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T u' :'' '"M ' ' ,SVWtf PUBLIC Eto'DOEBr-PHlEADELPHI WEDNESpir'V i:U.'V .' .'.'''
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W-i'K 1
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? J '
k '!
1W Ii' r
erican Idealism Is
lly Gross Materialism,
(ffkfs Frankfurter Zeitung
J 'C?V - -
fie "Jvmnnfliv fnr Ritscin Onlv
Am , ' ' . '
SSaIo Keen Mikmin From
Gnining Power
.jKcai Cable to El ening Public Ledger
r' lyopunpni, mis, ni.vm ioik nmri ro
L" The llnene, July 31.
'w MVilhlne hua fomj nt .tanin'n Intpr-
'rtHHl . 1. Oil I- .... -,.. ,t-- I....I.
j,yVHluii ill oiuui lit up in unit-, inu riitui.
furter Zeltung asserts, because "President
Lllwin stntpri thnt lntprpntinn rnuld
a?:. '. . . ...... .. .
f;Oiuy tane place ir tne uoisneviKi nnu
the Allies assisted ami If Japan prom
ised to evacuate the terrltnr afterward
fc'The paper saB thit from a democratic
Vf viewpoint these demand seemed oi.'v
(natural, but that In reality gros matc-
i-P&t liaUsm and strong business instinct
were concealed
behind the American
Jfv'jfS. President Wilson, who perpeeulcn
Vi 7. '-i-i.-. n. . . . j ...... .. ....
t, jjj3ui8iie!Kijin in America un uu ine
Ijr"'' Jrweapops of the law, has little smpathy
,i .ui, wie X3uiaur iki ill itu'.siii, lie .t;i
' ftf.tunsr says, and hla assumed sjmpathy
4fft'.yiti only for the Russian market and to
I jihlllder Japan from R.ilnlnK power In
WEt Asia. Japan, as an Uast Aslitlc
tllVMtar la nniv InfAranloil In Aalntln
SjjSWf'' Polled, It Is set forth, so that ihe Is onlv
fe Slnterestcd In lntenentlon for oer-K-ii'lfcrowIng
the BoIshelkl and the forma-
l( I, tion of a new cast front against Oer-
j5L jlA ?nanJr " sne thus acquire-) power
!S fV Her military aim lies not fai
r from
'iTlrkutsh. the Zeltunc sass hut although
. "V Japan ivould welcome tirrltor In
5J .JVAslatlc Russia It Is not cssentitl to hei;
ffii jtf chief Interest, which Is China When
Ka u two neighbors hear of a mutual menace
K j the paper continues, It Is onl natural
ICV -T V A .fc.-.. 111. 1 1
f- mm liie lutlll it lililimr iraKUf HlHl
...Japan and China hap heard so much oi
v liio iiiuiini niciuiut' ui i iii iii.tii nil
jf? A,Slberla, that thilr Kuropean-Amorlca-!
f friends cannot misinterpret It If thev
kL "Jj'tBke the lnltiatle In a Japanese-rhlnese
tSsfjVmlUtary concntlon
Japan heekn China ( orrol
Th mpnnln nf thl napl. Iinipir
1, iBhould hot be oereitlmated, the paper
l I'isays li emphasizes the hatred of the
BS Jjapanese in inma. and arguei that
'economic adantaKcs there by the
Kt .concntlon. especially hi concessions in
Ixvf the Iron ore district, and control of the
Bf '"Chinese armaments and army, as well
B Vtk the eastern railroad in N'orth Man-
ES Vlfchurla. which belonirs to Uusla
d 'j Thanks to the eonentlon, the paper
'...V !.. . . ... ,
uBsseris, japan now seems in De in a
!' way to achlee her alms
( it says tnat news or tne conxen-
rn'i'.tion. awaicenea consmerao.e comment
fintthroughout, the world, but Washington
SFiAwaa outraged that Japan and China hid
SChTtOt consulted the Allies, and that the
;r, reeling or distrust increased when it
iwpi learned tnat japin naa ontaineu
Juable mining concessions
Hlpaper attaches Importance to the
fc.V,TlT-"HHionj that Japan granted China a
aBf J .ng'inin, ana is reaay to grant more,
KlilaM argues that Japan is strllng no
rF'ii jntrol the Chinese financial machinery
iy -America s reaoiness to aaance ine sums,
Jt the paper savs. Is really lnterentlon
against Japan In rhina, although mutual
action with Japan Is talked of In any
J casa It was thought In Washington that
I the counter-measures were imperatlie.
