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fJmmmWmmmmWKXmmmSmWmmmOrJU. tir
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...la.. .'Zte'Xif ririr.An-t-n'ftwigaaiaH.
1 1 il'rti na-r
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i-V.- r A AlAAmafH H
" MMo
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':-? 1r "J
ing With the Joke About
the Card Party and Ending With a New State of
Affairs Drought on by War
IBY say there Is Fometlilng In
n's friendship for man that re
one of the faithfulness of a
And nKiilnst this they nny a
n eat.not trust n woman.
a woman trust n woman?
can't help thinking of that olil
of ours. Each one wonted to
the Inst to Irnvo the carJ party. I
e never heard men even Joke nbotit
tins to bo the last out In order to
D the eosMn that so often snaps
the heels of the one departing. At.d
this cioe-n t answer the riurstlon,
he trouble Is in this trusting liu-l-j
we are JtirltrlnT men nnd women
different standards. Men have
ed their rrnutntlon for loyalty I
n men through the blr thlncs
life. Women have coined their
Mftie for disloyalty nmonir women
t ' through the little things.
-J ".''or Instance, a. mat. Is called upon J
, ' t stick to a friend who has failed In t
ft a) business. He does nnd the world i
'hf,W' "There's n man for you." A I
r,.irnan is caned upon to retrain from i
'?" .BMRing rcmarKs noout ner neignnors
?. f tttir hat. And she doesn't. And the
7.U I.... ft .1 .U. .1 -. A . JM It..
' "MWrld says "There's a woman for you."
'Ifti-W ..... ... ...
"' ."Jj If the woman's next-dooi nelKh-
.- '' tf were desperately 111 Instead of
' ,'i yat having a new hat, the woman
would rush It., roll up her sleeves.
Please Tell Me What to Do
Try a Little Judicious Petting
fur CrtuhlA t hop rvi will t!l m
;i 10 uo. My pirnnff. neiiim sin or
t I mwfillly Jenlrt'ia of tnv nth lrl.
iwin. who it iiiifcatA n'i ortfn pick
can't hlp pettlnir bT. lut the othr
Jftlous. Whnl nn T 'li?
,. - iiifioi'iixiinii M'rriii;ii
" f t think I would pet both little ilaiigh-
Li t, but not enough to spoil the well one.
.' CJi you not talk to the strong one rnd
. ; M her Interested In raving her Mxter's
' MU-ength and helping her. nnd mil; nlso
,' t (hslck one. explaining ttvit sse must
' i careful not to rouse her sister's
? J Jenlousy. I think I would try kindness
, , ffl gentleness only, unless your little
' f BH"I snows a malicious Jealousy, In that
v- , there should ho punishment, but
'V- Wh,hment of a wlo nrturc. not the
t Wd to bring on stubbornness.
Wints to Make Up Quarrel
. t)sr Cynthia I nn a clrl of fourteen
ryMLrm of (re umI linv eom- to oj for ml
1W. I hsd ben colnir wl'h r lrl nlMiut
J ij, tkjtm.r iro nnd we cot rroan nt ench other
, ! Sor a trifle mattor. Thl w.i obout n
I & e nnd we still see men. other null
zflren. Thin ulrl lia tnlil Mends ef mine
ffJi. . 'II would like lo mflhn en with me nnd 1
.-. ! With her. IMenn tell m. whet lo do
IS ' ., 'sji I have not the iierv to bo ii to Iit on
. i'iR utrert nnd nulc her to forne me.
:r1.'fhall I enll her up on the telephone or
.-, wtite her a note?
' . ," ' ahouM write her n nnl" would j-ou
' -'ao tell mo how to ttord I'?
J?L Aft seems It would be better to write a
'.wP note In this case. I'honlng might
it i rather abrupt nfter a quarrel. You
I., aMrht say something on this order:
- -. Mr tenr .
".My dear
,i i t
am so unhappy about our quarrel
want bo mucn to no irienus ngain.
1 1 you xorgive me lor my prrt In It
And come over to see me Just as
I as you can. I miss vou so mueh nnd
i& ,HJnt to be friends with all my hesrt.
?A?. " Tjvlnr?li
n "'
Write to Her anil F.p!ain
TeTe6tear CrnthKi I nm a t'nlteil States ma-
irr. r- j.w .,","'j pimi'.iHi. ki i,-,-i i, in, urn i
.!j weian is., poumla. I nm twenty-ninm I
' u Today's Inquiries
1 Dtp-rrlhA it utrrh'H cme thut rati be built
r for Hallonrrn.
v 9 What U tho n tit it m A rotnmp lteromlns
r .?.," to xlrl ulth dirk hnlr?
.Till What In oeriri blur?
i J4. What nre mrron Bluer?
A feurcrM a vtar o( flxlnc ui tiie turret for
; ,- mall boj-f.
" X . C Haw ran puprr tilpn br of une In the
W y oewlnc room?
m-i .. z : r.- .
Kfe'' -' lurpentine and Ammonia
wfji 'Y Editor of WomaVa Pooe:
, tS- f i, i Vir Madam Will 0U Ulndlv ndvlse me
,;. mmw lo remove green paint irom a etripen
j. . SJfUillu. SIIK wbiik il one iN'en lion" lur
J,. .1. We a while. (Mrs.) U C M.
