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EJJctn ffiict It Is Shown the War
Chaperon The Older Men Are. Looking After
the. Younger Ones
E FOUND him playing tlie phono
graph all by himself, ami lie went
$ p'
Dlavlnir and ulavlne when any one
'sVatrold see he wait tired and would like
' to eo to bed. It v.n liite and the blK
f vHvlnRToom of the clubhouse open to
enlisted men wan dCM-rteel nil except
for thin one bluejacket.
"Why don't you go to bed," we
aled facetiously, "and let that limp
run around Tara'n Hall tomorrow?"
"Can't." vu; the reply. 'Sitting up
for Bill."
That was he said, but we knew and
he knew that wo knew because he re
fused to talk any inure about It.
"yoU have heard cf mothers ntuylng
LJi'l awaKe to near ini-ir nuys mum
(S In at night, haven't ou? I mean the
', i line, big broad-hearted mother who
A?j . ... !.. .1 alio la Vtnl-e titif- n-lut 1rifl
UUIl l I1UU11U llirii uJ,r-f ."- ....' ..!-
i.,f' 'to sleep easier when they heir that
5JV atCD in tlio nail, wen u your iumii
has ever beat In tune with thelrx.
then you will like thli story ubout th
bov in the sailor suit who Mts up for
Clll la big and Just eighteen, al
though he would probably nevei speak
to any of Us again If he. knew we sus
pected It. He Is Jmt at that ago when
everything In the world looks pietty
alluring. He is tituilyltiR something
When he gets to It and no doubt even
tually will make one of t'nolej Sam's
finest bluejackets. Hut Just now theie
is this to consider. Kill is iivv.iy from
his home in a small town for the llrst
time and Is he lonesome? Not illll
Ha is having the time of his .voting
And Bill won't come to any h.itm
Please Tell Me What to Do
Wait for Love, My Dear
Dar CvnthU I luvo ft soIiH-t swert
heait In France ami I nls.i have u fd;
htart at home t am very foii-l or both ami
1 am undeciela-l what tu do Tim ar.. Isith
very nice What "hall I do wslt for the i
ane In France or take the one at home.
Trv In he rnoil filends vrlth both men.
my dear, for you do not love either one
at present. If you loved one of them
you would not question which to marry.
And you would make a. sad mistake to
marry If you have not a strong love for
th man with whom you arc t.o spend
the rest of your life.
Perhaps something vv 11 happen to
how jou that jou care for one of these
two men sufficiently to marry him. but
in the meantime (unless you really do
care) do nothing to encourage either
unduly, but be good friend) and wait
for the right man and the right time.
Both will surely come.
Too Young to Court
Dear Cjnthla I am a jouim fellow of
seventeen and In love with a prrit; miuhk
lady about eighteen. Is it proprr to keep
rompJny with her. althouch she li clihteen
and I am only eenteeti
la it proper for me to lieep company at
"the ae of aeenteen? l'leufte answer in the
Evksino fcauo LiKiir.
Titv: uucibun onp,
I think I would call myself undecided
Instead of decided, don't you? Now for
A' little sermon, my young friend. If you
have read these columns befoic you will
remember perhaps what we have said on
the subject of "keeping company." J,t Is
never to be condoned. It Is always a
mistake whether one r Is seventeen or
eeventy-seven v
Be good friends with this girl and
with other girls and If you love her and
be loves you become engaged to her,
with the understanding that you will be
married when you are of age and have
enough to support her: but do not ask
her to promise to go only with ;ou,
nor make her a promise to go only with
her, unless jou positively do intend to
marry. It is not fair to either one and
keeps both from making other pleasant
and useful friendships.
Tou are too jounc to thlnl. of mar
riage at present anyhow Why not put
Toda's Inquiries i
1 fllieii the aenrlre liar la liooelesslv faded j
srhat ran be done t restore It? I
S. Wh are the "Illue lisns"? '
S ! a hlah school education required fort
enllatment In the atudent nurses' I
4, What are "drann In" ruga? I
At. Haw ran a meat grinder be oiled ao that
He taste at ell be left to art Into tlie I
. What are "a rratlii" aouos?
