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M5: ' WrE&niG -PUBLIC LBpGER-PHIADELPHtAtoESlJi; 11 31, 191 : ' Hw ,r-
Jw fiv- A- to , ' r
' " i'rtlu-v ''
' 44''
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si $ yrJ-
it.Ttmtter Circle, of Love Protects Them From the Boom-
,r , .,
t.'huHnotn A Letter From an
Tcifc About a Train
SN the boom-boom came a few
's'nlehts nco you gathered up the
t jSMttJe girt of your heart from her small
PsPlfcH And brought her down with the
t,.iUlBHy "until the tliunaerstorm worn
WWy How like a tiny queen your
te"rs.'lby girl eat there In her little white
ywflHBMWI There were no more tears
&?&'" mbaut th boom-boom, because every
KslttH'tJ'Vvaa asking baby questions to
fatvf teaks, her forget.
Kfc3?'VAU over America It Is Just this way.
&55.Bbls in rocking chairs three and a
fiSrf'i-halt times too big for them nit warmed
'?&l3i l .'. ,1.,1. C 1...... rri, ..1..... .,lr.l,t St.'lV.
mmrc. who nre wistfully waiting to see I ftX a"? "1 Utilelr ow
lrfd?V"' zombie three-year-old. afraid 1 how things go before they leave. , ? ' ' ' th.lr o n
?EAOiHhe thunder and lightning. It Is "If people nt home could grasp firmly, with the wisdom born of a
tW ..not hard to call hack the picture of these things as they probably do It Knnwledirn nf hnv nn.i th.i,. ti9thni.h
T.Jltr confident and supreme, after w
iSi ' ? hd chased awav her teals'.
ft." i ' '
TT IS this picture that came to my
JL mind when our latest letter came
KY d'trim France. Our soldier boy. n lieu -
; jtanant, at the front, wrote as follows:
EA ,-r' "Another chanter In the cre.it storv
f' - 'J chapters are written fist and furiously
BswJvnoiv. and enlsodes crowd upon me in
bffl- M....' . .'
i,'ethls game that is one-llfth war and
r t.foUr-nfths human nature. A feature
ri . .tnai l nave not spoKen ot dcioi-c is
K' ? the refugees, those who have fled and
. those who have stayed, and the morp
pitiable are those who have htayed.
.H.Ws had passed streams of them on
KI$Aeth6' road bsforo we came up to the
T st iront. i nan a peculiar onnortunitv to
ISi'ae them afclose ranee, as our train
W ' feMa an accIdent w-ith a refugee train,
Ik rand we were out on tho sidings for
nr. aj . .. .. -
j; twelve hours while we turned to and
KOt the refugees anil their Kroods Into
ith nearest town, much after the man-
ner of the primitive fire line. Some
Velour and Silk
A Daily Fashion Talk
r TT'IS making a big claim for a coat to
Xname It the newest, but while it may
i seem that I am taking considerable li
cense and authority, I do. in all serions
if ness, think that this Is not only the new-.
est. but also one of the ninft satisfae-.-
tory garments that I have ver seen for
. the coming season. And this Is to be,
&from all Indications, a season when coats
are to be well to the fore. In fact, the
.,i& Creators of the modes appear to he dl
5 .Tiding their attention between dresses.
'., eults and coats, for If dresses are to re
' tain their popularity, then coats must
:' 1 'made equally attractive.
Before coats w$re in the demand that
S they have acquired the last few seasons,
certain fabrics, usually referred to as
j' staples, were set apart for their making.
Today almost any fabric may be adapt
sel.,wlth pleasing results. There are
coats, for Instance, where the entire
.Garment is of woolen goods, of wool
"and 'cotton, or silks. Even the materials
'whlch we have been wont to classify
r "I aress stuns are now used for coats.
DSV!!2F.ftThe coat depicted today verifies this
Ig''stattment, for it Is made of trlcolett
S ttM wonderful woven material which Is
S, -i'lHsed-for tho smartest new frocks. Right
nera tci me auvise you mat it you can
fciiv' ' coaf or a dress of trlcolett vou
W HISEr'to' be "right In II" for many
'tK, -to come. This material is like
fi Jersey' silk, only a very coarse weave
K -no 'fry neavy. j. toiu you or tms tex-
ipjj a. ture eany in me season, wnen it was
PS-1 a "shown at the spring openings, but since
tHS lethal time It has leaped into popularity.
kK " woais maae or mis material are stun-
ning, thougn, or course, expensive, as
x 'the' cost of the yardage is high They
.,, are lovely, and especially so when the
' trlcolett is combined, as the model of
,, today, with velours. In the case of this
Ooat, the belt, sleeves and upper part
of the garment are of the silk, and the
& lower part of the coat, the cuffs and
,i the throw are of the velours. The throw
r; and are finished with silk fringe.
