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Scuulor Asliurst Will Make
Address and Fine Victory
Program Bo Given
KptcM Dispatch to the Ki rvlug public I.tdaer
6mp Mfmlf, M.I.. Oct. 11 The Ftasc
ha lioon ft for the otprntico hrre
tomorrow of Liberty Day. As a rcult
of tho nunrantlne the (renrral publts
will not be ndmlttrd to the bin wooelon
city, but the lads In khnkl wilt celc
brnto tho victories of tlto American
forces "atr there'1 and at the fame
time will ntlmulate ni far as po'slble
tho campaign In the Interest of the
fourth Liberty Loan, unnnrrs earning
$30 Kroi) and about J7.G0 net per
month are not nble to do mutti, nut
these lads Hre willing to buy bonds with
their mlto If It will help thn cause.
United States Senator Henry Koun-
tain Aohuret, of Arl7onn, will be the
Speaker at the patriotic excrci'ei which
wfll be held In the mornln on Liberty
Field. In addition there will be a band
concert, nn address liy Major Oeneral
Jesse Carter, the commander of the
Lafayetto dlIslon, and tho reading of
the messaBO of President 'Wilson on
tho fourth Liberty Ioiin.
An, athletic program has been ar
ranged for the afternoon. There will
be a cross-country run of three mites.
a, Rame of cage ball and a btvxln tour
nament. The gayie of cage 'ball will
be between two teams of 100 men each,
one team to bo selected from the units
of the Lafactto division and the other
from the units In tho camp nrt a part
of the division. The Lross-country run
and the boxing tournament are open, to
every man In tho camp.
The boxing tournament will be the
tne blf event of tho day Kor some
months Tommy (llbbons, brother of the
phantom Mike, has been hero as the
boxing Instructor for the War Depart
ment Commission en Training Camp Ac
tivities, and he has developed Home real
scrappers. Then, too, there urp some
lads who were well known In the world
of pugilism beffre they were selected
fqr service In the army, and they, too,
will tako part
All of tho events except the run will
bo staged on Liberty Pluld. Examina
tions are being conducted today for can
didates for appointment to the United
States military academy at West 1'olnt
All of the lads who are taking the tests
are between tho ages of eighteen, and
twenty-one. The ten who make the" best
average will be given the nppolntment,
sb the quota from each training camp
Is limited to this number The examina
tions will not be completed until Sun
day. All sections of the United States are
represented among iho lads who com
pote the dramatic club of the Slxt
thlrd Infantry, which will produce at
nn enrly date a music.il comedy which
has been written ana adapted for them
by William P. Hochester, the director
of dramatics hero for tho War Depart
ment Commission on Training Camp
Activities. It Is tho hope of Mr. Roches
ter to produce the play at the Liberty
Theatre on the first evening after the
quarantine is lifted. Mr. Rochester Is
conducting a contest for a name for
the comedy. All members of the dra
mntic club are participating and the
winner will receive a 510 gold piece as a
for, while he does not buy to resell, ho
h4 to buy os low as possible ro as to
help reduce production costs. There
fore, he Is like the wholesale buyer
nlva)s looking for chances to buy sup
plies as! cheap as possible, ronrlstent
with value.
'There Is another class of specialty
btiver, hoMtver, vhoe altitude Is quite
different to the one Just discussed. That
Is the buvers of boukr, typewriters,
household novettlis and such like from
salesman who solicit their business from
bouse to house or olllee to otllce.
'They nre u'st'nlly asked to buy some
thing which they hail not considered
buying from a ralesnmn who calls with
out previous notification and whom they
do not know.
"Tilts attitude Is one of annoyance
perhaps, nl being Interrupted, suspicion
possibly of the salesman, no receptive
ness toward buying and a general an
tagonism or apathy toward the sales
man. ' There Is no general reason why they
should give tho salesman nny more time
than the scantest courtesy demands.
