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Stere Opens at 10
Center f Store
Store Closes at 4.30
Fair. k'
' V
?: f
S 1
fc -
If i
i !
A $
Jay Cooke
Never Slept Day or
, Night While the
Pressure of
the United States Government was
upon hirrwn 1861, when the Treas
ury required money to equip
troops and meet the demands for
food and war supplies.
" At this particular time, under
circumstances existing at this
moment, no true-hearted man or
woman can have peace in the soul
while the peril of failure hovers
over this city, of all cities, of a'
breakdown in selling the Fourth
Liberty Bonds.
All of our old-world enemies,
jealous of America and wishing to
strike it with hardest blows, would
take fresh heart if it could be said
we would not take out our pocket
books again and empty them to
aid our nation in its present
No Exciise Can
Free Us
From Blame
No matter what we did in the
past, more -is now absolutely
requisite for the .success of our
arms on-sea and land.
Robert Morris, the financier
and merchant of the Revolution,
poured out at a simila'r time in our
history and "went broke" for a
Money handed over to the
United States will 'give us back
bonds that can be turned into cash
any day or hour, if needed.
Do not say anything about'
what you have done.
Do not discourage others by
holding back.
If you get up;tbjio something,
you will find a way, and your in
fluence will inspire others to -do;
likewise . ' ' . ' '
Oct. U, i01S,
Is the Biggest
fy mmJir
Philadelphia, Oct.14.
Dear Mamma:
It has been a long time since
I wrote you, but it came very
near being a still longer time.
I have had a very heavy cold
and was fortunate to escape
that terrible influenza.
One of the things that wor
ried me while I was ill was the
fact that I was missing a won
derful sale of Oriental and
domestic rugs at Wanamuk
er's. I did so want to get some
new domestic rugs for our new
Imagine my delight on Sat
urday, when I was able to" go
in town, to find that there- was
still a large assortment of the
very things I wanted. And at
the most surprising prices!
During my shopping days,
before we got the house, I had
become quite discouraged over
the advanced prices of rugs.
Almost evrrvtmrn T wnnted
was two or three tirries what
Henry and I had paid for sim
ilar rugs when we were mar
ried. I told Henry he'd have
to get some pnint and camou
flage the bare floors.
But at Wanamaker's I found
beautiful rugs in the newest
patterns at prices only a little
higher than they used to be.
For the living room I got an
exquisite 9x12 it. .Wilton rug
in Oriental design and color
ing for $87.50. And another
beautiful 9x12 ft. Wilton, not
quite so fine, for the dining
room. That was $69.50.
For our bedroom I got an
Axminstcr rug because I like
the soft, rich feel of it under
foot. That also was 9x12 ft
and was $28.50.
Then I got a 3x6 ft. bath
room rug for $4.25 and two
small Wilton rugs, one 27x54
in., for $5, and the other 36x63
in., for $12.
For $206.75 I got all the
new rugs we needed and
beauties at that. And do you
know how much I saved on
the lot? $102,751 Wasn't that
perfectly splendid? I went
straight down to the Liberty
Bond booth and subscribed to
another $100 bond.
Your loving daughter,
P. S. If you think Philadel
phia is quiet ypu ought to sco
the Liberty Loan drive here.
Scarfs Are
Riotous in Color
There are solid colors and
stripes in contrasting colors and
Roman borders. Some of tho
colors are gray, purple, maize,
taupe, old blue and rose, and the
prices are from $6.75 to $22.50.
(.Main Floor. Central)
HE Bar Pin Has
Many Uses
New ones of sterling silver set
with rhincstones are in numerous
designs. In some the rhinestones
predominate and the silver forms
only the background, In others
there are few stones, and the
lace-like design is worked out in
sterling silver.
' $3.50, $4.50, $5 and up to $15
(Jewelry Store, Cheitnut and IStli)
--Special at $2 a
An excellent quality of light
serge that is particularly good for
women's one-piece dresses. It
comes in two shades of navy blue
and black and is 40 inches wide.
Firt Floor, Chestnut)
XJEW Tailored
- Waists Are
A new striped madras in whfte
with tucked front is $3.50.
A plain-tailored linen is $3.50.