". This coat was In taupe coloring, and.
J by the way, this appears to be the color
for fall coats.
,;? The hat worn with this coat is of
J. 'aaAtjxtv rt i i4 In 4 n . i ! n-ltl. Mir (li n
E& )f buckle on the right side
(Copj riant, lals ty rioi-ence RosM
Ask Florence Rose
If you wAnt her own personal sdvlce on
materials, colors and styles suitable for
EMI. Address Miss Rose, In care of the
TSMKn Vint it LrtsiKR's woman's pd..
Bend self-addressed stamped envelope for
,rP'y. aa all Inuuirles arc answered by
With a Purse
ML- 1. Blue anil ulilte tou-ellnr.
If rVjfc t- ISnainflrd frlfiidftlilp circle.
,9. KhaV! Nuit for small non,
i,4. A wonderful comli-cjeaner.
)rV ' rpHESE aro nights when every one
!ft.. -L Pitches in and helps with the dishej
P& SItils much too warm for mother to stay
r i jj long in me Kitchen. And, of course, the
W..'fe more hands to heln. the more dish towels
aj( ,-,'-ar needed. And it Is a comfort to have
-. . 1 Zt .r U nlf, Int nf j-lann nr' fmcalc a nil
RS. iWiJb extra glasses rieeded for Iced tea. I
is, 'Sfc niHuivicu BiMuc .cry aiee euvveis xuaay,
S?jVj wufc striped. They are just some mlll
KiK' 't' ends one of the shops has picked up.
BKi f P 4"Uid they are priced at twenty cents per
lf..J f 1.V fin fan never hnv fnn mnnv nln, K
fgti P?T-s. " , - -w ,w .w.. ....H, .,
B.P,f P'n Jor lne waist, a lancy Droocn
Jts;,jor me oest itock, anu, nest oi ail, a
friendship circle for most any dress. The
old pins are pretty, but I think you
a'-wlll like the circle I saw today even bet-
IJV-ter- than those of gold. They are of
3,:cnamel, in lovely colore, and each one
?"t'."SW.a set In it a very sizable pearl. One
''"'l-i-.'ihnt I liked narllenlarlv well Iu nf hlna
V'sii aWHivie. vnu sumo aro lavenuer, or om
V&fiiV'XG, each with the one pearl nestling in
JC,'nd the price is only fifty cents for
Sj.lwr;favorlte color;
for tne tci; otjidu uuy comes a. wasit
khaki colored. Shoulder straps ana
a make this a real solder suit.
1 that Is required to complete the
lltary fffect is the tan belt, which
if over the shoulder and around the
aait; resembling the tan Sam Brown
Jt tan't it? strap worn by the grown-
'Mil.'ioldlerH. You can purchase one of
V laisaA.auitrf for-vour small non for nlnetv-
;mr tenia.
' Jf you have ever spent ages over the
Mll basin trying to get your comb
-Wyhed, clean, and have tolled pains
( WBlK(Iy over those spaces between the
vtoHh which simply refuse to give up the
Mrtkles of dust which will collect, you
b'-rW'ta (lad to hear of the comb-cleaner
lottna in toaays aaventure. how
1,1 describe It? Let me see;. It con-
;ei two smau wooden paaaies.
the ends of which are a num-
i amall brass ring. Pieces of
: are run through these rmgs
kk) 'two "paddles," These
tt t)M spaces between
Officer nt the Front That
Accident With Refugees
of them were hysterical and some were
too calloused and beaten with suffering
Set? St TarTao " - -o. through the
could not or would not move. I found I Emergency Aid. have undertaken the
In one deserted town a single farmer I V t keeping buttons on and rlis
with his wife and six children. He had darned ; striving. In short, to undo the
been three years In tho war and had ! evil every man living seems to Inflict
as nmny wounds to show for It. AIl.onh e otnes
hi hn,i s.itfTf.ir.,1 h. h.iri nut Into one Tw0 bK workrooms at 14:r Chestnut
,i .i,i.,i. v.. l. .iuiiir
"It is hard. es. It Is hard." He
couldn't move .ind take with him his
land, so ho ohe to take a chance and
We linve some of them near ue
would make it seem a little bit more
nai-liko and less theatrical to cat corn
mulling, and save nennles for thrift
, an1 wnr savings stnmps. Please write
len to ,a y,cl'' militant, ferocious and
1 Jt""a""l"," "' i"
rpHERR is not much that can be
JL added to this letter. It Is not hard i
in mnnei't the metiirp of the American ,
i baby and the American home for ,
I which she stands with the French
' --- - .
