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isMust Capitulate or.
-axfc dft M I ! af imr-m
Advance Toward
yl-iWH Likely to Involve Foe
in Wliolesalc Ruin
.Special Cable ta Evening Public Ledger
Copyriahl, JM, bu .Vttc Vo'k Tlmrs Co.
With the French Armies. Oct 14.
f Germany's prompt acceptance of I'res-
, -t ' Went Wilson's conditions caused no sur-
, jrle.n the French army, but the most
J competent authorities emphasize the
' errpr of supposing that peace Is thcre-
for certain vxlthln a brief Interval. They
' remark that, een more than America,
.i,, tWBnten'e nations have had such rca-
(i son to know that no Rood thing can
oema out of Germany that een the ld:a
6 V, of peace, great boon as It would be to a
$ war-weary world, cannot be entertained
by- them unless proposals for It are nc-
'.. eomoanled by military guarantees so
, ' .,' sure: as to Imply tho complete drawing of
f" the teeth of the Herman wolf.
i ' How far Is Germany prepared to sur
V render? That Is the burning question
' f h hnltr Tha ntiiufr la In hfl found
S t In the military situation Latest news
i " locates Oouraud's troops on the south
' . ' kMU rf th, Alana Vnlilra u liar
they have established a bridgehead on
tho further bank, to Asfeld, wot of
which cavalry and automltrnllleuies
have thrust forward to the I-aon-Itholms
Further west tho Fifth Army. In con
junction with Mangln's force, has occu
pied more thin half of the Laon massif
On. Margin's left Debeney, after a
furious struggle, succeeded In crossing
the Olse river and the Sambre-Olse
In a word, the Germans arc retreating
from an untenable salient, but the
menace of the French and Iirltlrh ad
vance on Its left flank Is still deadly
The Oermans cannot regard themselves
as safe from that danger until they have
reached the Valenclennes-Arcsncs-Illr-son-Meileres-Sedan
line, almost coinci
dent with the Franco-Belgian frontier
Kven there they have no defenses to be
compared In strength with the Hlnden
burg sstem or the Champagne lines that
the Allies hae o triumphantly broken,
and during their retreat American pres
aure on their extreme tlhht toward Sedan
may lnohe them In wholesale disaster
i '
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L4 !
k. v ?r SVx.
si? mv a
s ;."'
ra fmwf' tM
awaV'.r-i? . I af' tssWWZ
W',4V? -fgq
JToujeorng JWC UEGeItJ
' SSJQucmiffitr (n.f.- yJ -,eilane.-,
, iZpion ii.B-u.-i $&
and laok. rgSgpBi
vlcjrnont Soissons , L "V Jw ir-'
f NantmdU-Uimdiuin. Oiatcauicnrn j. r
Denis Sr r VciTafons.s.M rstu
" BBssa. bk. ' i - . -v jtk rjm- miiim iimi, u i r . .
KJ VyOlllomniicrs --, r " 'a ' Vtr . aiariewuc i
o l PVitrvle Francois
Tells Ally Guests Ovcrsub
scription Will Equal Knock
out Blow on West Front
Former Philadelphia Bnptict Min
ister Succumbs in New York
The Itev. Dr. Madron C. Peter", for
mer pastor of the Kroad Street Baptist
Church In this city and wlde' known as
an nuthor and lec
turer. Is dead.
Dr. Peters uleu
nt his home In
New A'ork early
jestcrday morning
Ho wns nft -eight
cars old. Although
he held pastorates
In sexcral cities.
lioetor Peters rlrBt
came Into promin
ence while coniuct
cd with the Hro.ul
iJstret ihurih In
ills sermons were
BEV 31 C pnTKH-" strikingly original
and caused ton
s'derable comment He accepted the
pastorntn of Broad .Street Church In
190 J and remnlned there sexeral years.
11a acepted a call to the Ku mier Ae
nile llaptlst Churrh. Rrokljn, and later
went to the Madison Axenue Church In
New York He re'lgned from the ,N"ew
Yojk thurch about ten jears ago to de
Aote his live to writing and lecturing
He had written more than thlrtj books.
Doctor Peters wns born In Fogelsxllle,
Pa., and educated In Heidelberg Uni
versity. He began his career as u min
ister in 1883 Ho Is Hurxlxed by a
widow, txvo son and one daughter.
LH .
