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Evening public ledger. [volume] (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1914-1942, November 05, 1918, Night Extra, Image 12

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5, 1918 '
Euenm-g public IKcDijcr
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tfirVr J SI ' J , I C
i f'X I '" M J '''11 in
.n J M . t i t r
, 1 TU V A1 .
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imbiiihu a
f.iwisn laxm
Kf Tout-
l'liiu l.aiuau 'lUIUinc,
suvar . I" it Ilie. n.la
Hroad ami c .ivatmii tr-'
.tVr (' li'ul lUlllllt i
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etrurh.llt.4a Ibiftr
. IDS llrtM IhUldlu,
DOS rSl.!-yi riuiMtf.;
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I2''J IW,l.lf IWlUlKS-
. utr.i;.L
.' nntiSwuU Me. una lttli st.
re amu UotliHu.
n'it" i units
it t TaauMi 1 ril to vih-
- i.ila i i "I'.tllill j Imil
(IIP w l r w ... i f sil f.
i J-'!..' o 7 h''aiJ ltililu. ill
iu i yr iiili -I Suae p.
i lift" (StO i-i itrtnoutli
-sr, t)L!c I advance
j .liii-i i'ie ! uu..ar !
T Yo-K 1
1.0..TO III
lie . it
'Tlirs .i .
t the r.t r.
tu the ca.u .
It: La
tha CLlifd
4Bl011 u
Hlr 0) do i
To all ten
"HMC s v
tnim c.e o
i t' 1 z M-"-
n-i addreji.
liana"" I
BILL, 1000 IM1 Ki:-1oK. M U 1
C3 AiitW
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' 0M W Kj'4 l Plllll)
p f
' 1 Mil1', '' lllif I'
Alembcr uf tlic "uiialeil Vren
mi: 8iwiii:i) vnrs ; .jiu-
(t!l entitled t 'In- ' fvr ,t piMhnHoit
Jf all ticics di it.Miu tuJtti) to It O' m
ntUirich" r 'ctl t 'I In Ihii flrtjir) , awl nlso
the ?ofol . c imhV hrl tin r (i
Ul lion's j timbtmi'lwi ot npe ioI ills
jiutchca (() !') ntto irieifS.
ri, lJ,l.!i,i ln-.,lj. oiimLfr I'M
tiii: irf-t i.i:vi)i:i:iin'
rpm; Uimiij i iti Vationo: rvmmittt in
a fu'l .uEi i "ertjji'muit .miioittin-n
that tlie I sii . tlit niiigipinii.ii.i ei
ion toila ii .'i'nhii
Wo foe' - - ij ii 4. attir iwu ii ii ii
'Tho Mcrclaif .jf Venu-c' -l thi' i th. .
for teaelili.j iu tint noiil
The liiue h cidi rshit lict.iM i i
Kress sln'l I lia bj th Kitililna uml tbr
Ucnts uml t'i i muni' !iuk ihi. ImVe
emio iu' .n tiKu powpr tu 1'ioiit th.
nollou frmii ii ol.iligtjipr .ill Ii fr- in
irtlor to imi'i t the pte&Hi t mi.l tutiiie
senoratlonM Irom tho potU of niUltarv
autocrac: . oi m hpthrr It nhall be led v the
repiesentatle u' th.it partv wlitfli li4H
forgotten pa ti 'an;j'.i uml -rctionallKm
and vote J v.i tlio liwldPttt for mm)
worthy denanu 'i it he maiii-
Vhat the rut. i waits .ji i iire! N
traders ho m ." ' if nnU not otructlon
ists nnd r.of m re ruMie fmin foi a
more poerl'a in nJ j-"iunB n fYou
oUttlde cf tl i apito.
a le
iliat H jUz
1 tcrct it lia
ansi'ci t it
t bo lu lli q ii.t ,ti
Kl'a- ti(l Ilia .ml.
111 Hut 1 1 il'o. i tu
HEN 'I III I r U.I ? Cf ILl.ltf.U
VTOBODV t i'ii(.ii tin tlcnioiiatrutiuiia
' in hiiii I.i i...v from fJttlo Jtal
mait:hed abo it ton -estei.la to iny
their heartw out Ucnue uf the thlnffi that
havo Just liapri' net t" natli.i Theii
spirits captainoj tlntn
We who have . id ulnuys iu Hie nil-liU-
'st land on eavt.i wilt liefer know just how
Uvo rows Irom tin front touclied tb men
and women who inaichcl and Hang. V
f--suan never h in ii fai jlnen to heiir f un
enemy swept aftei littler tlfrlitins; from the
aoll we 'net uf tho dp'trernin ,if plates
nd people frcatl lovid
Italy has cnilui-d moie than tlie woi.il i
realized. The .mwded i.iUes haven't told I
nau ino Kior ui rue jtanan campaisn.
