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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, July 30, 1918, Night Extra, Image 18

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swas TOA'wiyrt i r;- r? .
' v,:.,,-V . frT?x'Tir,,!5"J H''
7i(n tin ' ( - -
i. wi-
,;vs. ,. ;.. w---?u tvw
m.-n. J..:fc-. .. ins -m3
- r j
K !1M. fu Klfrtnor M Pnrter and
he) Mie r-iiHfc J.clp In.
nrtfsalon of 7ot oMtin Vi"lm Co. All
& KfoliM J.'rscn '
j&SJftTitis bTORY this rut
nijfii it. 11 ciiix. mui'imiinonsirr.
t4t(.lniv.fr. I'llU MI!) I). Mill! IIS.
ftcU-FolRt to Bite t it of hi liclrs.
iwn to Mm lion uuu nnii e utw in
to be 1m their homo i j n HHI rton,
'they Bet the mono nether tlmy
the balance or hia u tl depend
Show they use the f i i in
fct Is then nd t d tint Fulton
olnc to South A n i t i it Hi ii
w,"jur. John smith in i in lint r
i. He 8ia be 1-. a m ' nn m i i
ens iilaliut'U rami, m ii t n n ir
I he In there to ti t m t 1
a In li
.fthkl hlatnft TT im i
run in
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(ItifJAMl-.s lil.Wstil.l I
u: ri;.M iii,aimm i.i u
.fljKV I1(.I-II1 ll.i tn
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rniVe nciicd la n i nr t
try a-v, JGVf rvwnot e joitn miii
Lmaf u."Poar Mncak '
ll art
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. AM
F7iirtmwhter by his flr-t t
-. ?Tinbiinl of t'ii m met
nl lis
nnal 1 '
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crawl bus sacrificed in r
.rmna c.roucnv miner nn i i
Be s,tlic! (vomen of t t TOrIsI i
fcLH?.. Mr. ftmlth corn, to rmm
krtriBUUdell. He Ilk tu
!,BW11 trelty thliiES becius u i
4r. Bavin? disposition
l Mr. Smith visiting M" I in
iw'weeta poor Jlntsl bli i? i 1 1
SS ld -but sh ia slisht
ll R d
9AV ,roK at -
CCHAPTER III i Continued i
"WU1 " J K iii"in- "
J'AJOn? Imi an Iiow mi I to Mi'ra uim.
ipI'li ret my nay-" "-he -icrastnl I'V
Kfeiiae me. bu. tint limi "t tniine
B-Hdoenn't sound eiv R-od-ii ivlnp . inn
Kjfeu Bee, I don't know mu nd In these
piys " An cm.n- l'lu-o nnisiica
feMr. Smith sm led
S! '"Quite right, midini ion are iue
kk'-tn hn cautious I hid " letter of ln-
troductlon to nur Ir ther from Mi
V, Robert ChaJmrs T t'dnk he will vouch
K3 fdr me. will that iov
iy r""rth. that's nil rleht tln-n. But that
i2C . . .
fcl Ito't Eajlnu how much jou'U jnv Now,
El think -
Kf' Therci came a slnrp noek Tt the
fi outer door. The oncer Henn jumiied
Ktov'hln feet, hut his aunt shoolc hor head
Etr Va,I Anl trt l,n rl,nr lloTQrtlf TllrO WHS
S4v .
ft f" ...B.b.m A . nln ,l,.,n n 1 m I f ,,,,
b lliUilllUl Ul VU,,--i 111' I ' tj,.nf, .iiu..
'entered the hall and pat down In the
Chair near tho hatrack When "Mrs
Blalsdcll returned hor c a w ere r
Kk. bright. Her cheiks hord two Utile red
Shu apots She carried herself with manifest
"H jou'll just ecuse me a minute"
he apologized to Mr Smith, ns she
1 (wept b; him and opened a d )or across
the rom, nearly clohlur; it behind her
Br. fiJJistlnctly then, from beond the Im-
Prfectly closed door, came to the cars
K?Qf Benny and Mr Smith these words, In
Mrs, Blalsdell's most ec'ted accents
r T .
i.uj iuemceni. ilk ulu i'tiuiui;i, nc
IS that crowd"
Wifi. "Mother!" breathed an ecstatic voice
StWtWhat followed Mr Smith did not hear.
?wwr o Jieaiui, )ci mum (.AV.UIU, ,u.u nv-
Mwanded attention.
gf."OeeI Carl Pennock1" whispered
Bnny hoarsely, "wliciv ' Wont my vu-
j-t Bess be mad' Sho thinks carl
oiVVk,Ajhir'o iYtn fiit, st thlnir iro'nir All
UA.. ..,- ., ...
yTTiiJi a warning "Sli-h!" and an e-
R1.;- f .lA. .. m1 tUn linll tf
ftS!' Smith' tr.ed to stop further revelations.
& but Benny was not to be silenced
Br-W "They're rich aw ful 1 ith the Pen-
' t ,- C-.1 ..ll lii.. 1.
HOCK3 are, no I'ummcu aim mvu huti-
Uy. "An" there's a eirl Uussk She s
m gone oil rieu nci mj .nw,....., ..
Fsinow. He's seventcin, an" Bess is mad
K 'cause sho Isn't stvemeen, too, o she
can go an" play tennis imt as Pred
J C!T,'ll ia vrtirtrl.,. n i or nnu If
K3 Melt coes autorldlng with Carl, an' "
BICT HDk I. ti Crt rr,3rnfKo Hum Mr
K OH'U' "w ....l...
Smluis -lolco ana g.sture tnis nine mai
.Benny fell back subdued
Mr"" At once then became dis'lnctK audible
E31 atralrt the voices from the other room.
