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company, but they tin not 'know
ICompans, I'lftj-r'oil Infantry.
Tliero are many things that I couhl
RING ARTHUR'S TABLE '" 'MiMnfthZFttXShttyzjntJ?-
mixtion to the illrty Him, ko I will Just
' try to remrinlirr a few thltiRs until t
come home nnd then wl'l telf ou about
Cliarlic Hess Can't Toll Much my wuuitiiikh
C' time, cur rmritv niul rtonllon to the ulmoat
omii Nitnoui rmcrintmn
About War, litil Writes
Charlie lle"i. n former emiilcje of the
Gun Ship Company nt Chester, now with
the'coln at the frorft, lian fccii a lot
and Inil lots of nocl experiences nlnco shop
he kft the uhlpjiird, according To a let-
ty recently ueelvcil by ono of his for
nwr pals at the rtl ln llncl-tnil he
found tlmo In take In the old Kins Ar
thur C.mtle and many other historic
place, hut In Franco ll In different,
Just what he has Recti and done there
was not to be related In any correspond
ence under rcnxnrxhlp ruleo, but lleis,
did m.mace to Bet throtish-the fact that
his own l'rcneh Is mlnerv to the natives,
and t.i. it, citing tlmo Is about the only
time he can make hlmse1(uinder.stood In
that linfio I'art cf his Utfrr follows
"Having a few inlinites this Sundav
Chester Yard lHnckfiiiilhs Ilolil
Meeting in AM Languages
.Sunny Jim Club H the name of a new
tee'ety In the Chester Ship liMclfemltli
We can print the named or come
( t.HT(IHI) M,VV. olTlie l.ov of VV T
t lemon tit tho Mpnhrttit nr1 lins din
lliisul-hr.l hlni'otr n iv nritit hutler In
the .I.UrfTty ln lrle it the nhltnsril,
ttfere thp r (imiulitii tittpmil hrt Imiiiiht n
tond hlm-lt nnl tmik liinn'; alowt In hl
V(rkrt .Wit rnnrnlni- lm Hnwril up with,
so worth of nth p. rlitlon That wnn onlv I
n ptMrtrr Slncp tin n he hs nld more i
tlinn lln nil( worth 'till -.unit for not cn!h
Horn of the tin ti In the n itionrirtiuttil htm'
nil i inn ,. nn Vttinnr th"P ni.r (iorue
I". l.ckle Jnnv 1) Unllnrd, llarr A. .
Phillip ami tt.nrst Hawpr i. IttTiird h 1
fithi r I, h nlsh irinr "Heritor at the plant I
The lm hn tt $'J"i oou an his Koal In this I
lampalen and In lontktpnt of liiinnlnK that I
huh murk .
of the membors, although we would not.
altimpt to pronounce thein The men
who bae to answer to them, tin 1 Uti ,
haps, for them, too, some day, are tioL po I
certain as to Jut how tiny nlimilil in 0-1
noume them. Here Koes an wa I'nsi
ilent, Charlie KJajskli !oe presldint
.Mlko Olllsky: trustees. Ton (Joloni
hlsky. Jnth7,i Yklsexlze and It. M Ham
ilton; Imfstlpatlnfr committee, Nick In
MlekelRenke, John Miill-kl. Joe Zlnltsk,
Stanley (!rnw, Walter Sihlnirck , musi
cal dlrictor, (leuiK'i I.. 1 Iimknliiy , re'
cordliiK .mil llnanolal norelHij, Joei
liolnlt nicir inietlUKM are (.iiihiulUiI
In all lanRUtRes It sometimes happens
at these meitliTRs that the speaker Is the
1 tily one iiriscnt who understands what s '
mornlntr In tnMtf I thlnl.' 1 whcilt run riff f belniZ F.iid. ntld llo Sometimes misstp
wiumiii' 01 ueiiiK nippy me nun ills 110 j
motlMs nh.iteMr
a few lints and let ion know that I am
still ille I sure hae seen a Rood bit
of wafer and country since 1 last raw
you. Did I get seasick? Not on your
life It Is pntty nice being able to
tpend jour aeatlon abroad. Isn't If
I hae been In Iinuland and sted
am'prnl nlllps lliprn. T punnot tell nn
Ahlch ones, as It Is ncalnst orders ltM"' most irne.t in-orfriitlon.to our oran
I'l.l.lK.i: (If Ml VI,I from IN
women implois cr thr Mirtliant Milji aril
at llarrlmaii to thtr iountr anil tla err
IlltcreM ! Iiow 111 the hilnli of the lompulo
tirflc I nt "v slrl employes of the Mrr
ihaht .siiitlitilldlith I'oriioritlon ' readd ttif
tliili-'i1 In rcli pttiUfi our jilnroro loatt
In leather.
fur, silk or
fabric, the
r re
name rowr.es is a
cuarant cc of aualitv.
since 1777. Fownes
sets the standard in
style, fit and service;
for Military and Civ
ilian requirements.
