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" Great Organ at,8.30,
9 and 4.&0
rlrlorouBli Chlmrn nt Noon
Store Opens at 8.30
Store Closes at 5
weatner ?&
Partly cloudy
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The Great August Furniture Sale Will Go Ahea
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,4lt tt
The Last of the Fine
Old Franklin Institute
was held in this old freight station
shed before we got possession of it.
The pity of it that today we hav.e no
place in the city for such exhi
bitions! A few weeks ago at the solicitation of
many, we opened our big building par
tially for six evenings to the new settlers
in our city as a compliment and 'conveni
ence Jo them, seeing that the mechanics
were employed all day.
By actual count 21,938 persons availed
themselves of the opportunity of visiting
a Store such as this. For the sake of the
new home-makers and in their interest
we did our August Sals preparations
earlier and we brought forward the
opening day of the August Sale that they
might enjoy thet advantages of dealing
in this House that originated Furniture
We believed also that by an experience
in choosing furniture the new customers
would get a correct viev of the way we
conduct all of the departments of this
Different Kind of Store. N
Any careful observer can easily Sat
isfy himself in these four particulars:
. The preponderance of quan
tity to select from.
2. The superiority of the woods
and finish and our guarantee.
3. The reasonableness of the
4. The difference between tinsel
and the real thing to last a
It is not to be supposed that any one
is ready to take our opinions or the opin
ions of any sellers "as to the goods and
lay down many good hard-eained dollars
7for articles that ought to last a lifetime,
simply from reading advertisements, or
special friendliness to any storekeeper.
Not for an instant do we pre
sume to prejudice or prepossess the
judgments of purchasers, but on the
contrary, we earnestly suggest un
, hurried purchases and not taking
. anything upon a sayso until after
thorough examination as to every
July 31, 1918.
In the Young Women's
Salons An August
Clearance Sale of
Summer Clothes
All these are much reduced
Wash Dresses, $5 to $10
Pretty Summer frocks in white and
colors and of many fabrics from sheer or
gandie to sturdy gingham and chambrays,
and'ever so many good styles.
Silk Sports Suits, $15
These are of crepe de chine in white
and light colors.
Linen Suits, $12.75
These, too, are in sports models and
come in practical navyblue.
Silk Dresses, $10 to $16.50
Taffetas and crepe de chine in light and
dark colors and a good choice of styles.
Wash Skirts, $1.50 to $3
Pique, linen and gabardine skirts ,
well cut and in several models.
All are in 14 to 20 year sizes.
(S'rcoml Floor, Cli'mthut)
T? VER Y- woman would
' ' rather have her own
Jtathing suit. ' ' ,
and she enjoys her dip so much the more if she knows
that her suit is becoming, fits properly and is com
fortable. " I
Plenty of attractive bathing suits here suits of
mohair, poplir7 satins, taffetas and Jersey.
Plenty of black or dark blue, some in extra as
"well as regular sizes, and prices all the way from
For Tomorrow A
1700 New amid Pretty
Brand new, pretty as can be and
every one at an interesting price
1000 Waists at $3.85
are of crepe de chine and crepe geor
gette in white and flesh color. Some
are tucked, some embroidered there
are many different models.
(Kant nml
&MAR T new autumn
sports hats for women.
Women planning motor trips or going to the moun
tains will like to see and wear these charming new
autumn hats.
There are soft, elvety velouis in new shape1? and
autumn colors. Some have the new cool trimmings.
There aie bow braid trimmed felt hats with novel
stitching of chenille rows and rows of this velvety,
pretty stitching.
There are new colois and new shapes and new
ideas as to trimming but come sec them for yourself!
Prices begin at $12.
(Srtnml Moor. Cliffttnut)
A Disposal of 1550
Dainty Under -garments
for Women
Three groups, all at specially attractive
500 Envelope Chemises, $1 to $1.50
$1 and $1.50 for those of pink; $1.25
for those of white nainsook. Lace trimmed.
250 Silk Camisoles, $1
Pink or white, and daintily trimmed
with lace and ribbon.
800 Silk Chemises, $2.85
of flesh-colored satin or crepe de chine
many styles; lace and ribbon trimmed.
All in envelope style.
(Kast A Mr)
- of Japan ese kim on o silks
at $1:50 a yard.
This is an impoitation direct from John Wana
maker, Yokohama, of Japanese striped satins, made
with colored stripes and especially intended for the
Japanese trade to be made- into men's kimonos.
Our Japanese office bought them and sent them
over because they seemed so desirable for women's
shirtwaists, skirts and men's kimonos.
The silks are 3G inches wide, veiy fine and sheer,
and there is a considerable variety of colored stripes.
