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Dr. E. J. Dillon Praises
Russian Policy as Proper
Noted Correspondent Refers
to Russo-Japanese Nego
tiations as Evidence
New York, Oct. 15.
llr. K. J. Dillon, who Is on his way
to llussla to act ns the Russian corre
spondent of the London nnllyToleRrnph,
arrived at this liort on Saturday and
Is at the Illtz-Cnrlton Hotel white
awaiting steamship reservations for the
last lap of his trip. Mr. Dillon expects
to leave here soon on hlsymlsslon and
Is engaged In completing some arrange
ments In New York and Philadelphia.
Doctor Dillon was one of the out
standing diplomatic flgures during the
Russian-Japanese War and In perhaps
the best posted of all authorities on Ilus
sta, as a country and ns a commercial
factor In the world's post-bellum com
merce. "Russia." raid Doctor Dillon. "Is too
big a subject to treat from any one
angle and apply that finding or be
lief to the entire country. There arc
so many nationalities nnd factions at
work there. That nnd the fact that the
country lacks unity of any kind makes
Is Impossible to cast any prediction as
to what the future holds In store for
"Tho great question now Is, 'Can Itus.
sia be roused out of the comatose state
Into which she has fallen?' nnd my own
opinion is rhat It will be exceedingly
dinidult. but thnt It can he done. I also
think that the general lines upon which
President Wilson 1ms planned to help
Russia arc tho right lines. That Is to
say, he has not only eschewed violence
of nny kind, but he has' also declined
to put' uny kind of pressure upon the
peoplo which they would be likely to re
sent. Wilson's l'ollcy Correct
"Rusla will have to be restored by
Tier own people. Sho may and must be
helped by friends from without, but
helped only In a friendly way. That,
I believe. Is the basis of President Wil
ton's policy toward Russia.
"I hao Just finished reading Presi
dent Wilson's reply to the last Oerman
note mid I believe tho conditions he
names are Indlspensablo to permnnont
peace. I feel perfectly confident thnt
we, on tho other side, should have lost
this war already had It not been for
tho Intervention of the United States.
Tho tide of battle has certainly turned
since the dark days of last year. Hav
ing helped Europe t,o far nnd In so
many ways. It Is desirable thnt Presi
dent Wilson should crown his work by
enabling the Allies to achieve diplo
matic unity.
"The fact that I am visiting the
United States while she Is at war causes
me to cost my mind back thirteen years
to the time I came here from St. Peters
burg near the close of the Russo-Japanese
War. I came then as the friend
nnd adviser of Wltte, the Russian plenl.
potentlary nnd chief of the mission sent
to discuss peace terms with the Japan
ese delegation at Pprtsinouth.
"From the mldd'e of the Atlantic. I
dispatched the longest wireless message
that ever had passed over the ocean.
Besides being the longest, the message
was also the most Important that had
been transmitted hy wlreles up to that
time. It was transmitted by seven
ships nnd vvns published by the Ixndon
Dally Telegraph" nnd arlous newspapers
In "the United States. It embodied an
account of; a conversation I had had
with Wltte, who .wished me to put be
fore tho world his far from hopeful
view of the errand on which, he was
coming nnd his appreciation that It
might lead U) nuthlng.
"Wltte construed his mission aa an
Inquiry Into Japan's willingness to end
tho war on" reasonable terms, and he
entured the opinion that Japan's no
tion of what was reasonable would differ
so widely from Russia's view as to pre
clude the hope of nn accord,
"That telegraphic message dampened
the enthusiasm of friends of, peace on
both Ride of the Atlantic and seemed
to warrant the pessimistic forecasts
that were published in the press of St.
Petersburg and Moscow, nnd by the
time wo reached New York the feeling
was general that the peace conference
would end In words and the war would
go on much longer.
United Mutes Deciding Factor
"But In these forecasts one Important
factor was left wholly out of considera
tion the-beneflcent Influence of the peo
ple of the United States. As soon as I
had a conversation on the subject with
the President at Oyster Bay I discerned
at 'once the existence of the Incalculable
force of that factor, whereupon I took
a much more faorab!e .view of the
work. Later on at Portsmouth the bal
ance seemed to be In favor of going on
with the war, and I was charged by
Wltte with the drafting of a 'telegram
to the Czar announcing the failure of
the negotiations and ascribing It to the
Japanese. The specific weight of this
American Influence then made Itself felt.
The war scale rose Immediately and the
result of our conference was the peace
which the civilized world so fully de
sired. "Today a much more destructive war
ts raging. The civilization of the Anglo
Saxon, Latin and Slav races, .was, not
merely menaced .but would have suc
cumbed before this time" had It not been
ytor the generous Intervention of the peo
ple of this great land, who have been
and are contributing everything to the
threatened icause. Today, however they
are no longer merely a beneficent factor
In a monstrous struggle. They are Its
deciding factor. The leadership of the
Entente,-of the civilized nations of the
world, 1s passing to the United States.
I nm proud to reckon mysolf one of the
pilgrims to what will be the new world
in every sense of the term.
"ircpme to this country In a spirit of
' admiration and gratitude. It Is true
that America was not the first to form
ulate, .the fruitful doctrines which are
about to constitute the ethical basis qf
the new ordering of the world, but she
did -more. She drew them from the
dust, Hif libraries Into the sunlight of
human Interest and icauted them to
strike .deep roots among the peoples of
tho earth. Fearlessly she threw her
self across the mighty currents of evil
that wire sweeping away the mainstays
of our culture and saved the noble her
itage of mankind from ruin.,
"Her contention of progress Ib spa
cious, lofty and systematic. It fills
men with enthusiasm, and Impels them
to efficacious endeavor. In order to real
ize these things In full for the well
being of the human race, all that would
seem to be needed now Is continuity of
policy nd perseverance."
Climax of Ruthlessness This Win
ter, Gennan Paper ay
Bythe Associated Press
Amsterdam, Oct. 15. There la good
" Mason to believe that the Oerman sub
marine warfare will reach a climax dur-
r met winter, ucrcuruina id ma unenisn
yarr uasetie. wnicn saya mat It
flu&e mn economic orlala of iu
attat UjmhQM ill UlstWU WW
Pershing Reports 94 Men Killed in Action-r Deaths
From Other Causes 125678 Soldiers Are
Wounded and 98 Missing
Washington, Oct IS.