At tht Principal
Th nam it
ativaya in
th4 glow.
wtia In a castle that was occupied b
KIiir Arthur and his knlphts nnd aw
Ids celebrated Ileum! Tabh nnd seeral
other IntcrestlnR thlnRi I also istted
a cathedral that was built about 800 A
D. l.nRliiml Is Mry pretty. The farms
are Intensely cultivated and there ire no
fences; all hedges
"Since comlnu to Trance I hae been
in and throtiRli several Trench eltlis,
nnd also through a good many miles' of
country. The nngllsh country was
pretty, but the Trench Is Btlll more
beautiful. They have no fences or
hedges here. The farmers nil live In
villages and go to their farms, which
nie In the country close b, each dav
Iho Trench women are all helping. In
tho fields, as do also the T.nglish women
TZvery place jou look hire In Trance
you see wheat, oats', etc. They raise a
lot of grain. .
"Wo are now situated In .1 Trench
Ullage. There are no stores hero nnd.
ef e-ourse, 110 places of amusement. Th"re
are only u few homes nnd they are all
built of stone, laid about n foot thick, A
large number of the houses are unoc
cupied and falling In ruins, m vou can
Inmi.ino the age of the place. The
women and children all wear a kind of
woolen shoo and over this they wear
handmade wooden shoes, I can n a
very fpw words In Trench, but have no
dlfllculty In making mself undirstood
when It eomes tlmo to eat
"We do not have man) Hoops at this
village We arc working with more 'pep
than ever befote The men 111 e all be
ginning to realize that It will not be ver)
long before the) will have to make u-o
of the things that we teach them and ait
putting all they have In their work Of
course, our compati) Is the best company
In all of I'nole Sam's army, we have
the best men In tht- world In It, so that'"s
the pcjsoii 1 epect every company
v would tell )ou the same thing about thtlr
lion of llu Mill'1 10 win the nr We i-oron. t
, nU" that In ntnnu nn tlieriof our prarrnt1
I and mot printing ehllratlon In In furtht r to
ine (XI in oi our itimunce uorK anil aUIMt
tlp purpojM of tin above i oritur itlini In thp
liutldliifr of slips ships and mor nhlpa ror 1
the tranprortailon of cur troup and tin i
tnalntmanr of our forci a and alt!, a at tin
'jutllefront To Ihl 1 lid Me omofral, oui '
American art
hsn produced
u rptailni
nr Imported
labile levc.
1 fneeinnnnnMnfBiMBBBnnBBiimeienep.
Walnut Street
llppo.llr V
V. ItlU-Curlton )
Specially Priced
Velvet and Velveteen Gowns
Appropriately Designed for
Street, Afternoon and Dinner Wear
The model illustrated is of a beautiful
quality velveteen, embodying all the late
style features.
Special 29-75
m iiiiiiifliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiu
Go Buy That Liberty Bond TODAY. Don't Wait To Be ASKED.
The name Ivins still stands
for better ingredients, better
flavor, better value, or in
other words:
The Ivins Better
Kind of Baking
-This Ivins "betterment" is
being maintained daily.
Evidently the consumer
appreciates it as the demand
for Ivins Cakes and Crackers
exceeds the capacity of our ovens.
Try Ivinssponge or Ivins pound
the .cakes that have home-baked
goodness all thru.
We need girls to help wrap, pack, and seal crackers to ko to our
X ,c D utuu. w4i aim oeo mi. jvuKeia t os ixorxn iiroaa street.
sk,'i"k!, . '-'?-- -" .' j j U.J -w -j . . . . .- Jr - .iL'i-ti -k , '
, rrifl
A Bright, Cheery, Well-Ventilated Place of Real
Economies The Down Stairs Store at Wanamaker'sA
Envelope Chemises
Embroidered by Hand
Thcio arc two styles. One is of nainsook that
is rather heavier than usual, yet fine, trimmed with
nanow imitation Cluny lace. 51.C0. The other is
mote cluboiatcly embioidetci! and is cut lonij and
full. 52.
