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- ?..
U the 61W .' 0r of lir (rni should lie ., Lnuugh to
Lauph nnd Looh I head II hut the Cliuiie Imounts
tit In Ifter Life
alHIIHK in (i ur tint n I wi v 1-oen '
. on cApti when dn lire full of
i -ice It l one of the blURi'Kt thins
a filrl ccr ha to tare, or nt least It
menu thut way to the girl wlm 1bb i
to fnco it l Hixiik of the sclmoli oom
clique i
In everv xdionl there are clluuoii
croud of Klrls who bo around with '
etch other and In every ncliool there
nro Rlrls who me left oyt in tho fold,
outside of tho crowd
I live Known Klrln to sou tlirtr
he trU out in their o n i noma at nlttlit
because of thin, and 1 have known
'hers t no mi fnr hk In l'je school,
mmplv anil solelv becaime burking the
aihool ll(tn v.ih ton hr.iithrenklnR
Do jou know how hi utbnaklng it
is" A mil eonies Into well nay frenh.
man hipli with In i linttv new fall
rlotho- ind hei IiIrIi ilicnm for ROlng
mound with the girl Cornel linen tiho
Ii n siiunKei fioin another lt
I.lHIo liv little ila bv d.iv. tho awful
ti ith liwtm on hoi 'nie laugh about,
tlmifrs xhe Known nothing of : they ro
homn on the jcai together anil do not
nilc In to eoino alonar They are not
roIor to Uko hei in'
To Till' Kirl who hai w nihil In tell
how he bus been Mnublxd bj the
m Inol i lis ue 1 want to j. "Don t ou I
urc' ' 1 would hko to put my arm
around jou and tell ou omethlng. I
I h.to titter neen a Kirl oatrtiolxed b
:t school aond who didn t amount to
Eimcthum big when xhe
And I h.ive watched iron bound
c'liiues fci.iuuuto time aft. r time and
f c r tin most part simmer down Into
tlio tni.-t commonplace. unintereMIng
hfo soon afterward
I know nuccpmful artKi. wrltem
anu musician's who were neer twitted of being left out of thing". And they
for ai the noon hour, and who wire ' hie been thonklntr fortune for It eer
human enough at nit to caie and since. Teve w.ut thcro n flnti friend
gile about it I know the different i hlp.
I ii lolhinein eommiin nn. i. i, -
you iin.1 .. i.i in .e, ., IU"" S
you iln.i ,i gh I in school vou can gen
eiau nnii nei u lire, jou eo
T AVnn.D not .idiUe the girl left
i ,.. t .u- t- . ,
-. .,u. i ... Mniw ciu-iie to waste'
Hot llinn .P. nr ... . k .... ,. . .
ner time imng to get into it Iteing
1 m n f ,U """,""p "' "" rnd
hm ,h. r"'" 'U .thB frlef"'"'lP of
boji. the real, worthwhile bovs n '
Please Tell Me What to Do
Worried I ificcii
Drn Mllilu I ,in n ,.!..,.. .. .i... .
,r, ,",.",'' Vl "lh"nl Sinn. '
',r f..J.u'. bv? ' n or i
r .nonunc viitn a uoy irni ip, r my nenior
' v"1 ' ," " 'v; In i mntlon-nlrturi house
oi ... 'i, ,. "I?"'l ."."en n ii-rt ror
-i.u'L t he nakid me to rurresimnit
with hitn I conrrnteil end I am e, rtsln
rv n known rxcect inv moth-r thnt h
!?.,,"n. .' '"" Ml1 "ri- sensible v.un
man to i.rv one known I would ti. nr
raiment ii do what he uke.l mo If I .lliln t
'"it1 ' nun j ui i mil i ii
inrthiiiB Lout him uriih-r UM th kn..w
I wrote I i him for If tWv Imii I "ul,l I
n rr fiaio ben ulloued t do It au I
nitf II. Kill. I
nion r s inMhinx to ih"in Pleas do
pur in I till iniiM In not ulllns thnm fui
I nave i-ri manv mure leusons thun thi i
or' ion i,iu
Vv iii sknew T ivrt t him nnd n. ver I
I ml f.r thv knr him vveli but '
e rn if mi mother knew him eii I would
n l r nil been able tu virile lo him nnd .
h,,, . " " ""
Ttis 1. 1 often write, he im i.mie backm.m Thl and ms,l.. no further
to Phi'a.i.lphia In tho neor fmun Ho ,:.,, ,'ne angels write these sort i
I v iIiim. ami I loid my moth, r "lerjihlnu
Rha seem it u make a joke of tt iho nrn '
rHi- lui now even thiuK l do epelll if , also thanks the many other kind renders
I," i" him fe.ms to disturb hi r undlwho Inn . Interested the n.eU.a sV,,
sho of., n -peak, alut this ks to me fa dav a l YZlZ , ,,,. !n5V- ... 'S-alUr:
lpj I h I no rlahl to
tllm nt 1 t anv other thtnitH nliiih I , nn r ' a
onsont lo writ- to
ai .nn Mi mot! r has enn sunn far
as i r sin win nav aomo one write to
him n I r nurse tell him tie, eon t write
to me ar more and many other trintra Jti
moth r will urei , arr out her threat If
I Jo Hi ! aat thlnu to dlaturb her Thla
i" am t .ue nr n friends -Sottiine out
of tin 'id nir Is written in our leitera
ilu "lull r do" llust f atop urtlllltf to
h m" Vhal khali I do If aho iarr!4a out
her threat' s' 1 1!
