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imirinl to Art on As-
iPtttnption That War Will
Fermer Experiences Cited to
P Show Germans Won't Quit
ffl toi.: l
unices Y tiiiirii
1 JNirmrr Director of ODertlon of ihr llrllliili
Special Cable to Evtninf Public l.edftr
Copvrohtt It M, by .Vr Vorfr Time To,
l,ndnn, DC) 7
Will It he nr thin ?ar" That
th 'mention which I today on mn
r llp. and It behoovm tin to iilve a tea-
ond rfpl)fcnot a reply linked tn vague
pi' optimism or upon an rxngRrratcl fill
i jTritte of the'enemyV power of unliiuinf,
Ot. but B reply which shall guide inir countu
..of action fpr the remainder of the war.
'Just four jears ago, dfter the Hide
(hock of the cnem.v'H flrt vlclorlrs,
after the conquest of UelRlum the re.
treat from llonn, and the thrent to Paris,
eame the miracle of the Marne, the
enemy's retreat to the Alctic, and the
annihilation of the AuMrlan ami) at
Lemberc This same question i then
asked, and the answer was often ' Why,
ye, these first 8Uoce9es which the
enemy as non wne inetel.v a flash In
the pan. The Allies haw irovi thrni
aelres to be stroniffr, as we nlnayti
thought they were The Ituwlan steam
roller has only Just Ik gun to move. The
xms win oe ovei oy i oristmas .-.-- . .... ....
The State of mind which produced such Problem We are In the lirth ir.ir of i
a reDlv did us an Inflnllv of hjrni It!""'" ""' !" belllgeients with the
prevented us from taking oft out louIS j
and getting down to business at once.
It prevented us from realising that we i
xvere In for a war which was going to
absorb not merely the energies of mil '
navy and of our urm.v hut the whole '
Yltallty and resouues of the luittou
Knem)' Power Dwlnilllns
In the first place theie Is no quis-
lion that the emm.v's milltar) power Is
dwindling His losses since he started i
on July 15 Hie great offensive which was 1
to finish the war victoriously for him
have been enormous. In these two and
""a half months the Allies have captured
254,000 prisoners on the western front
alone. These men wen- all taken on
the battlefields, and with ver) few excep
tions would be guide one men I doubt
If the whole Herman annual contingent
of recruits today pioduces 350,000 clasiS,
one men. To the prisoners must be
added the lysses in killed and wounded,
and there, at a moderate estimate, would
not be fewer than four limes as many
as the prisoners, say l.oon.noo
So In two and a half months uermany
'has lost on the western front not less
than 1,250,000 men To her annual con
tingent of nineteen-) ear-old boys, she
hai only her recovered wounded and
Ick to add; and as these are not nearly
'aufliclent to make good these losses and
keep her armies up to strength, she lias
therefore had to live on her capital since
July 15. Bhe has had to break up
twenty-one divisions In order to till the
ranks ot the remainder, and at the same
time to reducle the size of her battalions
In thet. remaining divisions; that ts to
ay. she haii had to reduce her military
establishment on the western finnl by
not fewer than 600,000 men.
' Vhll thts ha been ffulnir nn tile
Americans have been pouring into
France. Fiom reports which we have
received, we, may estimate the number
of American soldiers who have com
pleted their training nnd gone to the
front during1 this period of two and a
half months at about 500,000 The
balance of strength has theretote
changed In favor of the Allies to the ex
tent of approximately 1,000,000 men;
and this process which will (ontlnue until
the end of the war, the dlmunltlou of
the enemy's forces. Is the key to what
has been happening recently In France
tnd Belgium.
5 The, Germans, being unable to make
t;ood their losses, have been forced to
try to reduce their commitments When
S"och hurled them back ftom the Marne
to the Alsne, they attempted to shoiteu
their fronts on the Homme and In Flan
dera: but before they could do this In
their own time and In their own way,
they were anticipated and defeated by
,hlr Douglas Halg. They then hoped to
be able to stand for the winter In the
Hlndenburg sjstem, nnd once more they
have been defeated by the skill or the
Allied leadership und by the splendid
fighting or the Allied troops.
The part taken by the Hrltlsh arm) In
this flehtlnc Is the most glorious In its
a :.hni. Mstnrv. Though In strengtli con.
