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When the Big German Drive Began Last March
Premier Lloyd George Said:
' H
"It Is a Race Between Wilson and Hindenburg"
Who is winning? The armies of the Kaiser are still fighting will you take a chance on postponing their surrender by refusing to
back up the Commander-in-Chief of our Army and Navy?
REMEMBER, VOTERS, WHEN YOU GO TO THE POLLS T O D A Y you will not be voting for Republicans or Democrats,
as INDIVIDUALS, but for the LEADERS who will control them when they go to Congress.
Whose leadership do you prefer? That of Senator Lodge, Senator Penrose and Colonel Roosevelt, who would dominate a Republican
majority and block the President, or the leadership of Woodrow Wilson?
What is the difference? The Republican leaders are on record against President Wilson's fourteen war aims, which have been applauded
by public opinion throughout the world, and constitute the basis of an enduring peace. Our President's fourteen terms do not help the
SELFISH classes in any country, but they favor all the masses of people. They seek to put an end to war and the things that breed war,
1 With Colonel Roosevelt denouncing the whole basis of these peace terms and Senator
Lodge rejecting all the fundamentals NOW, what could the country expect the Republican
leaders to do with a peace treaty if they came into control of congressional committees? Having
condemned such a treaty in advance they could not ratify it without stultifying themselves.
By their speeches Colonel Roosevelt and Senator Lodpre have served notice on the coun- .
try that they will not approve a peace treaty based on the Wilson principles of peace.
This is the issue which is now squarely before the country. The people have to decide
whether they will follow President Wilson or Colonel Roosevelt, whether they want a peace
of liberalism and justice, or a peace of imperialism, standpatism, militarism, that leaves all the
old causes of war exactly where they were before we undertook to root out militarism and
the rule of force and war itself .
You Voters Must Decide These Issues for Yourselves and for Your Children
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Winning tne war ana uestroying militarism ana Jsaisensm
He insists "that adequate guarantees be given and taken that national armaments will be reduced to the lowest point consistent with
domestic safety."
The President stands for a LEAGUE OF NATIONS. This League will protect nations, large and small, and permit every
people desiring freedom to determine their own destiny.
Everybody Wants This Except Those Who Will Profit by the Old Order
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The most momentous diplomatic conference in all history is NOW being held in France. Show the world, by your vote of confidence
in r resident wuson, mat ne speaks as r rcaiucut 01 uic vimcu uioics iw a uuueu uuumry. never mum wiwi pumrcai pany you are oramaniy
amuatea witn.
political party you are ordinarily
Are you behind your President in the most critical moment of the World's history?
Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey Have Grumbled
Germany Is Next
v . . Let us stand behind our leader, so that we may complete our victory and obtain a
conclusive and enduring peace.
Do not vote to hamper the President, as surely would be the result if one branch of the
Government is Republican and the other Democratic. President McKinley in the Spanish
American War asked for a united nation through the medium of a Republican majority, and
was supported in this appeal by former President Harrison, Colonel Roosevelt, Senator Lodge,
Senator Penrose, as well as Democratic voters by the people of the country without respect
to party lines.
"F"' Vote to sustain the President who has appealed to the patriotism of Back up your President, who is recognized everywhere as the true
Republicans as well as Democrats to consider country above party to say spokesman of Liberals and Progressives throughout the world. Now that
whether the people shall have the leadership of President Wilson or of his the hour when the triumph of President Wilson's program for the liberation
political opponents. of the world is at hand, shall our President be politically discredited?
Do Not Vote to Embarrass the President Hold Up His Hand. Vote to Sustain Him byl
Electing Democratic Senators and Representatives tqjppeak for You
Democratic National Committee, Washington, D. C.
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