.French Rush Far
Past Laon; Chase Foe
Capture Ton ami Sucep Enemy
Positions to Nortli
By the Associated Press
London, Oct 14 After capturing Nlsh
on Saturday, Serbian forces took posses
sion of the enemy positions north of the
town, according to tho Serbian otllclal
statement Issued today. French cixulry
haxe occupied tho Ilcln Palanku
The tet of the statement reads-
"After hard flRhtlng we entered Nlsh
on Saturday and took positions north
of the toxxn To the xxest xxe hold the
line of Mramor-Prokupllc. French ca.
airy has occupied the Held Palanku "
I.ndn, Oct. 14 (Dy I X. S ).
Ninety thousand Austro-CJcrmun and
Hulgarlin prisoners hac been captured
In the offenslxo xxhlch opened on the
Balkan front one month ugo, It xxas an
noumed nt the Serbian Legation today.
The Austro-tlermans arc falling back
on Alexlnate. marly txxenty miles north
of Nih The Serbians haxe captured
I rokuplie, nineteen miles xxest of Nlsh.
Berlin, Oct. 14, Nlsh has been oc
cupied by Entente forces, the War
Oltlce linn announced.
By the Associated Press
Itnme, Oct. 14. Kaxaja, a toxxn In
Albania, txxclxe mites southeast of
Dur.izzo, has beer, captured by the
Italians, according to an olllcitl state
ment Issued by tho War Otllce last
Only leconnolterlng nctlxlty Is re
potted along the Italian front. Air
attacks on military xxorks In the Gulf
of Trieste and In tho neighborhood of
Durazzo haxe been made by the Ital
ians. Nlsh. ths second city of Serbia, lies
130 miles southeast of Belgrade. It
xx as the capital of Serbia from tho out.
break of the war till the autumn of
1915, xxhen It was stormed by tho Teu
tonic forces.
Its situation nt the Junction of the
Vienna - Belgrade Constantinople nnd
the Salonlci railways, as well as at
the eomerglnc point of several great
roads, mikes it of much strategic lm-poitance.
War Secretary Reports That German Army Is in Disorderly Retreat
Eieryicherc American Army Hat Shown Itself
Irresistible on Battlefield, He Declares
By the Associated Press
New York, Oct. 14.
If Herman soldiers exer get the Idea
that the wnr Is oxer they will keep on
running until (hey reach Herlln, xvlth
Amerlcan, French and British troops
right after them. Kdward N. Hurley,
chairman of tho shipping board, said
IndftV nt n hinxhnnn vlten hv the Fifth
Axenuo Association to diplomats and
representatives of the Ooxcrnment, The
party stopped Jiere an Its xvay from
Washington to Newark, N. J., to wit
ness the launohlng of two merchant
s'eamera, the Allies and the Consort,
named by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson In
honor of the I'ntente Allies.
"You hao not noticed an;- let up
down on the part of our army In
Frnnce," Mr. Hurley said. 'They are
quite willing to let the President of the
United States handle the diplomatic
and executlxe end of th(s war. They are
Inking advantage of the peace moxe In
Germany by running the enemy oft his
feet. And tnnt Is what wo must do
here. The effect of an oversubscrip
tion to the fourth Liberty Loan on the
enemy will be equal to a smashing
knockout blow on tho western front
and will bring ultimate victory nearer
lit hand."
The spirit of the American troops Is
Imperishable nnd there Is no danger,
Mr. Hurlev Bald, that they will Blacken
their speed before tho course set for
them Is catered. Only thu failure of
the Liberty Loan, ho added, could tako
the heart out of them or hult their
Fo owing the uncheon a specini train
took the gueBtn to the Submarine Boat
Yard nt Newark, N, J . where the double
launching of tho Allies ana mo con
sort, both fabricated ships took place.
Two Negroes Die in Electric Chair
Belief onte, Pa., Oct. 14. A double
electrocution took place nt the Western
Penitentiary at llockxlew early today,
when Andrexv Carey and Chnrles Uvler.
both colored, were sent to tho electric
chair for murdcs committed less than
T venr nxn
i Official "War Reports
London, Oct 14.
Yeslerdr.y afternoon tho enemy
opened a heavy bombardment on a
wide front north of Le Cateau. Un
der cover of this artillery, fire strong
Infantry attacks wera launched
ngalnst our positions east of the Stile
Illver In the neighborhood of Sol
esrnes. These attacks were success
fully repulsed after stiff fighting.
Other attacks, in which tanks were
employed to support Infantry nssaults,
were delivered by tho enemy yester
day xvlthout success against our po
sitions opposite the village of Has
prei (southwest of Valenciennes),
Our patrols pushed forward In the
course of the' night nt a number of
points south nnd north of Doual. Wo
gained ground and took prisoners.
Tarls, Oct, 14.
