSt" ft CSeHBaaBBBaBBBBH
hLBBBBBBaHR I '''III r Vt&'lotjt- . lfbLBBBBBBBH
aiaBBBBBBfir I 1 U&IC?":! (rafiBiBiBiB
111 A tkSims3My0f:im
m i V l Ireal
Wi mfflw
W Eddie Burns Quils Phils
...! I .... II-. . rn
:ij " ,:"... ...i unit i-, tiLo jui iiomv 1 nmorrow
kt-hTTIDDlE BURNS, Pat Moian'a stai est, hei h. r,it ti i,i.m,,.
Hll, --- . .. . .,.,,, .,,t j mines io-
roorrow night he departs for his homo on the Pacific coast an, prob-
var. He notified President f.t,
wc-e trimming the Beds
a shipvard at least that is not
p Company -her across the
feSJBcirns'B decision to
Ba-l..- ...
rmoiyiWiil remain for the duiation of the
p'-tf''8 declrlon jesterday while the 1 h
RMsS,V:'uule s not jumping the e!a to Jo t
L! ;"""" m luc-seni. no savs n.s w p.. int hrr - ,it n.i i ,,, .
... ...... ,,, ,v,n ul;.
SK..r7 , ,. , n rre,,ue,i: l:-lr to sign M.ke Devine,
'MM tfce New London club. Mr. Liaker .il.o mnk rir.rr, lv... ......
.aai:c x;vj -w.wiaj i uiLuiif. uiin nno tha
ESiSHBK" of a eood twlrler, because Dixie Davis has enllstPH t .h j
VdTwtU Report for dutv on August i '"" "''"
Cht Phils hammered the Beds Into submission in eleven innings vester
Sa&K. J?B ,herba"Ie'n 'he twilight, when Milton Stock poked a
a. aMlBBBBBUl i IVhtvh ccn Iliotln t.1! . - t .1 .t r
..... ... ,. . ,liht;lulu across me pan The battle was hard.
ivana greatly appreciated bv the lojal band of rooters which hid In
lBttiB, Ta3f1o Off. ilBPn n,1n.. f !.. I .
KlM" W r J ' r u,e "nal Sdme o th series, and St. Louis
aWrlveft-.Thursdav. Tomorrow will ho nr, ..n ,i.. . . . uls
.Siiy - - - u.. uu) iui me ciuu.
ti?Ma-j',flrt Swimmers Anxious to Meet Kahanomoku
K honor pf meeting Duke Kahanomoku, the celebrated Hawaiian ,im
r.and Olympic champion, at the Winter Pool. Brighton Beach on
pi.m wmt- sougnt oy iome or the fastest men. No less than five
f the first water have been lined up tentatively to meet the cham-
nvine i.u-yuru race wnicn he will swim horp t mi .... .
,. -. - .. .. . - --hiiiik uciiiue anil
oei. oi tne isew ork Athletio Club. Hal Vt.llm.r t ,i, k.....
ry Training Station at Pelham; Norman Hoss. of th rni,t..i c..J
r Corps, and Ludy Langer are the candidates amnn,- h. .., u
le -the, opponent for Kahanomoku
through a, fortuitous chcumstance Hoss and Langer, of San Francisco IPP
t&rry Mcaiilivray. of the Chicago Athletic Association, will be in New- HHl
I. during the week Kahanomoku Kwfme m nrii .' , .
iJi:. . ,, ... ' . i.l7 I . - "'""'"" i" participate m a
mu, ...... u.w.u.m. Di.ui.ii "iai nas oeen arranged at Belmar Beach
t!jhesenen are anxious to swim the Hawaiian. McGllllvray having
-cnance in t-ntcago recently when he beat the Duke over the fur.
nee Lane, of the Hawaii teum, will swim fifty yards nPtn. ..v,-
Uroer or Leo Glebel. while Harold Kruger swims loo v.-,rri wi.
.'against some metropolitan swimmer, who has not done better 'than
'fiat distance.
for juveniles between Helen Wainwrlght. the College Point mm-.
n'RIggln, of Brooklyn, and Mildred Sieule has hn r.....i
. -- - --.-- -.. ,u,s,
"i -. , . . w ..
'."C .. '-.J' O' i- . -' -2 1
ft-" v; "' - r-"" . : M ma'
, ' j , aiJJJJJ , J agyw I I W-Bfvjjfc""'! I
Fast Motor Service beginning August 1
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Keystone Main 2208, or Bell Lombard 4073 for rates.
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J.iav.y a flA.Wf
fj- -. " Jff. ,
rt y . ....! ' i .o
', ,-ir rt'-r jFnilt,-'--H-,ffltil frMiK -nivrrWffTitufr'Airi
:c5 . . fri istffesfe:,' tL .v$rr.
im v -. Ktv- .TKfL.S'fAi.rrrr'jp'.
- -
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