IK Mr. Smith, forced to hear tn spite of
llhlmself, had the air of one who finds
Mf ho has abandoned the frying pan for
vw & "Ho, dear, It's quite out of tho ques-
P tlon." eamo from bevond the door, in
nft'vil tjijiUdoirs n! "I can't let vou
fwearf your pink i'ou will wear the
JelWue or. stay at home Just as vou
$ jUxZP' mother, dear, it's all out of
gWMte." wauea a younsr sin s voice-.
iSSK'? can'1 help that Il's I,erfectly
&Jtole and neat, and ou must save the
S&fHtok. for best."
.RBut' I'm alwajs saving things for
JP'Da., motner, ami i never wear my
s3f!.iit- i never wear a uunir w-nen its
ESt-Sin ?Rtvle! By the time lou let me
frrmu the pink I shdn t want to wear
"Alt. Sleeves '11 bo small then vou see if
f iney aren t i snail oe wearinK uib onei
rl Trant to wear big enes now, when
: other jftrls do Pleai nuther'"
USBj'Mellleent v. IV w i 1 lou lease me lute
fSOtrwhen you know it vv'll do no good7
rf wnen ou Know i can i ki jou uo 11 .
iSBiirt vou think I want 5 0U to be as
BwweU-dressed as anybody, if we could
K-i'ftttora It? Come. I'm waiting. You
ILK, must, wear me Diue 01 iiay ai nome.
i.iWhat shall I tell him'"
Lf3rB.tnart!Luliito word and a chokinffhalf-
Ri&lpb. Tho next moment the iloor opened
v'iasd Irs. Blalsdeu appt area The pins
TMMd In not rttiOPlru Vinrt OAtnud R)lP
KiSut the door firm,' then hurried
P-kthrtiUEh the room to ihe hall beyond
SJ'Afiother minute and sho was back In
5-,!. her chair.
y-r Ti'tTtxrrti." sho smiled nleasantly "I'm
1 i !' In nniv trt tnll.- business. Mr Smith. "
sV.?fAnd hhe talked business She Btated
i Btalnly what she expected to do for her
hoarder, and what sho expected her
i "boarder, would do for her She en-
neo upon tne auvaniuKes anu mini
ied the discomforts, w ith the aid of
word now and then from the eager
Interested Benny
j Mr. Smith, on his part, had little to say
'that little was most satisfactory,
vever. was very evident, for Mrs
.Ir'ell wa? soon quite glowing with
iinn pleasure, Mr bmlth was not
bur.' He was plainly ill at ease, and at
I'tUKhtly abstracted lif, eyes fre
t)T, sought the door rthih Mrs
dell had closed so flrrMr a Fhort
before. They weri still turned in
I direction when suddenly (he door
ana .a, voung gin appeareu.
was a s-lim little girl, tilth long'
l etarllko eves and a -Mid-rose
r.Hi her cheeks. Beneath her trim
ktri lignt frown nair wavea soiuy
'her ears-, gsntlng Into gold where
rnt BtruCK iu one loonea exeuea
leased, jet not quite happy. She
blue drest?. plainly made,
aa't stay late. Be In before 10.
p-c&ut!oned Mrs. Blaisdelt "Ana
Bt. just a mmuie, oear. rnis is
tenltli. You might as vveU meet
i- 9V, He's coming here to live to
l,4fyou know, aiy aaugnter, air.
Smith already on hia feet, bowed
aurca a conventional sonietning.
RlarllUo eyes he received a
, jbffjLeaiiorJi.JJortQr
Author of "Polly anna"
'But how ilo vou jet monej to live on?" she per-istcil .
wi'n a vonnc mn ' ar' !' nnock one a lot cverv wiek If vo hadn t bit so
of the nicest tn town ""heie aro four quick An' tints whv say vou won't
'fiors In th ! 1 Tiiev re p unp down 'IT get rich Savin' 's what does it. vc
to tho Lak for rake and ice cream (know gets folks ilch Aunt lane pays
tnd tbryi, all tnr voung people", else su Slit- -ajs i pennv ktmi! s good as
I slHiiidnt lrt lirr go of enutse she s two earned nn hetti r thsn four spent
M-hie.n fT all -he- so small She1, Vcl r,c",115 .'i-1,'1'"1 Mr Smith
favors mv mother In looks but he's got l laughed llgbtlv Htat does look as If
tho uiu-delt nos,. though Oh Mla ''jre wasn t much ehance for me. doesn t
tw is th- BlatMlells vou said vou weie " ,,. . , ., , ,. ,, , , j
iti-Inc- a book ibont wasn't It You I VeH slr Bennv spoke soberly and
"I mean all Blaisflells wherever I
Ind tin in ' Miitleil Mr Smith
ripq - r.,ni hat us' You mean
well be In the book''" Now that tho
matter of board Ins been satisfactorily
settled Mrs Blilsdell appirentlv dared
to show bon e interest in the book
'"citalnlv "
ou don t a ' Aly, how pleased
llattle 1! be mv siter-In-law, Jim's
te Sue Jii"-t loves to see her name in
litint pirtles and chili banquets and
rtliim she ptuis vou know But mav
be vou il m t tske womi n too '
oh ves if thev ate Blaisdella or
have married Ulii-dells '
Oh Thais where vied eome in,
then Ipn't if Melllcet. and I" And
Frank my husband , lie 11 like it, too
if sou tell about the grocery store And,
of cou.-e vou would If sou told about
him You d have to 'cause tints all
there Is tn tell lie thinks that's about
all there is in the world anvwaj, that
groccri stoio And It's a good store
if I do sav it And there's his sister,
Tlora and Maggie But. there '
Pm r Maggie' Sho wont be in it. will
she, After all? She lsn t a Blalsdell, and
tin didn't marry one Now that's too
Ho' She won't mind " Benny spoke
Willi conviction Shell just laugh and
sav It docsn t matter ; and then Grandpa
Duff 11 ak for his diops or hi glasses
or s imething and i-he'll forget all about
it hhi- won t eare. '
Ui I know ; but PoorMaggie ' Al
wajs just her luck ' Mis Blalsdell
sighed and looked thoughtful ' But
Maggie knows a. lot about the Blais
dells sho added, brightening; "so she
eould till vou lots of thing1- aboutvvhen
thev were little, and all that"
e- But that isn't er er ' Mr.