Casualties lists of the American ex
peditionary forces given out by the War
Department today and last night total
BSE, all In tho army. No marlno list
was announced.
On the army list today are 494 nnmes,
divided as follows: Killed In action, 47
missing In action, 49; wounded severely,
184 ; died of disease, 34 ; died of acclde,
and other causes, 4 ; died from wounds,
25; wounded slightly, 15; wounded, de
gree undetermined, 136.
The list gi en out Inst night was di
vided as follows; Killed In nctlon, 47;
missing In action, 49 ; wounded severely,
185; died from wounds, 24; died from
disease, 34; died from nccldent and
other causes, 4; wounded, degree unde
termined, 136 ; wounded slightly, 22.
The summary of the army casualties
i date follows
Lost at sea
Killed In action ...
Dil'd of wounds . . .
Died of accident
Died of disease, . . . ,
and other
Total deaths 16,095
Wounded 25,634
Missing, Including prisoners .... 5,870
Orand total 47,699
The summary of the marine corps cas
ualties follows:
Deaths ., 44
Wounded , 76
Missing ' .
Total 12u
Knllsted men: r
Deaths 1,116
Wounded 2,132
In hands of enemy 26
Missing 141
Total ., 3,415
drand total 3,635
Tho total United States casualties In
the army nnd marine corps Is 51,131,
Todays list follows:
Killed In Action
LIIIUTIINANTS Prank Jl. Moore. Hou.
ton. Tex.; itulpu W 'llppet, Applelun, Wis.
HUKOCA.Nlri C'harlta Jl. Davis. Cincin
nati. Uhlo: Jacob J. Clorgoschllltz. HI. l'aul,
Minn.; Kviictte MrManus. AurrlUn, la,;
John MoeBcr. Tompliiavllle, X, Y.
COJU'ultALS Patrick J. Doolan. VI
Yjnn. Mine. William O. Hnnilll. Crowdtr.
okla. i OeorKt) U. IlitrdlnKtr, Urtrrlon, siwsi
lrr 1,. .Mtirnliull, 12U Itanium menue.
Illulrftllllc, I'u.l Mullate J. JkK'Ailama, Mob
vrly. Mo.; Dlmltrlos U, titratlkopuloi. Coun
cil Hlurrs, 1omi,
ritlVATHS Krnet L. Andcrnon Kln
vllle, Tex.; Carmine Aplctlla. New York:
Jamen 11. Aurellua. Nrwburypcrt. Mnaa.;
Nlrk Hortarlilrllo. IDA hetenth mrnuf. Neu
nrk, J,l Juarph llranat'a. Renting, Col.;
Claude K. Clement, Kanaas City. Kana.;
Hotuvt K. Crunuiltr, Amlaluallt, Ala.: Joaeph
J. DuRek. Cleveland, uhlo: Kdward K. Hum.
Itr. M. llrmard, Ohio; Noah ISchola, Kin
Antonio. Tex.; ItalTarl Oalante. New York:
Truman l' Murker Oomrrneur, N. Y.:
Frank Kenneth llald, 7102 Upland afreet,
I'HtKburthl Hamuel l). Johnion. Tadsaatorp,
.Sweden: John II, Kern, Olencoe Minn : nd
inrd Klldea, llucklf)-, Mich.: Willi Wins,
tlraaemer, Ala.; Anton Klemletlci. I'rovlnco
of Dubanarr. Vllna. Huaala: l'er E. l.tnarin.
A-blln Minn tlAnfnmln Tiffattfl llrtne-
....... ..... .......... ... ..,,.,... .... . ... 7-
UUIK, At I I 1 ."imi'", ! avtaia w
1M Uvwnii. ItnlivlIlB T.! Jananh MtHilniT
burg. N. Y.: Krc.
'U .Mnmia. rcamore, i. i-. ;
):! .Mnyvvuiu, uo
7:t!tf fl.tk nvenlie. flak l.nne. I'a.l
" "! -I"a --...-- ----- ""ir - i ".a..."
v vtrMtielian. New Tnrlfl John K. Mctltian.
ifaR i-nne, ra.i Annur
New York: Oacar II. McVeigh. Hrrmen. Ohio:
Joaeph Mlkenaa. Amaierdim. N.Y.: Erneat
Miller. Mncoln. N. Y.: Ilaymonil T Morrla.
71 Kddlngtoa street, rhllsdelphlat Irfo M.
Mulllnax. Soroervllle. Tey..: Iionlel Murphj.
Iloatnn. Silsss. .William rrnncla O'llara. x67
Pearl atreef. Ilurllnxtnn, N. .1, i:rlc Olaon.
Wllllnma. Minn, i Jim rnpavaall. Ilremerton,
Waah.; Jamea P. Putteraon. New York.
Died ef Wounda
rniVATES Srdnr p. Iiavko. New Tork:
.Tohn Pmil Fitdplc. Detroit! ilernt A. Poanta.
Clcnrbmok, Minn.: John (lannon. Cleve
land. Ohio: Hchyler. ara. Cadis. Ky.: Ar
nold Hodget Piedmont. Mo. Harry R, Uehty
Homeraet, Pa.i llryant W. Price, It. K. n
ft M.L'an.l. Ala . CtiHtap It. Itnnaonl
Perryaburg. iv. Y.i Srarlncl hlnaldo Korano
Province. Perugia. -Italy: Jamea i:. Iluaa.
Cleveland, Ohio; Herman II. Schakow. De
troit: Ulaniey walker .naeaiur. Aia.i tiaun
H Wood, Hrookvllle. Ohio; John Yalak, 137
UM.. a.n., I'llllaflalnhlA. lM.l PhlllD
NntM, Ilrookbn: Cheater I. nrrla. t Put
teraon avenue, i arnegie. i-a,i ixtu.a .. i-rr-p,
Kvelethi Minn,: Herman C, Hteln, Ilrook
lvn, ftnwiand It Htmincer. Kaat Aurora.
N. Y.; Charlea L. Storey Walnwrlght, Okja.:
HI la a Taroya. uiron. n. m.: vvniier ,."
aon. Plattevllle. Wla : Charlea W. Whiting.
Avon, Maaa.; Sieve. Yendrlck, 774 Heat Main
atrert. Plymouth, Pa.
Died of DIaesae
MKCHAN.C James S. Wallace, Iloopville.
MUSICIAN Edward Lucai. Hamilton.