French troops last night continued
to keep In close contact with the ene
my Infantry on tho entire front.
South of Chateau-I'orctcn tho
French repulsed on the north bank
of the canal last night the remaining
enemy elementa offering resistance.
Paris, Oct IS (Delayed).
Pursuing the enemy, our troops re
sumed the hdxnnce this morning oxer
cut-up roads xvhlch the enemy exne
uated In haste, leaving quantities
of material,' shells, barbed wire nnd
railroads Intact. At 10:45 o'clock
our advnnclng guards reached the
Laon-La Fere railroad, where they
were met by a violent machine-gun
fire coming from Besny-et-lolsy nnd
Larhontagnc, which were occupied by
enemy rearguards.
At 11 o'clock nil the St. Oobain
forest was clear of Oermans and the
French flag a Moating on the Laon
Cathedral. Our soldiers found more
than 6500 civilians, who welcomed
them with Joy,
Continuing their advance, our
troops debouched from the Laon for
est nt Samoussy, xxhlch was taken.
Marchnlh was also occupied.
Toward S o'clock tho enemy machine-gun
riactlon beenmo most se
vere. At 2: Jo o'clock nn Italian
brigade had passed the town of Mon
talgu. At nbout 3 o'clock the nd
vance continued. There Is heavy
fighting with rearguards, which have
fired upon us principally frlm VI-
i valse and CoUvron-ot-Auincncourt nnd
MllrM).' wivaa4flR(e Sameuwya
forest and continued the pursuit.
Headquarters American Expeditionary
Forees, Oct. U (Delayed).
On both sides of the Meuse our
troops today broke up strong and re
peated attetnpti to dislodge them
from their recently won positions.
American dtvls'ons continued to par
ticipate In successful operation! un
der command of tho British south
of Le Cateau and of the French In
Champagne. '
At other points held by our troops
ttiere Is nothing o'f Importance to re
Machine Gun Accidentally Hurts
One Mnti Intally, Two Others
By the Associated Press
New York. Oct, 14.'
Mills, Long Island, received a traglo
foretaste of war today when a machine
Soldiers at Camp
gun attached to an airplane in nigl
accidentally went off, sending bullets
among the men of a sanitary corps.
One soldier wns fatally wounded nnd
two others hurt seriously.
Crowder Orders 10O0 NegroM En'
trained October 18-24 "" ' ,, ,
Washington. Oct 14. A call for J COO
negroes qualified for limited servlco In
the navy to entrain between October IS .
and 14 for Charleston, B. C.i and Nofi '
folk, Va., waa Issued today by Provost'
Marshal General Crowder. The . nwn
will come from twenty-five States arid .
the District o corumma.
This Is the first call for the naval
rvlce since the draft law was chanred
to Include the navy and marine corps.
i .
Lamps and
Lighting Fixtures
Quaint in character that make
them reminiscent of days gone by.
We offer an unusual assortment at
moderate prices, and can make
immediate delivery.
The Horn & Brcnnen Mfg. Co.
Open Saturday Makers to the Critical and Exacting
Until Five 427-433 North Broad Street
"A short ualk along Automobile Rati,"
Contlnunl from Pace One
Its forward movement, liberating the
, villages of Steime, Outre-Ramecourt
and Montalsn and reaching1 the
, enemy's secondary defense line before
SIr sonne.
Further to the east both tho Trench
""Infantry and aitlllerv have cnwied the
Alsne at VleuxLcs Asrcld and Asfeld-
On the right the enemy N disputing
stubbonnl ythe positions along the
c Alsne canal from the Aire to Chateau
By the Associated Pres
Finns' Ask Germans to Withdraw
Their Annies
PurU, Oct. 14. Spain, according to
adxIceH lecelxtd by the Temps from the
Spanish frontier, his decided to seize
German shlpn In her ports to the extent
of 15.500 tons, in Indemnification of
Spanish shipping losses The Oerman
nmbasstdor. It Is stated, has bicn nsked
to name the ships to be tnkin, but it the
embassy's choice is not Indicated by Oc
tober 15 the Spanish Oovernment will
make the selection Itself.
In this connection. It Is added, Spain
An Atlantic Port, Oct. 14.
Secretar of War Baker returne'd here
jesterday from his second trip to Eu
rope, accompanied by John D Ilxnn, di
rector of aircraft production, nnd Briga
dier Oenernl tunc, chief of embarkation.
They left Immediately for Washington.
Surgeon tJcner.il llorgas. who was
xx lth Secretary Baker's pnrty xxhen he
left for abroad sexeral wcckV ugo, did
not return with him.