Smith hesitated doubtfully and Mrs
Blalsdell jumped Into the pause
'And, really foi that m itter, sho
knows about us now, too, bettei than
'most anvbodv else Rattles alwajs
smiling for bei, and Tlora. too if thev re
sick or nnv thing Poor Maggie' Some
times I think thev actually impose upon
her And she's such a good soul, too'
I declari I never see her but I w ish I
could do sonn thing for hit But, of
course with mv means But, there1
Here 1 am running on as usual Trank
savs I never do know when to stop, when
I get started on something, and, of
course vou didn't come hero to talk
about poor Maggie Now I'll go back to
business Viion Is It vou want to start
in to board I mean?"
"Tomorrow if I mas " "With some
alacritj Mr Smith got u his feet "And
r,n iw must be iroing Bcnnv and I.
I'm at tho Holland House v.Vith your
permission, then Mrs 111 ilselell, I'll Bena
up mv trunks tomorrow morning And
now good night anil thank sou"
Whv hut. Mr Smith ' The woman,
too came to her feet but her face was
surprised Whv, jou navent even seen
v our room j et ' How do v ou know
you'll like if"
"i:h" What? Oh'" Mr Smith
inntrhed Thei o w aa a cmizzical lift to
his ejebrows 'So I haven't, have I?
And people usuallv tlo rlonttney: well
er- nerh.ins T Mill lust take a look at
the room though I'm not worrvins
ary I assure vou I've no doubt it win
he nulto riuht nuite right, he finished
as lie follov ed Mrs Blalsdell to a door
hnlfw-av down the narrow hall
rive minutes later, once more on the
street ho was vvalklntr home with lien
nj' It was Benns- who broke the long
silence that had immediately tanen ne
teveen them
Sav Mr Smith I'll bet je you'll
never oe nch '
Mr Smith turned with a visible start
"Kb.? What' I'll never be What do
vou mean, hov '
Benny giggled cheerfully
" I'ause you paid Anut Jano what she
asked the verj first time Whv Aunt
Jane never expects ter get what she asks,
pa sass She sells him groceries In the
store scmrtlmes, when Uncle Frank's
awav je knew. Pa says what she asks
first is for practice just ter get her
hand in , an' she expects ter get beat
down But you paid it right off the bat
Didn't je see how tickled Aunt Jane was,
after shed got over bein' surprised?"
"Whs er really Benns," mm mured
Mr Smith
But Benn$- had jet more to say
'Oh, jts s r, lou could have saved
r, . n i jr -n- rriaric wriw wnnui i STI " f WON'T- I WOULUtvJ 1 I ---' i ,
(-WITH ft HUNCH OP OLTi .. Xk-rFJa I "M Jt AS i SELPlSH il -v - . -T --
rtWlPS GOS&iVS SITTING- ON rVJS AV UZ-Ty J HOTEL WHERE- C JS .J)6-W-:ij A VOU ftRE ,1 fO ' -. --. . ?"
lSTHE PORCH-- VgS-y K, M'-V( - ff J-TTyj'Kr. FOR ANVTHINffU jfe. j e - I - -
seem to hear at onee Mr. Smith was,
uiei jjniiiiv.iii. iuv - .jii.itu iu iiuv
Imleetl not a little abstracted an the
wav to Bennv's home, though his good
night was vers cheerful at parting
Benns would nave been surprised, in
deed, had he knotin th it Mr Smith was
thinking not about his folishlj- ex
travagant agieement for board, but
nl out n pair of starrv ees with vi lst
ful lights in them, and a blue dress,
plalnlj made
In the hotel that night Mr John Smith
vi rote the following lettei to ldward
I N'orton V."i Chicago
Mj Pe ir Ned Well, I'm here I've
been here esactl sl hours, and al
leadj I m In possession of not a little
Blalsdell data for mv er book. I've
seen Mr and Mrs James, their
daughter Bessie, and their son, Ben
nj Benny, bj tho was, is a gush
ing gejser of current Blalsdell data
which, I foresee. I shall find inter
esting, but embarrassing, perhaps, at
times I've also seen Miss Flora,
and Mrs lane Blalsdell and her
daughter, Melllcent
There r a "Poor Maggie" whom I
haven't seen But she Isn't a Blals
dell She s a Huff, daughter of the
man vi ho mairied Bufus Blalsdell s
widow, some thirty jcars or more
ago As 1 said, 1 havint seen her
vet, but she, too, a cording ,to Mis
Prank Blalsdell, muEt bo a. gushing
gtvser of Blalsdell data, so I prob
nblv soon shall see her. Why she's
' poor" 1 don t know
As for the Blalsdell data already in
mj- possession I've no comment to
make Itt.illy, Ned to tell the truth,
I m not sure I'm going to relish this
job after nil In spite of a per-fectlj-
clear conscience, and the vir
tuous realization that I'm hero to
bring nothing woiso than ,i hun
dred thousand dollars apiece, with
the posslblt addition of a few" mil
lions on their devoted heads In spite
of all this I jet have an uncom
fortable feeling tint I'm a small boy
listening at the kevhoie
However, I'm committed to tho
thing now, fo I'll stick it out, I sup
pose though I'm not sure, after all,
that I wouldn't chuck the whole 'hlng
if it wasn't that I wanted to see
how Melllcent will enjoy her pink
dresses How manj pink dresses will
a hundred thousand dollars buj ans"
waj I mean pretty pink dresses, all
fixed up with trills and furbelows?
As ever jours,
In Search of Some Dates
VERY promptly tho ne.xt morning Mr.
John Smith and his two trunks ap
peared at the door of his new boarding
place-. Mrs Jane Blalsdell welcomed
him tordlallj- She wore a high-necked,
long-sleeved gingham apron this time,
which she neither removed nor apolo
gized for unless her cheerful "You see,
i ,- ou 11 find me in working trim,
Mr. Smith," might be taken as an
apologj .