There Is no preconsldered reason for
listening to the salesman ns there Is with
wholesale or retail salesmen or that
first class of specialty salesmen we men
tioned. ,
"In brief, the retail buyer Is receptive
to buying; the whf.leale and one class
of specialty buver Is semlreeeptlve and
semlantagonlstlc, while the latter class
of specialty buyer Is antogonlstlc. This
Is. In a broad, gem rat wny, of course.
".N'ext week we wllf'conslder a number
of different kinds of sales so that we
may have a rlenr understanding of these
three divisions of salesmanship."
Say, can you beat It? Don't It get
your hjnomlu' nnnnv to know what a
speck of a thing you'ro wise to when
an expert begins to hand you out dope
like this?
Ire pott woe( I'eiliinttlr Irnm the
nrck up or ioiii the nrrk itntcnt
What does this mean to t oil?
Americans Sweep
Ahead Five Miles
I oiittnued from I'nte One
to be met the Americans found that the
tlerman artillery fire was very light.
They had little dlfliculty In advancing
and found extensive use of their own
artillery unnecessary
Tires were caused by enemy shells at
Klcvllle and Chevleres.
Go the Limit on Bond
Buying, Urges President
1'renMcnt H'IImm Jim 'mm Dili
ifnfrmrnf on the fourth lAbrrtu
Loan cflmpcilfHi;
Itecent event have enhnncod,
not lessened, tint ImpoHancc
of this loan, nnd I hope that
my fellow countrymen will let
me say this to them very frankly.
Tito best thing that could happen
would be Hint the loan should not
only be fully subscribed, but very
gieatly oversubscilbed. Wo nro In
tho midst of the greatest exercise
of tho power of this country that
has ever been witnessed or fore
cast, nnd n single day of relaxation
In that rffott would be of tragical
damage alike to ourselves nnd to
tho lest of the world. Nothing has
happened which nnlies It safe or
possible In do anything hut push
our effort to the utinqst. The time
Is critical anil Hie response must he
Preparation t)ay
in Loan Drive Opened
C ontintied from 1'ase One
tlon of the city Kvery police district
will have at least twenty squads of loan
workers, who will start nt the boundary
lines and proceed along the most popu
lous streets The squads will be headed
by a town crier, and accompanied by a
Hoy Scout carrying nn Amerlcnn flag, a
member of the Home Defence Reserve
nnd a man nnd n woman solicitor Three
hundred of the squads will be accom
panied by Tour-Minute Men
T. U Woods Son & Co , C'hambersburg ,
Philadelphia National Hank: .Vntl6n.il
Silk Dyeing Companv. Wllllamspnrt :
Crnne Iron Works, C'ntasniiqu i, I'a ,
Susquehanna Silk .Mills, l.cwlstmin.
Fourth Street N'ntloual Rank, Philadel
phia: Lancastr Inni Works, Lancaster
llnrlelgh Uiookwoml t'oil ('mnp.inv,
Hnrlrlgh: Lilinnnn Steel Foundry Leb
anon: Philadelphia Munch Aetna Life
and Aitna ( usualtv and liicurniue Com;
pnny: l'uton Proiess Compinv, Sor.in-
on. Pa ! Phlladelplili Saving Fund So
ciety: Danville Iron and Stiel, Dinvllle,
Pa,: Maryland Casually Pompiny , S .1
Shinier A Sons. Milton. Pn . I..11.I11
Furnace, Mnrlettn "t'nlnti Knitting Mills,
Schuylkill llnven; .Miner' supply Coin,
pativ, SI Clair: Dohaghmore Iron and
Steel Mill, Lebanon. P.i . RPnl I'state
Title nnd Trust Company, Franklin Na
tional Rank: Franklin Insurance. Com
pany rurelRn-LsiiRiiHee Apprnl.