Vou niado a mistake at first, dear
when jou startatl the conespondince
vviinoui asking jour motners consent
not like lettera bi iwern Ikjvs and girls
Io tut make it a person il thing to
him, hovvevir Then If she should arry
out tho threat In. will nut b offended
wnn j oti
K j'our mother .avs mv.hlng further I
inun.r I VLibi. ti tint ha.hi .,.... ui.& ' n
. . ....u... ,.v. ..,,j ,..-. n,r , ,,i.,i, r (ininij u would ue iiroiier to ask , , , . . '
knows ibout It hineo sho has not slid him to come to all on vou lint t H We1","1" Just w
jou must stop sho Is probablj only tias-' not think 1 would waste much time on llea.,,1 ,!cf"'" , , , ,
lng jou It might be will to tell this a boj whom I thought did not rate for i t lMXa Jj' , boy1
bov ih.t jour mother might want to me There are ho mnij others ,fo,r 'l ,"ke lTK, ,rU1
linn .one mrrxtuiml.n, - .!,.. .!.. " "mils IllUllgeil Oil think tie;
romvs iMit'iHii's,
1. .mie three sniull clfts thut in eisllj
he alliis In viltli the re-t of tha lied
iro-s but tu the soldier In Irame,
t. re urn vi omen empluved In the exriu
tlve utTlles of tho White House
I. Hint Is the mutlhniaker's mi I il?
4. How nn the soles nnd heels of white
shoes lie vihlteiMsl ut home?
ft. itlien the tlrklnjr of a
f a tloek nnnoj. the
room uhiil iu be
r.m Minn au be
. ",' . ,. , ,
one in the fclek
done lo silence'
0. fllve a reeli for a rood mi pe fruit ald,
Will Ccnlnbute to Itjllan Relief
Ti .e i.lor of 11 uina i Vnu
Icat JIfldnm f v ,iul r II v. il .lUld prml
it jr i lumn m.ih lnlorm.
cgr 'rir.Uoiis t. lh Itullan
bl an h t f ttl'
r.in r.ei u
si at Ijo 1 a n 1 a h k i 0i
Se oni To w li in At I a nd lh
Du ion and to unat aillreas-
Third if I aeni iaah dj 1 write a note
Slvtii my name ur Initials4 n j, i.
First A check would be a more con
enlent fo-m of contribution for tha
organization to handle, but It is quite
ll right to send cash Ileglster it In
the mails fur fear of los
Second Mrs IJenJntnln Miller Is head
of tho Italian committee. Send tins ion
r butlon to her In lare of iho Italian
nmnilttee, I'mergemj Aid 1C8 Wal
nut strut I'hlladelphla
Thhd I think It would be a satis-
fa tlon to the committee to know the
name and address of its kind contribu
tor, so 1 would si nil a brief little note
iv ith either the check or oaah.
Ynutin Man Like. Our Page
To fie LdUor of M'omu s Vatttt
Ilrae JIadam I rerHvfd jour auffseatlone
a id Idma fur detmailist ami wlah to thank
) u f.r jour kind HiteBtUm I rlncerali
u n iiiui .,ur e lumn nw bav srvateat
a eaa ia I think that tint Wumsii'M Pass
la r Int.iratliui II W. II
We esteem this little letter from a
man readu
Wear Mnurnin: fur Tiame
To "if l.illlor ol 11 imfl' l'age:
lieitr JluJam AMU sou kindly sdvlso me
how Ion a lilrl ahouli wear mournlni fur
hep flvn ev Alau advlae mo liow Ion aha
at'ould i train from so.n to theatrea etc
Is ustonury for her lo ontluuu lo wear
Ii - enstaeni it ruic ftr the d ah of htr
tlmlf-o I thank J 1 V C
VcconUng to He cr cs of mourning I
Is customarj fir u gin ti wear mourn
ing for her fiance for u J ear, just as
idio would wear Ii for a member of her
family (Joinr to the theatres, etc, Is
s aaiUnlv. .a. iilitter- of ODtlOB. JUia en
SrtetuttUi to Vida
When tho Mow
I.oaeH tho lilflu of llainaiici
When irliovo tho rlvcr'fl flow
Tho owl U winging;
Turn an myrrh,
UienBPi stir
Through the waving pl'm m ui i it
Wafting balm of lepp Id er
That known my lnr n
T ndei liilglit
Stau light
Softlv touch hei IJlllmv xi nt'
Little toll r of tin nia
1 plifteil tlmrl
Ctlckot trill.
Sigh of wind annus the hil
13c ho tlii-oiigh her (dumber Ntill.
"He lovts MiU death'"
Arthur duiti iniun in the .Muili-
fill l.j i
fan. 1 lime found tliat tho majorln
0r bovs une their own Judgment iii
picking out gitlx Thpy don t gle a
hiKjtj whethu a trlil gUindu in with I
,u ,rm..,i r . . intl ... u .
t,c sort 0f ,, thoy like
He atlttled with the friendshiji of
tin other girlM on the outxide ring
Tin .iro the unumial one, like vour
nelf who arc perhapx too i.ire to bo
approciatod 1 knew two girls who got
together oneo in their freshmen year
In thU common bond of inidet j - that
'. " um '"" '"ciuqo u lonctln Mslt
? ttiu.ther whe.e fortune has .arrled
the seiond
So mpu sie life In too One niul big
and full of suiiirlie, mound the cor.