The U. S. S. Imliaiia
To for Editor of Woman's Vaot:
ZJear Madam Would uu Umdly rubllah
la th Woman'a llxchaniee the liiator. or.
rather, a brief aaetch of the hlatoo. uf the
V. a. 3. Indiana, of the V S. N.
TJie l. S. S. Indiana I one of the
oldest ships still in eommlssiou. having
been constructed In H93. At that time
she was known us the stiffest battleship
of her weight nossestd by any navy
She was armed with eight eight-Inch
gutis, two thlrteen-inch guns, twelve
three-inch guns and four six-pounders.
The length was 348 feet, dlsrTaA?ment
10,200 and the complement 46u persons.
The maximum speed was fifteen knots.
Xv'o later history of Ihe ship Is given
Vinegarlce Dill l'iclle.
To the Kditor at TVomnti'a Page:
Ler Madaln 1-leaae iiiihllih a relive fur
making dill plcUea without vlnesar.
(Mra.) A W.
Unless the cucumbers are from your
own garden wash thein carefully to In-
ure cleanliness after Indiscriminate
handling. Hack them In a keg. barrel
or crock, leaving space at the top for
the cover. Cover them with a brine
made by adding to every four epiarts of
water used one-half pint of vinegar and
three-Quarters cupful of salt The
j nmount of brine needed will be one-half
, of the volume of the material to be fer-
mented. Place a wooden cover or
glazed plate on top of the contents and
press it down by weighting It with a
'atone or other weight to Keep the cu-
i-umber under the brine. Fermentation
,Ylll require weather. It is complete when
bubbles cease to rise when the eon
talncr is lightly tapped or jarred. When
this stage is reached remove any scum
wmen may nave coueiteei, pour not
'i. A, paramn over tne cover anu arounu me
: 'i weight and store in a cool place. This
4 - recipe was receivea for y
I " drtwrtment of household
ou from the
department of household science.
iionai uuraen womnussion.
Mollo anil Club Name in l.alin
' To lae B4ltor ot iromo.l'e Paor;
a Bear Jladam -Kindly adlae me irlth tho
II aaillliijr and pronunciation of "laorirct-ine-VsabK'
tn Latin. Also, advlie me with a suit
X ! name lu La I In for a club ot slrla.
- iiiihi i , v
, The r.atln for 'Korget-ine-not ' Is
"Xoll mel obllriucl," and the nronuuclu-
. , UsM la "Nolee may-ee obllvisOee." The
IKrai menmnr u "vo not want to ror
t me." Why don't you take the cx
MreMlon "in omnlbua carita" ("Charity
la all thlnrs"). . or "Llonla avlbua"
'Crler good uusplfes"), or "Itoras non
rmiu nisi serenas r we only
Uie .pleasant hour") foi your
Tail mlailt uae the word "aumus ."
-we r," anu into nunt out tne
im niiiBaaf
)" law
Has Developed a iew Kind Jjf
N'ot wlille this young man of twenty
live, who Is his self-appointed buddy,
has the Use of it phonograph to ketp
him awako ut night -ntll his tall.
lanky young charge comes in.
TlllCHK'K no liner chuperotmgo In
the world for ti young boy lluu
tills. And to me it seems one of the
beautiful little bits of the hidden pos
sibilities of men war has bi ought to
the surface. 1 suppose it just hap
pened that We bumped Into one case
like this. Hut 1 um sure It must be
Mothers of young sons in the navy
ntiit army can rest easy In every
camp, In ever naval Pave, in every
large ctly whole our bo)s get sub
sidence and are allowed lo live where
they will, I am sure It must in- pos
sible to find hundreds of these elf
appolnted big brothels.
There is something line and potent
In the boy who looks to the welf.no of
the jounger one with whom he comes
In contact, lie tluous Into lelief the
hnv to whom milled years mwi.i no'.'i
lug In tho way of added stability of
chniacter. War calls for stability of
rhaiarter. r do not refer to big trans
glessions. which ale well uuiildt'd
against by our Covei iiment. but to
the little petty shit king of dutv . to the
importing the "mil rah college stuff"
into the army and nav. . Stability of
character In the older bo.s conumys
this undermining of discipline and
teaches the younger bo.s tluit to bo
.i good spoi t in military or sia life
does not necessarily mean to break
rules. In fact, being a good spott
means to the contrary.
1 iff the courting till a
few J ears have
, passed?
1'inil a Mutual l'rie-nil
Ui..,r l miIIiIh I lurn- b.'ti readluc ,.ur
an'uer to others In eery nlch'n iit jih.1
ou mvo helped thern ttri'I 1 h.le mill" to
oy for th first, time rim) mi.i sure von will
hi'lii me. for 1 lMe no mother to tell uinl
mv 9Uter won't bothur. o 1 vlll Mart to
tell von now.