The wondci isn't that little Italy
marched and san- Tho wonder Is that the
rest of Uo dldn t mare'j and silis anil hplp
to whoop it up with Tattle Italj
The Gmnuii" llla hascle a juucli a
lhe' uhooso af 1 -i.. . hu thcie ia to b no
liueslinc on' aumatlit tnuii w.th the
Kntcnte "
milU Xew York Woild is inslniutiug Uiat
" the men w ho are listening the right of
the Itepubliians to elect n Kepubllean Con
gress aro Copperhead ot tho A.mio brand
S3 those Demouats Iio fouslit th war
and did their bet to hamttrinc Mneoln in
tho days between ISM and U05. .Soincthlntr
must iliavo liappeiKit in the World oilleo
Since Jast wetl when it blmted ut the
With that a ltepulilii.ui Congress would
not mean an les-,enins of war ejfoit
Tills Is a litt'i faitlifi tian Mr Wilson
Vent iu ills appial for tiic eleition of a
Uemocratli Ciniei-s ,u oidei that he
mlsht cot K luiitiolled, but not inuuli
' It i! u pathctl. c.lilbitlou, however, of
the. attempts of the ipokoenien of a pait
found Man tins in a -;riat crisis to befoul
' the waters in oidei to present the intelli
gent 'oters from percdvinK; the damnable
untruth In the 'half-en u'luoh havo btin
made asalnst tho Itcpiiblieana, without
whose support it w.mhl have Veen impo
lble to ralso nti nnij- oi to ptovldo the
funds to tqu.p and maintain it. The
World is again tlie I'rtsIdent'K personal
organ, descending to essential ili-honcsti
iu Its paitlan despiratlon.
v J he fatalltle from the crly -i RitatT
Iban, the fatalities Duin (ii-nuan bullite
PUCES UN's 1 E FOll DmiOCltACi
jp TUCn an echo tiom the ul,i tiiiieti when
XJ wc were not too bUhy punishlnir great
Sins to be aw me of our own little ones
imo the shrill refusal of Maslstiate Hen-
tMiw to hold further heuriuss in the police
kuiftn n liirni( uf tiiiA f ! ... , ..
Is " -"-; """ ""-'i'-
streets. Tlie maci-ti ate poie i r laelc of
' , ' discipline, political interference and police
Doubtless the macUtiate's eoaiu aie io
jtitter now than the ever woie. Atnorlca
)W undoubtedly given u graut ll;ht to the
ifsi'ld. Soorer or later wo tslinll bo able to
spare a Utt'o of it for the danu and fetid
L'es of orr own svxtom. The usual
-fuajistrate's court, with IU fringe of poli
ticians, its cllr' its clitchim)aiid lis brutul
Ignorance, repiesuuts the most trade, the
wt costly and tho ugliest failure of our
polttlcal code. Tliete uro places unsafe for
democracy. When wa hae jiow;n a little
wi-wr the wd Olsapptar.
'There must ultimate-! be dUtrlcl niu
rtloijta! courts to eliminate the bstem of
maislrote's oflioe-t, vrh'ch. In general piac
riflt, ntC i oi 'i"Uf"'e outiaiie P'iueiiju-
f .ItMUCe a d i (eni 'iate t. e ui
r.d Joyu . 1. 1 i ir i';Q !
whose heipiesjntis and credulity
wMitia! assets of small-caliber
IvPolltfcvl .spoilsmen.
. -..
in i) iTijniyM'ft uuom
' I he I iiim illrlnl litn1tl nl Dn' ".
ili i lerin -irikf I" lln I l-.irt
nl lr.im'
AUHIKW. lviki r'ul liiilK'"""'
x . umlIi'i uniler Iho lii'li "f JJ'1'1'-
j Tin Muuemler of n It-ini lmmeu uy
I .Million of ignoble billljiWf i abject.
The onl imvion it lnajilkblc In tlii
I connection. AuDtrln-lIungHO' -
uitity 'a (li-fniict. It nctntnoipholi
iHto icainm wIiom (rcmtiBf will icnwt
1 wciul boundnriei i n mutter tor illlll-
I cult fut'jro ntljuvtmcnt. TH- iivvuit
' role ot thnt unwieldy iloinain m whk-h
the ductile Ivnrl an oih-h Kmjwiui and
i Khitf, la one of bicntl'lcxi -ubnii-. ion to
iH (.OtlqUelO . It stutU' i- lcK tllltll tmit
! of ii muil int. for though uvhniaillj it
hii i-fjued to be btllitfcviir. its enjoy.
1 nwiit of a non-bolUpe iit'i luatiunajy
, tlnbts i drniticall) dem.-d. It in at
onei out oi the wai mid tt completely
iu the hand! of ' was r.
' Thi teima of tin- locwlent-vhakinff
I aiinistici Imposed by (ienerul Uinz, ):v-
MUinnbly with tbo tmwt ( -rupulouidy tiior
! ough iisiiitnnvp of th- Aided War Conn
I cil. clnriflea rancluivel tho imicli
mooted mcnninK of "unvunditi i ml sui
j n lidef " Timu wn and n t o loiltf
I iut'c uhen "lay down .oui arm and
j ejiifcd. yourself thinnhod" "f-raod Hip
ennenee of that pojiulur phia- . The ttu
' txndou- tipulations binding the Atw-
tnuii unn. the Austrian navy, tho
Aut uii population, in foe nil that i
' i-ontmned within the limit" of what was,
eollrd tlie Unul MonHrchy. inuuirtuatcil n
nw eia in delinition.