... .
ner to worrs about that -oIK. nhl
school ihoue
'et the best of our
si hool ..ears, phjslcnlh and menLillV
u"f ""'' fmmt tlia : life dor J n,,
nn graduation da Tl.N tn.lv our
, ommuictment " fie tadj f r ,
do not get eClteil ,.i- tnnr. rtl.n.. . !, 1
nilltler, but till her li un.ru ,... ,. I
Pieasuro to jou and jou want to keep I
up the i-orresnondenee. and ihnw i.eV. I
sexeral of them Ofter to do this and '
fi V'.". ,,oul1' hot like to break the
t.iii .,-," ." ,' ll,'.mk Ju "' "id she
will understand Hut do not be nngrv
or peeved about It nor let It get on
mV"."0- ,Q,y fu,n wllen people
If ...n. ...... .1 .'.... "VCI",
it ,t.l. n.T.r.u""r'"..'"rY MuiiKiy ueslst
iAh ii person teas, d does not
rnlnd "
'J hank ion for 'liial Dollar
C'vnthiT. ti, mica ih. mi . . ,
fa,tene.l n Ji on? .i ,v,k'"',1, r,.mer vv ho
' ," ""1 ,a, ' fill to the , lipping of tho I
?,ori ' tho splendid old ladv of c Ightv- I
four VI hn tq Kiiminrtle.,- .. ii -i.i... .. .
---" .3 ouhhui mm u oeu-riuui n im.
V i. e "own. so it doesn t nntter I
whether we are able to or not Cwithla I
. . ., V, ...... .it-.i m,u. unu
out uiaiu oiere-oat stopped in
und left $",
Loin of nfi ill the Sea
I. ir wi.h.-T ., C-.
with a vaiinc In.. ".Vii 7 i . ..",',
earSs murn fo?ame iIt'l?.,,'nmet,llHnl- ,' -
vltid s?v" , , & nd urls to hi. rnle".
summer place nd I was a mon them
Would vou advise mo to ak him to .urno
and see me- Dear Cjnlhla unawr as I
soon as posalble ANMul S 1
:si1c1."u !" .!"a at ti.o joung
ell Hiort Slnrie?
11 Mil sui,tnt short stories to a
sv'idliuti names uf v. hlrli vnti ,nn Otwl
rk",ele::hilno0'r "" ' ,"" S
, ... . . . . ""
eomeded to l hotter furni to i
sliiv awuy fium publh plan s of amuse
ment for at least thte.1 months aft.ri
Hie death of a ih ar i in Afti r tint it I
one feels in the mood to g( plai es It
is ipjite all right I g., it Is custom irv
for a girl to w.ar lur engagement rinjr
oftcr the death of her tlanee It Is i I
muter of choin. ,,n vvliiih linger It is I
ui after tho period of mourning is'
over -' "I.
:"1ur",n' ?,Y lu'H k'rovvn to be op- ,
sauuui, fsijreiany since me war, and I
many women nro not going Into black j
for their hero dead. Manj- women wear i
black for three or six months if jou i
would rather Ihrmlnnnrtuuinrnr.,.,,
jt tu follow this i ustom, too
- --- . ... .. .v., JUU
Did iNot hcnil Aililtr-s
To Ilie I ddor o II otnaa I'aar
Ilftar Jlatlam In u ateady read r of Jr
for j e.,r I ii m oln to hmk 50l, if
It Id possible for uu to et me thai rain
uout aa I o out lo work rvry day and It
vvouli be. very wehome unless jou have
some mis lae ln view"" I aaw Jlra. M.
D.'a ottor In tho Uxrhanar, u I., j
It was Impossible. JI I, O . to for
ward this request to tho kind reader who
offered tho raincoat, as you did not give
jour address. 1 am eorrj-.
Ilielorj of iliips Torbiililen
To Hie i diior of 11 iu a poire
Dear Ma lam IV .ml.l in,. t.l... m.o.ii.s
in th oman a i-.xehanga a brlaf tkeich of
the t' S. ! Mania, und the V H s rape
ilomaln, of the United Male navy?
Mra ) I T t,
Thero Is no printed record nf these
two ships and unless tlio history of a
ship is a matter of open record It Is not
permissible to print It from private
The Junior Rnl On-
To Iht Xtflfor o It oman Vaje.
Dr Madam 'Would jou klndlj he u m
In tellln me. where the Junior Itisl . rosa la
loeatedv 'Alao, do mviubera supply ihetr own
wool? tMlaaj ii M
The Junior Keel Cross Is in tho same
building with tho American Ited Cross,
at HIS Chestnut street The wool Is
requisitioned by auxiliaries, which In
turn will give it out free to their mem
ber. Wauls a Pair of Skates
To "e dilor o ll'omuii'a raut
Ii nr Madam I am a slrl t n irs ot I
X hav bteu lomtlnv fur u pair of skatre
but mr mother annot afford to buv them
Mat be aoiuo one who reada my letter and
who haa a pair of akatea to li away will
kludljeforward them to me A IcUAHUH.