'there Is ti tnotormnn on the trille enr
ind I e..m to 'Ike liiin and ew rv time I
'let on I look lit hlni. hut don't emlle He
look at tile and neta red. So one dn I
emlleil and he milled rucl.. hut did not v
a word. I don't Ket on that car nn more
lor 1 don't woik at thrt eame ulare i 1 pee
him often, however, nnd he Ioo1n .u me mid
doe not eav uiuthlhs. Do Mm thlnL he M
hirhful or Is he fllrtlnu? I don't him
flirt with an clrls on the ear He nhva
keeps an eye on me. t ,am iMshfnl noeeif
and iim erv mad at mtelf for 11113 ho
I am eighteen leira old IJo ou th'nl, I um
too vounff for friends? T do a lot of war
wor! and inn worMni: ut an ammunition fu
torv and am vsry lonesome
This molorman Is evldenllv a nlre
joung fellow, since he has not attempted
to speak to a gill he does nut know
Vott see, dear, jou must not "pick up"
acmiaintancts In this wa I know It Is
ii little hard to have to wait for proper
introduction, but you should know some
thing of a man or girl before jou make
either one jour friend. See If j'ou have
not some mutual friend who can bring
about jour meeting and then be good
friends with the nice joung motorman,
ajter you know him.
Cive Him u I'iere of Your Work
Iar t ntliia I am a )..un;r cirl lxtpn
3ftri of .iRr an! r-oii'tl.lrftt Rood tuitktnc hi
eirry one of m friTiiisi. I nift a erv nlc
jounc man thr rara olJr than I am
lfn kid nil an res a n Mtttsa trtt..ti !- ne.n a Ihot
he deurlv loves me. Voir 1 renllv nnd trnlv
love hlni. Van you srlve me un Id' a what 1
could irlve him for Christmas I thank
vim i.H mueli for vnur usslslRnee
Bitow.v i:vns.
Why not crochet him u tie or a scarf
Or make him a sweater or waistcoat of
wool? This-n would not e'Ost Jou verj
much and J'et would bo oxtlemely valu
able in tbat they would be jour work
If the wool Is hare! to get and too ex
pensive try a silk tie. You will find
them easy to crochet and ran get diiec
tions in tho art needlewuik department
of any big department store
If he Is fond of reading you nilglit give
him several fine books, ir If J'ou prefer
jewelry buy him sluils. cull hiikh or a
scarf pin
ctcrila' Answers
t. Three- llvrb enmes thai can be iilared
at inu gathering ut oumr peonle ure
"shadow M." nlilrll eonslsts of KileHn
tnir llenres msslnr In lull k of il sheet
limit- In the ri.rLlie tilth :l lunill be
hind Itl "lilunlna the frutliet" nnd
-uhsloele rare." Directions for iiliolnz
the last two named Riimrs run be hud
by Nendlns u eelf-addressed envelope lo
the editor or this puiee.
2. Tlie birthday Doner for Oetober is the
J, Tlie sjr industries noard usUs wumrn
not to use. more thnii three nnd u half
.sards of woolen material In uns one
Itmi tbat Is Ihorouclilr steamed before
It is knit "ill not slirlnL In the luade-
un Kiirntfiit.
In baklni: umldrs use raisins Instead
of sucar. Ihr) ufTord uuilile snrelen-
Vdcllni salt lierrln- cites il la-ly new
flavor to rhnwder.
Courses in Bacleriolov
In lie Ktlitur of IV'oinnn'a IMoe
Dear Madam Would ou Kindly tell m-i
nher. I i-un make Inoulrlea as to taktm;
nuraea' army training- course iind also what
Institution affords a eourae In bacterloloKj '
Would like the pUiea alluated In Philadel
phia. Thankine ou kindly for an Immediate.
i answer and hoiiinu to aeie H upnear in our
j corner. I remain. ANXIKTr,
I You ran make inquiries abuut taking
enlistment in the nurses- army training
corps ut the headquarters of the wom
an's coinmltte-e. Council National De
fense, 135 .South Sixteenth street.