A as Wilson reoked certain measures In
IJViulltliifi iiiL'riv:nii uuuni iu icruici
thi International banking sjndleate
Events In China hae shoed the "one
railed Wilson" on a second rail, the
Zeitung says This Is perhaps the. case
lni-the Siberian intervention, although
Americana persist that the action of the
I Ccecho-Slovaks has put a new aspect
I on lntenentlon. This may be the case
E for Janan. Eneland and France but not
$ il'for America, It Is asserted, In lew of
. Wilson's conditions fnr interention
$h i The paper argues that the Czecho-
& i Slovaks' action In Siberia does not war
rant Wilson in chancing his attitude on
KwJi " the question of lnterentlon. so that If
ll ha Is In favor of lntenentlon he only
v I 'ehansred his intention because hi Bol
' . Mh.l1. Ib v.r.11... nnllanc. nnA AAn.,.i
' he was'af raid of Germany's Influence in
if Russia.
America's Plans Unknown
i "The details of America's plans arc
akknown," It proceeds "The Japanese
i Government appears to haxe accepted
Washington's demands. In spite of a
strong protest by the Japanese people.
W$;doubt If ex-en the Toklo Government
f'ttxrora Amerlca'a plan."
f "American soldiers and engineers will
, not be welcomed on the Asiatic side of
r thetPaclflc. In Japan it will be known
J -.that the sending of American troops to
;L laalostoK
will prevent Japan from
positing the army of lntenentlon In the
occupied district, and that American
engineers ln the Manchurlan and Si
berian districts are there for American
economic reasons
But perhaps Japan considers that she
can allow the Americans to take part in
" the undertakings in spite of the Ameri
can conditions. The Japanese flag flies
t oVer Tslng Tau. although British troops
hi Ji assisted In the capture of the German
inis ana otner articles are proor ot
thi acute interest of Germany In Japa
nese lntenentlon The change In the
German Foreign Office has not solved the
orlsls. and there are evidences of dis
satisfaction simmering beneath the suf
frage situation.
."STJie Social-Democratic Reichstag mem-
'. WestPhallan Gazette that Hertllng's
tfk -K Government merits deen distrust, and
i; rfiould be attacked bv the social demo.
SV'j .eB-atlc factions. There are limits beyond
War1- Aw"'cn " ,s oaneerous, says Merfeld, an
sSi'' i&the Government needs us now and 1
X !2i.w luiure.
4,, r Kf rfsriKiuner v omsiimme consiaers
t...' JI lkl a flriA gnOMh litf KrhpMvma nn la In.
'niii' Ufaifficlent, and that it Is time for deeds
'ST' 't?' ' on0 Vroot of the dissatisfaction
9r,r "LvMlJt Fhnldprnnnn nnd bis nrcentanen nf
. Government's nollcy
p Sugar for the Boys
?m 1 renches Uvcr 1 here
L itp.."Don't help the Kaiser." urges
;iay x-ooite, cuuniy iooa uumwiis
trttor. Xf "Jlelp the boys In the trenches
jjr'cuu!nc down your sugar con-
imBption 10 lire jiuunus per jier
mm per month.
"Supply the fighting men with
ration, even though It be neces-
.'to do without some special
it use sugar purchased for
or prtwervlng'Xor general
American soldiers going to llic attack
i i ''.'. . u
i ' ' I' ( " ' i
1 ' ( '
v, , jli - . . i.". '"- - &-' if,.Mc. iwrviijrvr;;.vrta.TOi e
Faction Opposed lo Thomas Wins Hollow Victory,
However, as This Stumbling Block to Allied
Success Ts Being Minimized
Special Cable In Liening Public Ledger be a stumbling block to the Allies on the
Copurmht. nil, l)U Seu York Time, Co. I rn'"l ln x It ton l'ractlcallv, It meins
., , ti. ii nothing of the kind
Inrls. Juijji Although the extremist numbers of the
It the French Socialist party were'pi-t represented liv Jean I.nnguet and
not at iiresent In an almost amusing j the Klenth illans and Zlmmcrualdlins,
state of topsy-tunjdom and Incoherent, i '"cceedtd In getting their resolution car-
' ' J ried and thereby passed from a minority
tho ote width wns taken at the cloe tn n majort nnd henceforward appear to
of their national tongress might lead control the entire party, the won by
manj patriots to tremble for tho dim- onlv a hire tmjorltv. and were Inclined.