, baby and her'famlly slienrri out or n
' home. Pables and homes are the same
tho world over except in one land,
, where they seem to have forgotten
these sorts of things.
It 1.-, nut s-o hard to eat corn muf- ,
tins nnn to save pennies tor inrnt ,
I stamns when ou think of these '
babies, these families so like our own.
France if Just across the street. Let
us rouse ourselves from midsummer
lpM-inrm- finrl tin wlrli nil our mlcrht i
and main the things we are asked to
i do to win the war quick!
Are Combined
by Florence Rose
The hell sleeves and upper part of
this top coat are composed of silk,
while the skirt, cuffs and throw
scarf are of velour. Full particu
lars are given in today's fashion
The Heart Hunters
Author of "Hunting a Husband"
The A'eic Jf'orld
ELEANOR waved a telegram triumph
antly "Bob has four days' leave,"
she cried.
"Four days' leave: he must go then,"
I thought.
"Kleanor I'm going over to stay at
tne Art Club Please don't say 'no,' for
this is really your last ehance to be 'with
Kleanor's bright face clouded a mo
ment "I know It, Prudence," she said
seriously. "I'll take you over to the
rt Club. It's not for long, anyway."
So It was settled.
B evening I was at home In my
new surroundings. "At home." but still
st ranee.
"What would my roommate be like?"
I wondered For I could not afford a
room alone The door was flung open
on my thought With a quick twist the
eirl had tin own her hat from her and
thrown herself on the bed
"I'm dog-tired'" she cried, propping
up a pillow behind her.
I looked at htr curiously. Big. dark
changing eyes set in a face pale and
thin. Her dark, heavy hair was brushed
bark from her forehead.
"Hand me the cigarettes?" she asked
Mutely I did so. In the same casual
vvav she studied me through rings of
"What do you do?"
"I want to study art," I answered.
"Kven been to the city before?"
"No," I answered, feeling somehow
guilty as 1 told her.
I learned her name was Alice James,
that she was in a decorator's, that her
general attitude toward life was bored.
She lay back, not looking at me, but
blowing, out smoke In rings.
She roused herself only when another
girl entered. Casually she Introduced
me. "Miss Pale. Miss Clark." I watch
ed Elizabeth Clark with a new feeling
of stability,
"Rotten hole, this," Alice James was
saying. "Just because I was an hour
late tney raised all manner of fuss. I'd
like to get out"
, "Yes," said Elizabeth Clark, "but it's
so Inexpensive. I don't see how we
could live more cheaply nowadays. Of
course, there are restrictions. And your
men must be always Introduced to the
"That's U," cried the other: "no free
dom about this place.. I want to go
and come as I choose. And the food "
Elizabeth Clark Included me In her
"So even In this new paradise all
was not perfect," I mused as 1 took off
my things.
"Night," said my roommate' as I
turned nut the light and opened the
Volunteer Menders Give Loyal
Service to Rehabilitating Sol
diers and Sailors' Clothes
AI.fi.VO table piled high with army
coats all needing mending has no
i street are busy now. but the work.
! 8 ,'1' J"00" "lu ru" f8, """V as
, I"00, e ? y aml wl" iake a large
army,.of J f,ea'ou?uwonle" to tu.r" out-,
I.. " '" "" "" "" i uojs .n
, ability to rip oft anything In sight,
Thero are no fixed hours for
' n-nrkr d.,,i ., i,i ...
but it Is believed every'woman who has
a man in camp will go to work a little on
" torn clothes. At 9 30 the depart-
mem lor repairs and conservation
opens; reiving machines, thread like
rope and needles thick enough to pass
through sailcloth Mart in It is not an
J"" " alienor a nooK belonging to
'he family of ferry hooks to the thick i
"""trMi oi me winter coats muscles
anu patience are thoroughly well ex-
ei risen miring the process.
j Women now are not content nor are
'they able to have only one form of war
activity Thev have to sandwich some,
urawary woik neiween na r a dozen
other tasks during the dav Refore lone
... .-.-
eery woman will rind time to go to the 1
work! coins and do her quota of button
sewing and seam mending dally.