A tucked linen waist, also in
white, is $3.85.
The three styles have collars
that may be worn cither high or
(Third Floor, Central)
NOT Every
Woman Wears
Envelope Chemises
Many women still prefer the
straight kind. Some pretty new
ones are of soft nainsook and
fine cambrics, and some are trim
med with tiny tucks, somo with
Valenciennes lace insertion and
others with dainty, scalloped edge
that U so simple and pleasing
,Wgf o"W"f
Wool Dresses
for Women
In the cases of the Gray Salons
you will And them, charming,
Unusual and new dresses that
were inspired, most often, by such
couturiers as Callot and Lanvin
and Cheruit. They are usually
' but ono of a kind, and though
distinctive, not extremely high
priced, which, is an item in these
' economy-practicing days.
They nre of wool jerseys nnd
fine tricolettc, of firm serges and
soft wool velours. Mostly they
are in deep bluo or black, but
there are soft browns and the
pretty grays that are in fashion
this winter.
Quite a few are heavily em
broidered and somo arc braided.
And some few are combined with
satins these last usually serges.
Bodices are short and long; skirts
arc three tiered like the smart
little Scotch plaid dress, or ac
cordion pleated, or gathered or
braided. And there is one Rcdin
gotc in the collection.
$55 to $77.50.
(Flrit Floor, Central)
Coats for
Women Who
Looking at the first coat, you'd
say it was practically impossible
for wind or snow or sleet to pene
trate its sturdy thickness. It is
of leather on one side and tweed
tho other and as it is rever
sible, you may wear it cither side
out. It buttons high at the throat,
the sleeves have straps and alto
gether it is very good looking.
Another practical, storm-proof
coat is also reversible, but of
gabardine, with a fleece lining.
It ha3 military-looking shoulder
straps, buttons high and is belted
at the waist line. $57.50.
(Flrit Floor, Central)
Raincoats for
Girls and
Young Women
The young women's coats are
in a wide range of styles, belted,
pleated and loose models, with
large collars to fasten high
around the throat for protection
against wind and rain.
Materials are rubberized can
ton, checked mohair, tweed, gab
ardine and covert cloth, in light
nnd dark colors.
For school, college or any street
Sizes 14 to 20 years.
Prices $9.75 to $28.50.
For girls of eight to fourteen
years are loose box models with
belts and pockets, and trench
models, with large collars to
fasten up around the neck. All
have hats to matc)
Made of rubberized canton and
checked mohair in tan and navy
Prices $8.75 to $13.75.
(Necond' Floor, Chestnut)
We Advise
Early Buying
of Silk
Just now we have complete
stocks of gift hosiery and other
silk hosiery, but we cannot prom
ise how Jong assortments will
remain good or what prices will
bo on new lots.
The present stocks were con
tracted for a .year ago and we
are able to sell them at a small
advance on old prices. They are
all full-fashioned goods, which
means "knit to fit"
Black silk stockings, $2 to
$4.50; with cotton tops. $1,35 to
White silk stockings, $2 to
$3.50; with cotton tops, $1.35 to
Colored silk stockings, 'includ
ing all the evening and shoe
shades most nn demand, $2 to
$3.50; with cotton tops. $1.35 to
(First Floor. Market)
Unusual Skirts
for $9.75
Several good styles ono of
all-wool serge in black or blue,
with pleated panels, deep gir
dles and two slashed pockets.
Sixes up to 40-inch waist,
Also wool poplin skirts with
silk braid trimming, two pock
ets and buttons for finish.
Fancy poplins of black, blue
or taupe, one style with, two
pockets, wide girdle and jet'
buttons'for trimming;
(tint Floor, Central), ,,
for a Store or
. ex:
piROM the viewpoint of sales, this has so far been the most suc
A cessful Oriental rug event we have ever had at this season.
That surely speaks well for the rugs we ofTcr and the prices
marked on them.
From every other viewpoint it is certainly a success, especially
from tho viewpoint of beauty.
It is tho richest outspreading of Oriental rugs ever seen iri
Philadelphia. To every pair of eyes that look upon it it is a delight,
with its myriad shades of red and blue, ivory, ecru and golden brown,
soft green, tawny yellow and other charming and elusive tints.
