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Riw '
't -
, -- i-
r spraB
-v ' .
'i, J. "
rrific Offensive on Three
' fronts Declared Only
t.v,r -rossu)ie ncsponse
Ev" ,
' jyM.Ai sikahMjI-u nm
?4-f.'. . ,, .. v ..
; ,-itinpie Linvcs -urenimg iwv
tjTSalicnts in Which to Trap
$$.. Enemy Hordes
r iff -
r UA Speck Co6e to Ei em'rip PufV .rper
'A' Ccpirliot-il (ft. I'M A rw Vor rfm '
Pnrl, Oi-t. 11
Ptl lndoriM thorotiRhly tlio reply
whlcli Fcch cae to tlie Iwwhc cry for
?h ' tin armistice by rcMimltiR lil terrific
L' offenshe on no fewer than three dlf-
'int loMnra nf the h.lttlcfrtint. An
r I n-, until tifmiuu
JL J-Parlif. Hecs It. thin is the only pniun j .nHslMt .xpntinllonH nre lli.it I.u.len.
Hi wpo"" ' 'h1 absuril rteitiinti iippenl. ilnilT Ih a inlMinei nf his own material
M' nd there la not n man or woman In Jrfro lmil virtually tin ln.i artillery to
flL ....I ..... ... . i,i n.iiitmrrii. Iil retreat lint tlie liermnns
this country hut In thorotiRlily con
Tlnced of Kneh'H calm rtldrrRard of the
MOTf squel.
'One of the niot notahle featurts of
the situation here I the Implicit con-
' Jldenee the French people have, not only
th.t.Foch, hut nlso that Wilson, will do
tho rlM thlnK
Th latest developmints or ' " " "
plan are excltlnR universal ndinlrallon
among experts here. It is already .vl-
" ' ' ,, , , , ,.,
dent that the Allied cnnmia.idei In the
new offensive Is t- emplov uonslsteiit
repetition of his prcvlouslv overwhelm-
, , . , ... .,.,,, ,i, f.
Ingly successful method Hrlelli. the or
fenslves beuun on Tuesdav mornlnK aim
it ih creation and development of two
new .alients cuttlns d.ep Into the
German main positions Uu-1. of the
u .. h -
twefpr Gouraud-s offensive In the
Champagne and I.lsKett s on the right
bank of the Meu-e. above Vndun, may
be retarded for all partial purposes as
one co-ordlnatcd atack-has a double
object. The ansElo-Amerlcati drive he-
tween Cambral and St Qtietitln, tho
j.,. Mtta,.k into the liennui lines,
will threaten more and more the safety
-. .. ...u.i i.ir,. nr,rih ntui
01 un .,. ... ,.
soutn 01 iuie, aim ui me saint- nun war i piritnent tin achlivetiHtits
ccmpromUe hi huge inilral bastion )) .l In a sunmat.v of nrltlsh
1 Iloal Sir l-on communiques Just rt -
Burroun,dlng I.aon celved lv the liepartment
., , Among Americans who felled one en
Two Pn-ltliuis Mrnnfnl , my ,,anc, ,w,rr, Lieutenants F A
Gouraud's and l.lggotfs operations I)lon, Pittsburgh, i: W. Springs. 1,-in-
w . 1 1 m .. ., . ,, caatir. Pa, and W It Knox, Princeton,
between Uaon anil Metz must prnvo - j
equally threatening to the Lion bastion
on the left and to the Metz and Hrlcy
bastion on the right Hoth offensives
re fresh examples of efforts toward
"envelopment and encirclement which
have already provu! enormously sue-
cessful as means of reducing enemy po-
r ' - -...- w ...
-l t MVVIAnaKT.. 4n ....I . . ... !,. U.. .11. .. .I.........!
BItlons too powerfiill elorendiil to be
1 y, ....taw.a i 1t.-t1u1.ii, mi in tiiic-i-t 11111iL.11
",, attack except at a fearful cost nf lives.