Umx&h$.Sjir Jiaa a val-s, tUtates tu
r.ySK ' ,v M lA ift , T'J r fiJjSWsB.s- jBIHb I I
'f 1$ 'IBS?8-' tsssaS- ymMr I
I In pilnnln lillli mi.-r. .ire ( jih Slnul. Dorolliv llrown, 'lhcr
I mil lb urn i- HrovMi, Jiinit llmwn, Helen llroun. 1 mil) Ilrnwn anil
(.rare an I.ear
Light I'ntitnttt 1ism'v (ue I i Landy and ( uUe to Huv Wool mid
II in Led tgllt mid l)n In )litl,e
MX Gift
A luige ai ! I .lull till Ln.inkil ha been
turned Into the I rciuhurt Auxiliary of
the Ited ( roxs b eight little girls who
have been wml.lt if I ke Trojans einco
It U made uf kriiitul squares of many
bright lolor'- and In tho enter is n
laro fled roK IN rhups M mnj" go to
warm miiiu uoundul Amerhan boy tills
winter, or some lonely, heirtbrokeit
I'rcnch mothir and 1 i bahj or It maj'
be tucked nroiitifl a grinning pollu wlio
Is bolng.iiettid to iliulli in u comalQr'ccnt
In an use, u is bouii'1 to make
things n lot mon iliicrful wherexcr it
lands. It 1 ai in and wnoiij, anil, ho
side, there must Iihm ncpt into it somo
magic from the g. n. rou eager lingers
of tho eight little girN
Whether oni billeMs In magic nr not
clouKii t innlie any diffirfm e Noino can
denj- that there i a something' that
gets Into a gift whlih (osta Just a little
bit moic than mom
The eight little glrln are Kinllj Hron,
Grace an I.ear illiuljs Stout, IJorothy
Ilrown, Ksther l.ons lleatrlie Urottn,
Janet llnwvn and Ilei. n Tlionn and they
all 11 e Just around i'ift -third and Web
ster stlccK 1 hej linM formed a hort of
club, nnd the general superintendent is
Ml Dorotln Hothersoll who is an
aunt of the little MNkc-i 111 huh
l.Tit JIIks HiUhirtoll f.is she didn't
II) lUhil V.
LITTI.U Jacklo sat on tho top lall of
J tho fence, wondulng how he could
do his bit To be mire he was a tiny
lad, but understood manv things lor his
vvee- number of ji ars After sitting thus
for sever il minutes In ran to tho faim-
. r """r U minutes In ran to tho f
I.ous.) klti hen where hlr slsti r
could be found cooking some dcllg
it... i m .... . .. ...
inn Tin m smr s cooil : mine one
Ma " said .la.klu helping himself
without waiting for an an'wer .lut
'hen ho happened to see slstirs face.
fcl'e was crjlng Whj, he never knew
in u nig gins rieu
'.Maslr, whal vou crjlng 'bouf'
ho asked, patting hei nrip and at tho
same time slutting his mouth with
Jack walked out of the hnuso with a
great determination on his face
'I'll fix that Illllv fonwcll You see
" .;'"",' '. "Vu"1 ""' ue inun. i ore i
"""" rounu ill le ialclj cause I uon i
' '"' l""rc. peimles and nlcktla. an' I
Wa.';t l" ln'5' ! h llt" 3' '" '
. Ur alktd down tho road, angrily
bkullllng the dust after him boon there
appeared Ju-t what ho had been hoping
to see A big blue Minibout and Hills
II10"wuci',;I,reSS ''V."l8!!! ',l"..bell'S:
hat he' had oiten
What do ou say
e? But he only
ln his babv in nil
that that would hint the joung min's
feelings, but It hint his own more to
think of the rib. that he wns missing
'Whit's the idoi of that awful face,
Jarkb "' he iskeil holding him tight de-
made my
I. The iiierliin snlv illon .Xrmy In l'ranre
hi- lieti.iiie fiitiiiiiis fnr the Uoiuhnuts
mid iiitrto fed to soldiers.
I.l nlvs lit lute re. Is u member of the
silviiioii ruii who bus heen Iru
moiilhs under lire In Trance.
J. J'liMlnc an frniilnc Istard with news-
l.'T', f","u""ul, '""'"
V iHiie.l noron can le trimmfsl etisllr
mid nr.tlllj hr farln the eie with
,U. hinds of the inalerlil, mid tuni-
Isipers Is eiiiiiouili-ul and enirlenl
in them uu the outside instr.su ut
3. Minted palters should he plurrd In n
'"' Mi" hnlf tilled with wnter when
th" "re belli hul.ed, sil le.it .they
will kiili their shape and the lllllut
will have a better limine to liroivn.
A, ll ilttrnillle shirtwaist cull he made
hi iiiiohliiliit: Hue linen with a vest,
ullirs and ruffs or trailer linen l
lillird with heiitstltihlliL-.
givo lo tills llulo girl I will lie glid to
send her address 1 hope sho will got
them, for those things mean so mueu 10
joung peoplu of her age.
Home for Mfilille-Apeil Woman
To iie rdicr of U'oinan't I'aae:
V tir Jlndaiii Perhaps sou can put ins In
toueh with some riflu 1 woman, who wonts
a Kooil burnt I lull t want hired help Ihey
are tot mut h if a strain on irni uud exact
too hluh wj at a Hut I do want soutt one
In my hoiu for tompaliy, na 1 am alone
all ut, i lion i nam iv Btu "-. ., v.