... . , .. , .. ,,-!, 'Instead of smiling, to show wr fices .it
culty which this section of the French t)pr trIumnh
political world may cause the Allied i
tause In the near future Thomas's Taction imllrs
The resolution which obtained fin ii I All the smiles were on the faces of M
ttccptnnce, although b a er smtll Thomis and the rest of the former ma
majorltx. pledged the party agtlnst In- jnritirs who realize tint their nntl-pa-
terxention h the Allies In Russia ana
under no pretext to faxor projects of
i Russian counter-rex olutlon "
A further resolution records the regrr
of the partx at recent manifestations by
certain members of its parliamentary
group xx ho, contrarx to the tlearlx ex-
pressed decisions of all the nation U
sections nf Inter-allied snclillsm. hixel
taken up an attitude In connection xith
tho American labor federation xxhlch Is1
In open opposition xxlth such decisions
, ..., i
Rlow nt Albert Thomas
This refers to the action nf M Albert
Thomas and fort other Socialists xho There Is, at the stmo time exery In
indorsed the attitude of thn American dlcntlnn that the bulk of tho French
labor delegates xho recentl tame to i working clisses are now out of svni-
Parls and met French Socialists ln con- jnthx xtith the parll mient try reprcsen
ference The Amerltans refused flatly, i tatlxes thex dected before the xxar came
much to the disgust of the majority of
the Socialist members of the conference.
to consent to meet enemi Socialists 'in
anx- kind of international congrehs" As
a result, M Thomas and other patriotic
Soclillst Heuptics took their courage in enemy In tho form of International con
thelr hands and ranged themselves be- I ferenccs
side the American delegates Thev haxe
since formed a new section of the party i
In open dissent with tne majority of the I
ptesent delegates of the rest of tho party
mat xote means tneoretlcally that the
Trench Soc'allst party, xxhlch has just
oxer 100 representatlxes in the tliamher
nnd claims to represent the working
classes of France has pledged Itself to
Swedish Socialist Gives Views
After Visit to Front Praises
American Efficiency
Special Cable lo Evening Public Ledger
Covuriaht, tout, bv Vein 1 ork Time Co.
London, July 31.
The Chronicle publishes an Interxlew
with tho Swedish Socialist leader, Hjal
mar Brantlng, xvho has been in London
a few das, after paving a visit to the
front ln France Asked for his general
Impressions, Mr Brantlng said-
"I never made a better, more striking
or more encouraging Journey. Before
leaving Sweden I was sure the Entente
countries would nexer surrender to the
Ludendorff policy, and now haxlng been
face to face with the realities. I am con
xlnced Hurope will be won for democ
racy. "Yesterday there were in some quar
ters resigned men and women They had
suffered much, and we can understand
such a spirit, after four vears of war,
but today resignation had been changed
to hope
' The United States ha3 taken the
place of Russia Russia brought troops
only, but the New World has brought
troops, food, material and mono And
1 myjt say the American troops are
"Have jou also.met Swedish-American
'Oh ves and the Swedes fight with
the same determination They did not
come over in order to obtain material
things or gain terrltorj They flght to
finish the war, and they pursuo their
aim with an honest and earnest mind
They are resolved to see the business
through, and are proud to risk their
lives for a cause which they Identify
w Ith that of humanity "
"What was jour Impression of the
American army? '
"The Americans are distinguished by
a spirit of organization We in old Eu
rope are gentrallv complicated When
we are traveling we haxe hundreds of
papers to submit to tho authorities, hun
dreds of minutes to lose in a hundred
different xvays Our administrate
poxvers haxe not alwas understood even
after four years of war the necessity of
simplicity and co-ordination There is
nothing of this about the Yankees
'Then for Instance, they have chosen
a type of airplane, and they chose the
best They work In series and produce
ten times more than xxe do Generally
they possess, ln one word the spirit of
efficiency I am under tho Impression
that the Germans now know something
of American Initiative. Do ou recollect
how they mocked at American Interven
tion In the beginning? I am sure the
German people are of a different opinion
Munitions Explode Near Crowded Train
at Shimonoteki
London, July 31 Thirty persons were
killed and sixty Injured by an explosion
of munitions at Shlmonosekl. Japan, on
Saturday, sayB a Central News dispatch
from Toklo.