The following Institutions ulve e-ourses
In bacteriology. Polj-cllnlc Hospital,
University of Pennsylvania and Temple
fnlverslty, all In Philadelphia. There
have been free courses given Iji the city
under the uuspices of the municipal
health authorities. ,It seems unkind lo
bother them now in these Tiusy epidemic
days or I should give jou mine detailed
Information. Call the Municipal Hospital
or the Itureau of I'ubllu Health In refer
ence to the free courses a little later on.
426 Babies Born
Every Hour j
within 50 miles of Philadelphia.
Every single baby needs above all i
things for health anil comfort a box
of Bismoline, the greatest healing'i
talcum powder made with bismuth. ,
All doctors agree that no powder
equals bismuth as the most beneficial
agent for all baby Irritations. One
trial convinces everyone every
where, Summer and Winter. J
We Pay You
to'try iho first box. Have your drug
gist certify your purchase on .his
label, send it to us and receive a 25c
bottle finest, perfume or vanity box.
m Co., Lantnter., Pa.
Women Desperately Needed
It ever women wero needed, they
am needed now. "The Hmergeiicj
Aid simply Inust Imvn moro voluu
teeis to work In lnlliieiiz.t-strlcken
homes," decl.ties .Mrs. J. Willis Mar
tin, "or our light will tin u Into de
feat." Women need have only u lulr
of willing hands lo plutigu in mid
help. They need not have expe
rience. They can bo Used to pre
pare diet. etc.. If they uro unwilling
to coi. . contact Willi patients.
Loin to Hiuergenc) Aid head
iiiaitern, 1-42S Walnut stleet. ready
to serve. Thousands of women iiic
desperali-ly wanted. U Is Impos-nihil-
for too many to apply
Chronio iiivnliils with trained
nurses aie asked to turn these over
to tho city until the epidemic
Thete Is in gent need for tho loan
of automobiles. Tho less time it
takes for helpers to be whisked
around the city, the nunc cues nre
visited mill the moio lives saved.
Ity Mary .en is
III: l.uge. old-fashioiHd silting i
win of the Iluil'.e homestead sat
Alice wltli her Knitting. She was a
sweet gill of aboil' twenty with dark
e.Ves, small nine, u i'cl little mouth,
slid btov.li hair i oinbed bark fiom bcr
temples Willi a I Ig lit jawn she fit
aFli'.e lier Kiniliiig and turned In r I
thoughts to Il.irt j . itefote her inme
the tn-age of hi-i lover, a tall, fair young
man with n frank open face, and a smile
that dl-.iil.ived line while Itcth. It was
Just one month since tliej- wero in
gaged. Mow happ.v she was when he
was near her, but for the last few
-Venlngs lie li.nl evuscd hlinpelf from
coming to see lier. t.ijlng tliat It was lo
be a great suipr.sf
It was pitot and lonesome In the house
and .Mice fell ralliei i.stless, j.u she de
cided to ttl.e a wnll. She walked along
tile still ro.i'l. anil 'ur Hioughls tumid
to the hnppliH'ix the I vi.-is lo be litis
very shuillv Tlien sb,. thought of her
brotb.'i. who was 'limting In Krance.
and felt soil- thai he could not come
lo In-i wedding but was happy and
prcud thai he was doing Ills' bit over
I lure.
Ilj this time i-ho was near Harry's
house, and she saw a light In the gara'ge
and llany standing on a box and ap
pealing to be vci much isclled. She
al-o saw ili.it there weic a lew slrangt
men thai she bad never seen befoic
standing near him lis'eiilng to l.ls sptech
Willi great Interest.
Wishing to siirpiisi- ll.mj. Alice wen:
up to the garage. Intending to go In, but
she. drew batk in honor .is who hcaid
llarr.v exclaiming at tliu top of ill"
lungs, "We'll get i hem, of course wi
will, down v.ltli tin- Americans!"
Alice's head was in a vvhlil. She did
not wait to bear more, but ran home
panting fiaullcall.v. As soon as she
if.uliLii her home she flung heisclf up in
her bed and sobbed as If her heart
would break As soon as me enuld she
piilbil herself together to decide what
she should do.
Of course the could not niairy a
traitor, she a liui. patriotic Amctlcin
girl, with her brother fighting fur de-irocracj-.
Ah. how tenlble were her
thoughts! Alice pictured the wonderful
days spent with ll.irrj. but how itiick-l-
thej' passed, and then she shuddeted
as site thought of what he had said but
a half hour ago.