' 7" The progress of these new offensives
irtt should be ch.rly watched in view of the
b t .i. n.rti iituii uii- hk inu-i iiicvii.-iuiy
,T bring nbout a (lermnn refeat on their
. , -H !, .nn.l.A ,!... l t.-.n. l-T-
-- ki4, uuKiii-,it- niifc iii i-1 tin-,. i ne
. Hlndenburs line Is now a thing of tin
St (for all practical i rioes Snon-
r later, n things are now going
the (venhans will be haclvon this last
i-i., line In French terrltnr.v. which lnav be
jjf.T. sketched roughly as running from I.HIe
15 - through Valenciennes and Mezlcres to
According to reports received here,
the enemy Is already feverishly en- ,
Kared in strengthening this line
The British, advancing soiithast of
.Cambral. nre now taking revenge for
the grueling the) suffered at Cateau.
liandrecles and Contry during their Im
mortal fighting in .he retreat from
HonB In August, l'Jit. ...mihk tne tlrst
German onslaught of the war Kvery
fitep the Allied troops are now taking in
this sector Is bringing them nearer to
the centuries-old battlegrounds which
are symbolized In tlie French mind hv
the muelc of "Smbir .-. .neuse."' per
hapa the most famous and Inspiring s -I-dlers"
march next to the JIarsell!ale
In the whole world
The strategic objectim or Couraud
and Uggett. apirt from the threat to
Metz and Ioan, appears to be to se
cure the historic Trouee de Stenav. north
of Verdun, the timid pa-wage through
the oen country which has always been
regarded, mllltarllv i-ptaklng. as the
natural doorway for the Herman In
lader of France and vice versa. It irn
to block this doorway against the (Jer
mans that Metz and Verdun became tho
BTeat fortresses they are
llrllllunt l'. . Mrtilie
The operations of I.'ggctfs Americans
on the right bank of the Meuse am the
natural corollary to their brilliant ml
vanCA a. week or two ,..,i n the rlpln
ri ?banV. Further progress down the right
J bank of the river, ns I cabled a weel
ro, was more or less risky while the
, (jermans etiu were atue to cnniaeie the
American positions by means of the
' niRGi.ui ,,,iu ,tu,,,vi "un u,.,,i'irn i,ii -j
i ..-vera able to use on the other side of
l'V 'Jhe river. Yesterday's operations re-
-,, suttea in tne uermans neing nriven out
s1g .,of all their positions on the eastern bank
fJV of tne river, anu carrieei our line to
t4 eyond Consenynve which lies about
a dozen miles elown the river north of
' "Verdun. The Americans are now well
astride of the river and steadily ad-
try( vancing.
c j i The opinion Is gaining ground her
tAf 'that Ludendorff hus already waited too
' i-x lone oerore railing ouck aiong jne wnoic
; VV present battlefront, and that any da)
s, ' may now snow u is no longer jnssi
' 'bin for him to avoid a disaster worse
'.'i than anvthlng his troons have so far
f.'jf euffered. Iudendorft evidentlv has not
- had the tourage to follow the example
'- v-f Tfr- -fter Ch.irlt.rnl .Toffre did
" -r ""-""- . ". . -------- ---
S e not Hesitate to DreaK on comoai ami
'"V fall back right to the Marne where he
Over-size and over
strength it a built-in
feature of Acme con
struction, measuring a
decided increase in
operating economy
an increase that is
1--2 3i, 4 Tons
Immediate Delivery
.IPPINcott Motor Co.
Market St.
In inmittnml of Aincrirun I'ir-t
Armj Corps in in lion ulniig llie
tonk up fr-nh positions and awaltrrt the
lierinnii 'ihh.iuK
nre already brtwein the ie II ami the
deep se.i If thev decide on a ceneral
retreat to I.llle-Mezletcs line thev must
abandon an enormous quantity of ma-
terlal which Is now moie precious to
them than ever before. In view of the
- '
(t tint th Allies have c.iptuied dtirinir
'ho list three months at least a iuar-
If ,y t(,mn,n ,n lI(,fpml tIlo(r B1lnH
i the tlernnns are cnurtlnc a tu w- Kfilan,
which miv Invnhc the cuttlns on and
surrender of humlwds of thousands of
' nien In an) case, their losses must be
friKh,fuI , ,,. , ,,, ,,ut
Jcllloil An example of what thev are
suff. rlnir Is s.en In the fact tint at one
point mi the Itrlllsh front two fresh
,u,u , n,i , i,,,,,!!,.