(C fnlrnl)
Black Skirts
in Many Attractive Styles
, and Materials
Women who wear tegular mzc; will find s-kiits
of scigc, faille poplin, wool poj tin, wool tuffcta,
oile antl chuddah, made in atti active styles, well
tailored, with pietty ockott., button.s antl pleats
tiimminfr them. R5.75 to SlUfiO.
And for women who need laijje sizes, fiom !I1
to 36 waistbands thcio aie aKo many good styles,
made to give long linos. They sue of s-cige, poplin
and Poiict twill, priced fiom $1.75 to SlO.fiO.
Lovely hatins made in many distinctive models,
in many cases only one of a kind, priced from
$12.50 to $'J5.
To Protect the Kiddies
From Frosty Winds
Fine coats of glossy bioadcloth in navy blue,
brown and light tan ate made quite simply with
little pockets and good buttons as the only adorn
ments. They are .soft and waim, with lining antl
intcilininRS, and aie finished with small collars of
nutria. For boys and girls of 2 years to ti, the
coats aie $10.50. Coats of coiduroy aie $7.50 to
$13.50, in sizes 2 years to G.
Wide Choosing In Hats
Hats of el vet, boaer, cordutoy ami clour in
daik, light and blight colois aie tailoted or pirltily
trimmed. For gills and boys of 2 to 15. $1.2."i to $8.
(( rnll ill)
1500 New Hats
In a Bright and Glowing Array
$5 and $6
In such a gathering thcic is about eeiy kind of Winter hat
you can think of, big hats and little huts for all put poses.
Most of the hats are of velvet, some with minorcd crowns,
antl theie is no lack of pietly facings of a contiasting color.
1'ufiV of ostrich, wee clet flnweis antl chenille embroidery
give touches of light brightness anti there is onougli fur to
hhow lis that Winter is teally ptetty clo-e. All in all it is a
Wonderful Showing at $." and $("
"A Man's a Man
for A' That"
BUT His Clothes Make
a Lot of Difference!
Wnnamaker tailoring and Wanamaker all-wool
materials make a world of difference. Join these to
the economy of the Down Stairs Store for Men and
you can fice your mind of all clothing worries.
Overcoats antl suits that weio bought months
ngo would cost at least $5 more if ive could get
Two-button and three-button suits, made antl
finished faultlessly, may bo had with waistlines in
Oxfoitl mixtuirs and in plain blue or brown flan
nel. .V25 to $312.50.
Overcoats, $25 to $35
Singlc-breasletl box coats aie of the right me
dium weight. Double-breasted ulstcrettcs (sort of
town coats) and heavy ulsters hac vertical or
slanting pockets. They have belts in back and the
collars are convertible.
(Callirj. Mnrkrt)
MenVshirtsatftl.l 5
Is Fine News for
Fine news for the man who needs shirts and
wants to save. These are of madras, with colored
.stripes and .soft cuffs, and aie well cut, to fit coni
foitably. Other madras shirts with soft cuffs and woven
stripes of color or satiny luster aie special at $1.75
and $2.35.
Stiff Cuff Shirts
aie made of pcicalc at 51.65 and of striped madras
at $2.35.
Good-looking Silk Tics
Tlie.-c begin at 50c, which is very little for a
silk open-end four-in-hand tic these duys. They
aie in a splendid variety of patterns, in which any
man will find tics that suit his taste. 50c, 63c
antl S5e. (t.nllrrj, -Vlurkrt)
Winter Is Marshaling His Forces,
But Women's Coats Are Ready
c If ij I a lk I li
Handsome Coats
of Soft Materials
Though these coats are very warm, they are amazingly light in
weight due to the exriui.sitc materials of which they are made. Pom
pom, liolivta, silvcrtone, velour do lainc, smeitip cloth anil suede
velour arc some of the fabrics. They are all lined with lovely silks
and the collars are luxuriously broad and made of self-material or of
nutria, -mole, natural laccoon, blended squiircl, skunk, skunk-tljed
opossum and dyed raccoon. The colorings arc soft antl lovely, lunning
to icindecr, taupe, black, navy, brown, Pekin, chinchilla and plum.