M .," ". j.,V5 Stains that are not fresh and yet have
'& 'aJt entirely hardened can be softened
moistening them with ammonia nnd
nming tnem with a little turpentine.
I the' waist up for fifteen or twenty
.uies or soaK it for several nours it
rv and then wash It with warm
er and soap and hang It out In the
Fj mm iv tviilv.u uic lui icniiic uuui
.V,T '. "t.
' 4 Change It to Indian Costume
(iilillk Editor o tromaa'a Pane:
t" 'ser Madam will ou Kinuir Kive m
r tiw advlra In reirard to a Halloween ma
le? I have a ery pretty harem eo.tume.
you not thin that under preaeni eon-
na it wouia lie inappropri tie to wear
an ouini7 'lease lei me Know wnai
of ahoej should ! worn and how the
rear should bo flxed. la It nruuer to
iCVSt 'Yr n,r kln1 "W' w" a "Liberty"
Jp' answer In the Evksiso rt'Stte
j im i . .. vf .vi.uBy, ,. in un,,,v ,u, u.v
IZS ve your reply ov mat time.
. UttAlbtUli ItAIW.31
i' Under the circumstances It does seem
pproprlate to wear a harem costume.
ky don t you change It to an liisl
lian costume? The long bloomers are
rn bv Indian women and the whole
turn. Is verv much the same, excent
' the head dress. This should be worn
sund the head and the end thrown
the left shoulder, Instead of being
over tne face. It is about tnree
long snd a yard and a half wide.
hair should be allowed to hang
rn the back In a nlalt. The walst-
t or bolero Is worn by East Indian
nen. ana a sash or the same size as
l head dress Is wound round the waist
allowed to hang down over the
omers. You could make a very at-
live costume of this. The best kind
Uppers to wear would be bedroom
pers or aanaais. iou mignt wear
lt slippers without heels under brown
Ncings ana men cut a pair or soles
of pasteboard and tie them on with
iwn ribbon criss-crossed to look like
Hdais. Banana are also the proper
oe' to wear with a "Liberty cos-
rc. and you might arrange white
i in tnis same way, but white satin
et alloners or dancing sllnners with
heels will do Just as well. Liberty
ner exiri so long mat tne reel
ely show. I hone vou will he utile
bx up some attractive costumes.
arh Poodle Hn Found a Home
all the lovers of dogs who have
1 fcr Mrs. X. W.'s noodle; The
has found a home. Mrs. M. W.
me up to thank all th readers
i column who have been so kind
. offering to take her net and to let
'know that some one came for the
: and took him sway to a good, com-
Bie nome. i Know many win be
elnted not to have the little
but nerhaos later on some one
wilt have a dog to give away and
ociess nome can d supplied.
Tfcli Branch Not Open Now
BdUor of Womao't Page;
ar Vnaam I am a dally reader of your
i aaM must any i enjoy reauing ii very
many oiners nava onne. i, too,
to vou for helD. Cmn vou tell
can enlist In the naval auxiliary
. .to annlrT I am elahteen vian
'it course, hav rea-tstereu. I like
1 viryimucn anu nil appreriate any
l an tat awvven. w. n.
vtJ awUttery 1 an
Wanting to Be the Last to Leave
net tlilngn to rights nnil stay up all
nlslit with her,
Arut ns for the man. If his friend
Just'liad n funny-lnokln? new hat In
stead of havlns none broke In busi
ness why. hol never notice It.
There we have the secret. The hu
man binln must be occupied with so
many thlnjjs. Jinn's, out lit the world
uhcro bl events no nn, has bo-n
filled with these and there is 'Just
simply no place for the petty Jarjron.
Not tnnt nc Isn t capable of pettiness
but rr.vlronment hns Kimnlv tuned
hl l hromlcr Interests.
'"'.l '" ' '.'" """ n" mnn csenpeB
"ll" '". ""n "lien tne rompliments
"" ra"ncss are bouir mound. It Is
'"e ' reason.
ifTHtttHU Is no sex In real honor. It
JL Is n Brand big thing oii are apt to
find or apt not to Mnd In nny man
or worn in. Woman rie gloriously to
It when .irlveraliv mtu .lnm. inin n,
untried depths of her chsraftrr. To
date she hns t ot had so manv rhanres
to rise. Hut wntcli her with her
c'mnce now War doen'l ned to rip
the pettv out of lier llf' It brings
In bI- thln"s to do nnd the petty Just
naf'iillv iM-iippe:": crowded out just
as it hns alwnvs been crowded out of
the life of a man.