The beauty of the display is unfading. It is as beautiful today
as it was on the day we opened it, and it has been enhanced by new
A Magnificent Lot of
Chinese Rugs
Just In
These are the newest rugs in the sale and they are a fine group,
comprising some pieces of beautiful texture in blue and golden tan.
One lot of specially large pieces is particularly fine.
Theso are priced at $825 to $2500 each, in sizes 15.8x10 ft. to
15x20 ft.
11.7x8.6 ft, $325.
12.3x9.2 ft, $345.
12.3x10.6 ft, $315.
12x9.6 ft, $317.
10x8 ft, $175.
10x6.3 ft, $189.
13.5x9.9 ft, $455.
11x8.1 ft, $225.
11.10x9 ft, $319.
11.6x8.6 ft, $247.
Persian and Caucasian Rugs
Kermanshah. Saruk. Herez. Scrani. Mahal nnd Snvnlnn nml
other carpets are shown in ample
New American Linen Rugs
Sightly and Serviceable
These rugs are made of American-grown flax, for which there is no
Government need, and save wool and cotton, for which there is need.
They are made in a factory which uses waterpower and saves coal and
employs 80 per cent women, releasing the men for service.
They are reversible, dust-resisting, mothproof rugs, thick and flat
lying and in rich solid colors rose, gray, blue and green.
9x12 ft, $57 ' 3x 6 ft, $9.50
8x10 ft., $42.75 30x60 in., $6.50
6x 9 ft, $28.50
(Nerentli Floor, Chestnut)
Gift Cushions and Covers
Many From Overseas
One comer of the Upholstery Store' is given up wholly to
these lovely new arrivals) and any person who has such things in
mind for gifts, now or later on, would be delighted with, the col
lection. Ever so many are from France Paris, to be more definite.
Some are labeled and others signed, in colorful fashion, with the
name or initials of the maker.
And there is no monotony in shape or color when it comes to
this Winter's cushions! In addition to the usual round and square
cushions there are oblong and oval pillows, eight-sided and six
sided cushions and ever so many more that are better seen than
Some,are of rich striped velvets nnd others are of silks. Some
have velvet on one side and satin on the other some have dark
covers, with gay appliqued designs or vivid-hucd medallions. And
most all are finished with great golden or silken tassels.
With them are new foot warmers, silken, much-cushioned
affairs of odd shapes.
And there are often handsome table runners and" covers to
(Firth Floor, Market)
With its former success among
the wardrobes of smart women
well In mind, Georgette crepe re
turns confidently to fashion be
decked with myriads of gold dots
first with a background of
black and then of delicate flesh
The material is 40 inches wide
and priced at $4.50 a yard.
(Mnln Floor, Central)
Boudoir Caps
Most of them are in dainty
pinks apd delicate blues, and they
are usually combined with soft
laces and harmonizing ribbdns.
In' ever so many delightful
stylos, and of crepe do chine and
soft, lustrous silks, they are
trimmed with silks and ribbon
flowers and laces, and range all
the way froa' 50c to $2.50 apieee.
12.1x9 ft, $345.
12.4x10.6 ft, $395.
11.6x8.10 ft, $357.
11.11x9.1 ft, $385.
4x7 ft to 6x9 ft,
$67.50 to $115.
and fascinating variety at remark-
(HeventH Floor, Central)
18x30 in., $1.75
500 Women's
Umbrellas at $3
Of silk-and-cotton, made over
steel-tempered frames for long
And for smartness equipped
with bakelite and imitation amber
handles many with ' tho con
venient wri3t-loop.
(Main Floor, Market)
Ribbons for
School Children
These are the gingham plaids
that have such gay combinations
,of colors and are so dear to tho
hearts of little girls today as
they were in grandmother's time.
B'i inches wide and priced at
65c a yard. (
ably low prices from $150 for a Mahal 8.8x7.1 ft up to
Saruk 21x14 ft
Smaller rugs include
Chinese, $18.50 to $65, sizes 2x3 ft. to 3x6 ft.
Irans nnd Dozarts, $65 to $85, sizes 4.6x6.6 to 7 ft.