More than BO0.000 sptcial appeals for
subscriptions to the loan printed In for
eign languages have In en sent out
through the twenty-five inmmlttees of
tho fotelgn language division, which to
date has raised nearly Jt.OUO.OOO
The Herman-American loiimilttee bads
the other committees In both the mini
brr of subscriptions and the amount
subscribed Reports retlirmd llilx mm n
InR show subscriptions .irku gating
Italians and Poles also ban rallied
strongly to tho support of the loan, and
between them the two committee hive
returned subscriptions' tot illng more
than $1,000,000
The Hungarians, too, have hi en llhn.il
In subscriptions To date tilth com
mittee reports 1 10,000 Creclm-Slov.iks
report more than JSO.OOO
Other foreign language committees re
turn the following preliminary repents
Greeks, IBS.OOfl; Albanians Jin noil
t'kralnlans, $C0.iin0, Armenians $7 tioii
I reach, $18,000; Rumanians $71x11)
JirlH. 18000, nnd .lapamse. J 2 OHO
.More thin $100,000 has Imhi hiiIi
scrlbed by two Scandinavian residents
I tin' .h-iniafri I'rvu
Purls, Oil ii When the llelglim I
M.ii.n. Aliivo SiiiiiwiU Motor troops luoke thioiiuh the fotn.ldithle 1 1 Hli, .,.. in rlinrirn ,.f I
4flltil ,, .... , - -.' 1- . . V"'" xillll , 1,1
- - fiiifinii i if.i...u .....t ..1-.1 .1... .,.-
Horns Liberty Loan
Quota Passed
liy the I nitfil Vcm
Willi Hie AmrrlrHii First Army, Oct
IL The em my has set fire to Vou
7leres. the Important rnllway town on
tho western edftV of the Argonne for
est. Farther to the east, between the
Argomie and tho Meuse. the Franco
American advance Is continuing French
troops, co-operating with the Americans
In the Argonne, have selred the rail
way station at the western approach to
the Hrand Pre pass The Important
cut through the Argonnn massif Is
Thus In control of the Allies and the
most Important defenses In the great
forest have been wiped out.
The Americans to the eastward'havo
occupied another large section of the
Krlemhlld line.
A Story of Salesmanship by
Harold Whitehead
Jr, Whitehead u III antwtr uour butbtrat
oirrAfoiia cm bniUia, elllna, nrfirrtstno avn
rinpoiiitriif. Ask your questions clearly anil
ulve all the arts. ) our eorreet name and
full addnsi must he stoned to alt Inquiries.
Thoic uhleh are anonvuious mint be ignored
iiftteers to technical questions tt III be sent
hie-mall. Other questions Mill le ansu ered
in this column. The most Interesting yroh
tms of iuqulrers itllt be noifii Info the
ttorv of I'etcr Flint.
I'D BnTTF.U make a note of the things
.lethro Jones; told us at the salesman
ship class last Thursday.
Of course, I can't remember' all he
said, but the principal thing he said was
"Vou remember I said a few weeks
ago that there were three kinds of sales
manshipand I do net mean good, bad
and indifferent, although there Is a lot
of the latter kind so there are also
three kinds of salesmen and three kinds
of lawyers. '
"Now, as selling Is a mental opera
tion, we must look nt these various kinds
of stlllns from the mentnl angle, rather
than the phyg'cnl. In other words, we
must decide the kind of salesmanship
under which v nre operating by the
attitude of the'buyer toward the sales-
'We will now consider the mental
its attitude of the three kinds oT buvers
vhnlaala ratal! n ml TWX'lAlt V Slid wh.lt
decides the class to which they belong.
"Wholesale salesmanship is alwnys
selling goods for resale at a profit. It
matters not how many of an article are
scld, what It Is, the variety or price. If
the goods are sold for resalo at a preflt.
It Is tf wholesale profit.