That night Alice slept but little. The
next morning, about 10 o'clock. Just as
she was giving herself the last i rltlcal
i sMvey in the mirror, tne ooor ueu
I ran ir. The maid ansvvi red Ihe door
Come rlclit In. Jir narry. sue
snlil. lejlillllir bitll into the Hitting room.
1 Coining down the hall stairs Alice
heard the voice She grew pale and
trembled She bore herself to him in a
proud and scornful manner, and jet all
the while slio loved Harry Hut was
he not n traitor? Had she not htard
him with her own cars?
As she tntertd the sluing room, she
handed him the ring which hail hitherto
been her most beloved possession
"Hoie," she said coldlj "Wo must
Part." , , ,
"Hut-but" she wa ginii Mie could
not hear what he would s.i lie went
out ot the house stunned Ho was
astounded. Ho stumble d along the
Mrret. not knowing where he was going
When he was gone. Mice t-amo down
with n. tenr-.st.iincd f.ue She noticed
a small white caul on the sitting room
floor. She picked it up and read "Ihe
Kaiser's Doom." given bj the Hrovviilng
College bos. stairing her friend Harry
In the lole of the Kaiser Alice read It
over about live tunes. There was no
cMilanntion needed Sho understood.
She ran lo the- telephone and e-alled up
Harry Ho answered tho telephone and
heard Alice sav, (Jh. H.irrj-. come right
over. It was all a mistake.
7"onionoir' t'oinjiIWc Xorelettc
ix tiii: xixni ixxixa.
Things to Know
If the hems of pillow slips nre stiffen
ed with very thin starch they will look i
fiesh and crisply dainty for n long,
Powdered eliaicoal boiled with rancid I
laid Iminer.sed hi boiling water will1
sweeten It. rut the charcoal In a small
bag of stioug muslin through which il
laniiot penetrate. Sepatuta tlie sweet
from the l.imid lard .is It bolls. I
To make a sweater that has ftrctrhrfl
normal in appeatauce baste a piece of
tape Inside along the shoulder seams
i and stiuight acroas the back of the neck
Sew two other nieces at tho waist where
the pulling has stretched. Have the
tape the original size of the sweater
and lake In the fullness us j-ou go along
If one length of tape eloes not sutticlently I
sliupu the sweater at the neck use
another two or three Inches below It j
A Quiek Da-li
The- scales may be easily leuinvcd.
from a fish If you immerse! it for a
minute in boiling water Pour the water
over It verj quickly und do not allow the
llsh to le-inain in It
Thin Endy Hair
A scalp cared for by Cut Icurn usually
means thick, glossy hair. Frequent
shampoos w!ii Cutlcura Soap are ex
cellent. Precede shampoos by touches
of Cutlcura Ointment to spots ot
dandruff, and irritation ot the calp.
Nothing better for the complexion,
hair or skin. ,
Sample Eaeli Free by Mall, Ad
dress postcard: "Cutieura, Jiapt, au,
Beatoa." Sold everywhere Soap He.
OtatmM5 an JM., "
atthawTN. I
29pA i
Lrv 'i.x r -. m -- i j
P ''I '
'- A
Till- frin k i in nioiic olor jrr-ej
ami blue ceorgelle. The georgette,
wliirli loriiH the lower purl of the
skin anil tin- upper part of tin:
lioilire, is einliroiilereil ill wool
varu to match the jersey
1 llaily iiviini 1 nil: by Florence Hoe
T licr.i: is a general wave of conserva
tion evieeplng overjhe countr.v. The
gntls.i Ha ffal.ish. the blzam- have
illsappeaml The fripperies, the ilevv
dabs. the im aningless ill diess have one
b.v oneslipiied away, until each and all
h-ive gone Life Is real nnd life Is very
earnest, and the women are seeking to
-iriss it In tluir clothes. Just the same
as tliej inn showing it In their lives. No
woman wants lo strike a jarring note,
but she wants to be well dressed, be
cause tlie psychological effect of a well
dr. ssed woman Is too vital, I09 Import
ant, at this time to be lost sight of
Ilowtwr, kIip ItiMNts upon eUgaiico ami
dignity, r.itltrr than the noel mul tlio
extreme of fashion.