$45, $17.50, $52.50, $55, $57.50, ifG2.no and up to $1 15
M iri . i
Coats of ihecij warmth and mug com
foit abound in the Down Staiis Stoic antl
prices ate suipii.singly low
At $25
there is a variety of models made of burella
cloth, wool velour antl cheviot coating. Some
have deep kit coney collais, otheis ate
trimmed with seal fur cloth, while others aie
trimmed only with .self-material.
Velour Coats at $29.75
am made in .seveial ways with deep fur
collar.-, or cape collars of beaver fur cloth
or bandings of mole fur cloth. They aie
warmly lined to the waist or clear to the
Wool Jersey Coats, $37.50
'lite pretty heather mixtuies are to be
had in these smait coats that ate fully
lined with silk and maikcd at this special
pi ice.
Inexpensive Coats for Young1
Trench coats of military cloth, much like
tho soltlieis', aie belted and geneiously pock
eted. $18.75.
Coats of nub coating, soft and waim, aie
Some New' Black
of wool velour, bioadcloth, pom
pom and suede cloth some with
black fur collars are $35 to
Fur cloth coats of Hudson seal
and velour tlu nortl have loll or
cape collars of laccoon or black
-kunk opossum. !f 12.50 to f75
Women's New Silk
Black, white, bronze and cordovan-color
silk stockings in a good
weight of silk at $1.00 a pair.
They have feet and tops of mci
cciizcd cotton, well leinforced.
800 Corsets
Special at $1.35
Faiily heavy white coutil
corsets for slight to average
stout figures have medium low
bust lines, long backs anil free
hip space. They are well
They feel .so snug antl warm
now that nights grow colder!
These are of snowy, white flan
nellet at $2.
Ktra sizes in flannellet gowns
in white aie $2.25 or in stripes
Taffeta Petticoats
Special at $3.85
Mostly in changeable colors,
the petticoats aie lovely with
their full coidcd and tucked
flounces edged with accoidion
pleatcd ruffles.
(( nil nil I
Voile Blouses
Frilly and Plain
At $2.25, huntheds of soft voile
blouses are trimmed with Valen
ciennes laces, imitation filet inser
tions, crocheted balls and bits of
hand-embroidery. Others oro
tiuite plain, with many tucks.
In the Little
Gray Salon
Georgette crepe is holding a jubi
lee! The blouse that is sketched
is fiom a large gioup at $5.75.
Thcic arc many models at this
price showing beadwork, braid
ing, hemstitching and tucks. Navy
blue, flesh and white arc pre
sented as well ns combinations of
navy blun-and-tan.
And at $7.50 theie arc some
lovel blouse-.
Girls Have Quite Decided
Ideas About Clothes
and just now they aie thinking about coats. Tor the little gills
of six there is a pretty curduroy coat that is warmly lined
throughout nnd trimmed with tan cloth. $0.75.
For girls up to twelve years theie are coats of broadcloth,
velour, silvertone and plush some with fur collais and their
prices nrc $10.75, $12.50 and up to $10.75.
Girls of 12 to 1G years will like a good coat of tlark blue or
maroon cheviot with big pockets and a belt. It is $10.75.
For juniors and young women there arc charming coats of
tweeds, burella, plush, coiduroy, velour and pompom at $1G.50,
?18, $25 and up to $35.
Pretty Frocks
in G to 14-year sizes aie of serge and corduroy, which means
they aie serviceable. $5.75, $7.50 and up to $12.50.
Silk frocks of green, blue or brown taffeta are in 8 to 12
ycar sizes at $10.75 and $12.50.
Junior frocks of satin, serge, velveteen nnd taffeta are in a
great many delightful styles at $15, $10.50, $18.75 and up to $35.
At $2.85 a pair, women's show
of black patent leather have black
kid tops. The soles are welted
and the heels arc curved.
Women's Shoes
At $4.90 a Pair
Black kidskin shoes in lace or
button style have medium or low
heels and welted Boles.
Gray or ivory kidskin shoes,
with turned soles and covered
heels laco quite high.
White kidskin shoes lace high
nnd have turned soles and cov
ered heels.
At $5.40 a -Pair
Women's shoes of dark tan or
black calfskin have Imitation
wing tips, welted soles and me
dium heels.