Can a woman be trusted? Try her
on the big things und sec!
nnjmer I made the nmunlnlnnce of n IKlle
iin'k-etefi rlrl leiween sixteen nnd neenteen
Jinra i.f nm. llh whom t fell deeply In
love, nnd kno ahe never anpeeled anr
neli thlni t met her parents. nd her
rother axnie.l t take a llklne to me, nnd
I wns ity hninv and eomepted there, al,
'noiuh I F.m it southern Imv and thought I
never eould mtke meelf enntenled unjnhere
lint home. Well, ns time v,nt nn I took
Mils llttli. Jadv nut lo irlo'i idioe nn,
ri thouxhl she n I, ornlliT to like me
ry p-ikIi. inn th'oiKli her lett.ra I And
h" nn'v .on '.liter nn ns n fr'nd. She
r it" me manv I iii.rs v f-'endlv ones
jm' after ni.f.vrrtlr-1 tir rnl tflllnt her I
TiHfil pit I efnfel lo ansvrr nhy more he-e.iu-e
she fitisr lntelv Itrnnred tnv ronfeelon
n' life. Il litters enntin'teil to eome and
InMif npcerret' them thoinrlt I w.i very
Ph rsr.l t, rieelve them
Tor the last two months 1 have reerlved
no word nnd 1 think she la wnurv, for whleh
I ennnnt lilntne hrr Mow I etpett to sail
Vn.r there" and would like to make
amends heriuse I know I wna In the wrona
Wnt would Jotl ndISe me to lo?
Was I vironir In not atiswerlnv her mall?
I Know I sha'l never meet another nln
tthnm I low eo d.'arly na this little dark,
eyrd Blrl of tho North.
Try writing to her again. Tell her
that you love her mid that ns she Insists
on ignorng tnnt rnct In her letters you
theucht It best not to write, but Hint vou
cae so much ou do not want to hall
witnout stoic word from her. I think
you would do well to write to her f.ither
nml tell him of yoUr love for his daugh
ter, iiie Kin may no sny nntl not Know
her own mind. Her father might be nble
lo help you. Ilest luck. Dig Marine!
tlod bo with you.
Service Plnn for Relatives '
.w,'.C,n,h,", "m wearlPB n servlee pin
with three stars on It. Ti are for mv
hrothers and one for a very dear friend.
MY rhum am! I hn.e l...t . lu.v nr nn...
She ar It la not proper for me to wiar
this Din. while I think It l ltrfeetl all
"Chi .MI.-.-S ATI..VTIf CITY
.,.,"u ftrp 1'.oth " ,,!i r'"''1 n''d hoth a
little wrong In this; ou should wear the
stars for relntlves only. y()ur ,,n r,nottl(l
hae two stars for your brothers In the
sen Ice and If the friend is your fli-nce,
tlte man you intend to marry, jou should
., - , ....... ... ,. .nr m ,,nii- j
-i . .' "" ""' ' ,,e ' only a
irienu, no matter how dear n friend, th
iy furlousli thia"star should not bB norn for him.
Saltircla)' Answers
I. The lineterlelngy rotifse for sertlre of
Monien In hos'iltal lahor.ilorlra In the
runl.mment. fe.lilrr fruln alt weeks
la sit mouths,
: A ',r7'J-a'"W"iler letter U a note of
?."".' '"'lu-eehillon for hospitality rr
hL .'' '." "", ''""e. H Is dlreeted lo
tne hostess utnl Is usually written It
nome.11 """" '" M'!U, ot """" "
S. Hot flannels for use In the nlrk room
ean lie wrung ant nltliout Imniln- Hie
hands hy ii,tuC fnrk ttni ,,
t. Cltnniird erfen peppera milled to (he oya-
hT.T J.1.1"t 'rfore seriln- rile new
niiTDr to it,
S. In rolling ilnusti In (lour, nut Hie flonr
n ..i!" n.,'.,rF.p "'e tin anil none Is lost,
o. mis of left-over salmon run he ullllied
by imtklnc Into cream of salmon soup.
to the naval reserve force, which has
been matin a p.irt of the regular nnvy,
I'-n'Istments nre not open for this now,
the only branches of the service now re
cruiting being thr marines, merchant
marine, nrvnl aviation and tile tank
corps. If you go to n recruiting oinco
you can (Ina.out Imw to enlist.
Two Letter- About Stamp Code
To thr r.iUtor o ll'omnii't Prior:
Dear Madam Will you kindly tell m
the menhlnc of the atimp ende on letters?
(Mlsa) 11. M. II.
To ihr Editor of ll'nntnn'a 'one-
Dear Madam Will you please publish In
vnur nlUithle roluinn the mrnnlnu of the
dirterenl ways atamrs nre paatrd on en
clopea and tho meaning of one paated on
the bark In the middle nnd alantlnit on a
letter that I recehed? i
As these two letters nsk the name
question I nm nnswerlng them both to
gether. I cannot tell the meaning of
the way "A Dally Header's" letter was
smmpea, ror no mennlng is nttnehed to
the stamping of a letter on the back of
the envelope. The meanings are ns fol
lows :
In the upper right-hand corner, at a
Blight angle, "I expect an Immediate
N In the upper right-hand corner, at an
angle of forty-live degrees, "I nm pro
voked at your lohg silence.'1
In the upper right-hand corner, up
side down, ''Vou nre very crUel."
Placed one-half Inch from the upper
right-hand edge, "Kxpect mo tonight,"
In the VPPer. left-hand corner, "De.
careful how you reply to this."
In the lower right-hand corner, "Be
ware ! Father has caught on."
Tearing the stamp In hair and placing
each half with a slight space between
In the upper right-hand corner, "Our
friendship is nt an end."