The uimiDtr.e M-M-ult ibi inu that
"uncondltionul i-Miciid-r." fur fi'oin
being conditionIe!, may uoiidly bristle
with tennh. The Allies rigidly pintle"
larize. Vu-stiinN pait is k'n-s datnllcd.
In tlv b aphie laiiKuasi' of Thooaoro
liooacvelt. hoi pait i-. conJimd to wiyinir
"Yes tu!"
Ii tt acllse, howi-Mi. u i o.sib!e to
discern a balance of desires Austila
gains what before -ill else "-ho souIlt
most nuicoase fiom armed strife. Tills
much is yielded her. It prke n nbsoluto
aj'eement to ever conepivablu mandate
which can jynder he. nugatoi n a foo
and helple" to aid (teniuiii.
The vutois Lould hae -u;;geted
howiei tenns. They could have held
out, aflei the theatrical fashion which
Ueiinany was wont to follow, fo occupa
tion of capital cities, for dictation in
loyal palaces and foi arious other
manifestations of empty pomposity. I.ul
Dias's teims aie concentrated not on
tinsel, but on inass tacks. Tlioy :uo
terrible bcciiU'-o inhuiently and nnswerv
ingly priijCtic.il. Austiia is tied ns no
country vas ever constrained, no, not
oven 1 'lance av the moment of Germany's
dizziest triumph.
The new-born thud lepubiic went
thiough the uRony ol wituessint; the
IIun"s ainKlorioiiB Kpectactos, but the
mcasuie of ho suneudei cannot bo com-
paied with that of Austria, since Kranco
had so inllnltely le ot potenUallty V
y'dj, Thelt. c.xist3 m, loophole for Au-
ti Kin intrigue, no opportunity lor con
niVame with her deseited ally, no chance
but fo' her position to be of bupieme
advantage to the Entente and supremely
fatal to German.
Tlii victors will lonnol Dalm.itia,
specified islands of the Adriatic, specified
naval tcsseK, all tenltoiy back of a 'lew
military frontier, drawn -with the keen
est eyo to irpvhpeinhlo strategic advan
tage, Irom the Alps to the sen. Rail
ways and river courses are theirs, Dan
ube foits, the privilege of unlimited
lequUtion, half of the army's artillery
and equipment, aircraft asumbkd in
ordained bases, the naval station of 1'ola
and the ab.-olute control and direction of
all Austiian commeicc.
Such teims may be ujjaided as up
plemental to the main demand for tho
demobilization of the Austrian army and
the evacuation of all occupied foreign
tejrttoiy, but they ale what fortifies
this primal y condition with a maximum
of intensity.
The unparalleled ligidity of the
I "agi cement" is emphasized in the clause
concerning pusoneis. Austiia" is to ic
turn all that she bus taken, but without
leciprouty. Not een Grant, to all
Americans symbolical of "unconditional
stu render," gave -o tew piomics of the
fruits of peace to the vanquished as has
the Italian geneiahssimo.
Aut-tii.i wins peace, it is tiue. but
within an iron ling of overwhelming
power. The peace conference will debate
the question of her international role.
Until it meets she exists without self
sfs&ertiun. All that tho Allies want fiom her they
liuve anticipated. All that they want
they will take at the most effective mo
ment and in tho moat circctie manner.
Titanic as m the fall of the aiimtei
nation whose aimiCB bogan the world
war, the thoughts of civilization iii3tinc.
tively l evert to the effect of her debacle
on the major toe that has plunged the
globo in blood. The withdtawal of Aus
trian troop3 from the western front will,
of couise, speed on tho already active
demolition of morale. Hut theic aie
purposes equally pertinent to the vast
enterprise of Get man humiliation em
bodied in the armistice clauses.
Ol prime bigniflcance is tlie enforce
ment of a tiuo blockade against Gcr
inuny. With the pi ivllege of mobility of
transpoit for the Entente armies
throughout Austiia-Ilungaiy, not only is
the door Xa the East barred with steel,
but ull pos-ibllit of lommiinication be
tween the defeated ally and the solo
bflllgei 'nt Hun u chance which he
hoped to capitalize in case bf Austrian
defection becomes a. dreamas insub-
stnntlnl ns that of submarino icloi or
eU'ectlvo Zeppelin U'rraribni. Sis'e fo1
the outlett between IVland and Kiut
Pruthia drrninny is wholly isolattii. In
physical a, .m moial apivt'. 1ir.i- an
outlaw .
If Uc iiKin penersity faiSt to ;c.id in
evitable doom in the siluntiin hn it now
suddeiib (.xiritK, in her toinpli'' teei
anco from all aid fiom Viamia. in t
blockade no longer of paper, but of aims,
in the iimthcmnlic.il icrtsiinty of the
supi emae. of uiponor forces Kanojihi-j
from victory to vietoty, she may decline
in ti pel of hv pociitlcal "hono." tN' terms
Lwhich the Allied Council at Versuillea is
now drufthi1,'. That they will be in any
degree milder than thoe unjaxed on
Austiia ih inconceivable. Th" Imiiteen
points and theii humaiirtavlan ititpoit
are peace-table material. e 1 jhav now
that tluy an not (cermanc to armistices,
whoso, l.eynoto i1 suiretiiloi!