'J? alderably less than half of th total
'''"forces of the. Allies In the west, our
to army, which has been ngnting t-oiititiu-
" n oualy since -August 8. has leconquered
t ' 'considerably more than half of the
&? ground won and captuied more than
M "V C half of the prisoners taken. The men
'fciwho have done this are those who In the
"ft. aprlns had to bear the full weight of
y'the enemy's attacks, made at the time
; when' he was at nis greatest sciengin
i..,,f A I said six week ago complete mill
.'rrv,' tary victory In the wesi Is certain The
) .question Is, when will It come? To an
awer that tiuestlon we must look at the
,', ' picture from the enemy'a side and also
, ' carry our eyes beyond the western front
JThe enemy's losres have been heavy hut
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fMrth Md CacttivU Street.
NMHr mi tfdtral
his atrentth Is trest. t doubt If today
he has less than 4,000,000 men on (ha
western front, nnd It Is n crest task to
train final and complete victory over
I.OnO.nnD men. He 1s still flihllnc every
where In Allied territory If lie noes Continued from I ste line
back to the .Scheldt, he will still hae In ( ,iay, indicating Hint the enemy may
his hands Antwerp, Urussels, the greater ( j,e nl.niit to leav that region, us Hie
part of tlelitlum, a hi strip of northern chemln ilcn-lMtne. ulrcittlj turned by
and northeastern Kratirp nnd the whole (Plu.ri) MriikIii on the west, has been
of Luxemburg. He will still have saved tuinfd mi tho rust by tioopi who
his own country from the worst horrors U, ,.,,, rl the Alstic at nevirnl
of wnr' 'points In the lclnlt of Heirj-iiu-ll.tr.
The (Jermans are a proud leoplrwho i niaUnR It appear that the I-tnnilol"s
hate for more than a ceneratlon been I aiea Is no loimer tenable,
tegarded as the first military power In. Thc bae nmt, ()f s, QeMl ,.on.
the world Is It reasonable to expect I thlU(V), j,,,leril.i.v nml lUmtiiiooiirt,
that they will surtender until they are T(n p.m, ,rVei.il rorllneil woods
convinced that the strtiRKle Is utterly ,.e r,,ptuiel. the I'tetuli repm t i.ts.
hopeless? -Are they likely to rnrnril the The Hlim) iruMftl fuilously. but win
struggle as utterly hopeless until they un;lt,lp to rh H. iVench, who enp
ha made a fruitless attempt to buy lure(, seveM hundreil prisoners,
peace on teims inure favorable than com. .
plete surrender' They may say to us i
"You rame Into the war becaue we at-I Cains wein mnile bv the Hrltlsh last
tacked Helglum Well, we will evacuate' 'luht "it the fiont between t'ns nnd
Delirium. Wh.v continue this horrible Cambral. I'leld .Marshal Hnlr nn
slaughter any lotiRer-' They may say pounced lodav that post" have been
to France "You want Alsnie anil I.or i rstabllhed on ot osslliK" "f Hie Scheldt
ralne We will give them to you Now Cmml uoitli of Abensclml uu-H.tc and
let us make peace " ' 'ast of Oppy.
...,, I Tin- Hiltlsh nlci Imve pnsli"d In
"""' '" K"p " " HllKlttly riltthpi tniv.it il T.tllo on the
Thev may offer us llbeial terms, pro- .....i ,.n,i oiitliwi-Ht. ciiiturlnc h (U-r-
'Tided the) nrr. left fiee to plnlt ltu ,nan post rast of Mercian nnd put
, sla and recover fioii) the rast of Cimipe K esln homrwhat nottb of We Sim1-
IS I t. hut lh.l tit. A 1...I It. .1... tt'A.I Ch.ll .
....... ...,. .1... I..-.1 ..I nil- 1M.I. I'nnii
we be In the bet mood to meet such
.m.,- - ,,j mm..,,.. ..e ,.,.-, ,, ,-
iioa- allow our hopes to oar too hlgli'
Hut, It will be ald, there are othen .
fronts than the western llulgarla has
ollape. Tutkev 1 tottering, and vast
prospects are opening out befoie us In
tho Ksst Perftctl) true, but distances
In these eastern theatres are great anil
In will be a nutter of months hefole we
i an turn gHlnt our chief enemies ths
forces which have been Ieleaed in Mnce
donla and mav lie released In Turl.e.v
It would, for example he futile to sup
pose that the enemy will not take ativ
and even polble measure in the Hal
Iwins to dela) our progiess to the Dan.
uhe On military grounds then tbeie Is
ho Jutlllratinti for the hope Hmi we shall
be able to compsl the sui render of the
Central Powers this vear
There are. however, many factors
lother'thait inllitai) which ente'i tito the.
l"wllle eviepilon of America are weary
'of the struggle This C-erman people I
haN'" auffereil and are suffering gre.i' prl.