Arranged In the same way In the up
per left-hand corner, "You have broken
my heart."
Using two one-cent stamps Instead of
one two-cent stamp has a certain sig
nificance, and I suppose the meaning Is
the same now, using three one-cent
stamps Instead of one three-cent stamp.
Placing them alongside one another
In the upper right-hand corner, "My love
for you has doubled."
Placed In the same way In the upper
left-hand corner, "Vou have a rival."
Placed one above the other, "I will call
to ma vou tonleht."
Using two stamps where only one U
necessary, -aiy love lor you stops at
Using two stamps reversed, "I am
thinking of you -with Joy,"
D Cell the Five
To the Editor ot Womnn' Pobc.'
Dear Madam A beta 11 III that the fol
lowing expreaalon la not correct, vhlla II
maintains that It la correct!
"It a aha."
The above waa uaed with th senaa that
"It waa ah who called on tha telephone."
Will you kindly reply aa to who la rlaht?
cortroitAi, m.
'It la she" la correct. The verb "to
be," of which Is or waa Is a part, takes
the nominative case after as well as be-
The Mntchmnking Monkey
By Grace Scott
Bin-TV HAM.KQUIN uttered a little
cry of childish delight. A circus
had come to town. She stood before
the big. gaudy poster for a long time
studying (he ludicrous features of the
clowns Then, with a lingering glance,
she went on her way to the olllcc. Hetty
loed clrcusts. livery time they came
to town she n sure (o go. Uven now
she held her bfeftlh when the beautiful
painted ladles walked the light rope or
perched on tiptoe on the big white' stal
lions. When she reached home that night
she told her family, which consisted ot
an nliler sister and her mother, the
wonderful news. The elder sister laugh
ed nt her sister's childishness, but the
little mother only smiled knowingly nnd
said sin- might go If sho were homo
tnrly. Bitty promised, and was soon
seated In thn c.ir on the way to the cir
cus. Already the tent was nblnzo with
lights and the brass band waa sending
forth Its welcome lo the people She
took lit r place nt the end of the long
line nt the ticket booth and chatted
with some small ho. Svnn she was In
the big tent, untohlng with eager eyes
the sltiiils In tho rlrig. She laughed
nicrrllv at the clowns and clapped wild
ly at tho strong man. After a while
site Witlkid down by th animal cages
and was enjoying lurself hugely When
sudd, nly the long arm of a. monkey shot
out lutween the b.irs of his cage nnd
gr.ispid firmly the crown ot Iletfy's best
hat. She g.ie a little cry of mingled
pain a fid Irfiof and tried In vain to
iwcncli heisil' fru. It was then that
it till llguiL' lit khaki cattle tu her ris
otto nnd wlllt a little difficulty managed
to i?ct Inr fne, but the monkey had
iMllvd the clown from the rim of the
lint. left'lfig only the rim on her head,
lie bounded away In his cage with
the crown and the (lowers, and plucked
at tut in in mgii glue lietty s nair nau
ucclved a vlgurous pull, and clasping
her hands to her tortured head she
gared nt her rescuer, the tujl Boldler.
M'liM, ..-., n. .'.. Inn, U. ., , 1,-lhM In
iimi juuiiA inmin iklv nun ,,iiif
Milu to keep sober, and at length lietty
laughed, too; "Oh, 1 say," cried the
Mildier, when his mirth had subsided,
"that was a shame'"
'li es. my Poor hat ! mourned Betty,
gazing ruefully at the remains of a
once pretty lint, "Whatever shall I
wear homer Then, Just because they
were both louni.'. they laUKhed merrily.
and continued lo see the animals. Over
buttered popcorn and hot peanuts,
washed down with pink lemonade, they
. mute rricmiiy. aim it was luiau
before Betty ii.tllzed It.
'Uh, rtenr, 1 mu't hurry home. It Is
quite laic." Tiny palled at the car sla-
t on. nnd all t he young soul er Knew
about his charming companion was that
her name was IJetty. That young lady
had discovered that his name was
Stephen Sloe for I'hort Snd boarded
the car nnd Kept her face turned
toward the w.li.'ow, tor her chteks
were burning with the consciousness
that she had no hat on her tousled
curly hair. Her mother was awnko
when she reached home, nnd Hetty i-at
by her side nnd told her of the even
ing's Adventure, nnd the little mother
shook her head over her daughter's
esc.ipade. "My dear, you had better
run nlong to bed now," she said, When
Betty's narrative had ended. "Oh, I
forgot to tell ou. dear," slid added,
"that l.mm.i called up nnd wants you
to go tlown to her camp by the sea
son o tomorrow afternoon and stay Sun
day Vou may go if ou want to, dearie,
for tho change will do you good."
"Oh, Mumsle," cried the delighted
Betty, "you nre the dearest little moth
er In tho world." Then, with a fond
good-night kiss, she went to bed. ,
Tho next morning she rose early and
packed her grip. As she carefully laid
her pretty bathing Milt In, her cheeks
glowed with pleasant anticipation of the
fun in the wnter. wnen sne reacneu mo
catnti she found her dear friend. liiiima
Worthlnglon, walling for her. In thor
cozy dining room overlooking the sea a
table was set for four. "Why, l.mma,"
asked liettv. "wlin else Is tn be here?