When she pondeis them, wliaP-ei-e can
Germany envtitiKe, while estim.rilnjr ao
her existent plitfht. with deflated ntmics,
nnd allies scuttling: to ioer. but the
scene of invasion fiom neaily all fion
tarsV The elanflcation of the Aushi.m
situation ill eentunHj Ie.we vast
armie. Italiii'i. Serbian iind Iiiiti'h, free
to lauiuli a culnnnatinj; blow upon her
from the hcait 01 Crntial l.'mopp. Uut
Jhere seems but the fnlntiMt chance of
this tPiiitie episode ever beiij: bi ought
to pas. The jam" is up now. 'Iho Gor
man people know it. Ilei inilltaiists
must ai-niedly behold it.
Onl a single head of the hydtti which
sought to ravaRe the world lemaius.
The inaKiiilicently xictorious authority
of tho terms to Autria speeds the day of
final i.pcapitntion. N'aj.. ir.me, by any
reasonable y-tetn of human eoniputa
tion it icems nnmediutely at hand.
i.i think tlia1 u U. mo
i: publ fan hlionld tic plcit'il
ii Mli v"to Tnr TMUiirrt
7 1 1)1.1: lluNMWEM, rlulmn'hi'i tie.lloi,
touit i a ,imnli of 100,000
Senaim ' Ui'p.ibtaan .State cliuh
man. il.um t'.i ni'tlon of Jfr. Sproul bj
f.ifjtPii.ui iiopiuor -M'Claln u s that
Jfr. Sptuul v il h( elected bv a plnralltv ol
Hwretaiv tluUi'i nt the Xtpptitilii an
Stute t'oTninitti-''. puts Kproul'ii plurallt
at SOOtive
ishp-ilf liun-1. ;. tin. Itspubliean iit
Ikiinnun su Sprotil wIU caxry t'lii'.adcl
l'liia ! 131,440 nnd Henutur Vaio saya
tlml tlie lowest iMfstMe majoiltv for
Sprout here will i lOO.non
If Mr, Jlaker im light Iip in on a little
more i tlian -Mr MeClum anil Sir. (Vow.
f ilr Uonnlwvll U riht no one win lw
iiu re Mirprlsexl than he.
II aji. um ent t" bid last n.ffn ill -a4H
ot ihat U Italian natti uil . nthem i'
n j hi" own fault
III! i.OU.HMMl l I'lfUllllSl'llON
Wi: LiU NOT i-a
iat tui n bai.it
aplm-H iny i oters will
t t'Kluy lor u innditlate
for the suiertuir.ililp under tho impression
that the (iinermi- i un pi cm lit o" aceuro
the adoption of tue prohibition amindinent
to the Kedclul Constitution.
J'verv otcr Unows tluit amendments to
tlie 1'edeiHl I'onsiitution aro rattlled oi
rejocted hi the Heiieral .A.&enibl , and
I that the Hovernoi lias no power to -veto
ituch uitioii Tlie fate of til" prohibition
umondment depend on tho inttntion of
the nunine-ra of tlw Htato Iloubc of iteprc
sentalives und t-iiute If tliey 'iro opposed
to it the i'oirnorMs as powerless oer
them os if lie we-ie the hhali of Tersla, nnd
If thev favor it he ian no more pnint
them than if lie wore a tlpstnif in tho
Municipal Court.
And "t iicn ha that u M)to for l.onui
well is i tote f,r personal libert
Asslliedly, 'in iho
i i irdl ut M-l tin at least, the ap-
pillins hubbub in
Austiia will npun thai we shall have to
UU plfcwliire than ut Vienna fer waltzf
Vienna a3 the waltz faitory tor tho v,or!a
In A'iPUUfse opera to be Uolsheiized And
nliac would llolshcvlU itrand opeia bo liUe.
oi a l'ols!eillt wait.' Would it bo opera
more comli than mi that the Lenlne-Trot V
nhoi'l uf ilipot,o!s has already presented?
J'ho asulgmnTii of
I il.u unrra Mi ' fctt-ainshlps to difieifii.
ports and the distri
bution ol fad freight aro In control of thn
i inurnment. This is why a committeo of
Plillartclphl i business iren Intitestd In the
oort and it neeecary to ask 51r Jlarliham,
regional dlu'itor of ratltoadp, to divert
moro freight hern in older lo ulleio tho con
Beetion In New Vorlc. Hut whj did not Jlr.
MaiJ.ham do this without balng asUeil?
It begins to loulv as
l.icii l aatfr lb"" If the tiermans would
the i,ooc sp need a lltilo fai-tcr
chlelo than a Sedan
ihair loi setting out ot that plai c.
nic only reason foi dliidlntr tlie i'oriy
iilstli Ward Is to mal.o li naeler for the
Wres to gel more frlmds in I'oumllR. It Is
a faiwnal polltii.i! plan and nothing raoic
nut It the totais of Hie ward HUe it tho.
will ha to etiduie no loilktqurnees
The eann Ituislans. TI105 hai5 iield up
tli pajir.ent of the third Installment of their
war Indemnity to German, In vW of tn
pioapwt of getting b.uU tho llrst two liistall
liienta as .1 result of tho work Koih is dolns
on tho nofctern trout.
iJeawal tHar ma hato bien epei)ling a
iruoe, but what he pulled olT was a whole
trousseau guns mid submarines and tho
"lmpaiticrtilzlns" of air craft. It looba as
though Austria would ha.o to go home from
tho party wearing u Sunday supplement,
A'olo against constitutional amendment
Xo. '. and for amendment No I. TI10 lattor'
lirotidas for good roads and the former is
to 'ucrcase tli funds atullublc for political
lontiads and dltert it from tl 1 -ibwu anil
port deielopment.