""""" kk-h niuuniiiui hiiu iiunuciin
"""""k Is de-perate It mav happen
lluU w1"'" ,he' stP ,ln" "lfV l"'''
'"''" '"celvrd bv their lulers. when they '
appreciate thu fact that there Is no ill
tiruative to iinuwidlllonal .icceptance of
our tetm thev will collapse as suddenlj
as Hulgnrla has collapsed t do not'
think that this Is likely In tin n-.u
future, but I a KUiprlhul bv what
happened In flilgarla and I may lie stir
prised again bv what will happen in
Herman) At the nreent stage of
the war It would, lie foolish to assert
posltlvel) Hurt h will not end thl-.e.ir,
hut it would be not oiilj foolish but
crimlnnl to Hct on that assumption,
Tlieie Is nnl onh sure vv'uy to end the I
honors of tins war as cpilckl) as may!
be. and that It to maintain and If
possible Intensify our efforts, to Incicisej
our power to the cxtteme limit of our i
resources j
When j buir. tlnds ih.it his opiwiiient
s groggv he does not slacken off him-
elf If he goes m to vvln That Is the
plalu duty of ever.y ono of u todav
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Official War Reports
Paris, tct T
Sorlh of "I. (jueutiu fighting con
tinued violently tart night.
The rnems matin tiumeious at
tempts to eject us from our ,ion
luetid positions. The nttneks were
broken up. exceit In the region of
Tlllo) Knrnis. which the Hermans
succeeded In retaking and gaining :v
slight advantage The lighting H con
tinuing. On the Sulppe flout the tieunans
are leni.tluing very vigilant, trying
with all their power to halt our ad
vance on the notthern bank tit the
liver. Theie is particularly shaip
lighting In the union of Hertrlcoutt.
Farther east we have taken hi
Alames. To the right we penetrated
llauvlne, north of the Ames.
Paris, Oct. fi (Dela.ved)
N'oilli of St quenlln the battle con
tlnued throughout the day. Itetw ecu
Morcouit and Scquelurt our Hoops
have taken lteninucouit. Tlllnv Farm
and many fortified woods and place
when" the enemv leslsted Willi fuil
ous enetg) Thev failed to check
tho advance of our tumps, who ion
rpiercd positions foot bv- foot and
took ninny hundreds of prlsonets.
N'nrtli of r.helms we have tc.ichrd
the Sulppc at ,i number of points.
Hetmnn rcaiguards along the river
to Iho foutli made vigorous ielstnnce
, nnd launched many counter-attacks,
but our troops repulsed them and in
flicted sanguinary losses. We hold
the southern outskirts ot Agulicourt
and the village of Hcrtrlcouty, on the
north side of the Sulppe. Farther to
the rlgh' we have forced the passage
of t lie river to the ea"tof Oralnvilie
and have taktn I'ont Hlvart.
I'omlMts no less violent have
token place In the region of Hazeii
court nnd Hoult-sur-Sjulppt' Thee
w f
Topllns, irreeK,
velours, buiellas,
broadcloths and
gabardines In all tot
new colorings.
Plain tailored and
trimmed models
$2.50 Top
lets Corsets,
$.25 5
Kxtraordluai v
value at this
I Vv
. 'v. t
ifafl. I
Price. M .f
Women's Satin, Taffeta and
ttV AA I
kBVV V CSrl DSS&. SBffil SSb (S) xt 1
SJ 1.98
$1 .00
combats have potmltted us In teach
the outskirts of these villages.
We have debouched from the vil
lage of Hellientvllle In spllo of violent
machine-gun nnd artllleiy fire, and
also have laken ground ninth of St.
Clement-a-Arnes. In this region our
Hoops In the coutse nf their advance
had to meet vety strong couuler-nt-talks
our artillery lire t-atight ene
mv battalions and Inflicted heavy
losses upon them. The) were forced
to i el I cat In dlsotder.