Of the military situation he said:
The battle of St Mihiel started the
prevent triumphant advance of the Al
lied armlei From a fortified hill over
looking the battlefield I saw General
I'ershlng'H army advance Into the sali
ent, while more than 2000 big guns
silenced the German artillery and point
ed the Wdlge xxhlch finally cut off the sa
lient nnd rescued from German occupa
tion French soil which for four jears
had been In their possession.
The next day I went Into St Mihiel
and saxx the people nt the end of their
captivity singing the national songs of
France and having a festival of thanks
giving for .their deliverance. The blow
xxas sudden and tho Victory complete,'
American Diihh IrrtHlhtibl.
"For a fexv das there was a lull
Then, by i concerted moxement, the
French and Americans opened a new
attack from the Meue to the west, cov
ering the Argonne forest, and later the
bnttle was taken up on tho entire front,
stretching to the channel
' I xvltnessed the start from one of
thd forts of Verdun and again axx
dlxlslons of American troops pressing
forward with Irresistible dash through
defenses which had for three years
seemed Impregnable, Tho stream of
German prisoners and the captured xxar
mnterlal told of the surprise and rodt
of the enemy The cheers of our sol
diers as they pressed on to the bat
tle, and the brave happiness of our
wounded In the hospitals back of the"
line, told the same story. The Ameri
can army has shoxxn ltt.elf Irresistible
and Its spirit Is unconquerable."
In summarizing his views of the mili
tary situation, Secretary Baker said:
Full Tide of V Iclorj
"The Allied armies are noxv In the
full tide of xJctorlous adxance. Amer
ican dlxlslons are lighting with the Brit
ish, with tho French, and In their own
sectors, nnd ex ers where the enemy Is
In retreat and disorder."
Accompanlng Mr Baker on his re
turn trip were Assistant Secretary John
n nan, now at the head of the army
aviation program. In xxhlch connection
he visited France nnd llnglttnd; Briga
dier General Hlncs, chief of the em
barkation service, and Walter Glftord,
director of the Council or National De
fense, who has been In France somo
months la connection with the forma
tion of the Interallied and American
Hconomlc Council. Surgeon General
Oorgas, xx ho accompanied Mr. Baker to
France, will remain abroad for some
time. ,
Secretary Baker could not sufficiently
praise tho spirit of the American nrmy
In Frnnce. It was a Bmlllng army, ho
said, that noxv made France literally
brown with the khaki of tho American
uniform In hospitals. In the trenches,
xxhercver ho went, he found the troops
t,mll!ng and doing their work xxlth en
thusiasm. The Secretary went Into St. Mihiel
xxlth Count de Chambrun, a direct
lescendant of Lafayette, and who Is
llaslon ofilcer at General Pershing's
headquarters for General Petaln, the
Trench commander.
Wants Protection and Freedom
Frqm German Armies
AmMerdnm, Oct. 14 Tha Govern
ment of Luxemburg has appealed to
FresJ.lent Wilson for protection of the
rights of that country, according to olll
clal dispatches received here today.
Luxemburg demands that Its territories
shall be cxacuated by the German
armies. '
Influenza Spreads .Among Inmates of
' State Insane Asylum
Nnrrlntown, Pa.. Oct. 14 Health of
fice reports last night showed txxenty
more deaths nnd an Increase In the
number of Influenza cases. The ban
plnced on nonessential buslners will con
tinue today, and nn edict will be issued
against visiting.
Ccnditlons at tho State Hospital for
Insant are serious. There were three
deaths among men patients jestcrday.
All the doctors 6f the men's department
are 111. but there are no cases In wo
men's department.
T With, the Anclo-Amerioa.. Torre, on ' . -llded ,0 make public next week
Wi y "
&. I
)K 5
the Valenciennes Front, Oct. 14
Slight gains are reported along a
large hectlon o the British front. The
British have draxxn still closer to
Doual and their patrols have been In
tha outskirts of the city.
The enemy hecms to he holdlrg the
ground back of Neuvllly In cousmei-
able strength. British Infantry hns
reached the railroad northwest of St.
Immediately south of the Rritlsh
front the French have made wide
gains and noxv hav o the hoche In flight.
Laon has been captured and Its (1500
civilians liberate 1. Betxxeen the Olse
and Andlgny forest the extreme depth
of the gain today was 1400 meters.
nil the documents ampllfxlng the note
stnt to Germnny on August 10 and col
lateral data.
Stockholm, Oct 14 The Tlnnish Oov
ernment has asked Germany to with
draxv her troops from Finland. The re.
quest was recently dellxered to General
xon der Goltze, the German commander
In Finnish territory.