"Now consider the buyer's attitude to
ward the salesman. The buyer makes
his living by buying gotds to sell again
Ills value to his business is his ability
(o buy goods that will sell quickly at a
good, profit. He Is. therefore, always on
the, lookout for goods which meet these
requirements, and that means that he" Is,
as a general rule, receptive to the sales
man's offer On tho ether hand, he has
such a steady, continual procession nt
salesmen coming to him that he can't
Blve them 'all the time they want. MaViy.
he knows, fiave goods of little valuej to
him J others waste his time over trlfl.es:
altogether he Is continually being urged
to buy.
"That tends to mafte him cautious he
Is on his guard all the time, except
with the salesman whose goods lip
knows are reliable and whom he per
sonally likes.' The combination of these
two feelings makes him willing to listen
to a new proposition, but quick to turn
down the salesman unle-s he shows
promptly that his goods are of use to
the buyer.
"Toucan readily see that In wholesale
salesmanship. Hits Is the general atti
tude of the buyer to the salesman. Ir
respective of what he .has to offer.
"The attitude of the retail buyer tow
ard the salesman Is very different, for,
as retail salesmanship Is always selling
goods to the customer for use or Con
sumption never for resale Hie cus
1 tomer who visits the store Id obviously
In a buying frame of mind He or she
a open tq suggestions to buy from the
, talesman
."Now, specialty salesmanship Is sell-Ing-
goods for wee or consumption by
solicitation outside of a store. You ob.
Mrve that wholesale and specialty sales
Maiiboth call on their customer, but
sttllude of the buyer Is different,
mi. lt la come c
"m- .. ' '.. . - i l .?-n
liy the Aiiociatrd TrcM ,
Paris. Oct 11.
The attack east of the Meuso begun
Tuesday by the French supported by the
Americans had one main result In view.
That was to restore the battle line west
of the Meuse to the place whrro It was
when the Herman began their attack
ngalnst Verdun, In 1916 This was ac
complished About 4000 prisoners were taken The
Hermans rushed up re-enforcements and
delivered rounter-attneks. These were
unsuccessful. '
At each corner the town crier, dressed
In Continental uniform, will stop and
shout a message to the people In the
foreign district these announcements
will be made In the language of the resi
dents of that particular district In
Llttlo Italy the message will be In Ital
ian. In Chinatown the irler will be Chi
nese and so on througn tho Hrt of twenty
or more nationalities In this city
Subscriptions will be taken along the
line of march bv representative of tho
liouse-to-bouse committee, h In the various
F.irller this evening, from f o'clock'
until C'30, Four-Minute Men will take
advantage of the crowds In Hie railroad
terminals and trolley stations In the
subway thev will appeal to the home-
going crowds from the ferries to Fif
teenth street
Chestnut street Olivers
Reports of subscriptions t the new
loan fium Chestnut street merchants
have so far exceeded expectations, ac
cording to n report by Hllwood II Chap
man, president of the 'Chestnut Street
Huslness Men's Association Subscrip
tions made through this association total
to date $.120,000.
This organization, ns well as the Mar
ket and Walnut Streets Huslness Men's
Associations, Is directed In the campaign
by the retail stores committee
Hundred Per Cent Mrnis
Of the following list of 100 per cent
linns with 100 or more employes reported
by tho honor roll bureau, only ten are
In this city.
Standard Steel Works, Rurnham;
William Wharton, Jr., Kaston , American
Steel nnd Wire Company, Allcntown :
Lehigh Valley Coal Company, Tread
well Knglneerlng Company. F.aston;
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia;
George V Lesslg Company, Fottsvlllc;
Silwnls Closed, lmt Tcj(licr l!u.
Public R-liool teachers nre not having
a vacation during tho period the
schools nre rlosed on arc unit of tju
lnflue,nia epidemic. Son e Inn been
assigned lei hive charge of the s( hiiol
ynrds, which havo been kept open as
playKtnund,-. and others are working for
tho Liberty I,oan
Cieiiip llninplirevs, V n Oct 11.