VillVATns Jamea II. Armeaworthr. 7S21
llamllfon avenue. I'lttahurgh. I'a.l Claude
riilmuel Hooker. North Salem Ind.; Auguat
W. Ilurmleeter. Jeffera. .Minn.: tleorge
N Frye. Medford. Maaa.iWarren II. IVeltz.
ISOn North (ieorge atreet. aork, Pa.i Sam
uel H. Field, llarkadale. Tex.l Aba O. Froat,
Clarkavllle. Ark.: Jack flood. Doniphan. Mo.;
In Hall, Oldtown, Ky.: Andrew SI. llalver
aon. Clarkfleld. Minn.: William ,I3 Hunt
alnger, Indlanapolla, Ind.: Mmnni SI. Iryln,
1021 Kaat Prealsn street. Baltimore. SId.l
Jarrea T. Johnaon. Unwden, lla.: Albert t.
Junkerman. Illack Water. Mo.: Andricl
Klecz, Hamtramck. Mich. : Carl T. Lund
berg. Htrundburg. fl. D.: Clauds It, Mac
Comber, Dover. Sle. : James Harvey McCon
nli. Cincinnati. Okla.: Angui McDonald.
Manila. Mich.: Jahua Mingo. Columbia.
Mich.: Kdward K, Slullln. Hputh Iloatnn.
Maaa.: Itlrhard L. Kltrhena. Helena Ark.:
imnel Kolb. 1610 Houth Tenth afreet. Phil
sUelphla. I'a.i Valentin Kukla Kaw Kaw
lln. Sllch.t Stonroe SIcDonald. Heher. iitah!
Thomas Chapman Slnnlgomery. New Com
eraton. Ohio: Ira SI. Moore. Illvthe. Oa : Ar
thur Nunn. Croawell. Slleh.: John Jip'"'
ski. Detroit: AnnanlaaRnberaon William
aton. N. C: Charles C. mraraltla. Water
burr. Conn.) Loula C. Witt. Detroit. Mich.
Died of Accident and Other Cauaea
PJltVATES !yrlll Harant. Chicago! John
A. Keenan. Chicago: Valllard T. Price,
ftrooroa Island. Maf.i Jahn W. Stevenaon.
ilaker, Ore,
Wounded SeTfiely
L1EUTBNANTS Frank Oeorgo Fltipat
rick, Chicago: Jamea A. Qett ngj New Ha-
yen. I'onn.i r.imer iiowh.u, ...-ifc...-..., , . -
ton. III.! Frank iiuinerry, iveuoa i,
Victor It, .'Nyaowanaer, o"'""'r;
Hlanlrr Phllllpa. Hpner Mtelalr, N,
O- ...
' BEnrjEANTS Klva Ballard. rt Pulaski
Til. I John II. Ilrockman, llrookfleld. Mo.:
W. WaySs Fulton, .faitfled la.: Thomas
K. Oallagher. Iirooklyn: Hpbert F, Onm.
brell, llamllton.O.: Francla E. tlarland
Chicago; jonn c:. ". HI"? '"V. ..
L. Jonea. Florala, Ala.; .Clayton V. Lam
bert. 170 I'nlon "treet. liacKenaoeK.n. ,i
Cornelius K. Long.- Jollat I II. s Oeorge Lv
SIcCutcheon. Evanaton. 111.: .Patrick J. JIc.
Kvoy. county uueena
ttugn J,
McOulre. Johnstown. N. T.; John A. mo-
Nulty. Lawrenca. Slaaa.; Btanlslaw Nagorka,
Chicago; Eugene W. O'Connor. Chicago:
William J. O-Sulllvan. New York: Frank
Roth, Holup lane, Hutchinson, Pa.i Howard
Shoemaker Uulnlon, N. J.i Harry D.
Bkagga. Tonganoxle, Kan.; John F, Swan
strom. New York. -
CORPORALS Slathew St, Adama. Og
denaburg, N. V,: Daniel v.Vebster "rit0,n
r.llenvllle, .-s. x.t trans m, , j.outiir, ui.u,
N. T.: ClIfTord T. Ilurtt. Twin Falls. Ida.;
tank T. Ryron. Alpena Mich. C Manuel T.
Ferreirn, Slanuel T.. Taunton, Slaas.; Ar.
thur Ferschke. New York: Clarence A,
Orey,Fort Worth. Tex.l Wyr-e Jones- Whvd
flap. Pa.i Arthur Kelser. Relmont, N. T.;
Thomas F. Klelty. Tllden. Neb.; Charlea
Latkowskl. Chicago: Jamea J. I-ogan. West
Medford, Sfass.: Norman K, Iing, St. Slsrio
County, Sld.i Tatrlck J. Siclnarney. Illl.
feragh. lillkva. County Clare. Ireland: Jo
aeph P. McKlnney, Iirooklyn: AHaur P.
Slannrrberg, (lien Campbell, Pa.i. David V.
Nichols. Little Rock. Ark.: HJalmar Rrr.
nocl P.t.rinn Hardwood. Sllch.t Claude It.
'Roberta. Wnuaau. Wis.: George Shady, Val
doata. Oa.i Lawrenee M, Steffen, Natrona,
HUCILER Charles Albert Martin, De-
" WAOONERArthur J. Teasler, abodyesr,
COOK Peter N" Anaatla, Waverly. Slaaa.
PRIVATES Clarence a. Abrahamaon,
Rrandlnavla, Wla.: Andrew Adomaltla,
Cherry, III.: Edward Albrecht, New York;
Herman William Allen, Tomahawk. Wis.:
Lye A. Allen, in Hall atreet. Irvlngton,
N. J, Victor V. Ilagnek. Mhlcago; William
Rala, New Yorki Silks Ranawlcz, Water
bury. Conn.: Herbert llannlstcr. Port Huron,
Sllch.t James A. Ilareellona. New Orleana,
I.a.1 Loula, Raahner, llrooklynt Oeorga J,
Rann. San Francisco, Cal.i Sylveater .p.
Cavanagh, Iirooklyn? Frank O. Claar. Mo-
Harold J-" Clutter, Addison atreet, Waah.
m.inn, ia,i ivitn ,.' .V? j 1
t jonn rraneia cnxon, pouin
vinonarn, w, l r.uwins i. v upocrirr, ssi
IImwIIS atreet
irenion. pi, .i nviyraier j.