The Women Who nre M-orlHnc- tnr tl,alr I
own boys who an going over or for some
other woman's bov find a creat consnla
tion In the work. Not only nre nimble
fingers the best cure for a troubled mind,
but there Is an actively cheering feeling
In the natural little task of mending a
boy's clothes a feeling quite as If he
were going to s-hout out for his coat or
his shirt in another minute
More women are needed for the work.
In spite of the eagerness which many
show to add this way of helping to their
list of tasks Indeed, all a good mother
nas iu no ih io iook at tne rather ap
pealing heap of damaged clothes and she
will not bo able to keep her thimble
away from her thimble linger another I
moment 1
The Woman's
1. There In a two months' trilnlmr course In
emplojinent manViBemei t offered in
ClevelVnd. Vhat does this t.intnS
ronlut of "" ,ralnlnE
vi-hrt ....- ... , .
" ML V.IlI,?"al "ork. ''"" l'en done by Mie
iinianii iirinrh of the allcnjl League
tor ttoman'a Service?
3. Why Is It Inadvisable tn place food In the
Icehov of u refrigerator.'
4. How much corn s.vrnp should he used In
cenkinc when substituted for swear?
5. Describe on attractive way of using black
I..:. irimmins on u wiute net '
0. n list .will ni.ike n liber doormat look
rilat vi I
frei.li and clean? '
t. Women chemists are much needed to take
'' nlarenf men railed to war.
" .i,I?!,.'n., Ch J" "'" originated In
! iir'mar.k.,.fJ1 wi'dler who eirlalmed.
Oh. I.ee!" the first time he sjw the
Inside of a Y. vf. c. A. hestrss house.
J. The nnr linj juuitested the name "artll-
lerv re,!" for the new shade of red
which Is the same ns tint used for the
cords vvr.rn In the artillery.
4. lonrc deteriorates so uulrkly that a Inrce
nninnnl I nt the fl.irnr end aroma Is lost
vlien It I; rrnund In the storo, ven if
S. An n'ttr ct Ive sIceTel?.." r ,"b"l,,t'
wluV7.ahv'rliVhSn u ' knltfel. win,"",:
kqu-ire neck Instend of the usual
noiuieu one. nnd n littlce t-aret
Worked In lu.lz.n- ,Jia ..,l.,1t.
fi. Silk frlnie Is -Led to trim the new pettl
eoats of silk Jersey.
Home Service Will Help You
To the Etlttnr ol iTomau's roof:
Dear Madam A verv dear friend nf mln
Jas been deserted bv her husband The hus
band Joined the mnrlnes not for patriotic
reafons but to esmne punishment for non
Sr,n,"r' Thev have threo nf the dearest
children, the oldest five and the vouncest
less than two v.ars Mv friend Is a per.
feet mother and housekeeper and I'm afraid
the trouble ns caused bv his not tlvlnE her
enough inone to Bet .ilonit on The mother
has hren sick fnr the last two weeks: tired
out from pursinK those three children with
measles He has been away four weeks
and In I hut time she hasn't ha1 n cent,
but hail tn depend on her eld father, who Is
neatly seventy and needs what he has for
himself and wife
Will 5nu please tell ne tn whom she
could write in Washington to state her case
as she must hove money' She will Eet so
much for each ehlld won't she. besides an
allowance for herself?
Don't you think Vncls Sam should know
the difference between a brave soldier and
a cowardly one? This nn, T've ,lrl -....
about used our marines as a "way out "
J" in- me uoys in ran island be Is ac
cepted one of them Your kind help will
bs greatly appreciated (Mrs 1 J. n.
I am so glad you wrote to me about
this C.1 heivlllen T nm ahlr. Ia tll ,.
where to go for help It will not be Use palms., which you can hire for the
necessary to write to Washington. Tho evening from a florist, and a few vases
home-service department of the Red ! of white or p nk flowers for your dec
Cross takes charce of all such cases and . orations Cosmos will be In season in
If you go to 1608 'VValnut street with 'late August and they are very pretty
this story and full particulars of the I and emtio Inexpensive. Have the palms
whole situation and your friend's name!
i for the) husband to eive her some allot
rno. Huuress arrangements will be made
mene or nis pay wnicn will provide for
her and the three children This de
partment was organised specially for
this kind of help and has done a great
deal of wonderful work. I am sure they
will help you. Uncle Sam will know the
difference between a brave soldier and
a cowardly one. and the marines will
not endure a coward In their ranks. If
this man Is not a real soldier he will
not be accepted as one of them by the
men In Paris Island, for It does not take
a man long to find out that another one
Is "yellow," and real men do not asso
ciate with the other kind. The training
In the marine corps will either be a
greater punishment for him than he
would have at home, or It will make a
man of him and give him the proper
feeling In regard to his wife and chil
dren. Two Answers in One
To the Editor of ll'oman'a Page:
Dear Madam Thanking you for past
favor, I would now like to know If l can
secure a marrlKEe license on a Saturday in
New York city? c. J. S.