AustrU-Hungary has sot peace, just as
wl"aljnr'--Dlt', f ..t-
lSeirMlnii.il, nt ) P. A
'pilll iop- i if lejca ii now nun i
We punch the tiini duck rta ue Hi i
I lie cluck, uliiwv lardj lunula all I
Doinlnloii over eniploici
And lest tin. I'iPMtio! clou n
Pass hv, e bellow 'lliiliiK iluwn'
rnilU tumult and the Munitiiij dir
The Uosg and Oi'iu. ua dSp
Kenmlns one haplcaa -nerllleo.
A lplst with lebolllous heoit
'hu wiifes r nutated lul not elm
The moll the i0. Ima left bflilliil
rjKPAHTMlS.Vr heads nil melt nw.iv
J-y To suburb, xubviny ami mlm.
The phone. blonde su a. " day'a a
ilia eionlng upnts uiloiii tho com
11a imp girl, UilnkinK hymim of Ii.
Ii t'plnjj, "rojiv oi (Mil dofr"
"pi! M'Tiuu i.iuflili
J Uuii't try to pu
lent, O llosa'
pull that stuff ... t
I .eat 1 ou nbido ilie e'ollnin loss
u tour mot skilled Htenot;rnpli
Tntiiotiow morn she'll (,ul( lie? Jul.
And --o to woil. Tor Mr. Schwab'
Wlii.1i I'lnie- 'I tut Siiliiig lt.. (',r,.ai Mi 11
Interferes Willi Uiij-'g M,,.,l.
W. neri billing lunch with I'utl liij. . .
tit a 1Mb In (tt Voih the utliei il.n
i'ventb.1', .w ia inovlua ulotig ei t.- 1
ntltli We lmd dlMdeil the fried -ei' .
wlthu u . uirielliiK or cen hain t. 1
foi f'n MPtvlcp'i of u siieiitltlc -( . 1
ilietiT tin- kC.tne with the coffee ml ii
lontm li pi'tutucs.
on outer tor desseit hint liei n 1 . 1
",iy one -ipple pie (for us) and one I ten. 11
pasti ifoi UlrgersO.
IVihupa in Phoilld add thutIllsi( 1 - 'i
1 11 ii f
T'ic (uiiu All Uo0S0ell, w,th -.niu
ot'iei a.iitletiioii. nnd Ell down ul t'u n t
tab.e. which was Eervwl b the sunn w.il"
who was attending us.
It la ((Mite an o-porleiie Ui n.t -.1 c-i
to the Colonel, but how he does iutitf. h
with utie'a mi-al! Our waiti r Imniedla'eli
retired to the bltchrn, picked nut .1 ilnm
whito tiupk'n and tiutig it umi IiIh loft
foieann. (lie had'not found one iiueaaan
for wu.titiK on us.) Ills face iiMnimed tin
half worried half-iiuportnnt expi'tsslou
that Ih common to gentlemen imulnitlng
Itra'e utTalra. lie bustled n bout an a man
ner and with a btislaieaa that we hail
thought was lunislieil from human uc
( omplishmctit. I.Ike a 1 olijurer on the
stnsi'. he nmtcrlallzcil butter pnta, -hinliiK
knlvw. and forks, plate, miinry and what
not and spread them iilxnit the I'olonol
The upple p!e and the Vieneh itii were
completely foi gotten.
Tt wan a nice point ot etiqui tie' Sit
nigS'ifrt mill his gupKt ilelxiteil vhat they
Sliould do Tn'uttd a lmid 11 and reiall
the waiter to his provloua oblicutloiis
would bo InipoSRibl. To liei kmi lillii
would be fiuitlesa. for we h.iw In the
severe lines of concentration un his blow
that all his wits weie relent li wily tmur-ed
on tho problem of whether be dared offer
his distinguished truest an fitiu lump .if
sugar. Jloreovm. there was u solemn jo
written upon him, ui' eistuiv that ul
inost aei e.1. Kvlifently lie had lilt the
hUh peak of his 1 .ireer Wliut leellns inun
ttotlld intllido Upuli thi (leMited tboiigllts
that must bu.i in the mind uf u waiti r
engaged In serving Ureutnean W'ua lie
tabtilating lilu itiipiesHlohH. to be repeited
at homo that nlsht and liaudi d down
through his faniil for aentrutlnua
Ate waited patlenth
lland b. lluuiigh the happi uuura
stance that the Colonel was busy tulking
mid hail not yt ordered his meui, wo
caught the enniptnred uml absent eyo of
our servitor. He blushed. Tiuo demoeiat
at l.iart. ho l.new tliat he had been sullty
of unwortliy ilicriinlnatlon. i.ooUliii iit
ously to ce that tho Colonel wns still
absorbed in 1 onver&ation, ho lushed out
and brought what we had. ordeicd so loni:
beiore. Then, k sumlng his tmcoi)-cious
air of mstic exaltation, lie proceeded to
tho dclleato task of llndlng out what tho
Colonel wanted.