Major Hem ec Mayo has been appoint
ed camp adjutant, succeeding Major
John II Harris, who has held the post
since the camp was llrst established
Major Harris has been nsslgned t" one
of the new sapper regiments which
hive been oiganlred hero for enrly serv
ice overseas Major Mjjo Is the son
of Admiral Henry T Mayo, now III
command of one of America's great high
s.as tleets, nnd Is the brother of Lieu
tenant Commander Chester H Mayo,
Other c hinges In the olllee or the ramp
adjutant Include the npimlntnient or
.Malor Willis Tenle, West Point, ltle, as
senior assistant adjutant, and Majoi
Hiorge Wicks, as Junior assistant ad
jutant Roth M ijor Teale and Major
Wicks have sien wervlie with the
engineer troops In France
Camp Humphreys Is leading all nrnn
...mm., in Hip country In the amount "f
Its: I.lbeitv Loan suiiscripiiuii
i eneinv ilifitnuH and occupied thn fa-.
moils fonst of llniiihtilKt, thev round
tint Hut glint uomlid area had been
dcstroiril Not it single tree- tiiiiilnid
stunning tlnougiiout thn vast domain
llouthlilst forest elites historic nth
rioni the ninth niitiiry It i Mended
fiom DiMuude Id pres and ccivend
200 eqtiu, mtiis Throughout the en
tire legion uttir desolation prevails,
the churn d slumps of ireeM extending
foi miles ovei the blackened liilidMiipe-
Scliuilkill llunl Hit
ittsilile, Ph., Oct II The Influenza
rpldiiiile In Sfhuylklli Count v Is growing
woise There are 1700 rases In Potts
vllle while 2l"i per rent of the population
of .MtiiiiKvllle four miles distant. Is
stricken and twentv-foui deaths have
ne cum d there In the last twenty-four
hours with the ai rival of flesh medical
aid from this and adjoining States lellef
Is evpeeted but the situation Is entirely
lievniiel tho ineellial facilities of the
count! vvilli a huge poll Ion of the doc
tors In the mini and with phvslclans
slit. I., ii wltii Hi,, m ilacH
sionnl Companies Ut'tnilcd
lo Spt'cd Up Munitions
night's totals showed that $140,000 woith f
of bonds have b' en bought so far by of-,
('snip Olx, Oil II
Willi ihe sending of large details ofl
men for teyipoinry ilntv as munition)
workers nnd in other rapacities at mu-l
nil Ion mid loading plants In onlei that
tin work of shipping munitions to their
comrades who are lighting over there
ninv lie lushed announcement Is nnele
that several olllcers fiom l)lx have been
transferred temporarily to the Atlantic
leading Company's dant nt Ilninmon
ton N .1 to riininiand provisional nun j
panles that are being organised The
following eilllrirs ute nsuied I
Captain C II McN'eese Hleviulh
Hattnllon Captain M I. Hall Third I
Hattnllon Captain 1. o Hell and Cap
tain W I llelllwell Fifth llittallon '
Captain .1 l.vtle and Captain II
Meieilltli LingsiniT Sixth Hattallon.
Captain Lawrence Potter Rlglith Rat ,
tallon. Captain K " Walker S'lnlh.