"Well." replied l.mma, "my old
friends, tne Burtons, nre home on a rur
lunch anil I Iniited them over"
"Who are the Burtons?" asked Betty,
Inlet estedlv.
"Two delightful young men that have
had n summer camp heie for four years.
One Is a pallor nnd the other Is a soldier
In the training school. They nre very
nice chillis nnd I know you will like
them "
At this news Betty hastened to her
room lo change her dress nnd to smooth
her hnlr. When she ncnln entered the
dining room tho young men had arrived.
She gave a little cry of surprise, for tho
soldier boy. was her knight of tho
ccnlng before. "Oh. I nm glad to see
you again," she cried, and told her
friend nbotit the mischievous monkey.
That was the beginning ot n short but
verv pleasant holiday, and when Steve
nnd Betty parted agnln he had her
promise to write In him. She kept that
promlre, nnd when he again came home
for it short visit before leaving for
Franco he askid hrr to go to the park
for a walk. Betty knew by thei twinkle
In his nice blue ejes Hint he hnd some
thing up his Mecvc nntl m she consented
to go, They reached Ihe too and paused
by the Inonkejs" cage. Steve glanced
nround to see If they were alone nnd
then toot. Betty's hnntl In his. t'tllrlle, I
don't Just know how to say It, but you
know what I'm dilvlng at. Will you?"
And there, with the match-making
monkeys for witnesses. Bclty promised
that she would be waiting for him when
her .soldier boy cdme home again.
roworrote's Complete Novelette
Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding
Ten qtiarj of tullfc or five quarts
tiifffc nnd ;irc quarts water.
One "nil onr.gtidrtrr pounds rAoco-
Tico ounce salt.
Tiro nurirfa- or tlx pounds light tlrup.
One pound cornstarch.
Twenty epgs.
Three tablespoonfulit vanilla,
Heat nine quarts of milk In n dou
ble boiler to the boiling point, add the
melted chocolate, ndd the salt and sirup,
add the cornstarch mixed with one
quart of cold milk. Cook for twenty
minutes; stir to prevent lumping. Add
the slightly beaten eggs and cook for
five minutes ; stir to prevent lumping.
Add tho vanilla. Serve with light or
heavy cream.
(a) The eggs may be omitted and corn
starch Increased to one and one-half
(b) The eggs may be separated and
the yolks added In place of the whole
egg and the whites beaten stiff and
added with the vanilla. This gives a
lighter pudding.
Caramel Tapioca
OHf-qiiarfrr cupful of pearl tapioca or
One and a half tabletpoonfuls of gran
ulated tapioca.
Two cupfitla of acahled milk.
Two eon.
One-third cupful of tugar.
One-quarter teatpoonful of salt,
One-halt teasnoonful of iwin.IIa.
Soak the tapioca one hour In cold
water, drain, add to the milk, and cook
In a double-boiler until transparent. Add
two tablespoonfuls of sugar to the milk
and put the remainder tn a saucepan
and melt to a syrup of light brown
color. Add this gradually to first mix
ture. As soon as the BUgar Is melted,
add the mixture gradually to the egg
yolk slightly beaten. Return to double
boiler and cook until It thickens. Ile
move from range and add egg whites
beaten stiff and vanilla. Pour Into a
cold, wet mold and chill.
. 1 LaF,
All dnwwlrti 1 Boap X, Olatau
Monkej fur at ttic flceves and edg
ing the ovcrykirl at this black vel
vet frock is most effective
A Dally Faihlon Talk by Florence Rose
IT MAY be that, because monkey, fur
resembles fringe, the French dress-
mnkers saw splendid opportunities In
this fur ns n means of trimming the
rtress-R and suits for this senson. It
Utile matters what was the fundamental
reason for the use of monkey; tho fact
rema'ns thai It hns been used and Is
used extensively on the garments for
fall nnd winter,
Personally I have never been a great
admirer of this fur. The only nppenl
Ihg feature to me has been the beautiful,
Jet black, glossy appearance of the sur
face of this peltry. I will hnve to admit,
however, that It looks fnr more attrac
tive cut In fringes, ns the des'gners nre
now using It, than tho chpe.s, stoles nnd
muffs of monkey fur seemed to me so
many years ago, when It was In fasn
ion. There seem to be no restrictions ns
to the- kind of 'color of mnterlal that
may be decorated with monkey fringe,
for there arc models In nil the fnsh
lonabla shades of the various materials
decorated with this fur. But the most
attractive models thnt I have thus far
seen ate Ihnsc- of black velvet or black
satin. Possibly It Is the sheen of these
two materials that blends with the
monkey which makes It so pleasing.
The model shown today Illustrates not
only one of. the newest models from
Paris, but also the combination of black
Velvet nnd monkey fur. The design
Is ery simple, but the luxury of the
material places this seml-dlnner dress
among the regal garments of the sea
son. The monkey trims the douhle tunic,
which extends only ncross the front
nnd sides, ending under the panel nt the
center back Tho three-nuarter-length
sleeve Is also finished with the fur.