You will note this wave of conserva
tion e veij-vvhcrc: 111 the subdued color
ing In the likeable and wearable stjb'S,
in the Insistence upon quality lather
than elei-iiratlnn, and in the general sim
plliiiv that pievalls. Tlie make! a of
ilotlies have been verj- keen In their in
sight into what the- women would exact,
nnd have done all within their power to
plea--e That the women wero lluillng
it easier to select their clothe", was
shown verj clruily lo me during the last
A verj- close friend of mine, who, for
llu last j ear mid a half has been Con
lluuillv comii'i lining lo npe that she
could not find what she wanted in th
shops and thercfoie would not buj- anv
thhifkuevv. came to aee me and said she
wnsjjii her way to the shops, to trj to
find n new flock, which she suld she
needed hadlv- "I know it Is hopeless,"
she said She is woman who has a i
verj tlno flguie and one that requires
long lines to leally look well When
she called me up the following daj she
was fairly Jubilant "I Irled on about
twenty elicsses," she said, "and could
wear thctn all. The onlv trouble was to
select tho one- I liked best, and that was .
hard, for they wero all so good-looking"
I selectesl the frock shown lodav for I
tlie simplicity of deslKii and -the tuneful
coloring. The lower pait of the skirt,
the upper part of the bodice and the
sleeves are of mouse-colored Je-rsej The
upper part of the sklit and ihe lower
pait of the bodice aie of a beautiful
shade of bluo geoigette embroidered
111 wool j in n, which matches ihe jersey
In color.
Tho toquo has a crown of tailless
ermine, with a band aiound tho crown of
mole. Tho scarf depicts the new fashion
of the two in one sole One side Is
ermine and the other moleskin. "
(Cons rluht. IMS. bv llorence Itoae )
yI V'll
mtbi.1 n rrvij.
sMSoessoa nrfrtArcnuc ,
1422 TOalnut Street
tailored m
A Maid and Two Men
The Story of the Girl Who Wa$ Left Behind
Copvrleht, tut, tv l'ublio Lrdotr Cc.
tiii: uTiiitv Tin- rn
llolh Ron land Is toteil b.r Jnrk llond
il nil Nrolt Ua mond, :ind firomlsea to
,""rir llond. llolh men nre ilrufled, but
ii in!? eiemnted lieranse of n iihialcfl
"'"''IHlf. Scott curs to l'ranee and l
iioinideil. Kutli Inter dlsrovera that she
has made n mlatakp nnd tlmt she lovea
.srolt Itayniond. hill she determines lo
murry Hand and In make hlni a "d wUe.
"SS.11, . no,. oltMellier nnderMendlnf her
ulllluile, but rontlnved thai ahe wants
film to he llchllnic for i; i-oiinlry. noes
lo ii liospliui nd is nrrotrd upon lo
niako hlni m far sen Ire.
! A'" ",p1 Jaek came back
Not with
aTjL an
any panoply
or anjthlng of the
Kind, but simply nnd unostentatiously.
Ilutlt was home alone when he ap
peared. Her mother had gone lo a con
cert with some friends and Hobby wrh
In bed. II was late ard Until had not
been expecting any one Suddenly Ihe
doorbell rang, a long, Imperious ring,
and Until started tin nnd called out to
.Martha us she pastd the living room-,
door that she was too tlreii to see any
Then there was 11 silence, ftulh sat
In tho big chair, her head rr sting wearily
against the cushioned seat l.jlng back
Ibis vvu.v, lier tired little fara could be
seen in the full light of the lamp; there
vveie lines of ladness that serrned out of
pluco theie.
She waited and nothing happened.
Mar.liu did not pass on her way bacK
lo the kitchen, neither could lluth hear
anjthlng limt was happening at the
doer. She started up nd was about
lo cill out. when she saw soma one
standing In the doorway. well-known
llgurc It was, not too lull, and stocklly
built, nohlnd hrm was Martha, who
nubble metlert nwiiv inlo Sliace.
ttuth snr.-inc 10 her fed. ".lack" she
I almost breathed. .link, .vou'vu come
back again?"
, Then as he, ndvanetd lo the light and
she saw hlni plainly she cclahned gasp
. Iiiclv.
".lack, jou've enlistrd'"
lie nodded bru'iiuel.v, still standing
theie as though he were waiting for
lie woie the blue flannel suit of IRC
navy, and as lluth looked at hlni closely
she "noticed Ihjvv incongruously white
his strong hands looked .nidging from
tlie tight cuffs, llf com so. lit hadbeen
111. that was it.