The munitions were being transported
from the railway station at ShlmonosekJ
to barges In the harbor. They blew up
while & crowded. train was standing ln
the station. A
..-j. tsiniii
cut their uay through tlic harlicd wire
trlotie comrades hae won onl n hollow
lctorx If the new leaders of the pirtx
make the mistake of earning out their
threat to expel from the party M Thomas
and the rest of the super-patriots .is
they are flerislxelx called b Loneuet
and his rlends nobodv xxill rejoice
more thin tl e threat) tied ones
M Thomas and his friends are con
lnted that I.onguet and the Intern i-
tlonallsts in no xxax represent the real
attltudo of the rank and file of the
French Socialists, and would welcome
nny chanctli sutn as Kcneral action, that
would enable them to nroxe their theory
to upset all xalues and aspirations, and
that the) are solid xxlth the rest of
France ln xxholehearted desire to bring
about xlctorv and In their determination
not to tolerate nnx Intrigues with the
This discussion shoxved that only
strict sense of party discipline prevented
a manifestation of the same feeding
even among those xvho voted with the
majority, and that the coming national
congress, which will be held in rarls
in two months probably xvlll rcxeal that
tho partx has been purged of most of Its
j antlppatriotlr tendencies
fiRfiWQ MORI? WPinilsJ
UllUTikJ IflUlllJ OLlllUUO
Fruit Harvest Spoiled, Potato
Crop Small. Bavaria Fears
Flour Shortage
Special Cable to Ei cning Public Ledger
ropirlolit 1111', bu Ncu ork Tlmri Co
7lirleh. Julj 31
The latest news and comments ln all
the German papers, eppeclallv the South
German show the situation to be la
mentable The Munich Pnt writes"
"This j ears fruit harvest Is com
pletely spoiled The population is abso
lutely without fruits nd vegetables, and
It Is Impossible to obtain a pound of
potatoes at anx price The potato har
vest, despite oflklal declaration, is less
than two-thjrds that of last ear
Terrible rumors are current in Ba
varia that for days to come no flour will
be available Herr Dilly, president of
the vegetable supply department, de
clares It Impossible to provide vegetables
and the population must submit to
greater restrictions still In the near fu
ture A demonstraton of women took place
Friday In Munich, demanding bread
and threatening the town hall and the
burgomaster The deputation was re
ceived by the latter, who declared that
exerythlng was being done to deal with
the mlserv of the population Since July
16 the Munich municipality has been
selling vegetables at reduced prices, to
counteract monopolists, but the quan
tities are utterly Insufficient and popular
Irritation Increases dally
Intention of Government Re
vealed in Donation of Ground
Special Cable to Evening Public Ledger
Copyright. 13S8. bv New York Times Co.
Copenhagen, July 31 The Berllngske
Llndlngen says It is the intention of the
Government "i establish Uelslngfors as a
free port
Julius Tallherg. a well-known business
man. has donated 300,000 square meters
of ground for the purpose.
Funds for Officers and Enlisted Men
In the U. S. Army and Navy and with
Red Cron or Y. M. C. A.
The Safest Way
To carry fund is by .Traveler' Letter of Credit
which we iisuo frag of commliiion
To end fund i by Mail or Cable Tranifer
which may be made through u.
Brown Brothers & Co
Fourth and Chestnut Streets .
tr) t'ommlttee nn Pub le Information
'entanglements in No Man's Land
"Opportunism" Is Feature
of Foe's Strategy in Re-
cent Fighting
Special Cable tn Elating Public Ledger
Cnpvrlolit J18, hu ew 1 ork Times I o.
With the Prrnrh Annies, July 31.