The hat Is of black velvet, with a
hrlm fac'ng of white satin, over which
hangs the fringe of monkey fur.
(Copyright, IMS, by Florence Rote)
With a Purse
THI.HE Is one disadvantage about
clothes that nre "boughten," ns they
say In (he country. Invnrlnbly there
Is some feature which Is not quite
right, and consequently the entire gar
ment Is uncomfortable. Particularly Is
this Iruo of bath robes. A sleeve top
short, a cord which brings the wnlst-
llne too low or too high, and all the
comfort nnd pleasure which one ought
by nil the Inws of nnture and natures
gods lo get out of them vanishes. One
Ingenious shopkeeper who makes i
thoughtful study of the needs of hi;
patrons Is displaying hath robn h'nnk-
ets soft, woolly, snugly affairs, In nt
tfnctlve patterns of blue nnd while,
pink nnd white, or grny nnd white. They
are JUst ready to be cut Into the right
robe with ft perfect fit. nnd can be
bought complete, Including the cord, for
If you have reached the point where
every available Jar. bottle nnd glass
In your house has been mUBtered Into
the "preserve service," nnd you still
hnve nn overflow, so to speak, of Jelly
and jam,, then you will be glad lo hear
that good thick Jelly glasses with metal
tops can be bought, three for ten cents.
An outlay of only Jl then would give
you thirty recruits.
If milady of the skillful fingers, who
makes her own or her friends' knitting
bags, prefers long, straight handles to
hoops or rings, she can purchase metal
rods with round colored ends In blue,
green, or old rose, or wooden hnra with
grnceful shaped ends, enameled In pink
or blue. The former are priced at fifty
cents, while the latter may be secured
for thirty cents.
For the names of shops where ar
ticles mentioned In "Adventures With
a Purse" can be purchased, address
Kditor of Woman's Page, ICVfcNlKo
PUiiuc Lr.noBn, or phon the
Woman's Department, Walnut, 3000.
Every Soldier
in France
Needs the most dependable dusting
powder for vermin bites, itch, poison,
galls, burns, after shaving, otc. Ser-
feant R. Sheetz, Neullly Hospital,
'ranee, sayi every soldier should
have a few cans of Bigmolitie. tht
only best talcum powdor, in their
kits. The bi New York store- are
placing Bismoline in all soldier kits
as the best for the boys over there.
Dr. Hickman. Phila., says most
ships leaving Philadelphia carry a
supply of llismftllne. .
We Pay You
to try the'flrst box. Have your drug
gist certify your purchaM en his
label, send it to us and reecive a
26c bottle finest perfume or vanity
LeFevre Blamollne Co.. Lancaster, P.
Quantities Given Serve 100.
Oyster Stew, Spanish Rice
and Puddings
VarloU activities claim a woman's
time tn her community. Frequently an
affair where many people must be
served starts her wondering about large,
quantity recipes. Here arc a few which
may bJ useful for church suppers or
luncheons at women's clubs. The des
serts are those which have beenuaed
in tne cafeteria of the United States
food administration headquarters bull
ing at Washington. They require lit
tle sugar
Ojster Mew
Rlxtren quarts mtlk:
Twelve to sixteen quarts oysters.
Sivcn tablcspnonfuh salt.
Four cups butter or butter substitute.
Two teaspoonfuls pepper.
Pick over oysters carefully, remov
ing nny bits of shell ; place in colander,
pour over cold wnler, using twelve cup-
fuls In nil. HcRore oyster liquor, heat
to boiling point nnd slrnln through dou
ble cheesecloth. Heat milk In double
boiler to scalding point, ndd oysters, nnd
cook until nystera nre plump nnd gills
curled ; add seasoning and oyster liquor.
nnd pour nt once Into tureens. The
oysters may be cooked in oyster liquor
and ndded to milk Just before serving,
If preferred.
Cheese Pudding
Three quarts cooked cornmeal.
Twelve and one-half quarts milk.
Three dozen eggs.
Two find ont-quurtcr pounds orated
cheese. -
One-half cupful salt.
Mix tho Ingredients ns for custard
and turn the mixture Into a greased
baking dish. Set the dish In n pan of
hot water In a slow oven nnd bake the
pudding until It Is firm.
Spanish Hire
Ten cupfuls rice.
One and one-quarter pound salt
Four tnrddtm onions.
Salt to taste.
Two sweet red peppers.
Four small flrceti peppers.
Four quarts strained tomato, or part
Wash rice In cold wnter, rubbing
grains between the hands until water Is
clear. Add rice slowly to ten quarts
boiling water, parboil ten minutes,
drain. Chop' salt pork, cook In oven In
frying pan Until fat IS tried out, but do
not let It get brown. Add chopped onion
and seeded nnd chopped peppers, and
fry for a few minutes, or till slightly
yellowed. Put all Ingredients into dou
ble boiler, add strained tomnto and cook
thirty minutes, or until rice Is soft, but
not mushy.
Brown Hetty
Twelve pounds apples.
One and one-half quart or four'and
one-half pounds light sirup.
Six and one-half pounds cake
Tu'o teaspoontits nutmeg.
Two teaspoonfuls cdinaiiion.