To the Editor ol Woman's Page:
Dear Madam If I, am not asklns too
many questions, will you kindly answer the
followlns? What Is the see limit for ap-
Sllcants for marrlace licenses tn New York
tate? Can the license be used Immediately?
Are New Vork licenses published tn Phila
delphia papers? Can you name some small
town below New York city where licenses
can be used at once? (J, B.
I will answer both these letters at
once, as they are on the same subject.
C. J. S., you can fget your license on
Saturday In Xew York if you get there
before 12 o'clock, as the offlce Is open
from 9 until 12 on Saturdays.
C. B., there Is no established age limit
for either sex In Xew York. The license
can be UBed Immediately after it is
procured and will not be published In
Philadelphia paperB The towns below
Xew York city are the small villages on
Staten Island, Stapleton, Xew Brighton,
Port Richmond and Tottenville. The
same laws hold good there also.
Dry to Save
Food, Sugar, Space, Transportation.
Jars, Rings, Time, Effort.
The v. omen who are working in llic
rf ijL iTBBBfWtHBwWBiTHMBBtiiiiiM "" i" i - am. JHBlhkltL jf-v.v Sh
1 MtJmmmsmiBmmMm ym p
3 5!
Crnlbln h n real woman wlm knn nrl underlined slr. In this depart
Wflil lie vtumls ready to help them with the tntlir.ate problem suniehoiv easier
to ronflde In a litter h.in In nny other way. If jon nre worried or nerplclrJ
write to "CjnthU." In tare of tlm vowan" pase, IJtet.lnc r.-bllc Ledcer.
Domestic Relations Court
rMr Oyntlila I want to apk vou ron
eerinlnc ft pond mother I nm t-n e.iri mir
rlei and I have had a hard and mlseralda
life. My husband lp a brute He never na!,
a pood word for m and my rhlldren H-
Is like a mad doc at home The only time
he Is happy Is vvh-n he Is with his friend"
He Is alwavs rruel fo the rhlldren I work
tlarrl anil rin nvArilhlnr. In i,Im. Iiln. !-.,.. 1.
. Is Impossible He Is always the same. 1
osk htm what Is the matter and vvnv is lie
man. hilt ha .Alls ma tn n.tnrl ,, . hitclna.t
I Jl mJkcs me feci bad. Many times 1 ask
' "1m fnr " ,t"lr o "I'"5 antl h mP 10
?ot,n"t and mak money Oh. it mikn rr
feel so bad! I feel hh If ! run-iot suffer
nnv more lie hap ruined mv hrallh 1 nm
never a day hapr I have foui children
, e oe'd you brn me to ct ' simewr.ere
i so I could keep my four children'
i Vou would do well to go to the Do-
i rnestlc Relations Court at TvCenty-firs-t
and Race streets. Tho person In charge
I there will give you ndv'.CM as to what to
"o. xnero neert nc no publicity to tne
caso and the fact that some, one with
authorltv Ih tnltino- .in Interest In vemr
case mignt mane your nusnanu cnango
his attitude and give you more money
for clothes, etc. The Schuylkill Arsenal,
at Twenty-sixth street and Gray's Ferry
road. Is giving out army overcoats to be
made You can sew these at home.
You must apply there in person for
work, however
not think this second man yon Kpenk of
Is really In lovo with you. You see, he
would see you and make an explana
tion of the accusation this elrl makes
,,.:- . " : . . - . " .
about him. If she did not know from
I -u that you had written to hjm. she
i must have heard It from hlm or from
I some one he told. I might think there
was some keen ne of a threat "to net htm
in Dutch" if he were man enough to
give you an explanation. As it Is. I fear
she tells the truth. As he will not ex
plain, your hest plan Is to have nothing
further to do with him. Do not write
again. He may show t)iat letter, too,
and make sport of It and you.