..ti., ..In. u til t. Lln.l nnii iilb.llitint urtinnil '
ths houao an 1. of co'irae, ls w illlll to at
least watt uu heraulf I tliomrht pcrhapi
thero were is rsona looking fur Just auch
hoiuea 1 nn not jtnrtlcular about the uee
only 1 dun t want a perauti too old
lllra ) r t
Mrs K S 's address Is held lore and
leltirs fnr her will bo forwarded
Uuli Drcsring
Four tablet noonfuls of salad i d ono '
and one-half tableaponnfulH of vinegar,
one-half teuspoonful of silt one-eighth
tenspoonful of pepper one tableapoonful
of grated union time tablespoonfuls of
ihlil sauce Heat thoroughlj together
and sine.
Guticura Helps
Skin and
Scalp Troubles
A I druggliu.- BaasSf Omtmanta M, Ta!eai8
Sample each free e( "Catlura, Dlfl X, BaiUa.''
lne aiitiilug to do with the work thon
little girN did In tho llrst place, they
decided thit tin v wanted to do some
thing all In tliemsihes for tho Ited
Cross and a blmket seemed bigger thou
anjthlug else tliev could think of. Thev
had to get all the wool themschei, and
what with w ir-s-ulng stamp, and all
the expenses which the war has brought
to Jiuinlli poi l.i tbooks. to get that
Wool tniam einnoiin
Some one who wanted to know Just
how tlu mm, going to ninmge watch
ed theli efforts t Fai. and found out
that thi i didn t buv Ice cream and
mild ir httle iakis ,.r tickets to the
moli ' And thev worked cery cen
Ing knit td niul knitted nnd knitted, red
and white and nil colors of sriinrc- un
til flnalli tint blmket was finished
And the Ited ('ii).rt tent Its thanks
to them, togethrt with an Important
looking" lempt so thiv feil that on
the whole the blank, t was a pretty good
Idea Without gllng away tho ace of
an p-irthular one of thco Industrious
ladies. It n a be sild til it none of Ihim
is -.ouncer than eight, nnd none oldi r
thin tw.le, which are two of the tnosa
itt i active ages a lailj- (.in hae
And this 1b added to, a postscript
there wcie tomo bojs knitting on this
blanket too, but there Is possibility of
their being soldiers or politicians or
icn presidents one of tlftso dijs, and
their names and piituus hao been
suppressed fn obvious rcisons
sister crv, an" jou don t glvp me nnv
mon. pennies. ho cried us his kkklng
subsided, and he saw hia "Idol" laugh-
. ,'H'VV ."'" vp"' Hn'n Il,ivn to look
into this." said Hill with i frown us ho
!,ut ,'ch Ui tho lar beside nlmself nnd
hnded for town The car stopped In
front of the postothce, and .lack knew
that that meant mom thrift stamp.
When J.n k had the book of stamps
spiurod tiglitlv in his hinds 11111 sild
Now we'll tnko a nlco long ride Uhat
w is sister doing when jou left home.
'Sho was making cookies I have one
In mj- pocket if jou want It Tin v re aw
ful good," ho said, as he produced a
broken cookie from his pocket
'Sure I want It! Mm, tliej are good,
aten t thev" Hid jou say tint Mnv
made them " ho ahki d. thinking how
nli i it would bo lo aiwajs liavu such
cookl.s on hand
'1 In n ho wondered what tho quarrel
hid bun about, unvwij hy noth
ing In pirtlcular. B.no thit Slav had
danced a little too much with Joe Wllks
II , liimstlf didn t cam about dancing,
I ut didn t he want her to enjoy herself.'
Of toutsp hi did' It was all his fault
.n hour latir Jackie came Into tho
house with face smeared with choco
late, and held tlghtlv in his band was
tho hook lillid with thrift stamps
When on earth hive jou been
Where did jou get the candv and what's
this'" "he i rled her face turning a deep
id, lor she well knew who he had been
With Illllv fonwcll He bought mo
this mi i.indy, an' lies comln over to
night lie told me to till jou '
Two hours litir. Maj blushed when
7 ii kin said 'What jou got on that
i prcttj dress for''" but although Maj
tut cross with mnv, sho did want lo
look her hist, n all girls do
Against Jackie's will he went 1o bed
nt his usual tlmi but he surclv t-hought
that he was going to miss something,
and so uneasj was his mind tint at 10
o clock ho crept down stalls', and peeped
Into tho living room One look was
enough und he turned fioin the window
fiftlv, sajlng to hlmsilf, 1 ve dona my
hit, nnd 1 think I nnd another lookle
for that "
So J icklo helped himself to more
'lisses lookles, and then trudged on to
happy dt earns of eating Ico cream soda
with Hilly Conwell.
Tomorroicfi Complete Toelcltc
iv juitf to AuvvnritiU.-
Cortluroj Rct Robe
I'orduinj has Innncnso popularltv
both for the dinner rrbt robe and for the
less formal negligee Lined with n
softer silk It Is an excellent materlul
for cool dujs and It does net crush and
got out of shape as liner rubrics will,
though It does rub and soon will present
a worn look unless carefully handled
It is a curious notion these dnvs to
mike all ports of garments of strips of
cloth, leaving Just room enough In nn
under arm seam for the armu tlo go
and After
The Old Reliable
Round Package
K Ti ' I I litia
"SSSSfc&oos j aijt7
""'" k eta wav-
.1 ror plttfl ntw aditnturc rncl trrr.. tie. t
V nntna MunJav vntt tniHnu Faturilai j
tllluc Jay, illspuisctl ai a ilctcctlir,
permtmtcs l'fiwv to follow a nina ttlh
a laiket. Jllue Jay think tin htan n
irtwilmi l'cp'iu sinpicls that he ml
he u ;ij )
Thr foit'c in the Alley
TIHJ Mjstctj Man was half wnj down
tho block when 1'eggy and niuo Jay
followed him mound the corner. And
as thev turned after him, he gae a
quick Klmco behind him nnd lied Into
an nlhj
'Look out, I'llncoss. Hn raav bo wall
lng to i.ltih jou,' cautioned Hluo .lay.
as 1'iggy ran after lihn
'Iho same thought had come to l'fggj.