(Flmt Floor, Chnut)
TTfOMEN'S sweaters a
YV little above half price.
Loosely knitted woolen sweaters, with collar and
sash, in black, white and colors, $4.25.
Artificial silk plated, with collar and sash; collar
and cuffs trimmed in white. Colors are white, green,
rose, blue and gold. Price, $4.25.
Artificial silk, with sailor collar and sash, in
white, leseda, dark gieen, Copenhagen, gold and rose.
Price, $7.25.
r (Uri.1 AUIp)
TACH day the sale of cotton
J dress goods remnants
is freshened by the addition of more remnants, so that
the choosing is always good.
Every good and popular kind of dress goods is
here; there are dark and light colors as well as white,
and the lengths are suitable for blouses, children's
chothes, women's frocks and separate skirts.
And the prices are so interesting we don't wpnder
that many women are buying them to put away fo
next yearf
(Flmt Floor. CliMtnut)
JVTEW sweaters for the
- younger generation
There is a 3lip-on that comes in blue, brown and
' yellow, at $6.
Another is an open-front sweater that comes in
rose, brown or blue, at $6.
A delightful little slip-on for the very young child
comes in light bluo or pink, at $3.25.
(Third Hour. Chestnut)
JJO MEN'S silk umbrellas
rr at $4
There are only 300 of them all of exquisite silk.
The colors are garnet, taupe, green, blue and black.
The handles are all new, in pleasing styles.
Sale of
300 Sample Waists, $3.85 to $5
are of crepes georgette, crepe de chine
and laces in delicate colors and attrac
tive t styles.
400 Lingerie Waists, $1.50
are trimmed with laces and embroid
eries, and some have a gay touch of
M Allr)
New Rugs Make a New
Sale for August
Many people attending our fin nihil e sales
always take that oppoitunity to select new rugs
to harmonize with their new fuinitme.
To make this great home furnishing event as
helpful as possible we have piovided an excep
tional hhowing of domestic lugs at gieatly low
ered prices, some of the best of them lower than
they hae been at any time thip summer. Among
them aie a laige gioup of the finest W'lton rugs
High-Grade and Standard Wiltons
912 ft., $ 17.50, $68.50 and $78.50
Splendid Axminslers
9x12 ft., $32.50 and $37.50.
Special Colonial Hdg Rugs
!)12 ft., $11.50.
Thpse aie only a few. Other kinds and other
sizes of these kinds aie heic at proportionate
snth Moor, ( lirMtniit)
Thank Ben Franklin
for These Summer
Somebody else might have discocied elec
tiicity, but as ho did we will ghe him the credit.
Electric fans with 6-inch blades and adapt
able to either diicct or alternating cut rent, $7.75.
12-inch oscillating electric fans, for alter
nating cui rents, $16.50.
Electiic iions, 6-pound size, $5.
Electric toasters for the table, $5.50 and $6.
Electric coffee pcicolatois make fine coffee,
$9.25 to $19.
Electiic grills toast, fry, boil or broil, $7
and $8; with poacher, $10.
Electric curling iions for vacationists, $5.75.
Electric flashlights, 75c to $3.
Electric washing machines, $75 to $150.
Electric ranges, $58 to $126.50.
Electric fountains, stoves, milk warmers, tea
kettles, vibrators, hair dryers and vacuum
(l-nurtli Floor. Ontrnl)
August Sale of
Good Reliable
Of felted cotton mattresses we offer ten dif
feicnt grades at icduced piiccs.
Cot size, 30x74 inches, $10.80 to $22.50.
Single bed size, 3G76 inches, $12 to $30.
Double bed size, 5476 inches, $16.50 to $36.
Of hair mattresses we offer eleven different
grades at l educed pi ices.
Cot size, 30x76 inches, $11 to $24.25.
Single bed size, 36x76 inches, $13.75 to $29.35.
Double bed size, 54x76 inches, $22 to $48.50.
.Feather pillows and bolsters and seveial
makes of woven steel wire and upholsteied box
spiings are also in tho sale at reduced prices.
(Mxth 1 loor, ( lirNtnnt)
JVTEW lot of women 's ctive-f-
i lope handbags.
Of black pin and long giain seal and auto leather.
In good, roomy shapes and daintily silk lined. And
please observe their fine workmanship.
The pi ices of these books are $3, $3.75 and $4,
but we are expecting an increase in the wholesale costs
almost any day, so even if you do not need one just
now it will pay to buy for future use.
' - (Muln Floor, (hmtnut)
7 HE hands in chamois lisle
gloves are cool
which is, perhaps, one reason why so many vomep
wear them. And another reason is that they are so
easily washed and wear so well.