Cudahy. Ventura, Cal.; Mike F,
Mornadaie, ra.i rtiei n. iiani
M Dnhi
New Orleans. La.t Ralph belgionio. Kaat
lloston. Maaa.i waltar Herman Dorrow,
Marauetta County. Mich.: Stephen J. Dough.
atreet. warren, rs.t Nicnoias
Warren, l'a
Irleana. La.t
erty, Nlckalaylll. Vs.: Charlea Dunford.
Oslar. Va.t rank Martin 'Earl.. Kaw Al-
'I'.'. A Ma.J a. .
Oransevllle, N. Y.; AVealey rarleaa.' Oalnea.
raln. Ala.l
John FcrretD, Thlral street. Harilan
...... -v.ri,, inin pirevi, naniitn, , .i
arl A, Kretman, Lamar, Knn.t Alphonae
ravell. ritchburir, Maa.: qrorer C. 11a
lann, Mint, Mich.: K.lward O. Matt.
trathmnre, Cal.i John M. Hasaem. Long-
W. J.I
mom, Col,: Kmll Her. New Ynrki Kerdl
nsnrt E. Jleth. Ton Atkhson. Wla.i Arthu
" Howell. Lebanon, ()t.,- John V, Jackaon,
St. Joaenh,
Mo. I Ionard Janke, Freeman,
H. U.) Arth
... ',, Annur it, jonnign, i,uiner, uim,,
lloaa Jnneii. Knn.i fMlv Ia Alheel lrnm.
kea, lluttaloi Herbert A. Klein, Hortonvllie,
wis.; Joaeph Krrykwa. Jewett City, Conn.)
Karneat I. I.a l'lne, W'catport. N. Y : Louis
A. Lnrala, New York! Morrla Lekarhmsn,
New York: Charlea W. I.lndc, lllnadale. JU.:
I'atrlck II, McCalie. New York: Harry O.
McCarxer. Mllla, X. M,: Jamea McCreary.
ltojao city. Tex. William MrDonoush, New
York; Kriwarri H, MrKarland. (Ireen l-'nrk,
Ind Genres W. Mcdee, New York: Harry
McNeil, (lloverallle. N. Y,i Martin L. Mt
tluener. Kohreratown, la.i Joaeph L. Ml
loy, New Hrlshton. N. Y.i William It. Man
tllla, Worreater, Maaa. i Coimi), -Mcltl. Ilea
eon. N, Y. : Ilennlo C, Meredith. Hunting
ton. AV. Vr.! llvron r. Monaolil. Kline.
Pendleton County, W. va.: Ulenn Iwls
Mjera. llenr Lake. Mich.: Jnarph M. .Pitt
man, Cleveland: Kobcrt A. Dolan. Atlanta,
(la.: Cornelius Doolln, I.emnnt, lit.: Adam
A. Dranklmkz, Chlcogo; Wade II. IJrlg.
gera. Lakeland. Fla.: Joaeph Drlmkoaky,
MlnneniHjIla. Minn.; Frederick H. Kdcn, r'ay
rtteUlle. Ark.: John Kgldlo. Milan, Mich.:
John Alfred T.rlcaon, Wnterbury, Conn.:
Robert Fulls, Tnararnrn atreet, I'nlo Alte,
I'n.l Thomna F, Fny, I'nllande nteniie, Weat
llobokrn, N. 4.1 Harry (leorre 1ebllg. IIS
Mouth hlrat afreet, Nhnmokln, I'u.l Alfred
T. Flllera, tlreenevllle. Tenn.: John T, Fits
Patrick, Jamaica, Long laland. N. Y.;
Charlea F.ftnlng, Auatln. Minn.; Tracy L.
Foils. Hamlin, Ark.: ltlchanl K, Furr,
SlnnlleM, N. C : John J. Uannnn, New
York: tleorge Cllhaon, Keokuk, ta. : Allle
flnnsea, Anoka, Minn.: Joaeph Orabowakl,
Milwaukee, Wla.: Henry M. Orant, McOraw.
N. Y.; !Mard Oray, lllchmnnd Hill. N. Y.i
Alfred M. Helgeaon. WoodMlle. Wla.: Nlcho.
laa F. Hill. Ilrookbn: I lurry J. Ilartil
on. 2037 l"Jit Arltnmt afreet, rhllndelohlai
Knnatanty Henclnakl, Chicago: lxula Smith
llenderaon, HufTalo: Uenrae L. Ilenaley,
Oroaecloae, Va.l (leorae Wnalnaton. Hewllt,
llould City. Mich.; tlua Hill. HufTalo: Her
man II. Horowitz. Ilrookbn: Jamea Houaee.
Iv. Soddy, Tenn.: Joaeph lltlnra, U, F. I.
47, New Albany. I'a.i llenrv Mlnakl. Mhl
ann City, Ind.: Andrew M. Jrnan, Illka,
la.: ltnbert Jonea, .llaa Cltv, Ind.: AllIt
J. Johnaon, Ilrnoklnga. P. II. j ttnlph John
aon. Frojdrn. Norwny: Albert Sidney, John
alnn. Jr., Union, V. Va,: Joaenh Kawlrkl,
Warsaw, Toland, nuaaln Jeaale Kellry, Pin
Hill. Ala.: Lawrence KlnV, Houaton. Tax.:
Taul Kin. Mgrnnge, On.: Mlrhnel Knrnlrk,
Corhln. Ituaala; William J. Kriiua. IKinala:
Sherwood A. La Ilouehe. t'tlci, N. T,:
Clarence Q. Law. Anthony. Knn.t Jnma
L I.ear, Iiweii. Maaa.: i,ouia t: if iiiono.
WUItmantlc. Conn.: Henry t, Oanaon.
Minn.: Clarence I,ett. llennett. la.: John
T. Lockhart. Clanton, Ala.. Maurice Chfla.
topher Ixngatreet. New York; Martin A.
I.den. Mouth .NorwoiK. conn.: .ionn i,ncn.
Providence, U. I.: Jamea J. O'Connor. Den.
er. Col.: Joaeph Oilier. Ynungatown. O,:
Francesco Pallrachl. New York; Walter II.
Peake, nreen Mountain. N. CM lllnl I'et
lerhl, Mnxeetonn rond, Norrlafown. I'a.i
Michael, Ivilto. Iirooklyn: Arthur Phelpa.
Henderann. la.: Vlto I'lperala, New Village,
N. J.i I'lnard F. Potter. I.aurnvllle, 3fd.i
Harney Johnaon Akra. N. D.