Tho 1) ittle Is ngulu htatlonary. Tho
enemy for the moment Is teslstlng tho
Allied advance with good troops nnd
a honvx content! atlon of guns on high
ground at both sides of tho salient,
which Is now suflltlently 1 educed to
permit protection of Its center by
cross-fire fiom the flanks
Ycsterd iv morning a haze so thick
ns to be almost a fog over the front
occupied 1) General Jlnngln doubt
less conti tliutcd to the' Jll by lnmper
Ing nrtlllerx obsetx atlon.
As Indicated ln previous dispatches,
It W n mistake to suppose that the bat
tle Is xxhollv progiesslng ntcoidlng to
pieconcelved plans on both sides
True, each adversary ha.s a funda
mental fccheme of endeavor, but the
Inevitable fluctuations of the combat
produce modifications from hour trt
hour. Opportunism readiness to
change plnns when the occasion seems
favorable hns been a mnrked featuie
of the German opintlons In the Inst
ten days
Both ndvctstrles uie "feeling eacli
others' pulse " n staff officer expressed
It jestcrday, so as to take swift nd
vantage o( the first fax 01 able feign,
but nlvxavs the situation is dominated
by the fact that the Geimans have
suffered a costly and undeniable de
feat. It can be taken for granted that
Hindenbuig will do his utmost to re
pair the damage bv it new stioke- He
may not dire ilsk It. or be strong
enough to do sn but ns things me to
dn It appears the likeliest probability
of the vxai ches'-honid
rieture of War's Horror
At the approaches to the main bridges
ncross the Marne at Dormans the picture
of xxar's destruction reaches the acme of
linrrnr Words cannot describe the ton-
fusion of twisted iron, splintered wood
I hundreds of stricken horses stiffened In
the Incredible postures of their deith
agonies and the still ghastlier remains
'of what had onto been men
I crossed tho rixer beloxv Dormans
nnd made tin xxax through Inss. Tre
loiip and Courcelles to Vlneolles, which
Is perched on the hillside above the plain
opposite Dormans Hach village and the
plain ltelf bore Increasing evidence of
the gallant advance nf the scanty
Trench detathments and bitter reluct
ance of tho enem, though dominated by
superior artiller.v, to abandon the posi
tions that gave them command of the
Marne Kven now, In the woods two or
three miles northward, the are offering
determined resistance
"I mut admit that the boche Is a
tenacious hrute" said a Trench lieu
tenant Jut back from the firing line
This guard dlxislon has been smashed
to pieces jet the remnant fights Just as
hard Like cornered rats I suppose
Anvnay, It shows that their discipline is
still strong, that men will pell their lives
thus without hope
Again and again we are delayed bv
place-the middle of a corn field, for In-
Instance and have to wait until it is
ousted by cross-fire or grenades until the
adxance can proceed Some times there
are groups of them, and then we usually
call on the artillery.
Denie Bwartns of Vile
We were standing amid the ruins of
Vlncelles, over which alone in the whole
region German Bhells still screamed from
time to time Here death and devasta
tion had reached their climax Houses
were smitten "as by an earthquake and
tho roadway was blocked with debris
Exery few jards stones were yellowed by
mustard gas, and from each room or
court ard that remained Intact dense
swarms of flies rose at our approach In
xxarnlng of sights It xvas better not to
A beautiful etm set in
An artliitlr- nlrr,,ri nlatl.
num mounting Hexason shaped top,
C. R. Smith & Son
Market St. at 18th
Dash and Energy of Onr Troops Forced German Retreat.
Teutons Will Try for Success to
Close Campaign
Former Director of Mllltars Operations of the Drltlsh Army
Special Cable to Evening Public Ledger
t-opvrloht, i$ts, t,u ,vio Vorfc rimes Co.
London, July 111.
There Is only one possible explana
tion of the Gciman tctreat "according
to plan," and that Is thnt the defense
has been worn down by steady prog
ress of the attack.
As I have nltcady explained, there
was nothing In the hhnpe of the Ger
man salient or In the character nf the
ground which the enemy occupied to
iiiiiKo it peculiarly diniuult for him to
hold the line of the Ourcq until his
internal Commnnlrntlnna brut been nf.
ganlzed. Foch's counter-attntk was
de Iveied nn the western flank of the
salient, mid thnt flunk, fiom Solssons
.IS far HOUth ns tho flnrrft nnnr nnl.
chy-le Chateau, hnd been holding well
since me nrst tlavs of tho Allied nd
xance, while on the other flank, be
tween Rhelms nnd tho Maine, our
pi ogress hns not been such ns to en
danger the tetrent of the troops on
tho southern front. Therefore, there
hns never been nny question of these
troops being pinched out and of tho
Allies making by aurh means large
captures of prisoners nnd guns.