The Republican and Socialist papers of
Finland have begun an agitation in
favor of an approach by Finland to the
Lntente, alleging that the recent policy
of the Government In connection with
Germany has been unneutrnl.
By the Associated Press
), , With the British Army In France,
' A Oct. 13 (Delayed) Iteportg recelx'ed at
- .British headquarters from tho Fiench
-. frot.t tonlcht show the French across
the Olse Blver north of Orlgny, seven
"', -miles southwest of Guise They are
.folding the rallxxay on the easterly
:;"' Hide of the river on a front of about
11 i R third of a mile.
P. Whnley. 4S.'I Wlndtor are . and
run K Hardart. 1021 N ISth t.
II.m .111. nn Tr.nlnn V T unn lurv
,.-... u....., . ' - "-
. V. &nA It. Khfnton. Itrndlnr. Pa , and E-
' (tier it Umm, Itusdlnir, Pa
- ekafles Hmallwood. njx N B.'d it , and
TUn M Ci.ilrr. SIS N 32d !.
n jonn if. inaiKin, i' jm , jtottnn,
T . and llary J Htontbraker. &018
tlkr sve
menara (iroinoig. in.-. am-
r f inu ntiunnnr fuiv aiuiiiui v,
Underwood New York city, and
suds lllaart. K.v N 4Sth st
Krua. zim ?, raraiifl it ana uxurs
Mailman. ini ."s ctmtc at
C. XVall asm Cedar av , and lluth
Mat; Colli cedar "
Eh T. MrCarrlrk. UI7 H 10th at, and
M urummonn ;j Jlinnn at,
'. Roy. S4JO liar - and Mir-
ttM. OoIiUd 17TI Frankfort ave.
A Iluhn 3d Ovtrhrnok. l' , and
a. H'triM-haft. livm 8. A.'d at . and
a M. l-alnut. laon M. s:d ar ,
Hom, Knttle, VVaih.. and Ullt
r, i'754 X. Darlrn st
Myers, isto M . SMh at., and
I evlnnnn. MIX M. 181h at. .
Nolile, USS H Mill at., akd Kath
MKHnter. Mix Cheatnui c.
iN Mari'n, Jr.. iuua (ReMir av.
Re-enforced Germans Threaten
Siberian Border
By the Associated Press
V laillrolok. Oct 14. An appeal to
the Allies to avert the loss of Samar and
Yekaterinburg, as xxell as to revive the
morale of the Cxecho-Bloxak forces
fighting In Eastern Ilussla, has been
recelxed here at Allied headauarters
Czecho-Slovek units whlvh have been
fighting nt Yekaterinburg. Kazan, Sim
birsk, Samara and Orenburg are Im
periled, 120.000 Ilolshevlk troops having
Joined the Oermans In opposing the Al
lied forces' In that region. Nexxs comes
from Tchellablnsk that the Czecho
Sloxakn are losing heaxlly and retreat
ing along the northern front. Ufa, xvhlch
ta one of the principal concentration
point for Czecho-Slovak troops. Is
threatened and Its loss would be xvell
nigh fatal to the iCiecho-Slovaki at
Baher Stands Watch
on Returning Transport
Washington, Oct. 14, Members
, of Secretary Baker's party Just
back from France told a story
today of lioxv Secretary Baker
stood watch as a lookout on the
transport on which 'they returned.
Mr. Baker, Assistant Secretary
Ryan and the other officials vol
Unttwred for duty and actually
U -wpre pasted ff fc'tbfie on watoh
Spanish Influenza
Any Sun Ship Building
Company employe who is
sick or in any way affected
by the present epidemic, or
who has any member of Ms
family laid up with the in
fluenza, should
Immediately Phone
Chester 2010
You will receive
Medical Aid and
A Nurse will be
Sent to Your
Home, at Once
Victory ! !
United -determined filled- with the will to win, the i -Allied
Armies of the Free Peoples are fighting for you.
Nearer and nearer comes the dawn of the Final and '
Complete Victory the liberation of the world from Op
pression and Militarism a Just and Righteous Peace. ,
But Victory will come only through united, self -sacrificing,
supreme effort on the part of the People as
well as the Soldiers of the Allied Nations.
It will come only if you will do your part.
The Fourth
Liberty Loan Lags!
Citizens, back up the bayonets of fighting America,, '
Britain, France, Italy, Japan! Help win the war! x u
Lend Your Limit!
Do It Today!
liberty Loan Committee.
; a
f i
1 5. 4. M
rm. mm ak. "
-V. . a

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