Hattnllon . Captain I L C.irdwell. 'Ihlr I
tee nth Il.iitallnu, and Captain C C
Bland SKtv third PI .neers , l'lrst Lieu-1
tenants 1 S Kenning nnd C It Acton
Flist llatlalliiu. I'rnest Hammond nnd
M P I.vou, Third Hattnllon, Raymnnil
Vandervvnlker. Fourth Hattnllon, .1 S
Young Seventh Hattnllon. A T Thor
sen Te nth Hattallon W W llriinkmnn
Twelfth Hattallon. It F Parkins, Thir
teenth H ittallon and W A Waters, Fit
ire nt li Hattallon
Main I me llcxpilal Opened
linn VUwr, Pa.. Oct 1 1 'I he Main
Line HiinrKctiey Hospital, upon which
won, was be Kim on Sund ly was opened
vsterdiiv when twenty patients were
te, hod Willi ample facilities for their
fleers and nun In lamp. i. , "' 'epidenili will he occupants of Its rooms
than the next highest lamps pureliiscs ,n ,,,,, Heeatise of the link of pro
and $tC,ono in excess of tho iUuta The fession il nurses a number of hocletv
loan is still going strong j women fiom the various Main Line
Congressman Albeit Johnson, tetcntlv towns who have eiualltled as nurses'
pommlMiloiiid a captain In the ihcmlc.il aides nre attending the sick
w.itfare service was taken ill toeiiy wiui, r : -rr-
Intliien? i and Is a pMlenl lit the 1 1 ise , fflM,Un M
lmsnii.il Private (I De Allagioff. foi-
meily of the Me tiopolltan Hrand Open.
Company, New Yoil. cltv. with the same
disease is also a patient
Ininiedlatelv after de training beienfterl
the new draft contingents cross the con
,.e .ni.i fiom the detraining point
...le- il... receiving station ft mil which!
they will emerge onh a few hours later
fullv ecpilppcd soldiers The portable
buildings near the fifth regimental ex
change, which have been In cotuse of
constiiietlnn unlv a few days, will be
United Hats
Sold From Coast to Coast
Wife of Chinese Minister Succumbs to
Washington, let 11. Mrs Welling
ton Koo. wife of the Chinese minister,
died yesterday of pneumonia which fnl
lowed an attack of influenza. She had
been 111 about a week.
Mrs. Koo'B body will bo sent to China
for burial.
Mrs. Koo was the daughter of Tons
Shao Yl, former Prime Minister of
China. Sho came to Washington li De
cember, 1915, when Doctor Koo arrived
an minister. Besides her husband, she
is survived by. one child, born at the
legation nere.
a fortnightly for people
thinking ahead.
In the eurrent iuut:
We were unprepired for war, shall
we be unprepired for peace ?
yfu ts
By Qtotci Moon
700 Fine Wool Worsted Suits
Specially Priced
For Quick Selling
The West Philadelphia Title & Trust Co.
Lancaster Ave. and 40th St.
Will he open from S A. M. to 9 I. M.
A Lcjral Holiday
To rcifivo Subscriptions nnd Payments on the
tniiiiiri UHiiiiiniinnii win ni niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiii m
Liberty Loan
iiiumi ni'i'i mmh ii Hiiiiini nn iii"iiiHiiiii!iuiii iiuuiinii nun mi mm
to You
Velour Hats
Genuine American Made
$5.00 to $7.50
Soft Hats
$2.50, $3 & $3.50
Fall and Winter Caps
United Hat Stores
1217 Market St.
Buy Liberty Bonds
OUGHT from a New
York manufacturer so
that we can sell them at
price, though there are
regularly $35, $40 and even
$45 suits among them.
A wonderful story ofvalite
but too long to tell here.
We will let the suits do it for
us when you see them tomor
row. '
William H. Wanamaker
1217-19 Chestnut St.
When you buy, look for articles
that are a known quantity
that need no explanation. '
In hats this means
You are the judge of style but
it's our business to know quality.
We study hats from every angle
and we know that the man who
wears a Stetson makes no mistake.
He practices real economy because
Stetson hats give the maximum
.of service, combined with style that
retains- its expressiveness to the
last the quality holds it there.
The condition of our force is
this there are many new
absentees daily, and as yet
but few of the operators previ
ously affected have been able
to return to duty. The force
is smaller than at any pre
vious stage of the epidemic.
The situation continues so criti
cal that there is necessary, on .
the part of both the Public and
this Company, a strict observ
ance of the order of the Director
of Public Health and Charities
requiring the denial of service
when telephones are observed
to be used for the making of
unessential calls.
L. H. K1NNARD, Vice-President and General Manager
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