'Slightly Wounded
PRntlKANT reta SD-nee.1 Dallna. Tar.
rnnfnitAI. Joaeph L. Ynkono. Iirooklyn.
M'al.RIt U'llllnn, I.. SelKileaer. 3150
North Seventeenth afreet, rhlladelnhla.
PKIVATEH Attle llerett. Pan Frnnelaco:
Jerry. DIJoy, New Haven, Conn. Verner
Kalenlua, Hnqulam, Wnh : rnnnid Mellash,
White atreet. Summit Hill. Pn.l Joaeph Me.
redo. Hanfnrd. Cal.l Simon Paellnn. Chel.
aea. .viaaa : vvniier .innnriK. tti .inuaiei
-treet. Plillndrlphlai TnrrHo Itnvnl, Iti
Plillnrielnlilai Tnrelln Itavnl. II 01
Hilllnmd afreet. South llethlehrm. I'n.l Kmll
Torvln. 7I) Tn-e'fth atreet. Jersey City
V. J.t Ullllnm Vlnr. 21 Srrfhmer atreet,
llngeratonn. Md.i John Wnlah. Iirooklyn;
Flnnrd llllama, 2610 Olenwood avenne,
Wounded Degree Vndetermlned
LIEUTENANTS Kills E Hnrlng. Monu.
ment Ileach, Slass.; Alvah L. Paraona, lUp
Icy. W. Va.
SEnOEANTS Walter nankaton. DecvJtur.
Ala.; Frank II. llarlon Warrenahurc. 111.;
Ilobart II. Ileeker. 221 Canal atreet. Schuyl
kill Haven. Ii.; Ralph It. Ilerry. 241 Sillier
atreet, Knoxvllle. Pa.: Aaron W. Haeeleen.
Ogden. la.: Huaaell Ifnrdwlck. Ited Oak.
In. I Christian (I. lleckrote, llaxlelon. 1'n.i
llmce L. Hunt. North lirnd. Pa.: Fedelea O.
Krltrer. Chadwlcka. N. Y.; Thomna r.
I.vnch. B4I8 Jefferaon atreet. Philadelphia:
Hen Hendobry. Chicago: Lyell K. Thomiwen,
400 SInuch Chunk atreet. Pottavlllc. Pa.:
Charles K. Tntz. Mnrcua Hook. Ii.
CORPORALS Peter A. Anderaon. RrooV.
lyn: Dietrich W. A. Herger. Woalilnalon,
I. C.: Carl K. Ilnhlln. Ilrooktn: Thomaa J,
llrodrrlik, 3114 Market atr'et. rhlladelnhla;
Erneat W. Filer, otego. N. Y.: Jesa Oard
ner. Atlantic. In.; Hale Handv. Illrmlniham,
Ala.: Jamea SI. Klaaock, 21.1 Hedford avenue.
Plttabursh: Robert 11. Krauae. Sevmour.
Wla.: tleorge C. Kremer, 211) Columbia
atreet, Bchuvlklll Haven. Ta.: Roy E. Nelson.
Mrena. Okla,: William J. Phelan. Somer
vllle. .Maaa.; Frank It. nice. Alma. Kan.:
Joseph Hnluakle. 118 Lake nvenue, Duryea,
Pa.: Frank V. Schmidt. Oraaa Valley. ..Cab:
George If. Slema Wantagh. N. Y.iVvllburn
A. spHinhnwer. Plnnacio. N. u.: vvniiam a.
Summera. Humavllle, SIo.: Cvrll S. Wallers,
tlary, W. Va.: Albert Weiss. 1722 East
Sloyamenslng nvrnue, Philadelphia.
TIUOI.ER Harold 8. Anderson. Sladlson,
SHJSICIAN Daniel V, Welch, Sllllbury.
Slasa ..,
.MECHANICS Frederick II. Davla. Wil
ton. Conn.; Alfred II Smith. Addlenn. M. T.
COOKS Samuel K. Fletcher. Haileton.
Pa.; Jo-eph J. Slellnlg, 3440 orlanna street,
PRIVATES Wealey 11. Allison. Prlne
tin., nr. rintrcre Amieraon. Watertjury.
Conn.; Harry L. Anderaon. .130 Hampaon
atreet. New .Castle. Pa.: Henry Anderaon,
lleaaemer Ala.. Andrew Anaelmo. New
York: nililnm A. Armstrong. 4MB North
Eighteenth atreet. Philadelphia: Albert Atch.
lev, Slemphls. Tenn : Slatly Attanaala,
Mrooklvn: Artnur r, Auncnraan. .?'"'," .'"
Vt.: Almo Ilanvllle. Chlcopee Falla .Maaa.;
d ,-.. ,.na- ti. . rr.il Itenn.
Chicago; I.oula c. Hetts. Ilrnokbn: Ilnward
I. Mien. Wabasha. Sllnn.; Alexander lllacj,
vv nburne, j-s.: .vianin a, ."' i "";rr' ,
ago. wis.: Mllllam II. Keller. 11IJ2 Llht
eenth atreet. Altnona. ,ra.: Alexander Lrxe-
WinaKI, (iUKra i-iora. nuwti. - ". v-
tugga, Hronkl-n: Hherman Abv I.tnciaey,
Wheatland. Sin.: Jamea Ixingajrelh. Ookdale,
Pa.: Arthur Lundy. Hajtaelle. Ala.: Mil
Hani McCllntoek. 403 llaverford avenue.
Phllidelphla; Slelvln .McCoy. Heaaemer. Ala.
Franklin II. SIcKlnney. East Spart. O.;
Charles J. Slannrra, Old Harford. Hamilton.
Ilaltlmnre County. Sid.; ,JPn Marshall.
Port Henry. N v.: John Slaaon. fiOHl II'"1'
man atreet Philadelphia: Walter S . May.
nard. DonavlllC. N. Y.: Arthur L.SIcF. on.
Shelton. Conn : Earl Sillier. O""'"!."!
Va.: Patrick Slonanhan. Iveadal. III. I Lnsjtl
R. Nankervla. Detroit: Joenh i J. Nay. .UI
North Ninth atreet. Philadelphia: Harlan J.