Then she looked up anil m-t his ejea.
They wero filled with 1.11 expression she
did not understand, and she smiled
"I'm so pioud of ou ' she whispered,
coming close to lil-n and putting up slim
hands to touch ills cbevun nnd his rolled
sailor collar. He caught the slim hands
and drew them around his neck, and
she sunendered InMaiill.v He held her
closo and kissed brr. and she submitted,
even trjing to rituru bis caiesses. lbr
brain was In a turmoil. Jack a sailor!
It didn't seem possible.
lie was eager to talk, to trll her
evcrj thing, .and she listened, if not
eagerly, at least with well-as-umtd In
terest. You see. I knew limv oii felt. Itulh, ' I
i,a oMiLinieil. "I uulUnt lnvlp it 1
I Untw lliat if wcr to liolil our Imc
1 l must K.t nil ct u. aiui wi i ueciucu iu
FCC Wli.1l I t'OUK. no on inu miiu raj u
hnnn the doctor bad given me
"Oh. then he did tell jou there was
hope." o
'Yes, he raid in "be beginning that
nn operation might fix things up, but I
didn't think so much about it then."
Ituth wondcie'd why she resented this
j knowledge now, after It was all ovci
atlu JllCK llilll nutu iiiin-i-ii me- man.
In the face of the part she had played in
tlie matter, she hud not the sllghtesi
reason to feel lese-ntnieiit. Hadn't she
rejoiced over the frtrt that Jack would
not have to go? Then wliat possible light
had she to feel resentful because he had
taken tho same attitude? Tho fdet re
malned, however, that sho did.
"Hut I can't forget that you vvenl
oft without telling me. Jack j that wasn't
like jou. liven though I might have un
derstood and susiiecti'd how matters
vvcie, no one else did and everj" one
or inianu
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T mr"-'' '" ViVaW
;7llr.n"'i?.-j.'"' 1I .
talked dreatlttill.y,"
"I know jou're rieht. Ttntli ; Ii w-ns
an awful thing to do, but as things
stood then, I had to dolt. I could not
tell whether I could bo made fit or not,
nnd I did not want the tMlt about It.
uniu 1 Knew one thing or another. There
was only one reason, thoueh. that made
mo go Rvvay without saying anything to
jou about It, and that was because I
was eiuito sure before, I left that you
didn't care. Yeitir letter sent to the
hospital has given me fresh hope. I
have learned one thing about women
through ou, Uulh. and that Is' that a
man can never act ,,n wnat no 1M11I1.
tl.ey want, he must decide for himself
one way or another,"
Itutlt slipped her hand Into his In an
effort to seem happily Interested. Why
couldn't 'she fe-el different? Jack was
home, lie had explained matters, every
thing was as she hail Imagined all the
tlmo he nad been nway, and j-et she was
cold nnd unresponsive. She could not
givo 1 1 1 111 the credit that was due hlni,
bis possesslvenebs of her was moro than
she could bear. That companionship that
she had hoped might develop between
them seemed somehotv- verj- vague and
indefinite and In the future. Tho most
Important thing that she could think
of was tho fact that .lack's physical
presence as a lover anel a husband was
almost moro than she e'otild bear. Tho
slight hope that she hud entertained a
few dajs back, when she had vvondere-d
If It would be possible to tell hlni tho
ttulh, seemed Impossible to her now.
She Klmpl.v could not strlk him a blow
like that. liven If he had done what ho
had for her sake lather than for the
good of the principle, the fnet remained
that he had Mono It, nnd all tlie more
reason, If ho had done It for her. that
she prove- worthy of It and help hlni
to make good,
"And eveijthlng will remain lis it Is,
nnd the wedding will take place In two
weeks?" Jaek'sl voice was lcne with
eagerness. "If jou will foiglvo me and
understand, deal est, it means every
thing In the world to me."
"I hadn't thought of changing the
date of tho weibjlng." Until returned
quickly. "Of course, eveijthlng stands
as It is."
"And jou leally love 'me?"
Uuth swallowed tinleklj "Of e'ourse
Jack, you know I do " And then, as Ills
arms swept around her almost loughlj",
she closed her eyes and tried to imagine
herself close against the hunt of an
other man. n man who had loved bet' and
whom she had sent away
(Tomorrow .Mrs. ltowlniiil elves her
ilevva on Ihe subject of .link's enlist
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