Mnke nn npple sauce of the npptes
nnd sirup. Spread one-hnlf ot the cake-
crurpbs on the bottom of greased bak
ing dishes, add one-halt of the apptc
sauce, sprinkle with one-half the cin
namon anil nutmeg, cover with 'the re
malnder of the enko crumbs, add the
remainder of apple sauce, sprinkle with
the remainder of the spices i brown In
the oven ; serve with n lemon sauce.
Itlee l'tlddlns;
Tiecli1 gunrfs ?u(Ifc,
Tico pounds rtcc.
Two pounds raisin. ,
One quart or three pounds Ifoftt
One tablcspoonful salt.
One ahd one-half teaspbonflil clrt
Scald the milk, wash the rice, wash
the raisins; mix nil tho Ingredients;
pour Into buttered ijaklng dishes. Bake
In n very slow oven for three or four
hours; stir several times during the
first hour to prevent sticking. If the
oven Is too hot Hio milk will curdle
before the pudding Is cooked.
Tnis label Is the symbol of perfection ift
underwear. . C
The confidence millions of people havc(plsj!ced
in the quality, perfection of finish, washability and
unusual wearability of perfect-fitting Mun.ing
union suits is illustrated1!) the fact that a daily
production of 30,000 garments is now required to
satisfy consumer demand. '"
Made In many 'itylrs and (thrlc for men, women and children
all sties. Sold at the better ttoret.
The satisfaction lasts.
B.B.B.B.KV J la
HVjfl f Amtmf 1 W Mm
AsislslHBisUI -dH WIjb
does wonders'
A skin that is rough, reddened
or disfigured by eczema or sore
spots needs attention.
Let Reslnol Ointment help you to
get rid pf these annoying, unsight
ly affections of ttfe skin.
A Maid and Two1 Men
Tho Story of the-Girl Who Was Loft Bcllind
Copiriaht, tut, by Pvllte Ltdotr Co.
Rnlh Rowland la loved hy Jark Pond I
S,Madr,yNr.?on,l.Il,Y,o,!?rn,en"".'re WSttT '? I
isiisi. is exrmi'lrti iieranae r n luisrfal
inri I
diss Mil Iy,
Hrelt goes to Fro nee, and Ti
M. Ruth Int.. riieeer flf.fl
luia made n mistake nnd thai site lairs
Srott Ratmoml. but she rfflfrmlffa .to
marry tVreil end lo make Mm rood wile.
ami. ran. sllosetiMr nMeratantllng mt
altitude, tnll rniitlrrrM.fhnt she wnttts
mm to ne ntniint Iff Ma rntmtrr. sora
la h .hospital and fa. oiWraled fiponalfl
make him ril for srrtlff.
-,. ,
"1TY ',KAlt, please me find act as
JltX though jou
were eager about
Mrs. Rowland Im-
"Why, I Intend to do'thal mother;
you don't think, that Tha've acted other
wise since Jack hns come back, do yon?"
"No," the ncgntlve was drawn out
"Tell me thn truth, mother, do you
think I have?" I
"Well ; Ilulh, I can't ray thnt you have
exactly, and yet," Mrs. Ilowland paused.
If she had told the renl truth she would
have said that her Inability to get
anywhere hear IlUth worried hrr. She
as not sure of her ground, ana there
fore not nt all certain ot what itutli
might or might not do..
"Put on the new coat," she said In
fiMet not to, prolong the conversation.
Mrs. Rowland did not tninit quicKiy
enough toanrgue) she absolutely lacked
directness of vision.
Iluth obeyed apathetlcallyand slipped
listless arms Into the smart little squir
rel coat which was a gift from her
mother.' "And be glad." went on Mrs.
Rowland, "that yoU have ftomethlng to
be glad about,"
"I can't, be glad about spending mon
ey so uselessly just now whett'so many
people really -need l(. 1'in not going
to let Jack spend Another cent on tho
apartment, either. "It's absurd to think
that we can't Ret along as other young
peoplo have to: why We haVert'l had to
think of expense at all. t-.very one I
know hhs made ft Sacrifice hut me. Look
at Helen, and (tail Leslie, and all the
girls 1 have met In my' work. I teach
them how to glvo up things, big things,
and then I never glvt u anything my
self." "You've devoted a lot of time to
this woik, Ruth; that's something, you
know1. You might have spent that time
to advantage getting ready for mar-i
rlage and doing other llttl things If
you had wanted to. I think you've d6ne
your share, Of course you haven't had
to srcrlllce In th matter of your mar
riage as Helen has, and I am more
thah glad you haven't, for you have
never been brought up to do without
"Well, neither has Helen, mother."
"I know thH, but Helen hasn't had to
do much lit this way of getting nlong
on nothing as yet. If Jack had had
only his navy money and you had de
cided to get married Just the same, what
would you have done? As It Is, you
wll see Jnck rndre than the. girls who
have married men In tho army can hopo
to ce their husbands."
Ruth knew that, ahd dreaded It If
Jack had been going to France, she
could hhve borne It so much casltr.
But ho would be stationed near her
ft great part of the time ahd would he
with her as much as possible, naturally.