Also, dark tan or black calfskin
shoes with imitation straight tips
have high, straight heels.
At $5.75 a Pair
Three new styles are here wit)
4V. uu.1.. wllin wi.vili
The Right Kind of Shoes
for Women and Children
at Right Prices
lacings and welted soles.
Brown kidskin shoes have ivory
kid tops.
Gray kidskin shoes have fawn
cloth tops.
Gray leather shoes are soft like
Shoes for Girls
aie made of dark tan or black
calfskin, with low heels. They
lace high and have welted soles.
Dark tan calfskin shoes with
wide toes or on slender lasts are
$5.40 a pair.
Black calfskin shoes on long
slender lasts are $4.90 and $4.50
a pair.
Girls' block leather shoes on
sensible too shapes in sizes 2V&
to 7 are $4 a parr.
Children's Shoes
in black kidskin, tan kidskin and
patent leather are in sizes 2
(very small) to 2 for big girls at
$1.50 a pair to $4.25 a pair, ac
cording to sip and style,
Autumnal Suits and Dresses
Are Right Up to the Minute
65 Blue Serge Frocks
Special at $19.75
They aie in seven
diffctent models. Some
have bioad cmbioideicd
belts, otheis have skirts
a n tl sleeves trimmed
with cloth ball buttons.
Draped bodices have
sash ends edged with
bilk fringe. White satin
collars i oil charmingly.
A frock fiom this
group is sketched.
At $25, two new mod
els of wool jcisey are
in navy blue, taupe,
brown and rookie.
Neat black frocks of
serge in various models
arc $15, $10.50, $18.75
to $39.75.
Touches of white on
the collais "light frocks
of black satin or crepe
meteor that are pleas
ingly contrived. $10.50,
$18 to $12.50.
(fa w
Suits Elaborate or
Butelln suits, wool poplin suits
nnd suits of diagonal cheviot arc
in styles especially suitable for
young women,
Tweed in brown or gray tones
forms suits that are splendid for
school or, business wear. $29.75.
Suits of the Newest
Wool velour suits' distinctly for
young girls aro trimmed with
bono buttons and .five rows of
braid piping. These are in navy
blue, taupe and brown at $39.75.
Also, at $39.75, suits of silver
tone cloth for women are beauti
fully lined with flowered silk.
The Suit That Is
The short - waisted cut to the
jacket of the wool velour suit is
indeed out of the ordinary. The
band about the bottom and the
co)lar are of beaver fur cloth. $45.
Furs of a Soft
New furs of high luster and
soft silkincss have been added
to our already large assort
ment of scarfs and muffs.
D.uk blown wolf scarfs are
Black wolf ..cnifs ale $35.
Brown Alaskan wolf scarfs
are $52.50 and $58.50.
Tuupe fo scarfs aie $27.50
and $32.50.
Brown fox scarfs aro $35.
Black fox scarfs are $25,
$27.50 and $35.
Taupe cat-lynx scarfs are
$19.75 and $22.50.
Dyed black skunk scarfs are
Blended skunk scarfs are
Dog scarfs are $7.50, $18.50,
$25 and $27.50.
Japanese badger scarfs arc
$20 and $24.
Kit-coney scarfs aie $10.
Black kit-coney scarfs aro
$7.50 to $12.50.
Nutria muffs are $19.50.
Poiret fox muffs are $25.
Brown fox muffs are $30.
Silver blue fox muffs are
'l'aupe fox muffs are $29.75.
Black fox muffs are $25 and
Natural raccoon muffs are
$10.50 to $32.50.
Japanese mink muffs aro
Japanese mink muffs, pret
tily trimmed, are $30,
Dyed black skunk muffs are
Blended skunk muffs are
Hudson seal (muskrat)
muffs are $10.50 to $25.
Fur Sets
Of dyed black skunk are
Sets of brown fox are $50,
Cozy Sleeping
Garments for thev
Youngsters "4
Children of 1 to 10 years will t
kept snug and warm. W
brushed cotton sleeping1 1
Maue iiKe
'. iS
:s 4
-. ('
i "SS
9 t
i- j
tf 2 '
1 v
'M ,
. "C.1
: Vi
' 4
. 'jI
i&k: )
) . ' , Y'.
r -j6i!iHLS&J&i

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