This southern front linn been ln the
greatest difficulties owing to ho
breakdown of the German communi
cations Inside tho salient, and the Al
lied pressure upon them has been too
Incessant to, allow tho exhausted
tioops to bo letloved nnd a now line
of defense to be formed. The Ger
mans required time to enable them
to settle down on the lino of the Ourcq
through rere-'fcn Tntdenols, and they
could not gain the netessaiy time.
Failure Hue to Americans
Among tho causes of this fnlluro I
should place very high the effect of
the dash nnd energy of the American
troops All the other armies now
fighting nrp more or less wai-vvcniy,
and they all contain a high proportion
of Ilnds and of middle-aged men.
Thercfoie, the nppeaiance of a new
in my In the field, xxlth its eagerness
and enthuslnsm unimpalied and com
posed of the pick of the manhood ot
a great nation, must bo out of all pro
portion to Its numerical strength. It
xxould be absurd to suppose that an-
thing like the million and a quarter ot
Americans who had been shipped fiom
the United States haxe taken part In
this battle or anywhere on the front.
Tho mllltarv power of America Is
only Just beginning to make itself felt,
and tho most hopeful nn encouraging
feature of this battle Is that thnt be
ginning hns been so effective, for It
Ins not been the danger of the Allies
drixlng In the flanks ot tho salient
xxhlch has caused the Germans to
withdraw, as tho danger of tho Ger
man progress on our flanks at Cam
brnl nnd in the second battle of "Vpres
caused us to withdraw, but the defeat
of the enemy on the southern front
bv the Trenth-American torces op
posed to them.
In fact the German ictreat has
been caused bv direct pressure and
has not been carried out In order to
avoid the contingent danger.
I nm Inclined to think thnt it Is
doubtful whether the enemv has yet
got a complete defensive lino cither
on the Vesle or on the Alsne, and it
looks ns If ho' were still tring hard
to gain time for there would be no
point In sacrificing men ln a counter
attack if he had made up his mind ns
to how far he Intended to withdraw
and had all his nirangements for wltn
diawal ready.
Itattle Conditions Favor Allies
In fact the battle Is continuing under
conditions which are very unfavorable to
the enemy, and It still seems to me
premature to prophesy as to how and
when It will end
The Franco-American advance at
Fere-en-Tardenols and across the Ourcq
has had the effect of turning the front
between Solssons and the Ourcq and It
has. In consequence, begun to crumble
The Butte-de-Chalmon, a big hill
dominating Oulchy-le-Chateau and Nan
toull, which hns formed the buttress of
the western face of the salient, has fallen
Into our hands, and It is clear from the
presence of Scotch troops at Buzanny
that Foch is taking advantage of the
Allied progress In the south to re-enforce
his attack on the Koissons irom, aim so.
I , , . , i ....,. V.m onnrvi..
I b' maintaining pressure on the enemy
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"" around tho i,allent to keep the
Initiative which has won In this battle
and prevent the enemy from obtaining
tho time he wants to establish a new
The enemv la earning out his retreat
In good order under cover of strong rear
gunrds plentifully supplied with m.a
chlno guns, nnd in broken und wooded
country, such as forms tho present bat
tlefield, the delajlng power of machine
guns Is very great. It Is, therefore, not
at all likely that we shalt be lble to
cut off any considerable part of tho Ger
man forco In tho salient, but this will
In no way detract from' tho completeness
of the Allied victory.