,,m,,,,t,.,i i a f,, ,ni1Uites It Is he-
Ilevid litre that unles he etiloys mon
unusual roo.I luck I.udenilnrff Is now I Socialist-. stelnK that they weic
f!"'in c"'""''11 '"r I Rrttln a Mimrn upper hold, ohj.cted
' - isttonclv and Von IllnUe's fate was
U. 0. f LIChO Dttll 14 FUL iLfllltO I Mennwhlle (Icrm.in hopes have risen
- 'somewhat with regard to the outcome
Iwn I 0lllivlvillliiltl Art'ittllit for.of the (Jovermuenfs ,n tlon. HioukIi the
l)o Mnrhim- K.,,-1, 'riK'-rr.S!:
;, ,,,, ;t)ciatrd 'revs mid American new .p ipeiv A niimbel
v u-lilnclnn, net II Fourteen en-1 of tnurnals think that thev peicelve a
!'"n airpian. s anil Hirer . neniv lnl-
linn) u t rt. lirnllirhl ilnr, ti l.v AHiuplonn
nvlalors ..pniilng with the Ilrlllsh
ion en irom ugusl "J., to September S.
(,.,, Htmoumeil list night by the
HrJtioh M;lrlial Warilllv Con
or-itnl ltpel In- Mmrirrli
.r.iiui.iicu nj Ainn.irLii
By the Aiiocintcd I'rcn
i ii ii ii ii ii, I'll, ii i iit- iiiii; nils -iiii
.... ........
ihuIhii, (let 11 The King has sent
jj, following niCS-.tge to I- loll MaiSlial
an ..S'Vi'ir ,mm. n.l ...w.rf.ily
Th? lraKii.nrPiit HtH.inro nf thn
suiMintteil liv our viner'ean cninHuiet
nnd opposed by n retreating but stub-
,.... .... ....... I., ...I.
defen-es which human Ingenuity and
Mrength e niltl ill i i-e. tills me with ad-
. I nhi ll ... ." - i- . .,,,-i i.'v ...,, ,,.,-
miration, pride and gratitude
from mv h.art cmgratulat. ou anil all
the r,mk.s"
immiion. inne aim Kr.uiiuin-
Topcoats Dress Coats Ulsterettes Great Coats
Teuton Autocrat Pictured as Receiving Fatal Sword Thrust of
Socialism and Democracy Snpgr.it Submitting to
' Wilson's Demands
Special Cable In 1V1 ening Public Ledger
t'twvrlalit. Illf. iu " " "'" "
Am-itrriUm, Del 11.
"1'ruMln as Hlate In rteuil, hut In the
earnest hour c PrusalanK band our
MlveH toKether, anil, utatiillnit erect ntirt
with lli?nlt, we receive the fatal Kworil
thruxt from Koclallsin and democracy.
ITUhkIii will exist no more, or. at leant,
only as a gcoKraphlcal expresHlon. The
work of all our famous men, from l'rcil
erlch thn (lre.it to William II. lies In
ruins. Krom the throne of the KlngH of
Prumla tho Jewels ha bcecn ripped
out "
Such Is the dlrtje which tho highly
lOnservatlxe Kieur.7.eltutm Intones over
the event of thu last few days 'rhouuh,
as It transpires, the I'.in-tlirnmiis put
un IUlte a delet mined HKlil lasi weei;
in the Innei nnlltlenl cltele III Heilln
they were lompletely nerw lulrned h
th-' weight and niimher of their oppo-
ncntx and the welfilit of hostile opinion
In nee the Kreiizi ituiiK'M feais
I It was from naval ipiattirs, so I learn,
I (mt thu slimmest opposition came to
tnp pew' (iovernment and to the new
i mne which was atmotinied to the world
IlllHf nil"ll n nun""
i saturil.iv' Von Tlrpitz appealed per
sonallv to the Kaiser to wall a lllllo
loneer before taklnif a slip which the
prand .iflinltal fullv ndmllled would be
irrevnonhle. and he was supported by
Von 1 lev iK "11111111, I he inch Pali-Herman,
whom one paper has smerliiRly ddbbed
"the uncrowned Klnc of Prussia on the
nllred list "
V. mi "lllltre (lltsled
The K,iier tiled h ird to Keep Von
lllnlze his neisnnal favorite and a man
after tlm luart of the Pan-Hit man, and
i ',. . ,.. .,.,. iv .i eeibt! but eventually
tendency abroad to leRartl tlie govern
. .... . -n- .. r-nMn...... ..r
. ,.,. n,. rimnn in th. f.,HiWl.,ii,r
' heart as genuine and the peace offer as
The tierllner Tngihl.itt takes heart
f i om tlie more measured speech of many
b'ntente Journals and from the feet
that even M lltrve is btgltiulng to
regard the Inner change In flermany ns
real While It does not luilld loo hope
fully on tlio" signs, it is gratified that
tin t e are Indications "that Germany's
going ovei to pirll.imentary govern
ment at last Is beginning lo win her
that foreign s.vmp.ithv which she has
- long In en denlid All the more neces
sary Is It. therefore, to carry through
'this change with energy and without
' hesitation "
There Is Intel e-tlnir evlil, nee. Inn lli.it
i --
11. nniiunM i.l. n .. v rr . .1 .. .... ... n .1 I . I ..