Todaj' events have mmpletcd the
delivery of rthclms. the richness and
historical association of which ex
cited the covelotisness of the Her
mans, who many times sno the be
ginning of the war have attacked the
iltv and who have vented their Im
potent rage against It with Incen
dlarv homhatdnteiits. but who have
never been able to tnke it.
Mmospberle conditions; on October
i were not verv favorable for obser
vation along Hie eastern sectors of
the fiont Our bombarding squads
dropped thirty Ions of bombs during
the day on assemblages of ioop, ron
vuys an'l enemy batteries. Inirlng the
night. In spit" of the hail weather,
our all planes dropped 1T00 kilograms
of piojectlles on mlllliirv objectives at
Hhatelet-sur I'.cloutne vvhete n (If o
was obetved Ihirlng the day elght.v
one enemy inutilities vvete shot down
or put out of Ihe fighting
vvti.nit t
llenibitisrlers. tmrrlisn INpf illllon.
nrv Forces, Oct S (liclayed).
Section A Our Hoops have made
slight ndvaticis limine the day. He.
tween Hie Men's and the Hols-des.
gnli" tin re has been stubborn In
fanny fitthling Further to the Vest
mat liitie-gun and nitlllery i (iinli.it i
were cqjisltint and hem), with evuy.
where lneieaed artillery activity by
bolh sides
tun riMi
t.iindnn, I let. 7.
In local llglillng velenl,i) hi the
nelghhoihond of Auliencheiil-aux-Ilols
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v t a. s. van se wa mi
wp ca pi h red about 400 ptlsoners
Yesttrday afternoon one nf our pa
Irols In the Oppy sector btought In
thlrt).fohr ptlsoners and four machine-guns.
During Hie night we es
lahllshul ,sta at the canal rosslngs
nntth of Aul.rtichcul.au. line and alo
northeast und cast of Oppy
A Herman post east of ltd i lorn was
captured by anuthet of oui patrols.
Wu made a slight progiess north of
We .Maiqunrt.
Sniiite (Jrtu Piomi..iI for IVrniii
iiont Dnyliclil Hiixiii.'
VVii.lilusli.il, d'cj, ; iltv ! V S)
.Mi fituctidiiunt to Ihe duvllghl saving
law. which would make il.ivllghl saving
a pitmaiieut practice in the I'nlled
States, was luttoiluieil lit the Senate
tills afteltioon bv Sdi.itor fabler, of
New Ym k
An itilded section to tin ihi.vMghi sav.
lull bill, propositi liv Si n.ttor t'altlcr,
would lead:
"Help .iflir. the simulant time for
each rone shall be the same ns that In
effect on Octolici I. 1'ild. ot one bout
In advance of the iiimiii .isinmnmlcat
time of Ihe tlegiee of long tude govern
ing phcIi rone, resptcilvtlv an I as thus
islabllshttl, shell ttmaln lived and deter
American l.ipiilfiiiuil- in Double.
Scaler Defeat Ornian Airmen
11 IHi Hie Amerlran rniy Northwest
of Verdun, Oct T (I N. " I Two
Herman airplanes if the 1'okker t.vpe
have I. mi shot down near Sumtnerancu
by Meuteuant Itlchaidson ami l.leutcn
ant Corle). nf the American air mi vice
The two Amet leans wtie living In a
tlouhli-seatcr plane when attatked hy
the Hermans
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te BUY i ' '
"I.ca liH'tuKlizionntii'' c' la
Kisposla Delhi Nnzionc
al Kuiscr
I'ubllitied and Hist rlb.it d Undsr
. .. . PHIIMIT No. S4I
. Aiitborlrsd by the set of October .
1PI7. on file at ths Poitoltlcs of "vll.
dclnhls. P.
Ilv ordtr of Ihe PreaMerd.
1 a. s. nimi.ESON.
rostmatter Oenral.
Wnshlnglnn, lie.. 7 nttolirr.
Ij Hermnnln ha lanclato tin appello
al l'rcsldente Wilson rhledendo I'lmme
tllata roncltislone ill tin nrmlsllzlo per
lutavolnre negozlatl dl pace. 1'ti dls
pacclo da Amsterdam reca ipianto ap
presso: "II testo della nota spetllta dal can- 1
celllere Imperlale germanlco, Principe
.MBSslmlllann. nl I'resldenle Wilson,
mezzo del governo Hvlzzero, e'
II se-
"II Hoverno Heiiuanlco tlchlede II
Pusldcnte degll Stall I'nltl dl prendero
nelle sue maul la trstornr.ltiie della pace,
comunlcando a tutte le .Vii7lonl helll
gerantl quests rlclilesta, ed Invlta a
inundnre. plenlpntenzlarl alio scopo dl
aprlte I mgorlatl.