Melllcent, her slender joung self en
veloped in a similar apron, waj dusting
his room as lie entered it. Sho nodded
nbsentlj', w ith a casual ' Good-morning,
Mr Smith," ns she continued at her
work. Even the placing of the two big
trunks, which the shuffling men brought
in, vi on from her only a listless glanco
or two Then, without speaking again,
she left thejoom, as her mother entered
' There '" Mrs Blalsdell looked about
her complacentlj'. "With this couch
bed with Its red eover and cushions, and
.ill the- dressing things moved to the lit
tle loom In there, it looks like a real
sittlng-ioom tn here, doesn't It?"
' It certainly does, Mrs. Blalsdell "
"And jou had 'em take the trunks In
there, too That's good," she nodded,
crossing to the door of the small dressing-room
beyond "I thought J'ou would
Well I hope jou'll be real happj- with
us Mr Smith, and I guess jou will.
And vou needn't be a mite afraid of
hurting ans thing I've covered everj
thlng with mats and tidies and spreads"
"Yes I see" A keen listener would
have noticed ,an odd something in Mr.
Smith's voice, but Mrs Blalsdell appar
entlj' noticed nothing
"Yes, I alwajs do to save wearing
Awful Question to Settle
WE'RE &Oirvtr TO '
1 --" W (I r7-...i ... --c-'i ". JfV il ALLRjCrHTWE -x , --, SOMETIME.
' Mv Helen it, Patterson
ttmHt'RSDAY Is a holiday," said
X pretty Edith Saw or lo the three
girls who occupied all the space of her
small bedroom "Do stop jour knitting,
Huth for a few minutes and let us plan
what wp villi do 1 want to enjoy every
minute of the day"
'Of course, we do," echoed dnrk-ejed
Minnie, "Some of tile boss wo know
will bo home for tho holiday Won't it
be fun to have a picnic partj and spend
the day nt tho beach?'
"But that Isn't ans thing new," ob
jected Hazel '1 spend most everj- Sun
dav at tho beach Let us go into the
country "
"But this will bo different, Hazel Wo
will all take a lunch and picnic Then
wo can dance and swim and have lots
more fun thnn we could going out Into
tho countrj- where jou can only gaze nt
a cow- and get bitten bj' mosqulloe1 Be
sides I know the bovs would much
rathe" spend the daj where thev tan
danco and have some fun Don't vou
think so, Btithl" Minnie nskod of a
vivacious curlv -haired girl, busllj work
ing with knitting needles
"If jou will promise not to tell,' said
Ruth, mlsohievouslj, 'I will impart to
jou mv plans I made them last wick"
"And neiei told one of us Huth San
born That is what I call stingj," re
torted Hazel
"Well, It s Uko this ' said Huth "Be
ing tired of tlie cltj, and all such
amusements I decided to spend the dav
In the enuntrj looking at the io that
Mlnnlo siid would be thete As I didn't
like to spend the dav alone I Invited
five verv congenial people lo go with me,
so vie are going to take i lunch, smrt
earls- and spend the d iv In the most de
lightful place tint I know of
'There ate large, shads trees a nice
brook to wade in, btitu roups and daisies
In tho meadows, wild straw hemes that
are ours for thi pieklng mil "
There vieie looks of consternation anil
amazement on nil the girls' faces They
had nlwajs cunsidcted themselves Ruths
particular friends and now to hear thej
had been Flighted bv their favorite for
more congenial company made them
somewhat chagrined
'I didn't mean to offend vou girls,"
hastily went on Ituth 'and I'm sure jou
won't be when I tell vou mv company
villi be Mrs Morgan s live kldlets "
'Mrs Morgan s five children ' Arevou
crazv, Ruth t'anborn, to spend vour
holiday taking care of babies;? ' asked
"No, not quiti crnzv, Minnie," an
swered Ruth laughing 'but, jou see I
knew Mrs Morgan wanted verj much to
see her joungest brother, who is nt Camp
so 1 suggested tn hei that sue
and hubby should motor to the camp and
I would take the ehildren including bihv
Robert, and spend the dav in the coun
trj She was so griteful that I won
dered I hadn t thought of It befoie"
'The Idea ' said L.dlth 'of anv woman
burdening jou ou a holiday witn her five
children "
"You girls all talk as if Marv Mor
gan was to br 1 lamed for relng the
proud mother of the five nicest children
that I know of sild Ruth, rising to
go "I'm sorrv if lie disappointed jou,
hut please remember, rirls Marj Is mv
friend also, and it was I who asked her
to let me take the chllriien into the coun
trj I hope jou w ! haie us nice a
time ns I expect to and with a ' Good
by all," Ruth w r nt
The astonished girls watchd Ruth
disappear through the open door, and
thei,. vihn the dooi was closed, voiced
theii sentiments
'That is Just like Ruth,' s-iid Minnie
'She would giie up a good time at our
nnd soiling, jou know. Of course if we
had money to buy new all the time, it
would be different. But wo haven't.
And that's what I tell Melllcent when
she complains of so many things to dust
and brush Now make jourself right at
home. Mr Smith Dinner's at 12
o'clock, and supper Is at G except in
the winter. We have It earliei then, so's
we can go to bed earihr Saves gas,
vou know But lt'r it G now. I do
like the long davs, don't sou' Well.
I'll be off now, and let vou unpick As
I said before make jourself perfectly
at home, perfectly at home "
Left alone, Mr. Smith drew a long
breath and looked about him It was a
pleasant room, in spito of its cluttered
appearance There was an old-fashioned
desk for ills papers and the cbalis
looked rooms and comfortable The lit
tle dres-sing-room carried manv con
veniences, and the windows of both
rooms looked out upon the green of tho
"Oh, well, I don't know This might
be lots woise in spite of the tidies!"
chuckled Mr John Smith, as he singled
out the kevs of his trunks
At the noon dinner-tahlo Mr Smith
met Mr Frank Blalsdell. Ho was a
portlv nnn with rather thick graj' hair
and "mutton-chop" giay whiskers He
ate vers fast, and a great deal jet he
still found time to talk interestedly with
ills new boarder.