iui",,.,iMr .m.ui-, ,111- iii,r,iii j ink
I their attitude toward the govei ntnent's
iictlnn. anil an comlnf: rnuml to tho
l'- ,h!" '"mav N so l.I.iced that a
! i"rti-t- hhi.,- i- iiii.iiuii.iiiif
; The liusxcldorft Nachrlehten. which
1..... ..It... ..!.., I...... ..11. .1.. tl - -.
un- in,--i ii'ihuuh- , un un- iuiiinc hi.
I Kriipn dedans thai there is in, getting
. i" m .1 j -.l.illl I Hi- mil l l,t l il l-l-l'l Hit I ll-l" III.
PreMdent VII--oirs program as a basis
vleldid to the foe.' and that nnv other
i mieipr- t.ition of the nt.le to the "nlted
away from the fact that acceptance of
ARM, double -backed Irish
friezes; luxurious Yorkshire fab
rics of long-fibred wool, smooth
faced vicunas, meltons and chev
iotsknee length and
single breasteds and
belted and unbelted backs velvet collars,
storm collars and chin-chin collars
For dress, for street wear or for the motor
car, you will find the right coat here.
$30, $35, $40, $45 up to $75
Yours for the Fourth Liberty Loan
Stales "would merely be self-deception
which could only last till tho answer
arrives "
The w tiler nf this remarkable leading
article cnnfissis lo gnashing of teeth
ntui a stricken henrt when he thlnki
nf the peace move, but he says, that the
general situation dleliitod the netlon
taken and that situation thn article
ascribes largl to (lermnny's allies.
"Ilulg.irlii and Turkey, It snys, "have
been a hundnd limes more trouble
some than useful In us." nnd the view-
Is expressed that Germany would have
In en In a much better position today
nnd the war would have been long over
ir liithniatin-IIollweg hnd not lilt on
that 'adventurous Ide i of Btlcklng dag
gers In the Ilrltlsli heart tin the Suez
canal for which he needed an alliance
with ISulgaila" The paper concludes-
"I'lidefiateil, unbroken, but In our
danger left at one and In be delivered
up to the overwhelming superiority of
our fees In i mn-t filrhtful hist llfe-and.
bieath light wo have dltcited our re
nin st for p ace to Wilson. The German
people have to the utmost limits stood
up agaln-M tin whole world If they
now submit to the tnim.v. It Is cer
talnly not liee.mse they have lost their
nerve or tlulr i outage Germany dlei
for the allies "
The latter sentence will hardly be
til. as, i nl reading for Field .Marshal von
llindenhurg, for the Krupp organ thus
hurls bark at til til a barbed paraphrase
of the stateim lit he made in a lucent
Inlet view. Those who beenmo Knglnnd.'a
allies die nf it '
The Voiw.it its continues to l. verv
hopeful of the sin i ess of the German
Government's mnvt "If Finnic Insists
on not negotiating with an enemy wlr.
Is on I'll in Ii Hull," It declares In an
eilltorl il note Is low Paris comments
thill Wiison s with might come Into
ilTtct, and Germ my might evacuate the'
occupied loginns nf Krance before the
opening of pom i nt gotlatlous We have.