. 75c pair for white gloves, two clasp.
85c pair for white gloves, with black or gray, two
clasp, and white, with strap wrist.
$1 pair for natural or peail gray, with two clasp
or two pearl button fastening; or two clasp in pongee,
tan, brown or fecille.
$1.25 pair for strap-wrist in natural' and $1.50 pair
for twelve-button length in natural.
With All the Power That the Finest Stock of
Furniture Can Give It
A? 9VrV
Sun Parlor
Made of the finest selected willow foi our sale
pdusiely. The design and colois of tho willow and
patterns of the cietonno it is coeicd with aie so
many that thcio aie liteially hunch eds of styles of
suits to choose fiom. The one shown is enameled in
lilac with blue biaid, and the cietonnc is of gold coloi;
THE August Furniture Sale, from which we begin to send home the J
goods tomorrow, is acknowledged to be a most remarkable event,
but it is most remarkable of all in the two things that today mat-
ter lrfost of all, whether in war or industry in magnitude and efficiency.
We take no selfish delight in dwelling upon the magnitude of this
Sale. If we do emphasize it, it is not because of what it means to us, but .:'
because of what it means to you. ' , ,
Magnitude means power. As regards furniture, it means power in?
the market, the power to handle
comparative expense, it means quantity - buying, it means qualityr
buying and it means low pricing. ;
It means a variety which makes
nobody an excuse for buying the
a bunch of regrets.
It means safety, it means character, it means beauty, it means econ
omy. It makes for a higher standard of quality and of service, because
it educates people in regard to both of these things.
It implies the elimination of the unworthy, the flimsy, the doubtful
and the downright trashy.
It makes for efficiency and consequently for economy; because'
whatever prevents wastage of money or motion in buying and assem
bling furniture is bound to mean economy to the ultimate user of the
The August Furniture Sale, which gets into full swing tomorrow,
is a real and true illustration of what is stated here.
In magnitude and efficiency and economy it is the first retail store
event of the world.
More than fifteen thousand pieces of the finest furniture in the
'world are on the floors; two great warehouses are full and carloads are
still to come.
All our stocks are in it, regular stock and new purchases, at reduc
tions of 10 to 50 per cent:
All our energies are in it, and all our determination to make it the
most genuinely helpful sale for everybody who appreciates genuine
(1 Iflli, sixth unci (irirnth. 1 lo..r)
The Government and the Fashions
in Women's Shoes
The War Government of United States,
looking to the conservation of man power,
has, througli the War Industries Board,
made certain regulations in regard to the
future fashions of shoes.
After the present stocks of leathers al
ready cut by manufacturers are disposed of,
the Government desires that women's shoe
fashions shall be limited to black, various
shades of tan and white in leather and fab
rics used in the manufacture of shoos and
These are restrictions upon tanners and
leather manufacturers and not upon retailers
or the public.
As a matter of fact, the Government, for
the release of capital tied up in stocks and
in order that there may be no waste, is anx
ious that all stocks in the hands of manu
facturers and "wholesalers and retailers
should be cleared out completely.
tfl'..m.n. kl.A. ...
or Porch Suit
but one may hae any combination of colors and cov
eiings desiied.
Ann chair, $30.50 Flower and aquanum box.. $32.
Sofa, 61) in. 67.50 Tabic, 30-inch, lound 28.50
Bird cage, 27. End table 16.
Wing chair, 32.
the greatest quantities at the least ji
choosing easy for you. It-
kind of furniture that carries wit!
Under these circumstances women who
like fashionably colored shoes and over
gaiters may feel perfectly free and patriotic
in buying goods of this sort so long as they
last. Moreover, thev will hr hplnino- trip
rZnrovnrvm,it- 4-r vt.4- 4-l.ir, ..r.4-..2l-i ..u.. J 9 l
the sooner into effect.
We have now on hand women's shoes
of every fashionable kind, practically the
largest variety in styles, colors, sizes of any
store in the world. We shall keep them at
moderate prices so long as they last, in spite
of the fact that numbers of the fashions we j
have would no longer be obtainable at any
V J1
Our prices will not be raised in any in-
stance upon
tlfe shoes we own, though to go
to the wholesaler today and try'' to renlace
them from their scanty stock would make1"
our buying price considerably higher than
our present selling price. ,'
VI . v. .... .v V
m r Ju-r .
5. tV . Ukla 'wtma f1M1l
. ".r T-" - -
r-t ' ,
rPT v, vra.-(5
& t&s.WA.r
M f a
4I V.
.. M&fAi
.r, ...... n ..i.vv nml., f ii,i riuiir, mci ,. , . 'Wv-' t

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