Ho was plainly a man of decided opin
ions opinions which lie did not hesitate
to express, and which he emphasized
with resounding thumps of his fists on
the table The first time ho did this,
Mr Smith, taken utterly by surprise,
was guilt- of a visible start After tint
he learneel to accent them with the se
renity evinced by tne rest of the family.
When the dinner was over, Mr Smith
knew (if ho could remember them) the
current market prices of beans, corn, po
tatoes, sugar and flour; and he knew
(Again If he could remember) why some
of these commodities were higher and
somn low er than thev had been the vv rek
before In a way, Mr John Smith was
interested That stocks and bonds fluc
tuated he vv as well aware That "wheat"
could be cornered ho realized But of
the ups and (low ns oi corn ana ueans
as seen bv the retail grocer he knew very
little That is, ho had known very
little until after that dinner with Mr.
rrank Blalsdell.
Great demand for the EVENING
PU1IUO LEDGEIl mny caune you
to miss an Installment of till" very
Interesting story. You bad better,
therefore, telephone or writo to tho
Circulation Department or nsk jour
neivselealer this afternoon to leave
) our home.
-:- ... -:- -:- -:- -:- -:- By EDWItyA "
A JPk,weRE oo.N- .somewhere where ilK""fs -, at all;- r ' vanna. go I
r gP?--n), toe CAN FISH. AN' , f- m& "T . j 30I-VEWHERES1
plci ic Just to tako caro of thoso chil
dren " ,
"I don't know what ails her She has
been rather moony ever since tho nlghi
she was lescued from the flro by that
voting man, and she doesn't even know
nil name, or hasn't seen him slnco," com
mented Hazel
"I guess she. Is dreaming of finding
him si mo div," added Edith lather sar
cMSiieall', 'but let us plan for our pic
nic We can have a good time without
mr. nnd the glrLs wero soon busy
thlnklrg of what tho lunch basket would
Thursday dawned blight and clear, a
regular July daj-, and s o clock found
Paitli engaged in helping Mrs Morgan
tit iss: the Hie children, who were all ex
cited at spending tho day In tho eoun
tij with "Aunt Ruth," as they called
'Be good children nnd obey Aunt
Ruth. ' said Mrs Morgan kissing each
good-by Then, "Ruth, dear, jou don t
know what tills d.ij means to me Be -siekf
seeing mv dear biotliei, it is the
flist real holiday I've had slnco the
ci lldicn came, and I'll never bo ablo to
thank Jim pioperly "
'I don't neeel an thanks," said Ruth,
kifsint her. "You go and have as good
a t.me as I am going to," and Ruth
lan down the steps to join her chaiges,
vilio wero walking toward the electric
cat thnt vi as to carr; them Into tho
countrj- x
The place Ruth had chosen for the
outing was all that she n id described
to the girls There vias the biook
which th children and Ruth waded in,
the big maple trees that they ate the
delicious lunch unelei , the cems glazing
in the pasture; the dais-cs and butter
cups, which the ehildren picked until
their little hands could hold no moic
and the wild straw bei lies that kept
unt Ruth busj seeing too manv were
not consumed liy the jouthful gatherers
Tlielo nolo buttetllies to chase, and then
wnen all weie tired, then wen tho ex
citing stories that Aunt Ruth told rest
ing In the shado of the tiecs The day
pissed quleklj- and ns fooh as tile long
shadows began to appear, the six lnppv
picnickers with the empty lunch bask
et, Ftaitiel fiy home When thev weie
In sight of the ro id Ruth was ton prised
to see a laigo automobile stop, ovidc.nl
lj waiting for them
The two older children huiilcd on
ahead, and Ruth soon heard their cries
of ' Uncle Jack ! Uncle Jack '" and saw
them affectionately greeted by a largo
man in uniform tier hcait began to
in nt uncomfort lblv fast Where had
she seen him before'' Instantly her
tl ougiits Hew luck six months to a
burning building and to a voung man
who had found her lost and groping he
wnv in tho smoke, led her caiefull out
and then, as soon .13 she was site dls
appcaied Liko in a dream she heard
little Marv saj-, "This Is Uncle Jack
He came back w til mamma and bos
come to take us home, Aunt Ituth '
"I suppose vie are propel Iv- intro
duced " said Uncle lack smiling, nnd
then, as no took Ruth's proffered hand
Mv little girl of the flic'" ho ex
claimed , , , , ,i .
"And vou are my knight, who disap
peared so quickly I didn't even thank
vou." said Ruth
'I had to ' replied Jack, 'but if sou
wont object 111 piomisc not to hurl J
a"ltuth did not object, as her blushing
face tolel , , T) ,.
. .,..,,. rtniii.-, tn el-ie onr onrl Ruth
rr-UHIl ill''" ..mm . w --" , T l
found heiself silting beside I nele Jack
with Mill KODtlt Sleeping 111 nil mi"-.
verv thankful for the hippie! dav of
her life for her heart told hn the quest
was ended her hero was taking them all
Tomotrou''! Conipic'r A'oirWfc
A complete ncio adventure each iiceje, beginning Monday
Tic Spy in the Dark
(Peggy is summoned by Rroiuiir
On! tn lead a foicc of Ouls, XUjht
llauks, and WliJp-l'ooi -'Willi in a
night attack against the dcsinic
tiir Clous )
BROWNIE OWL lnl his forces to a
section of the forest a little apart
fom the rookery where the CreJws lived
It was still light above the treetops, but
down below in the woods the shadows
wero already deep The hush of twi
light was In the air The daj Bird? had
said their la't good-night nnd not a
peep came from them Even the wind
was still In Its quietness the forest
seemed verj mjsterious and awesome to
"Its getting awfullv dark," sho said
nervouslj to Brownie Owl
'Yes, I can see better cveiv minute,"
he nnsweied 'Soon vve cm attack"
'What villi w n do when we do at
tack?1 asked Peggj, still mindful of the
overwhelming number of Crows and the
comparatively small fighting force of
Brownie Owl
"Oh. we'll make a lot of noise, slash
into tho Crows with all our might and
drive them scooting eut of this part of
the country," boasted Iliownio Owl
'That doesn't sound like a good plan,"
mused Peggy "You inav be ablo to giv e
them an awful scare, but oven If ou do
scattir them galle west, they can't fly
far in tho dark, and jou'll find them all
back here again in the morning"
Brownie Owl thought over this angle
of the matter for a moment.