'ion fly abend nnd seo what ho Is
doing." she hild "II" will not piy any
attention to a bird '
Away sped Hluo J.i, only to gho n
iry of illsappuliitmcnt when be reached
the nllij.
"He's gone He's got-nw.iv fioin us"
"lionV. jell so loud,' inutioned l'cggy.
running up and looking Into tho deserted
'WhatH the diffiiciuo" Ho taii't un
derstand bird talk argued Hluo Jay.
"Hut real detectives nlvvaj-a keep Just
ns quiet lis they lan," declired I'eggy.
who was afraid that the shrill Bcrcami
would betraj' thcni
'That's ttue. I 11 whisper after this,"
promised Hlue Jnj-, Iljlng up tho alley in
un cflort to find tho man
I'eggy Miituud ciutlouslj' after him
Soon nlio c.imo to n tiny house, which
Hluo Jay In his hurtled search had over
looked She heard lolocs Insldo the
door. Probably this wis where llui man
had gone.
Putting her e'ir iloso to tho door
Teggj- lould hiar the lolics tnoro plain
ly One was veiv gtulf
'IIiio nte somo gioccrlcs," It was
sajlng "lliosi will kciii jou fioin get
ting hutiRij und when jour father gets
better m ijhe I lan help him find a Job "
'Oh, thank ou," ntiswcred a gill's
voice 'Ulun inj' father gets his Job,
he will p ij jou baik llrothir Tcddj
und I an rather hungry"
"Itallier hungrv," mid the gruff,
oiic. 'I should say jou were ou'm
Stirling When did jou r it list"'
"1 don't Just exactly know," hisltated
the girl s voice
'I hid u piece of bread jestculay
morning ' Fpoko up a boy's tnble "Hut
sistir lblen hasn't had ntijthlng since
the d ly In fore
"'then vou pitch light Into this meal
I'vo brought J on," said tho gruff Mlce
'Not iitiotliit word until jou re tilled
tip '
At a table inside wire ti little boj'
and gnl i.iling away as fatt as they
iculd In ono corner of tho room was
a bed on which lav a man with his head
band iged Hesldo tho bed stood the
Mjfitiry Man. Ho was looking at tho
inun on tho bed In a puzzled was
' Maj bo I did wrong in bringing oiir
father home Instead of putting him In
Jail," mill tho Mjsteij Man, scratihlng
his head. "Does ho often get drunk"
"He never gets drunk,' diclaiid
Helen Indlgnantlj-. "Ho went up In the
I hills this morning to seo If ho could get
a Job crn a farm 1 can't understand
I how jou found him staggering aioiind."
"Peril ips ho got hurt some wav. I
never thought of that," said the Mvs-terj-
Man, scratching his head again
"Id hettir take him to tho hospital"
".No' No'" cried Helen "They took
mother tu the hospital and sho never
eiuiio back ugaln "
Hlue Jay was t,o nntloitq to seo what
was going on ln tho room that ho ac
cldently tapped his beak against the
window pane Initnntly the Mjstcry
Man faced around and saw Piggy peek
ing In Hefore hho could draw back,
ho had thrown open tho door and ttlzed
her hj tho shoulder
'Spjlng on me, nio ou"' be cried.
"I'll teach j ou In ttrr m inner '
Loose Coal of Velours With
Corded Yolto and Sleeves
'lliis loose coat is of velours anil
has tlie long peg effect that is com
ing into style again. Tiie joke and
the -lecvc ore corded
Malted Milk
Very Nutritious, Digestible
The HEAL FoodsDrlnk, Instantly prepared.
Made by the ORIGINAL Horllck process and
from carefully selected materials.
Used successfully over century.
Endorsed by physicians everywhere.
Specify Horlick'S The Original
Others Are Imitations
With a Purse
I, A liriiiiil.nrvv aupplv of nlil-'nsliliinrd
aoiithrrii rnriiinriil,
i. l'oiiiitnln-prn IpU tnhlils.
3, A mil el lutlet hlue bird that Is n tea
pot holder.
"""VOW?. In olo VlrBliiln they fet lit reort
L' to tho old-fashioned method of
irushlnB corn hotvvcen Rtonen Msho
that's tlio rrasm this vvlilto lorn mrnl
that one of the shops Is fentutltiK Is
so jiartleul irly kooiI I'll le.ivo it for
you to decldo vi Ik thor It Is Rood hrrauso
of tho old-fnshloiiiil proeeen. hut, hy
Jour leave I'll hold to my opinion Hint
It s Bond, mighty trond A brand mnv
fresh Mirply has Jtil lomi- up fiom
tho houth, and haa Imii put up In two
pountl hies for tvimtv rents, nnd In
four-pound lots for forlv cents luting
haBS Ho the tnaltlncs o2e.rllrlous niuHhis
and c.ikrs, anil nil ports nf i.ood thliics
"I'nuutaln ntns aliould .ilvvavs he
filled vvllh perIlllly lirip.ircd fountain
pen Ink," jou read, and ttoine' day when
Jou happen tu sro pomr, ou .no re
mind! d of what jou ir. id and so jou
lllirflinsn it 1.,.lllrt (-! .l-lit.. ... , . .
drop of Ink which hintoforo tho fninllj
nan ni'ii uiicoinpiainuiBiy iiisappours,
and jour Ink, jour own pet fountain
tt, n I..I. t. .1... -..,.. l.t .!..... I..