tlictefori, to ml, 'ii Willi tli.it possibll- ,
ity." i
Would Bro.ik itli Austria and
Settle (lun Afl'iiit-i
ll the Associated Vevt
ltin.fl, Hi I II llmpeieir Charles of
Austria will so n Issuo a proclamation
.haling with Hi. light or llie illiren nt
nation.- of tin empire to direct tlulr1
own futuiis at i oiiling to Vienna ad
vicis to the Krankfiirt Ze tung j
'llie Ptsti-Hirl.ip. of Iludapest, snvt'1
thai Hun' 'irv Is -.eeklng natle.nal life
hub pHtiilent of ustrla and deslies lo
Insure the mtegiilv of her terrltnr.v,
sutne -i'. nini i .mil have tho right to
sottlo her own Internal affairs That
Journal claims the tight fm Hangar,
to be npitsenltd at the peace i r nfi r
t m e bv a sp'slal deli gate and suggests
i "mint Albeit Apponyl
i'mnli Alnn-iitnor to Attrml (.jnlinal
(Jiblioni's AnnivcrMiry
Pari-. i)it 11 Mimslgnnr ll.iiidrlll.irl,
reelor o& the r.itholle Institute. Paris,
Monslgnnr .Itilleg. Ulshnp of Arras .
Father (.liillmant and Captain Dutnlt.
prnfiesor nt the Catholic llnlverslt) nt
I. llie. are going to tin- I'nlted States to
partlclpite In the celebration on October
in of c.itdln.il (ilhbotis'B llflleth until
veri-.'irv nf his eoimeeiatlon as a hibnn
' '- I- - - -- --- - -
' Chun I. "f Fiance Monsign-ir liaud-
for several wel.s and speak In home
of tin thief cities timing his stay
Tlifv will irpiexent the Cathnhi
ankle length coats
double breasteds
Whitney Wnrren Tliinkn Walls of
Kdifico Will Stand
Special Cable to Li enlnp Public Ledger
Vniurtvht, lilt, by .Vein Voifc r.iiiri t a.
I'arls. Oct. 11 .Vow that lthelms Is
probably forever out of range of German
flic, there Is widespread concern te
smiling the condition of the old oil V. It
Is vlrtunlly leveled to tho ground I saw
the -MariittlK de Pollgnao hurrying to
Hhelms Ills Is one of tho largest wine
(ellaTa there, and he was uncertain of
the extent of the damage The Germans
were very near the cellars hut have not
enter?d them slnco 1011, French soldiers
have been occupying them, however, and
it hi said, have drawn on tlie wine sup
p'ls llhernlly.
The Marquis said that the Cntlieilr.it
was, so hadlv damagid tint Imipullate
wnrl; was required to prevent the' vviiIIb
fmm failing .
When I asked Whltnev Warren, the
New Votli nrL'liltect, as to this con
tingency, he said he felt confident Hint
the walls would stmld Thev are much
heavier than thoso of Nolle I lame in
Par Mr. Warren said that the Var
caso" of the Cathedral was virtually In
tact, hut. of course. It ,is a rarest
j Men and Young Men Save i
ti $5 to $8 Here 1
it By Dealing Direct
Come ! See Us
Our bijr factory is a revelation.
Here you see our big force of
tailors and designers actually
''4nlr-l-m 4 It r rtlv It s -Ban laa
iiitiiviii inu
You'll soon
kcan sell
Tlieio are many clothing concerns adver
tising as mamifacturits, because they
Know II s a good way to Impress you that
vou can Imv their ilnthes fur less money
l!e Ininnsltlve don't even take our word
for it Come here and sib tut make tlio
lIoIIhw vie sell you 111 our blc el.-ivllelit
faetotv Kven If
t-ie how goad clothes aio made.
Wc offer the most advanced models in all the latest material"!
and woolens from the master looms of the country tailored
to perfection by our own designers and tailors.
Custom I ailoring Department i
Our Custom Department tcill build you a unit or overcoat
to uour perfect saliufdction for $2(1 to $32 JO.
B3lie -111 rtW-dA BD VVJV I
$ lagj . W&fc&BSnZs
, 3523013 1 11,1. I . .VI.
j3fci.-0?Ci: I'lJHCllASlNtJ AUli.NTB'
ikf L A iiir
CopjritlitUU i.B.Slm.tbtiiiiOc.
OCTOBER 11, .1918
Plan Making Extremely Rapid
Progress in Dual Monarchy,
Says Report
Ixintlon, Oct. 11.
'A movement favoilng n pioclama
tfon Herniating Hungary and Austrln
Is making oxttcmely rapid pi ogress
ntnong the public In the Uunl Monnr
cliy, according to nil Kxchango Tele
graph dispatch from Zurich.
Count Theodore ISatthynnyl, former
minister In tho llungnrlnn cabinet,
peaking, nt Budapest, cmpliaslr.eil the
urgency of In Inglng about n eeparatlon
between Hungary nnd Austria.