"I agree with Jou," he finallj podded
"But even If we can't get lid of them
for good, wo can give them a fright
thej'll icmember,"
' Buf that fright will not save the
corn crop, argued Peggy, "We must
find some waj that will toreo the Crows
to go aw a j' or else be good W'hj' can't
wo capture old King Crow and hold
him as a hostage.' Thej wouleln t daro
bo bad 'If wo had him where wo could
slash off his head as the penalty "
'You're light! You'ro ahvajs right1"
exclaimed Brownie Owl enthusiastically
'We'll wall him up, just as ho walled
me up Mj. won't I havo a good time
making faces at him that is, if I dare
go near him '"
Bionnlo Owl hesitated in a way that
mado Peggy suspicious
"If jou ilaro go near him?" she re
peated questlonlngly "Why is he so
much woise than other Crows?"
"Ho is an ogre and a magician,"
(CovurloM, J)tS,hu
rtn Austrian officer saluted, and the
two men marched up tho causeway.
Jfarlshka, on tho other sido of tho gate,
had started up and was regarding him
"What you saj', Hugh It can't bo
that '
"It's true, dear." he almost shouted
"Tho Russians They're coming below
thero In tho valley I have Just seen
The Austrlans aro in full retreat The
nrmv has been retreating nil night, and
wo thought thero vierp re-enforcements.
If we can hold out n short while longer,
we will bo safe Aro jou frightened?'
"No Will they como again, jou
"Yes Thej'll hardlv glvo up so easily.
But keep down, Mniishka, further in
the corner You can see ns well Ah!
I viasn't mistaken Here the' come!"
Into tho squad of Austrian solihers ad
innclng Renwlck emptied the magazine
of his lepeatlng rifle, nnd took up tho
other Two mm fell and the remainder
paused, onlv to lie brought on bj the
Austrian officer who led them, sword in
hand Renwlck could have shot him
cnsilj, but he held his fire and as the
mass of men came on he saw them raise
their rlfleH to their shoulders
"Keep down'" he shouted to Marlshka,
"thes'ro going to "
Dust and mortar flew from tho ancient
gato and behind In tho castle, windows
"Yr.n aro safe? ' ho shouted.
"Yes," her voice replied
"Now- watch tho gateway."
A plank enme over, but profiting bv
their earlier experience, they shoved It
off before It mine to rest Another a
longei one, nnd another, both of which
found lodgment rquaielv between the
gato posts Renwlck spi.mg to the loop
hole; but the voiles- thnt followed spat
teied haimlesslv mound him
He vi ns a gooel shot with a rifle, and
aimed efellberalelj-, dropping the first
man that put his foot on the hazard
ous bridge Gasping with her exertions
Marlshka pushed the shorter timber
over, but the longer one j immed hope
lessly against the gate post.
' Hugh " she cried, "we are lost "
But a stiango thing happened then
Pot ns tho second man approached tho
bridge and had even put ono foot upon
It, a shrill call i.ang out at the other
end of the causeway.
'The retreat'" the officer shouted
' To the rear "
The look of relief upon the face of
the brave fellow who was venturing
death upon the ptecnilous timber was
reflected In Renw Ick's own heart, for
lip spared1 the man who, w Ith a startled
giineo over his shoulder presently'
c night up vi Ith the i.apidly vanishing
Windt Renwlck rushed out nnd lifting
the d ingerems timber hurled It down
into the goige
Tnen he raught Marlshka by the waist
and lifted her
"We're safe dear thev've gone "
he cried
She turned one look up at him and
then slowlj- closing her cjes, sank hack
helpless In his aims.
"Mailshka! It has been too
much "
The blood flowed from a slight cut
upon her cheek where sho had1 been
stiuek bv a piece of fljlng stone, but
he -aw that it vias not deep He laid
iter gentlj- upon the flagging, and ran
tn the hall for wntei. Theie he found
Ein, crouched 111 a co-yier, more dead
thm alive But h" commanded her tn
come and bring water and bland, anel
she nbeved
Marlshka had onlv fainted nnd the
brands Foon restored her
They've gone' sue nsurd mm
"Yes, dear. We're qulte'safc Listen,
"I'm not exactly afraid," answered
Peggy slovily
hooted Brownio Owl solemnly, "They
say he charms every bird that dares
to look him lu tho -C. When he has
charmed them he makes thini dance
themselies to death to amuse him and
then eats thentsup"
Gracious!" said Peggj. "Wny didn't
you tell me this before? '
"Becadse jou didn't ask me," replied
Brownio Owl evasively, "And besides I
thought jou might be afraid to come if
jou knew about him,"
"I'm not exactly afraid," answered
Peggy slow l.v, ' but l surely didn't
count on fighting an ogre. Majbo it
will not bo so easy to capture him "
"It will not," agreed Brownie Owl
Id ratlter fight a wholo tiimy of ot
dinary Clows than-fight him"
"But Blill if wo do captuie him we
y George Gibbr ' Juthor of "Tb YcIIowOore
Public Ledger Compani. Ccpvrloht, 19iS, bv
Tho Russians aro driving them down thei
Ho wnshetl tho wound in her cheek
"It will not scar vou, Marlshka," ho
smiled. "But if it does an honorabla
scar such as no woman of Austria
wears "
Sho touched It with her fingers and
"I did not oven know "
And then she saw tho blood at his
"You'ro hurt?"