Nnbllt. Ilyberry Farma. "yberry. Pa.; Dennla
Oiler. Carlea, O.:: Jamea F. O'Stiea. 1JII
N. St. Ilernard atreet Philadelphia: Terrs je
P. O'Toole. New York: Mllllam J. I'arjf. l
Oak Hill atreet. LonaconlngMd.t William
W. I'eteraon. Tuckahoe. N, Y.! J?"erh.E.
Rlkke, Oxford. Maaa.: William llluefataln
Ilrook n: Jeaae J. llradv. hhowlow Ar,;
Robert J. Ilrondl. Oak Park. III.: Linn T.
llrown, Chicago: Joaef Ilroxlk. Detroit! John
J. llurke. Ilrookbn: Carl liuarh. Cincinnati,
o.; Enoch E. Cable. Ilurllngtpn. Wash,;
Henderson Cherry, lllrmlngham. Ala.: Joaeph
Chlckle. 1021 Weat Slulberry atreet, Sha.
mnkin Pa t Edgar E. Cloutare, White
Csatle: La'joahua SI. Colllna. Lufkln Tax,;
Frank Conlln. Pomona. N. Y.: Mllllani V.
Coyle. 811 Jonea atreet. Wllkea-llarre Pa,;
Karneat W. Dall. Cleveland, O.i John J.
II man. mm lirew eirr .rwr. ..,.. .
phla: Antonio Donoaio. wew iHrai t.r,,u.
honovan. Ijiwrence. Maaa: Charles A. Kb
liecko New York: Dave Kdwards. Ilocktjold.
K?.: fclme Kcather.ton.. Ooldthvvalte. Tm :
James F. Tlsh Star City. Ark. i Lucas Fori.
IlrSoklw William F... Foster. Ilayard. Neb.:
'lallallll IH' " ".: . r. aji' .. u..a.
Andw' KW'k:"Mrk W-lai-Uarrla. Oil
rov. rvvi.! jonn viaiaa. wfl.r-. .-..-..
Ilayonne N. J.I. Harry oonr,
Neb.! Jamea J, . "utul""'
Orle Leater Goodrich,
Hardy, Net.:
No truck is
better than the
service back of
it. We promise
service and give
All Sixes Immediate Deliveriei
?31.33 N. Brow! St.
aLlaWaLsWPPi rP HTR, PK ijV
" tfAKu
Son cf former Congrenman J.
Waihlngton Logue, who died at sea
on the wiy to France to fiflit the
Lieutenant of Marines Prcv to
Pneumonia Aboard Ship
Lieutenant Francis C. Logue, U. H.
M. ('., 306 Hpruce str.et, died of pneu
monia September 19 aboard a transport
on the way to Franco, ncibrdlng to word
received by his father, former Congress
man J. Washington Logue
Lieutenant Logue, who was twenty
two years old, was a member of the
Thirteenth lloglment. United Slates Ma
rines, ami was at sea several days when
Unllstlng In the marine corps ns a
private, Lieutenant Logue vvns sent to
the officers' training school at quantlco,
Fla., where ho received his commission
on August IE of thh oar. Ho was
born In Philadelphia, attending the pub
lic schools nnd Inter graduating from St.
Joseph's College. Afterward he took
n courao at Notre, Dame Institute. Ind.,
from which he graduated. Lieutenant
Logue resided with his parents at 3906
Bpruce street. Ills father, J. Washing
ton Logue, Is a prominent attorney and
was a candidate for Lieutenant Gover
nor. Lieutenant Thomni A. Logue Is
now In France with the First Planter
Harold V. nam'll. 87 Kaat Walnut lane.
Philadelphia: Frank K. Harrison, Roosevelt,
N. Y'.t Starbel W. Haakett. Terre Haute.
Ind.: Robert Hatch, Norfolk, Va.: Jamea
II. Hatcher. Fesrn Springs. Sllaa ; William
Hayes. I.utchar. La.: Erneat W. lleflln.
Tobeca. Stafford Count. Vs.; Cloya C.
llendley, Slalbar. Ky.: levvla I llenne. 221
lchlgh atreet, Tamanui, Pa.: Arthur C.
Ilenry, Apollo. Ta.: Fred Holme.. 101 Weat
First atreet. Illoomaimrg. ln.: Jamea
llnlme U'.mn O ! Kdwartl Itnluh. Chi
rago: Ralph E. HoniM, Knat Point, On.;
Charlea Howard, New Tora; Kuwaru iiuisey,
Fayettevlllc, Tenn.: Rert J. James, Pennst
vanla avenue. New Castle, Pm; Knrl .lenk
ln. inn Pallaada avenue. tTnlon Hill. N. J.I
Efem Jermoulk. Ilrldzrport. Conn.; Walter
Johnson, Norwich. Kan- Aaae William Jnrg.
enaon. Stouby, Denmark; Karl Kane, Den.
vcr, Col ; Pnter Kanatrup. Arlington, H. V. !
Jacob Kavka. Enterprise, Kan.
SEROEANT Arthur L, Ooode. Illackaton.
CClRiauiIAL Alport
Cournoer, Spencer,
PRIVATES Klmoro Ileeker. Rrookljn:
fleorge J. Ilrooka. Waltham. Sfaaa.; Clro
Aioeri lirnime. vjoidwater, .Mien.: jonn ii.
Duscon, Sevlervllle. Tenn.; Robert Edwarda.
Iirooklyn: Walt Erlekaon. Wlnthrop. Sllnn.;
Walter Hale, le. Va : Jamea K. Hay, 411
South Jarcd atreet. Dubota. Pa.: William
Hlcka, Rome, Us.: William F. HolTman. llu
Cole atreet, Johnstown. Pa.: William J.
Kuhn. . Chicago; John P. Slortell, Illlbert,
Wla; 'Sllchael Santz. Tarn'town. N, T.:
Dalits O. Scott. I'eytnnaDurg. Ky.; John J.
Stucklaa, Yonktra. N. Y.: Peter stukts. 4o:u
Nnrlh Slain street. Plttaton. Pa.: Ralph A.
Taylor, 431 Norwood street. Kaat Orange,
N. J.; Frank Telllr-gton. Ooldsboro, N. C:
Henry Temme, Petersburg, Neb,: Charles
Trulla. Cleveland. ().: Alex. Vvll.knmn. noj
Sixth street, Monesaen. Pa.; Fuy Owens,
Alexandria, Ind : Arthur II. Parpke. Mil
waukee. Wis,; John Pantalone, Motley, Utah:
tleorge H. Parson, Urania. La.: Placldo
Prnone, I.eechburv, Pa.: Oacar Peters. Slc
tlehee. Ark.: Francla o. Piper. Claytonla,
Ruller County, Ph.: Snmuel Itaamuasen, Fre
mont. Wla.) Sllchael Riley, New Castle.
