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WtfJ iT ''WW7i-5rj.l
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. ' : f ' . ??W'&wmam&
-ff,r4 -S ''--' ' EVENING'
". 'wi
E.ft. l..
19 ljr
Great Organ at 8.30,
9 and 4.50
Peterborough Oilmen at Noon
Weather- "'SP
Store Opens at 8.30
Store Closes at 5
y " ,
, j
Tomorrow Last Day For Advance Selection in the
St i
Philadelphia MayStill Come
Into Her Own
if her leading men and wqmen will get busy.
These are things we can have:.
The Delaware on both sides lined with
shipyards and drydocks, and League Island
the nation's chief naval station.
The Midvalc, the center of a mighty
city of steel works.
Kensington, with its vast pppulation
of skilled workers in all classes of manufac
turing, a thrice city of textiles.
A comparatively inexpensive short
canal dug through the sand to the Atlantic
Ocean for ocean vessels and cheap passenger
steamboat service to the greatest of the
Summer resorts of the United States.
A new spirit ivith every man and
woman inclined to do fine things!
Increased banking capital and im
proved financial situation!
The planting of new enterprises to be
ready for extensive operations after the
coming victory and the boys come home
All these and other considerations also should
rouse the city to reorganize herself for days of great
things ahead of us, if wc choose to be up and doing.
This Store of ours did not grow over night. It
had to be planned, planted and worked over to reach
the fruition it now enjoys.
July 30, 1018.
Wanamaker August
Sale of Furniture
"Come Out of the
JS the call which the ginghnms
are hearing. Grandmother
felt quite "dressed up" when she
wore crispy, clean gingham, but
Mother thrust it, blushing, be
hind the kitchen door, and this
year it leturns in all its glory.
One would scarcely believe
that these charming frocks could
be made from such stuff as
apons were made of. There is
a complete range of sizes, from
14 to 20 years, and the present
prices are from $0.75 to $12.75.
Ceroml Floor, ClieMnut)
JjJVERY man his own rain--,
maker with a garden hose.
Sold in 25 and 50 foot lengths
at 15c. 20c, 22c and 25c a foot.
(Fourth Hnor. Ontrnl)
QAP the climax of grape juice
and catsup making by put
ting caps on the bottles, instead
of corks. For $4.50 you can get
a device that will cap any size
(Fourth Floor. Ontrnl)
TfOR a successful offensive
against plant-eating bugs nnd
worms wc recommend "Bug
Death," a non-arsenical com
pound, at 20c a one-pound pack
age. (Fourth l'toor, Ontrnl)
ENGLISH ' hand-forged hedge
shears, with 8-inch" blades,
(Fourth Floor. Ontrnl)
A SAFETY paring knife with
razor blade will pare the
fruit and spare the fingers.
Price 10c.
(Fourth Floor. Ontrnl)
TPHE good workman has sharp
tools. A mounted stone for
sharpening tools can be used
with either oil or water. Price
(Fourth Floor, Ontrnl)
A Clearaway of Summer
Suits for Women
All have ''been reduced once and some twice, so you will see they have,
been considerably lowered from their first selling prices.
They are attractive suits, in good styles suits to wear now and all
through the summer. And the jersey suits and some of the silk suits may be
worn till quite late.
At $5 to $27.50 are cool Summer suits of linen and linene in rose, white,
brown, navy or Copenhagen blue.
At $15 to $67.50 are Jersey suits, both sleeveless and with sleeves. These
are excellent suits for practical or sports wear, and come in such good colors
as tan, navy blue, wistaria and oxford, as well as brighter shades, like old
blue, green, rose and gold.
At $18.75 to $35 are silk suits in distinctive styles. There are Italian
silk suits in dark and lighter colors ; taffeta suits in blue or black ; pongee
suits in natural colors, and fiber silks in dark and light shades. There are
also a tew wnite wool suns in tnis group.
(Flrht Floor, Ontrnl)
The Well-Dressed
Woman Never
Overlooks Her
A ND if warm weather she sft
. lects fine silk gloves kinds
like these, which arc so light
and airy she is scarcely con
scious of them, and so well cut
they fit the hand with perfect
$1 -pair for gray, pongee,
black or white gloves 2 clasps.
$1.25 for gray, brown, black,
white or pongee, 2 clasps.
$1.50 pair for white gloves,
with 2 clasps.
$1.75 pair for black and white,
gray and seal brown gloves.