If you. yourself, acknowledge that the
first man Is everything desirable, do you
not think you might learn to like him?
It seems a pity. If he is as line as you
say, not to give him a chance in your
mind, at least. Then, If you find you.
cannot endure the thought, stop writing
to him entirely. It is not fair to play
fast and loose with a man.
Plans for Wedding
Dear Cynthia I am slvvajs Interested tn
your column You give such Kood advice that
I am solnc to ask sou to publish somethine
that Is troubllme me in your column.
In a very short time T am to he married
and wish io havo as Informal a home wsd
dlnR aa Is possible to have, only inviting the
two Immediate families.
I am colnc to have my Bister as brides
maid and my fiance is to have his brother
as best man. How should they come In and
how should the bride and bridegroom corns
What would you surest as a decoration
and also the menu? The wedding Is to be In
the evening .- . . ..-.r.
A.,IUUB r.l,r,rt.iw.
placed in the corner of the room in w men
you Intend to stand to be married and
have two prle-dleux covered In white
placed In front of where the clergyman
will stand, on which you can kneel for
the hlesslng at the end of the ceremony.
After the guests are assembled In tne
room, have the clergyman enter first,
followed by the bridegroom and his best
man, walking together They turn and
face the guests, the bridegroom and his
best man standing at the right side of
the clergyman. ,,.,,.,
The maid of honor or bridesmaid
should then go into the roohi walking
alone, and you and your father or who
ever Is to give you In marriage should
follow her. vou taking your father's
left arm When you reach the bride
groom your father steps back and you
take the bridegroom's left arm and go
forward and stand before the clergy
man. After the ceremony both turn and
face the guests and receive their con
gratulations there without walking out
again. The maid of honor holds your
bouquet during the ceremony, but gives
It back before you meet the guests.
Serve chicken croquettes, chicken or
fruit ralad, coffee, Ices and cakes. If
you want to have wine, champagne,
sparkling moselle or sherry would be
No Excuse for His Rudeness
Dear Cynthia I am a young slrl elshteen
years of age and have been danclne with
a crowd of youna men for about four
months. They all seem to like me as a
Ladies' Shirt Waists
Beat quality: whit and
Special Valua
$1.50 1 $6
Also full Una of ladles',
children' and msn's
McPHILOMY'S, 1624 Market St.
T . w ' i - ' , j w 1jwfi(wjw'fW . '"T pyvrf "'M-wwavhwkxS
Emergency Aid workrooms have already set dozens of soldiers' uniforms
to right
Medse Jell Me
What to Do
friend, but there Is one u ho ceema In rare
for me very much. Now i met him at a
d ;pce the other evening. He was with a
Kin and asKea me ror tne nevt ciance. vvni.-n
1 nromleed him and when the music start
ed In1 vv,iH nowhere to bt found. Now. I
r-a!lv love this fellow because he has al
wavs treated me with the highest rt.Rtlrrt
and has also told me he loved me. Th-
u hi.- v irter tn dance he came over
to me and nnolocized for the evening before
and said thAt the Elrl be was with nt the
in,!,, in,',' mm tn nome vvtin ner r,ovv. ne
toll mo that he Iovpr me but must do vvh.it
this Blrl s.vys. aa she Is a snort for bim
Vleswe help me I have lleht hair nr.d
blue i yes Hl.L'R UYl'.S
I do not eiuitn understand what the boy
means by saying she Is a "sport" fo"
nun. t'ur n-i matter wnat tneir ogie
ri friendship. In fact, even If she Is his
flanr. there is no excr.ro for rudenes-s
on his part to you or to any other girl.
i i :. l.jt love you. el. ar ; he proh
.ihiv l lee. yon and yet wants to have a
good time with a number nf girls, o put
hlm out of your mind unless he proven
that he will not slight you again ns he
did at that party. I
Government Positions
The United States Civil Service Com
mission announces the following posi
tions open to women. Applications s-hould
be made to the United States Civil Serv
ice Commission, Washington, D. C , or
to tho local civil service board. In
quires in regard tn civil service exami
nations may be made at any postofilce.