H Is lcportcil from Vienna that the
Atistiu-Hungnriati ministerial council
h m ileclded to Introdtteo national au
: jcD?frirnfnis:Es5aa5!znai
With Manufacturers
a CWllV (Tlftf liao ff
C XJWL lOineS 7'
it .
n i
i;iuiuu yuu uuy.
realize why we
vou don't buy comu and
1 1 i
tl! XMIMlOrS
JT-- JC1' VTI 1
3lld2Nni FLOOR I
,111, ,u) .... m 6
.. I "l. !' p?lt i" " tl"n,mBrVJ U
mn wiim ii
iliw 111 I
w II
. '-
t 'M,
l M
,. "
ft '
tonomy "in order to make President
Wilson's stipulation tan accomplished
fact," savM un nxchnnErn Teleci-nnh
dispatch ft om Copenhagen. The Czech
(tin not take pail In thu dellbera
tho advices add.
Czech newspaper declare that nrena
rations arc under vvnv for thn rnifiilnr
Vorklng of a futuro Czech Htnte, nnd
icicnuc.it statements am being pjih-
nniii-ii ii-Kitiuing inn jugo Biavs.
Telegrams fiom Vnrn.uv iiniiniineril
that u proclamation Is about to ho Is-j
sued for tho union of all Polish tetrl-'
Aiivi.nTisKMi.Nr i Aiivi.iiTi-sr.MrM
it. l -5aKJ4SZ,KA.fflrtt.i3ir
?rrvb'. r wtnimiaTtitA-m2ls'
Tomorrow the city honors tho memory of tho riiscovo'c of tho
new woihl, nnd incidentally all those btnvc men who followed in hia
footsteps. While the, continent was won for civilizntion nt what
seemed tremendous Hist cost, todny the debt to humanity is being
repaid in more than full, and tho true value of those early sacrifices ii
fchovyn in the tcsults. The Chestnut Street Shops nnd their irunran-
teed Roods will stand the same ncid
should never bo measured by fust
II . - -- ......
ii nnd. ns n nrominnnt mpmhnr nf Mm
"?yffc "Vn'uo.is Ui what you put
vf them not what you pay, W.
value means satisfaction."
np1IKRK can he no doubt that
I men aic very foolish nnd fool-
naray about not donninc ovc"-
cuius un
I yet they ate reallv morn siiBenntltiio
lilt SOrcro VvnjlThne nmi'm
' 1. c.0,(1 n,,(1 Pneumonin than women
I they object to heavy-wciRht coats!
they should piocuic itnittod clmvint
i overcoats at JIacDonald & Camp
I bell's, 133.1-30 Chestnut Street, this
firm having been the fust in Phila
delphia to see the possibilities of the
i cloth and to intioduee it to the pub
lic. The stylish coats made of this
all-wool knitted fabric, which closely
I simulates fine cheviot cloth, are soft.
I clastic, almost weightless, nnd of
I surprising warmth. Thev come in
smait Oxford grays and Heather
.mixtures, nnd aio pniticulnrly ap
propriate for this time of year, when
' the mercury plays tag up nnd down
, the thermometer.
RAPES in nil ages have been
renowned in history, fable and
niwlrv. Tbn.. .,.. ..11 ..
i ' 2 ! '---- -HII--J iuu us om us
,t civilized man, and have followed him
A i from place to place throughout tho
A world.. The best type of grape.'how--)
over, is of European oiigin, nnd is
V now Biown extensively in California,
J I ?,ndJl,?t ns extensively hold at Ilcnty
nn. Hallowell & Son's. Broad below
i Cliestnut Street Nobody who has
inu-i utoii mcir tine Ulnck Moroc
' . , - . . . .w -w V lUI'V,. VilVJ-
second is flame colored, with a heavv
bloom and bitrh fl.ivnr. nmi thn iv,t.-'.i
is a .luscious white, ri ape of Spanish
?.r,,J,n- , S,(, y dc with these are
c.'1C0'-f "i Niagaras from our
!!lster State' of Delnware.
TNT0 "Very piece of Chinese till
A story j,,,,,., fr0 t, calccss
eyp behind a veil of Oriental svm-
olism. fcach netal of tho lotm; idno.