$1.75 pair for black or white,
12-button length. ,
$2 pair for black or white, 16
button length.
(Main Floor, Ontrnl)
Fifty Silk Skirts
For Women
Now $14.75
COME have been twice this
sum, others have not been
reduced quite so much, but all
are uncommonly good silk skirts
for $14.75.
They are in white and the
very popular, flesh pink.
There is heavy crepe de chine
with hemstitching and a deep
crush girdle; there is white
wash satin with tucks and
hemstitching; there is geor
gette crepe with graduated
There are several good styles,
plenty of sizes some of ,the
white wash silk skirts are in
sizes up to 40-inch waist treas
ure. ?. '
(Flrt Floor, Ontral) v
Mattress and Bedding
Stocks Reduced in
The August Sole
This applies to hair mattresses, felted cot
ton mattresses, feather pillows and bolsters
and several grades of springs. It does not take
in our blankets, quilts, comforts and bed
spreads. Felted cotton and felted linter mat
tresses are now priced at $12 to $36 each, ac
cording to size and grade.
Hair mattresses are now priced at $13.75
to $48.50 each, according to size and grade.
As in the Furniture Sale, selections may
be made tomorrow and purchases dated from
August 1.
(Sixth Floor, Chestnut)
Filipino Hand
Made Corset Covers
fTHE most fastidious woman
would like these dainty little
corset covers. They are of soft
and -snowy - white stuff, and
the stitching, from the seams to
the scallops and the embroid
lery, is done by hand. '
.They jange in price from
$2.75 to $3.85.
(Third Floor, Ontrnl)
Smart Women Are Wearing
Bronze Kidskin Shoes
In view 6f the present vogue for these shoes, which look
well with almost any costume and on any occasion, we call
attention to three styles just received:
Plain pump with plain toe, turn sole and covered Louis
heel, $6.50 a pair.
Oxford with plain toe, turn sole and covered Louis heel,
$7.50 a, pair. - n
High lace boot 'withjjlain toe, turn sole and covered Louis
heel. $9 a pair. ' -
(First Floor, Market)
Pretty Glassware
for the Summer
LIGHT cuttings these are, and
exceptionally pretty cutting3,
We are fairly certain there
are none more attractive in
Philadelphia at the prices, if
there are any equally so, which
we doubt.
Fo'r cool Summer drinks and
dainties they are exactly the
things wanted.
Berry sets footed bowl and
six individual dishes $5 a set.
Sherbet sets footed dish and
six sherbet glasses $0 a set.
Water sets jug and six tum
blers $2.50, $4, $7.50 and $10 a
Iced tea sets jug and six
tumblers $3.75, $4, $5,- $6 and
$7.50 a set. '
Cracker and cheese dishes, $2
-Cake dishes. $3 each.
300 of the Famous
Wanamaker Wardrobe
Trunks at Reduced Prices
Steamer Size, $25
Travel Size, $32.50
The Wanamaker Wardrobe Trunk has made for itself
an enviable name and fnme throughout a large part of the
country as a trunk having the utmost durability and desira
bility at a low price.
We have just received a lot of 300 of these trunks that
wc can sell at special 1 educed prices.
$25 each for steamer-size wardrobe trunks, holding 10
gowns or 5 suits. Buieau section has a large drawer suitable
for men's or women's use, and 2 lower drawers.
$32.50 for wardrobe trunks holding IS gowns or 10 suits.
Bureau section has 5 drawcis.
Both styles are our regular waulrobe trunks, tried and
true. Early selection is advised, because another such trunk
opportunity is not in sight.
(Fourth I'loor, Market)
2700 Pair of Children's Ribbed
Stockings, "Seconds" at 30c a Pair
Sturdy ribbed hose of mercerized cotton. Just the thing
for school, but getting scarce. The price will be much higher
next fall.
(WrM Aisle)
Luggage for the
Month of All
A UGUST will find Summer
travel at its fevered climax,
nnd the call on our Luggage
Store will be louder than "ever.
But we are ready.
Handsome, sturdy leather
traveling bags start at $7.50 and
go up as far as you like, with
especially good choosing at the
moderate prices.
If you are not particular about
real leather, you can get an ex
cellent imitation, tha,t will give
good service, at $3 or $5.
Suitcases start at $8 for the
black enamel fabric and $9 for
the leather.
(Main Floor, Market)
VERY Summer-like and alto
gether delightful are some
'new candy holders that aie
really flower pots. They are of
tin, in black and colors, and
hand-painted, $3 to $8 each.