I'tt, ..nt, tiviwiiicn tiiu UIIIJ vvrillllK 11UIII III
tho house As a riHUlt, about tlm sec
ond tlnio jou w.mt to till jnur pi n, thV
I I.l t K..1I " .PI.A R..I..II.... ... .1.1 Inl .
in. ii ..,, in,- nuiiiiiuii li, line ,iti
problem IIih In tho Ink tahletH which
havel been prrpan d for fountain puis
Ono of thrxo lltlln I ililitx Is itisirtul
In tbe Ink tulii of tho pen , watir Is then
added, and our pen Is mini A box
ut iin"ti ii nn n iusih iiiiiv lllirrn iflllH
nns iuiij iho or turin uozin lapsuiis
And wriuldn'l il bo a Rood Idea to mini n
bll nf tin 111 111 nllr liov In i.itini''
Some-huii, I inmiot picture n in in h uir-
rjniK e.iriiuiiv in iiih n ir a. outtle
of Ink, but n bov of thisn tablets, nnvv.
wouldnt take unv room.
'I'lillv jiut tlm kittle on,' und Mk
did without any tumble, but vihrn
I'lillv trliH tn takn tho Imllhnr kittle
off. It hho Isn't very iiinfiil. rhe m.ij
I urn I'ollJ M llncirs. Not. Inmevei, If
hhn hisotlo nf tho novil and useful
little birds villi h was dlieovctnl In
todiv'ii lulventure. A bluo hiid or nil
blid nnv lni hid, of heavy m.itiilil
whh h opens up tlm middle and foims a
lonvinlenl holder fnr the hot liandli of
lentiot or lalth. (Jno ulil I kium, who
eeutrnlly serves, tea each nftciuoun had
tho covers and napkins on hi r tea ivnitnn
ln blue, and her tia peri Ico was nNn
decotatiil In the s imo i nlor Tin line
bird teapot holder then nilded mn of
tho cxtia touches whlih mnl.is hei after
noon tia partleulnrlv ilcllKhtful and
"different" The holders, bovd most
nttractlvelj, tan bo had for ilKhlj-Ihe
Tor thn names of (.hops where nr- J
limes iiieniioncii in -.ciiveniures wnn
a l'urso" ctn he putehnsed, address
J'dltor of Woman's I'age, IIvcnino
I'tiiihin I.iiDaint, or phone tho
Woman's DepaitnuM, Walnut 3000.
Pitching Chicken for
1 ee a qiui t Jar l'.ick tin h.iildli with
a ihlKh Inside, tho hreikthone wllh n
tlilnh lnsldi , tho b.uklioin ami tlbs with
a liu; lnsldi, tho Jru; lirce mil iluvvn
ward, nlniiKMdn tlio Ineasthone, the
wines; tho wishbone: the llllets , tin
necl.bone Do not pick tho Blhlcts with
tlm nit it
Directions for the homo c.inninR c f
chhken, incuts, soups, fruits and vcki-
tittiiiB jii..j i't iuuiiii in i m mem Hum -tin
of tho United States Department of I
Agriculture, nndvwill be FuppIUd free
of ch u-KD to anj one wrltlnc for them
to tlio illvlsyn or iiubliiatlon
Things to Know
A llillo whlto enamel clothes trrr is
the nicest sort of a t?lft for the ne
Old night Kevins make very kooiI fcllp
(overs for drissis to bo hunc avvaj on
hangers out of tho ilUEt.
( iirtaln ilnus wound with bright ml
nrcd itln ribbon mako prcttj napkin
riiiKS foi the houso lmitv cuests Iho
mlors mako It easy to dlstlniiuUh the
different napkins
1422 OTaluut street
The "Spirit of the Times' is reflected in the Fashions
offered by Gidding
Having foreseen the johenomenal increase in the cost of
fur, cloth and labor involved in the productions of
Women's Apparel of the higher type, purchases were
made prior to prevailing prices and these economies may
be taken advantage of by their patrons.
Smart Tailor-Made Suits lo be worn wilh one's ow" F-"
Beautiful Fur-Trimmed Suits Perfect Karmonies of cloth and fur.
Coats 'or Limousin" Open Ctu Afternoon & Evening wear.
Hats l',at Porirny h& fashion of Paris either in tho imported hat itself or
exact reproductions and individual designs from their own French
Charming Gowns for lreet, afternoon, restaurant, formal and in-
formal functions.
' A Maid and Two Men
The Story of the. Girl Who Was Left Behind
CoMtloht, ltt. hi) 1'uille l.tdaer Co.
((yrrr.hh, J ou won't du lv with my
YV money, and that's cettaln." Mr
Ilratulcr, his face purple with rcprcrsed
anscr, ejiil his daughter ncroils the. din
ncr table.
'To think of 11" Mild Mrs llrnnder,
almost In u wall, after till wove done
for htr!"