What mun. iindei kucIi ( ircumstnncea,
would havo been so ba,so as to order 11
second piece of pie or I'reneh paslrt V Wo
lift our sen lug man r.iptli eotitcmplatlng
tho back of Jlr. lloo-evelt's head. And as
no uid befoie, ih" thoiight occurred to us,
Great Hell are wonderful, but th'ev do Intel
fere with the menu
'thought- in a lla-h-Cailietlral
liiioi(ji the icrious 1 cc 0114I1 neton jiioli
fen thai shouM imjatic the thouaht 0
(loot! men after the uur telll lie ichat to do
iclfi f 7ie Hide poti ulth folic iottoms In
illicit the restumantf 101" scire s;n up foe
prUldle calei
tine 0 the unpleasant results of tud ups
of coffee for tuneh U that they often heep
one aicahe all afternoon.
The piece of piiNipUu pie thai ue are at
nayi loolilno for and neicr find h a touting
piece. Most of them arc mucin a cessation
of hoitllltiei.
When ou got on a train to go to New
orli (it might happen to an one) alid find
the smoker crowded and i.esiBn ourself to
an Inside scat nett to u stout man Wearing
a very bulky oercoa and then ho gets
iyff at North Philadelphia, isif t a gtapd and
glorious feeling? SOCKATHS
1 he 111.1
me strong and stiaglu and
falliei H'
And I kIsc thanks to him
My leotlitr boie mo silad ami sound and
I klf her ftei '
Hut now. with ine, tlaii gcwcraiioii fulls
And nevermore uall
To cast throiiBb me tho aneient mold again.
Such women and men
I hato 110 sou. whose life of llash and file'
Sprang from ins splendid sire:
No daughter for w hose soul my mother's flosh
W'rouiht lalmeut fresh.
Life's euerab"lo rhythms like a flood
Ilcat in my brain and blood,
Cr hig from all generations past.
"Is this tho last?"
Who made me, heart and head
' lven tho sunbeams falter, fllcl.c-t and bend
I am the end "
MnifcUarilu WUk'tisoii, in Cnntiiiiporary
l'l i-se candidates who base 10 Debt for
election are ensylng tho complacency today
of those others who ha a safe-majority -Jn
i ibetrHstricte- .
'1 lU&f v i'Tir Irlir'fliifcifiMii-linfliin Wt&tt'&'&r''-''" a, . rrYtii'
-MMiHBiw'Knin&fflWWIIrT-lTfflrini T n ' x.
iM!WWMlP?ayi;EKWIIIMaipgnanH'afga!ignarj M
-WMaiwaBfmyKriiiaHMMt'BBga--'-'maaa sx,.
I -:
mm -
ciimii'i In ti clo-c .1 icnoil
MmmmMmrx .wtmsFFij i -iisssssssssssmssfiY.-i'1.
rSSWX&mSKSw-tVK 1, r''J V& sw f '''iVA--''1tfSr1
l v ""it'-'-'STt'"' t "-"aTKv-t "'ij-31"-"V:X?a"'ak"lI-r' " '-' ' ' ' " -''-1 ''" V
Ftirllicr Cil I'lammi" s ccilml to Meet tho Flood of I'lttitie
Motor Trailic
j: 1
11. ill li s ..1, liisllll. a diltl. tilt till 1
l'i" I lug uliii-i.M cf their tn utluiii'
tiitll' and trutisiHiit aim as a u
lis d.-selopirunt h.i-. been nil mn.iz'
nj ot who trie at tin rush hoius
Mot 01
pi IHO
111. lit
to crorfi, in the font traille oer lVnn Snuar.
or to pas from mie side of Sfarkit Klieot to
another at Tenth or Twiltth, or to uatlgat.)
a motorcai airawi Dplawnrn asenuo near the
ferrle will be poignantly nwate that wo are
as ct wlllioiu Hen a alld thcor foi tbo
f-olution of 11 ptoblcm that will gion larger
and moro lomplliated jlall.
f-'oonei or later there will In n budge to
Camden. Ww rstems of Improved loads
will bo general after the war. Motor traltlc
will double within a few iais and the lie
olumo of tiantport betwifa rallwa tinnl
nals and tin inner lndustri will sulijicl
the aln-nd irowdid slreets of this 1 It to
new pressure. The illy itself ultimately must
base the aspul of a Ricat obstaele In the
great general lUiient of motor traflli. Tho
main tlioroiighfiiies aie hardly udeiiuale,
een now, ennifoitabl to aicomtnodate th.