Ksso nccctta It piogramtua gla' stn
lillllo dal l'rcsldente degll Statl Unlll
pel silo messagglo nl I'ongresso net
glornn 8 grnnaln e le susseguentl sue
dlchlarazlnnl, speclalmente quelle net suo
dlscorso del ". settemhre, tome una base
Iter I fiefrrixlnl I ill nnre
"Con le veduia dl cvitaie alito spargl- Of the thousands of Grangers within our Rntea many have not yet
incniM dl sangue, II govemo Hermanico made acquaintance with thc fascinating Chestnut Street Shops. Settling;
HUilcde rimmedlata conciusione dl un in outlying sections of the city, thev come in contact only with people
nrmlsllzlo In teira. in acqua ed In aria." patronizinK local stores, and are easily persuiulcd that to .shop on Chest
,,rTZv,lllL!r:! "ut Sttect would be to court bankruptcy Now is the time for new
mandato un teiegramma al Hatonn corners to juotre for themselves of the fallacy of this. They will soon
Hurlan, Ministro per gll Affatl Ksteri i nd tliat two prices are not asked in the Chestnut Street Shops, and
deil'Austrl.i. che. scenario un dlspacclo that while the finest Roods are sold, the cheaper grades of the same articles
da Vienna dice quanio appiesso are also carried. Where the Chestnut Street Shops leave off in the scale
'I glorlosl rappotti delle noslre 0f excellence, stores on other streets betrin. and then work down to rubbish.
li.i.d.r, tix ucirii.M.iabiuiiii uc. i.usii I
.... - I . . ...h.i nu. hn. Al ....!
The. leading American mills
POpotl dlfendersl In leal co
nperailone con I loro Hovernl, cl gul
dernnno, con l'aluto dl Plo tin una pace
j onorevole."
ii iiarone nurlan ha repucaio dtcendo
ch. -t lilt I I suol penslerl r. sfontl sono
In teale cooperaxlohe con II governo
Imperials germanlco, e dlreltl a leeare
le bencdlilonl dl una paie onorevole,
plu' presto pomlhle. per I loro amml
tevoll esercltl e V)ioll,"
"Kesa Incondltlonnle" e' la rlposta
dl luttft la stnmpa nmerlcann nl messng
glo delta Uermanla.
Itsllsno Cailnlo d Uroe In Frsnrls
t)a una comtiulcazlonn pervenutacl
tlal tllpartlmenlo della (luerra In Wash
ington rllevlatno che II glornn .10 lugllo
I ultimo, durante tin combatllmenlo al
fionlp In Krancla, nrofcamente cadeva II
jglnvane Itallann Angclo l'letglovannl
A HE women becoming more or
less luxurious in their tustes?
. Their outer garments tire plain
antj matter of fact, but the innate
longing for truly feminine apparel
crops out again in underwear. Milady
has ulmost forgotten the touch of
cotton or linen, and demands the
, daintiest of silk underwear, which
she finds at B. F. Dewces. 1122
j Chestnut Street. While or flesh-pink
vests, union suits, envelope chem
ises, camisoles and knickers, s-ome
, plain pud others trimmed with lib-
. bon or lace, all nre there. One pink
set with insets of lnce nnd edged
with the finest lace, put on slightly
full to give it the desired llufnncss,
is truly ravishing, and so fine in tex-
1 tu re that it rivnls tlje slim camel
i who expects to 'arrive' ' first in
Heaven, via the eye of n needle!
xx HAT is in a
W thing. 1 feel
TT' English firm .
sure when thc
irlish firm chose the name
i "Canterbury" for their cloths they
had in mind Chaucer s lines:
"And specially from every shire's
I end,
Of England unto Canterbury they
' wend."