Can't Alter German Defeat
If the enemy had hcen able to strike
elsewhere nnd gain some conspicuous
Biiccess before his retreat he might per
fectly well nrgue that he had changed
his plans owing to altered clicumstnnces,
nnd had decided tn employ his troops
where they could be used more effec
tively, but no nrgument wlirnovv alter
the fact that the second battle of tho
Marno has ended llko the first in com
plete German defeat
"We must, however, keep in mind that
what we have achieved so far Is to pre
vent tho enemy from obtaining the de
cisive results which the German general
staff and their friends at home confi
dently believed to be within their giasp
This is no small m later, but It is In Its
essence a measure of defenne, nnd hns,
fnr example, as one or its ehicr results
removed th danger to Tarls
But we arc still left with a long xvay
to go before xvo can obtain a satisfac
tory decision in our favor, and the sit
uation calls for an Incieaso rather than
a slackening of our efforts, so that xxe
may be ablo to shorten the war by tak
ing every possible advantage of the suc
cesses we have gained
There has been a very natural ten
dency to exaggerate the effect of Foch's
bolt from the blue, and there Is little
dnubht that these exaggerations have
been used for their own purpose bv
ngilators ln fomenting the rtrlko vhich
h is so happily collapsed
The enemy nro quite certain to trv tn
follow up theirp ractlce In the past of
bringing the sears campaign to an end
with some show of success, which will
carry their people through the period
of winter gloom nnd Inactivity. We must
keep our eves skinned If wo arc not
again to be caught out as we have
been arptlme-
Mrs. Thomas W. Drown Dead
Bethlehem, !., July 31. Word has
been received at Bethlcheni of the sud
den death nt her latu home In Hngland
of Mrs Thomas M Drown, widow of
the late president of Iehlgh University,
who was the predecessor of I3r H S
Drinker, the Incumbent.
Dandruff Kills the Hair
Cuticura Helps Remove Dandruff
And Soothes Irritated Scalps
Try one treatment with Cuticura
and sec how quickly it clears the
scalp of dandruff and irritation.
On letiring, gently rub spots of
dandruff with Cuticura Ointment.
Next morning shampoo with Cuti
cura Soap and hot water. Rinse
with tepid water. Repeat in two
weeks. Nothing better or surer.
Sample Kach Tree by Mali. Address
postcard: "Cutlcurn. Dept. AM. Iios.
ton." Sold everywhere. Soap 25o
Olrtment 2Kc and 50a
Votir Neighborhood
Lime y 8c
Salt & 8c
tender, delicious
place of cereal
or cold.
Successful Experiment 1'ront Height bf
800 Yards Lands Safely
Dy the Asociated Press
Willi the Ametlran Amir In Trance,
July 31. Captain Sarrct. a French avl
ator, has carried out the first experi
ment on record of falling from a molng
airplane with a parachute
Cnntnln Sarrct dmmied 800 lards with
an umbrella twelve jards ln diameter
and landed nafely.
Find 25 Skeletons in Cave
rhoenlx. Arli., July 31 Between
twenly-tle and fifty skeletons, he!leod
by county ofllclals to bo tlioso of whites,
wero found ln three iacs on an Indian
repen atlon near here Tho skeletons
were discovered by n Mexican who had
reported to the authorities Indians 11 -InR
In tlio Mclnlty tiserted they had no
Idea how tho skeletons came to bo In the
1 affJl
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P Closing Out D
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New and Only Route
Direct to Hog Island Ship Yard
3rd and Jackson Sts., Moyamensing
Avenue, and Penrose Ferry Road
Connecting with all P. R. T. cars
between 3rd and 15th Sts.
Board and
Three square meals a day and clean,
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Read and Use Our Want Ads
Pages 16
Captain Japanese Canada Martf
Sees No Danger to Vessel
By the Assncialed Press
A raclflr l'ort, July 31 Surrounded
by rocks, her two forcholds filled with
water nnd tho foie part of her deck, al
most level with the sea. the Osaka
Shosen Kalsha steamship Canada, Maru,
which went aground esterday, this
morning presented a difficult task for
the rnhngo steameis thnt nro standing-,
by, according to wireless messages re
ceived here
,Ono hundred and seventv-slx passen
gers nnd many parcels of mall were
taken off last night by the steamship
OalHno, hut the cicw remained aboard
tho Canada Maru Captain Yamamota,
in command of the stranded vessel, be
lieved there was no danger of the boat
going to pieces
The Canada Mint. 354S tons net. was
returning from Yokahama and Kobe
with n cargo rstlmnted to be worth
$4,000,000, of which about $2,000,000 wa
Raid to be silk
and 17
' 11
fiV-f ,
k ' rtrirt i.
.'. i ." ". - V." f ;
WV .1. .1.
rfii .
' A
"T i
f! ', V
j j
,.fH. t '.
, :,iilii

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