Mosuls, $32 to $65, sizes 3x5 to 4x7 ft
Bcluchistans, $17.75 to $07, sizes 2x4- to 2.6x0 ft.
, Daghistans and Shirvans, 4x4.6 ft to 4.6x7 ft, $35
Hall strips, 3x11 to 3x18.7 ft, $65 to $225.
Men's Heavy Duty Coats With
Sheep's Wool Lining
(In the Military Shop)
Suitable for many other uses
than military wear. Shipyard
workers, motorists and college
men will find them splendid, es
pecially the reefer style.
All these coats have moleskin
shells and linings and deep col
lars of sheep's wool.
Reefers, $15.
Three-quarter length, $22.50
. and $27.50.
Full length, $25 nnd $28.
(The Gallery, Chestnut)
Where Can a
$10 Cordovan Shoe?
Echo answers, "Nowhere."
This shoe is made entirely of a fine grade of dark mahogany Cor
dovan that will take a beautiful polish.
It is on an English last, with a toe that is shapely without being
too pointed, wide shank and low, broad, flanged heel. '
A spanking fine shoe for $10 in these days.
(Mnln Floor, Market)
Hallowe'en Will
Many will celebrate it outdoors,
healthfulest times anyway! Masques are the fashion for the night, and
it is time you selected your costume. The variety of costumes in our
Toy Store really seems to have no end, but if you have set yourheart oaf
a particular one, better get it while the stock is still complete.
(Seventh Floor, Market)
ASaleof Dining RoomFurniture
of the Built-to-Last Kind
We were certainly fortunate in securing this $30,000 lot of
Mission furniture to sell at one-fourth less than tho regular
From the investment standpoint, it is probably the best fur?
niture that one could possibly put money in, for i any furniture is
built to last this is.
And, of course, it is built of the staunchest materials solid
white oak, well finished in the old English brown and well put
together. Tho drawers are dovetailed front and rear and the
trimmings are in the hammered copper finish. Something in the
style of this furniture reflects the spirit of the Dutch furniture
of the Colonial times.
$28 for a 48-inch buffet; wood
back, largo linen and silver
$37 for a 48-inch buffet large
cupboard and drawer space.
$45 for a 54-inch buffet, mir
ror back with stretcher base.
$58 for a 64-inch buffet, largo
mirror with high base.
$100 for a 64-inch buffet,
curved mirror top, 2 cupboards
and 5 drawers.
$119 for a 7C-inch buffet, 2
large cupboards, with a series
of center drawers.
$11 for a 38-inch serving ta
ble, with large shelf.
$17.50 for a 36-inch serving
table with largo drawer and
$24.60 for a 42-inch serving
table with deep cupboard base.
$26 for a 44-inch serving ta
ble with 2 drawers and shelf.
$26 for a 6-foot 45-inch top
extension table.
t 'C "M
$1575 for a i4
-V -
. '
, -i
to $50.
f y
i '
Leather and Cloth
Reversible Coats for
Big, handsome coats of,
tweeds and cheviots, with .tan
leather on the one side, so
that they may be worn either
side out
Prices, $80 to $90.
Man Match This
Be a Big "Time
where we can have the best and
$33 for an 8-foot 48-inch ex
tension table with spread leg
base. tj
$36 for an 8-foot extension
table with heavily braced base.
$44 for a 48-inch extension"'
table with heavily braced ped,- '
esiai oase. ., . k-
$54 for a 54-inch top cxten- t
sion table, 8-foot extension.
$36 for a 4C-inch china clo ,
with double doors. ,
$37 for a 45-inch double-d '
china closet with square ends, i '
$69 for a 52-inch china cIom '.
with curved pla,te rail top.
$4.50 for a side chair ytfik
curved back and heavily bra
base. - '
$6.50 for a side chair jwttki
panel uacK ana sauciie seat. ..
U i or an arm cnairJWPH
siaueu oacK ana learner mj
$13.50 for an arm chair
rcarvea back anil slip
' awia
-, in
i ..
X -!
i, J
lftr Mwwmf wwnm;
(aw jrwr,i hmhu
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r av yr-r
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