County Sleath, Ireland: Alexander RomeJ,
Detroit; Leo J. Ryan, Sycamore, III.: Kvuns
J. Sawver. smlthvllle, Tex.' Thomas J.
Shaw, 2840 Tasker atreet. Philadelphia;
Washington, Oct. 15. The following
additions to the casualty list mailed
for 'publication today are announced:
Killed In Action (Previously Reported -Miss
ing in Anion
LIEUTENANTS Jamea B. Howler. Wash
Ington; Philip Illeti. Hostile. N. J.i Charlei
fivw1. 4V "".it . WW.W1C.J
Julio de CSrdeno
Former Mayor of Havana
SPARAGUS raw and aspar
JL agus cooked the one repels
L- X.tne palate; the other re
joices it. Curing in Mapacuba per
forms the mission of cooking
blending corresponds to seasoning.
Havana Filler The sparkling tang and
savory spictt which dwell only in the
genuine Cuba-cultured leaf.
Sumatra Wrapper From one of the
Sunda Islands of the Dutch Eait Indies,
where Tobacco Raiting is an art handed
down from father to son.
1 A Cent, and T .
XU Upward O Slzef
Buy it at any Cigar Stirt, Stand,
Club He til er Rtttaurantf
Alto Minufacturtci the Famous
."IIarrlon. Columbus. Oa.i Lae C, Tren'
lie. Albert rt. Minn.
HCHOKANTB Jamea J. Manure, niw
Tork eltyi Herbert Charles Wond.Ur
N Y.I Thomas II. Coburn. Iirooklyn,
COIll'OKAt..s l.uther 11. Kaaley.
WMK). uroeaijn.
II), I Moaes notbenateln
,1 Moaes notbottetn, liiu roru
reel, Iirooklyn. N. Y,
1210 Furtr-lourth
aireet, iirooKiyn, a. I.
I'JIIVATK.S (leorre It.
riuvAir.a viennre II. nownrr, ......
la,: llitmin Caaaens t)7 York atreel,
n Frsrrlacol Kdwln ', Ceolty. "AX
id. Maaa.i Jamea Ollea, Mil Vandtrbll
avenue. :lrnnkltn.
,,v-u n.rii. ai .,iin , iiivin ii.tui
....w. ... ...y ..r. ..... ----; i--i;x- ....
nrooxiyn .n, t: ciarenee iiniini, i , '
pont street, Philadelphia i John U. Ilen
rlcha, Atlantic, la t Joseph HefWc, 'it
Htenilman airee), fltUkurgn. ra.i Martla
llau.er. Mlddfetawn. m.i fleaiia t Me
Neely. Wlwf )g. Ps.i John A. Mitchell.
Hie. Ky.i IVinlel 1. 'rnnr. Fjilwe.
, J.i Oiebe llodrlnue, Ixxan. I.: Mllllsni
Weafer H Incer ny. ilrtfoft, ro.i Waltar II.
Tlllotaon, Hnpedale. Maaa.i KiMT JXV"'
Jr.. New York elty: Kuwel K. .iWers.
Mnyneabnrg, r.i tleorgo Luebker. Lsporte.
Ind.: Lawrence Oaburn. Clay. n. s.,
I'eaare IVnnathle. Mrottdale, Pa.
Died ef Wounda (rmlMialy EeporUd
lieterely Heunsed
COIlPOltAL Henry llyron Hall. HirJIna
burg, Ky.
bled ef WanJ (Pnalmaly ltrpeHed Mla-1
Ing la Action)
PIUVATK Maurice L. McDermett. Irfw
gootee, Ind. '
WennJed Severely, PrriUnaly Reported
IMtd Fnra AceMeat and other Canaea
waukac, Wla,
Woaaded HfTcraly,
rrtTlonaty Reported
In Action
Umeatraal. I'a.l IIUEL T. l.llCT, Frt
Jaaonvllle. Ind.: TONY HWATKA. 3410
Mercy atreet, rhllatMpliUi IIARIIT It.
WEST. Seattle, Wash.; MARION IC Vvllr
I.IAMH, lganaport. Pa,
Slightly WanndeJ, I'revlaci.ly ReparleJ
Missing In Artloa
SIAN, Traverae, City, Mich.: 1IKNNIE
1IENSON, Wlldroae. N. 1),
Wounded, l'retlaosly Reported .Missing
la Action
Wounded, larirre Codelermlned, Pretlausly
KeiHM-ted Missing in Artien
Conn. ,
Rubicon, Wla : OTIS II. FARROW, Alta-rt-vllle.
Can.; STEVE SKUOHOWHKY, Iirooklyn.
Relumed to Iroty. rrerlaoalT Heoerted
Mlaalng In Action
CORPORAL-rDav-d II. Livingston, Eliza
bathton. Tenn.
PRIVATES Alexander lll7svork. Ruf.
ala; James Cravena. Sharon. W. Va.: lie
tro Irro. Italy: John. StrOre. Montgomery.
Ind.; Jamea AngeHlonl, l'ottst-wn, I'a.l
(leorre D. Ilaker, Peoria. III.; William K.
Chlldreaa, Jemlson. Ala.; Raleigh R.
Dlshong. Austin, Ind.; Morrla Uoomln.
Hrookljn: Arnold L. Stiller. Wabasso. Sllnn.
Dead. Previously RepoMed Missing In Action
PRIVATE John Kool. Illcknell, Ind.
Hied from Wounda Received In Action. Pre
viously Reported SUsalng In Action
PRIVATE Clarence II. Logsdon. Kill
buck. O.
Wounded Severely In action. Prevtoualv Re
ported Killed la Action
PRIVATE Lutsl Izzo. Rochester, N T
Wounded Severely In Action. Prevlouvly Re-
portea .vnssing in Anion
PRIVATES Paul P. Fowler. . Oswego.
Ind.: Henry J. Itlchter. Davenport. la : louls
1. Russell, lxdl, Cal.l William II. Tolbert,
llardvvell. Ky.: Paul Williams. Paris. 111.