French chocolates and chil
dren and grown-ups like them
arc in pretty boxes, and cost 30c,
40c, 50c and 75c.
Camee chocolates, perfectly
delicious they are, too, $1.25
Jar clear drops, $1 each.
Cameo caramels, 80c pound.
(Main Floor, Chestnut)
New Books
A History of the Givat
War. Vol. 3, by A. Co
nan Doyle. $2.
The Great Crusade, by
David Lloyd George, M.
P. $1.0.
Front Bapaumc to Pas
schendaele, by Phillip
Gibbs. $2.50.
Practical Flying, by W.
G. Minnies, R. N. $1.50.
Rise of the Spanish-Amer-
, icon Republics, by Wil
liam Spence Robertson,
4)i English Woman's
Home, by Mrs. A. B.
Smith. $1.35.
The Liberty Cook Book,
by Bertha Stockbridge,
The Prohibit i o n,
by Charles Stelzle. $1.50.
The Hive, by Will Lcving
ton Comfort. $1.50.
Fighting France, by Ste
phanc Lauzanne. $1.50.
Hunting the Hun, by Cap
tain Belton and Lieu
tenant Odell. $1.50.
A mbulancin j) on the
French Front, by Ed
ward R. Coyle. $1.35.
Over the Seas for Uncle
Sam, by Elaine Sterns.
Above the battle, by Cap
tain Vivian Drake. $1.50.
Knights of the Air, by
Bennett A. Molter, $1.50.
(Hook More, Main Floor,
French Parasols
Reduced to $10
TF you love the French touch,
you will be delighted with
these parasols, because they so
decidedly suggest the Parisienne.
They are creations all! Of
velvet and chiffon, lace and net,
beads and braid, as fluffy and
ruffly as can be.
$10 less than half price.
(Main Floor, Market)
Queen Mary
Eau d'Cologne!
TF you know Queen Mary Eau
d'Cologne, you know that its
perfume is so refreshing that
one whiff is like a cool breeze
on a hot day.
" -Cake dishes, $3 each. 76c, $1.50 and $2.75 a bottle.
' - (Fourth Floor, Cbeatnot) (Main Floor, rheitnut) . '
Ever Try a
Golf Club?
It puts a back-spin on
the ball and drops it dead.
"Chick" Evans wouldn't
take a farm for his if
there were no others.
We have some others,
made by George Nichol
and J. P. Cochran, and
$3.50 each.
Other fine irons, $3.50.
Wood clubs, $4 to $7.
Golf balls of all the
standard makes, including
the Wanamaker Big Six .
Radio, Silver King, Red
Flash, Blue Flash, Yellow
Flash and Taplow $6 to
$12 a dozen.
(The flattery. ChrMnat)
"How much new furniture does my home need right v
This is the time of all times for you to ask yourself that
question in real earnest.
This is the sale of all sales, the great Wanamaker -August
Furniture Sale, from which to supply your needs.
This is the sale which brings the goods that people want,
and brings them in a variety with which no other variety
even begins to compare.
It means economy of the kind that is backed by good
quality in the thing one buys.
It means service and satisfaction through the years
that one has to live with the furniture one buys.
The question is do you want to choose where choos
ing is easiest, and safest and most comfortable?
Do you want to choose where there is most of the
kinds of furniture that you are looking for?
Do you want to choose where there is no element of
chance, but every element of certainty, the certainty of get
ting the best furniture to be had for the price, no matter how
much you might want to pay and no matter how little?
You can readily see that the whole thing is a simple
business proposition. In the long run it means dollars in
your pocket or out of it.
Whether they are to be in it or outof it, it is you who are
to decide. Don't you think it would be a good thing for you
to come tomorrow and see for yourself the proof that this
sale has more behind it than any sale ever held more
goods and finer goods, more heart, more helpfulness, more
of everything needed to make it the greatest event of its
kind in the world.
All Our Stocks Are in
This Sale-
regular stocks, as well as wonderful new purchases, the lat
ter amounting roughly to one million dollars. Prices are 10
to 50 per cent below our regular markings.
The average economy is 25 to 33 1-3 per cent.
Tomorrow, Third Selection Day
All furniture chosen tomorrow will date from Thurs
day, August 1.
(Fifth, SUtli and Setrnth Floors)
, JS
K &
. J.AR
1 ' kH$

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