How of motor chlilos of nil sorts. The situ- tl
atlon ikiuIiph from those uigagcd in c'ty
soiernnieiit and illy plnmitng a frank and
lntellh;piit reeoKiiltlon of new iirlnclples and
an altogether nets point of ilew
I'h.iadiiphl.i laUkht up
Ith the older 1 111. h ol lluiope and big m
a ssleiu of boulei.ildn e.mielSid iliieu In
a mood of 1 sill, ti.-ltm and for the umiiii
leine of llghtir tritlle. i lie i'arl.wa, as it
uufin'shed, b, Willie splendidly plunried us
a municipal Improienniit of tho greatest
beauty and alu", in a senc uptesintatlie
of theories that soon must bi legaided as
moie 01 leas uld-fasiilotied Wo held to the
lluropean eonceptloty of a boiihuaid ns a
tiioroughfaie which had liiht of all to be
desed as a stately expression of legard
fort leisure and good tirehltectiiio and the
open air that ntlltudo of mind was Justi
fiable, Hlmo tlie bouleiard to tho Pa'ik. the
Northeast Boulesaid, the gieat aienua kad
ing to the nay ard, and the work done on
tlie border of Cobbs ("nek Pail; are peima
Pent Impioiemeiits of Immeasurable la.m to
tho city nt large
1'rom this on; howener. we shall hae to
think d'fTerciitl of bouleinrds. "Wo ehall
hale to I'lInU of bouleiards hi terms of their
utilltailau vuhio n eentral arteries ndmuato
to enry giistt currents ot motor italllu be
iwecii eentral blgluvays and tho wtrategio
poluis in tho buslniss mid Industrtnl stem
uf tiio miimiuiillj. OtiieiwKe within 11 1. w
c.irs th'n i hlef thoroiighraieH will lie almost
iinpaMsnlile iu the eintnil seitlone of the lit
It hovbe'ii upt)oi(d Uiat we weie done foi
a time with clty'-'plamilns. As a mattii of
tact, wo luiio to begin all nci again
rpllU solume of motor tiallle that ahead
i tests the capacity of liroad sltoel uud
Maiket street, Pelawaio nenuo and tho
fcriles would bo fur greater than it is but
for tbo war. Thcio Is certain to be a sudden
md hea Inueaso of automobiles and
motortrucks within tho 'next ear. Iho war
has adtertlsea tho vlrtuos ot tiio gasollno
motor. Tho army atono lias had motortrucks
constructed tu countless thousands. It Is
altogether likely that most ot these ma
eblnea will bo-turned back by tho Oovern
inent to uees ot peace when they aie brought
from IJuropu
Onsollpe cais that caniul euns .11 U uminu
nitlon en tlie Mex'caTi bolder win iihold nj
the mniy to mako wa for bettei one, and
some ft them, nowly equipped, aro now
, 11 rr vine coal and milk and nlanos about dm
-r;-v . $ yy y
. . 1 - .'. . .: .' j
, - ..,-..1.-. j t . 1
wliicli will -land ill honor Indole
lUmulatioi of nrin triK ls Is tin lied b lek
to tin uns ol j'l-aie and Industr, and win 11
manufdiluiiiH mo 11 lleied of tlve lestrictlims
now linpi.Ftil iip.ni llii'in, stieit tiallle 1n an
lit Mill has. u Hew and strat go .ixp'ot.
Motor ficlghl transport lnolea a neis and
permanent piltielple iu industry. I'undeious
tiucks will lit- ntuneiuus 1 he smallir trucks
will come hi 11 Hood. I 11 now the gmiral
onicestion Is ailequato to slow down all
tralllo and tu inteiiupt stieet car schedules
Vi t uo one has ct taken time to eonsldii
what Is to hippcu when the tldo rlsi s and
thlikeii' in the st.us Immed'atelv ahead
Aln-.id tin liafllo betwien glien point"
llko Ciauips nnd Hog ltd mil the fi-rrlf s and
uptown liultistll'S has tended to croud een
tial aVtirlea like liroad street nnd Maiket
strut. The iross stmts nt times am Im
passable. Itilt tot tho clllclemy of tin.
tiallk lmPn un 11 delay nnd iiiionenle-uce
nnd net Ide'iit would be lai more genei.il than
the me.
Iho 1 heikiibfi.il d shtcm of slrtets pre
sents the Una I dltlleulty in tho handling and
meijeliig of hiuiy tiatllo eurrents. It Is
Hlgiillloiiit that I'.uiuellH hao iiomt s-ien iltto
tnolido tho Piiilii' kicpaitmeiit with iniaus
for tile propn eoutiol of eien the present
t opinio of motor tratlio. Traiilo xlrtually
legulati sJtsilf after nightfall, when tho
absurd semaphores aio almost luiislblc 'the
Illuminated Htrct signals genet al in almost
em other 1 irgo elty appiar to be a luxury
that Pblladelpida tannot nffoul. This one
ill. uiiiBla-io sugsests tho blissful obstraetlou
In whii h the 1 It. (.oMrnnunt it fnelng the
(omplleatious sun to descend upon It later
rot s
steins ol (ontrol ndiouato to tho
pri'iiiT legulatlou mid distrlbutlo-i of thi
motoi tratlh. of the future. Palis has a
seiles of umuuis tadlatlng fiom central
points which makes lomineielal tiatrie" lasy
and eionoiulcal In an volume, Vienna has
a wide bouleiard whiili cnclrVleii iho city
with easy approaches to nil business and
icFideiitlnl scitlons Certainly the narrow
iros stiedii of Philadelphia will "lot bo
adiquate to uieoiuniodate tho future ciush
between the gieat industrlil centers of the
southeast and tho downtown sections, and
Market street will sootier or later be hope
lessly jammed by the tides mire to lesult
iioiu n Camden bridge mid a leauakeued
Jersey on tho 0110 band and &0,000,QOO
worth of good roads on the other.