Clerk qualified In modern language"'
Examination will bo held on August
21 and 22. J018, to fill positions In the
Ilurcau of Foreign and Domestic Com
merce. Department of Commerce, Wash
ington, I). C, at entrance salaries rang
ing from 000 to $1200 a year. Compet
itors will bo examined In typewriting.
letter writing, arlthmcilc. copying and
correcting manuscript, general commer
cial geography and translation' from one
of the following languages into English-Dano-Xorweglan,
Dutch, French, Ger
man, Italian. Portuguese, Itusslan, Span
ish and Swedish. Applicants should ap
ply at once for Forms 1S12 and 1424,
stating in wuicn language examination .
la desired. Preference In appointment Is'
glyen competitors who pass an optional I
. In .lannirMnliv In iliUHnn tn flip. I
lequlred subjects. In view of the urgent
needs of tho service subjects of the
countries allied with the United States
will bo admitted to examination, but
such persons will not be' certified for ap
pointment so long ns thero are United
States citizens on the eligible lists
Cuirsnteed to Ut without injury to biir
CHAS. LL'CKER. 118 South 171b Street
Write or call tor our new
and tntereatlna Booklet
"ookin 7to Your Own
A Series of
Eye Talks
Our Next Talk, Wed. Aui. 14.
By Joseph C. Ferguson, Jr.
"The llettrr We See. the
More We Know,"
AUENTS of the
many children at
present suffering
with measles should
remember that this
disease often affects
the eVes. sometimes
very seriously.
Such trouble should be check
ed at once, else It may produce
an ulcer of the cornea. This
causes severe pain. Intolerance
of llsht for weeka or even
months, and aometlmes leaves
ft scar or film upon the cornea
after It has healed that seri
ously Impairs the sight.
Such troubles can generally
be cleared up by mild antlaeptlo
washes, but If they do not
respond within a reasonable
time, you should consult an
Should cla.ses be necessary
at any time, have the Oculist's
prescription filled by an experi
enced Prescription Optician.
Freserlptlon Opticians
6, 8 & 10 South 15th St
TT Do"NOr Examine gvtm
This Talk' from a eonvrleV,.
series, all richta reserved.''
. v ,fy? . ert.i
-"""- .,.- "iiouijitj, j. V-AAnMWMnKH
Mrs. ThompsetCs Medal
The first woman in the Tonbridgo
Kent) district of England to undertake
work on the land has been awarded a
first prize medal for general farm work.
It was not awarded to the best woman
farmer, but was won by her In open
competition with other farmers of both
sexes. She Is Mrs. George Thompsett,
nnd Is not a young sturdy woman. She
is sixty-two years of age and the mother
of sixteen children, eleven of whom arc
Mill living. She Is just a woman, the
klnel whom men might turn away If ehe
asked for an agricultural Job, but she
has proved her worth as a farmer and
has been recognized In her country.
When the war broke out Mrs. Thomp
sett took the place on the land of a
son who "Joined up." Tho women of
France went Into the fields when their
men marched to meet tho onrush of the
Oermans from the north.
A War Time
While wo recommend this
as a "good dessert for chil
dren's luncheons," we find
tho grown-ups are quite ns
keen about it, and suggest
your making it again. How
to make it among
Ctfi,-.. i f vmWSicCad
War-Time bSMGl
as well as
numerous other
dainty, delici
ous and eco
nomical des
serts. Your
copy's waiting.
It's free.
Sana for it today
H. O. WILBUR & SONS, tne.
Offers a Rare Opportunity
to the Thrifty Woman
Till Saturday Only
Genuine $5 Value
Truly Re
markable Values in
Pumps Now
It will pay
you to treat
yourself to a
pair of these
handsome $5 White
buck pumps at $2.90 qr
the smart white buck
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white pump and Oxford jn
the store is marked at a re
markably low price this
week at this great white
Up to 6 P. M. Saturday
RoYaAL Boot Shop
Pumps A
w Floor Stan f
ylc6 Kent and the Day's Work
The Story of a Business Girl Who Would Not Fail
(Corvrloht. 19lt, tl the Publlo Ltiotr Comganv)
ALTHOUOH I puzzled over my prob
. 1cm day and night, for the life of
me 1 could see no way out of It except
to abandon foe tho present the Idea of
graduating from high school and In
stead to take up any work that I could
find .which would yield mo a livelihood;
to remain In Bellington seemed prefer
able to making a new start somewhere
else because I was already here and had
made a few friends' and no enemies
that I knew of, excepting Mrs. Blake
In this community and also because I
hoped by Joining the evening classes
which the Bellington Y. V. C. A. were
already advertising for the summer
months that at least I would avoid a
setback even If I was not able to forgo
very far ahead: furthermore. It was my
Intention, no matter how hard I might
work by day, to attend night school
the coming winter and thus eventually
finish tho prescribed course of atunv
and earn the diploma of the Bellington
nign school. To abandon the hope which
I had cherished for so long, of finishing
with this year's class, was a bitter
disappointment, but having once made
up my mind that there was no alterna
tive, I resolved not to think about It
any more, hut to hend all my -negics
to the task of finding a Job which
would enable me to live without run
ning Into debt.