, som, each of tho drnRons' claws, tho
carp, all have significance, and
thoiiKh to the uninitiated they stand
only for heauty, none can fail to
i enjoy the chatmine; collection of Chi
nese lamps at Bailey, Hanks & Rid
dle Co. It was a novel idea to utilize
I delicate Chinese glazed porcelain
, vases, or statuettes for the bases cf
the lamps, anil to obtain them the
American Chinese quarters were ran
Mickcd, all direct importations from
the hast havinir ceased. The pre
vailinsr motives of ench lamp are car
ried out in the quaint shaped silk
shades, rich with embroidery,
through which the soul of China
shinej forth.
WHAT would Ruskin think if
ho could associate with a
i . . .." "' cur it was no
who plaintively wiote: "Vou brine:
up your Rirls as if they weie meant
for sideboard ornaments; and then
complain of their frivolity." Between
Universities and Business Colleges
the sideboard has been well shorn of
its "ornaments," nnd as for frivolity
drop in Banks Business College,
' 925 Chestnut Street, and see how
much survives. Girls havo no time
now for play, and this school is
equipping them, through efficient
courses, and as rnpidly as possible,
for business fields. The cry for
women woikers continues unabated,
und salaries ate steadily rising. This
is woman's opportunity! IJon't wait:
start a business courso at once nnd
prepare for that position awaiting
HAPPY, indeed, is the woman
who has an infant, for they
are not, as was cynically said,
(he earthly idols that hold us from
the stnrs, but the very stars of our
existence. Without them the world
would be a. dtenry place, and with
out the "Baby Department" of the
II. U. Dougherty Co., 1W Chestnut
Street, tho little ones would lack a
host of things for their comfort.
Every kind of furniture and bedding
' for their personal use is there to
tempt fond parents, especially tho
. wicker bassinettes on Dutch wheels.
which mny bo i oiled about, but not
locked, this disti action being forbid
den the mo.dern bnbe. One had been
t-immed to order with an exquisite
blue silk nnd point d'esprft net, nnd
when shown me I saw in imagination
an adorable little head nestling on
the pillow,
I REALLY think I have found one
article of apparel to which "con
( servntion" has not yet been ap
plied. The height of shoes has been
regulated by Government orders;
dresses are narrower nnd, like other
things, seem still to be soaring, but
I women's stockingB, I believe, remain
full length, though who can guess
when we mny be required to don
sock length! Fearing this, and
knowing positively that the country's
stock of full-fashioned ladies' hoslerv
is nearly exhausted, the wise will
hasten to B. F. Dewccs, 1122 Chest
nut Street, and lay in a supply. They
have a good assortment of two ex
cellent .makes of silk stockings in
i Mack, and colors; also cotton nnd
ijlile hosiery, ana tne vory new buk
ami woa ritiuea snort Bioctungs, in
j, ..-, ...,., 0 .,,,,, iUi,i,K;lS Wm CVC..
,-iik. nrnt'e nmi ni..i . .,,
w lorget tliem. The first, a larire. dull
i pur.pi.' ?-,rnn?.,s Imost as handsome
, m-o ui uiiriii iifii (iiinso initn vr
pw ww oiacK-an.
torlcs into a Polish State.
The Congress of Mcminn AEsocIa
tlona In Austria, ndvilci s deceived here
say, have icsolved to-fivor tho crea
tion of ti Get man State In Austria.
Amitrrilnm, "Oct 11- 'The future of
Austria-Hungary Is summed up by a
latge nolo of Intctrugatlon," sajs the
Fratilifort .pitting In mi article uirtct-
Ins attention to tlio serious situation
In tho dual monarch) which It eaya
stands at the ctoss-roads.
test of time. Things worth whilo
costs, but by thrii future value,
-wu..f ..V ,.J l Al(kt(tV Villi
Ptintnnf Qfii AoC.nn;i:A ..-ti..
into clothes, but wlint you Ket out
what you're repaid tfiat kind of
5zbvmJs gfrcVrV
THOUGH so mnny of our fiuirs
arc of foreign parentage home
ntc indigenous to this conti
nent, the guavn among them. In
Florida it is cultivated in gardens,
and found in a semi-naturalized cqn
dition, nnd while sometimes eaten as
it fruit, is more highly valued as a
jelly. E. Bradfotd Clatko, 1520
Chestnut Street, has rcqeived tho
1918 pack of lich Guava Jelly; made
in St. Augustine, from the finest lipo
fruits, and put ftp in small cylindric
glass jars with wide openings, easy
of access, or easy to turn out whole
as a moid. It is as delicious as ever,
served alone o wijh cream chcone,
and Claike is lucky in still being
supplied by his habitual picsctver,
who, "with characteristic Latin cor
diality, signs his business letters to
him: "Your seventy-six- ear-old
friend, E. H. Vcronee."