' They knew thc uttractinc powers
of the name, and now that Canter
bury Cloth suits are on Mile here
, others will feel the psychological in
I fluencc, and wend their way to Mac
Donald & Campbell's, 13S4 Chestnut
Street, sole agents for. the .cloth in
Philadelphia. Although Canterbury
Cloth suits nre ready to wear, they
nie unusual in tailoring, fabric and
individuality, the cloth being made
of the finest soft Austialian wool,
dyed in rich greens, browns and
biues. Only ono suit conies in each
pattern, so no man need fear meet
ing his double when trying to cut a
NOW thnt the influenza has
taken up its abode nmong us,
nnd that o many of our
i friends are its unwilling entertain
ers, baskets of fiuits for the victims
arc most fitting gifts. They should,
however, be selected with n view to
pleasing the eye as well as the taste,
and nothing could be more cheering,
beautiful and tempting than the ba
kcts of fruits arranged by Heniy R.
Hullowell & Son, Broad below Chest
nut Street. The baskets themselves,
i in different sizes, arc works of art,
1 made by hand in Japan or China,
i from special designs, and filled with
1 iim . not thrown, in
I but rnrh placed, with dis-
criminating care exactly where the
color scheme n quires it should be,
for .nothing is left to chance, nor
"lashes, in the composition of these
FREQUENTLY iirour efforts to
give a novel little gift we light
nn Lnmnthtnrr iifialnco fin it itnoillt-
1 nhle, when an old and tried friend in
a new garb would be the most ac-
I ceptable. Sewing cases are by no
means new, but now women nre so
diligently plying the needle for Sweet
Charity's snkr, and each uses her
own implements, they have assumed
new importance. At uatley, isnnKs &
Biddle Co. I saw a beautiful little set
(scissors, thimble, bodkin, piercer
nnrl nnprllA hnlrlprl . In n Mnit nrtp
' innl design. The handles of the im
i plement, in dull gold, cleverly carried
oul a uomun scneme or ornamenta
tion, the needle holder being in the
shape of thp leaf-shaped Roman
sword. The dainty leather case for
this quaint set bore the appropiiate
woids, "Quo Vadis?" Whither
gocst thou;
lETTKU writing, which was fast
I becoming a lost art, is once more
' beinir zealously practiced, and
millions of little missives, dictated
by love or friendship, are circling
.the trlobe. Thev are the chief con-
npi'timr link with the absent, and
I nlways carry u bit of the writer intp
I tho reader's presence, particularly
wnen penneu on aisuncuvc wwuu
ery, and Ureka, 1121 Chestnut
Street, is featuring two novelties.
One . for foreign correspondence,
priced to meet war needs, is a thin
letter paper with envelopes made
opaque by smart colored linings; the
nilnsi. wnll Hint is n trade secict.
I hut ask to see the special envelope
for letters to boys "over mere. no
remember also that Dreka, who orig
inated the individual Christmas card
Lien, back in 1892. still does the
finest of engraving, and is ready for
advance orders.
BlSi'H Mi XJlPGhAna T
Wd IMHlliliIEJ n laZMiBHl!iMissBtByJlr
HEN a woman prepares for a trip, she is fussier than a man. She
does not grab up sundry articles, stuff them into a suitcase, and leave
behind what happens to dome last to hand. She collects evervthin
she thinks she needs, spreads it out,
times too much; dumps it out, Degins again, and continues this selective
process until the case, after much persuasion, comes together. II take
well-made caes to stand the pressure from within and without, and sueh '
may be found at Hoskins', the Gift Shop of Chestnut Street. A stunninr
lot ot l.aaies uvrrnignt or rrceii-ciiu
del fu Antonio, 4ldhto nella CempstWla
K del 7mo. Hffilmnto Fanterla- HU
StntI I'nltl. " .
II brayo glovsie, die pocft dopo n
irata detr America In guerra era accorso
volontarlo nolle file dell' Kserclto dl
"I'ncle Dam." era nltwte del Hlg. Domen
Ico t)l Medio, del N. 10J3 So. Ninth
street, uno del plu' notl negozlantl della
Cotonla Itnllana dl Philadelphia. II
I'lrrglovannl aveva per lo lo una afffl
rlone llllmltata e nelle letters che gll
crlveva non mancava mat dl esternargll
la sua rlconoscenla rammentando che
per opera dl tul cgll pote'esiererllfteclato
dalle. Atllnrlta' dl Kmlgrailonn nuando
glunse In America ntl 1!H2. lulllma
lettera scrltta alio rlo, provenlente dal
front e francese, recu la data del 17
giURiio, quasi un mese e mezzo prima
.della morte.