His attitude since he had returned was
almost pathetic. "He was so eager to
agree with Iluth In everything, so will
ing to see her viewpoint. No longer
did he make nny objection to her work,
although he was confident thnt after
she was married nnd had her own home
she would grow very quickly to accept
things as the)' were.
"Of course now that Scott naymond
has his commission, he won't be forced
lo get along on nothing," Mrs. Rowland
went on. "The girl who marries Mm
will not be so bad off. although, of
course, she will hnve nothing like you
Ruth's heart had leaped suddenly at
the mention ofScott's name. She was
trying so desperately' hard to think
about anything but Scolt now that
the time before matrtnge Was drawing
to a close. But her mother's words had
wnked new things In her heart, "The
girl who marries him." That was a
new Idea. Hut of course Scott would
marry. Something told Ruth that he
would como home safely. He had lived
through one .great ordeal, one great
danger. There must be a reason for It
then) she was certain that he would
"tittle hlt,nH H""m !! n-d lll-n n m'm'iI'I
JUotit endure that
U0ly rash
for sick skins
Reslnol Ointment contains me
dicinal agents that act directly upon
the skin, heal its hurts and help it
to keep healthy and attractive.
Reslnol Soap' aids and quickens
the action of Resinol Ointment
XI. gtliJis. )'(.'
marry I Tho thought was Intolerable to
her. All her sacrifice In marrying Jack
"". "1 ihln .A!"'.. T.0"-.'1!!.
ijrnmuey uim m.i..n u.. ... ,... ......ii
at the Idea of another girl In Scott's
life. Strange that sho hadn't thought
of It before; what more natural than the
fact that he would marry some one. Sap
poro It should be Myrn. Myra who loved
him so devotedly and had loved him so
Unselfishly for so long, Myrn who had
nothing at all but sacrlflco In her drab
little existence. Ruth ought not to be
grudge Myra Jack's love and devo
tion, that same Ioe nnd devotion that
she herself had disdainfully thrown
away. Hut It was Myra more than to
any one else that Ruth would dread to
give Scott Raymond. Of course tho Idea
wbb a mere Idea, but It might so easily
become a possibility.
Tho bell rang and Ruth went to open
It. Jack's wholo fnco was wreathed In
smiles as he came 'Into the living room.
He hndn't looked so happy In a great
many weeks. It was good to see him
thrt way, and Mrs. Rowland, who knew
that Jnck was bringing to Ruth every
thing thnt she most desired In a hus
band, smiled on his gayly,
"And now I supposo you two young
people nre going to finish up your
shopping today. How do you like,
Ruth's new coat, Jnck?"
"Ruth always looks wonderful to me,"
Jack returned, looking at tho coat and
then back at her face. "I have some
more news for you, Ruth. It seems
that the town Is full of It now. This
Is not surprising, however, but Myra
Brlggs Is going to France."
"Myra going to Franco?" Ruth's tone
wan Incredulous.
"It's a very sensible procedure," said
Mrs. Rowland complacently. "Myra Is
Just tho girl to go aoross, so sensible,
nnd so lacking In personal attractive
ness, (the wilt be able to take euro of
But all that Ruth thought ot was tho
fact that Myra loved Scott and she was
igolng over there where he was. What
would 'happen then, and had Scott any
thing to do with It?
(In tomorrow's eltapter, Jnek revenla
himself In a new llxht, and Ruth la
terrified for the future.)
(Irrat rirmnnd for the KVKXlNll rt'll
f.U! t.l'.IKII.K tlltr rlilkp soil In lnlt. nrt
inHtitUmrnt nf this icr IntrrrMIhe Htor.
Ion baa hftlrr. therefore, telephone or
nrlte to the Clrrnliitlon DrpnHment, or
nk jour ncwMlrnlrr till Hflrrnonu to
lrn.Tr the HVKM.MI I'l III.1C I.KIIHKH
at j our home.
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udered, than anywhere elso.
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Choice Apples
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What Next for Uncle Sam? f jM
' ' i..- .hi i i ,,kj 'a i,fl
"After the lvrla-litnc. what nexlT'l
That Is the question thnt every com-"-riM
munlty Interested In saving its queta- jl
ui imuicn uurinK cimiirsn n year is
asking. Tbe babies have been weighed;
tho results ha.o been tabulated. What,
next? Annelu would like to tell you.
Where sho Jives the sky Is very blue,
nnd tn the ffpring the blossoms are like
great white snowdrifts upon the hill-'
sines, out Anneiu win never see the blue t
sky or thi white blossoms, lor she Is,. ,-Jl
hllnd. "Whnl novt?" ah nvrlfllmi j. ,'AI
"Oh. nlense. tilenno InnW nut fnr tha il
bnby'a eyes! If my mother had known
the danger from babies' soro eyes I
would not be blind "
The National Committee for the Pre4
ventlon of Blindness, 130 Cast Twenty
second street, New York, Is trying to
teach every mother tho danger from
"babies' sore eyes." Uncle Sam Is going
to need every blessed baby, but n blind
hhy will he an added burden, and he '
hns too many burdens to carry now.
What next? Every community mifa
learn the answer, "Save the baby's eyes
for Uncle Sam 1"
Ill I !jj2"rA PFCIAT il
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MmhmWiVtmm ?

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