Tills conclusion I reneheil within.
having conferred with any one. I could
not Dear the thought of making a
nuisance of myself by appealing for the
second time to somebody who had o;ice
befriended Vne; also, In reviewing my
lllo In Bellington It seemed to n;e that
In general tho work which I haj en
The Immediate Relief
to Italy Fund
No Delays. No Red Tape. Contributions Cabled Weekly. The
Money You Give This Week Will Be Doing Its Work Next Week
Only a baby of two,
Brown-eyed and curly and wee:
But the small face is shrunk
And the big eyes are sunk ,
For that baby is starving, you see. .
Only the cries of a child, .
Fevered and famished and ill;
Whose monotonous plaint
Grows each hour more faint,
Until, with the dawn, it is still.
Only a mother's low sob,
As she clings to the babe at her breast:
Till at last she is told,
As she feels it grow cold,.
The worst that her fears have expressed.
Only a poor little mound,
Out on the hillside alone;
Where a woman apart,
In her anguish of heart,
Low huddled, unsolaced, makes moa"n.
In the far-reaching distress throughout Italy today,
the mortality is greatest among those who are the least
resistant among the aged and the infirm, and among the
little babies and young children. Throughout the length
and breadth of the Italian Peninsula, in the existing con
ditions of extreme want among so many thousands of the
poor and destitute, Death, is making a big harvest among
these defenseless little ones, and daily snatching many wee
'mites of humanity out of the arms of unnumbered despair
ing mothers. It is to relieve these desperate conditions,
and to do so quickly, before it is too late, that this Organi
zation is dedicating its efforts. Will you not help? Will
you not rescue some failing baby, which is even now slip
ping out of its mother's clasp, and 'restore that despairing
woman to hope and happiness?
Kindly send us a check now, forwarding the same to
our Pennsylvania representative, the "Italian Committee
of the Emergency Aid," in the care of Mrs. Benjamin
Miller, 1428 Walnut street, Philadelphia, and stating with
your remittance that the same is for "The Immediate
Relief to Italy Fund."
Honorary Officers of the Organization:
Honorary President. Honorary Vice-President
His Excellency, Her-Excellency,
The Italian Ambassador. The Ambassadress.
Officers and Executive Committee:
Mr. Charles MacVeagh.
Hon. Elihu Root Hon. Charles S. Faircfiild
Mr. J. P. Morgan Mr. George Wharton Pepper
Treasurer Secretary
Mr, Richard Trimble Mr. Lewis Niles Roberts
tered on In accordance with the cs,unI
of other folks had cast more than It
vvfu worth ; this was especially true of
'he canvassing and of working foe my
ooard at Mrs. Warrington's, whereia
tho employment which I had obtained
mi my own Initiative or to wnieh I
had been guided unawares had been
worth while. Mrs. Carruth was the one
Ptrton alive to whom I could have'
Broken freely, but she was nov far
away and burdened with heavy anxieties
of her own; before she had been at
home long enough to call on me in
Bellington let alone have me unload
my tioubles upon her she was resided
t Huston by a telegram from Hcscn
saying mat Richard, who had been ail
ing for some time, was now stricken
with typhoid fever; accordingly a sister
of Mrs. Carruth's was keeping house
for Sin Carruth, the younger boys and -farmhands
at Twin-Oaks, while the
mother of the family was in Boston with
Itlchard and Helen. The latter, in the
midst of htr many cares, took the time
to tell .me this and the news brought
home In me. alone with A rieen sens
f of personal grief, the realization that
no life worth living is free from trouble
and anxiety and also seemed to say
that on each one of us devolves the
responsibility for facing and solving
unaided her own perplexities.
Even so, at the corner of South Union
street. I heard a step behind me, then a
tall figure came alongside, and I glanced
up to see Professor Freeland looking
down at me with a smile that was like
an Interrogation point: "Why, Alice! I
wanted to speak to you, but supposed
you were In senior meeting. What does
this mean?"
,& vgff V WH?li'W. II
miiiuuw. s
" aWaaei Tasslay wnT. Wi
'tafeeJk '-.- 11'
' ffl

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