Helen sat at tho side ot Hie table In
sllenci". Tluro was no ono else In the
dining room ut that moment
"Haven't jou iirtjlhlnB to saj for
jnurself?" stormed Mr. llrnnder ntcnln.
"Hush, Willi jou'II luvo the servants
Biisslp'n-r," .Mrs Iliaudir, anxious nl
wnjs lo preservo appearances, was f'ulcic
to add here
Soft-foottil Tluitso (ititered nt that
moment to remain the soup plates, and
niriln theie wns sllenu. licit it noticed
that the Kirl seemed unusunllj deft
and that thiTo was n smirk on her face.
I'vldi ally she had been listening outside
the dooi.
"Tho girls nre nil fools " snld Mrs
llrnnder vcnomuuslj. "ltuth Ituvvlund
beB.iii all this with Helen. Sho Usui lo
havo a Brain of common sense hifc.ro
that. Its this wnr coins to their heads
Uko champagne. Ihey nil think they
can begin to si out Inilcpindineo Initne
dl.fuly'' "Did j on hear mo?" Mr. llr'inder said,
lurnlnB to Helen again "I say jou
shin't do It."
"ou didn't s ly that, father
"Whit wlnt's that?"
"I snld Jim did not sn' I shouldn't go
Vou said I shouldn't go with your
' It amounts to the same thing ' '
' Oli, no, It doesn 1 ' ,i
' What do jou mean ' I
I mean Just tint, rather that I am
going nnd not with jour monej
"And whose monej Is going lo tuko
jou over? Viho Is going t finance
this sacrlllcl.il trip ot jouis"' miccied
Mr. Urander
' I m going on a takirj " '
"A salary from whom' '
Tinm nn organization that Is send
ing minim across "
hat orgnnlrntlim ' '
Helm looked up and met her fathers
ens siunrelj Sho had nlwujs dreaded
looking Into those ejts from tin- time
when sho lmd been a small Bhl In
lluise d i he had ridiculed lur childish
fnnt les Sho had thought of him al
lium as apirt from family life
"Vou hio no tight to speak to me I
like that," Hiltn said now, meeting his.
cjis for the llrst time un.ifi.ilil
Ifu staled at her ln nm uemtnt, nnd
oihu more her mother Interfered,'
Tlineso will hear jou, don't lose jour!
tempi r.
Ho paid no attention tn the vrotds,
but Theteso intend wllh the toast and
vegetables nt that moment, nnd Mrs.
llr'inder drew a breath of icllcf nnd
tried to get Helen's ejo so that sho
might wain her against antagonizing
hir father to such an extent.
Ililin, hoiveicT, hnd kept her gairo on
her plato and tefused to answer her
mothers distress slgml
lieu 1 hcreso once more li ft the loom
Mr 'rainier was calmed down to the
extent of tuning the roast, and It
vvisn t until It had boon served ami they
wcie alone onco moro that tho conver
sation was resumed. Then Mr grander
snld cvenlj:
.'And whj-, praj', have I no right to
spiak to jou that waj.'' This sudden
opitosltlon to his will from a member of
his own household was strange enough
to be inli resting.
' lletauso I gje jou no reason for
doing It I havu the light tn do as 1
think best about raj life. I thought It.
best to conio homo to llvo after Jim
Nothinc like cakes
and waffles from
Pancake Flour
It contains pow
dered Buttermilk:
so helpful in cooking.
Ask for the Yellow
!L. A flWL
ls vtjiiwm wmmmmmmM mm
ywvvr&'wm&' T" -spt '"'
56cV-568 3l(lh A-VCtlUe
Pams Shop of.AmimqC
went, nnd so 1 citno home, hut I don't
consider tint jou have nny right to
run my llfo now that Jim Is none. I
must be thy ono to decldo what Is best
to do."
"And tho fact that lour unroots oh.
iect will have nn weight with jou. 1 1
Helen shook her head "It Isn't ns If
j ou renny tared one' way or another
'Thnt's gratitude for Jolt," broke In
Mr llrnnder (lung her a look, nnd she
subsldod, duniltig It best to let him han
dle this matter In his own wav. After
nil, she had never been nblo to reach
Helen, xceptlng through surfuro mil
ters Onco If sho had threatened to dee
prlvo the girl of somo article of clothing
sho had licit! nb!5 to sway her ono way
or another That wns hifore the advent
of Jim Townsend
"I mem that neither j'ou nor mother I
would forbid mj going because J'ou dhjj
not tiiinit it nest ror mo," Helen wentenn
"It would slniplv ho because jou had
oilier phns which must not be. Inter
fered with Mother's reason would be
that peoplo would talk, and jours would
hi' that becauso T am jour daughter I
simply must obej '
Tiinmrrovv's Inatnlliiieut allows llatei I
un unexpected source of ajmpathj.
In these days of food
stress und high prices,
The Wise Housewife
Welcomes Wilbur Cocoa
As n solution to many
tablo problems. As n food
Wilbur Cocoa has extraordi
nary nlue, and tho number
of dainty dishes that can be '
made with it are as surpris
inif as they are delightful
to eat.
show how to
make dainty,
delleloui and
e c o n o m (
c a I dessert-.
Your copy's
waiting. It's
Scnf lor it today
It's round, short and curly,
like part of a Q
Can you guess what it ia
if no more is said?
j eeft
att-a-Bcmi am -113

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