THE word "regulation" ii ono
with which wo aio on intimate
terms. It is applied to . ome
thing new rach lime we hear it, hut
when uted in reference to unifo ms
for men in Uncle Sam's service it
means but two thing..: what ti mako
nnd how to make it. Jacob Reed's
Sons, 1421-21! Chestnut Sticet, the
oldest military outfitting house in
America, have a militaiy depaitment
where Regulation Uniforms are de
signed and made by expert military
designers and tailors!, whoso t aining
lias been entirely along tn"sc lines.
As a result the Reed's Unifoims are
absolutely authentic in their adher
ence to Government lcquiiements,
and have a distinctly military effect,
something impossible of realization
by civilian tailors ' who havo tem
porarily taken up this lino of wo-k.
WHAT docs waterfall velvet
suggest to vou? Something
rippling, soft and (ipa-kl'mr?
That is exactly what i is. and tho
house coats of it- intended to wear
to Ineakfast or about tho hone, arn
something now. They aio made in
the prevailing shoit - wahte.l style,
with wing sleeves ending in tassels,
and come in many shades, a rich,
fur-tiimmed maize being the pretti
est. It was at Bonwit and Toller's
Individual Lingerie Shop that I saw
them, and marvelous hand-decorated
silk velvet house gowns. These fol
low classic lines, and are painted in
the color effects of quaint 'old Chi
nese lacquers, with daik back
grounds; gay Japanese Kakimonas;
Venetian cathedral murals, with
splashes of gold? and Klcrentino
friezes, nnd aio quite tho most ex
otic things out this season.
I HAVE been given to understand
by domestically inclined men
"Never in her varied sphere
Is womtn to the heart more dear
Thau when her homely task she
By "homely task" I am sure they
meant cooking, so. laJic3, make it as
atti active ns nossible by serving in
Pyrex transparent dishes bought at
the House Furnishing Store of J.
Franklin Miller, 1012 Chestnut
St'cet. Pyrex is ono of the most
astonishing achievements in glass
ware. Anything can be baked in the
dishes with absolute certainty of
their never broking, and thev nre
icady for immediate use on tho table.
Hicy save about half tho fun!
usually required: th'ey savo foods by r
ictaining all their flavor, as less ex
pensive kinds may Le bought; and
they save labor.
C-tOME hither, girls! I am filled
with sights so great I must
shme the pMasttro with others.
I havo been looking nt libbons, not
only plain ribbons, but ribbons such
as you nover gazed upon ojsewheio,
except in vanishing dreams, Theso at
George Allen's, 121 1 Chestnut Street,
will not vanish unless someone buys
them before yo-t-i do. nnd that is al
ways to be feared. You will find the ,
long cdunter right by the door, and
n snlcndid assortment of ribbons nf
nil prices, widths nnd colors arranged
uy suaitps, one oionuing lpto the
other. The sash 'widths in brocaded
or tinsel effects ure especially gor
geous, nnd mako stunning vestees or
bags; while the lingerie libbons, par
ticularly "Lady Fair," nn oxclusivo
two-tono satin libbon of orchid tints,
are lebukes to careless "Deborahs."
a par1:
A a
PARTMENT houses nfe spring
ing up iiko musnrooms, anil
in those where tho ' roomd
are diminutive many music lovers
nnvo ucen deprived of the joy nnd
solace of n pinno, not knowing that
N. Stetson & Co., 1111 Chestnut
Street, sell Steinway Upright Pianos,
especially constructed for apart
ments, which fit into empty niches
nnd givo tho finishing touch to tho
room. They are most attractive In
appearance; have full range; nnd in
touch, action, tone quality and height
of tho keyboard are the game as
Steinway Grnnds. As musjc hnth
powor to sootho the snvage beast, co
these pianos sootho savage janitors,
for, the keyboard, notion and logs
being detachable from tho case,, tjio-
jiiuno, nmy im iiiivau ovur narrow
tolJ4:WSkklWlJ ton-way.
".$ '

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