Slightly Uounded In Artien (Previously Ke-
ported Missing In Action)
PRIVATE Charles O'Hurn, New
Mounded In Action, Degree redetermined
Previously Reported .Mlaalng In Artien)
PRIVATES Donald C. J'reiman. yiui
berry, ria.: John A. Nloidemua,
ilend, Ind.; Deun Zcller, Washburn,
N. D.
Sick In Hospital (Previously Reported Sllaa
Ing In Action)
nnvi'rett.l.tn.. tlmitmnra Ilabcnck
Sllddlevllle. Sllch.i Jamea Lynch. New Ha
ven. Conn.: Thomas J. li'Slarra. Romulus,
N. Y.: John II. Savior, nig spring, Meu.;
F.4ura Truppo, Elizabeth, .V. J.
Returned to Duty (Previously Reported
Killed In Action)
PRIVATE Eber It. llurton, Vernon
N. Y.
Oversubscribe Loan, Is
Cardinal Gibbons's Plea
Caitllnal Oibbons has sent this
message to the people of Philadel
phia: "Nothing must be allowed to in
'terfero with our effort tn behalf
of the fourth Liberty Loan. In
common with other cliizens who
have the cause so much at heart,
I look to Beo this loan oversub
scribed. The patriotic citizens of
Philadelphia have never yet failed
In a crisis.
"The oversubscribing of the
fourth Liberty Loan Is n matter of
great moment and importance. Bee
to It, fellow citizens, that the call
of the leaders meets with a full,
generous and hearty response.
"Baltimore, October 14."
Not the
Cifsr for
Ihe money
.OCTOBER 15, 118
President Reviled by Ger
mans as They Waged Pro
gressive Pillage
Women and Girls Had to
Work and Accept Town's
Debt as Pay
By the Associated Press
With the French Army la lk Loan
Area, Oct. IB.
Tho pillage of Lnon waa progressive.
It began with the arrival of the first
troops, who looted eery house and
building that was not Inhabited at the
time. Later on the pillage extended, to
houses that were Inhabited. It reached
Its height on the departure of the gen
eral staff of the Oerman army comi-
manded by General son Heerlngen.
fjlrls nnd men were taken from Laon
and sent to prison camps In (lermany
and nussla ns from other parts of
northern France during 1917. They
have since been sent home in accordance
with the Berne agreement, but when
tho town was evacuated several hundred
young men of fighting age were carried
oft with the mayor and Senator Ther
mant. Inhabitants say the Germans
feared the Senator's revelations on the
door of the French Senate
Insulted President
One of the crowntng acts of the oc
cupylng troops was the insulting of
President Wilson In a tract that wa
distributed profusely by Oerman soldiers
among the population. Thlt document
reads In part:
"It Is now absolutely evident that
the determination to kill, comes from
the White HoUBe.at Washington and Is
concentrated In the perron of Trestdent
Wilson. It goes without Baying that
tho dpctor of philosophy. I'resldent,
Democrat and humanitarian will bo nble
to Invent the best of reasons for con
tinuing tho war."
Then follows a diatribe against doc
tors of philosophy In gtneral. coming
back ngaln to the American rrrsldent
In these terms: What difference Is
thero anyway between Wilson, who
has come out of the University of Phila
delphia (Sic), and any kind of a Nero.
Compared ta Caesar
"The first defends the thesU of the
continuation of the war before the
American Fenate; tho other Justified
HHHNV IBIbHbEF H HI aaH saUHai aaaaa!9aBT SazezBZBzW- ':''
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMsB t W A KUf
laaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH f k
m ' T likaf
We will win this war
Nothing else really matters until we do!
Cas9H 9 HB CffRKMI WSsWa na7
CHI. it1
mat a, Berk the ITuMl aVavCtftieas
kad.recxMsTso ta the eamei araUoeraat perl
da to defend their atatavsmanafilp."
The different officers commanding In
ha town pretended that the right, of
requisition- extenaett to labor, and ac
cordingly obliged men, women and chil
dren to labor for thf Gennan army In
various wtjj. The requisitioned labor
was paid for, aa were requisitioned
products In orders upon tho Mayor,
Tho town, consequently, paJd for the
labor dene by lla citizens for tho occupy.
Ing forces. 'Tho girls were also obliged
to go to tho fields and gather nettles,
from which the Germans made a fabric
that served as a substitute for burlap
In making sand Backs for their trench
British Caiualties 35,710
Landan, Oct li. British casualties
reported for the week ending yesterday,
numbered JS,71, divided as follows:
Killed or died of wounds, officers, 852 ;
men. 17.
Wounded or roUslng, omcers, 1141;
men. :,I9,
ibBvSCB Ti
The Flavor Lasts
I l
AtrpM atfll(n .aVxttflflMPaK
ante VveKtsalnsmsM
WosMngtas, Oct IB To- MJMra
Imports with shipping conditio
ensure tho supplies necisaasry.'l
consumption, control of tha Isaa
of coffeei baa been taken
Sugar Eauallzation. Board.
licenses havo been revoked aa
shipment artar October is,
Control cf Importation- was
iy agreement aoiween tne,
hoard and ihe nrad admlnlst
announcing tho arrangement
roou auminuxration sain ratiw
contemolated. but thai the no
be esDected tn reduce eonoun
careful avoidance of all waste, i
Indulgence and by careful' pr
or conee lor me lame.
Clergymen to Protest Cbsrek CI
Protest against the order eh
ehurches on Sunday becaua at
ensa will be made this afternoon.
clergymen or tne Protestant Bplex
Diocese of Pennsylvania. They will :
nt z:ju o ciock in ino cnuron
Tweinn ana walnut alreetav. audi -re
their views to Bishop Ilhlnelander, ;
Xo matter what your carrying probf
are. the Iutlcn Overheat! Carrier
them. It docs the work chew
quicker and with less labor. One
can do the work of five no trucks, i
whee Klrrnurcnn u,... m A a..
no conirestinn, ' "
Louden Carrier can he bought j
Miurt, siruirjni nauis oi a lew teet, or
the most complex handling of mater!
involvinir switches, curves and ttiraitat
cost is cxcceaingiy iow abouu70c.l
loot complete, ana your own men
install it.
today for illustrated catalosr hr
how it is being used successfully ini
lines oi inau'nry. 'J
Dairymens Supply Co'JM
1919 Market Street, Phitadelpkla., fsi&
Locust 1018 Bacell
DlitrihmUri ftr j-Vj
(Eat.lBST) , rlrtU4,tot?
" - v
MKf '
f JataAJB
- - ra -

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