"Only a scratch. It's nothing.
But weak as sho vias she tore away
the sleeve of his shirt, and made him
bathe and bind it hvlth linen from her
"Will the Russians como here, you
think? ' she saked.
He smiled.
"If thov don't come to us," ho said
soberly, "wo will go to them"
Sho smiled.
"And jour people shall be iny people
. . .' " sho murmured softly.
Galenskl, colonel of Russian cavalrv,
sat on his horse on a slight eminence
besldo tho road which descended from
Dukla Pass into the vallej' beyond,
watching through a pair of field glasses
the l .imparts of an ancient castle perch
ed upon a crag.
Beside him his regiment streamed
down the hill at a hand gallop. Its giay
coats flapping, as it spread euit fanvv Ise
In the meadow below, Its lances lightly
poised in pursuit of the fleeing Aus
trlans As a company captain passed he
called out a name, and tho officer, with
a word to his lieutenant, galloped up
nnd saluted.
"Is not that Schloss Szolnok, Captain
"Yes, sir You remember the affair
of Baron Neudeck "
'Of course. I have been watching It,
as vv b camo down tho road Fighting
has been going on there foi an hour or
more "
' Fighting'"'
"Yes. I don't undei stand Tho Aus
ttlans weie attacking it I am certain
for I clearly made out the kepi of the
' That Is strange "
"Is it possible that some of our ad
vance posts could have occupied lC"
"I should say that that was impos
sible "
"Wo must Investigate Detach vour
company from the command and bilng
vour men up the road jonder I villi
join ou "
Captain Kotchukoft saluted, wheeled
his horse nnd galloped at full speed down
tho load into the meadow, while Colonel
Galenskl Hotted slowly down the hill
until he found a ford in the si roam, and
then slowly rode up the hill bejhnd
"it 13 veiy stiange," be muttered
As ho reached the road above, the
company of Captain Kntchukorf cime
riding up. hut ho gave the command to
walk their hoises, and slowly, colonel
and captain lidlng In front, thej ap
pt oached the end of the long causeway
which led tn the castle That he had not
been mistaken In his observation was
clcaily tn be seen for seieial men lay
either dead or severelv viounded in tho
middle of the walled read
As Ihcj neared the drawbridge three
morp piostiate figures were seen, one of
them hanging almost on the Up on the
ahv ss ....
The drawbridge was i.iied and be
vond the gato another form lay bejond
tho threshold But as vet he saw no
sign of lite Colonel Galenskl leincd In
his hor-p sharplv. iil-ed his hand, nnd
behind him his captain shouted the loud
older to halt
At the sound a man rufieienlv appeal d
in the cate. nnd beside him a veiv be tu-
tiful joung woman Colonel G llenski
was a good olllcei. but the fact, though
and ending Saturday.
v 111 have tlie whole Crow aim in our
powei," tiguied Peggv 'That would
be a bigger v Ictorv than 1nst giving a
few Ciows a sound thiashln';"
'His power ovei them s supienie"
leplied Brownie Owl 'ThcjTl do an -thing
he snjs "
'Then weie going to capture him."
decided I'eggv 'Tlie fnmeis hive
wniked too ii.u el glowing their coin to
base tl destrojed now Where will we
find him?'
"Hpie's Scout Night Hawk now He
will tell us," said Brownie Owl as one
of his wanlors suddenly appealed
thioufh the gloom. Scout Night Hawk
saluted sm irtly
"I have to repoit. sir. that the Ciow
aim is sound asleep Old King Crow
ins neeii Holding a council, at w men it
was decided to attack Faimer Dalton's
eoinfielil tomoriow morning, as the corn
theie has neen cut nnd is in shock This
council has now been ellsmlssed and
King Ciow lias retired to his civern. '
"Ills cavern1.'" asked Teggy I
thought Crows lived In nests like other
biids" k
'But I told vou King Clow isn't liko
other birds," said Brownie Owl "He
lives in a cavern Where he can practice
his black aits "
"Are the Birds bravo enough to cap
tuie him?' cried Peggy to the Owls, tho
Whip-Poor-Wills and the Night Hawks
"W'e'ie hrave enough to do an thing
jou ask us to do," thej' replied in a
' Then this is our plan of attack Tho
On Is will pounce upon him and make
him a captive. They villi carrj him to
the caves of the Sand Martins, where we
w ill imprison him "
"Fine," hooted Brownie Owl.
"The Whip-Poor-Wllls and the Night
Hawks villi act as a guard, fighting off
anv Crows who try to inteifere"
As Peggy said this there vias a
stealthy rush from the branches of a
tree above hey head, ard a dark form
vanished into tho blackness of tho
woods Peggy was startled
"It was only a bat!" hooted Brownie
uivi nervouslj-.
"Only a bat. but that bat may bo a
spy for the' Crows," exclaimed Peggy.
' Come, w e must attack quickly."
Her aerial chariot rose into the air
and moved in tile midst of the Night
uireis toward tne camp or tne crows
As was proved later, her fear that the
bat mlgTit be a spy was only too well
founded. I
(7'omonoio Hill be ilescilbed the
attack in the dark, and tlie unex
pected consequences)
D, AfuMon Co.)
of no inllltaiy Importance, was quite
clearly to ho noted a very beautiful
woman, Tho man beside the girl was
tall, and hore Himself Well. But he was
covered with grime and dust and his
clothing was torn and streaked with
blood One sleeve of his shirt was
missing, nnd his bare arm was bandaged.