" '
lOrlwnrxA 2&c&Ms
THE Army boys abroad will each
be permitted by the Government
to receive only one package at
Christmas. This must bo sent by
November 15, in a Red Cross box,
with an official tag. As thc box
is but 0x4x3 incites it is difficult to
find things small enough; but A.
l'omerantz & Co. have two valuable
suggestions on sale. Thc "Fyne
Point" sterling silver pencil, which
icquiies no sharpening, and has a
magazine holding six extra finely
pointed leads. But the newest idea
is the Military Ink tab Fountain Pen,
for men in active service. At tho k
top of thc pen is a chamber holding
a quantity of inktabs, tablets of con
centratcd ink, requiring only to be
dissolved in water to fill the pen.
thus eliminating all possibility of
being without ink. And don't forget
a Chiistmas Greeting card!
ClOFFEE, novy so common, did
. not come into vogue in France
' until 1669. when the Turkish
Ambassador to Louis XIV served it
to his guests on gold and silver sauc
ers. Refore this Coffee Houses had
been opened in England and become
the gathering .place of wits and
poets. Since then thc favor of coffee
has never decreased, nnd it is moic
extensively used in this country than
in any other, proving conclusively
that it is indeed an "intellectual bev
el age"! At E. Bradford Clatke's,
1520 Chestnut Street, they sell the
same coffee, their own particular
Blend, that they have been putting
up for years, in .1-pound packages.
It is a rich, clear coffee, suitable for
breakfast or dinner, and rather than
sacrifice tho quality, has been slight
ly raised in price, but orders for it
continue to pour in.
THE Custom Service Ready-to-Wcar
Clothes Department of
Jacob Reed's Sons. 1424 Chest
nut Street, conveniently olaced on
I the Mezzanine, is intended for men
secKing out-ot-tne-ordtnary suits,
and the "Reed" model shown there is
the latest expression of stvlc in
men's clothes. The coat is cut with
a high waist line, accentuating the
wearers iiegnt, anil conforms snug
ly to the body from the waist line
up. Below the waist line it flares
gradually over the hips, greatlv re
sembling in this" tho new military
coats so much admired. The fionts
of the coat are tailored soft, and cut
almost sti night. The lapels, notched
rather high, join the collar at n
sloping angle that is unusually at
tractive, and altogether the "Reed,"
with its graceful lines and comfort
able fitting, is a most sensible and
practical model.
HANDMADE blouses, always as
sociated in one's mind with
Paris, are not necessarily con
fined to that city. Hosts of women in
America have clever fingers also,
and that they can turn out as dainty
hand-stitched thinsrs as anvthinar im
ported is established bv Ronvvit and
Teller. In their New York Shop thoy5
iiiuiiuuiii wui muuius ucvuwu iu ims
labor, and some of their exclusive
white and flesh pink blouses of
Oeoigette crepe are on sale in their
Chestnut, Street Shop. They are ex
quisite In their simple elegance, with
round, square and pointed necks, or
high collars, many hand embroidered
or trimmed with real filet lace, and
opening back or front. The tailored
Georgette model, with soft, tucked
bosom and double shawl collar and
cuffs (the second of organdie), Is
IS ANYTHING more provoking
than buying good materials and
then having them ruined in tho
kitchen? Coffee-making by the old
process of boiling is rather an un
certain quantity, some cooks never
managing to get it just right, but
often the failure is not due so much
to cookie as to worn-out utensils. At
the House Furnishing Store of J.
Franklin Miller, 1612 Chestnut
Street, there arc coffee pots and per
colators galore, the newest' of which
are the all-glass Silex percolators.
These come with electric attachments
or alcohol lamps, and being entirely
of non-breakable glass arc safe and
sanitary. The coffee is made on the
table in thtee minutes, and it is in
teresting to watch the process. Any
one can manage it successfully, for
being self-acting it is positively
"fool proof."
packs her case, finds she has three
cases, ngni ana easy to carry, gun
, , (of leather wjth delicate llnlnga. nt
..' .-iT ..vsWi.iUiw hi' jffiT ..
pHttyfj "
v i
WMHiriJMMMiwr "
nwmmMmMTtJ&'JmMiuuim me -v in. -.
tyt e?"..
iw mm -w
. -.jrV'fc: ' "i' iiiffii
"abl(. vweMafflBHWrr'

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