These mo ImpeniPng dinieultlcs that the
Its got eminent must soon begin to think
about. The city planners who se-isid tho
coinurfcbetislie plans committee haxo new
wulk out out for them Under mi Ideal sys
tem tlie neaiy industrial traille should hafl
uiteries of its ow'n Only piaitlcal engineers
will ho able to seo a way out of the com
plication, nut tho complication Itself Is
beiomlng plain to oerbody.
Whut Do You Know?
I. Wliit U nisinl Li the "liniMilliui" uf ulriraft
in llir nriiilllre lernia with Austrli?
v Ulirre iirr.llir ( nriilc tip..
.1. ' li It U the stllllllnel of .1 lull 11 in phii '
4, IMiu wrote Ilie noiel "( lurlsaa llurlows".'
i. Wliul U me nit hy tlie pluSe uf tlie c( Until?
I), lhit la the (llrTrrsiire In lime liftuern
llallfus and Neil liork?
T, Wluit U Hip me.inlinc nf Ilie I ntln idirii.e,
"lie niortiili, nil lilil liotuim"',1
S,-liat aim (iruifr lleirlund'a natlTe State','
II. llaw lures 11 11 nrnu leldr.1 Iu -Nnivolrnn's
funea ut the famuua aurrenucr of I Im?
111. iime nn tiuerliKii nilmlriil nun utleuillnc
the ersulllea Cutincll.
iibnei lo Ycelerdaj'e Quiz
I, Catherine ile x..f, vlfe nf llenrj II, anil
ftlarle ue xiei)r, nlfe of Ilenr III, nere
oueena of rrnnre,
3, llrltecpout la the rlaM.iral namo for the Iar-
3. Jloliumnieil II svaa the TurkU'i anltan wbo
cuntureu ConntHntluople in UZU.
4. llxlcuoua meana blender.
fi, Tlie odd-aoundlnir liaaaeon liua Lecn ulled
"tiio (Iohii of the urrhentru."
(1. Hurt la the I'laliet wlilrli haa been heller". I
hv aiime astriiiioniera I.i luntaln u nrtiiurk
of extraunllnari lanaia.
1, i-rroe mi iiojeii ArBl.lin uhllntnplier.
hum In Spain In the twcUtli eenturj,
5. A Ullilerkln la a aliteeu or eighteen lullon
ratk for liquid.
U, A hlreme waa an aneient (alley with two
tlie eves of ftitiiit cneialidn-."
Vrom the KaUtrs proclamation to I'rhiic. !fit
What's the Matter 11 'ith the
WHAT'.: the matter with the K.ii
he lost Ills ".Me" 1111 " 'It'"
er has
Has lie severed all ly'attnns with bis favor
ite pronoun I '
Where's his dlguiliis and titles and his
other tinsel stun,
Can it bo of l.lnglj hoitois that our
Willie's hid enough"
lto was alv.ajs shy and mode, ever
shrunk from public gaze,
looked on war and all ltd homo a with
such tenor and amac.
Tint perhaps ho has decide 1 it s a ood
time to lethe
And let Ma and Polf .mange to pull the
chestnuts fiom tho ilie.
Lit them tell the guilolts- wuld aoout
that painful accident.
That "befell" tho I.usltanla when to liot-
torn she was sent.
Let them tell how all of Herman with
s.impath was rent
How the promptly struct: a medal to r-
member tho event.
That "sptirloti eisenkt" and .ill it. meant
was but a harmless Jest
To gl6 all xes-uls and their crews the so
much needed rest. , ,
Uut what grieved most our CInnccllor, and.'
those tor whom ho spoke
That Ameiioj was so obstinate she couldn't
see tho Joke.
w he'll wc bomLed tlie hospitals
Uelgtum and in CraiK-o
wcro nio-tly llllcd with wounded.
who, of coutse, must take a chance,
And lots of other trliles were much magni.
fled, of course,
By peoplo who were sole at us and thus
mude things lool. wots.
Ko when wo get together all tlie-e tilings
can bo explained,
Anet ou will Ilnd us guiltless, though nov
so greatly blamed;
Willie thcro may "be llttlo criots for which
wo should atone,
Eut the don't concern the aimlcs they're.
for diplomats alon
So theio's nothing for the Kalsfir or for
the general staff,
As we represent tho people and only talk
In their belialf.
OC course, when we go homo again and
make our full report,
We may inuko It to "All Hlsbeat.' ns (ha
eoutt of last lesort.
"et all tho sune we ask pu 11 H UtHf
Willie sick?
Or this sudden self clTaccment just another
Geiman trick; t
Where's the nigger In tho woodpll- what's
tho latest Trojan horse.
Has our Willie influenza or pcihnps is it
iluy. his troubles soon bo uct anjl hh
spirit find release,
With u Illy hi Ills fingers may h.s soul soon
rest in peace.
Whother dead from war's reverses, Span.
isli flu or, Prussian grip,
Just chlsol on his tombstone Hern lies
William let hint It. I. V.
ujisiinteiidetit Hills h tl.a the p. t. 1
nius refrain fiom polltli,al uct vity roday.
liyt will they? That is the questlou
'vltalla Irredenti liiVnore.
" r 11 -

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