Just below the armpit with -a blood
sta ned cloth And as he looked, the
man smiled and saluted.
n,,a ,nt' cjae'sll returned tho salute,
and spoke In German
,.iu "-- lower tho drawbridge if
voir" please. I wish to enter."
fbJM.im,an,rtls?1?pearc-1 for a moment,
the girl bseldo him, and presently, with
mnIH0nULatter ot rU8tv chains which
mado necessaiy some exce lent feats of
nariChe,!lnh,ll.,t,y.ihe,me,lof th0 com
pany behind him, the drawbr dge crashed
I0"1,1, "nd Colonel Galenskl rodofor-
rom', ,nhJoUfBl the Kate' Allowed by tho
company of horsemen, who wheeled by
aJ.lS ana haltea 1" tlie court-
lntVmn?.!.Ci?len'ft- dismounted, neglect
L ,fi". dol"",of-, the, "duns of combat, tho
bull, -scarred flagging, the broken rock! '.
the timbers, the two figures ijlng in tho
shadow of the wall of the gate. 9
the v.rP.,10"'' "'-limy glasses, I saw'
hi Tuwi S-sff-ans attacking jour. draw,
bildge, he said. There were many of
them along the road Your men havo
thev?,.efe"ded th0 P3l"on. Where a,
J,1'1','1;11 man smiled and took tho
beautiful joung woman by the hand
i beg to present ou to my garrison "
isliVs," lh.a ,aVBh "Countess Mar
isiika'Strahnl and er ""
JoIoin'1 G'snskl of the "Fifth Regl
,ut1,i),rs,0' Bald, th0 Colonel with a
ri VV,1'1 50U' "Ir who are jou?"
.I10 !'1'1 man extended a grimy hand"
t lie mmaoulate Russian
i , VM" ,tci' ou that, sir, If" and he
cue5" lU'U S10 "10 a e'ear-
"i nenarcl to the Evidence in the Case
IP THE reader of this book Is not In
clined to accept the prima-facio evi
dence as presented in tho news-inner.
from official sources with legard to tho
assassination of the Archduke Terdlnand
and his wife, the Duchess of Hohenberg,
lie is rcfeired by the publishers to the
very interesting article by Mr. Henry,
Wlckham Steed called "The Pact of
Konoplsht," printed in the Nineteenth
tentuiy for February, 1016 Mr. Steed,
as is well known, was for twenty jears
ionCT7POndeVt.ln Vlenna ot the 'Lon
don Times, and is also the author of
tho latest and presumably tha mo ,,
s,?i.',U'U,, ,0,rk ln L'"Sllsb on the
itnm0"IUTniBal an Government and the
House of Habsburg
llle laCLS nresenterl tn lliql nrt' u J I
clnninrr eillh i, .- i..J .A. ,...'. c f I
v, "i ,. r , ."I. uivu ujcicii eieiween
. .....j. uusi-pn .mn tne Archduke on his
linrrlni-e- to Knnhlo rv,oel, . .v.. ..'..
between Kaiser and Archduke at Eckart-
. , ,, . cisciam; tne seizure of the
Aichdukes papers by the Austrian Gov
ernment after the nssnealn-,tln . t. I-
stiuctlons to the Snrnievo poll'co from
the military authoiltles of Austria
Hungary to mako no special arrange-
iiuiiio iu xne uircniiukes protection;
the tact that no evidence ins ever been
adeluccd proving the complicity of tho
serbianoov eminent; the funeial of the
Aichtluke and Duchess, at which no
wieaths weie sent bv Empeior Franz
Joseph, by tho Archdukes sister, or any
member of the Austro-Hungarian im
perial family; the Inadequacy of tho
foimal nriangements foe. burial nnd the
obiious intention of the court authorities
to pay as little honor as possible to the
eiead; the exclamation of tho Kaiser
during Kiel week when the news of the
asjis3lnatlon was brought to him, "Now
I must begin all oici again" these facts
must bo considered as circumstantial
evidence of the most positive sort that
tho lelations between Aichduke and
Kaiser had been looked on with dls
fivor and suspicion bv the imperial
family of Austiia What actually hap
pmed at KonopWit of course will never
in- known, but there is strong presump
tive evidence tint a pact of tho charrcter
suggested in this story was made in the
rose gaiden of tho eastle and that Von
Ii i was a witness to jt
Whatever the police records show with
icgai d to Gabrlnovltz and Prinzep tho
niniei. who tluew the bomb the latter
wit) did the killing, no successful effort
Ins been mado to show that thev wero
cinplosed bv the Serbian Government,
nor is it probable that Serbia would
liaio piomoted a plot which would give
Vustiia-liungaiv a pretext for assailing
'ier, a pretext that Austria-Hungary had
ahead sought. Tho story of ehe be
g nningj of the great war has shown
how she found it.
In the light of tho ascertained facts
concerning the production of antl-Ser-bnn
forgeries employed by Austria dur
ing the annexation crises of 100S-OD, and
exposed during the Triedjung trial of
December. ID09, it certainly would not
bo bejond the power of Austro-Hun-gaiian
secret service agents to cook up
a plot at Belgiade or Sarajevo, were it
considered desirable, for reasons of im
perial policj. either to "remove" ob
noxious peisonages or to provldo a pre
text foi war.
Tho dreim of an empire from Ham
burg to Salonica is as jet a dream, but
that it was dreamed in Potsdam no'one
His Revenge
A busy housewife came Into tho
sitting room with a determined
look in her eyes.
"I really shall havo to punish
thoso children," she began.
"What havo the little beggars
been up to now?" asked father,
looking up from his newspaper.
"Why, they've made a mess of
my sewing room," explained his
wife. "Needles, reels of cotton,
scissors everything has been hid
den away In the most unexpected
places. It Is really exasperating."
Her husband laid down his
paper, and smiled benignly.
"I did that," ho said caJmly.
Then, In answer to a questioning
look, ho went on; "You tidied up
my desk so beautifully the other
day, that I thought it only fair to
return the compliment. So I
I tidied up jour selling room."---
Pearson s weekly.
fjfiance that made him suddenly
s of nis nity years ana me
.on the top of his head. Then
was cone, and her mother was
auto riding Melilccnt is
Ii , -
. m(, 'i
'- "" mmmmmmBmmmmimmmimmmmmmimmmmmmi-m -' ' ' ' -'

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